Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. No real is in this ficticious story it is not to be copied in reality. Daisy had gone back into the house and talked with her parents briefly about the movie and had made up a little bit about going somewhere for a snack and her parents didn't question her at all. Bo made it back to his place and contemplated what had just occurred and his mind was reeling for the events of the evening. As his mind went over the procedures that had happened, his cock twitched in his pants and he unconsciously rubbed himself down here a little. So much for going slow, he had fussed at himself for going all he way on a first date when he wanted o take I slow an easy with Daisy. He also thought to himself, well, she was more than willing or so it would seem. He resolved that it was not all on him and tried to calm himself down to rest. He would find rest a hard thing to accomplish with Daisy fresh on his mind. He looked down and realized he had rubbed himself into another hard on and would need o take care of it before sleeping, so he sat down on his bed and pulled out some tissues and began to rub himself off. He raised the other fingers to his nose to find the faint scent of Daisy's sweet pussy juices and that sniffing and his moving up and down rapidly finished him off as he blasted a small amount of cream into the tissues. Meanwhile back at Daisy's house, she had finished talking with her parents and dismissed herself to her own bathroom. As she sat on the toilet to take a brief pee, she looked down to access her very pink and slightly swollen pussy. As she ran the toilet paper over her crease, she could feel a tingle there as she thought about the evening too. She remembered his fingers and his tongue and the wonderful feeling they had given her. She also remembered the awesome clenching of her insides as she experienced the ultimate climaxes. She was wet again and with her electrical feelings She began to rub herself too and the more she rubbed the more her body tingled and when she finally hit her clit, her whole body began to shudder as she froze up into a nice rigid orgasm. It was then as she swooned on the toilet that she decided to take another shower that evening. When she finished her shower, she was ready to fall to sleep for sure. It was about a week or two later that Bo had called and scheduled another date. Both went through the same type preparations and they had scheduled to go to an adventure park on that Saturday so Bo picked her up at about 10am so they could take advantage of the entire day. So Daisy had to get up early to decide just what to wear as did Bo. Now, this park had water rides so they would need to bring bathing suits as well as their casual clothes. So Bo dressed in a pair of dress jeans and daisy wore slacks. He wore a simple short sleeved top and she wore a halter top. Since they would be wearing bathing suits, Bo chose not o wear underwear but just put on his suit underneath while Daisy wore no bra or panties but was carrying her suit in a little duffle to change at the park. Both had made preparations with towels and such and were all excited as Bo arrived at Daisy's front door. He was greeted by Dad as before and Daisy was running around trying to remember last minute things as Bo and her dad talked some more. Daisy's father was a self made man and was asking Bo his aspirations as Daisy finally came into the room and rescued him. She frantically told her dad that they really had to go to be there when the park opened and wished to stay the entire day and evening. Her father seemed fine with this and gave them a midnight curfew this time. She gave her mother and dad goodbyes and they put her stuff in the back seat and he helped her in the car once again. This time he deliberately ran his fingers along her groove through her slacks and she playfully wiggled her butt at him, and got situated in her seat. As they got onto the main roads she leaned across and kissed him on the cheek and whispered how excited she was that they had an entire day to enjoy. He casually ran his hand over her knees and up her thigh as she moved in closer to allow him access. He glanced over at her with a pleased reaction and she told him to keep his eyes on the road. He joking referred to keeping his eyes on the curves. His fingers moved around on her thighs or a little bit as she moved to make legs more accessible and he moved his fingers up till they gently grazed he crease down the middle. His eyes grew wider as he realized he was not feeling any indentations or other parts that might outline her panties. His eyes wider and his smile almost ear to ear, he asked if she had put anything on under the outer layers. She smiled coyly and replied that he should guess for himself and that he'd have to feel his way around. Bo was slightly excited by this time and felt his lump grow as he moved his fingers to the tops of her slacks and she moved to make it easier for him. As she stretched out he could now let his fingers slide just beneath the elastic band and as his finger lowered he could feel nothing but soft skin and the tiny fuzz she had on front. He licked his lips as she moved her slacks down a little and he could access her nice groove, He felt her wetness almost immediately. His cock now really hardening inside his bathing suit, he shifted some to let it get situated where he could be comfortable. It was at least an hour or so drive and he wanted it to be smooth for both of them. Daisy saw his discomfort and slid her hand over and down his jeans to grab hold of his lump and straiten it for him too. Bo's smile told her he really appreciated the help. She took her other hand and unbuttoned the top of his jeans and let down the zipper so she could keep her fingers in his pants comfortably. He was now moving his fingers into her lower lips and sliding up and down her moist groin and she was moving her fingers up and down his shaft. Bo found it hard to concentrate on the road and driving as he began to feel his stomach and his balls churn. Daisy was moving her bottom to his fingers and pushing against them as she felt her insides well up also. Her soft moans and sigh,s telling him that she was thoroughly enjoying his tender fingers playing with her wet soft pussy. Suddenly he made he decision to pull over in a rest area and pulled under some trees to stop. As he parked the car, she pulled his swim trunks down some and leaned over to take his cock into her mouth. She slid her tongue all around it and then took him most of the way to her throat pulling back up only when she began to gag a little, He just push forward into her as she came down and sighed contentedly when she came back up. So she began taking him in as far as her throat would allow and would flex her throat muscles making him squirm all the more, He now moved his fingers into her slot and pushed two of his fingers into her hot wet hole, she moaned and pushed hard against the two fingers With each up and down motion of her mouth his finger would go deeper in and out of her hole. They were both groaning and humping their bodies at the other as they grew ever closer to a simultaneous reaction. She finally slid up and down one more time and his fingers went fully into her vagina, and he flipped them around into a come hither motion. She at the same time swirled her tongue around his entire shaft and they both took a deep breath before her bottom bucked at his fingers and his groin lifted into her mouth. Both of them began to tighten up their bodies, he felt a sudden gush of wetness that made his fingers slide even easier and she could feel his cock burst into her mouth with several loads of cream which she swallowed pretty well this time. They both just sat their in the throes of he orgasm for a few minutes till they began to recover a bit. He leaned over and pulled her face to his and kissed her deeply and passionately with her returning the kiss just as hot. They both knew this was going to be an interesting day now. So they quickly straightened themselves up and got back on the road lightly caressing each other the whole trip to the park. After they arrived and went through the ticket process, they proceeded tightly held together in each others arms as they accessed the different rides and programs. This time Daisy would not be as nervous and as reluctant to try new things since her body was now craving the attention he was giving her. As he was walking towards some of the older rides he had his hand inside the back of her slacks caressing her naked buttocks beneath the material and she would grab his butt through his pants and occasionally run her hand "accidentally" up his groin or just brush it casually, but he knew she wasn't accidental at all. They got on a ride that had to go through a dark tunnel like a haunted house, It was about a fifteen minute ride and both had the right idea about the dark areas.. As soon as the car they were in entered the doors in to darkness, his fingers were up her top and hers were under his tee shirt, each caressing the others soft upper half. Her nipples were nice and hard as his fingers danced over them and his chest and stomach seemed nice and taught to her as well. They began to kiss and caress one another like making out in the back seat. The darkness was a good cover to make sure no one saw them. As her fingers moved downward she could feel the hard outline of his cock against his jeans and moved her fingers over the outline several times he began to suck on her little tits and nipples till he could hear her hissing in between sighs. They had worked up quite a little bit of heat by the time they came out of the dark area and went down the final drop of the ride. They quickly went to the locker area so they came out in their bathing suits and went onto another ride that had a tunnel but on a boat so it was nice and slow. They drifted pass the working people and a little piece of walkway where other park attendants were walking and then entered the tunnel. It was called the Tunnel of love and they were gonna make it an honest name. As soon as they were in the darkness his fingers went down to her groin and began sliding up and down a couple times on the fabric of her Bikini bottoms, her nice little tits were pushing tightly against the little bikini tops. His one hand was squeezing and playing with her top and the other pushing the tiny material aside to get to her bottom. Her wetness made it easy for him to slide his fingers into her and she quivered and moaned. He lowered his face down and licked up hre center before sucking in her clit, as she twisted and pushed hard into his tongue, Moments later she was stiff as a board, letting out a whistling hiss as she felt every part of her body quake. When they came out of he darkness they were sitting upright and she was blushed all over and whispering in his ear. She warned him the next ride she was returning the favor. So they walked to the giant Ferris wheel and all of the seats were enclosed. This time, she let him go in first so she could pinch and play with his butt as she entered behind him. Bo loved this attention and was already major hard when he got to the ride. The anticipation of what she might do and the previous juicy orgasm still on his tongue and nose, he was ready for anything. During the two first rounds of the ride she had his cock out and jacked it a little, by the third round she had him throat deep and flexing her throat it was like a milking machine, and he felt the slowing of the wheel, he panicked a little thinking they were going to stop and catch them. But the wheel stopped half way back up to the top and then for three or four stops and they were at the top when she started humming with him in her mouth , that was more than enough for Bo to explode in an earthshaking climax. It was all they could do to get straightened up as they descended to get off the ride. Past the point of getting off the ride, both of them wanted to try something different later. They stopped off at a couple of shows and had a nice dinner and discussed where they could go and what they could do next. Daisy had suggested she may be ready to go all the way again but it had to be somewhere really secluded. Ruling out the normal rides and the locker rooms which seemed full of people, they decided on a boat ride around the huge lake there. They could find a nice secluded cove and commence the next level of sexual games. Since they were paying by the hour on the boats, no one would question how long they were gone. They both took turns at rowing down the river area and into the large areas of the lake. As they got further from the other boats and off to themselves, he would play with her a little when she was rowing and she would reciprocate when he was rowing. This little game kept them on the brink of excitement and when they found a nice little cove out of the way they rowed of into it. Pulling over near some overhanging trees and brush they threw out the anchor and got towards the center of the boat. He was already hard as a rock from her playing with him while he rowed and she was wet and ready for action. They started by kissing and groping and she slid his trunks down and off as he pulled the strings on her tops and bottoms. As their clothes lay on he wet boat bottom they wrapped their arms around each others naked bodies and kissed deeply now, their tongues playing and dancing with each other as heir bodies entwined tighter. Each one's hands fully taking in every inch of the others forms and creating more heat between them. They both were totally worked up as she let her finger guide to his hard member and aimed it directly at her wet channel. He moved forward and she pushed up and in a moment he was sliding inside her warm hole. Bo felt like a warm wet glove was wrapped securely around his cock as he began the rhythmic motions that would bring them both to the brink of ecstasy. Daisy was moving and bucking up with each forward stroke of his member and her sighs and moans were making him lose control. He wanted his to last as long as possible but she was making it very difficult to hold back. Her motions making him go deeper and moving faster and faster, it was all he could do to hold back. Daisy was so turned on by all this she was really working her bottom and was intently working towards a really awesome orgasm. As her body began to seize and stiffen, Bo felt the inner muscles contracting and milking his cock pulling him in and not wanting to let go. He could no longer hold off, as she spasmed even more and her contractions squeezed him ever tighter, he let out a long sigh and moan as he felt his juices pour into her. His cock straining with each spurt, he felt as though he would empty his entire being inside this girl. Daisy on the other side had found that as he was spurting and pushing harder she went even higher creating even more squeezing of his throbbing member. They were both breathing very heavily and gasping in between sighs of contentment. It took some time for both of them to recover them selves and suddenly Bo had a horrifying thought. This was the second time he had sent his very fertile little sperms inside this girl and he hadn't used any safety measures. He really didn't know how to express his thoughts though and he just whispered sweet sayings to her ear. They nuzzled a little and then he whispered, "Don't you worry that you might get pregnant or anything like that?" She stopped like she was in thought for a moment and told him she was okay. Bo wasn't sure what that meant, so he whispered, this is our second time together and I never thought about using protection and you never said either. She smiled softly and told him she was in between on her counts. It totally dawned on him then, he asked if she was talking rhythms and she nodded. Bo almost flipped out, but he maintained his control and kept his tone down as he explained to her that both his sister and cousin had been on that system and both had kids sort of unexpectedly. He also added that he was trying to alarm Daisy just to be aware so he could at least sound responsible to her. She told him it was sweet that he had concerns and that she was aware of his sensitive side at this point. Then she tried to reassure him that it would be okay. So he dropped the conversation and figured if she isn't worried then I suppose I shouldn't be either. It would stay in his mind t though thru the rest of the day and evening. After a little while of laying there cuddling they slid their suits back on and started to row out of the cove. A couple of hours had passed and it just seemed like a short stop as they rowed back to the dock. Bo was teasing her saying the next guy who rented that boat would have fun wondering why he was constantly horny after smelling the sweet aroma of her. She just shoved his shoulder and told him he was a really bad. I was getting on dinner time but as they had eaten a short time ago they passed up food to go to a nice show, where they fondled and played in the back rows but at the same time they enjoyed the shows on the stage. The darkened room gave them plenty of privacy to fondle in ways that would be risky in public. He would play and work her up and then she would reciprocate and get him close to bursting. A couple of hours later they left the little theater and both were very horny and thinking they needed relief again so they looked for a secluded ride. As soon as they boarded the ride and got to where they could play he began tweaking her nipples and playing in her slacks. As she was so hot already it didn't take much fingering to bring her to a nice climax. They exited that ride and found another where she could jack him up to the brink of popping and then she went down on him and took it all in as too not leave a mess. That would be the last time in the park that evening as they were about to leave now. As they drove the roads back towards her home, she played with him a little but he told her he wasn't going to be able to get full up again as his body was done for the day. He said he enjoyed her attentions though and wish he could do one more time. As she slowly gave up on him his fingers had begun to enter her and his thumb tip rubbing briskly on her clit, she ground her pussy into his working fingers and shortly thereafter she tensed into on last long orgasm. As she calmed from it, she almost dozed off on his shoulder as they got the final length home. Needless to say they both slept well that night. Bo dreaming of her and Daisy dreaming of him, in her dream he was constantly at her call and bringing her those wonderful feelings. In Bo's dream he needed to curtail her a little or she would wear him out totally.