Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Dee was leaning back into Chase as his hands caressed her tummy and the underside of her bra and his lips were kissing around her face and neck. She felt as if she were going to swoon as her legs became a bit weak from the sensations he was creating with his careful massage. Her skin was tingling wherever his finger touched and her face felt flushed as he kissed all over. Chase was enjoying the effect of the touching and kissing also as his fingers danced over her soft tummy flesh and his lips warmed to her face wherever they touched. It was somewhat low lighting, so he couldn't see the flushing of her skin at his touch. He knew that she was enjoying the moment though as she let out little moans and began to kiss back whenever his lips touched hers. He also felt her hands reaching around behind her trying to touch him back. Chase told her to relax and let him do the massaging for now and then she would get her turn. She was reluctant to just stand there and not do some caressing of her own. He was whispering softly in her ear as his fingers did another round of her breast through the bra and then traced them across her belly button, playing a little with it and then ever so slowly he ran his finger to the top of her bra and moved his fingers just inside the top. His fingers felt like electric bursts as they caressed over the soft skin of her breast and she froze for a second. The clock struck and hour, playing out the tune in a ship bells sound and Chase stopped briefly to see if she would ask him to stop. She responded by leaning back into him harder and sighing as his fingertips reached her nipples. She raised her lips up to give him a deep kiss, and he knew it was okay to continue for now. Dee was beginning to feel somewhat wet in her panties by now and she was feeling all the reactions to his gentle touch , yet she was wondering if she should stop him since they were in a public place and she worried that someone might suspect what they were doing there. So she glanced around to see and there were no other people anywhere near them. Just a few shadows were visible on the other side of the docks and over by the buildings, milling around. No one was close enough to see anything clearly. Dee decided to relax again and let him cress her nipples which were already stiffened to his touch. Chase could feel the hardened tips of her nipples against his finger as they caressed around the tips, so he ran his hands around her soft globes and squeezed softly as she moaned into his mouth. By now his hands had pushed her bra down a bit so that her breasts were exposed inside the top she was wearing. Her belly was a little exposed now as her top had ridden up a small portion to accommodate his hands under it. Chase was massaging her breast and then over her stomach area again and gently hugging her as his lips and hers locked and their tongues danced happily. He could feel his member, semi-erect in his pants and wondered if she felt it in her back as well. Dee reached behind her once again and let her fingers slide up the outside of his pants leg and as she moved up, Chase' groin tightened some more. When her fingers reached the front of his pants she could feel the uncomfortable knot of his member and asked if he needed to make any adjustments with a little giggle. He moved his groin around a little and she helped him to pull his pants out a little to let the bulge adjust so he was no longer almost doubled over in his pants. As they moved to adjust his pants his fingers had slid back down to the tops of her slacks. He jokingly said that it wasn't fair that she could feel his reaction and he couldn't tell if she was reacting there. She just glanced up at him and told him that he really could tell if he weren't on the outside of her pants. He looked at her and said, "Well, if you want to play a little more, I think we should take a walk towards the wooded area where the lovers walk on the path. Dee agreed that it would be wise to stop here as it would become very obvious if they continued in this very public place. She added that it had been all the more exciting that they were out there in the open. They kissed once more with tongues dancing and moaning into each other's mouths before rearranging themselves to begin the walk towards the path. On the path there were a nice grouping of trees, but it was thin enough you could still make out the lighting to the buildings and every so often on the path there were benches near little creeks that fed the larger lake. These benches were there for people to sit along the trickling water and enjoy the sounds of nature during the day. During the night there were few people out there by the lake and even fewer on the path. They could hear the rustle of the leaves above them as the breeze flowed gently through, the smells of woods and freshness all around them as they began to go into the wooded area. As they walked, they would stop occasionally to kiss and grope a little. As they neared a group of rather larger trees there was a bench just a little off the path next to a trickling stream. The two of them decided that it was a nice place to stop. As Chase looked though the edge of the trees he could see the windows in the buildings that were still lit and the reflections of them trickling through the branches and leaves. Dee was reaching up to him this time, pulling his face down to hers a she kissed him deeply. He could feel his member reacting to the kiss and her fingers on his back as she hugged and caressed him. He was quick to respond by running his hands around her and caressing her back too. This time though, he ran his fingers up under her top more quickly to caress the bare skin on her back and let his fingers dance along the top of her slacks. They continued to kiss and caress and his fingers ran up her back to the middle of her shoulder blades and then back down to just the top of her slacks. He then ran his hands over her buttocks from outside the slacks and grabbed the buttocks pulling her tightly against him as he kissed her even deeper. The force of his tightening hug made her pull away from his lips and let out a gasp of air. Then a soft moan followed as he caressed her buttocks from outside her slacks. She was tight enough against his chest and front to feel the beginnings of another erection since the previous one had left during the walk. Chase wanted to do so much all at once that he stopped for a few moments to regroup his thoughts. He did have to be careful since they were in an open public place, yet not in full view of the same. Just as these thoughts were running through his mind, and hers, they heard some rustling and soft voices, so they quickly straightened themselves and sat on the bench as a young couple came around the bend and nodded as they walked by. Chase and Dee felt like a couple of school kids that almost got caught making out, and looked at each other and giggled together. In only a few brief moments the young couple had disappeared into the woods again and Chase began to run his fingers over Dee's slacks along her thighs. He told her to turn slightly away from him so he could pull up behind her again as they had done on the pier. Dee turned so that he could set almost behind her and reach around, as he moved his arms around her in a gentle hugging motion she tilted her head back so they could kiss once again. Her lips met his and he gently moved his hands to the base of her top and began to move them up under again. As soon as his fingers touched the flesh of her tummy she moaned a little into his mouth and he could feel his member growing once again. He soon reached the top of the bra again and pulled it down so that he could caress her breast and nipples again and this time they were in a secluded spot so he could move much more bravely. He cupped the breasts and kneaded them as she moaned and kissed him harder. She tightened up as his fingers gently pulled on her nipples and they hardened to his hot touch. Once again she could feel her panties moisten as his fingers did their dance on her breasts. Chase was breathing a little heavier as was she now as they heated up on the bench. He allowed his fingers to move slowly back down over her belly to the top of her slacks once again and she waited to see what he had in mind. This time his fingers lingered there a little bit rubbing over the elastic of her slacks top, and then very casually he let his fingers slide just beneath the elastic and down into the lower area of her tummy. Dee straightened out a little on the bench so he could move his fingers about under the top of her slacks. His fingers could feel the soft fabric of her slacks on the back of them and the softer feeling of silk panties on his fingertips as he moved his fingers over the outlines of her groin and belly area. She had moved her legs up on the bench and almost laying back against Chase as his fingers moved all around in between the tow pieces of clothing. Dee leaned back and turned her lips back into his as his fingers did their dance. He reached a little further down this time as his fingers caressed the very tops of her thighs and casually moved towards the center of her being. His fingers went as far as they could reach inside the slacks and then he moved over to the other thigh and did the same. Finally after several caresses of the thighs Chase moved his fingers down either side to the tops of her thighs and then moved them inward and she spread her legs a little on the bench moaning into his mouth. He moved his fingers in between her thighs and straight up the center of her panties, now he could feel her wetness too. She moaned and took a sharp breath as his fingers made their journey up the center of her groin. Chase moved his mouth away for a second to ask if it was okay to continue, as Dee said in almost a gasp not too stop. Dee reached in behind her and began to run her fingers along his thighs, on the outside of his pants also. She could feel his hard member beneath the material. She struggled with his pants tops and zipper so she could feel him through his jockeys, as his fingers moved up and down the middle of her panties. She took a few more minutes to get access and then reached inside his pants to caress his member from outside his jockey shorts and he got braver too. Chase moved his fingers to the top of her panties and allowed his finger to slide beneath the final layer of elastic and his fingers felt the smooth skin and just a minimal amount of soft hairs along the outside of her labia. She let out a soft sigh as his hot fingers touched the very skin of her vagina and her fingers rubbed softly over his member to let him know she approved. His member was fully coming to stiffness now as her fingers danced on it and he thought he should go a little further. First, though, he whispered to her that they couldn't disrobe here. She agreed and said that they didn't need to go all the way tonight, but that they could still have fun. Chase just felt a shiver run though him at that thought. He told her to lean back against him and let him massage some more. She was willing to let him go and see what his finger would do now as she spread her lags a little more to make access easier for him. Chase let his fingers move to the tops of her thighs again and this time he moved his fingers to go into the crease and slide gently up her wet lips, he wiggled his fingers till they were into the crease feeling her full wetness. Dee was groaning long and low now as his fingers moved up and down her soft wet inner lips and he locked his kissing lips back onto her mouth as he slid his fingers up and down making even more wetness there. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers moved to the top feeling her button sticking out there to greet him. Chase knew exactly what to do with that as he began to circle it with his now wet fingers and then gently rub it between his thumb and forefingers as she moved her groin to accommodate the new feelings. He set to rolling it around his fingers and she just ground her pelvis up against his hand as he rubbed gently, while his other fingers found her wet hole. He took one finger and bent it slightly inward to let it slide into her moist waiting tunnel, she now raised up just slightly for him to enter her with the finger and then there were two moving in and out as the other fingers played with her clit. She was writhing, practically in his lap now as he brought her ever closer to a long awaited orgasm. Every now and then her fingers would massage his cock through his briefs but her concentration was mostly on the heat and wetness that was in her groin and the fire that was about to explode through her whole body. She could now feel electrical shocks with every movement of his fingers in her cunt and on her clit and would jump every time he moved his fingers. She was moaning with each move like keeping a beat to some old familiar tune. He let his lips slide off her lips as he kissed across her face and began to suck on her earlobes and down her neck. This was all she needed to spark the final jolts. Suddenly she let out a long moan as her body almost straightened out before him and pushed him back a little as she stiffened and spasmed through and earth shattering orgasm. She felt every muscle in her body tighten as the fire went through her form her pussy all the way to the top of her head. Her breathing was very erratic and he just kept moving his fingers slowly around her clit and pussy. Now his fingers in the whole were being almost sucked in as he moved them a little, and he could almost feel the pulse in her clit as it throbbed between his fingers. He could also feel the inner walls squeezing his two fingers inside as she continued to shake and quiver. She finally put her hands on top of his inside her pants to lat him know to stop as she was quaking with each movement now and he was enjoying the controls way too much. When she had finally stopped the motion of his hands she leaned back up and gave him a deep kiss that would melt butter and he responded with his tongue as she reached for his erection though his pants. Chase didn't think he would last long if she kept rubbing him now as he was still fairly excited from the orgasm he had just given her. Her panties were a prime example being soaked through now. He could smell the female sex smell and that was arousing his mind too. She was just trying to recuperate from her orgasm as she shifted to sit up beside him while gently running her hands up under his shirt now and caressing his chest and sides and around his back. He could feel the heat from her hands as she rubbed him all over and he brought his fingers up to his nose to smell her fragrance and then sucked each of the two fingers that were soaked with her cum, and then the one that ones that had massaged her clit to such a grand finish. She undid his buckles to loosen up his pants now so she could comfortably get her hands inside his pants and instead of playing from outside his briefs she slid her fingers right down inside them. Chase jumped a little as he felt her hot fingers on his stiff cock. He figured he wouldn't last more than five to ten minutes here since he was so excited and it had been quite a while for him as well. Dee now ran her fingers up and down the length of his hard cock gently caressing it from top to bottom, letting her fingers just move around on his balls before working back up again. Now it was Chase who had slid down in position to make it easier for her finger to move about in his pants. His eyes rolled back in his head a little as he moaned with her soft hot fingers playing with his ball sack and then running up the length of it again and again. He could feel his cock pulse with each time she returned up the shaft. He thought it was nearly there and began to move his hips with the movement of her fingers. Dee could also feel the pulses and was very aware of his closeness and before he could utter the words that he was getting too close she began to run her hands back up under his shirt and stopped playing with his cock. Chase was visibly disappointed when she stopped pulling on his member and he began to clam a little as she manipulated his nipples a little and stayed away from his cock. Then she would move her fingers back under the elastic and begin to play with the cock again as it stiffened even harder in her hands, cupping his balls in between and then up and down the shaft till he was right at the brink again and she stopped. Chase almost fell off the bench this time as he had moved quite a bit with her fingers on his cock and he looked down to her as she moved down on the ground between his leg and carefully pulled the top of his elastic down just far enough to expose his now very stiff cock. Dee took it back in her fingers and gave it a couple of more soft rubs as he moaned and jerked with each touch. The she said she didn't want to leave a mess and lowered her mouth over his cock and he felt the hot wet breath and her tongue on his hard length and felt like a thousand tiny volts were tingling through him as she began to raise and lower her head on his cock. With each outward stroke she would stop at the very tip and lick around the head like a lollipop and then take the whole length into her mouth and swirl a bit and then repeat. This only lasted for a few moments as he began to raise and lower his ass with each movement and she began to move her tongue and throat as if swallowing which lightly squeezed the head and sent him over the edge. Chase felt his balls tighten and then he felt like an explosion went off inside him as his cock jolted and throbbed and multiple streams of hot liquid poured into her mouth as she swallowed it all. He couldn't sit still as she continued to milk his cock for every last drop and he had his fingers tightly on her hair as he raised and lowered his ass with the strong spasms in his groin and legs. She continued a little longer till he pulled her off his cock and she just rose up and locked onto his lips for a nice hot kiss. They set there for a few moments kissing deeply and he finally started to clam down, feeling like every muscle in his body was tensed. When he stopped kissing her, he looked deeply into her eyes and said, "That was the best I've ever had, you are the hottest woman I've ever met." Dee just smiled at him and told him he hadn't done so bad himself bringing her to one of her hardest orgasm in a long time. She went on to tell him she rarely ever had gotten that from her husband and of course now it was never. They both set there a bit and got themselves back into some sort of order before kissing some more and then they looked at their watches and realized the hour was very late. That would explain why no one else had walked by as they had just had their very public, very sexy scene. They kissed once more before getting up and began their walk back to his vehicle. They both agreed they had to do more now that they knew they had a good spark between them.... To be continued