Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. As always these characters are not real nor are the circumstances. I do not promote sex with the underage though it is rampant around society these days and the kids are wise beyond their years. No one should have sex, except with someone they truly love and or at the appropriate age which means they know what the hell they are getting themselves into. Sadly in our society that is not always the case. These stories are strictly fiction and anyone resembling these stories are purely consequential and if they do relate to someone you know or yourself you should seriously consider counseling. This and all my stories are strictly for entertainment reading. If you are offended by this you should seriously stay away from these sites..... It was a little later toward the evening as Josh, Megan, and Stephie were finishing up playing in the shallow water just out of sight of their mother. The girls had just found out what it was like to have an orgasm by someone else's fingers and by each other as well this fine afternoon. Both girls were excited and talking in quick giggly talk as they played in the water with Josh, their new "best friend". The sun was beginning to set on them a little so they started to head for the shoreline once again. Their mom was sitting up and looking out in the water toward the little ground formation in the center of the water. It was almost like a little island and the other side of it was not very visible to the shoreline. The mother was not worried though as she knew Stephie would watch over Megan and she also knew that they had connected with the man up the beach a little ways. He had sort of watched over them earlier and they had come back for a little while all excited about their "new friend" As they came up onto the beach there, Josh nodded to their mom, she walked over to where they had come in and were toweling off a little and introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Jessie and you have already met my girls. I'm so sorry if they have annoyed you today." Josh just shook his head and said his name, and told her he really didn't mind the company. He thought to himself if she only knew what company they had been to him. The girls were yapping away at each other and giggling, so Jessie just gave him a nice smile. Jessie was a nicely built woman, maybe in her late twenties, and still in fine shape for having two kids. She had long brunette hair and big blue eyes and a sultry smile that made Josh's cock tingle a little when she flashed it at him. Her tight bikini revealed almost all her features and he mostly noted the camel toe between her thighs. Jessie said he was welcome to join them on the beach and maybe to get something to eat a little later as they packed up to leave. Josh just kind of smirked thinking of what he'd really like to eat there. Though , after the little smile he told Jessie, that it would be nice and that he really felt grungy from all the afternoon in that water and in that sand. He told her he was planning to go to the bath house to clean up a bit before going anywhere that evening. The girls were still giggling and babbling about this and that and the fun they had had so far. They too piped in on Josh's conversation, saying they too needed to clean up a little. So the girls went over to their blankets and grabbed their original clothes they had shed before in the bath house earlier and Josh went over to his place on the beach to do the same. As they grabbed their stuff, their mom said that she would just put her clothes back on there on the blanket as the area was pretty much deserted now. Jessie really didn't feel the need to wash and change anyway since she had tanned and napped most of the afternoon. So the girls headed towards the building and Josh had already headed that way for the men's side. Jessie got her stuff together and went in several trips back to their van. She proceeded to get changed and tried to straighten up the van a little. As Josh had gotten in the building, he thought nothing of just dropping his shorts near the entrance and walking straight to the showers, He was thing how hot Jessie looked while she was talking to him and also about the afternoon and the girls and how much fun he had with them. His thoughts went to the girls in the water, first Stephie, and then back to the beach scene where the two girls were making out and then more thoughts of him "diddling " the two of them to great little orgasms. He knew they were more than a little curious now and wondered if they even understood the significance of the feelings they had. Meanwhile on the other side of the building, the two girls were whispering and giggling. The giggling, Josh could hear, not the whispers though and he wondered what they were up too. They were discussing how to sneak over to his side and in the shower to see him out of the water. They were also deciding whether or not to be fair and leave their clothes off to do the peeking.. It got very quiet after this giggling and shuffling on the other side of the thin walls there. Josh heard the water turned on for the showers and assumed they had decided to quit playing around and get washed up. Little did he know what they both had planned for him. He was washing and thinking of the afternoon's events and all the fun he had earlier and began to wash and stroke his cock some. He wasn't sure whether to just finish it or try to get done to get back to the ladies for the evening. As he began to stroke his cock ever so slowly, he flashed on their young faces and the heavy breaths and sighs he had heard earlier. His cock grew even harder in his hand as he stroked and thought with his eyes closed. Just outside his shower, the girls had snuck quietly in and were peeking around the corner. Megan's eyes grew large as she caught sight of Josh stroking his cock and tried to stifle her breath as she drew it in, Stephie too now saw the view of him and his nice big cock in his hand and leaning against the wall as if he would topple forward. When Stephie gasped, he heard the noise and opened his eyes quickly but didn't see them right away. So he whispered, "come out, come out, wherever you are!" like a game of hide and seek. This brought a little giggle and the girls came peeping around the corner of the showers. Their eyes were wide and almost like total amazement as they walked towards Josh. He too took a little gasp as he realized they had stripped bare naked and were now standing in front of him in the shower. The water began to catch them and he watched as the water trickled down their necks and down their nubile bodies. He watched as the water followed their little chests and down their bellies to their pretty little Camel toes not unlike their mother's. He was in awe of their beauty for such little girls, Stephie had small mounds there just about right for a training bra and of course Megan had just tiny forms and those hard little nipples from the water. Steph had some sparse hairs coming in around her groin which made her all the more appealing to Josh. The girls chimed together, "shouldn't we be doing that?" to which Josh did not reply immediately. His mind and word were stolen for the moment as Steph reached forward and wrapped her little hands around his nice cock and then Megan reached in and took hold of just the head of it. All he could muster was a deep moan at this point. The girls started moving their fingers around, Steph up and down some and Megan had hers moving over the top of the head. It was all he could do to not just blow his wad right then. Here they stood with these two girls wet and playing with him in the shower and he was thinking heaven couldn't be any better than this. His cock throbbed with each stroke and roll of their fingers and he reached forward to touch their little nipples that stood so proudly out for him. As he rolled his finger on one breast each the girls cooed and sighed. It really got interesting as he moved his fingers with the water down over their soft bellies and into their folds between their thighs. He wanted to do so many things and yet he didn't know what he wanted to do. As his cock swelled even more and he felt deep shudders in his stomach, he decided he had to have more than just a hand job, so he told the girls that he wanted to kiss Stephie where his fingers were playing. They looked at him as if he were crazy and waited for him to laugh. He said seriously though, that he wanted to do this and that it would feel even better than his fingers. Steph was thinking that would be impossible but was willing to try and Megan was wondering what she would get out of it. So he told Megan to lean up against the wall, and told Steph to get down close to Megan's groin. As they did what they were told, he went down to his knees and began with a couple of licks to Stephie's butt cheeks. Then stopped licking as she quivered a bit. He told Stephie to do to Megan whatever he did to her. This was easy for Stephie to follow as he licked back across the tops of her thighs and down her butt crack. Stephie did the same thing to Megan now and Megan just shook with excitement. This was a fun new idea for the both of them. Then Josh separated Stephie's cheeks and licked forward till his tongue went across her little hole, she felt little electric shocks going through her now and did the same to her little sister. Both girls were moaning together, as he continued up to Steph's clit and began t suck on it. Now Steph's butt was moving and twitching and she was moaning into Megan's groins as she did likewise to Megan's clit. Both girls were moaning and twitching as Josh began suckling the little clit in his lips and Steph was beginning to feel her whole body shake like a small earthquake getting bigger and bigger. Megan then felt Steph pick up her sucking and nibbling pace on her little clit and felt the same quaking begin. Megan was quickly going into full throttle though as she moved her clit against Stephie's lips and tongue, suddenly she felt the whole body stiffen and shake and with a long sigh she felt the whole world slip away from her. As Megan's juices began to pour and Steph knew she was having another major wave, she herself began to quake ferociously and every muscle in her body went rigid. Josh juts smiled knowing that he now owned these two little girls forever. The whole time he was sucking Steph and she was sucking Megan, Josh was stroking his cock and he knew he couldn't hold any longer now so he turned Steph around and poked his cock at her gasping mouth. As soon as it touch her open lips his juices spurted forward and some into her mouth and on her face and some on the shower floor to run down the drain. Steph had accidentally swallowed a little at first and then began to lick it off her lips and off his cock, Megan quickly picked up on this and began to lick Stephie's face till all the sperm was gone. Josh suddenly came to his senses and told the girls they needed to get back to the other side and finish up before their mom came hunting them. He quickly finished washing up as they slipped quickly back and got dried and dressed. Josh came out first and went to pack up his stuff and then the girls came wondering out as if nothing had happened and headed for their mom's van. Jessie was waiting on the girls and had cleaned up the van very nicely by the time they returned and she didn't realize how much time had lapsed so nothing was said. She wandered over to Josh's vehicle and asked him if he was still interested in something to eat, He almost choked thinking of what had just happened but was able to say that he wouldn't mind. She offered for them to all ride together in the van to save on gas and he thought that nice too. Then she leaned up and kissed him and once again thanked him for watching out for her girls during the day. Josh just nodded and found it hard to say anything at that point, He finally blurted that she was very welcome as they strolled back to the van and got in. It was a few minutes of sitting there to decide where they wanted to go and what they wanted to eat and all that stuff. Finally they pulled off the parking area and headed down the road a ways.