Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. This is purely a fabrication and none of this has happened for real , a figment of imagination and not advised to follow in real life unless you prefer to spend half your life in prison... This is all fantasy and not for any other purpose than to read for your own purpose. Tiff had just had a wonderful, earthshaking orgasm, and she still tingled from her head to her toes. Her mind was reeling from the previous moments and all she could think was, what else could he do to make it any better..? All Ed could think of was how much he enjoyed this little lady in front of him and how much more he wanted to enjoy her. He wanted to do so much more with her and he knew that with the present moment, and with her present condition of euphoria, he had to act now or never. As Tiff laid back trying to regain her senses, Ed's fingers were still moving slowly over her clit bringing little spasms with each touch, and also bringing little gasps from her lips. He looked up to find her eyes semi closed again and allowed his lips to kiss gently down her neck and across her shoulders. Her mouth now forming a pout look let out little sounds almost like purring as he kissed softly on her shoulders and across her upper chest, his fingers dancing on her thighs and inner thigh areas, Tiff could feel her body moving to accept his finger and lip movements and she was in a whole new state of euphoria once again. As Ed's lips moved to the center of her chest and he began to lick around her tiny budding breasts, she could feel shockwaves radiate around her body. The idea of what else could he do no longer lay in her mind, she couldn't wait to feel the results of this new touching he was doing. Ed's fingers now massaged the inner thighs as his lips sealed on one of her taut little breast and sucked on her nipple, Tiffs moan told him to go further, so with his other hand he took the presently sucked nipple between the fingers and kneaded it as he sucked in the other little nipple. Tiffs body stiffened and she moaned harder as his different fingers played with her nipple and the others massaged her inner thigh and his lips sucked on the little nipple bringing her near to another climax. She had never felt so many things at one time and was confused and dazed as Ed's finger and lips did more magic than ever. He glided his lips and tongue down across her belly and brought a little jolt and a bit of a giggle as his tongue tickled her belly button, but she was still squirming from the exotic feeling she was having too. Suddenly his tongue was at the top of her tiny slit, and following the outline of it. Tiff felt as if a small lightening bolt began to circle through her whole body as his tongue hit the bottom of her sweet pussy lips and began to slide back up the inside of her labia. Ed could now taste the sweet juices that were abundant inside those little lips of hers. He smiled to himself as he tasted the very nectar of life that he wanted earlier. Tiff began to stiffen as his tongue now reached the top of the labia and began to move towards her clit. Her whole body shuddered when his tongue made that initial contact. Now he brought his other fingers back up to her little hole and began to enter it oh so slowly with just one finger, immediately he as aware that her hymen was still intact. So he began in earnest to suckle on her clit as a baby would suckle on momma's nipple for milk. With each suck and twirl of his tongue Tiff soared a little higher, and Ed introduced a second finger to the lower half of her pussy. As he sucked more and the higher she rose, he felt her begin to move her hips up to him and felt her begin to stiffen as she gasped hard to catch her breath. With the proper timing, he waited moving his fingers in rhythm till he knew she was at the height of her orgasm and he allowed those fingers to piece through the hymen. Tiff felt a light pain and at the same time hit the highest peak of her life and just stiffened for a few moments lifting her ass off the chair he had sat her on. Her juices flowed harder into his waiting mouth and she was letting out a hissing sound as she came down from an all new height. He could feel her inner muscle clamping and milking on his fingers and he smiled and rose up to remove his pants forgetting that he might scare her with this motion, yet he felt now was the time she'd be susceptible to him finishing the work he began. She didn't even bat her eyes as he lowered his pants and shorts at the same time and his erection popped out almost standing straight up between his thighs. Ed lowered his body to between her legs and moved slightly forward, waiting to see if she would reject his next moves, but she was already reaching with her fingers to guide his member toward her center. She felt his hard cock in her fingers and grabbed on to pull a couple of times and it got even harder in her fingers, as she moved it directly inline with her wet little pussy, He stopped only once more to ask if she was okay with him going the rest of the way. Tiff's response was to pull him in with her legs and he felt his head pop past the entrance to her pussy, that was all Ed needed to proceed as he began to push forward slowly incase she was still tender there. When he bottomed out inside her, she could feel his pubes against her soft skin and he waited a moment to let her adjust to this new girth inside her. It was tiff who began to move her hips and move him that began the soft thrusting. Ed was taking it easy for two reasons, he didn't want to hurt or scare her and also he new if he went too quickly that he wouldn't be able to control his thrusting and his orgasm would be too quick. He wanted to savor the wonderful feeling this tight little hole provided and revel in her loving juices , and he wanted to try to make her come at least one more time while he was inside her.. So, he began to move in and out quite slow and deliberately and she began to move in unison with his forward thrusts so that he would achieve maximum depth which each movement. Tiff could not believe that she was starting to reel once again , that she was building to yet another orgasm, this was all to surreal for her. She never knew anything could feel this good or make her feel so heavenly, yet here she was going again with each inside movement. Ed was making sure that his cock hit the entire upper surface with each inner thrust hoping to hit that g-spot he had read so much about, so he arched upward a little on each move and brought the most surface contact that he could. She could feel that surface contact with each inside thrust and felt tingling all around those areas that his cock was now touching. She began to put her feet behind his back and pull him toward her as she thrusted upward riding a new wave inside her. As her muscles started to tighten inside her vagina, Ed's cock felt as if it were being milked like a cow's teat and he began to thrust a lot faster and deeper. She arched now when he entered and her back rose of the chair once again as she drew in a deep breath. Her whole body tightened and the inside muscle clamped down on his engorged cock, she raised up and let out a howl, her brain going completely blank this time as she moved harder on his cock. Ed's cock began to tighten too now and he began to breath heavily right before the fluids began to pump out of the end, and he tried to withdraw but she had her ankles locked behind his butt, and the semen flowed deep within her...She bucked a few more times before her eyes rolled back and she closed them in a quiet retreat letting herself float gently away from the real world for a bit... Ed gasped a few times felt his pulsing cock ad finally collapsed just too her side. They lay there sweaty, entwined and fully blissful. About an hour later, Ed shook his head to gain his senses and realized that they were still lying back on the chair together and that his cock was just sitting slightly inside her. A few soft moans and her eyes flickering, Tiff now came back from the oblivion she had found in their session. Suddenly Ed jerked upward in thought, She asked him what seemed to be the problem. Ed began to panic, he had come deep inside her and not just a little bit but a lot, his mind was reeling now as he began to think of the results. Tiff just giggled, much to his dismay, and then she informed him that she had not had her "time " yet and that she all about that stuff as her mother had already had the talk. Ed's heart began to beat again normally as he started to calm and he said that he still should have been more careful and that they shouldn't have gone as far as they did. Tiff was in total question mode then, asking if it wasn't as good for him as it was for her. While he had to admit that it was, perhaps the best, he still was with an underage child and that he could get into deep problems. She giggled once again to his questioning look, as she began to lay out her thoughts on the matter. She told him that she would never tell a sole and that as long as she could figure out a way to see him again and learn more from him that she would never let anyone take him away. While some of it sounded like blackmail , Ed had to admit that he would love to do more with this girl, so he agreed that they would try to make some sort of arrangements.