Title: Unexpected Tenderness 
Author: T'Lin ( LinkyS @ aol.com ) 
Series: TOS (MU, of course) 
Pairing: Sc/Kyle(MU) 
Rating: NC-17 

Summary: A 'missing scene' from "Mirror, Mirror" -- Scotty
needs a much deserved rest before the final preparations
are made to return to their own universe. When he goes to
'his' quarters, he learns that his counterpart has a

Note: Written for the Mirror Universe Fuh-Q Fest -

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Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom own the TREK universe,
including the Mirror Universe. I'm just borrowing the boys
for a bit of naughtiness -- I promise to return everyone to
their proper place when I am finished with them. I intend
no copyright infringement, nor do I make any money off of
this original piece of fanfiction (ŠT'Lin, January 2002).


by T'Lin 0201.19

Scotty needed a break. Ever since the transporter accident
that brought the Captain, McCoy, Uhura and himself to this
'alternate universe' -- or whatever it was -- Scotty had
been at work, trying to figure out how to get back where
they belonged.

He had found a way -- and discovered their time here was
limited -- but for now, he had set the groundwork. He could
rest for an hour, before the final preparations needed to
be done, and they could go home.

Since everything seemed to be located in relatively the
same place as on their own ship, Scotty hoped he would find
his quarters to be, as well. He was not disappointed when
he placed his hand on the sensor, and the door opened. As
the computer registered his entrance, the lights came up
slightly, giving the room a sinister feel.

It took Scotty a moment to realize he was not alone --
there was a figure, curled up on the bed, sleeping. As his
eyes adjusted to the dim light, the details of the room
became clearer. Obviously, his counterpart was into the
more sadistic aspects of engineering, with bits and pieces
of equipment strewn around, many of which looked like
adaptations of torture devices.

He also became aware of the fact that his companion was

Now, this in itself was not all that hard to comprehend
... Scotty had, after all, had his share of flings, either
way. But there was  nobody on the ENTERPRISE that he had
been particularly interested in -- at least not
consciously. He was rather curious about who his
counterpart was shacked up with.

He approached the bed quietly, then proceeded to sit on
the edge, lightly touching his unknown companion on the
shoulder. The man stirred, and rolled onto his back. Much
to Scotty's surprise, it was Kyle, the transporter chief. 

As his eyes opened, he said, "Forgive me, my love. I tried
to compensate for the power fluctuation during transport."
Reaching up to tentatively touch Scotty's face, he went on,
"I was so worried for your safety. Did everything check out
all right when the Doctor examined you?"

Unsure of how exactly he should react to this young man,
but taking his cue from Kyle's actions, Scotty answered,
"Aye, we checked out just fine. Nothing to worry about." 
Then remembering the punishment that Spock had dealt Kyle
for his lapse, he asked, "Ach ... but what about you? No
ill effects from the Agonizer, I hope?"

The sudden concern for his well being made Kyle suspicious
... usually, Scotty would take advantage of his weakened
condition. His favorite form of torture was typically
fucking his brains out after a bout with the Agonizer. He
seemed to derive pleasure by adding to his pain whenever

But today, he suddenly realized as he assessed his
condition, Scotty had let him sleep off the effects of the
Agonizer. Very strange, indeed. Trying not to show his
confusion, Kyle answered, "No, no ill effects at all." At
this time, he got up from the bed, and knelt before Scotty,
offering himself to the older man, as he continued, "Thank
you for letting me sleep it off this time. You did not need
to, nor did I expect you to. It would have been in your
rights to administer your own punishment for my dereliction
of duty."

"Nonsense, lad ... what I should have done was prevent
Spock from punishing you in the first place. He had no
right." Scotty was incensed, which just added to Kyle's
confusion. He had never before questioned the First
Officer's right to punish the crew ... as a matter of fact,
he usually encouraged said punishment, and typically aided
in devising new and innovative ways to do so.

Was this sudden bout of tenderness a ploy to get him to
slip-up in some way? Make him feel safe, then pull the
safety net out from under him when he was most vulnerable?
He had heard of 'masters' treating their 'slaves' like this
over the years, but Scotty had never been like that. He
never acted as if he 'owned' Kyle, even if he did believe
in keeping him in line with proper discipline.

Realizing that his next words could lead to the very
punishment he had so far avoided, he nonetheless had to
ask, "Are you sure you are all right? You don't seem to be
quite yourself tonight." As Kyle asked, he lowered his head
in a submissive nature, just to be on the safe side.

Scotty, reading the body language of his companion,
realized that his own reaction to this situation was most
likely *not* how his counterpart would have behaved ... and
considering the sadistic nature of everything else he had
seen here, he did not want to speculate on what that
reaction would have been. 

Reaching forward to lift the chin of the young man
kneeling before him, he said, "There is a time and place
for punishment ... today was not the time. I may not be
able to do anything about how Spock treated you today, but
for now, I will do my best to make it up to you." That was
all he could do, he realized, for once he returned to his
own universe, the Scotty of this one would be back to dole
out punishment as he sees fit.

As he finished speaking, Kyle was reaching for the
waistband of his trousers, and Scotty was a bit surprised
to note that he was semi-hard. As the skilled hands opened
his fly, and deftly slipped the garment down, Scotty lifted
his butt enough for Kyle to remove the garment completely.
Kyle then pulled off his boots, and stood to remove his

Standing before the naked and fully aroused engineer, he
then proceeded to remove his own jumpsuit before kneeling
once again between the older man's knees. Scotty gasped, as
the skilled tongue circled the head of his cock. It had
been a while since he had been with anyone ... he knew he
would not last. 

Moaning in pleasure, Scotty fell back against the bed, his
arm over his eyes to prevent himself from seeing the young
man sucking him off. He knew he should not be indulging
himself, but it was far too late to stop now ... and Kyle
would have been even more suspicious had he refused his

As Kyle's hands and tongue brought him ever closer to the
brink, he had a sudden revelation, and hoped that the
Scotty who was now in his universe was not mistreating the
Kyle he found there. But the thought was only fleeting, as
he was brought back to the hear-and-now by Kyle's voice
asking, "Shall I finish you ... or do you want to fuck me?"

The words themselves were almost too much for Scotty to
take, as he thrust his hips upward, forcing the throbbing
cock back into the hot mouth, as he said, "Suck me, lad ...
make me come."

Kyle opened his throat, taking in the full length of
Scotty's cock. Adding pressure with his lips, he met the
rhythm of Scotty's thrusts, until he felt the hot juice
fill his mouth. Swallowing convulsively, he continued to
milk every drop from the panting engineer. As Scotty's
erection subsided, Kyle continued to lick his softening
cockhead, causing Scotty to gasp and moan from the

"Eee gad, lad ... yer killing me," he whispered, as his
cock continued to jump at the light touch of the tongue.
Reaching down, he placed his hand on Kyle's head as he
added, "come, lad ... enough already," and he sat up on the
edge of the bed once more.

Kyle knelt back on his heals, then stood before his
master, offering himself to the satiated engineer. But
Scotty looked at him with a rather sad expression, as he
said, "I'd love to, lad, but I must get back to work."

Kyle was speechless ... so this was how he would torture
him, by refusing to relieve his arousal?

Trying not to whine, he asked, "Do I displease you so
much?" He was ashamed, as he heard the petulance of his own
voice. He had no right to demand anything of this man, yet
here he was, after only one moment of unexpected tenderness
from him, expecting more of the same.

Eyes once again diverted in submission, he awaited the
punishment that Scotty would dole out for this latest bit
of insubordination. Yet once again, no punishment came.
Instead, he heard a soft voice say, "Ah, lad ..." and he
opened his eyes to see Scotty standing in front of him,
lifting his hand to lightly caress the side of his face. 

The contact was electric, but the words were even more
touching. "I can't leave you like this ... you deserve an
explanation." Glancing at the chronometer, Scotty realized
he had about fifteen minutes before he had to return to
engineering, and implement the last phase of their plan.
"I'm not who you think I am ... and for that, I am sorry." 

Silently, he maneuvered Kyle to the bed, and lay down
beside him. Holding him tenderly, Scotty explained about
the alternate universe they had obviously intersected with
during that power fluctuation while transporting. He made a
point of emphasizing that it was *not* Kyle's fault, but
just a fluke accident ... one that would be corrected in
just over thirty minutes. 

When Scotty was finished explaining, he got up and dressed
quickly. He noted that Kyle did the same. When Scotty
questioned what he was doing, he said, "I've got duty in
half an hour. I'll do what I can to help you."

"I'll thank you now ... but promise me you'll do nothing
that will get you in trouble," Scotty said, as he pulled on
his boots. "I fear there is nothing I can do to protect you
from being mistreated by my counterpart, but I would not
want to be the cause of such abuse." 

With a lopsided grin, Kyle replied, "No fear of that ...
self-preservation has always been one of my strong suits."
He then acted rather impulsively, as he gave the older man
a hug, adding, "And when he is abusing me for his pleasure,
which he does frequently, I will think on this moment of
tenderness you have shown me."

"I just wish I could do more," Scotty said, as he stepped
away. "Good by, and thank you."

"The thanks are all mine, I assure you." and Kyle watched
Scotty leave the room. 


Moments later, he made his way to the transporter room.
Scotty had told him that the Captain would be arriving
there momentarily. In the mean time, he would start the
preparations for the modifications Scotty had told him the
Captain would be making ... in this way, proving that he
was willing to help. 

He heard to door open, and turned to offer his assistance
to the Captain, but he was too late ... darkness descended
before he uttered a sound.