Schoolboy Sissy Slut

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This is the penultimate part to the story. The ending (Part 10), will follow as soon as Iíve thought of it, typed it, and posted it and not a moment before J


Hereís part 9 Ė Hope you like it J *********************************************************************


Schoolboy Sissy Slut

©1998 Mr Pornwriter


Part 9 Home Cuming Queen


The cream coloured walls of Davidís bedroom, the colour of which the previous occupants had left throughout the house, were now a soft, delicate, shade of pink. Flowery curtains adorned the windows and a matching duvet cover topped the single bed.


The stunned teenager entered his room, covering his mouth with his hand. Looking around David noticed that his old dark wooden wardrobe, that heíd helped his dad transport from their old house, had been replaced by a new white fitted wardrobe which extended across the whole width of the room. On the central door panel was fitted a full length mirror which David found himself peering into.


In the shock of discovering his own bedroom transformed into that of a girls, David had forgotten that he was walking around dressed in stockings, suspenders, bra and French knickers. He could only stare at his own reflection in the mirror, his mouth open and his world turned upside down.


Then David noticed the dressing table in the corner, made in the same style as the fitted wardrobe and obviously part of a range of bedroom furniture. On it was an assortment of make-up, aerosol cans of hairspray and styling mousse, and draped over the edges of a three-sided mirror was a selection of chains and necklaces.


The gob-smacked schoolboy suddenly darted back over to the wardrobe. Sliding open one of the doors, it revealed a number of skirts, tops and dresses, all neatly arranged on hangers. On the floor were half a dozen pairs of shoes, ranging from flat plain slip-ons to three-inch high stilettos. All the clothes were clearly brand new; labels still attached to most of them.


David sat down on what used to be his plain, dark blue covered bed, and started to cry. He fell on to his side and curled up in a ball, sobbing loudly at the injustice of it all.


"So youíre back already then."


David lifted his head and saw his father in the doorway, grinning broadly.


"And trying on some of your new clothes I see. Hang on, I donít recognise those" Andrew Merton stepped into the room and placed his hands on his hips, now sporting a slightly puzzled look.


"So where did they come from?" he said reaching down and feeling along the back of his sonís stocking-clad leg, then up over exposed white flesh to the smooth silky knickers covering his behind.


David opened his mouth but found it difficult to speak. He eventually managed to mumble a simple explanation.

"Mum made me wear them."


"Ha! So your mother and I finally found something we can agree on at last", exclaimed Andrew, slapping his thigh with glee.

"Speaking of whom, why arenít you still with her? You werenít due to return Ďtill tomorrow at the earliest."


David looked up at his father, not sure whether to say what heíd been thinking about all the way back on the train.


"I came home to be with you Dad. I thoughtÖ I thought we could start over." Tears streamed from the young boyís eyes yet again.


"Well I donít know why youíre so upset. Thatís just what I had in mind myself. Why do you think Iíve been to so much trouble fixing up your room?" The handsome father lifted his arms and gestured around the room.


"But Dad, why are you doing this? I donít want to be a girl!" wailed David almost hysterically.


Andrewís face became deadly serious.

"Well thatís tough shit, because a girl is exactly what youíre going to be! You act like a girl. You look like a girl. And you sure take dick like a girl! Right in that cute little boy-cunt of yours."


With that Andrew thrust his hand inside the open crotch of Davidís knickers and roughly jiggled his index finger against his sonís bum hole.


"Iíve also been hearing some interesting stories about your first week in school from Robert Bates. He tells me what a right little schoolboy sissy slut youíve been!"


Andrew was holding David down on the bed with one hand while pushing in a finger from the other, up to its third knuckle.


"It seems mine wasnít the first cock to screw your behind, was it eh? Youíve got to be careful you know. A girl can get herself a reputation very quickly if she fucks with half the school in her first week." Andrew chuckled as he straddled the back of Davidís legs, trapping him underneath.


The fit thirty-six year old dad unzipped his flies and pulled his trousers down to his muscular thighs. His already hard cock sprang out as he released it from the confines of his briefs, which he pulled down next to his trousers.


"Your mummy picked out some lovely underwear for you, you know. Make sure you write her a thank you note later." Andrew started to rub the underside of his glistening big prick up and down the crack of Davidís white cheeks.


"Now Daddyís gonna fuck his little girl in her arse." With that he positioned his slimy hard rod over the little red puckered hole and pushed his weapon deep into his sonís bottom.


"Aaargh! Daddy, no!" pleaded the boy, just as Andrew slammed right in so his big hairy balls slapped against Davidís stockinged thighs.


"Daddy please, youíre hurting! Owwww!"


"Stop your whining sissy. Youíve got to learn to take it like a girl!"


The man continued humping his son in a mad frenzy, ploughing harder and deeper into the rape victimís hot arse. Finally Andrew could feel his juices moving up from his iron balls.


"Oh God, yeah. Daddyís gonna cum! I hope youíve been taking the pill young lady or Daddyís going to make a baby right here in your arse!"


David could only cry and wail as his father ejaculated his load deep into his intestines.

"Aaaaaaagh! Hereís my seed up your sissy cunt. Oh yeah, I love your tight pussy."


Andrew slumped over David for several minutes regaining his breath. Then the big athlete withdrew his spunked-up dick and climbed off the bed.


"Iím going to take a shower. You can take one after and then fix us some dinner."


He left David lying on the bed, his fatherís sperm dribbling from his sore bottom.



When David emerged from the bathroom having taken a long shower, he crept back to his bedroom clutching a big bathrobe around his body.

He wasnít surprised to find that his father had confiscated his last remaining boyís clothes whilst heíd been in the bathroom, but that did mean that he would have to find something else to wear.


Rummaging through his chest of drawers he found the top one full of thin ankle socks and miscellaneous pairs of tights and stockings. Pushing that drawer closed he opened the second. This contained a selection of cotton, silk, and satin, bras and panties in various colours. David slammed that drawer shut too and yanked open the bottom compartment. There he found an assortment of long lace negligees and short baby doll nighties.


Great, thought David. Not one vaguely masculine item of clothing. He let out a long sigh and shut his eyes. This morning he was looking forward to coming home and sorting things out with his dad. But instead of light at the end of the tunnel, he discovered a train coming right at him from the other direction!


With a dejected air, the disgruntled boy went to his new wardrobe and selected at random a fairly short light-blue straight skirt and a cream blouse off the hangers. Realising he could hardly walk around without underwear, he went back to the drawers and grabbed some white cotton panties. He dressed, leaving off socks and shoes and quietly made his way downstairs and into the kitchen to start dinner.


Twenty minutes later, young Merton tentatively walked into the lounge/dining room carrying a tray of food. Andrew Merton looked up from his newspaper and nodded to his son. The tall imposing figure stood up and circled round his offspring while David set the plates of food down on the table.


They sat at opposite ends of the dining table in silence while they ate. Whenever David looked up he saw his father examining him with a considered expression. Finally after theyíd both put down their knives and forks David spoke up.


"Err, dad, weíve nearly run out of food. I had to use some leftovers that were in the fridge to make up this meal."


Andrew paused, then his face lit up.

"Fine, well you can go to the supermarket tomorrow morning and stock up then."


Davidís face turned white when he realised the implications of his dadís instructions. In turn it seemed that his discomfort only seemed to delight Mr Merton.


The poor schoolboy screwed his face up and pleaded to his father.

"Daddy, please donít make me dress like a girl. You donít know how embarrassing it is for me!"


Andrew looked up to the ceiling and sighed.


"Weíve been through this already once today and Iím not prepared to discuss it any further. And while we are on the subject of dressing, I think you should be taking a lot more care over your appearance, young lady. You didnít even bother to brush your hair after your showered, let alone style it!" He pushed away his plate and threw down his napkin.


"I realise that this is rather new to you but you must make the effort. What you need is some guidance; a helping hand with things. Iíll give the matter some thought."


With that, Davidís father went back to his armchair and picked up his newspaper, leaving David to clear away the dishes.




David spent the rest of the evening in his room, sulking on his bed. Around eleven oí clock, he felt himself nodding off. The cool night air meant that sleeping in the nude was out of the question, much as he would have preferred that to putting on another of his fatherís new purchases. Reluctantly then, the thirteen-year-old removed his skirt and blouse and slipped a beige satin nightdress over his head.

Pulling the duvet over him, David drifted off to a restless sleep.





"DavidÖ David!"


David snapped open his eyes and was greeted by the sight of his Father, dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt.


"Come on, itís almost eleven-thirty. Youíve had enough beauty sleep for now." Andrew grinned broadly at his own joke, while he shoved a squash racket into his sports bag.


"Iím off to the sports club. I want you up, dressed, and back from the supermarket by the time I get back. Iíll probably be home about half-one. Iíve left a shopping list and some money on the kitchen table", he added as he left.


David pulled himself out of bed, having to swing his legs round together to accommodate the tight fitting nightwear. After washing he began to think of what he would wear.


Suddenly he got an idea. Darting into his fatherís bedroom, he went through his drawers and wardrobe, picking out a few items of clothing. Because his dad was much bigger than he was, David had to be rather selective in what he found to wear. Eventually though David kited himself out and looked at his reflection in the mirror.


The pair of jogging pants gathered in folds at the ankles but at least the T-shirt didnít look to bad considering, though he had to tuck it in because otherwise it would have reached halfway to his knees. The only problem was going to be shoes. David couldnít wear any of his fathers. They were far too big. He went back to his own room and searched in his wardrobe. Slipping on a pair of pink trainers, David scooted downstairs, careful to avoid tripping on his extended trouser legs.


At least theyíll help to hide these sissy trainers, he thought as he ran out the door.


An hour and a half later, David returned carrying four bags of shopping, two in each hand. He had to stop every now and then to pull up the jogging pants, which constantly slipped over his hips.


Sure, he got some funny looks from other shoppers out in force on their Saturday shop, but at least he wasnít dressed as a girl. David felt quite pleased with himself as he opened the door to his house.

He dumped the bags on the kitchen table and began depositing the perishables in the fridge.




The slap on the back of his legs took David by surprise. He dropped a carton of milk, which exploded on the kitchen floor dispersing its contents all over his shins and groin area.


Turning round sharply, David was confronted by his furious father.


"You nasty cunt! I knew you couldnít be trusted. After all Iíve done for you. I bought you all those nice things and you disobey my wishes. Well youíre in for it now miss. Oh yes, Iím going to teach you some manners!"


Andrew Merton grabbed his son by the scruff of his neck and dragged him screaming and crying with fear, into the lounge. It was only when his father sat down in a chair and forced David over his knee, twisting his arm behind him and trapping his legs between his, that the boy noticed the figure sitting opposite.


David couldnít believe his eyes. Seated on the sofa, looking more beautiful than ever was Lisa Sheridan!


"Lisa!" he exclaimed, trying more than ever to wriggle free from his fatherís lap.


"Hello David", she said smiling sweetly. The blonde fourteen-year-old was dressed in a short summer dress that showed off her uniform tan and great body to perfection.


"Lisaís kindly offered to help with your appearance" Andrew told his son. "But first you are going to pay for your disobedience."


Despite Davidís protests, Andrew Merton pulled down the jogging pants to reveal a pert white bottom covered by a pair of high cut silk panties.


"No, dad pleeease!" David begged as his father peeled down the underwear to leave the boy's naked bottom stuck up in the air.


"Smack!" The first blow from Andrewís hand hit Davidís right cheek.


"Smack!" The second landed on the left.


"Owww, Daddy please donít"


"Smack!Ö Smack!Ö Smack!" The blows got faster and faster and felt worse and worse to the young teenager. He was trying not to cry in front of Lisa but the pain got to be too much and he began wailing with tears.


After several minutes of constant spanking, Davidís bottom glowed pink. He looked at Lisa sitting only a few feet away with her legs pressed close together, sipping a drink and focusing intently on his beating. Beneath him he could feel his fatherís stiffening penis pressing against his stomach. The only consolation that David could find in the situation was that at least with Lisa there his father wouldnít be able to rape him again.


Andrew finally stopped beating his son and released him, letting him fall to the ground clutching his buttocks.


"Sorry you had to witness that Lisa, but Iím sure you understand that there has to be discipline in a household."


"Of course Mr Merton. I understand." The young lolita replied demurely.


Andrew adjusted his cock through his tracksuit bottoms and gave a little smile to Lisa.


"Perhaps youíd like to take our little sissy upstairs now, and begin her training?"


"Sure." Lisa stood up and held out her hand to David who was pulling up his panties.


"You wonít be needing those" instructed his father, pointing at the jogging pants. "Take them off, and that T-shirt."


David didnít fancy any more smacks on his behind and quickly removed the clothing. He reluctantly took Lisaís hand and she led him out of the room.


Following Lisa up the stairs, David couldnít help staring at the lovely teenagerís thighs and he was tempted to bend down to get a view up her short dress. He didnít dare risk it though, and soon they were walking along the landing towards Davidís room.


"How did you know which room was mine?" asked David, as they entered his bedroom. He was a little more confident now that he was out of earshot of his father.


Lisa just gave a little smile and gently pushed David onto his bed.

Reaching round, the sexy schoolgirl unzipped the back of her dress and let the straps fall off her shoulders.


"Did you miss me, David?" she asked softly, letting the dress fall to the floor.


David felt his little dick stir in his girlís panties, while the girl he adored stood there in just a skimpy pair of white silk bra and panties. He couldnít speak. He was mesmerised by the prettiest girl at Fairmount Secondary School.


"Because Iíve missed you, David" she continued. Then Lisa reached behind and undid the clasp of her bra. Slipping off the garment, she revealed an exquisite pair of tennis ball sized white breasts that contrasted strongly with her brown tanned body. Small erect nipples stood out from her light pink aureoles. She was absolutely gorgeous, thought David. If he wasnít in love with the girl before, then he truly was now.


"I want you to wear my bra for me" Lisa handed David her silk bra, squeezing his hand as she did so.


Although David didnít relish putting on more girlís clothes, he wasnít about to break the spell of the moment by arguing. After a bit of fiddling he managed to put on the bra and do it up. Next Lisa put her thumbs in the waistband of her very high-cut panties. She paused for a moment.


"If I take these off will you promise to put them on as well?"


This was a rather harder decision for David to make. He was sure that Lisa would insist on him taking his other panties off first, and that would mean she would get to see his penis.


Yeah, but it wouldnít be for the first time, a voice in his head reminded him.


That was enough for David to make up his mind and he nodded his head in agreement.


"You first" said Lisa, gesturing with her head at the panties protecting Davidís modesty.


David swallowed and lifted his bottom of the bed enough so he could slip the panties down to his ankles. Lisa looked on as he removed them completely and placed his hands over his crotch. His little three and a half-inch penis stood upright against his belly and he couldnít resist giving it a furtive squeeze.


The blonde fourteen-year-old pulled he panties down to reveal a sparsely haired delightful pussy. Again a white triangle surrounded her pussy area which only made it look better in Davidís eyes. Surely there couldnít be many people in the school who had seen this delicious sight, and she had chosen to show it to him.


Stepping out of the underwear, Lisa bent down and picked them up. Then she pushed David back on the bed and straddled him. David lay there his hands on his sides, no longer worried about showing off his bald cock and balls. He couldnít believe it. The best looking girl in the school was naked, kneeling over him, her young mound hovering only inches above his hard dick.


"MmmmÖIíve just decided David. I donít want you wear my panties just yet. I want you to suck on them instead." Lisa turned the white silky panties inside-out and leant over David, pressing the material to his mouth.


David could feel that they were already soaking wet before he opened his lips. Sucking on the smooth material he tasted his first girlís cunt juice. The sensation was incredible. There seemed to be a suprisingly thick coating of juice on the crotch of Lisaís knickers. She must go through lots of pairs of underwear, David thought as he greedily lapped at the material.


"How would you like to suck on the real thing?" offered Lisa seductively.


"Oh Lisa, yes please!" replied David feeling his breathing getting shorter and his dick getting harder.


Lisa moved her body up past Davidís chest sporting her silk bra, until her juvenile cunt was directly above his face. At the same time she trapped Davidís arms under her knees so he couldnít move. He would have liked to have been able to stroke his little cock, but that could wait, he thought.


The young temptress lowered her cunt lips down to Davidís face and ground her pussy into the boy. David ran his tongue along the almost bald crack and dipped it inside her hole. Suddenly he felt a large amount of thick sticky liquid slide into his mouth and down his throat. David moved his face away from Lisaís pink cunt and took a good look into her hole.


"Lisa, err whatís that white stuff in there?" David asked anxiously.


"Why David, thatís your daddyís sperm, silly!" she giggled.

"Your daddyís so handsome. And wow! What a dick! Still I donít have to tell you about how his dick feels, do I David!" Lisa burst into fits of laughter.


Lisaís cruel words began to sink in. His father must have had sex with her just before he came home. His own dad had fucked the girl he was in love with, and now he was eating his daddyís cum from her pussy.


Revulsion swept through Davidís mind and he struggled to push Lisa off him. This didnít phase Lisa and she just pressed down more firmly, pinning the young schoolboy on the bed.


"Get off me! Get off! How could you!"


"Easy tiger. I havenít finished with you yet" said Lisa shuffling even further forward.


Just then, the blonde tormentor paused and held her body stiff.

"Phtttttthhhhhhhhp!!" Sheíd farted right over Davidís nose. The smell was totally overpowering. David coughed and spluttered and tried to hold his breath.


Lisa was screaming with laughter.

"Oh, didnít you like that precious? Maybe youíd prefer a drink!"


The next thing David knew, a hot stream of girl piss jetted over his face. He had to open his mouth because he was running short of breath. It was just when he was taking in large gulps of air that a second dose of liquid waste shot from Lisaís cunt directly down his throat.


"Aaaaghpht!" David tried to spit was left in his mouth back out.


"Uh oh! I can feel something coming, and itís not a fart this time!"


"Aagh! Lisa, no! Please doooooonít!"


It was too late for Lisa to take heed of Davidís protests even if she wanted to. She felt her bowels push a turd down her tunnel and her sphincter muscle relaxed as it pushed the long brown sausage out into the open. She brought a hand to her cunt and frantically rubbed her clitoris overwhelmed with a sick perverted lust as the hot shit landed on Davidís horrified face. Not content with just letting it lay there, Lisa lowered herself mashing the foul smelling faeces between her arse cheeks and Davidís face. She looked down and saw the sissy boyís face smeared with shit and just as a powerful orgasm built up to a crescendo and hit her like a tidal wave.


"Oh my God! Oooooowwwwwwww!" She was sobbing with ecstasy just as Andrew Merton entered the bedroom, disturbed by the noise.


"Fucking hell!" he cried, taking in the sight of his cross-dressed thirteen-year-old sissy son being smothered in shit by a one year older blonde bombshell. He quickly ripped off his clothes and joined the pair on the bed.


"Oh Andrew, Fuck me please! I need a real manís prick in my cunt right now!" Lisa begged.


He already had that in mind and he got behind Lisa, straddling his son in the process. With one motion he pushed his long hard dick into the little girls tight cunt. Fortunately David hadnít eaten quite all of his dadís cream from Lisaís pussy and it was still well lubricated from when he fucked her earlier.


Andrew thanked his lucky stars that Robert Bates had found out about Lisaís activities with David from some of the other girls in school, and that he had bumped into her at the sports club where heíd been playing squash with her father. After heíd persuaded Mr Sheridan to let him take Lisa home to see her school friend David, it had been easy to seduce the young vixen and fill her with his burning seed.


And now he was pummelling into her cute little cunt while his sonís face lay just below, caked in excrement. Exquisite!


"Dad stop it! Get off! How could you daddy?" the young humiliated pansy boy sobbed.


"Itís ok David, Iím saving my spunk for your face", replied his father, grinning from ear to ear.


"Well David, now youíre a schoolboy shitty slut!" said Lisa, and she and Andrew Merton collapsed on the bed laughing, trapping the unfortunate David beneath them as they continued to fuck each otherís brains out.


(Part 10 - Conclusion Ė to follow soon)