Schoolboy Sissy Slut

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Schoolboy Sissy Slut

Ó 1998 Mr Pornwriter


Part 8 Mumís The Word


David Merton shut his eyes and let his head sink through the bubbles that floated on top of the bath water. Emersing himself in the warm water below, the boy allowed himself to escape from the cruel world in which heíd been decreed as a plaything of his tormentors. For a few seconds while he held his breath, the schoolboy felt safe from the outside world.


After his sisterís boyfriend had finished ejaculating down his throat and rolled off the abused youngster, David had freaked. Heíd scrambled off the bed and ran out of the hotel room before anyone could stop him. Not bothering with the lift, David dashed down the many flights of stairs and emerged in the hotel lobby.


The cross-dressed teenager, his mouth and face stained with sperm and faeces, ignored the strange looks he received and continued out of the hotel. David kept running despite feeling that his lungs were close to bursting. He had to get away.


Finally he made it back to his Motherís house, relieved that heíd remembered the way. Suddenly though, panic swept through the young boyís mind when he realised that he didnít have a door key. His Motherís car wasnít parked outside which was a good thing really. He didnít want her to see him in the state he was. But on the other hand, he was locked out!


David walked round the side of the house and climbed over the fence. To his great relief, the sliding patio door had been left unlocked and David rushed upstairs to the bathroom where he stripped and ran the bath. While the bath water ran he washed his face and cleaned his teeth several times to try rid himself of the foul stench and taste of his sisterís excrement.


Underwater, David tried to block out the evil events which had marred his first day at the coast. After holding his breath for as long as he could, he raised himself up and broke through the surface of the water. He gasped for air and felt his ears pop as the bubble bath sizzled around him.


Just then the bathroom door swung open and Sarah Collins rushed inside.


"Ah! Oh Jesus, you scared the shit out of me!" exclaimed Davidís Mother, putting her hand to her chest. "Look, I need to pee and the downstairs toilet is out of action. You donít mind do you?" asked Sarah with an anxious look on her face.


"No, Of course not mum" David replied, covering his groin area with his hand.


His Mother was dressed in the same shorts and T-shirt as when heíd seen her earlier. David didnít know where to look when his Mother unzipped her shorts and pulled them down to her knees, followed by a pair of skimpy cotton panties. He couldnít help noticing the dark patch of pubic hair covering his Motherís snatch as she sat down on the toilet opposite the bathtub.


"Aaaaaah, thatís better" sighed Sarah, letting a stream of urine splash noisily into the bowl below. Her son turned and looked down, embarrassed by her lack of modesty.


"So, what have you been up to?" asked Sarah as she continued to urinate.


"Umm, not much" was all David could reply.


"Whereís Kathy?" Sarahís peeing was becoming more intermittent as her bladder emptied.


"She Ė ermÖ went out, I think" offered David, hoping his Mother wouldnít keep up her questioning.


Sarah tore off some toilet paper and put her hand between her legs. Davidís eyes were drawn to the sight of his Mother wiping her pussy just a few feet away.


"And what are they doing here?" Sarah pointed at the pile of clothes on the floor. Before David could say or do anything, Sarah leant over and picked up the bikini top, holding it in her hand while giving her son a questioning look.


"I Ė errÖ" David was speechless. He couldnít tell his Mother that Kathy had forced him to wear the girlís clothes. His sister would punish him severely if he landed her in it. He tried to think up an excuse but in the end all he could do was lower his head and start to cry.


Sarah stood and pulled up her knickers and shorts. She knelt down next to the bath and put her arm around her naked son.


"Aww baby, donít cry. So you like to wear womenís clothes. Itís ok. I understand"


"But Ė" David tried to protest but his Mother continued.


"Shhh, itís alright baby. Mummy doesnít mind." She pulled David closer to her, pressing his wet head against her breast.


Despite Sarahís wrong deduction, David allowed himself to be comforted by his Mother. He felt her large warm bosom heave against his face. At least sheís nice to me, he thought.


After a couple of minutes Sarah released her son and stood up.

"Now Iím all wet" she said smiling and promptly reached down and pulled her T-shirt over her head. Sarahís large breasts jiggled in her white lacy bra, her nipples visible to David through the thin material which also looked to be damp.


"Come on. I think youíd better get out of that bath before you shrivel up like a prune" instructed Sarah, reaching for a towel from the rail hanging over the radiator.


David reluctantly stood up, trying to keep a hand over his genitals as he did so, which wasnít easy. Sarah reached over and pulled out the plug while her son climbed out of the bath.


She held the towel in her hands and began to dry Davidís head and shoulders. Next the attractive thirtyĖfour-year-old rubbed the fluffy towel over his shoulders and back, brushing his arms out of the way when she moved round to his front.


"Oh, donít be shy David. I am your Mother, after all!" She gave out a little chuckle. "I havenít done this since you were little, have I?"


David blushed as his Mother knelt down and dried around his little cock and balls, and then reached underneath and rubbed along the crack of his bottom. After making sure that her son was dry all over, Sarah Collins took the boyís hand and led him naked onto the landing and along to her bedroom. David allowed himself to be laid face down on the bed where he snuggled up, sinking his head into the soft pillows. He had to admit that it felt nice having his Mother make a fuss over him.


Sarah stroked her sonís damp hair and let a hand gently trail down his back and into the cleft of his buttocks. David couldnít help feeling slightly aroused as his mum massaged his bum cheeks, letting her index finger brush along past his anus. It felt nice and cosy, lying on his Motherís bed being pampered by the scantily clad Mother of two.


"David, just lie there and relax" Sarah whispered to her little boy as she stood up and left the room. David felt totally at ease and felt himself drifting off to sleep. The frantic events of the last few days were catching up with the young schoolboy and a few minutes later he was fast asleep.


David felt himself dreaming. The weekís events flashed past him in broken fragments. He saw Tony Gateís face greedily staring at him as the handsome older boy pulled down his underpants in the gym. Then his thoughts fast-forwarded to when he was running around the school playing field, dressed in a gymslip. The taunting faces of his classmates and the girls playing hockey entered his mind to torment him yet again. The gorgeous Lisa Sheridan smiled demurely as she bent over and showed her firm, tight buttocks encased in a pair of skimpy satin panties. This image was soon replaced by that of an ecstatic Mr Bates, the deputy headmaster, pushing his manhood up Davidís anal passage, thrusting deeply into the boys bowels. Only it wasnít Mr Bates. The face changed to that of his father, just before he pumped his man seed into his own sonís arse.


It was uncanny. It was almost as if he could feel Andrew Mertonís large prick pressing against his tight ring. He could feel the stabbing pain that accompanied the anal rape of his precious opening.


The pain increased and David felt himself awaken, expecting the nightmare to end. His eyes opened but the pain was still there. He tried to move his arms but they were held in place either side of him.


As David twisted his head to his side, reality caught up with him. There behind him was his Mother. She was totally naked except for a large strap-on dildo attached round her waist, which she was pushing playfully against his arse.


Then David noticed that whereas his Mother had removed all her clothes, she had dressed him in an assortment of womenís underwear. He was wearing some sheer black stockings and suspender belt, over which he adorned a pair of black silky French knickers. Only the cami-knickers were the open crotch type that allowed his Mother access to his baby-white arse. The lingerie was complemented with a matching silky bra that was fitted so tight it dug into Davidís sides.


Sarah Collins saw that her son was awake and leaned over so that her face was practically next to his. David struggled to free himself but the silk scarves attached to his arms and legs were securely fastened. He wasnít going anywhere.


"Oh baby, youíre awake. Did you have a nice sleep?"


"Wha- what are you doing mummy? Let me out of here!" demanded David, finding the bizarre circumstances difficult to take in.


"Well honey, I always thought you acted more like a girl than a boy" explained his Mother. "And now the fact that you are a sissy boy is out in the open, itís only right for me to treat you like any little-cocked, sissy-slut ought to be treated" she reasoned.


"But Iím not a sissy!" wailed David, his eyes filling with tears.


"Of course you are, David." Sarah reached under Davidís legs and squeezed his small dick through the silky panties. "Letís face it. Youíre never going to impress any girls with this baby sized cock of yours, are you?"


Davidís face went bright red at his Motherís last statement.

"Oh, how could you mummy!" he squealed, feeling totally humiliated.


"How on earth you managed to inherit such a small dick, Iíll never know" continued Sarah. "I mean, itís not as if your father has a small prick. Far from it, heís got a wonderfully big cock!"


David knew only too well about the size of his fatherís penis, being the recipient of Andrew Mertonís man-meat only the night before.


"And youíre such a little wimp. I bet everyone at school laughs at you. It wouldnít surprise me if all the boys have you sucking their cocks already!" Sarah looked at her sissy son who burst into floods of tears at his Motherís correct assumption.


"Yeah, I thought so. Youíre a little sissy cocksucker!" Sarah took hold of her large artificial penis and pushed it hard against her sonís butt-hole. With a firm push and a scream from David, the elasticated ring gave way and allowed the flesh-coloured latex to enter his sacred hole.


"Do your school friends know you like to dress as a girl? Do they know youíre a fucking transvestite?" Sarahís rhetorical questions were met by screams from David as she built up a steady fucking rhythm with the strap-on dildo.


When the cries from her son got too loud, Sarah reached down and produced a pair of white cotton panties. With one quick movement she shoved them in Davidís mouth, muffling the boyís protests.


"I thought I might need these to shut you up." Sarahís large breasts bounced on Davidís back as she leant over him, fucking him doggy fashion. "Theyíre a pair of Kathyís I found in the laundry basket. She made a right mess. Thereís a long shitty stain in them."


"Can you taste your sisterís shit, David?" Sarah was by now in a wild frenzied state. The sexed-up Mother was humping her little boyís crossedĖdressed arse for all it was worth.


David gagged on the foul tasting material of his sisterís soiled panties while his own Mother fucked his boy cunt, screaming obscenities at him.


"I bet youíd love to fuck your sister wouldnít you? Youíre such a twisted little sissy slut, I bet youíd love it. Youíd probably even like to fuck your own Mother. Am I right? Yeah, you want to stick your tiny pencil dick inside my hot cunt donít you? Well youíre not going to. The only thing youíre any good for is being fucked!"


The screwing David was receiving, was getting harder and faster as Sarah neared her orgasm. She grabbed hold of Davidís bra strap and held it like reins at a rodeo, fucking her little sonís arse right up to the hilt of the ten-inch dildo.


"Aaaagh, Yes, Iím coming! Mummyís coming up her little sissy sonís slutty arse!" She reached over and pulled Davidís shoulders towards her, forcing the huge penis into the deepest bowels of her sonís behind. David grimaced with the pain and bit down on his sisterís shit covered panties in his mouth.


Sarah Collins collapsed on her son, squashing him beneath her. She stayed like that for five minutes as the waves of her multiple orgasm gently ebbed away.


David could only sob quietly to himself, waiting for his Mother to withdraw the plastic penis from his anus. This she did eventually, not bothering to remove the panties stuffed in Davidís mouth. Sarah silently got up and walked into the bathroom to shower.




Later that evening, David found himself in bed in the spare room, still dressed in the black silky underwear. He lay there wondering what to do. It was clear that he couldnít stay here as heíd originally planned. That was for sure!


He thought about his Dad. Although his father had raped him, he wasnít aware that it was his sonís behind he was fucking. Well at least not at first. And his father had been very quiet the next morning. Perhaps he was regretting his actions. After all, heíd never done anything like that before.


Yes, Iím sure Dadís sorry for what happened, thought David. I bet if I went home right now we could forget about the whole episode and life would get back to normal.


These thoughts filled David with optimism. He couldnít wait to get home and make it up with his Dad. Reaching for his wristwatch on the bedside table, he saw the time was 1:30 a.m. Had he really been asleep for that long? He had to sneak out of the house before his mother and sister awoke the next morning. He remembered that the first train didnít leave until 7:00 a.m. so David set his alarm for six oí clock and fell back on the bed.




David was already awake before the "beeb Ė beeb" of his watch told him it was time to make a sharp exit. After looking around the room, he cursed to himself that he couldnít find his underwear anywhere, but at least his jeans, T-shirt and trainers were still where heíd left them. Not wanting to hang about longer than he had to, David slipped the jeans and shirt over the womenís lingerie and slipped his trainers on, over the stockings. It felt rather strange, but David was more intent on leaving the house without waking up the two women.


After creeping downstairs, David found his suitcase where heíd left it in the hall. He picked it up and slipped quietly out of the house. The sun was just starting to rise as David walked quickly in the direction of the train station. Not too quickly though, because his bottom was still quite sore. After half an hour he finally made it to the station and boarded his train twenty minutes later.


By ten oí clock David was walking up the path to his front door. On entering the house he found the breakfast things scattered over the sink.


Of course itís Friday, thought David. Dadíll be at work. Oh well, itíll give me a chance to clear the house up. That will put him in a good mood when he gets home.


And so, the young schoolboy went straight to work on the washing up and vacuumed the lounge and dining rooms. He got the bathroom cleaner from the cupboard under the sink and went upstairs. After cleaning the bath and toilet, David removed the rubber gloves heíd been wearing and wiped his brow. All the chores had worked up a sweat on the youngster and he decided to change.


He walked towards his bedroom, pulling off his T-shirt on the way. Of course, David realised, noticing the bra he was wearing. I totally forgot about all this underwear. No wonder Iím so hot, he said to himself, laughing out loud at his own stupidity.

As he neared his bedroom, David unzipped his jeans and slipped them off. Holding them and his T-shirt in one hand he opened the door to his bedroom.


"Oh no!" he cried, at the sight before him. "I donít believe it!"



Continued in Part 9