Schoolboy Sissy Slut

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Schoolboy Sissy Slut

Ó 1998 Mr Pornwriter


Part 7 Double Trouble



The train gave a jolt and woke a blurry-eyed David Merton from his fitful sleep. He rubbed his eyes and squinted at the bright sunlight beaming through the dirty window as the train made its rhythmic journey along the tracks.


The young teenagerís thoughts flashed back to the night before. He couldnít remember much of the events at Mr Batesí house, which was probably a good thing. But one image that David couldnít forget, was the look on his fatherís face as it changed from confusion and disbelief, to that of a demonic incestuous lust, as he ejaculated into his sonís behind. David put his hands to his head and tried to erase the vision from his mind.


Early that morning, David had found himself naked and smelling of soap, in his own bed at home. His father walked into his bedroom at 8:00 am and told him matter of factly that heíd arranged for him to stay with his mother for a couple of days. There was no mention of the previous nightís depraved events. David nodded his head and packed a small suitcase with a few clothes. After which his father drove him in silence to the station.


And so, the thirteen-year-old schoolboy was sat on a train heading for Englandís south coast. This was the first time heíd visited his mother after the divorce. The big house that the family had lived in was sold and both parents moved out of the area. His mother, Louise, and his fifteen-year-old sister Kathy, to a small seaside town on the south coast whilst he and his dad stayed inland 200 miles where Andrew Merton had started a new job.


After two and a half-hours, David finally reached his destination. The blue sky and warm sunshine made him feel a lot happier as he left the train and found a taxi rank outside the station. He gave the driver his motherís address and looked out the window at all the holidaymakers who were making the most of a lovely English summer.

Well I could have been stuck in school today, he mused. Life seemed so much better than heíd thought only a short time before.


After a ten minute drive the taxi pulled into a quiet cul-de-sac on the outskirts of the town. As the driver retrieved his suitcase from the boot, David looked up to see a few seagulls squawking as they glided through the air. The sea canít be that far away, he thought, as he smiled and paid his fare.


The doorbell was answered almost immediately by the attractive thirty-four year old who was Davidís mother. Sarah Collins, sheíd reverted back to her maiden name after the divorce, was at 5í7" over a foot taller than her son. Her classical beauty and terrific figure always filled David with awe whenever he saw her and this was no exception.


"David darling!" she cried, and opened her arms to greet her son.

David hugged his mother, taking in the smell of her perfume as she pressed her large bosom against the young boyís chest. She was dressed in a thin cotton T-shirt and shorts which showed off her tanned shapely legs to perfection.


Eventually Sarah let go of her son David and looked at her watch.

"Oh Damn, Iím sorry baby but Iím running late. This was all a bit of a surprise you know, coming over today. Not that Iím not pleased to see you of course!" She smiled at her son and gave him a quick sloppy kiss on the lips before rushing out the door.

"Iíll see you tonight. Kathyís inside somewhere. Ask her to make you some lunch." she called as she hurried down the driveway and jumped into her car.

David was left standing in the doorway as his mum drove off down the street. He hadnít even said hello.


Dropping his suitcase in the hall, David walked around the ground floor of the house finding it empty. His mother and sister had been living there for several months and so it was in less of a mess than his own home was. The two women had decorated the house in a very relaxed style, which gave it a homely feel. David began to wish that he stayed with his mother after the divorce, but at the time he felt closer to his Dad. Perhaps he didnít want his father to be on his own.


After climbing the stairs, David stepped quietly along the landing, feeling almost like a burglar. He heard a noise coming from beyond the door at the end of the landing, and put his ear up against the door.


"You know I want to see you today Gary, but its not much fun when we have to drag your brother around with us all the time"


There was a pause whilst Kathy Collins listened to Gary on the other end of the line.

"Oh and how am I going to do that. You know I hardly know anyone around here that well." Her voice was getting more exasperated and she huffed as Gary continued to talk to her.

"Well I do to."


"Ok, Iíll try."


"Yeah, Iíll call you back in half an hour."




David listened as Kathy slammed the phone down.



A few moments later Kathy swung open her bedroom door to find her younger brother standing in the doorway.

"Jesus Christ!"

Kathy who was dressed only in a light blue bra and panties, was startled by the sight of her brother and then angry that heíd been standing there listening to her conversation. The dazzling fifteen year old pulled her brother into the room and then wrestled him to the floor. She forced him onto his back, straddling his chest and pinning down the top of his arms with her knees. David lay there trapped by his own sister, looking up at her young mound only inches from his face. He smelt the slight aroma of her snatch as she towered over him, her impressive breasts, which sheíd inherited from her mother, obscuring Davidís view of his sisterís face


David couldnít help feeling rather aroused by the proximity of his face to his sisterís cunt. The boyís little four inch dick started to swell in his pants and he was sorely tempted to plant a kiss on Kathyís tight panty crotch. He was brought back to his senses by his sisterís voice.


"Well little brother, mumís not going to be too pleased with you when I tell her youíve been listening at my door!"


"Kathy, Iím sorry" David squealed, "Please donít tell mum, I really donít want to get into trouble right now." The trapped schoolboy felt the tears well up in his eyes as he thought about his mother. He didnít want her to be cross with him, especially now. Heíd began to think that living with his mum instead of his dad was definitely the better option, and he didnít want to screw up his chances by making her cross with him the first day he arrived.


"You should have thought of that before you did it then," said Kathy, who was a little surprised at how scared her brother was by her threat to tell on him. Sheíd always been able to dominate David, both physically and mentally, whilst still maintaining an almost angelic appearance to her mother and father who were proud of their pretty daughter who excelled in most things. Some things didnít change, she thought. Her baby brother was still a little sissy.


"I was just on my way to the toilet when I caught you. Maybe this will teach you a lesson."

With that Kathy shut her eyes and concentrated. A moment later David saw a wet patch growing on his sisterís silky panties, until a stream of yellow urine poured out of the girls knickers and onto the boyís face.


"Drink it David! Drink it, or Iíll pull down my panties and shit on you as well!"


David thought back to the night before and quickly opened his mouth. Although he was by now quite accustomed to the taste of urine, he still gagged at the acidic river of human waste which his sister aimed down his throat. When the flow stopped Kathy put her hands underneath her brotherís head and lifted him towards her soaked panties.


"Now, be a good baby brother and suck the rest of my pee-pee from my panties" she instructed in a babyĖlike voice of her own.


Kathyís pussy was by now totally visible through her transparent wet knickers. David put his mouth against his wicked sisterís cunt and began to suck through the fabric, his mouth pressing against her hot lips. The teenage girl felt her juices begin to flow as she rubbed her mound up and down against her brotherís lips.


Turning her head round she noticed the small lump in her brotherís jeans. She reached round with one hand and unzipped the 501ís, to reveal Davidís little four-inch cock pressing up against his underpants.


"Well what do we have here?" she asked peeling down the front of the bright red underpants. She uncovered the small hairless cock and gave out a little chuckle as she held it between a finger and thumb.

"Itís not exactly a monster is it?" she laughed at her brother whoís face was still trapped between her legs.

"Christ, if it was any smaller Iíd have a baby sister instead of a brother. Youíre built like a little girl!" Kathy laughed loudly at her own joke, and then the idea hit her.


She released David from her clutches and laid down on her side beside her brother who was trying to restore the feeling into his aching arms.


"You might be able to redeem yourself, little brother, and if you do what I say, I might not tell Mum what a naughty boy youíve been."


David looked suspiciously at his sister, wiping the remnants of her urine from his face with the sleeve of his T-shirt.


"Wh-what have I got to do?" he asked cautiously, reaching down to pull up his pants and cover his shrinking member. His sister laughed at his boy cock when it was hard, so he didnít need her to ridicule it even further in its softened state.


"Not much really. Gary, the boy I was talking to on the phone, is staying here on holiday with his family. Problem is, everywhere he goes, he has to take his younger brother Scott with him."


"And you want me to make friends with Scott. How old is he?" David asked, feeling a little more relaxed.


"Oh, Scottís fourteen I think. Garyís much older though, heís seventeen and oh so dishy!" A glazed look came over his sisterís eyes as she thought about the young stud who sheíd met in town a few days earlier.


David felt a tinge of jealousy at his sisterís words and quickly continued the conversation.

"Well I donít mind us all going around together, if thatís what you want." He needed to keep his sister happy if he wanted a chance to ask his Mum if he could move in with them.


"Good! ErmÖ only thereís just one thing" Kathy twirled her finger over her brotherís chest and down over the top of his jeans.

"Gary says Scott really wants a girlfriend. Seeing Gary with me makes it worse of course. And itís making him really miserable."


David was beginning to realise where the conversation was going.


"So Gary says if I canít find someone to double-date with Scott, then he wonít be able to see me. His Mum and Dad have insisted on it, can you believe it?"


"No! No, no, no, no, no, no!"


Kathy gave a wry smile

"Weíll see about that."



Thirty minutes later, Kathy burst into the spare room where David was using as a bedroom.

"Itís on! Weíre meeting Gary and Scott outside their hotel in forty minutes."

She looked at her brother and grinned excitedly.


"Look Kathy, I really donít think I can go through with this!" David pleaded. He was sitting on his bed, dressed in a red and white polka-dot bikini, his hair in curlers.


"Nonsense! once Iíve finished doing your hair and make-up youíll look just like a girl"


"And what about this?" David pointed to the small but visible lump in the front of his bikini briefs.


"Youíll be wearing shorts most of the time, but if youíre really worried weíll do something about it." A mischievous grin came over Kathyís face and she ducked out the room.


A couple of minutes late, Kathy returned with spool of black masking tape, which theyíd used for securing boxes during the move. She pulled David to his feet and peeled down the bikini bottoms.


David blushed as his sister instructed him to open his legs and tuck his tiny dick and balls between his legs. Kathy then unravelled some of the tape and cut the end off with some scissors. Then she fixed it to the base of Davidís boy cock and taped it underneath, holding her brotherís meagre manhood out of sight.


"There!" Kathy exclaimed, pulling up the bikini. "You canít see anything at all now"


David flopped down resignedly on the bed and wondered how heíd got himself into this situation yet again.



Twenty minutes later the two girls, who could have been sisters, walked out of the house and towards the main part of town. They both wore shorts, which showed the cheeks of their bottoms from behind, and bikini tops, one nicely filled with flesh and the other contrastingly flat. On their feet, the pair wore flat shoes and no socks.


Kathy had styled Davidís hair similarly to her own, putting more feminine waves into the already wavy hair. His make-up was very subtly done, just a small amount of eyeliner to emphasise Davidís long thick lashes, and a light application of pale pink lipstick.


As they made their way to the boysí hotel near the sea front, the two youngsters attracted a lot of attention from passers by. It wasnít unusual to see girls skimpily dressed at a seaside resort, but even so, these two were a knockout! Men and boys struggled to decide which of the two theyíd rather fuck given the choice. The older of the two was very appealing but there was something about the younger girl which made her very sexy to the onlookers.


"See, I told you", Kathy whispered to her brother. "No-one can tell youíre a boy. This is going to be fine!"


David wished he shared his sisterís confidence, as he felt a hundred eyes gawking at his scantily dressed body.


"Now, weíre going to have to give you a name", said Kathy thinking of a suitable choice. "I know, how about Della?"


"Great" replied David without much enthusiasm. He was getting nervous about meeting Gary and especially Scott.


"Well I like it, and besides itís similar to your own name, so itíll be easier to remember" said Kathy, pleased with her own logical thinking.


As they neared the entrance of the hotel Kathy turned to her brother.

"You know Scottís really looking forward to meeting you. Heís quite sweet you know, almost as dishy as his brother!"


David wondered why his sister thought it important to him that Scott was good looking. It wasnít as if this was a real date! The sooner it was over, the better!


The two girls walked into the grounds of the hotel. Kathy had been there before, so she knew her way around and led her brother/sister round to the pool area where sheíd arranged to meet the boys.


David followed his sister as they walked along the edge of the hotel pool. More looks and the occasional wolf-whistle were attributed to the pair as they sought out Gary and Scott. Suddenly Kathy stopped and waved. They weaved their way between the sunbeds scattered around the pool until they stopped next to four in a row.


A handsome boy, wearing a pair of swimming shorts, got up and smiled pleasantly.

"Hi, Kathy. Glad you could make it" The dark haired seventeen year old sported a good tan on his well toned body.


"Me too. This is Della, my sister." Kathy grinned and put her arm round Davidís shoulders pulling him from behind her where he was trying to hide.


An older couple who were obviously Garyís parents put down the books theyíd been reading and smiled at the two girls.


"Hello again Mr and Mrs Cairns" beamed Kathy demurely.


David tried to smile too as the introductions were made. He was wondering where Scott was. Maybe heís changed his mind, David thought, crossing his fingers in hope.


"Ah, and hereís Scott" said Mrs Cairns, pointing to a boy just climbing out of the swimming pool.

Scott Cairns was a slightly smaller version of his brother. They fourteen year old wasnít quite so developed as Gary, but even so, David could tell that he was pretty fit.

Scott ran over to the group and grabbed a towel.


"Hello again Scott", said Kathy, "This is my sister Della."


Scott looked at David appreciatively and produced a nervous smile.

"Hi Della"


"Hello Scott", David replied feeling his throat dry up.


Gary and Scott slipped on some beach shoes, and the foursome left for the beach. Kathy and Gary had planned this over the telephone.


As they made their way to the sandy beach, only a few minutes walk away, Gary took hold of Kathyís hand. Walking behind, David was acutely embarrassed when Scott copied his brother and slipped his fingers through his.


"Youíre really pretty, you know" Scott nervously told David.

The cross-dressed boy turned bright red, and mumbled a thank you at his dateís compliment. Oh my God, how am I going to get through today, he thought.


The two couples walked along the promenade hand in hand until they spotted a quiet stretch of beach. They walked down the stone steps and selected a spot on the beach fairly close to the sea. Gary and Scott laid out some large beach towels and they all sat down.


Davidís heart began to beat fast when he saw Kathy strip off her shorts to reveal her bikini bottoms underneath. Scott looked at him expecting him to do the same, but David just sat on the towel with his knees against his chest. Kathy noticed this and scolded her brother.


"Come on Della, take your shorts off" she said, and then quietly to Gary, "Sheís a little shy you know."


Gary nodded and smiled.

"Hey Della, come on youíve got a great body like your sister. Take off your shorts and we can all sunbathe for a while."


David reluctantly removed the shorts and lay down next to Scott, who smiled affectionately. Both boys got out a tube of sun-cream and started to apply it to their bodies.

"Here Iíll do that" said Kathy, taking the lotion from Gary.

"Ok, but only if I can do you afterwards." They both laughed at the double-entendre.


Scott looked over to David who new what was going to happen next. He felt obliged to copy his sister and took the sun cream from Scottís hand. Scott grinned and lay back on the towel. Squirting a little onto Scottís chest, David started to rub the thick cream into his hard body. He moved his hand over Scottís nipples and down to his stomach. David looked over to Kathy and Gary who were busy kissing each other as Kathy continued to rub her hands over Garyís body.


Suddenly David felt Scott grab his hands and pull it under the waistband of his shorts. His hand came into contact with Scottís growing penis which David could tell, was much larger than his own.


"Scott!" David hissed as he withdrew his hand quickly from Scottís hard prick.

"Iím sorry, I canít help it!" whispered Davidís date. "Youíre so sexy, youíre making me hard!"


David quickly turned onto his front.

"Put some cream on me" he said, trying to distract attention from Scottís dick.

Scott gave a dirty laugh at Davidís badly worded request and David cringed as he realised what heíd just said.


"Certainly miss." Scott pushing a large blob of suntan lotion on Davidís back just below his bikini strap.

David couldnít help relaxing and closing his eyes as Scott rubbed his hands sensuously over his back. Then he moved down Davidís sides and slipped under the cups of his bikini top, his greasy fingers circling Davidís nipples.

After a couple of minutes Scott returned one hand to Davidís back and this time moved his fingers down along his spinal column until he slipped his fingertips just below the bikiniís waistband.


David began to panic and lifted his head up.

"Scott, Iíve got to tell you something," he whispered to the highly turned-on fourteen-year-old.


"What is it gorgeous?"


David hesitated and looked over at Kathy who looked back out of the corner of her eye as Gary lay on top of her grinding his body against hers.


"Scott, Iím having my period. Please donít touch me down there" David finally whispered.


Scott was visibly disappointed at first but then he leaned over to Davidís face.

"Ok Della, I understand. But it doesnít mean we canít do other things does it."

Before David could reply Scott kissed him passionately on the lips, forcing his tongue into the other boyís mouth.


David could see Kathy and Gary watching their younger brothers and "sisters" making out on the beach beside them. He broke away the kiss and went back to sunbathing while Scott decided to finish where he left off.


The handsome boy again slipped his hand under the waistband of Davidís bikini and felt the tight cheeks of the girl he was besotted with. Then he re-applied some cream and pushed his fingers down the crack of Davidís arse cheeks. Scottís index finger found his girlfriendís tight anus and rubbed the entrance with his greasy finger.


David inadvertently felt his little cock start to grow as the unsuspecting Scott continued in some bottom play with the girl of his dreams. His brother had told him that girls sometimes liked to have their bottoms fingered and even have boys shove their dicks up there on some occasions.


Scott wished they werenít on the beach now, but somewhere more private so that he could fuck this little beauty up her arsehole. Scott was a virgin and it didnít seem quite right that his first fuck could be up a girls bottom, but his hard prick was telling him that it would like to be stuck in any hole. He needed some relief.


As the young boy worked his finger into Davidís bottom, David felt the masking tape that was keeping his privates private begin to come loose as his little dick strained against its confinement. As Scott leaned over, nuzzling Davidís ear, the bikini-clad schoolboy felt his little penis spring out from under his legs and begin pushing into the sand. David was now unable to turn over without giving away his secret.


"Oh Della, I wish I could fuck you up there. Oh God, Iím so hot for you." Scott whispered in Davidís ear.


David was panicking. He had to do something soon or heíd be found out and then heíd have to suffer the wrath of his sister and Gary and Scott.

"Scott, Iím getting hot. Why donít we go for a swim." David suggested turning on to his side away from Scott.


Before Scott could say Ok, David sprung up and sprinted into the sea, not stopping until the water was up to his waist and covering his hard-on. Fortunately the cold water of the English Channel also had the desired effect of shrinking Davidís penis back to its normal tiny size.


A few moments later Scott joined David and they swam for a while in the chilly sea. Eventually Scott trapped David in his legs and drew the sissy schoolboy to him. He put his arms around Davidís shoulders and kissed him lightly at first and then strongly on his lips and neck.


"Della, I really like you" said Scott gazing intently into his beautiful girlís eyes.

David gulped and dropped his head

"I like you too Scott" he managed to mumble, not wanting to hurt the boyís feelings. It felt rather peculiar to be the subject of another boyís infatuation.


They held each other for a few minutes and then swam back to shore. Kathy and Gary were starting to get dressed and pack up the things. Scott held Davidís hand as they ran out of the sea and grabbed the towels.


"Come on you love-birds. Weíve got to get back to the hotel. Garyís parents are expecting us." Said Kathy who was obviously enjoying the humiliated look on her brotherís face as Scott continued to plant kisses on him as he dried him off.

They finished dressing and walked back to the hotel again, Scott putting his arm round Davidís shoulder in a protective manner.


When they reached the hotel, Gary went to reception and came back with a big grin on his face.


"Guess what! Mum and Dad have gone off shopping with another couple. The note says theyíll be gone for another two hours."


"I think its time we saw your boys room then", giggled Kathy ignoring the angry look given by her brother.


David had no choice but to follow the others into the lift that would take them up to the boysí hotel room. As they stood in the small lift, David suddenly felt a hand reach under the bottom of his shorts and squeeze his bum cheek. He looked round at Scott, about to say something, when he realised Scott was standing there with his arms folded, reading a poster stuck on the side of the lift. He glanced round behind him and saw a smiling Gary.


Oh no, thought David, now theyíre both after me!


They got out on the sixth floor and walked along the corridor Ďtil they reached the boysí room, which the two brothers shared. The room was quite small consisting of two beds separated by a bedside table and an adjoining bathroom. David immediately slipped inside and bolted the door firmly behind him.


Looking at his reflection in the mirror, David decided that he could still pass as a girl despite the fact that heíd been swimming in the sea. He took down his shorts and bikini bottoms and tried to tape his balls and penis back between his legs again, but the masking tape was now not sticky enough to do its job. So much for jumping in the sea, thought David. He would just have to make sure that he kept his shorts on and Scottís hands out of them, he decided.


When he finally emerged from the bathroom David saw Kathy and Gary naked on top of one of the beds. His sweet older sister was stroking Garyís large erection while he fingered her pussy, which was covered by a lightly haired bush. Gary looked up from the bed and grinned at Davidís stunned expression as he viewed the naked couple. Davidís penis started to grow again inside his shorts despite his best efforts to stay limp. He hurried outside to the balcony where Scott was sitting, drinking a Coke.


"Do you want some Della?" he offered David as he sat down beside him on a plastic chair.

David accepted and took a gulp from the cold can that Scott had just retrieved from the roomís fridge. They sat there for a few minutes, while Scott asked David all sorts of questions about things which David fielded as best he could. Then Scott leaned over towards his date and kissed the girl heíd fallen for.


Scottís hands roamed over Davidís body, undoing his bikini top and letting it drop to the floor. He bent down and took one of Davidís nipples into his mouth and gently sucked and nibbled on it until it stood up.

"Letís lay down inside" said Scott breathing heavily.


He pulled David inside with him and onto the vacant bed. David couldnít help but stare at Gary fucking his sister in the missionary position, her legs clasped around the boyís buttocks as he pounded into her.


"Oh yes Gary. Fuck me hard!" screamed Kathy, "Oh God, youíre so good, yes thatís it! Fuck meeeeee!"


Scott too was mesmerised by the older pairís performance and it was making him extra horny too. He slipped off his shorts and David got to see Scottís not unimpressive equipment for the first time. His cock was already hard of course, and he took Davidís hand and placed it round his throbbing prick. David reluctantly began stroking Scottís penis while the fourteen year old leaned back and groaned in pleasure.


Scott knew that the sight of his brother fucking a girl on the next bed and the attentions of his own new-found girlfriend would mean that heíd come pretty soon. He wanted to have more than a wank though before he shot his load. Scott pulled Davidís head down to his dick until the other boyís lips were touching the swollen crown of his cock.


"Please Della, suck me!" begged Scott as he felt Davidís head try to pull away.

David looked up at the pleading eyes of his date. He was in an emotional turmoil. David felt sorry for the unknowing Scott but at the same time he was repulsed by the thought of sucking another boyís penis.


Fighting back the tears, David lowered his head over the young boyís cock and enveloped the boyís six inch member with his lips.


Kathy had been watching what was going on and the sight of her young brother dressed as a girl, sucking another boyís cock, took her over the edge.

"Ooooooh Aaaaaaagh Yesssssssssss!!!" she screamed, as she came violently.


This set Scott off. He could hold out no longer and held Davidís head over his cock as he began to spasm. David felt the sweet creamy juice ejaculate from Scottís prick and shoot into the back of his throat.


"Way to go bro-err sister!" shouted Kathy quickly correcting her mistake before anyone noticed.


"Wow look at your little sister swallow that spunk!" cried Gary who was still humping Kathy.


"Why donít you come in her mouth as well?" suggested Kathy, who was really getting off on the situation.


Gary looked at the fifteen-year-old tart he was screwing, in disbelief.

"You mean youíd let me cum in your little sisterís mouth?"


"Yeah, sure I want you to. Besides you canít cum in me. Iím not on the pill."

Gary looked over at his brother.

"Scott?" he asked simply.


Scott wasnít all that happy about the idea, but he knew better than to argue with his elder brother. He nodded his head in ascent.


Gary immediately pulled out of Kathyís pussy and pulled David over to his bed. Laying him down so his head was just below his sisterís twat, the oldest one of the group straddled poor David who had a close up view of Garyís impressive manhood glistening with the juices of his sisterís cunt.


"Ok little girl, suck this lollipop!" said Gary as he fed his eight inches into the tearful sissy boy.


David sucked his sisterís distinctive tasting cum juice that sheíd just secreted. Kathy was getting very excited once more and lowered herself down a bit further so that her cute bottom was resting on the top of her brotherís head. Gary took the hint and shoved his dick back into the older sisterís messy cunt and thrust a couple of times before again withdrawing. With a fresh coating of love juice on his dick, Gary once again slapped his meat into the crying Della/David.


"Oh yeah, suck my dick Della! Suck your sisterís cum off my hot dick!"

Meanwhile Kathy had another idea that would humiliate her sissy little brother even more. She turned over on to her hands and knees and pulled her buttocks wide apart exposing her pink arsehole to Gary.


"Stick it in my arse baby!" she cried, willing her boyfriend to violate her most sacred hole. Gary didnít need a second invitation and removed his prick a second time from Davidís mouth. He lined it up against the moist tight opening and pushed until the head of his prick breached the elasticated ring around Kathyís hole.


Slowly Gary pushed his weapon up the young girlís anal passage until he felt something blocking his way.

"Donít stop honey, thatís just some of my shit. Oh yeah, that feels so dirty"

Gary had never encountered such a perverted couple of sisters before, but he wasnít complaining. He pushed his prick all the way into Kathyís bottom, breaking up her turds with his battering ram.


"Now feed it to Della!" cried Kathy, who was busy fingering her cunt while Gary had been fucking her arse.


Gary slid his cock out of the girlís arse-hole and had to cringe at the sight of his prick covered in dark chunks of girl shit. Nevertheless he did find the thought of feeding his crap-caked member to Kathyís sisterís mouth a tremendous turn-on. The seventeen-year-old stud holding Davidís horrified head still with one hand, pushed his shitty prick against Davidís lips.


The TV teenager screamed and cried as Gary forced the chocolate covered shit-stick into Davidís mouth until it hit the back of his throat. Gary felt a large amount of spunk rising from his sac and pushed even further so that the tip of his cock was pressing against Davidís adamís apple and his balls were slapping against the young childís chin.


With that Gary let out a loud scream and pumped out his thick creamy baby making fluid directly down Davidís throat turning the spurting waste-covered dick into a shit and cum éclair.


David struggled to swallow all of the sperm and excrement and ended up bringing some of it up and letting it spill out of his mouth and all over the rest of his face.


Scott sat on his bed not knowing what to think about the sweet thirteen-year-old girl who heíd taken to the beach and held hands with, as the same little girl tried to recover from her ordeal.


Della just wasnít the girl he thought she was.


How right Scott was.



To Be Continued (part 8 cumming to your screen soon)