Schoolboy Sissy Slut

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This is the final part to this story. Well at least for now :)If you haven't read parts 1-10 of this story then I urge you to read them before reading part 11 'cause it won't make much sense otherwise. (Whad'ya mean, it doesn't make sense anyway! :)


Here's part 11 - Hope you like it :)



Schoolboy Sissy Slut

©1998 Mr Pornwriter



Part 11 Will She or Won't He



"Ahem, and what have you been up to?" enquired Andrew as David walked into the house still in a dishevelled state from his earlier ordeal.


Lisa and he had parted company near to her house. She'd pecked him on the cheek and told him she'd see him in school the next day.


"Lisa and I met up with some boys in the park. She looks just the same", he added, trying to make his father angry with Lisa for acting like a slut.


Instead Andrew Merton let out a throaty laugh and collapsed in a chair.


"Ha, she's something else isn't she!"


David, annoyed that his ploy didn't work, stormed upstairs and into the bathroom. He slipped out of his dress and peeled off his stockings, bra and panties. He quickly jumped under the shower and immersed himself under the jets of luke-warm water.


Standing naked in the shower cubicle he was still a boy. But this was the only time, he realised. On every other occasion he'd have to dress as a girl. He didn't even own any boy's clothes anymore! David tried to think of a way out of the on-going nightmare he was starring in. If only there was someone he could talk to, someone he could trust.


He finished his shower and dried himself off, closely examining his little hairless boy prick as he did so. Why couldn't he have a big penis like Ashley Darren and Tony, or even a normal size cock? The young teen pulled on his insignificant lump of gristle but it wasn't interested in getting hard. Sighing, David went to his room and buried his head in his pillows.


Later on that evening, Andrew Merton quizzed him thoroughly on the events in the park while David did their ironing in his night-dress and dressing gown. His father laughed in places and enthusiastically agreed with Lisa's choice of name for him. After he'd involuntarily recounted the day's ordeal in great detail, Andrew rushed off to make a telephone call in private, leaving David to finish ironing his new school skirt.





Monday mornings always felt bad, but for David this was especially so. He was now expected to go to school dressed as a girl.


When the alarm clock sounded at 7:30 a.m. he pulled himself out of bed and dragged himself to the bathroom and under the shower. After that he sat down at his dressing table and tried to remember how Lisa had styled his hair the day before. David knew he had to look good. His father had warned him the night before that he better make a good job of his appearance, or he'd be sorry. Especially after Lisa had spent all that time teaching him the art of hair styling and make-up.


After a couple of attempts, David got his hair and make-up to look pretty much the way it did when Lisa helped him. Next he put on some white cotton panties and bra and some long white socks which ended just above his knee. Then came the short blue pleated skirt and white blouse. Lifting up the collar he did up the stripy school tie and put on the blazer, complete with the school emblem round which was some writing in Latin which hadn't been explained to him.


After slipping on some simple black slip-on shoes, David stared at himself in full-length mirror on his wardrobe door. He was ready for school but he was also resolute that this would be his last time in girl's clothes.


Andrew Merton was already eating breakfast when David walked into the kitchen. He greeted his son/daughter with a soft wolf-whistle.


"You look wonderful Debbie, truly wonderful" his father complimented.


David said nothing but sat down at the table and poured a little cereal into a bowl.


Andrew couldn't keep his eyes off his offspring. He wanted to lean her over the table and fuck her sweet arse there and then, but he managed to control his urge. Instead he took in all the details: the rings, a necklace and matching earrings, and the carefully manicured and painted fingernails that delicately wrapped round her spoon as she daintily ate her breakfast.


A father couldn't have been more proud than he was, of his beautiful little girl.


At half-past eight, Andrew told his angel that it was time for her to go to school.


David picked up his pink school bag and walked towards the door.


"Just a minute" Andrew called out, and stood up next to his new daughter.


Andrew Merton bent down and softly kissed his little girl on the lips, and then wished her good luck on her first day at school.






Debbie Merton closed her front door behind her and tentatively began the walk to school, just like David Merton had the week before. She timed it so she arrived shortly before the bell went for registration. The last thing she wanted was to have to parade around the playground.


Instead, the new pretty schoolgirl made her way to the form room avoiding eye contact with anyone she met on her way. It was a relief to find the form room empty and she sat down at her desk.


Soon the bell rang and the rest of the class came barging in to the room. On seeing the new girl they all fell silent and walked quietly to their places and sat down. There was only the faintest of smiles on Debbie's fellow student's faces as the elderly Mr Owen walked into the room and sat down at his desk.

"Good morning everyone" he said as he opened the registration book.

"Good morning Mr Owen" the class all promptly answered, except Debbie who sat there clasping her hands with painted finger nails in front of her.


Mr Owen then proceeded to take the register.

"Simon Forester?" called the teacher

"Here Sir" called back one of the boys from the back of the class as his hand shot up in the air.

"Brian Jackson?"

"Here sir" Brian called out and he half raised his hand as the form teacher looked up and ticked against his name.

"Haley Langham?"

As a girl two rows in front answered her name, Debbie realised that her, or rather David's name would be called out next.


This is where this absurd twisted nightmare will end, thought Debbie. When David's name... HIS name was called, the truth would surely come out and all this would be over. She would call out when her old name was called, and Mr Owen would look up and have a mild stroke. After which, he would demand to know just what the hell was going on, and Debbie could blurt out the whole story and wait while the police and social services turned up.

"Debbie Merton?"

Silence... Debbie was in severe shock! She felt her heart beating wildly under her blouse and foam filled bra.

"Debbie Merton?" Mr Owen asked again, this time more loudly.

Debbie felt an elbow dig sharply in her side. She looked round and saw another girl looking impatiently at her. They were all looking at her!

Mr Owen slowly brought his face up from out of the registration folder and pulled his reading glasses down over his nose. He fixed his eyes on Debbie. Her mind was in a state of confusion and bewilderment.


"Debbie!" Mr Owen's voice was cold, not like the kindly Mr Owen who welcomed David Merton to the school exactly a week ago.

"I shan't ask you again. Now answer your name!" he demanded

"I... " Debbie's words were stuck in her throat. Was Mr Owen senile? Did he not realise that the girl he was addressing as Debbie Merton was a boy called David Merton just days ago!


Tears welled up in the eyes of the pretty young schoolgirl. She reached for a handkerchief and gently dabbed her eye, careful not to smudge her subtle eyeliner and mascara that she'd applied that morning carefully.

The whole of the class looked daggers at her; their indignant faces astonished that Debbie didn't speak. What was the matter with the girl? Why didn't she answer her name?


Finally, Debbie could take it no more. This shy little flower couldn't stand all the attention she was getting. She just wanted to be liked by people. She wanted to have lots of friends who she could chat to and laugh with, instead of being ostracised and laughed at. She took a deep breath, her small bosom pressing firmly against her crisp, white school blouse.

"Sorry Sir... I'm here" she softly spoke.

There was almost an audible sigh around the classroom as the tension broke amongst her classmates. Mr Owen's face became its softer kinder self, and Debbie thought she saw a hint of a wry smile as her form teacher put a tick against her name and buried his face once more in the big book.

"Colin Peters?" Mr Owen continued with his class's registration.

When the bell went for the school assembly, the students stood up and drifted towards the door and off down the corridor to the main hall.

Debbie was the last to stand and make her way to the doorway.

"Oh Debbie" Mr Owen said, suddenly looking up from his desk.


Debbie turned round to face her teacher who stood himself and walked towards her.

"Tell your father that I'll expect him for drinks around seven-thirty this evening"

Debbie was in a daze, but managed to nod and say ok.

She started to turn away when she felt the elderly teacher's arm slip round her waist and his other hand reach under the back of her skirt.

Mr Owen pressed his fingers against the tight cotton panties and felt along the crack of her arse and up until she felt his hand inside her waistband fondling the bare cheeks of her bottom. Mr Owen's index finger rubbed at the thirteen-year-olds tight anus and pushed until he felt the tip of his finger slide snugly into the little slut's hot arse.

"And ask Andrew to make sure his schoolboy sissy slut of a daughter is wearing something nice and frilly when he brings her over tonight."

Mr Owen slowly removed his finger from Debbie's bum-hole and popped it in his mouth, savouring the taste of her anal passage.

"Right, off you go." Mr Owen playfully slapped her behind as she left the room.Debbie entered the big hall where the whole school was gathering for the usual Monday morning assembly before lessons. As she gazed around, trying to recognise someone from her class so she'd know where to sit, a hand grabbed hers and pulled her sideways.

"Oh wow! You look fantastic!" exclaimed Lisa as she pulled Debbie down to sit next to her, Cheryl and Tracy.

"We're all going to have so much fun, it'll be great", continued Lisa. "I'm so excited, you're going to fit right in."


"All the boy's are talking about you. What did you and Lisa get up to in the park yesterday?" giggled Tracy.


"One of the fifth year boy's having a party on Friday night, and you're invited." Cheryl told her.


Suddenly the hall hushed as the Headmaster entered from a side door and made his way up to the stage. Mr Sterling was a serious man in his late fifties. He didn't tolerate any lapse in discipline and every pupil at Fairmount Secondary School made sure they kept out of his way.


Of course, thought David. Why didn't I think of him before? If there's one person who won't stand for this crazy nonsense, it's the Headmaster! Once I explain what's been going on, he'll have to do something about it!


David had felt his resolve soften back there in his form room. He'd almost accepted the feminine role he'd been forced to play the past week. But now he felt stronger, more determined than ever to put things right, to punish those who'd abused and tormented him.


The Head reached the podium and laid open some notes he'd been carrying.


The need for David to get the whole torrid events of the past week out into the open was driving the young boy crazy. The one person who would listen and understand was standing on the stage right now!


"Pupils of Fairmount Secondary School. Today I'd like to talk to you about this year's appeal in aid of the starving children of Africa…"


"Wait!" David heard himself shout out loud, and suddenly he was on his feet.


The Headmaster stopped what he was saying and the whole of the school looked round to see who'd dared to interrupt the assembly. David felt Lisa tugging on his arm to try to get him to sit down but he pulled his arm away and started to move towards the front of the hall.


"What on earth…" the Headmaster started to say.


"Please Sir, I've got to talk to you right now. It's really important!" David was weaving his way through the seated girls and boys, until he reached the main aisle leading to the stage.


David noticed the Deputy Head, Mr Bates, trying to head him off and Mr Owen was doing his best to reach him as well. The persecuted schoolboy broke into a run, determined to get to the stage before one of his abusers could prevent him from reaching the Headmaster.


With a burst of sprinting David got to the stairs at the bottom of the stage and climbed them two at a time, his short skirt flailing around his legs. He finally reached the top and stood facing the Headmaster.


"Please Sir, My name's David Merton but I've been made to dress like a girl."


He pointed to the bottom of the stairs to where the Deputy Headmaster was just making his ascent.


"And Mr Bates and my father raped me!" he shouted.


Loud gasps echoed around the hall as they heard the schoolgirl's accusations.


"Enough!" shouted the Headmaster. The hall immediately fell silent.


Robert Bates and some of the other teachers had joined them on the stage.


The Headmaster looked sternly at David.


"I will NOT allow pupils of this school to come screaming and shouting, interrupting MY assembly with absurd remarks about members of my staff." The head's voice thundered around the hall, making some of the younger children visibly shake with fear, and some of the older pupils too.






The Headmaster turned to his Deputy and lowered his voice.


"Mr Bates, take hold of this young girl. I think she needs teaching a lesson."


"Certainly, Mr Sterling." Before David could react, Robert Bates grabbed hold of him and forced him to his knees. He pushed down on his shoulders so that he was left kneeling facing the stage curtain with his bottom facing upwards towards the stunned audience.


The Headmaster turned back to his pupils.


"To show everyone that this sort of behaviour will NOT be tolerated, and to teach this young lady a lesson she won't forget…"


David tried to scream but Mr Bates smothered his mouth with his hand.


"…the WHOLE school will help this troublemaker see the error of her ways!"


Mr Sterling looked over to one of the teachers near the front of the stage.


"Mrs Jenkins. Have the first year pupils line up and lead them up here", he told her.


The female teacher stood up and gave instructions to the youngest boys and girls of the school. The students, aged about eleven, were marched up the stairs and onto the stage.


Mr Sterling walked over to where David was being held and lifted his skirt tucking the hem into his waistband. Then he took hold of David's white panties and slid them down his thighs until they rested around his knees.


David couldn't believe what was happening. The Headmaster had now exposed his naked behind to the whole school!


The Head turned back to the children.


"Each pupil will come up here and spank Miss Merton firmly on her behind. If any one of you don't administer a hard enough blow, then you will be told to strike her again."


David squirmed violently, but was unable to move.


There are over eight hundred pupils at Fairmount, he thought to himself. Oh Shit!


"Right, off you go" he instructed the eleven-year-olds. The pupil in line to take the first blow was a little boy. He nervously walked up behind David and glanced up at the Headmaster.


"Would you like me to show you how it's done?" he gently asked the youngster.


"Yes please sir"


Mr Sterling motioned him out of the way and positioned himself just behind and to the side of David's bottom.




The whole hall flinched as the Head delivered the first blow to David's buttocks, not least David himself who let out a short shriek.


The Head then stood aside and the little boy tried to emulate the teacher's actions.




He didn't have the power of Mr Sterling, but he gave it everything he had.


"Ok, sit down" the Head told the eleven-year-old.


Next on the 'hit list' was a young female classmate. She wasted no time and immediately struck David's left buttock with her tiny hand.




"Owww!" Mr Bates had loosened his grip over David's mouth as he figured that the Head would want everyone to hear the yelps.


And so it continued…


By the time the whole of the first year had their turn David was openly sobbing. After the second year students finished with him, the cross-dressed teenager was wailing with tears. Then came his own year, the third year. They seemed to relish the opportunity to spank a naughty schoolgirl, especially the girls. They made sure their blows really counted and soon David was screaming for them to stop.


Mr Sterling squatted down next to David and whispered in his ear.


"What's the matter David? Aren’t you enjoying yourself? I am. I haven't had so much fun since they let me out of the zoo last week."


David's mind went into overdrive as he tried to figure out what the Headmaster was telling him.


Mr Sterling bent closer to David and whispered into his ear.


"Don't be afraid of Gus The Gorilla"


The scream could be heard from outside the school grounds.



******** THE END ********