Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. I woke up and found myself just in my underpants and a rope bounding my wrists together. As I looked up I saw that Shelley had the other end of the rope. She started to pull me towards the middle of the room so I stood as I realized it would be better to walk than to dragged. So I followed Shelley to the middle of the room where the end of the rope she was carrying was tied to a loop on the ceiling. My feet felt the cold metal under them. My arms stretched over my head. Brooke came towards me and cut one side of my undies with a pair of scissors and held that side with her hand and Shelley cut the other side of my undies and held that side Counting 1 2 3 they dropped the material and my underwear fell to the ground. Brooke took my cock in her hand and it started to react straight away to her touch. "Not much to work with here "she said watching as my dick grew to full size. "I've worked with less "Shelley said reaching out and grabbing my nutsac"nice set of balls and the rumps going to be great.Im going to enjoy this" "You always do "Brooke said letting go my cock and walking to get something off the table.Shelley played with my nuts and I decided to plead. "Please don't hurt me. Please I will do anything for you just please don't hurt me" Shelley laughed "Hurt you? By the time we're finished you will wish we had just hurt you. We are going to destroy you physically and mentally" She let my balls go and Brooke knelt in front of me. For a brief moment I thought she was going to give me head. But she had a thick string in her hand which she started wrapping at the top of my balls she skillfully wrapped the string so that it separated my balls and on the end of the string that hung down was a hook. Shelley stepped forward as Brooke moved back to the table in her hand she had a ball gag as she tried to put it in my mouth I refused to open my mouth so she kneed me in the balls. I opened my mouth to cry out and the ball gag was quickly inserted and Brooke tied it at the back. Shelley spoke "Now look! We are going to do some hurtful things to you. Look at yourself you are naked and helpless. If you think a dumb act of defiance is going to help you are going to find out you are wrong. Do I make myself clear?" I nodded and she smiled. Brooke approached with a chain .In the middle was another hook and on each end little alligator teeth Brooke put one clip on my left nipple and then another on my right. The teeth dug in and made me yelp but it was muffled through the gag. Brooke looked at me and said "between you and I.I hate gags.Id much rather hear your blood curling but the neighbors are too fucking close. Hopefully one day we will either get soundproofing or a place in the country where a guy doesn't have to be gagged. See that makes Shelley fucking cum hard" Shelley laughed "Oh yes a guy screaming makes me squirt. And Brooke loves eating me then" These girls were hot and this talk made my cock strain right out from my body. Shelley had two small weights in her hand one went on the hook on my tit chain the other on the hook on my ball string both weights had hooks on the bottom so that more could be added. Brooke had gone to the table and returned with a cane like teachers used to use. She explained that for the next two hours the girls were going to hit me with striping every part of my body except my cock and balls and then she added that after that she and Shelley were going to do the most horrible thing I would ever experience unless someone cut my cock or balls or both. Shelley had also got a cane and they both moved behind me and then I heard a loud swish and a cane hit me fair on the ass I cried out but the gag made it sound like mmmffff .Another hit me on the back and I lunged forward forcing the weights to sway. It occurred to me if I could stay still it would hurt less but as the next hit my legs I realized that would be impossible. The shots rained down on me at first they were random back ass legs ass legs back but then the girls decided to work on an area till it was totally red and striped. They decided my meaty ass would be first. I was starting to cry the pain was horrible and that made the girls happy, to see me blub. They really started hitting me hard and I was making all sorts of sounds I could hear Shelley moaning as my ass grew redder. They stopped for a moment and hung another weight on each hook I was pleading under my gag and shaking my head tears were rolling down my face. Brooke held my head in her hands'"Oh I'm sorry baby. Look Shelley he's upset cause we stopped. Let's get back to it" I shook my head and cried out and they started again after what seemed like an age they finished my ass and stopped to admire their handiwork. Shelley complained her arm was sore and so they rested for a while grabbing some cold water out of a fridge Brooke looked at me smiling as I continued to sob. "Would you like a drink?' she asked really sweetly. I nodded as I thought it would be a break. She went and got a glass and to my horror held it in front of my cock."Piss now" I managed to half fill the glass and Shelley removed the ball gag from my mouth. Brooke lifted the glass to my panting mouth and for the first time I drank piss my own pistil was salty and smelt foul but I managed to drink it all Shelley approached me with the gag and I pleaded "Oh please no more Please I can't take it PLEMMMMFFFF" The gag was back in my pleading had been useless. "No more?"Shelley repeated "Why we've hardly started. Brooke legs or back? Your choice" "I think back but you can choose the weapon" "I think the thick belts."Shelley said and walked to the table returning with two large brown belts. "These are the belts we normally use for the chest .You will appreciate these as they cover a larger area and so it takes less time to redden an area." Brooke meanwhile had more weights. With the addition of the third weight I could feel a definite pull on my nipples and balls it was starting to hurt a lot and with each hit my movement forced the weights to sway. So they belted my back and delighted in my muffled shrieks and moans but they were right it didn't take as long to cover my back because the belts were wide. The back of my legs were next and they chose riding crops for this and did a leg each because the crop is small that took a while but finally they put the crops down. They rested and watched as I writhed. Then they put a football helmet on me. Brooke explained they were now going to do my shoulders and arms and didn't want to hit my head, Once again riding crops were used and the number of times I felt a tap to the helmet made me glad I had it on. They managed to hit my fingers a few times boy did that hurt They took another rest and this time Shelley untied my arms so that I could rest I had to still stand but my shoulders were relaxed for a while. My back ass and backs of my legs ached with pain as did the backs of my arms Brooke finally said."Well time for his front" Shelley tied my arms again but with the ball gag in and the helmet on my protests was very muffled. Brooke knelt before me again and removed the weights and then began to untie the string on my balls I groaned as the string game off as it hurt a little but nothing compared to what Shelley was doing. She removed the weights from my nipples and then open-ended the clamp on my left nipple as painful as it was going on it was just as painful if not more coming off She then removed the clip from the right nipple too and I winced in pain .For good measure she gave both nipples a twisted and I howled into my gag. Brooke put a protective metal box around my cock and balls so they wouldn't be hit. This was tied on behind me and the ties rubbed on my abused ass and made me remember that whipping. Basically then they flogged my chest stomach legs and arms with the large belts until I was red all over When they stopped I was panting and crying my body was in total agony. Brooke took my helmet off and Shelley removed the protective box around my genitals. They both had riding crops and for the next ten minutes they circled me taking pot shots at my red aching body The crops stung my abused flesh and eventually they put the crops don. Shelley busied herself at the table and Brooke took hold of my cock and gently massaged it until it was fully erect "And now for the horrific experience that we promised you "She said evilly."This will make you wish you never had a cock" She had my cock at full attention when Shelley came forward with two lit candles. The round type where the wax stays close to the wick after its melted. Brooke let go of my cock and put on a protective glove and then held it again so the tip was pointing up. Shelley turned the candle and hot wax poured onto my cockhead.I went berserk yelling in pain into that gag trying to back away but Brooke held me tight Shelley continued to drop hot wax covering my cockhead and making sure my piss slit was covered I was going insane with the pain of my burning cockpit was shaking my head and babbling my muffled begs falling on deaf ears. Finally when she was sure that all of my cockhead was covered in wax she put down the candles and went and got a TV and video. She put it in front of me and turned it on. The video started and I was quick to realize it was a lesbian scene. I loved watching lesbians go at it and especially these two because the two on the video were Brooke and Shelley. Meanwhile Brooke had begun to stroke my cock gently. It felt good and then panic brushed over me I realized they were going to make me cum and when I did there was nowhere for my cum to escape. Shelley and Brooke laughed at the fear on my face I tried to close my eyes Shelley gave my tortured nipple a twist and said that she would pour wax on my balls if I did that again. I opened my eyes and watched the TV it was so hot watching them licking each others pussys. Suddenly I felt a stirring in my nuts. I was helpless to stop it and I could feel the cum starting to rise and it was travelling through my cock and with nowhere to escape turning back only to be met by more gushing forward. I thought my dick was going to explode the pain was so severe I screamed and yelled into the gag until the orgasm subsided The girls had watched and Shelley was fingering herself Finally Brooke removed the wax from my cockhead which made me flinch and I felt some cum dribble out onto the floor. "Cant I hear him scream once?"Shelley said to Brooke as she kept fingering."I'm so close" "Okay but we have to be careful "Brooke said. She grabbed a riding crop and took off my gag "Ohhh please no more pain please I'll do anything' "We don't need you to do anything just suffer "She belted me hard on the ass and I screamed. Shelley started moaning as her fingers fucked her pussy. Brooke hit my legs and I yelled and pleaded. "One more and I will cum" Shelley moaned "Where?" "On his balls" "On no please not there" I yammered. I begged and pleaded which only made Shelley hotter and Brooke more determined to please here She moved round the front and lifted my abused cock up exposing my balls and despite my pleas hit them hard with the crop. I let out this shattering scream and Shelley started to shake and had the most powerful orgasm. She squirted and then collapsed in a heap. Brooke approached me with the gag. "Oh please no more pain please "Brooke put the gag in my mouth and said "We are nearly finished then we will let you rest" Shelley had recovered a little and she walked over to a switch on the wall. Brooke looked down at my feet and looked at the metal plate under them we want to see you dance she said maliciously. Shelley turned the switch on and the metal plate began to heat up .I shook my head pleading through my gag knowing it was useless .The plate got hotter and hotter and I started to move my feet as the temperature increased .Soon the plate was red hot and the girls delighted as I gigged around naked my cock and head flapping from side to side as each time my feet landed on the metal plate they were scalded .Finally what seemed like an age the plate was turned off and began to cool but not straight away I continued my tortured dance for a little while longer. Shelley untied my hands and Brooke led me to a mattress in the corner. She told me to lie down. My entire body hurt. She undid my gag and I panted and groaned. She took my tortured cock in her hand and stroked me. My eyes met hers and I pleaded with her not to hurt me anymore. While she was stroking me the phone rang and Shelley went to answer it. Brookes gentle stroking had me hard as a rock. "Why do you hurt men like you do "I asked? "Because we hate them "she said matter of factly looking at my cock and pumping it."I'm a lesbian and Shelley was sexually abused so she seeks revenge on any man she can get her hand on. It's nothing against you. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The bar and us offering you a drink at our place and then drugging you and you waking up in your underwear. We do this a couple of times a month" Brooke continued to pull me I could feel another stirring in my nuts and I came. The cum from the last time and this time. A violent orgasm that made me cry out as some cum shot onto my stomach. Brooke wiped some onto her finger and put it to my mouth. I knew better than to resist and licked my own cum off her finger. I swallowed as Shelley entered the room. "That was the guys "she said "They'll be here at 8.30 tomorrow and they've found a place in the country miles from anyone" Brooke smiled and looked at me "Oh I should explain. We know these bikers who pay us 100 dollars for guys they can abuse. What are they into Shelley?" "Enemas, Electricity, Public exhibitions, Piss, clothes pegs and fisting faggots" "I'm not a faggot! I'm straight "I protested "Well"Shelley said "I think they have the idea you are gay. They just love ruining a guys ass so he can't enjoy cock up the sackbut you tell them you aren't I'm sure it will help........NOT" You better get some sleep "Brooke said and I started to lie back."Oh no not here. We have a place for you. She pointed to a cage and I was made to crawl over. But before I entered Shelley approached me with a butt plug which she roughly inserted. It was tied in place and then I was ordered into the cage. "Don't want you making a mess. There is water in that bowl for you and if you have to take a piss use those bottles. That will be your breakfast juice in the morning. Well good night try to rest .If you thought we were cruel and mean wait till u meet the guys. So saying they turned off the light and left the room. I curled up and began to cry. I had no idea how horrific tomorrow would be. Finally I went off to sleep TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>