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BOBBIES MOTHER This story is partially true.doc 29K18-Aug-2005 20:24
Finally the spare room gets decorated.doc 35K01-Aug-2005 20:52
Harry the caretake2.doc 37K10-Aug-2005 19:48
Holiday to remembe3.doc 32K05-Jun-2006 10:48
I started the ball rollin1.doc 28K01-Aug-2005 20:51
Persuasion.doc 27K01-Aug-2005 20:52
Skip did me a favour.doc 29K01-Aug-2005 20:52
The bos1.doc 48K01-Aug-2005 20:52
The stan1.doc 35K01-Aug-2005 20:53
This is a story about peter and how his constant boasting about how good his wife was in bed to his dad.doc 26K01-Aug-2005 20:53
Uncle Jim.doc 26K01-Aug-2005 20:53
he said it woul1.doc 30K01-Aug-2005 20:52