(continued from “Mediterranean Adventure”)

It was a hot, sultry day when we woke up the following
morning, even more so than usual.  This was the day,
you many remember, that I was to take my `driving
test’ with Charlotte’s father to see if we could
borrow their boat (see `Mediterranean Adventure’). 
The day was more humid than usual, and I wondered if
the weather would hold.

Scott had another of his adventures early on.  When I
got out of bed I went straight to the toilet, leaving
Scott lying flat on his back on his bed as usual,
naked as usual.  He was idly playing with an old wine
bottle he had brought back from the beach the day
before.  As I left him, he was trying to balance it on
his forehead and sit up at the same time, all the
while scratching his little wrinkled pink testicles
with the other hand.

When I came out two minutes later, he was sitting
upright in bed, the wine bottle between his legs and
an anxious expression on his face.  “Roy, I can’t get
this off!” he told me with some panic.

I stared at him, and when I saw what had happened I
couldn’t help laughing.  His penis was stuck inside
the neck of the wine bottle and he couldn’t get it out
again.  Scott did not think it very funny, though.

“What were you doing?” I asked him, still chuckling.

“It’s not funny,” he protested, sitting up with his
legs apart at the knees and the wine bottle stuck up
the middle as he pulled it again, in vain.  “I just
wondered if Willy Worm would fit inside there, and
he’s got stuck.”

I came over to have a closer look.  His penis was in
right down to the root.  Through the coloured glass I
could just make out the shape of the little thing
inside.  He tugged at the bottle again, but in vain. 
I could see the skin stretch at the base of his penis,
but the bottle would not come off.

I thought of telling him to leave it for a couple of
minutes in the hope that his penis would shrink when
not given any attention, but decided to let him sweat
for a while.  “If you keep pulling, it will get longer
and longer,” I teased him.

“Will it?” he asked, looking hopeful suddenly and
giving it another pull.  “Longer than yours?”

“Probably, in the end,” I grinned.  “It’ll end up
coming down to your knees.  You’ll never be able to
wear a swimming costume again because it will just
stick out at the top.”

“Then I’d have to wear a sock over it when I do
swimming at school,” Scott replied, his creative mind
coming up with an ingenious solution.  He kept pulling
the bottle, and of course his penis was becoming
stiffer all the time and more tightly wedged than
ever.  He grunted.  It was becoming rather painful

“Why did you want to stick Willy in there anyway?” I
asked, keeping him at it.

“Well, I . . . I wondered what it would be like to f .
. . to . . . to have . . . to go to bed with . . .” 
Knowing I don’t like dirty words, he was finding it
difficult to explain what he meant, although I was
getting the idea.  “Well, Char . . . well, anybody,

“Girls are much softer than bottles,” I told him. 
“But leave it until Willy has grown up and you’ve
married Charlotte.  Now how are you going to get it
out again?”

Scott looked down carefully.  “Willy seems a bit
bigger now,” he said.

“That’s because you’re making him hard,” I told him. 
“You’ll have to pull him for hours and hours if you
want him to get longer.”

“I can’t wait that long,” he protested.  “Marina will
be coming in soon.  Besides, I need to do a wee now.”

I knew Marina would not find it very amusing if she
came in and saw her brother had stuck his penis inside
a wine bottle.  She’s no prude, but there is in her
mind, even more than in mine, a big difference between
nudity and pornography.  Scott was definitely straying
into the latter area.  I wondered whether to tell him
to leave it to shrink.

“Will we have to break the bottle to get it off?”
Scott asked, worried.

“Probably,” I told him, still teasing him.  “But that
would either cut Willy right off, or circumcise you.”

Scott looked blank.  “What’s circumsight?” he asked.

I almost told him that `circumsight’ was the ability
to see round corners.  “Circumcise,” I repeated. 
“It’ll cut off your foreskin.”

“Cut off my what?” asked Scott, very worried.  They
don’t teach sex education at the old-fashioned English
school he goes to.

“That slippery bit of skin you pull back when you go
to the toilet,” I instructed him.  Then I remembered
what he called it.  “Willy’s hat.”

“Oh!”  Scott went paler still.  He really looked
rather pathetic, sitting there on the side of his bed
now, one foot on the floor, the other knee bent on the
side of his bed, and the bottle hanging down the
middle while he held it with both hands.  “What can I
do then?  I can’t get it off!”

Just at that moment, Shelley marched in through the
open door, still naked.  Neither of us had her coming.
 “Hi, guys,” she greeted us.

With a gasp, Scott grasped for his sheet and rolled
underneath it, wine bottle and all.  But Shelley had
already had a glimpse of what had happened.  She
stared with her mouth open.

“Scott, what have you . . ?” she asked.  Looking quite
disbelieving, she turned to me and asked, “Is that his
. . .  Has he put his . . ?”

I didn’t answer, but Shelley realised that her eyes
really hadn’t been deceiving her.  She burst into
helpless laughter.  “Oh, Scott!” she laughed at the
white-faced figure curled up in a sheet.  “You’re just
the limit!  Wait till Marina sees this!”  So saying,
she turned and walked back out of the door.

“No!  Don’t tell – please, Shelley!” Scott begged her,
throwing off his sheet and his embarrassment, running
across the room and chasing her out of the door,
clutching his bottle in both hands all the time.  The
sight was too much for me.  I collapsed on to my bed
and laughed till I cried.

I could just make out an urgent whispered conversation
in the passage, and then they both came back into the
room, Scott still holding his bottle down between his
thighs.  He must have persuaded Shelley to keep quiet
about his problem.  I just couldn’t keep a straight
face and neither could Shelley.

“Stop laughing, it isn’t funny!” protested Scott. 
“What can I do?”

“That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen,”
spluttered Shelley, with difficulty as she was still
laughing so hard.  Her scientific mind came to the
fore.  “Scott, you’ll have to drink lots of water and
wee into the bottle,” she suggested.  “When it’s half
full, the pressure will build up inside and force your
penis out again.”

“But that will take hours!” wailed Scott, taking her

We heard a toilet flushing in the next room. 
“Marina’s coming now,” laughed Shelley.

“Please, go and stop her till I’ve got free,” Scott
begged her.

“I can’t!  You’d better hide in the bathroom,” Shelley
told him.

Crouching low as he was still holding the bottle,
Scott scuttled over to the bathroom like a
bandy-legged ape and slammed the door shut behind him.
 We heard a key turning.  Then there was a sharp clash
of glass hitting something, and an exclamation of
dismay from within.  It didn’t sound as if the glass
had broken, though.

“He must have knocked it against the side of the
bath,” I chuckled.  We held on to each other and
laughed ourselves silly.

Just at that moment, Marina walked in at the door,
wearing a pink dress.  She does not walk round naked
as often as the rest of us.  I had the presence of
mind to roll Shelley over on the bed and start
tickling her so that there was a good reason for all
the laughter.  She got the idea and started tickling
me as well, though I’m not really ticklish.  We both
kept tickling and howling with laughter, now that we
had a good reason for it.

Marina couldn’t make her voice heard above our
laughter.  Finally we stopped tickling and I greeted
her, struggling to keep a straight face.  She was
looking at us as if we were crazy.  I do tickle
Shelley often, and she is ticklish, but she had never
before laughed as loudly as this.

“Sorry to spoil your party,” smiled Marina when she
could finally make herself heard.  Shelley choked,
trying to swallow a new burst of laughter, and I
slammed her on the back, trying to help.

“Where’s Scott?” asked Marina, looking around.

“He’s in the bathroom,” I answered.  Marina looked at
the shut door, puzzled.  Scott never bothered to shut
doors, whatever he was doing in there.

“He was afraid we’d tickle him, so he locked himself
in,” Shelley lied, and then started laughing
helplessly again, so I tickled her again to give her a
good reason for it.

Marina sat on my bed and we started talking about the
day.  Shelley and I carefully avoided looking at each
other, afraid we would start laughing again.  Then
suddenly, from the bathroom, we heard a clang and a
rattle, the noise of glass against porcelain.

Marina, a puzzled expression on her face, called out,
“What are you doing in there, Scott?”

“I’m coming out in a minute,” we heard Scott’s voice
from within.  We heard the splashing of urine in the
toilet bowl, so it was obvious he had got free.  As
usual he didn’t bother to flush the toilet.  The door
opened and Scott came out, grinning rather sheepishly.
 The bottle was nowhere to be seen and his cute little
penis was enjoying the fresh air again.  It did look a
rather brighter pink than usual, though, and I could
see an indented ring around the base where the neck of
the bottle had been.

Marina didn’t notice, though, and she didn’t follow it
up as I asked her a question to take her attention
away from him.  She’s no fool and knew something had
been going on, but I managed to distract her enough to
stop her from investigating further, had she decided
to do so.

I found out later what had happened.  When Scott had
locked himself in the bathroom, he had first turned
around and accidentally banged the bottle against the
side of the bath, as I had guessed.  Then he had sat
down on the toilet seat, letting the bottle dangle
inside the bowl – so Marina couldn’t see it if she
came in, he explained, although he didn’t explain how
she could have got in when the door was locked.

After a minute or two, his penis, left in peace, began
to shrink again and the bottle suddenly fell off,
making that noise of glass against porcelain that we
had heard as it fell into the toilet bowl.  Scott had
tried to catch it when he felt it slipping, but was
too late.  He quickly pulled the bottle out, wet of
course, placed it on the window sill, relieved himself
(or `given Willy some exercise’, as he often called
it) and come out again, free once more.

After a chat and some fun, the girls returned to their
rooms as we all dressed, as a sop to convention.  On
hot, humid days like that, clothes should be banned. 
None of us wanted to wear them, but were afraid it
would be expected of us if we ventured out of doors.

After Marina had left, Scott sat on his bed examining
his penis at close quarters.  “Roy, do you really
think it’s any bigger?” he asked hopefully.

“Maybe,” I answered, doubting it.  “You’ll have to
pull it for quite a few hours to make any difference.”

Scott looked thoughtful.  “I wonder if I could do
something to stretch it while I’m asleep every night,”
he said.  “Then it would grow.”

I almost chuckled again as I imagined a picture of
Scott lying flat on his back, asleep, with his penis
attached to a system of pulleys hanging from the
ceiling, and a huge weight on the other end.  Perhaps
that’s an idea I can patent when I grow up . . .  Then
a possible drawback occurred to me.  “It may work like
an elastic band,” I warned him.  “If you make it twice
as long, it may also be twice as thin.”

Scott looked down at his emaciated little organ with a
worried frown on his face.  “Maybe I can try it a
little bit,” he said.  “Then if it gets too thin I’ll
stop.”  Then his face lit up.  “But wouldn’t it be
super if it really worked!”

“Do you really want to go swimming at school with
Willy sticking out of the top of your costume?” I
asked.  “The girls will say, `Look!  It’s a snake! 
Kill it!’  And they’ll get a carving knife and chop it

“Like three blind mice,” giggled Scott, flicking his
penis up and down.  “I wonder if it really was their
tails the old woman cut off!”  He sang out, “She cut
off their wees with a carving knife . . .  But Roy, if
he’s too long I’ll just wrap him round my waist.”

“What happens if he goes stiff?” I asked.

Scott pulled a face and then said, “I hate swimming
costumes.  I wish I never had to wear one again.  I
don’t know what I could do.”  Obviously he was taking
me seriously.

“There’s only one thing for it,” I grinned.  “You’ll
have to borrow Marina’s big one-piece girl’s costume
to wear so you can hide it all the way up to your

“I’ll never do that!” snorted Scott indignantly.  Then
he giggled.  “Suppose Willy stuck out of the top of
that, too?!”

He opened a drawer and rummaged around, while I
wondered what he was looking for.  Then he pulled out
a sock and an elastic band.  He placed the sock over
his penis and testicles, and pulled on the elastic
band, fastening it round the base.  Then he stood up
and faced me proudly, his penis wearing the sock. 
“That’s what I can do,” he declared.  “I can get as
long a sock as I need.”

“Try a very long wine bottle,” I laughed at him.  Then
I said more seriously, “Don’t worry about it.  Girls
don’t like big penises – not nice girls, anyway.  They
think big ones are gross.  Yours may be small, but
it’s handsome.  A big one would make a lot of girls
feel disgusted and frighten them off.”

“You think so?” asked Scott, frowning as he thought
this one out.

“That’s right,” I told him.  “Remember how ugly they
thought Harold’s penis was yesterday.  Yours is much
more attractive.”

“Andrea thought it was too small,” Scott protested. 
“She said it was a cute little thing.”

“It would have been a *cut* little thing if we’d had
to break the bottle!” I laughed.  “But Andrea is a
rude girl who was just trying to hurt your feelings. 
The nice girls, like Charlotte and Shirley and Penny,
all liked the look of Willy, didn’t they?”

“Well, they didn’t say so,” muttered Scott.

“They were too polite and they may have thought it
would sound rude,” I told him.  “But if they hadn’t
liked it they would have turned away, or looked
disgusted, like they did with Harold.  But they were
quite happy with Willy.”  

Scott looked suitably mollified.  I could hear the
girls returning, and Scott just managed to remove his
sock before Marina came in.

Charlotte and her father came round after breakfast,
and Charlotte waited outside with the rest of us while
he went inside for a few minutes to talk to Marina’s

“Look, Scott, I’m wearing the same shorts as you are,”
she smiled at him.  Sure enough, she was wearing a
loose pair of pale blue shorts, slightly paler than
Scott’s shorts of the day but very similar to look at.

“Why does a beautiful girl like you want to wear boys’
clothes?” I asked her with a puzzled smile.

“I like shorts,” she explained.  “What do you want me
to wear?”

“Well, you looked so pretty wearing that lovely dress
that first time you came round, I’d have thought you
wanted to dress like that all the time,” I answered. 
“All girls look prettiest when they’re wearing girls’
clothes, and that dress suited you so nicely.”  I laid
on the flattery – but basically it’s true!

“Well, I may do tomorrow,” Charlotte answered.  “But
my red and white dress is in the wash.  Scott, what do
you think?”

“I think – you looked great when you’re . . .” Scott
began, then thought better of it.  “I mean, in your
dress,” he spluttered, going rather red in the face.

“I don’t really like dresses when I’m playing,”
Charlotte confided to me, “because my brothers, or
boys like Greg and Rodney, keep saying, `Oh, I can see
your panties.’  But I can trust you, Roy.  I don’t
mind if you see.”  Neither did I!

“And me,” chipped in Scott.  “You don’t mind me
seeing.”  That was a bit presumptuous, I thought.

“No, I don’t mind,” agreed Charlotte.  “You can see
whatever you want.  See, I’m wearing my special
embroidered panties today.”  She pulled at the elastic
of her shorts, to show pale yellow panties underneath,
with white embroidered patterns all over the top part,
just above the gusset.

“That’s great,” agreed Scott.  He was just about to
return the compliment with a rival display when
Charlotte’s dad came out of the house, which broke up
their entertainment in a hurry.

Still, Charlotte’s shorts weren’t at all bad.  Being
loose, her panties were often visible, with a little
line of lace around the edge.  When we were on the
boat she would often sit with one leg up, with panties
visible at the bottom, or legs slightly apart and
panties visible at the side.  Once she lay back,
giving a view up her shorts all the way to the top of
her panties, including the embroidery.  I could see
the gleam in Scott’s eyes as he saw this, and he
almost started salivating.

Actually, Scott himself was even more revealing.  He
was also wearing loose underpants, and often when he
was sitting with his legs apart, a tiny pink testicle
could be seen peeping out of the leg of his white
underpants.  I expected a lot of giggling and fooling
around from those two as usual, but Scott was actually
rather subdued with Charlotte’s father there.

I found running the boat pretty easy, actually, even
when going quite fast, so I was able to keep my eyes
open for the unintentional flashes the two young ones
kept giving – and, of course, Marina and Shelley on
occasions.  Every now and then there were gusts of
wind, which tended to lift their dresses.

We spent only about an hour out on the boat before
Charlotte’s father was quite satisfied with my skills.
 He seemed most impressed with the skilful way I was
able to manoeuvre in and out of the harbour, and was
convinced I could handle it safely.  He was not really
happy about lending out his personal motorboat for me
to use, though, but instead suggested we hired one,
which he would pay for.

“May we go out in it now, please, Daddy?” begged
Charlotte eagerly as I docked the boat gently.

“I’d be very happy about that except for the weather,”
her dad replied.  “I don’t like the feel of it.  I
think we may be going to get a storm.  Let’s just
listen to the weather report first.”

Using his mobile phone, he tuned in to the weather
report, and our fears were realised.  Quite a big
storm was approaching from the sea, due to arrive in
perhaps four hours’ time.  That ruled it out for the
day.  On the bright side, he said that we could try
again the next day, if the weather had improved as it
almost always did very quickly, and that would give us
an hour longer with it.

Charlotte looked very disappointed at first, but then
she brightened suddenly.  “I know!” she exclaimed. 
“That will give me time to invite some of my friends
from school and we can all go together!  Daddy, how
many can we take in a boat?”

“Well, they’re quite big boats, so I think we can fit
eight of you in quite easily,” her dad replied.  “That
means you can invite three friends.”

“Their parents may not be willing to let them come
when they don’t know me,” I pointed out.

“Well, I’ll speak to them and assure them you’re safe
for them to be with,” smiled Charlotte’s dad.  “I’m
sure we’ll find some willing to trust you if I say

Scott was looking eager, and I could almost see the
forms of naked girls flashing in his eyes.  Then he
almost spoilt it with a silly remark.  “Hey,
Charlotte, are you going to invite Greg and Rodney?”
he grinned mischievously.

“No way,” snorted Charlotte, but her dad broke in. 
“Charlotte, I’m sure Scott would be happier if he had
another boy to go with,” he said.  “How about it?”

“I only want girls to come,” exclaimed Charlotte,
looking alarmed.  She would certainly not entertain
the thought of nudity with any of the boys she knew.

“No, it’s all right, really,” Scott broke in.  “I
don’t mind girls.  I don’t know any of the boys here,
so let Charlotte choose who she wants.  I’ve got Roy,
anyway, and he’s my best friend!”

“Mine, too,” agreed Charlotte, putting her arm round
my waist and leaning her head against my chest.  Scott
looked very jealous, and her father laughed, but he
didn’t press the issue any further.

“I’ll phone the girls’ parents tonight and see what I
can round up,” he said.  “So be thinking who you want
to invite, Sharly.”

“Thanks, Daddy.  Daddy, please may I stay with Roy and
the others for the rest of the day?” Charlotte
pleaded, looking up at her father with her big eyes
and winsome smile.

How could any man say no to that?  Her father agreed,
but on condition that we were inside our flat by one
o’clock, an hour before the storm was due, and stayed
there.  He used his mobile phone to let Marina’s
parents know what was happening.  They had not heard
the news, but decided to abandon their plans, return
to their flat for lunch, and invited us to join them
at one o’clock.

(To be continued)


It was so humid that all we wanted to do was swim, but
we would be expected to wear swimming costumes on the
local beaches.  Despite that, we agreed to do that,
and went back to our flat for our costumes.

“Oh no, I haven’t got my costume with me,” moaned
Charlotte.  “I’ll have to phone my daddy on his mobile

“He said he was going to the office - he won’t want to
go back home for your costume and then bring it round
to you,” I pointed out.  “I don’t think you can bother
him about that.”

“I can swim in my shorts and Charlotte can borrow my
costume,” suggested Scott.

Charlotte looked a bit dubious about the prospect of
wearing a boy’s costume, but she agreed, as there was
no alternative she could think of.  This would not be
a problem on the beach, since many girls her age, and
of any age, often went topless there.

Marina and Shelley went to their room to get their
costumes – as expected, Marina wore a normal full-size
girl’s costume, while Shelley wore only a bikini
bottom.  Her tiny pointed breasts were not likely to
offend anyone, in any case.  Charlotte came in to our
room to collect a costume from Scott.

Scott handed her his little green costume and then
pulled off his shirt, and pulled down his own shorts
and underpants together, standing in front of her
quite happily naked.  “Nobody will know it’s a boy’s
costume,” he assured her as she examined it carefully.

Charlotte eventually decided to go for it, and took
down her own shorts and panties to put it on, while
Scott stood naked watching her.  She now seemed quite
unconcerned about Scott seeing her naked, although
things would no doubt have been different with Greg
and Rodney!

As she pulled it up, Scott said to her, “I need a wee
before we go.  Come and I’ll show you how boys wee.” 
They disappeared into the bathroom together, and I
heard Scott say proudly, “Like this.”  After a couple
of seconds there was a splashing of urine into the

I went into the bathroom to wash my hands – that was
my excuse, anyway! – in time to see Charlotte sit down
on the toilet seat and urinate for Scott, which I
would never have thought possible the day before. 
“Shelley hates sitting down to do a wee,” Scott
informed her.  “She likes standing up like boys do.”

When Marina and Shelley were ready, Scott flung open
the front door, marched out and then marched straight
back in again as he remembered something, just as
Marina was calling out to him.  He was still naked. 
Seemingly quite unbothered, he went back to put his
shorts on.  He seemed unconcerned about anybody seeing
him naked now, and I would just have to watch and make
sure he didn’t overdo the exposure.

We swam in the sea for a while before finding our own
spot on the sand, under a palm tree, before we went
back.  Scott had eyes for no one except Charlotte now.
 Ignoring the rest of us, he sat opposite her and
talked and joked and boasted.  Charlotte seemed to
enjoy it, although at times she wanted to talk herself
and found it difficult to get a word in.

He started off sitting with his back to the tree,
cross-legged, with his wet shorts sticking to his
thighs and a little pink testicle quite visible. 
After a few minutes he put one knee up and the other
spread out to one side.  His little penis popped out
of the leg of his shorts, sniffed the air, decided it
liked it and would stay.  Charlotte must have seen
everything dangling out of his shorts – not that Scott
has the apparatus to dangle very far – but she said
nothing.  Marina probably would have said something
quietly had she noticed, but she didn’t.

We went back to our flat as we had promised in time
for one o’clock.  There was no sign of a storm, but
there seemed hardly a breath of air.  “I don’t feel
like wearing any clothes.  It’s too hot!” announced
Scott, stark naked now, standing in the middle of the
room in all his glory.

Marina smiled.  “I’m not going to make you wear
anything this time,” she said.  “Are you going to walk
over to mum and dad for lunch like that?”

“Yes,” announced Scott, walking to the front door with
a big grin on his face, going behind it, opening it
and then shutting it again.  Then he went reluctantly
to put his clothes on.

We had lunch, and the storm had still not arrived. 
Marina’s mother suggested that we all stay in their
flat during the storm, but we decided we were not
afraid of it and would return to our own flat.

“Shall we play cards or something?” suggested Marina
as we went inside, going over to the small games box
they had brought with them.

“May I take my clothes off now?” demanded rather than
asked Scott, pulling the elastic on his shorts down to
expose his underpants down to the crotch.

Marina hesitated, but Charlotte giggled and said, “My
brother says there’s a card game called strip poker. 
I think you’d enjoy playing that, Scott!”

“Strip poker?  How do you play that?” Scott wanted to

“It’s like ordinary poker, except when you lose you
take off a piece of your clothes,” explained
Charlotte, sounding as if she really knew little about
it.  “When you’ve no clothes left, you’re out.”

Scott giggled naughtily.  “Let’s play it!” he said. 
“Roy, may we play strip poker?  Do you know the

“Well, it’s fine by me,” I agreed.  But then, using
subtle pressure as usual, I added, “As long as Marina
doesn’t mind.”

Marina looked rather doubtful, but Shelley chipped in.
 “Oh, Marina, don’t be a spoilsport,” she urged her. 
“You’re always so fussy!”

“No, she isn’t,” I countered.  “Marina doesn’t have to
play if she’s shy.”

“You know I’m not shy,” Marina told me, seeing through
my argument this time, I thought.  “All right, I’ll

I thought we would need to make up our own rules for a
group of five, so we discussed the matter.  “Hurry
up,” Scott urged us.  “I want to lose so I can lose my

We decided that after each game the four losers would
draw a card each from the pack.  The one who drew the
lowest card would take something off – if there was a
tie, those who tied would both lose an article of

“Marina has an extra life because she has fewer top
clothes than the rest of us,” I said, wanting to save
her possible embarrassment.  Marina was wearing a
dress, while Shelley had on a skirt and top, and the
rest of us shorts and shirts.

I was the only one who actually knew much about poker,
so I had to teach them.  They were very poor players
until they got used to it, which meant that I won all
the early games.  It was too easy to read the
expressions on their faces to tell what sort of hand
they had, especially Scott’s, although most of the
early expressions were of bewilderment more than

Marina was actually the first to draw a lowest card,
so she lost her extra life.  Scott was next.  “I’m
taking my underpants off first,” he announced.  He lay
on his back, reached inside his shorts, pulled his
underpants off one leg and then did the same with the
other.  His shorts came half down in the process, and
Charlotte gave him a playful spank on the bare bottom,
laughing gleefully.  He sat down cross-legged, with
his penis dangling out of his shorts.  This time I
suspected it might have been deliberate.

Shelley lost the next game and flung away her top. 
Then Marina lost again, and I could see she was rather
shy about it.  But she was also learning faster than
any of the others.  Rather than take her dress off
yet, she slipped off her panties from underneath it. 
I have seen Marina naked quite a few times, but it
never fails to excite me.  The sight of her soft white
panties slipping out and over her legs, and a quick
glimpse of the curve of her bottom under her skirt was
enough to send my penis somewhat out of control.

“That bird seems to know there’s a storm coming,” I
said, pointing out of the window opposite me.  While
all heads were turned, I quickly adjusted my penis and
got a bit of relief inside my shorts.  I then had to
explain that they had just missed it.

I could tell Marina wasn’t happy about the possibility
of losing the next game and having to go naked before
anybody else was even down to their underwear.  So,
once my penis had subsided a bit, I suggested, “It
isn’t really fair for me to play and win all the time
when I’m the only one who really knows the game. 
Maybe I should just stay out and let you all play, and
help you when you need it.  Besides, I’m too hot, so I
want to get my clothes off!”  Outside the sky seemed
to be going grey, but it was still stiflingly hot.

Marina looked a bit brighter at this, and the others
all agreed.  So I happily took off my clothes, finding
that even my penis was dripping with sweat.  “And when
we lose you have to undress us,” added Scott, making a
new rule.

“Yes, Roy, you can do that,” agreed Shelley.

“Only for people who don’t mind,” I insisted.

“I haven’t lost at all yet,” said Charlotte, with a
mixture of pride and relief.

So they played on without me, so I could see their
cards and whisper in their ears when I had a
suggestion.  I helped Marina to win the next game, and
I helped Scott to cheat so he could draw the lowest
card for the losers.  Grabbing him quickly, I pulled
him back against me and removed his shirt, tickling
him liberally in the process so that he squealed and
kicked over the pile of cards.

Then Charlotte finally lost the cut, Marina winning
again.  When I asked Charlotte if she wanted help
undressing, she nodded with her mischievous grin and a
gleam in her eyes.  I tickled her gently as I pulled
off her shirt, and then Scott joined in, gently at
first and then a bit too roughly.  I had to pull him
off as Charlotte became cross and her ribs showed red
marks.  Scott still needs to understand how fragile
little girls can be, and how quickly they learn to
love those who are gentle with them.

Charlotte fought back by winning the next game, and I
could tell Marina was tense as they cut for the loser.
 I helped her pull out a king, and then helped Scott
with a two.  “Oh, no!” he exclaimed, with an
expression of glee on his face.  “I’m out!  I’m going
to be naked like you, Roy!”  So saying, he flung
himself on top of me, wrapping his arms round my neck
and slobbering a kiss on my cheek as well.  I wondered
if he was visualising Charlotte as he did so.

We had a good wrestling match as I pretended how
difficult it was to take his shorts off, running his
penis gently through my fingers two or three times as
I did so, as he likes me to do.  Unfortunately this
had the effect of making it rather stiff.  He was flat
on his back as I finally pulled the shorts off his
feet, wriggling, with his little penis stuck up
vertically and tiny pink testicles bouncing up and
down underneath.

Scott brought his legs down and sat with them
stretched straight in front of him and thin little
penis still sticking up, a cheeky expression on his
face.  He seemed very proud of a penis that was now a
terrifying six centimetres long.  Charlotte was
looking quite shocked and it was clear she knew
nothing about this phenomenon.

“Scott,” came Marina’s disapproving voice.  With a
playful expression on his face, Scott turned round,
grabbed one of his socks and put it over his penis,
sitting up now with a wicked gleam in his eye.  This
brought a very brief lecture from his sister, who
quickly persuaded him to throw away the sock and
behave more modestly.  Then he glanced at Charlotte,
who was looking away, clearly put off by his
behaviour.  He went slightly red and was quiet for a
few minutes, realising he had been too silly.

I know it makes Marina sound rather prudish when I
write about this, but believe me she isn’t – girls
seem more delicate about proper and improper behaviour
than boys, and unlike many girls she is prepared to
say quietly when she thinks something is going too
far.  The girls I have no time for are those like
Andrea, who will so easily be led astray, giggling and
squealing, by the likes of creeps like Harold.  Marina
was rather confused about ordinary nakedness when I
first met her, but she soon learned the difference
between that and lewd behaviour.  I cannot help but
admire the influence she has over Scott, and over
other girls as well.

I told Scott he was still allowed to play, but if he
lost again he had to take his skin off this time – and
if he couldn’t do that, then he was finished.  This
kept him involved, and I managed to arrange for
Shelley to lose the next draw, when I had the pleasure
of removing her skirt, and also the one after that,
when I removed her brilliant white panties, tenderly
and sensuously.  As with Scott, we wrestled about it
before I gently got my hand down the front of her
panties and removed them by pushing at the gusset.

“Remember you can take off your things yourself or ask
me to do it,” I announced to nobody in particular as
the giggling and naked Shelley sat cross-legged ready
for her last chance.  I never force myself on any
girls, and was a bit afraid Charlotte might be
frightened at being touched as intimately as I did
Scott and Shelley.

Shelley also lost the next cut, which put her out of
the game.  She went over to the window and looked out.
 “The sky’s getting very dark,” she said, her cute
bare bottom towards the rest of us.  “And the wind’s
blowing hard.”

We could hear angry rumbles of thunder as well as we
played the next game, which I arranged for Charlotte
to lose.  I gently removed her shorts, hardly touching
her skin in case she was worried, and she allowed me
to do so with a few trusting giggles.  I let the next
game run its course, and Charlotte lost again – time
for her panties now.  She felt a bit tense, but smiled
tremulously at me as I put my arms round her and
gently slid them down her legs, taking care not to
touch her anywhere delicate.  Looking at Scott, I
could see he was looking on, trying to disguise his
interest, but his penis was jerking up and giving the
game away, had the girls been watching it.  All of us
were now naked except for Marina.

The wind was starting to howl around the house, and
leaves were flying everywhere outside as the trees
strained and bent.  The thunder became louder and more
frequent.  “Let’s finish now,” suggested Marina,
putting her cards down.  “Roy, I give up this game so
you can take my dress off.”

Gladly I did so, running the palms of my hands
tenderly over the little peaks on her chest as I did
so and kissing her ever so gently on the back of her
neck.  She looked at me with her eyes sparkling with
love, her cheeks rosy and her lips parted in a
beautiful smile.  Then she jumped, as there was a loud
crack of thunder almost overhead.

The five of us, all naked, crowded to the back window
to watch.  We were overlooked by some other villas
further up the hillside, but nobody was visible there
and they would have been too far away to see much of
us.  The wind threatened to uproot the trees, and then
suddenly with a roar the rain began pelting down and
there was a terrific flash of lightning and an
instantaneous bang of thunder.

The others all screamed, and Charlotte flung herself
into my arms and buried her face in my armpit.  Since
I had been sweating a lot, I could only assume she was
too scared to smell me!  “Me too!” yelled Scott,
throwing his arms as far as he could round both of us
and pushing his face right next to Charlotte’s. 
Clearly it wasn’t only protection from me he was
after, as he used this as an excuse to snuggle up nice
and close with her, although she was too scared, I
think, even to notice his presence at that moment.

Marina still looked startled from the bang, but
playfully came to me.  “Me too?” she whispered with a
mischievous smile, and I put my spare arm around her. 
Then Shelley didn’t want to be left out and tried to
find a way in.  All the pressure on my front caused me
to take a step back, but I still lost my balance and
fell over, just at the instant of the next flash and
bang.  We all landed in a startled heap on the floor,
struggling together and with Scott’s foot squashing my
penis.  I laughed aloud, and the others began to join
in shakily.

The thunder and lightning soon passed over, but the
rain continued to pelt down, beautiful and cool after
the stifling heat.  Suddenly Scott yelled, “I’m going
to play!” and went dashing out through the French
windows into the rain.  Within two seconds we were all
running after him, squealing and leaping with joy,
chasing each other and enjoying the beautiful fresh
cool rain, hard though it was pelting down.  Within
seconds it was pouring into my eyes and it was hard to
see anything.

As usual the others were all soon chasing me, and I
was unwise enough to allow myself to be caught in a
bare patch of the back garden.  We all found ourselves
rolling about in mud.  I wrestled with the others, and
as usual in such watery, muddy situations we managed
to touch each other in unusual places without anybody
worrying.  As I grabbed Marina, I could feel a little
pointed nipple rub my cheek, then I felt Charlotte put
a hand on my penis.  It was quite accidental on her
part and she whipped it away smartly when she realised
what she had done.  Scott was wrestling with her, and
they rolled over together, his arms round her and his
penis pressed against her hip.  Moments later, as she
leapt on me, I had my hand down between her legs to
roll her over, but she didn’t seem to mind.  All this
time the rain was pouring down so hard we were
continually being blinded by the torrents of water.

In a very short time we were lying in a heap, in the
mud and the pouring rain, laughing and gasping for
breath.  The rain began to ease off a little, although
it was still coming down steadily.

Marina looked at me with her wide brown eyes and said,
“Roy, I think we’ll need to wash this mud off before
we go inside again.”

“And wash the water off as well,” insisted Scott,
clutching his penis and testicles with one hand.

With much hilarity, we pulled each other up and stared
at each other.  We were streaked with mud, much of it
washed away already.  Charlotte in particular was
almost unrecognisable, muddy hair down her face and
her cute little bare bottom especially smeared in mud
from where she had been sitting in it.

We went over towards the house, the rain still pelting
down.  I managed to reach inside the bathroom window,
sheltered under the overhanging eaves, and pulled out
two towels and a roll of toilet paper.  “We’d better
take it in turns to clean and dry each other,” I said.

We left the towels in the shelter of the eaves and
stood out in the rain, using the toilet paper to wipe
down each other’s bodies.  “Charlotte, let’s us two
clean each other,” suggested Scott, his eyes sparkling
eagerly.  Charlotte glanced at me, but I was busy with
Marina, so she looked back at him and nodded.

Shelley and I got to work on Marina.  We brushed the
mud out of her hair as best we could and then set to
work on the rest of her body.  I worked on the front,
while Shelley did the back.  It was so thrilling to
feel the firm shape of her chest under my fingers, the
low firm swellings that would become her breasts, and
the nipples on top, just a little larger and firmer
than a boy’s.  As I worked my way down, she stood with
her legs apart so I could clean between them.

“Do you want me to clean – down here?” I asked her
hesitantly, hardly able to believe that she would
allow such intimacy.  She smiled and nodded shyly.  My
stomach lunged as I wiped, with fingers and toilet
paper, feeling the tiny brush of down that was just
beginning to grow at the top, feeling the soft slit of
her delicate little vagina under my fingers, and the
soft loose skin at the bottom.  I had done that with
Shelley many times, but it was something special,
something sacred, with Marina.

Almost in a dream I noticed something similar
happening with the younger ones.  Charlotte was just
finishing washing Scott.  “You haven’t cleaned Willy,”
he protested.

Charlotte looked startled.  “Do you want me to?” she
asked nervously.

“Yes,” answered Scott firmly, folding his arms,
grinning and looking rather naughty.  His penis was
tight and shiny and dripping water steadily just as if
he was urinating, which may have helped to put
Charlotte off.  She was clearly uncomfortable as she
wiped Willy down with some sodden toilet paper, afraid
to touch more than she could help it.

Shelley and I finished with Marina, and then we
started on her.  She is a few months younger than
Marina but they are developing differently.  Marina
looks to have two small, very flat cones on her chest,
with a little firm nipple on the top of each. 
Shelley’s chest, on the other hand, still looks
exactly like a boy’s, except that her nipples stick up
from her otherwise flat chest into cute little points,
still soft and wobbly under the fingers, and quite
sensitive if I am not careful how I touch them.  I
worked my fingers very carefully around them, as if
they were made of china.

I had no hesitation about washing between Shelley’s
legs, as we are so familiar with each other and I had
done that sort of thing so often before, usually just
in loving, trustful playfulness and petting.  It is
still virtually hairless, except for one or two long
hairs underneath that were hanging down and dripping
with water, which I wiped.  This beautiful, trusting
cousin of mine!

Meanwhile Scott was eagerly washing Charlotte,
grinning unashamedly as he wiped off her muddy bottom.
 But she was not prepared to let him loose between her
legs, to his obvious chagrin.  She insisted on wiping
herself down there, and he could only stand and watch
mournfully, his face looking as droopy as his penis
now was.

Marina and Shelley now got to work on me.  To Shelley
fell the honour of cleaning my penis and testicles,
and she did the job as lovingly and gently as I had
done with her.  Scott and Charlotte came to help when
they had finished each other, and soon we were all
standing in the rain, which was just trailing off,
shiny and pink and naked and smiling.

Then we grabbed the towels, stood under the eaves and
dried each other, just as we had washed each other. 
This time, though, Charlotte insisted on having me dry
her rather than Scott.  Smiling into her lovely hazel
eyes, I wrapped a towel tightly around her, lifted her
up from the ground, and then squatted with her leaning
against me while I dried her.  Scott also came to help
rub, and she was quite happy for him to do so.

“Do you want to dry between your legs yourself?” I
asked her gently when we had done everywhere else.

“You do it,” she whispered, half-covering her face and
smiling at me shyly, head on one side.  I kissed her
gently on her soft wet cheek and then dried her very
tenderly between her legs, not allowing my hand to
touch her skin, except just at the end when I could
not resist it any longer.  As I took away the towel, I
brushed the back of my knuckles against her vagina and
could feel for a wonderful instant those soft fleshy
lips on my skin.  She didn’t seem to notice.

Mostly dry now, although our hair was still quite
damp, we trooped inside.  I headed for my bed and
threw myself down on it, on my back, holding my arms
out to the others to join me if they wanted.  They all
tried to get on at once and there wasn’t enough room,
so we pushed Scott’s bed over to make it a double bed,
with room for all of us.

I lay on my back, warm but fresh now.  Marina snuggled
up on one side of me, head back on my chest.  Shelley
and Charlotte shared the other with some difficulty,
with Scott on top of me, his hipbone pressing against
my penis and his dangling down the side of my thigh. 
We lay there, enjoying the soft feel of each other’s
fresh bodies and talking quietly and lovingly.  I
remember Charlotte saying, “I never knew being naked
could be so wonderful.”

Later on we used a hair dryer to dry our hair, and I
think we did a pretty good job of disguising the fact
to parents that we had ever been wet.  I was so busy
enjoying the company, the intimacy, that I have no
idea when the rain and the wind stopped.  About two
hours later, when I began to take notice of such
things, I could see that the sky was now grey and the
weather was hot, but it was calm and no longer humid. 
I was sure the next day would be fine for our boat

Marina and Scott spent a short while alone with their
parents that evening, and when they returned Marina
told me about a narrow escape we had all had.  Her
father had brought them both to sit on his lap, and
when they were doing so he said to them, “I saw a very
strange thing when I was watching the storm out of our
back window this afternoon.  I saw some naked children
running around in your back garden.  Do you know who
they were?”

Marina told me she felt then as if she was ready to
die, she was so appalled to know we had been found
out.  But she never lies, so she looked down in shame
and horror and admitted in a whisper, “I’m sorry,
Daddy, it was us.”  Fortunately, I gathered, Scott had
had the sense to keep his mouth shut.

“Well, that was very naughty of you,” replied her
father.  “If you do that again, I shall have to
confiscate your clothes.”

It took a few seconds for Marina to take in the
implications of his reply.  Then she looked up at him,
mouth open.  He was looking at her with an
expressionless face, but with a distinct twinkle in
his eye.  Then she saw a little smile playing around
his lips.  We were not in trouble after all!

After a minute he said to her, “I know I can trust you
never to do anything wrong, though, Marina.  I don’t
think anybody else could see you.”

Overwhelmed with relief, she answered, “Yes, Daddy,”
and wrapped her arms round his neck, kissing him
gratefully.  She didn’t tell me what he said to Scott.
 But her father was right – he can always trust
Marina.  I would never do anything wrong or indecent
to her, or anything she doesn’t want me to do.  But if
I did, I know she would let me know, in her own loving

I felt quite shocked myself, to know that we had been
seen.  But when I thought about it, I realised that he
could only have seen a very little of our activities. 
He could certainly not have seen the mud patch, or us
cleaning and drying each other under the eaves, from
his back window, or he might have been a little less

I wondered if we might have been seen from any of the
villas further up the hill, but thought it unlikely –
if anybody had seen us, he would have had a very
unclear view through all that rain.  Still, it was a
warning to me to be careful.

(To be continued)


Next morning I awoke to the merry sound of Scott
splashing urine into the toilet bowl and singing in a
high up-and-down falsetto, like a police car,
“Wee-wee, wee-wee, wee-wee . . .”  Life is never dull
with Scott around.  As he came out of the bathroom
again I was ready to hand him his wine bottle, which
he brushed aside with mock annoyance, and then started
laughing as he remembered his misadventure of
twenty-four hours earlier.

“I can’t wait to go to the beach today,” Scott gurgled
excitedly.  “I wonder who Charlotte’s three friends
will be.  I hope they’re pretty.  I can’t wait to see
them all naked.”  He half-bent forward, clutching at
his penis, which was misbehaving again.

That sort of talk turns me off.  “Is that how a
gentleman would talk?” I asked him.

Scott went a bit red.  “Well, you like seeing girls
naked, too,” he mumbled.

“Yes, but for different reasons,” I explained firmly. 
“When a girl trusts you by letting you see her naked,
it’s a very special thing for her.  It’s a sign that’s
she trusts you and that you’re special to her – nice
girls, anyway.  It’s a very special gift she’s giving
you, and if you just think of it as something you
goggle your eyes at, you’re being very insulting.  To
a girl, it’s part of a special relationship.  I like
seeing girls naked because I love them to trust me,
and I enjoy their beauty.

“If all you want with Charlotte and others is to see
something you think you’re not supposed to see, you’re
insulting her.  To her, she’s giving you a wonderful
gift by trusting you, and you can’t be trusted.  It’s
the same with their panties.  You can often see them
without the girls knowing, but if they deliberately
let you see them, that’s a gift too.  Girls are very
vulnerable, very lovely, and I want to be a gentleman
and look after them and protect them.”

Scott looked rather ashamed.  Of course, what I said
is not true for every girl.  For naturist girls,
nakedness is not an issue.  For some girls, silly
girls, usually those who feel worthless and they have
nothing other than their sexual parts to attract boys,
it becomes something to show off and be silly about. 
We were soon to meet one of those.  But to me, finding
a girl who is not a naturist and getting her to trust
me so much that she actually wants me to see her naked
is something special.  It’s also great to see them set
free from fear of nakedness, free to enjoy being naked
and unashamed of it.

The four of us went down to the harbour for half past
nine, where we were going to meet Charlotte and her
friends.  I knew I would also need to meet the parents
of Charlotte’s friends and assure them that I was a
suitable person to look after their daughters, so I
was ready for that.  The day was hot and sunny again,
although the sea was just a little rough still after
the storm.  The weather forecast was good – storms
like that rarely happen more than once or twice a

We arrived a couple of minutes early, but Charlotte
and her dad were already waiting for us.  Charlotte
had kept her promise and was wearing a dress – well, a
skirt and blouse actually.  It was a white blouse,
loose and frilly, and a tartan skirt that was short,
pleated and hanging nicely out over her bottom.  She
looked quite delightful, and I could see Scott looking
at her almost with his tongue hanging out.  He could
hardly take his eyes off her.

“Hey, Charlotte, you look lovely dressed like that,” I
complimented her, looking at her in admiration.  She
looked slightly coy and murmured her thanks.

“Yes, she can do it when she wants to,” her father
smiled proudly.  “She said she wanted to wear some of
her prettiest clothes for you today, so you may
consider that an honour!  She usually likes to be a

“What a waste that would be,” I grinned.

The first of her friends had arrived, it seemed.  A
little girl in a light green dress was standing there
with her father.  She had very fair hair, almost
white; she wore little round glasses over very pale
blue eyes, and had slightly buck teeth.  She did not
look very attractive, but she did look very
vulnerable.  She glanced at me and looked down,
obviously frightened by the sight of me.  She might
have been even more frightened if I had been without
my clothes!

“Good morning,” smiled the man, in a slight foreign
accent.  “This is my daughter Galina.  You will be
taking her out in the boat today.”  I learned later
that they were Polish.

“Yes, sir, I’ll be delighted to have Galina,” I
smiled, shaking his hand.  I bent down to smile at
Galina too, but she was looking at the ground.

“Galina, say good morning and shake hands with . . .
er . . .” her father instructed her, a little sharply.
 “Roy,” I helped him.

Obediently Galina put her hand out and went “Mmm,” or
something like that.  I bent lower and shook her hand
very gently.  “Hello, Galina,” I said in my gentlest
voice, crouching on the ground so that my head was
lower than hers, but still she wouldn’t look at me. 
“Lovely to have you.”

“Galina, I told you to say good morning,” her father
ordered her sternly.

“Oh, she did, sir,” I assured him, standing up again. 
I certainly got the feeling that this was a timid
little girl with a rather overbearing father.  “She
goes to the same school as Charlotte, then?”

I got into a brief conversation with him to take his
attention away from his poor little daughter.  After a
couple of minutes he said, “I will go now.  Galina,
you will do as you are told and behave yourself.  I
will hear when you come back.”  Galina nodded mutely
as he kissed her stiffly on the cheek.  This was one
girl, I thought, who would be too scared to do
anything wrong – or anything right either.  They
didn’t look like the usual free and easy-going
naturists, but Polish people probably didn’t worry too
much about nudity.

Suddenly the thought struck me.  It should have
occurred to me before.  It was Charlotte’s father who
had phoned the parents, and Charlotte almost certainly
would not have told the girls, or even had the chance
to do so!  This could put our day of naturism in
danger unless I handled it very carefully.

I had no time to think any further as Charlotte’s next
friend had arrived with both her parents.  This girl
was a real beauty, I thought, right from the start. 
She was wearing a lovely white dress, which suited
perfectly her black, shoulder-length hair that curled
up a little at the back.  She had such a beautiful
feminine face, with the sort of oval chin that made me
want to take it in my hands and kiss straight away. 
She had lovely deep brown eyes with long black
eyelashes and a beautifully tanned skin that in fact
made me worry that she had actually taken too much of
the sun unprotected – how long her beauty will last if
she keeps tanning at that rate is a bit of a worry.

Her name was Danielle, and she smiled shyly at me,
showing lovely white teeth.  I felt I had never seen
such a beautiful girl before, except perhaps for
Nicky, the little blonde beauty I still have much to
do with in Shelley’s class at school.  I could see
Scott looking at Danielle with interest and approval,
but without quite the same spark I had seen when he
first met Charlotte.  I suspected he was mentally
undressing her, but at least he didn’t make it too

I said hello to her and chatted to her parents for a
minute or two while the third girl arrived.  This one
was although different, and quickly struck me as the
sort of girl I try to avoid.  She was slightly plump,
with a round red freckled face, not very attractive,
but I didn’t hold this against her.  She had shortish
brown hair with a long fringe, and she smiled at me
with an almost licentious smile and gave a deep
throaty suggestive giggle.  This girl, I quickly
discovered, had about the dirtiest laugh I had ever
heard, and she used it often.  This was trouble, if I
ever knew it.  Her name, I discovered, was Kimberley. 
She was wearing a patterned dress, the main colours
being dark blue, purple and crimson.

Her father, who brought her, did not seem very
interested in talking to me.  I got the impression
that he was not very interested in being a good father
to Kimberley, either, but with that sort of daughter I
didn’t blame him.  But then I realised that probably
his lack of real attention had much to do with the way
his daughter was growing up.

“Dad, I need some money,” demanded Kimberley, just as
he was about to leave with a cursory goodbye.

“All right, here’s some money,” replied her father,
with a touch of annoyance, opening his wallet and
handing her briskly a 1000-punta note.  Shelley and
Charlotte both saw it, and gasped when they saw how
much it was.  “Get something for your friends as
well,” he said, turning on his heel and walking away
with a nod to the rest of us.  Kimberley chuckled with
glee and held it up boastfully for us all to see,
without thanking her father or even looking after him
as he went.

I had just seen Danielle and her parents hugging each
other goodbye affectionately, and Charlotte was doing
that with her father right now.  Galina’s father had
been a lot more formal, but it was clear he did care
for his daughter, even if he seemed too harsh with
her.  Kimberley’s father just didn’t seem to care, but
obviously she was used to it.

Charlotte’s father finished saying goodbye to her and
gave her a mobile phone, so that she could contact him
if we ran into any problems.  Boating accidents in
good weather are almost unheard of in this part of the
country, by the Mediterranean, and there were eight
life jackets and a little dinghy in his motorboat, so
neither he nor any of the other fathers were any more
concerned than if I was taking their girls for a drive
in the car.

I climbed down the steps and into the boat.  Standing
up in it, my head was about level with the feet of the
others, standing on the dock.  I looked up at them and
said, “Right, let’s go, then.”

Charlotte’s pleated tartan skirt spread out nicely,
something I always find attractive in a skirt, whether
it reveals anything more easily or not.  Looking up at
her, I could easily see the gusset of her
cream-coloured panties as she stood there just above
my head, looking down at me unaware of that.  Shelley
turned and started to climb down the ladder beside me.
 As she did so, Galina lifted a leg slightly to adjust
her shoe, giving me a glimpse of her plain thin white
cotton panties.  I smiled to myself, loving her for
her vulnerability.  The others climbed down one by
one, with Charlotte’s skirt flapping up delightfully
in the breeze.

Before we set off, I made them others all sit down and
listen.  They did so silently for the most part, the
three new girls all very quiet, although Kimberley
gave me a leering grin.  Charlotte bent down with her
back to me to put down her bag, her skirt going up as
she did so.  It is always a beautiful sight to see
soft white panties against a background of bright
colour, and especially a skirt as lovely as that.  I
quickly gave them all a one-minute safety lecture on
what to do if we ran into any trouble, just as they do
on bigger ships and aeroplanes.  As they sat, I showed
them how to put on a life jacket, using a grinning
Scott as an exhibit.

The girls were sitting on the seats facing me as I did
so.  I could just see the white of Danielle’s panties
as she sat with her legs together watching me, but
with a gap across the top of her thighs that a
slightly tight skirt did not cover.  Kimberley was
sitting with a naughty grin on her face, knees well
apart, arms on knees, carelessly or deliberately
revealing her panties, made up of pale purple and
dirty white patterns.

All the time I was thinking of how to handle the
awkward situation of taking three girls to a naturist
beach, perhaps for the first time, when they didn’t
yet know it.  It would be asking for trouble to take
them there if they were unhappy about going, but I was
confident that if I could get them to agree to go,
with a little gentle and cunning pressure, they would
be quite happy with that.  So I would get out to sea
first, when it would be more difficult for them to
express a wish to return, and then see about it.  I
started the engine and we moved slowly out towards the
sea, weaving among numerous other small boats as we
did so.

The others were very excited and interested, waving
and calling to those on other boats.  Charlotte spent
most of the time kneeling on her bench seat and
leaning forward over the side of the boat.  Every time
she did so, I could see the curve of her cream panties
covering her bottom visible just beneath the hem, with
the wind sometimes blowing it up more.  As we reached
the open water, I could no longer resist the
temptation.  I strolled over the couple of metres
between us and patted her gently on the bottom, under
her skirt, then rubbed her gently just on the elastic
hem of her panties, enjoying the feel of the cotton
under my fingers and the palm of my hand.  Charlotte
turned and smiled at me with her beautiful honey eyes,
not realising I’m sure that my hands were under rather
than on top of her skirt.

The other girls wore longer skirts, although they
often blew in the breeze.  Shelley in particular had
her flimsy skirt blowing up and around, and thoroughly
enjoyed it as usual, throwing back her head and
laughing with upstretched arms as a particularly
strong gust whipped her skirt up above her waist for a
moment.  Interestingly, Shelley’s underwear and
nakedness have never interested Scott, probably
because she is so uninhibited about them and he tends
to get more excited about what is forbidden.  He was
still very interested in Charlotte, but right now he
was so interested in what else was going on that he
only occasionally remembered to look round and see if
she had anything visible.

Charlotte’s friends were also enjoying the trip, with
even Galina venturing to smile occasionally.  She and
Danielle sat quietly on their seats, as did Marina,
looking out over the side, generally with their legs
demurely together.  Kimberley, though, was all over
the place, dashing from side to side, talking almost
non-stop and giving her dirty laugh regularly.  She
tried to get my attention all the time, but I kept her
at arm’s length, not liking her silliness.  

At one point she deliberately pretended to fall over
backwards on the floor in front of me, laughing and
splaying her legs wide to give me the best possible
view of her bulging white and purple panties.  I find
a lot of girls often do this sort of thing
deliberately in front of me, but out of an eagerness
to trust me.  Kimberley’s display seemed almost

On another occasion, when a splash of water flew into
her face, she deliberately lifted the hem of her dress
and laboriously wiped it dry.  Of course, this showed
me the full expanse of her panties, well filled but a
little baggy.  A small roll of fat bulged over the
top, with a large deep belly button near the top of
it.  She smiled slyly at me as she put her dress down
again.  “I’m glad you didn’t tickle my tummy,” she
said meaningfully.  “I’m very ticklish.  Especially
under my arms.  And under my legs,” she added, giving
a dirty cackle and putting down a hand to her crotch,
wriggling in what I’m sure she thought was a sexy way.

After about ten minutes we were around half a
kilometre out to sea, well away from any other boat. 
I had agreed with Charlotte’s dad that we would keep
well within sight of land.  Some of the others were
sitting and some were turned round and kneeling on the
seats so as to see better.  I could sense Scott
getting excited, and hoped he would help solve the
problem by broaching the subject.  Sure enough, he
did.  Standing up and turning to me, he grabbed hold
of his shirt and said, “Roy, may we take our clothes
off now?”

“If Charlotte’s friends don’t mind,” I answered. 
Scott whipped off his shirt.  “Charlotte, I trust your
friends are all happy about where we’re going?  Scott,
hang on!”  Scott was just whipping off his shorts and
now wearing nothing but his pale blue underpants.

A glance at Danielle’s shocked face at Scott’s
striptease told me that she, for one, had no idea
where we were going.  Galina’s mouth was open as she
stared at Scott, but otherwise showed no expression. 
Probably in a harsh household she had learned to keep
her feelings well hidden.  “Scott!” Kimberley
exclaimed, sounding shocked but with a big grin on her
face.  She gave her dirty giggle.

Charlotte looked rather guilty.  “Roy, I – I couldn’t
talk to them because my dad phoned their dads,” she
explained anxiously.  “I couldn’t tell them in
private, but I asked my dad to phone people I thought
wouldn’t mind.  I think.”

“Where are we going?” asked Danielle, her pretty face
looking rather scared, as if she was wondering whether
she was being kidnapped.

I stopped the boat.  “Well, you’d better tell them
now,” I said to Charlotte, thinking it would be better
coming from her rather than from me.  Scott stood
there impatiently, waiting to remove his underpants
and share Willy with his new friends.

“On Wednesday we went to a wonderful beach at Norigo,”
she told them rather nervously as they stared at her. 
“It – it’s a natur – a beach where people don’t have
to wear clothes.  And we didn’t, and – and it was
wonderful!  You feel so free without any clothes, and
nobody stares at you or laughs at you or says
anything, because everyone is like that.  So I wanted
to go again, and I invited you because – I hope you’ll
enjoy it.  I thought we could go by sea.”

“Try it, girls, it’s wonderful,” Shelley encouraged
them, perhaps too eager.  “You’ll feel shy at first if
you haven’t done it before, but soon you’ll love it!”

Galina was still staring with her mouth open, and it
was impossible to tell what she was thinking. 
Danielle was quite obvious, though: she was very
shocked and nervous.  Kimberley’s eyes gleamed with
excitement.  “Ooh, naked!” she squealed with her dirty
giggle.  She stood up, reached under her dress with
both hands and pulled her panties down to her knees,
dress still covering the vital area.  “We’re going to
be naked!” she burbled.  Still holding on to her
panties, she looked up at me with a very naughty grin,
and giggled rudely again.  Then she pulled up her
panties, also flicking up the front of her dress far
enough to give another flash of her plump stomach and
belly button.

“Kimberley, it’s nothing to be silly or rude about,” I
reprimanded her, sensing Marina’s disapproval. 
“Girls, I’m sorry you didn’t know before we started
about all this.  I promise you, nobody has to go
naked.  You can keep your clothes on all the time if
you want.  But the rest of us would like to go naked. 
If you’re still not happy about it, we can turn back,
and I’ll phone your dads and ask them to pick you up
and take you home.  But I really hope you’ll all stay,
and I promise you that it’s quite all right for you to
keep your clothes on if you want to.”

“I don’t mind being naked,” giggled Kimberley, lifting
the front of her dress again and looking saucily at
Scott, who had his thumbs in the top of his underpants
ready for take-off.  “I’ll go.”

I looked at the other two.  It was always good policy
to begin with those most in favour, which made it more
difficult for those who were not in favour to be begin
with to refuse.  Danielle was certainly against at the
moment, but I thought I wouldn’t have too much trouble
persuading Galina, who would probably be more afraid
of causing offence by saying no.  “So you’re happy to
come, then, Kimberley,” I began.  “That’s really
great.”  I looked very pleased, though that was just
for effect on the other two.

“May we undress now, please, Roy?” demanded Scott

“Wait a minute,” I instructed him.  I knelt down next
to Galina, who didn’t look very happy – but then, she
had looked a sad little girl from the moment I first
saw her.

“Galina’s very shy,” Charlotte informed me

“I’d love to have you with us, Galina,” I smiled at
her, although she was looking at the floor again. 
“Are you happy to come too, please?”

Galina did not look at all happy, but she nodded her
head and whispered, “All right.”

“That’s wonderful,” I beamed, for Danielle’s benefit. 
“I’m so glad.  Danielle, are you happy to come with us
as well?”

Danielle’s face looked very strained.  “I don’t know,”
she answered.

I looked very disappointed, but before I could say
anything, the others joined it.  “Oh, please,
Danielle, I want you to come,” Charlotte pleaded,
coming over and taking her hand.

“Don’t be so drippy, Danielle, it’ll be so exciting,”
snorted Kimberley.

“Kimberley, you do not talk like that to Danielle,” I
said very strongly, particularly for Danielle’s
benefit.  “We all want her to come, but she doesn’t
have too if she feels afraid of it.”

“Please come with us, Danielle,” Charlotte pleaded. 
Danielle didn’t answer, but I could sense the battle
going on inside her.

“It’ll spoil it for all of us if we have to go back,”
Kimberley told her bluntly, and again I shut her up.

I knelt down next to Danielle and smiled at her. 
“Danielle, if you feel bad about a naturist beach, I
understand,” I told her.  “But I promise you, nobody
will make you take anything off if you don’t want to,
and I won’t allow Kimberley or anybody else to make
you feel bad.  I promise you, I’ll protect you.  If
you want me to turn the boat round and take you back
and get your dad to pick you up again, I’ll do that,
but first do you think you can give it a try?”

If you will allow me to be immodest, my well-known
charm worked again.  Danielle looked at me with her
beautiful dark brown eyes, framed by those lovely long
eyelashes, and I smiled imploringly at her.  Her mouth
twitched as she tried to smile back, and she
whispered, “All right, I’ll try.  As long as I don’t
have to do it.”

“I promise.  Wonderful, I’m so glad,” I gushed,
squeezing her hand gently.  I turned to the others. 
“Wait a minute, Scott.”  His underpants were down
almost to the crotch now as he stopped, the base of
his penis just visible.  He seemed positively eager to
display his attributes to the girls.

I spoke to them all.  “Perhaps it would be best if we
go out to sea a little further, and then all of us who
want to can have a swim in the sea,” I suggested. 
“That will give people who aren’t used to it a chance
to try it by ourselves to start with.  But only if
they want to.  Does that sound all right?”

They nodded their heads, Danielle as well, so I revved
up the motor and began to move the boat further away
from land, where we were not so likely to have other
boats coming near us.

“MayIdoitnow?” gabbled Scott impatiently, tugging at
the front of his underpants.  I heard a gasp from
Danielle as he showed his penis for an instant.  I
don’t think Kimberley was watching at that moment, or
I’m sure she would have made some audible

“All right then, Danielle?” I asked gently.

“I don’t know,” she murmured, looking most

I turned on all my charm again, with a little
pressure.  “If you feel like that and you want to go
home, I understand,” I smiled at her, kneeling down
next to her again and looking deeply into her big
eyes.  “But the others want to, so maybe we should
take you home if you won’t let them.”

Danielle still looked uncomfortable, but then she
whispered, “All right, they can.”

“Yessss!” exulted Scott, hurling off his underpants
and jumping around, his penis bobbing up and down like
a yoyo.  He certainly seemed to have lost all his
fears of public nudity.

Kimberley giggled rudely.  “Oh, Scott, your wee is so
tiny,” she told him, inspecting it rudely.

“I don’t want a big ugly sausage one like Harold,”
snorted Scott.  “But you haven’t got one at all.” 
Marina, I think, couldn’t hear this conversation as
she was upwind of the pair and I, downwind, could only
just hear above the noise of the motor, the sea and
the wind.

Kimberley smiled gloatingly as she began to unbutton
her dress.  “My dad says I’ve got the biggest cunt
he’s ever . . .” she began, then suddenly stopped, as
if she realised she was about to give away a family

“Kimberley, I do not want to hear you use dirty words
like that,” I told her sharply.  “The words you use
show just what sort of a person you are.  Are you a
dirty-minded person?”  The answer already seemed
obvious to me.  But I could not help but wonder about
her father after that.

Kimberley giggled, looking only slightly ashamed, but
didn’t answer that question.  She began to wriggle out
of her dress, trying to be sensuous about it.  I could
see her plump white stomach and the elastic top of her
panties, a baggy dull white.  I began to take my shirt

Of the others, only Shelley was getting undressed at
the moment, as quickly and as naturally as usual. 
Then Charlotte began to follow.  Kimberley looked
round at Shelley as she took her panties off and
giggled throatily again.  “My cunt – my fanny’s bigger
than yours,” she boasted.

“Kimberley, if you’re taking part with us, you do
*not* use rude words or make any silly comments about
other people,” I told her.  “Those are the rules, and
if you will not obey them, I will take you home. 
Naturists do not worry about what bodies look like,
and I will not put up with your rudeness.”  This time
I think I got the message home, as she kept her
comments to herself after that, apart from when she
forgot occasionally, or said something just to test if
the limits were still there.

She still wanted to talk her way through this
experience, though.  “I’m wearing my panties today,”
she announced, which was now obvious.  “I don’t always
wear panties at home.  It teases my dad when I don’t
wear any.”  She giggled rudely.

“Why?” Scott wanted to know.

“He likes to see up my dress, and if I’m wearing no
panties he tickles me,” she giggled.  She was about to
say more, but glanced at me out of the corner of her
eye and decided not to.  Fortunately that answer
satisfied Scott.  I could guess where her father
tickled her, from the look on her face, if he
couldn’t.  I felt disgusted.

Kimberley really seemed to fancy herself as a
striptease artist.  She wriggled out of her dress,
then stood there in her dull white panties, complete
with pale purple patterns, awaiting our admiration. 
Her tubby stomach hung partly over the top in a roll
of white fat.  Her podgy breasts looked quite well
developed for a girl of her age, but they often do
with plump girls, anyway, even if they are composed
mostly of fat.  As I removed my underpants I could
tell she was sizing up my penis.

I have a pretty ordinary penis, I’m glad to say. 
Girls seeing older boys naked for the first time can
very easily be put off by one that is too large or
ugly or hairy, while small ones like Scott’s can be
open to ridicule, although comments made are often due
to embarrassment more than anything else.  I could
sense that Kimberley was ready to make some comment
about mine, but there is not much about it to attract

“My dad has a bigger cock . . .” Kimberley began, and
then stopped suddenly as she remembered.  I stared at
her coldly.  “I forgot,” she mumbled in explanation.

“You’re fat,” Scott accused her, looking at her in
disgust.  “Show us that big fanny you’ve been talking

I grabbed hold of Scott by the shoulder and swung him
round, pointing my finger in his face.  “You heard
what I told Kimberley!” I bellowed at him.  “Don’t you
dare be rude to anybody!”  Part of my act was for
Kimberley’s benefit as well, to remind her to watch
her words very carefully.  Scott went rather pale and
stood quietly by himself at the side for a few
minutes, clutching his penis tightly.

“You can see me if you want,” Kimberley told him, but
he hardly took any notice.  She pulled her panties
down over her fat bottom but kept them up at the front
for a few seconds, just for effect I’m sure.  Then she
sang out, “Da-daa!” and took them off with a grand
gesture, facing in Scott’s direction and giving her
dirty giggle.  Scott looked but did not dare to

I could not quite see at first, as I was half to the
side of her, but I had a real eyeful of her flabby fat
white side and buttocks.  Then she turned towards me
with a big grin on her face, spreading her arms wide
as if to say, “I told you so.”  Then she gave her
dirty laugh again.

I took everything in at a quick glance, trying to look
casual and most uninterested.  But I had to admit she
was right.  Often with fat girls it is difficult to
see the vagina when they are standing upright, as it
tends to get lost under the extra fat and curve of her
loins.  But Kimberley’s vagina was very visible, a
gaping black slit with large folds of fat on either
side.  It looked big enough to stick Scott’s wine
bottle inside, but I did not say so.

“I told you I had a big pussy,” she boasted, turning
round to show the others.  I could see distaste on the
other girls’ faces, although Scott was now beginning
to look interested again.

“Girls, I think we should take Kimberley home,” I said
in a voice filled with disgust.  “We don’t want people
around who show off and say rude and silly things, do

“I think she had better go,” said Shelley firmly.

“Yes, she’s not mature enough to handle it properly,”
put in Marina.  Both of my girls had sensed exactly
the sort of thing I wanted them to say.

“Kimberley, you’re spoiling it all!”  Charlotte,
wearing only her cream panties now, was looking most

Kimberley was looking quite alarmed.  “I’m sorry, I
didn’t mean it,” she exclaimed, standing there in her
flabby white skin.  “I forgot.  I won’t do it again.”

“If you want to stay, you had better watch your
mouth,” I warned her.  “Like I said earlier, proper
naturists are not like that.”

Looking rather abashed, she agreed, and then stood
quietly at the side for a while, with the wind blowing
on her bare white skin.  Charlotte took her panties
off, and she and Scott smiled at each other in mutual
admiration.  Marina stayed dressed for the time being,
as did Galina and Danielle, with Danielle looking
rather uncomfortable.

(To be continued)


At last we reached a place on the open sea, with land
well in sight but with no other boats around.  I
stopped the engine and stood up.

“Right, let’s swim here for a while,” I said.  “Since
we’re out at sea, we need to make sure we are safe. 
So, Marina and Shelley, I think we need to take it in
turns to stay on board and keep an eye on everybody
swimming, to make sure there are no problems. 
Lifeguard duty!  I’ll do the first shift, if you just
give me a moment to cool off, and then you two can
come on and do the next shift together.  Okay?”

I planned it like this for a reason, expecting it
would take a few minutes for Danielle and Galina to
decide to swim, if they were going to.  They might
have been shy to undress while I was still on the
boat, though, so I thought that at an appropriate time
I would swap duties with Marina and Shelley, allowing
them to undress while I was in the water.  Danielle’s
suntan seemed to indicate that she was a keen swimmer,
so I hoped it would not be too long before she was
willing to take the plunge.

The others agreed, some reluctantly, so I climbed on
to the side of the boat to have a very quick dip and
cool down first.  “Do a bomb, Roy!” Scott encouraged
me.  I didn’t want to get everybody wet, so I just
dived in normally, much to his annoyed disappointment,
and then climbed back into the boat.  There were rungs
down the outside of the boat that made it easier to
get back in.

I was now deliciously cool and wet.  Shelley dived in
gracefully, with hardly a splash, her beautiful smooth
body causing hardly a ripple.  The younger ones each
grabbed a lifebelt.  Scott and Charlotte held hands
and jumped in together, laughing.  Kimberley farted
noisily, squealed, laughed loudly and jumped in after
them with a big splash.

Marina began to take her clothes off, very neatly as
usual, sandals together, folding her dress and then
putting her panties inside for safety.  She was just
about to follow the others into the water, her lovely
bare body sitting on the side of the boat, when she
turned and said, “Roy, before we finish, may we just
have a couple of minutes to swim together, the two of
us?”  I agreed, and she slipped into the water.

Danielle and Galina sat up on the backs of their seats
in the middle of the boat and just watched, although
Danielle was beginning to smile again now, a quiet
smile that lit up her beautiful oval face, with her
tanned skin.  Soon she would want to swim, I was sure,
especially as she was clearly feeling rather hot. 
Galina as usual was largely expressionless, although
occasionally she let a tiny smile play over her face.

“Come on, you two, we’re waiting for you,” called out
Charlotte, holding on to the side of the boat.

“Charlotte, they don’t want to, so don’t put pressure
on them,” I told her.

“I do want to, really,” said Danielle, smiling shyly
and beautifully.  “I wish I could.”

“I know why Danielle won’t swim naked,” called out
Kimberley, bobbing up next to Charlotte.  I glared at
her, and she swam away quickly without explaining what
she meant, as I’m sure she was wanting to do.

“Why can’t you?” I asked, smiling at Danielle gently.

“I don’t like swimming without my costume on,” she
answered, after a moment’s pause.

“Have you ever tried it?” I asked, still very gently.

“No, but I don’t want to,” she said.  She paused, and
then said, “May we swim in our panties?”

I thought quickly.  “Yes, that’s fine,” I agreed. 
“Just remember, when you finish swimming, take them
off and let them dry in the sun.  It’s bad for your
skin to have wet clothes between your legs, especially
from seawater.  All right?”

Danielle pulled a face, her idea demolished.  She was
not happy with the idea of going round without any
panties on, even if she was wearing a dress.

I kept talking quietly to the girls, but changed the
subject, while watching the others in the sea. 
Sometimes, though, it was rather difficult to see with
the sunlight reflecting from the water.  Marina and
Shelley, both excellent swimmers, especially Shelley,
were having a great time, and I was sure they were too
sensible to need a warning about swimming too far away
from the boat.  Scott, Charlotte and Kimberley, much
younger, were not very good yet, and they spent a lot
of their time holding on to the side of the boat and
talking or playing there.

After a few minutes Galina fanned herself with her
hand and whispered, “I’m so hot!”  Her pale face was
now quite red, and she pulled at the front of her
dress to try to circulate the air.

“So am I,” I agreed, taking my opportunity.  “I think
it’s time I had a swim now.”  I stood up and called to
Marina and Shelley.

They returned quite quickly and took over as
lifeguards.  “I’ll be back soon,” I told them, diving
in.  Treading water, I turned to face them again. 
“That’s just so much better!” I enthused, turning and
swimming away.

As I had hoped, things slowly began to happen back on
board.  I thought I could trust Marina and Shelley to
encourage the other two to swim without applying
uncomfortable pressure.  Marina at least – Shelley can
be rather tactless at times.

Sure enough, within a minute, I saw Galina stand up
and start to unbutton her light green dress.  I
floated around on my back, watching from the corner of
my eye as she slipped it off, revealing her thin white
body clad only in thin white cotton panties.  She
slipped those off and stood there naked, looking out
over the water through her little round glasses. 
Perhaps, it seemed to me, coming from a Polish family,
she was not really worried about being naked but more
reluctant to take part in anything new.  Danielle,
however, made no move.

I waited for Galina to get into the water, but she
just continued to stand there, naked but taking no
notice of Scott, although he was hanging around the
boat.  I couldn’t see or hear what was happening, so I
swam a bit closer and called out to my girls, as I
always call Marina and Shelley, “Want to swap over

“All right,” they answered, so I swam over to the
boat.  I grasped the side and looked up.  Galina was
standing looking at me, and I could see at a glance
her thin little body, flat chest, ribs visible, and a
gentle flat slope down her loins with a thin little
vagina peeping from between her legs at the bottom. 
She wasn’t a pretty sight, but she looked so
vulnerable that my heart went out to her.

“Ah, Galina, you swimming?  Great,” I encouraged her,
as if I had only just noticed.

“Roy, Galina is worried about going in without her
glasses,” Shelley told me.  “She says she can’t see
properly without them.”

“Well, maybe she can take them off, but go in with you
two and you can hold on to her and look after her,” I

“That’s what we said,” replied Shelley.  “Come on,

Quietly Galina took off her glasses and placed them
inside her panties, which were lying on top of her
dress.  I noticed all the clothes were getting
slightly wet, although they would soon dry off in the
sun.  “I’ll make sure they’re safe,” I assured her.

Galina turned round, but still looked hesitant.  Her
big pale blue eyes looked very strange without her
glasses and she looked more vulnerable than ever.  “Do
you want me to help you into the water?” I asked her. 
She nodded silently.  “Come, and I’ll help you in,” I

She sat on the side of the boat, just next to my head.
 I moved one arm round the other side of her knees and
held the side of the boat.  Her thin little body was
right in front of me, with that little vagina almost
invisible, tucked away between her legs.  Her tiny
flat pink nipples were only visible on her white chest
due to their colour.  She dropped a lifebelt into the
water but was in no hurry to follow it in.

“All right?” I asked, smiling at her gently.  I put my
right arm gently round her waist and pulled her
towards me.  I could feel her ribs under my fingers.

With a gasp, she landed on top of me in the water,
knocking me under for a moment.  I held on to her
round her back, but she was holding on even more
firmly, arms tightly around my neck.

“My goodness, what a lovely hug,” I teased her, as she
held on tightly, her cheek pressed against mine.  “You
are such a sweet girl, Galina.”  I felt rather than
saw her blush, but she still said nothing.  I was
treading water hard, and felt her kicking too, her leg
brushing my penis under water more than once.

“Can you swim?” I asked her.

“Yes, but I can’t see,” she whispered fearfully.

“You can see which way is up,” I smiled at her. 
“Listen, try letting go of me and I’ll hold on to your
arm, I promise.  I’ll put your lifebelt on for you. 
Then Marina and Shelley will take care of you.”

Very nervously she released her hold and began
treading water.  I held her strongly while my girls
slipped into the water and took her over, one on each
side.  Shelley grabbed the lifebelt to slip round her

“Great, Galina, well done,” I praised her, rubbing her
neck gently with my hand before I climbed on to the
boat.  Danielle was still sitting there, with a
wistful expression on her face.

I didn’t put any more pressure on her, but we talked
for a minute or two about other things.  I could see
all the time that she was longing to go in the water,
but still made no move to undress.

After a couple of minutes she suddenly said, “When we
go to the naturist beach, will I have to take my
clothes off?”

“No, you won’t have to, I promise,” I answered.  “But
you’ll be the only person there wearing clothes, so
other people may be looking at you all the time.”

Danielle thought for a moment and then said, “I can
wear just my panties.  But I don’t want to take them

“You won’t have to,” I assured her.  “I understand it
if you feel too shy of being naked.”

“No, I’m not really shy of it,” Danielle insisted,
crossing her legs and giving a glimpse of soft white
panties.  She looked away, embarrassed.  I kept quiet.

After a moment she looked back at me fearfully.  I
smiled at her and waited, trying to give the
impression that I was not putting any pressure on her
to continue.  She wanted to tell me more but was
finding it difficult to summon the courage.  At last
she said blushingly, “I – it’s just that I - have a
spot between my legs I – I don’t like people to see.”

“I’m sorry about that.  Have you seen the doctor about
it?” I asked gently.

“The doctor can’t – do anything,” she whispered. 
“It’s a birthmark.  A beauty spot.”

“Oh, so it’s nothing to worry about, then,” I answered
carefully, smiling and trying to sound as relaxed as
possible.  “You just feel bad about the way it looks,
though.  Have people teased you about it, then?”

“Yes, Kimberley has,” she answered.  “And other girls.
 But not Charlotte.  She’s my best friend.  But
Kimberley’s very rude sometimes when we change for
swimming at school.  She says . . .”  She stopped, not
wanting to go on.

“Have you ever called her fat?” I asked.

“No.”  Danielle shook her head.  “I’d never do that.”

“I think Kimberley may be jealous of you, and so may
other girls, because you’re very pretty.  As long as
I’m here, neither Kimberley or anyone else will say
anything bad about it to you, or I’ll deal with them,
I promise you,” I said strongly.  “I can’t believe it
looks bad, but just because it’s different I know some
people who don’t feel good about themselves can cause
trouble.  Do you think that’s true?”

“I don’t know,” she whispered, looking at me
unhappily, with tears suddenly coming to her eyes.

I smiled lovingly at her and squeezed her hand gently.
 “I understand how you feel,” I told her.  “As long as
I’m here, nobody will ever be allowed to cause trouble
with you or hurt your feelings, I promise you.”

Danielle swallowed hard, then made a difficult
decision.  “Do you – do you want to see it?” she asked

Yes, I did very much, but I could hardly tell her
that.  I smiled slowly at her, thinking of the best
way to answer.  I decided to take a risk.  “No, I
don’t want to see it when it would make you feel bad,”
I told her.  “But I’m so pleased you’re willing to
trust me.”

“I won’t feel bad – with you,” whispered Danielle,
looking around to make sure none of the others were
watching.  “I do trust you.”  So saying, she reached
up her dress, put her fingers inside the leg of her
panties and pulled the elastic aside to show me.  I
felt my loins give a lurch and wished my penis were

I could see her little dark vagina slit inside her
white panties as she sat there in front of me, with
the loose pink skin at the bottom.  At the top of her
vagina, just to the right as I could see it, was a
large dark brown beauty spot about a centimetre

Danielle looked timidly at me and then put it back
inside her panties again.  “Did you see it?” she

“Yes, thank you,” I answered.  “You know, it really
looks pretty to me.  You have another one on your
neck” – I reached out and stroked it gently – “and I
love beauty spots.  I think Kimberley and the others
are really jealous of you.”

“Oh no, they’re – they’re just being horrible,”
replied Danielle, looking embarrassed again.  “You
don’t – think it’s ugly?”

“Certainly not,” I smiled at her.  “It’s really very
strange to me.  You are such a pretty girl – you have
lovely eyes and hair and skin and a lovely smile – and
yet you’re worried about one little spot!  But I
suppose that’s only because of some disgustingly rude

Danielle looked rather confused as I mentioned her
beauty, but when I had finished she smiled.  “I feel
safe with you,” she whispered.  “Please stay with me.”
 I presume she meant me to stay with her while she
swam, in case Kimberley said anything.

“I will,” I promised.  Immediately she stood up and
began to unbutton her dress, suddenly talking about
her swimming as she did so, which she obviously
enjoyed.  She slipped it off her body, showing a chest
in two colours, one part richly suntanned and the
other still pale after being under her regulation
school one-piece swimming costume.  Her chest was flat
except for her nipples coming up in tiny points.

She stood there for a moment in tiny delicate white
panties before she glanced over to see if Kimberley
was watching.  But Kimberley was flirting with Scott
at that moment, so she slipped them off and stood
there naked, the sun shining for probably the very
first time on that slim white bottom, the gentle bulge
of her pubic mound and the lovely gentle curve of her
vagina, with its brown beauty spot standing out at the
northeast corner.  She looked so stunningly lovely
with her long black hair, her beautiful face and her
delightful naked body.  Again the energy exploded in
my penis, causing me to put up a leg to try to hide
it, but she wasn’t looking in that direction.

I leaned over against the side of the boat, hiding my
bouncing penis from view, and called to Marina and
Shelley, suggesting we changed over again.  They
agreed quickly, probably feeling rather tired of
supporting Galina all the time.  Galina seemed to have
had enough, and agreed when I asked her if she wanted
to get out.

I bent over and reached out to her, wrapping my arms
under her shoulders.  She pulled herself up with her
hands and then I lifted her gently into my arms.  She
was smiling shyly, her skinny little body sparkling
with drops of water.  I hugged her warmly and pressed
my cheek against hers.  “Good girl, Galina,” I
whispered gently into her ear.

“Hey, Danielle’s going to swim!” Charlotte’s voice
suddenly came with pleasure.  “Come in, Danielle!” 
Charlotte was floating next to the boat in her
lifebelt.  Next to her now was Kimberley, who looked
about to say something, but fortunately had the sense
to look at me first.  I stared at her very strongly
and she shut her mouth again, not daring to comment
about Danielle.

“Ready, Danielle?” I smiled at her.  She nodded, threw
in a lifebelt and balanced gracefully for a moment on
the side of the boat.  Again I feasted my eyes on the
beautiful curves of her still immature body, the
smoothness of her hairless loins, the gentle curve of
her vagina and the brown beauty spot next to it.  She
seemed quite unconcerned about it now, and I just
thought to whip my head round to check that Kimberley
was not about to make some obscene comment again.  She
probably was, but I caught her eye again.

Danielle dived in gracefully, and the moment she hit
the water I told Kimberley, “You keep quiet about
Danielle, understand?  Now and for ever.”  She nodded
guiltily and I dived in after Danielle.

The others were tired now, but Danielle was swimming
away quickly and strongly, and I swam after her,
slowly catching her up on account of my age.  She
stopped and turned round, looking for me and smiling
at me with sparkling eyes.  She let me catch her and I
grabbed her gently round the back, hugging her gently
to me in the water and enjoying the soft smooth
wetness of her body against mine.  
Then I broke away and she swam after me.  She was such
a good swimmer that I had to swim quite hard to keep
ahead of her before I finally let her catch me, and we
rolled over together in the water.

After a few minutes we returned to the boat, and found
all the others by now had climbed back inside.  They
were all still naked and were sunbathing or talking. 
Kimberley was leaning back in her seat, one knee up
and the other leg spread wide to one side.  She knew
what she was doing all right.  In that position her
large vagina was gaping, the clitoris hanging down at
the top, and the dark pink insides looked to be on the
point of spilling out.

I could see Scott staring at her, trying in vain not
to appear obvious, with an awed expression on his
face.  One hand went down to his penis, the little
thing standing up on end by now.  I thought he looked
just about ready to pump.  Kimberley sensed his
admiration, staring into the distance but with a
self-satisfied smile on her face that showed she knew.
 Pretending casualness, she reached down with one hand
and scratched her vagina at the side, pulling it even
wider in the process.  Then she fondled gently the
loose skin just below it.

Reluctant as I was to interrupt Scott’s education, I
thought this was going too far.  The other girls did
not seem to notice, except for Shelley, who was
looking at her with some distaste.  A true naturist,
Shelley cannot understand exhibitionism, and it
disgusts her.

I went quietly over to Kimberley and said, “Put your
leg down.  It looks rude when you sit that way.”

“It’s not rude,” she contradicted me, but put her leg
down all the same.  “My dad likes it.”  She giggled
her dirty giggle.  “When I do that, he looks inside
and says he can see all the way up to my tits.  Then
he feels it and says, `Good, no babies in there’.”

I felt disgusted.  It seemed too unlikely that
Kimberley had made this up.  “The others don’t want to
hear that rude talk,” I told her sharply.  “When you
come with us, you do things our way, which is
sensibly, and you talk clean and you never say
anything to hurt or annoy anybody else.  You

Kimberley nodded, looking very put out.  “But it’s
true!” she insisted.  I turned my head away and
ignored her.

It was rather crowded in the boat when we were all
inside, but there was quite a large `bonnet’, as Scott
called it, thinking of a car.  It was a flat raised
part at the front, and I must confess I don’t know
what it is called in nautical language.  Seeing that
his entertainment with Kimberley’s anatomy was over,
he climbed up on to that to sunbathe.  He lay on his
tummy with his head near to Charlotte’s, his little
round white bottom pointing up at the sun.  I climbed
up after him with the sun cream and began to rub in
some more, which he enjoyed.

Shelley came up as well and lay on her back, eyes
shut, her sweet smooth vagina not far from my head.  I
could make out just a few hairs beginning to grow near
the top, but they were still light in colour and the
softest whisper of down.  She still looked very
beautiful, and I couldn’t help wondering if I would
still feel the same way about her body, and Marina’s
as well, in a year or two when their breasts grow
larger and their loins hairier.

Danielle came up to join us as well, smiling gently at
me.  She too lay down on her back, as if to expose to
my view the glories of her naked body and her beauty
spot.  Not that she would ever have done it in an
unseemly way like Kimberley.  I handed her the sun
cream.  “Don’t let your skin get too brown, or you’ll
lose all the beauty of it when you grow up,” I warned

“I put some on this morning,” she told me.

“I bet you didn’t put it on everywhere,” I smiled. 
She would not have been expecting certain areas of her
body to see the sunlight at all.

“Please put it on for me,” she whispered.

“Where shall I put it?” I asked, as I always do, so as
to avoid putting it on any private areas that the
owner did not want to be invaded.  But Danielle was
quite happy as she told me, and I put it everywhere.

I rubbed it over her chest, feeling gently those tiny
nipples and the firm lumps underneath, and the soft
smooth roundness of her bottom.  “Between my legs,”
she whispered, and I felt beneath my fingers the
firmness of her mound, the tender lips of her vagina
and the soft loose skin right at the bottom.  I rubbed
gently and tenderly, loving her, while she lay on her
back.  I rubbed gently over her beauty spot, slightly
raised, slightly firmer than the rest of her smooth,
soft skin.

I handed the bottle round to the others, while
Danielle returned to her seat.  Scott insisted on
doing Charlotte.  She let him, although she still
insisted herself on rubbing it between her legs.  Then
they passed it on to Kimberley.

She looked at me.  “Put cream on me,” she demanded.  I
looked coldly at her and turned away.

“Roy, put cream on me,” she insisted.  I ignored her.

“Kimberley, you can’t expect anybody to do anything
for you if you ask so rudely,” Marina informed her
from the other side of the boat.

“All right – Roy, *please* put cream on me, then,”
Kimberley said, but it still sounded more a demand
than a polite request.

“No,” I replied.  I stared at her.  “I only put cream
on girls I can trust.  I can’t trust you after your
behaviour so far today.”

“I’ll be good,” she promised.

“I’ll have to see it first,” I replied.  “If I can
trust you today, I’ll do it next time.”

“I’ll put cream on you,” offered Scott hopefully.

“Not you,” retorted Kimberley rudely.  “I’ll do it
myself then.”  So she did.

In the meantime Scott, next to her, was busy grinning
and whispering something to Charlotte, unaware that
Kimberley was able to hear.  Charlotte stared at him
in disbelief as he finished, eyes wide.  “Scott, you
didn’t!” she exclaimed.

Kimberley, though, gave a hoot of rude laughter.  “In
a wine bottle!” she shrieked.  “You got it stuck in a
wine bottle!  How could you be so stupid?”  She
laughed loudly.

“Quiet!” hissed Scott, afraid that Marina would find
out.  “I wasn’t talking to you.”

“You stuck . . .” Kimberley began, but I broke in with
a loud “Hey!”

“That’s enough, Kimberley,” I reproved her.  “Keep out
of other people’s conversations and stop being rude.”

Kimberley pouted.  When she had finished with the
cream, she climbed up on top to lie next to me, though
pretending to ignore me.  Her large flabby vagina was
only half a metre or so from my eyes, and there were
some sticky lumps of cream that she hadn’t rubbed in
properly.  But I ignored it.

I looked down at the others, still on the seats where
there was much more room.  Charlotte was leaning back
talking to Scott.  Marina was over on the far side,
rubbing cream on to Galina, who was wearing her
glasses again and lying on her back, that tiny little
vagina almost tucked under her frail legs.  Danielle
was lying on her back on the other bench with her eyes
shut, that beauty spot clearly visible just next to
her lovely smooth vagina.  She seemed quite
unconcerned about anybody seeing it now, knowing I
would protect her against Kimberley.

We lay there quite a while, sunbathing and talking. 
But I was aware that in the distance, towards the
shore, there had been another boat, lying still in the
water for quite a long time.  I suddenly noticed that
this boat was now speeding towards us.

(To be continued)


“Look out, everybody, I think we have visitors,” I
said, as I saw the strange motorboat speeding towards

Everybody sat up and stared, some in alarm.  Charlotte
gave a little squeal of dismay and Kimberley gave her
usual dirty-sounding giggle.

“Better get dressed, everybody,” I said, suspecting
that the visitors might have been watching us for some
time and could be coming for a closer look at the
naturists.  I didn’t need to speak to half of them,
though, as they were already grabbing for their
clothes in some haste.

“I don’t care,” grinned Kimberley with another giggle.

“Do it, all the same,” I told her, slipping into my
shorts.  “If they’ve come to spy on us, they may not
go away if any of us are still naked.  Or they may
cause trouble.”  I was thinking more, though, of
protecting the young girls who were doing it for the
first time from further embarrassment.

Kimberley groaned and put her dress on, but not her
panties, I noticed, as did Shelley.  Scott put on only
his light blue underpants.  The other girls were still
struggling with their buttons and their zips when the
boat began to slow down not far from us.  It came to a
stop about twenty metres away, behind our boat.  There
were three young men, aged about twenty, on board. 
With their black hair and dark eyes, they looked like
local people.

“Hello there!” one of them called out to us in the
local language, but it seemed more a mocking than a
friendly greeting.  They stood facing us at the side
of their boat, all wearing loose brightly coloured
swimming costumes.  Two of them had beer bottles in
their hands.

“Hello,” I called back in the same language,
cautiously and a bit apprehensive, worried that there
might be a problem with the girls in my charge.  Most
of them were looking rather frightened.

The men laughed rather mockingly.  “We’ve been
watching you,” he teased us, holding up a pair of

We could all understand what he was saying, as we
learn the local language at school and can speak it
almost fluently.  Some of the girls gasped and
Charlotte looked at me, her face red.  “He was
watching us,” she repeated, shocked.

“They won’t have seen you, because you were in the
bottom of the boat,” I assured her.  “They could only
see those of us on top.  And even with those
binoculars, they couldn’t have seen us very clearly.”

“Otherwise they wouldn’t have needed to come closer,”
added Shelley.

“Hey, do you mind if we join you?” one of the men
called over to us, while the others laughed

“No, thanks, we’re just a private group,” I replied

“Oh, we don’t mind being naked too,” gloated the youth
who had first spoken.  “We do it like this.”

As they put their hands to the tops of their costumes,
I could guess what they were going to do.  “Turn away,
girls, if you don’t want to see,” I told them quickly.
 They all did, except for Shelley, who is never
bothered by that sort of thing, and of course
Kimberley.  Scott too watched with fascination.

Grinning rudely, the men pulled down their costumes
and waggled their penises at us.  Two of them were
pretty unmemorable, but the first yob had a great deal
to show for himself.  He had an ugly great mass of
black pubic hair, almost like a beard, and he pulled
out a penis so thick that even from that distance we
could see the veins sticking out on it.  It had a
massive purple head the size of a football stadium and
a huge loose bag swinging loosely underneath where he
kept his testicles.  It was the sort of genitalia that
made Harold look pretty.  With a nasty grin on his
face, he shook it at us.  “Come on, what do you think
of this?” he called out.

That turned out to be a very stupid question because
Kimberley told him.  “Ooh!” she squealed in delight,
and burst out into a bellow of dirty laughter.  She
roared with hilarity, pointing all the while at the
apparition in the other boat.  “Charlotte, turn round
and look at this!” she laughed, in English.  Charlotte
wisely would not.  “That’s just the biggest, ugliest
chop I’ve ever seen.  Oh, it’s so ugly, it’s so funny!
 It looks like a great big bloody hosepipe!”

“It *is* a great big hosepipe,” giggled Scott.

The others kept their backs to the display, looking
most embarrassed, although Galina did have a quick
look over her shoulder.  She quickly turned back
again, her face red.

I didn’t know what to say, I felt so angry and
disgusted by this filthy behaviour of those yobs. 
Most of the local people can speak English, so I’m
sure they could understand what Kimberley was saying -
if not, anybody could have guessed.  The first thug in
particular had probably enjoyed the admiration or
horror of girls exposed to his weapon all his life,
and this was perhaps the first time anybody had
reacted differently.  He was furious at being laughed
at.  He pulled his swimming costume back up, as did
the other two, and shook his fist, shouting and
swearing at us.

Charlotte was really frightened.  Unknown to me, she
reached in her bag and pulled out her mobile phone to
contact her father for help.

The first yob revved up the engine to his boat and
started it off towards us, at a good speed, very
angry.  I could hear the girls scream as they realised
what he meant to do.  He rammed us right in the back
of the boat where the motor was.  There was a
splintering crash and we all went sprawling on the
floor or over the benches.

There was a loud scream from Charlotte, who had almost
been thrown over the side.  “My phone, my phone!” she
wailed.  Her father’s mobile phone had been flung out
of her hand and overboard, where it had immediately

The other boat roared past us, the yobs shouting and
swearing at us as they went.  We were heavily splashed
by the spray.  The boat roared off into the distance
and I heaved a sigh of relief.

I looked round at the others, most of whom were still
on the floor.  Scott had something else to think
about.  Kimberley was sprawling right in front of him,
winded.  Her dress was up at the back and her soft
flabby white bottom was fully exposed.  Fascinated, he
stared at it, then, unable to resist temptation,
reached out and put the palm of his hand on one of the

Kimberley was so stunned that she did not even seem to
notice.  She began to push herself upright dizzily,
face red.  Her bottom heaved up, the loose reddish
skin under her crotch hanging down and her bulging
mound and the folds of her vagina were quite visible
from the back.  Scott’s eyes almost popped out of his
head and his penis out of his underpants.  He clutched
himself there, pulling at the cloth, and for a moment
revealing the hard head of his little white penis.  It
was the novelty of his new way of life, I suppose.  I
found Kimberley most unattractive, and the great white
display of flesh almost nauseating.

The others were all looking shocked and sore.  Marina
and Shelley looked white and shaken but not badly
hurt.  Galina was groping round for her glasses, which
were fortunately just in front of her and undamaged. 
Danielle was rubbing her arm and crying gently, while
Charlotte was in floods of tears.  “My phone!” she
wailed.  “My phone’s gone overboard!”

“It wasn’t your fault,” I assured her gently, sitting
down next to her and wrapping my arm round her.  She
buried her head in my shoulder, tears still pouring
from her eyes.  I held her tightly, pressing her body
against mine and stroking her wet cheek gently with my
hand.  She felt incredibly soft and vulnerable.

“The bloody swines,” spluttered Kimberley, rolling on
to her bottom and staggering to her feet, by means of
spreading her legs out and heaving herself up, giving
a massive view of her genitals up her dress as she did
so.  This time I knew it was accidental.  “I hope they
go to hell.”

“I don’t want to hear such bad language, Kimberley,”
Marina told her quietly, just beating me to it.  I
would have been much more harsh, taking my anger at
those yobs out on her, but I kept quiet.

“It was your fault, Kimberley, for being so rude to
them,” Shelley told her crossly.

“Roy, my dad’s mobile phone,” sobbed Charlotte again,
turning her tear-stained face up to me.  “It’s gone! 
It fell out of my hand when they bumped the boat and
went into the sea.”

“Yes, I know - it wasn’t your fault,” I assured her. 
“Don’t worry.”  She sat up and mopped her face with
her damp skirt, unintentionally exposing her pretty
cream panties underneath.

Scott had been watching her with some embarrassment,
not knowing what to do.  He bravely made his mind up. 
“Sorry, Charlotte,” he said.  He bent over and gave
her a smacking kiss on the cheek.

Charlotte stared up at him, and then a big watery
smile broke through.  “Thank you, Scott,” she sniffed.
 She wrapped her arms tightly round his neck and gave
him a passionate kiss as well.  Scott went bright red
and grinned goofily.

Shelley was comforting Danielle, who was wiping away
her tears now, not too badly hurt.  Marina said to me,
“Roy, maybe you’d better try the engine.  I hope it
isn’t damaged.”

I went over to have a look, rubbing Galina tenderly on
the nape of her neck as I did so.  When I saw it, my
heart sank.  There was a huge dent in the side of the
motor, and it was bent badly to one side.  The wood
around it had also splintered very badly.  I tried to
start the motor, and it was just as I feared.  I could
not get even a sound out of it.  I spent a good few
minutes trying to start it and trying to knock it back
into place, but it was all in vain.

The others all stared in dismay.  Charlotte started
crying again, and so did her friends.  “And my phone
has gone, so we can’t phone for help,” she sobbed. 
“We’re stuck!”

“Not quite,” I assured her.  “We can send up some
flares, and people will come and rescue us.”

The men who had hired out the motorboat to us had
shown me a small cupboard in the bow, under the seat,
where such things as flares, the first-aid kit and
other important things were stored, in case of an
emergency.  We went over to the cupboard, and
Charlotte asked, “Where’s the key?”

My heart sank.  The key was not in the lock!  I was
convinced, though, that it had been there when we
first set out that morning.  I remembered that it had
fitted rather loosely.  “It must have fallen out when
those idiots barged into us,” I said.  “Look around,
everybody, and see if you can find it.”

This was not at all easy because the bottom of the
boat was now in such a mess.  It was very wet after
the splash we had been given by the yobs and most of
the bags we had brought with us had burst open and
their contents scattered.  There was also not enough
room to search easily.  We scrabbled around for a few
minutes but could not find the key anywhere.

Then suddenly Charlotte called out, her face contorted
with fear, “They’re coming back!  Look!”

I looked up to see the other boat speeding back
towards us across the water.  I felt almost helpless. 
With the motor broken, we could not escape, and at the
moment we could not even signal for help.  I wish I
had thought to warn the others not to be rude to them
again, but I didn’t think of that at the time.  I was
too busy thinking about how I could defend them all by
myself.  Finally I grabbed the boathook and stood with
it, clearly ready to use it should they try to get on
board or come too close.

The boat drew up about three metres from our bow.  I
stood there with the boathook so they would know I
would resist strongly if necessary.  They would only
be able to come on board one at a time, and I would
hit so hard that the first one to come would not get
another chance.  But if they were really determined, I
was afraid for what would happen.

“Are you having problems?” the first yob called out to
us, grinning, in the local language.  One of his
friends was dangling a pair of binoculars from his
hand, so I presumed they had been watching again what
we had been doing.

“Yes, you broke our motor,” I snapped back in reply.

“You’re a load of shit!” shouted out Kimberley, in
English.  “And you’ve got the ugliest chop I ever
saw.”  She turned round, lifted her dress and stuck
out her podgy bottom at them, giving them a loud
raspberry with her tongue at the same time.  This only
brought some mocking hoots from them, but did not
bother Kimberley.  I warned her sharply to keep quiet
and do nothing, but if she was responsible for the
damage that followed, it was too late to alter that.

“Well now, we didn’t mean to do you any real harm,”
grinned the yob.  “Let us help you.”

“No, thanks,” I replied, not trusting them.

“We’ll tow you back home again,” replied the yob,
moving the boat closer, almost within touching
distance.  I stepped forward, ready to bring the
boathook down on his skull with every ounce of
strength I had should he try to get on board.  Instead
he reached down, pulled up a length of chain from the
deck of his boat and put the end through the metal
loop at the front of our boat.  Since he had not tried
to board our boat, I did not hit him, but I certainly
did not trust him.  He pulled the end of the chain and
fixed it to his boat, so we were now chained firmly to

He laughed, and so did his friends, as he started his
engine.  The chain pulled tight and his boat began to
tow ours slowly behind it.

Some of the younger ones were smiling, believing that
the yobs really were going to help us.  I did not
believe it, sure they were mocking us, but there was
nothing I could do now.  “Look, we’ll get home our own
way,” I shouted, but they probably didn’t hear me
anyway, above the noise of the motor and the splashing
of the water.

The younger ones began to look alarmed now, catching
my mood.  We could all see now that we were heading
away from the coast, not towards it.  Our only hope, I
thought, was to send off a flare quickly.  “Keep
looking for that key,” I urged them, and they all did.

Try as we might, we could not find the key.  Later on
we were to find what had happened to it.  It had
become enfolded in Kimberley’s panties, which were
lying in a heap in the corner, since she had still not
put them on.  I remember telling her to check them,
not wanting to touch the things myself, and she had
indeed picked them up, but somehow had not found the
key there.  That was to prove a serious mistake.

It was a most frightening and unpleasant experience,
being towed helplessly along by this bunch of thugs,
who were no longer even pretending to help us.  The
spray from their boat was blowing in our faces all the
time, and there was nothing I could do.  We, and
everything in the boat, were getting completely
soaked.  We had no idea where we were going or what
would happen to us, and I could not make myself heard
when I shouted to them.  Charlotte was crying, and
Scott was sitting there gravely next to her with his
arm round her, although he was clearly very worried
himself.  Galina and Danielle were huddled up close
together, and Marina and Shelley were trying to
comfort them.

We must have travelled like this for about twenty
minutes, I think.  I spent a lot of the time
encouraging the others, but it was humiliating to be
in a situation about which I could do nothing.  After
a few minutes we did see another boat not too far
away.  We stood up and all shouted for help, but the
two older people in it, a man and his wife by the
looks of it, just stared as us and did not respond.

The coastline gradually disappeared behind us until I
could see nothing but far-off blue hazy hilltops. 
Then, looking in front, I could see a small island
some distance away.  We seemed to be heading towards

As we drew closer, I estimated it to be perhaps a
third of a kilometre wide.  There was no sign of any
human habitation, just a large beach and fairly thick
trees, bushes and rocks behind it.  When the engine of
the other boat slowed, I guessed that we might be left
there – unless the yobs had any worse plans for us.

The boats stopped about twenty metres from the beach. 
The first thug let go of one end of the chain and
swiftly pulled the other end through the metal loop on
our bow so we were now free of them.  But we were
still drifting slowly towards the other boat.  I
balanced myself on the bow with the boathook, ready to
use it if necessary.

The yobs in front laughed nastily, turned round,
pulled down their costumes and stuck their ugly
bottoms out at us, just as Kimberley had done to them.
 As they might have expected, she gave a hoot of rude
laughter.  “I can see their balls dangling down,” she
announced, but this time had the sense to make sure
they didn’t hear her.

As we drifted closer, overcome by rage, I foolishly
lashed out with the boathook, almost overbalancing,
but catching the nearest yob on the bottom as I did
so.  He leapt forward with a roar of indignation, and
I heard a rude hoot of laughter from Kimberley behind

Within a moment the youth had grabbed their own
boathook and was standing on the stern of their boat,
red with fury and ready for a fight with boathooks.  I
was better balanced than he, though, as I had a much
firmer place to stand.  He lashed out with his
boathook, missing me by a foot and staggering to keep
his balance.  I swung at his boathook rather than at
the yob himself, hitting it hard.  He lost his balance
and fell over the side of his boat with his boathook,
his costume still down over his bottom, although
covering his penis at the front.

As the boats bobbed closer together, I managed first
of all to knock the boathook out of his reach, towards
me, and then to push the stern of their boat so we
drifted further apart again.  I was able to reach down
with my boathook, hook on to theirs and pull it back
with us.  It floated along the side of our boat, where
Shelley reached down to pick it up.  She stood with
it, looking quite ready to use it too.

The yob scrambled back on board, bare bottom and all,
to Kimberley’s obvious delight.  I stood on the bow
and Shelley at the side, waving the boathooks
threateningly.  The thugs appeared ready to barge us
again, but the first youth, who seemed to be the
dominant yob, turned out to be a coward.  He swore at
us viciously, turned the boat round and they scooted
away, soaking us once again with their spray.

I was still seething with anger.  Then I heard
Danielle cry out, “Look!  There’s somebody on the

I looked, and was just in time to see something small
and beige in colour disappear into the bushes.  It
looked like a child’s shirt.  I thought I also saw
some other movement there, but could not see what.  We
all stared for a minute or two, but could see no other

Then Kimberley asked, “So what do we do now?”

“Roy, are we stuck here?” asked Charlotte, her eyes
filling with tears again.  Scott squeezed her tightly.

“Only until I can get those flares,” I said.  “When we
fire those off, we’ll have help soon enough.”

“But we can’t find the key,” whispered Danielle, also

“If we really can’t find it, I can break the door
down, but I don’t want to do that if I can help it,” I
told her.  “Those yobs have done enough damage to this
boat without my doing any more, and the company might
charge us for it.”  This was the wrong thing to say,
as Charlotte began crying again, and Scott squeezed
her so tightly I thought he might make things worse.

“Maybe we should get the boat on to the beach first,”
suggested Shelley.

“Trouble is, if those yobs come back again it will be
easier for them to get at us if we’re on the beach
than in a boat,” I said, staring after them.  Their
boat was in the distance now, still travelling, and I
thought they had probably finished with us by now. 
“Let’s see how deep we are.”  I slipped my shorts off
and hopped over the side, and found I could almost
stand.  The water was not very deep here.

“Keep looking for the key, everybody,” urged Marina,
aware that we had not been able to search very well
yet.  Obediently the others scrabbled around, but
nobody investigated Kimberley’s panties closely enough
to discover the missing object.

After a minute or two, Galina suddenly squealed and
pointed towards the beach, only about twenty metres
away.  “There it is again,” she said.  We all looked,
and I could just see what again looked like a child’s
beige shirt disappearing behind a rock.

“Maybe there are people here who can help us,” said
Shelley hopefully.

I looked out to sea, and the boat had almost
disappeared by now.  “I’ll go and have a look,” I
said.  I let down the small anchor on the boat and
hopped over the side again.

Marina laughed gently and held out my shorts to me. 
“Best put these on,” she suggested.  “It doesn’t look
like whoever it is is a naturist!”

I splashed into the shallows, holding my shorts out of
the water, and then put them on when I reached the
beach.  I heard a splash behind me, and saw Shelley,
wearing only her lovely white panties, following me

I looked towards the rock, but could see nobody. 
Slowly we walked towards it.  I called out gently,
“Who’s there?  We’re friends.”

There was no reply, but when we reached the rock we
could see the beige shirt behind a bush about five
metres away.  “Hello,” called Shelley.  “We’re
friends.  Who are you?”

There was no reply.  Shelley began to circle round the
bush, keeping at least five metres away, but before
she had gone far the owner of the shirt stood up.  It
was a very dirty-looking little girl of about six or
seven, who was also wearing yellow shorts.  She had
light brown hair, a lively expression and a sheepish
grin on her pretty oval face.  She looked at me and
said, with an American accent, “I saw you without your
shorts on.”

“I don’t mind that,” I told her.  “What’s your name?”

“Maggie,” she answered.  She turned to Shelley and
asked, “Where are all your clothes?”

Just at that moment there was some more rustling from
a nearby bush and another girl stood up, a girl of
about the same age as Marina and Shelley.  She had
pale gingerish hair, a snub nose and a cute freckly
face.  She was wearing a thin white shirt and those
ugly-looking blue cut-off jeans that Americans often
seem to wear.  Evidently they were sisters, as she
asked with the same American 
accent, “Where’s my dad?”

“Your dad?” asked Shelley.  “We haven’t seen your

“Is your boat broken?” Maggie asked.  When Shelley
told her it was, she looked disappointed and said, “So
is ours.”

“Is there anybody else on the island?” I asked them,
wondering where on earth they had come from.

“Yes, our big sister,” answered Maggie.  She looked
deeper into the trees and called out, “Lana!  Come!”

“Who is it?” came an older girl’s voice from among the
trees.  I could just make out a head of golden hair
among the bushes.  These two girls may have been shy
of us to start with, but now they had come out into
the open.  Their older sister, for some reason,
clearly didn’t want us to see her at all.

“They’re all right,” called out the light ginger girl,
who we later learned was called Sarah.  “Come and meet

“I’m not coming,” the voice replied.

Maggie giggled.  “Lana doesn’t want to come because of
her clothes,” she explained, not very clearly.

“Where are your parents?” I asked.  “Aren’t your mum
and dad here?”

Sarah looked upset.  “My dad’s gone off to get help,”
she explained.  “That was early this morning and he
hasn’t come back.”  She blinked back tears.  “Do you
know what’s happened to him?”

I sat down under a tree and beckoned the two girls to
come and join me.  “Tell me all about what happened,”
I urged them.

The two American girls looked out to our boat, where
there were six curious faces all watching.  I didn’t
call to them to join us yet in case the yobs decided
to return, and also I didn’t want to overwhelm the
American girls with strangers yet.

“What happened to you?” Sarah asked us.

I decided I would get a better story from them if I
satisfied their curiosity first, so I told them
quickly what had happened.  Shelley sat next to me,
and then the two American girls sat down.  Maggie sat
with her knees under her chin, watching me carefully
with bright hazel eyes.  Her shorts were loose at the
bottom, and I noticed she was not wearing any panties,
allowing me to see the crack of her bottom.  There was
a brown stain on the seat of her shorts, so I guessed
she had had some diarrhoea since arriving on the

Her older sister Sarah’s cut-off jeans were tight and
showed nothing, although later I noticed, when she
turned round and bent over, the white top of her
panties was just visible down the back.  Her white
shirt was thin, and it was very easy to see her bra
through it at the back.  Although she was about the
same age as Marina and Shelley, she was more developed
than either of them, her breasts clearly pushing her
shirt out in front of her.  The sleeves of her shirt
were loose, and as she moved her arms it was often
possible to get a glimpse of her white bra under her
armpits and even round the front.

I was halfway through our story when I realised that
the oldest sister, Lana, was just behind me, listening
from behind a bush.  Shelley, to one side of me,
looked up at her and smiled, but I ignored her for the
time being, thinking it better that way as she had
been so shy before, for whatever reason.

“Those yobs were so horrible,” said Maggie when I had
finished, using my word for them.  “But if they come
back we can all beat them and take their boat and get

“But what about Dad?” came Lana’s plaintive voice from
just behind me, in a gentle American twang.  “We don’t
know what’s happened to him.”

“What did happen to you all?” I asked them.

(To be continued)

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