On Monday morning Lynn and I set off for my Aunt Sue’s
house bright and early before my aunt left for work. 
We had a slight problem on the way as we cycled over
to her house.

We had just cycled out of the gate when I turned round
to say something to Lynn, who was cycling behind me,
and suddenly noticed what I should have noticed
before.  Lynn was wearing her usual very short
mini-skirt, a green one this time, and as her legs
pumped up and down I suddenly noticed, instead of her
usual sexy white panties, her thick mat of curly light
brown pubic hair.  I stopped straight away.

“Look, Lynn, for goodness’ sake go and put some
panties on,” I urged her.  “I don’t want everyone we
meet on the road seeing up your skirt like that.  You
might cause some accidents.  We don’t want anybody
killing himself through watching you instead of the
road.”  (“What a way to go!” I thought to myself.)

“They won’t do that.  I don’t mind,” protested Lynn,
shrugging her shoulders.

“Well, I do mind,” I argued.  It was not often we did
argue.  “You must go and put some panties on.  And
bring a hat or a jersey to keep on your lap while
we’re cycling.  It’s not good in this country to show
your panties in public either.  It’s different from

“If you don’t want being seen with me, you go in front
and I will come behind where nobody can see we are
with each other - together,” Lynn replied.

“No, that’s silly,” I told her.  “You said you’d let
me teach you the ways of this country when you came,
so you must do as I say.  Quickly!”

Lynn still argued, and I started to get angry, which
upset her a bit.  In the end, she dropped the bicycle
to the ground and went inside.  She was out again in a
minute, saying nothing, but lifting the front of her
skirt to show me those lacy white panties underneath,
with the almost transparent frills at the crotch.  I
hoped nobody else was watching.  She pushed her hat
rather crossly down into the gap between her thighs
and followed me as I cycled down the road.

This delayed us a bit, and Aunt Sue was waiting for us
by the driveway.  We were still earlier to arrive than
any of Shelley’s friends, though.

Shelley was there, wearing a little dark blue
mini-skirt that just covered her panties - assuming
that she was wearing any.  She gave us both an excited
hug and kiss, and then told us, “Rebecca and Tina
can’t come.  Rebecca’s going out and Tina’s got
diarrhoea.  She did it in her panties at breakfast and
she’s crying all the time because she wants to come.”

I was very sorry to hear that.  I had liked them both,
especially that little Tina, so timid yet so loveable
and in need of protection.  Perhaps she had become too
excited or nervous about this day.  Shelley went on,
“I’ve invited two more girls to take their places,
though - Brenda and Sally.”

“Did you tell them it’s a naturist club?” I asked.

“Well, not exactly, because their mums might have
heard or they might have told them,” explained
Shelley.  “I said it was a mini-skirt club and they
must come wearing their mini-skirts.”

“I don’t think that’s very fair,” Aunt Sue told
Shelley.  “You need to tell them beforehand what you
are going to do.  Many girls I’m sure would be most
unhappy just to visit a friend and then find out they
have to take their clothes off.”

“They might be too shy to do that, especially with me
here,” I put in.

Shelley looked crestfallen.  “Well, they won’t have to
if they don’t want to,” she answered.  “But before
long I know they’ll want to, like all the others did
on Saturday.  Here comes somebody.”

“All the same, I think there must be no taking off of
clothes unless everybody present agrees,” said Aunt
Sue firmly, as the first car came down the driveway. 
“Roy, will you see to that?”

“Yes, I will do,” I agreed, rather annoyed with
Shelley.  Her thoughtlessness could spoil the day.

The car stopped beside them and Laura got out.  On
Saturday she had been wearing a flowing skirt down to
her knees, but today she was wearing about the
flimsiest mini-dress I have ever seen - apart from
Lynn’s, of course.  It was very broad, floating out
around her body, barely covered her bottom and was
made of black and orange floral material so thin that
I could make out some very tiny panties underneath.

Her mother called to Aunt Sue through the car window. 
“I hope they’re all going to stay out of the public
view, considering the dress Laura is wearing today!”
she laughed.  “She insisted that was the one she

“Yes, we’ll keep her on the property,” Aunt Sue
assured her.  This was clearly one of the more
liberated mothers.  Aunt Sue introduced Lynn and me to
Laura’s mother, reminding her that we had done `such a
wonderful job of entertaining the girls on Saturday’. 
I smiled and used my best manners, knowing how
important it was that the parents thought I was a
suitable person to help look after their daughters.

The others started to arrive.  Next was Angela, who
looked up at me shyly, blushing a little as usual. 
She was wearing all white, a white blouse and a short
white pleated tennis skirt.  Again Aunt Sue introduced
Lynn and me, as she did with all the parents.

Then came the new girl Brenda, whom I hadn’t met
before.  Brenda is small and petite, with straight
fair hair coming down in a ponytail behind her.  She
is very thin, though, rather like Tina, and I could
very easily have clasped one hand round her upper arms
if I had wanted.  She was wearing a light violet top
and a short skirt in dark purple.  She looked rather
quiet and shy of me.  I wondered how she would feel
when she found out she had joined a naturist club.

Nikki came next, looking as beautiful as ever, if a
little too grown up, in a white top and short tight
black skirt.  As soon as her mother had driven out,
she raised the front of the skirt to reveal bright
white panties and said, “I was going to wear red
panties today but I thought the colours wouldn’t
match.”  I was secretly pleased - red seems a very
silly colour for panties to me and it always seems to
cause rude comment among boys if discovered.

“Very nice, Nikki,” laughed Aunt Sue.  “You know, when
I was at school we all had to wear the ordinary school
panties, the same colour and pattern as the uniform. 
But some of us used to wear our own panties
underneath, and we would go into the toilets at
playtime and show each other what we had on.  It was
mostly white in those days, but some of us wore some
very frilly things.”

The last to arrive was the other new girl, Sally.  I
immediately thought Sally looked about the untidiest
girl I had ever seen, and very little has happened
since really to change my mind.  She was wearing a
royal blue dress that hung straight down from her
shoulders like a sack, without any waist.  Her sandy
hair was quite long and rather curly, but looked more
like a bush than anything else.  She had a big smile
and was clearly not shy of me or anybody else.  Her 
mother who dropped her off looked untidy as well,
although very cheerful.  Sally was soon giggling and
squealing away with Laura, and I thought the two of
them made a good pair.  Or a bad pair, depending on
what you mean.

In between the girls arriving, I had given Shelley an
idea of what we should all start off doing this
morning, with strict instructions to all the girls
that had been here on Saturday that naturism was not
even to be mentioned for half an hour at least, and
even then they were to ask me for permission before
they decided on anything.  They seemed rather
relieved, though no doubt they would slowly change
their minds, as they had last time.  I repeated that I
thought Shelley had been unfair to ask Brenda and
Sally round without telling them it was a naturist
club, although Sally did not look the sort who minded.
 Aunt Sue agreed, and after Sally had arrived she
climbed into her car and drove off to work, leaving us
alone for the morning.

Sally had never been to Shelley’s house before, so she
demanded to see everything in the garden.  We went
around the front, and Sally immediately raced for the
little climbing frame, swinging upside down from the
top rail and laughing loudly.

“You’ve got a hole in your panties,” Laura sang out as
Sally swung over the top.  Through a two-inch hole in
her pink frilly underwear we could see the middle of
the crack in her bottom.

“I know,” Sally laughed.  “That’s so I can do a poo
without taking my panties off!”  And she burst into
silly giggles.  This girl, I thought, was something

“Come on, Roy, let me tell Sally about our club,”
Shelley whispered to me.  “I’m sure she wouldn’t feel
bad about it.”

“Maybe, but Brenda might,” I whispered back.  Brenda
was standing at the back, looking rather out of place.

They continued their tour of the front garden and
Sally exclaimed, “Oh, you didn’t tell me you have a
pool!  I didn’t bring my costume!”

Shelley began to say, “You don’t need . . .” but I
gave her a hard nudge and she stopped.

“But I can swim in my panties,” Sally continued
happily.  “I swim in my bare bum at home!”

This time Shelley forgot herself and burst out, “Oh,
goody, so do we!  This is really a naturist club, you
see, so . . .”  Then she remembered, too late.

I looked back quickly at Brenda, who was staring at
them, looking startled.  I glared at Shelley, who
looked very crestfallen and guilty because she always
tries to please me, and then said, “In this place
everybody can just wear whatever they want when they
swim - it doesn’t matter.”

“I didn’t know; I didn’t bring my costume,” whispered

“That’s all right, you can borrow Shelley’s if you’re
too shy to go without,” I said.  “But we won’t swim
just yet.  We’ll finish the tour of the garden and
then see what you want to do.”

The tour took quite a long time because the garden is
more than an acre in size and the back is an absolute
jungle, apart from a small clearing outside the back
door.  When Shelley’s family first moved into that
house several years ago, they decided it was too
expensive a task to have it cleared and employ enough
workers to keep it cleared, so they just allowed it to
grow.  The grass is long and thick, but they have
never seen a snake there, so the worries they had at
first have gone.  There must be hundreds of trees in
there, including fruit trees, some growing together to
form thickets.

Sometimes Shelley and I, along with my eight-year-old
sister Jenny who was on camp at the time of this
story, play hide-and-seek there, but it isn’t a very
popular game because it’s so difficult to find
anybody.  I think Shelley still suspects there are
wild animals living there.  Hardly likely, but there
are hundreds of birds.

Sally especially was fascinated by this jungle and
suggested hide-and-seek right away.  We told her how
difficult it was to find anybody, but the other
visitors were also keen so we agreed to play it later.

When we got round to the front again, Shelley followed
my next suggestion.  “Miss Beautiful Mini-Skirt
competition!” she announced.

We did it the same way that we had done on Saturday,
with myself sitting in a deck chair as judge and using
the area in front of the veranda as a stage.  I took
my shirt off as the first step of the day.  Shelley
led the way in her dark blue mini-skirt, and I was
relieved to see as she bent that she was indeed
wearing panties, her usual rich white woollen ones
that I like so much.  As on the Saturday, she came
down to sit on my lap and gave me a hug and a kiss
when she finished, again taking a long time over her

Sally, now she knew what to do, would not be stopped. 
She rushed on next and gave a fast and breathless
performance in her blue shift, adding a handstand in
the middle that collapsed and left me looking at those
frilly, holey pink panties.  When she finished, she
leapt at me like an excited dog, jumping on my lap and
giving me a tight hug round the neck and a wet kiss on
my chin.  Then she leaned back against my chest, and I
could feel her hot little body as I held her.

Laura followed, and her tiny dress proved as flimsy as
it looked.  Every time she stretched, it rode up and
revealed large areas of white skin almost up to her
belly button, as I’m sure she intended.  She was no
longer wearing the pink panties of Saturday but a very
small pair of white briefs with purple stripes
diagonally across them, just enough of it to cover her
vagina and little more. 
Then she ran over, pushed Sally rather roughly out of
the way and jumped on to my lap, giving me a hug, a
kiss and a massive grin.

Nikki was next, with her short, tight black skirt. 
Her white panties flashed nicely under that skirt when
she stretched or knelt, and when she turned round it
was tight enough to see the outline of her panties
before she even bent over.  This time she wore a shiny
white pair that looked as if they were made of silk,
rather than the larger pale blue ones that had started
such excitement on the Saturday.

Then came Angela, her white pleated skirt flapping up,
especially at the back.  When she knelt down with one
knee up, spreading her arms wide, I could see a little
red heart on the panties just where the top of her
vagina would be at the front.

Brenda, it seemed, was not happy about going on by
herself, so she went on with Lynn.  Lynn was never
likely to be a good example of modelling, although I
did notice she was still wearing her panties as she
moved.  I was wondering what Brenda wore underneath,
but she did not show anything.  She just walked up and
down, turning around once or twice.  However her
violet top and purple skirt looked very attractive and
swung nicely as she walked.

Now the show was over I had the winners to announce. 
Number three I named as Nikki, number two as Angela,
and finally, “Miss Beautiful Mini-skirt today is . . .
Brenda!”  Looking surprised and rather nervous, Brenda
came out to the front to collect her imaginary prize. 
“That’s a lovely skirt you’re wearing; you look so
pretty,” I whispered to her, and she looked me in the
eyes at last and gave a trembling smile.

“But she hardly did anything,” complained Shelley.

“We’re not judging on what people do, but on what
people wear,” I explained.  “This is Brenda’s first
time on parade, so give her a chance.”

“What was wrong with my mini-skirt?” Laura wanted to

“It’s supposed to be Miss Beautiful Mini-skirt, not
Miss Beautiful Panties,” I grinned, remembering Laura
saying exactly the same thing to Shelley on Saturday.

“Yes, let’s have another Beautiful Panties
competition,” suggested Shelley eagerly.

“Later on,” I said, knowing that Brenda at least was
not ready for it.  “We were going to play with the
costumes first.”  I thought that this would be a good
way to prepare Brenda for it, as it had the other
girls on Saturday.

The girls went opened the playhouse and dragged out
the massive costume boxes, while I went inside for the
first round of lemonade.

(To be continued)


As I was pouring the drinks in the kitchen, Laura came
in through the door with a big grin on her face. 
“Just come to say hello,” she said, and leapt into my
arms, reaching up and holding on to me round the neck.

I staggered back, taken by surprise, putting the jug
down with difficulty.  Then I put my hands under
Laura’s bottom to hold her up.  “I hope you don’t mind
me holding you like this,” I said.

“Why?” she asked, burying her face in my shoulder.

“Because your dress is so short I can feel your
panties,” I explained.  Not that there was much of the
panties either, and my hands felt more of the side of
her bottom.

“That’s all right, you can feel as much as you like,”
she told me.  “I want you to.”  I did so, rubbing my
hands gently over her bottom as I held her.  The
panties were a little coarse, not in the same category
as they had been on Saturday.

“Have a look,” Laura invited me, scrambling down,
turning round, lifting her skirt at the back and
sticking her bottom out.  They were white with purple
stripes running diagonally across them, what little
there was of them.  At the back they seemed to
disappear into her crack and I could not think they
were very comfortable.

I gave her a gentle spank right in the middle, feeling
the crack down the middle of her bottom as I did so. 
“Anything else you want me to feel and see while I’m
at it?” I grinned.

“Yes,” she smiled, pulling her panties down at the
back and revealing her bottom.  I had noticed before
that it did stick out a bit.

“Very well,” I said, rubbing my hands gently over her
soft white flesh.  When I was satisfied I asked,
“Anything else?”

“Yes,” she said, standing up and turning to face me. 
Her hands went up to the buttons on the front of her
dress.  Then suddenly she seemed to turn shy.  She
turned round, said, “I’ll show you later,” and went
back outside to her friends.

I brought the lemonade outside to find the girls again
in various stages of undress.  Laura was ready for me,
stark naked with the bikini in her hands, ready to put
it on.  Brenda, changed into a long green dress,
gasped as I came out, and she placed her body in
between myself and Laura so I would not be able to see
her naked, but I deliberately took no notice of either
of them as I held the drinks for them to take.

“Remember on Saturday when Shelley spilt the lemonade
down your underpants,” Laura reminded everyone with a
giggle.  She was now wearing the bikini.

“Here’s the Superman costume, Roy,” said Nikki,
wearing only her white panties.  She brought it over. 
“Please put it on again,” she said with a giggle.

One stage at a time, I thought.  “I’ll do that later,”
I promised.  “I haven’t tried on that pirate costume

They found it for me, so I stripped down to my
underpants.  At this stage I looked at Brenda and told
her how nice she looked.  She smiled with a bit of
surprise and embarrassment to see me almost naked, but
I knew that she would soon get over it as I showed I
didn’t care.  Then I put on the pirate suit.  It was
not very exciting, so I took it off again and found
the kilt.  Again the girls got me to do a Highland
fling for them.

“Now the Superman costume,” said Nikki firmly, handing
it to me.  I couldn’t very well back down now, as I
was carefully training Brenda, who still had not
changed out of her dress.  The girls gathered round,
and I suspected this would now become a regular club

I took off my underpants and, with a grin on my face,
tried again to put on the bottom part.  There were
squeals of laughter as it got stuck again at the top
of my legs and I could not get it over my penis.

“Let us help you,” decided Laura.  “Come on, girls.” 
She reached out, put her thumb under the tight elastic
of the bottoms and pulled.  Some of the other girls
gathered round to help.  Laura put her other hand in
to help as well, pushing it against my penis as she
did so.  All the girls pulled upwards, but could not
shift it, until the elastic suddenly broke and the
girls fell back with shrieks of glee.

I could now pull them up more, just enough to cover my
penis, and they were tight enough not to fall down.  I
glanced at Brenda and saw her watching with a stunned
look on her face.  As I put the top on, I saw her
unbutton her dress and slip it off down her body,
showing me for the first time her flimsy pale yellow

After some more dressing up, Angela called for another
Miss Beautiful Costume competition, which we had, and
was won by Laura in an elegant evening gown.  Then the
call went up for Miss Beautiful Panties.  I still
wasn’t sure about Brenda but couldn’t hold the girls
off any longer.  I was ready to insist that Brenda
stay out of it if she didn’t want to take part.  I had
by now replaced the Superman costume with my own
underpants, as they were more comfortable.  I was
surprised to find myself enjoying more and more the
interested glances and admiration the girls threw at
my penis whenever I changed.  As mine was the only one
present, it made me feel special.

I told Shelley at the start that she could not be Miss
Beautiful Panties again, as she was wearing the same
sort of panties as she had done on the Saturday, but
she would still be allowed to do her act.  Brenda was
quite happy now to join in with her little pale yellow
panties pulled up high over her skinny tummy.  I
glanced at her flat bony little chest with all the
ribs showing.

Rebecca was unable to come and Laura’s panties were
not very good quality, so there would be some
completely new winners this time.  I gave it some
thought.  Eventually I awarded it to Nikki, followed
by Angela and then Sally, saying that apart from the
hole she had a very admirable pair.  Again I explained
that I was not counting Lynn, although she had
remembered to bring with her some very fine panties!

“Excellent,” agreed Laura, reaching out, grabbing hold
of the hole in Sally’s panties and pulling downwards. 
Sally’s little white bottom flashed into view, and she
squealed, turned round and tried to pull Laura’s down.
 But Laura was already pulling them off herself, and
again my heart skipped a beat as I caught my first
sight of the day of that long slim vagina.  Laura
laughed loudly and danced away, waving her panties
above her head.

“That’s cheating!” shouted Sally, standing there with
her bottom still exposed.  A moment later Nikki had
pulled the panties down further, and she then had to
grab Sally’s arms as Sally tried to return the
compliment.  By now Sally’s panties were down by her
knees but her back was to me.

“Get Sally, everybody!” shouted Laura, jumping on her
friend and pulling the panties to her ankles.  Sally
whirled round, and I had my first view of her soft
white vagina.

She was taking it in very good spirit, so I had not
stopped the other girls, but Brenda was another
matter.  Lynn put an arm protectively around her, but
Sally shouted, “Get Brenda now!”  Brenda whimpered and
clung to Lynn.

I quickly stepped forward and shouted, “No, stop!” 
The girls took notice at once, so I put my hand on
Brenda’s shoulder and just said, “This sort of game is
only for those who want to play it, and Brenda
doesn’t, so you must leave her.”

“Nikki, then!” shouted Laura, pulling at Nikki’s white
panties.  Screaming and laughing, Nikki was lifted off
the ground and her panties removed while she struggled
and kicked.  Angela did not wait for her turn, but
removed hers of her own accord.  All naked now, they
turned and ran for the pool.

“Do you want to swim, Brenda?” asked Lynn.

“Yes, but not . . . not naked,” whispered Brenda. 
“And if I use my panties someone may pull them off.”

“Not while I’m there,” I promised her, but Lynn was
already saying, “Why don’t you change into that bikini
from the costumes?  That should be safe.”

Brenda nodded, but shot a glance at me, so I took off
my underpants and followed the girls to the pool,
careful not to look back.  It was essential to win her
trust.  When I reached the pool, I quietly warned the
girls to leave Brenda alone when she came.

A few minutes later Brenda, wearing the bikini, and
Lynn, wearing her smile and her skin, came over to the
pool.  Brenda had perhaps been coached by Lynn,
because she stood at the side of the pool and shouted,
“Look at me!”  Some of them stopped and turned, and
Brenda, smiling, called out, “I’m wearing the costume
from the box.”

Lynn had been right.  The girls had accepted it and
some of them wondered why they hadn’t thought of that.
 As Brenda slid into the pool, Angela said, “I wish we
could have a Miss Beautiful Bikini competition.”

“Ooh, I think we can!” suddenly exclaimed Shelley. 
“Roy!”  She swam over to me and whispered in my ear.

I nodded and replied, “Well, we’ll see after the

After the swim we all went to lie in the early morning
sun, which was still not too hot.  I lay on my back
with my limp penis between my legs and gazed at the
feminine beauty around me.  Truly little naked girls
are the most beautiful sight in the world, if only
they all realised that.

Laura and Sally were wrestling and giggling together,
and it was a feast for the eyes to watch their legs
waving up and down, sometimes spread and sometimes
straight.  Angela lay next to me, and I admired the
soft smooth curve all the way down from her tummy and
the gentle folds of skin between her legs.  Nikki was
idly tickling her vagina with a stalk of grass, and
giggling to herself and wriggling in a very exciting

Then Shelley came over and sat down between my legs,
holding on to them and laying her head back on my
tummy.  I could feel my penis against her back, and
hoped it was going to stay still.  Angela also moved
closer at that, resting her head on my chest.

I looked around for Lynn and Brenda.  They were
sitting together behind me, to the left, talking
quietly.  Lynn had her left leg on the ground and her
right knee up, showing a wonderful expanse in between.
 Then I suddenly noticed that Brenda had taken the
bikini off and was now as naked as the rest of us. 
She was still rather uncomfortable with it, though, as
she was sitting hunched up with her knees tightly
drawn up and her chin on the top of them, but at the
bottom by her heels I could just make out the lovely
little pink bulge and the tail end of her vagina.  She
was lovely!  As I gazed on her, my heart felt very
warm and protective towards her.  She was now one of

After a few minutes Sally suddenly stood up and
announced, “We’re now going to play hide-and-seek! 

“Blocks!” we all shouted.

According to local rules at the English school, the
last person to shout `Blocks’ is the one who has to
catch or do whatever else nobody else really wants to
do.  Every time our family has a meal with Shelley’s
family, even if it is a barbecue, Shelley always
shouts at the end of the meal, “Blocks clearing the
table!”  Unfortunately for her, her family doesn’t
play by English school rules and she usually has to
lend a hand anyway.

Lynn was only vaguely aware of this `rule’, and so she
was later than everyone else to call out “Blocks!”

“Lynn, you’re It!” Sally told her.  “You have to find
us all.  You have ten minutes on my watch to find us,
and your score is the number of people you catch in
that time.  Girls, when you’re caught, come back to
the pool.  We’ll take it in turns to catch.”

“Brenda, do you want to come with me?” asked Lynn
kindly.  When Brenda, still cuddling her knees
tightly, nodded, Lynn said in her stilted English,
“Brenda and I will catch together.  We will stay with
each other so that it is fair.”

All were agreed, so we put on our shoes as the ground
would be rough at the back, but no other clothing. 
Lynn and Brenda turned towards a tree and began to
count clearly, while the rest of us all took off down
the side of the house for the massive back garden. 
Having played with Shelley at times, I knew the best
places to hide and headed for my first place, plunging
into the long grass.  Then, when I turned round, I saw
all the girls following me.

“Come on, spread out,” I whispered to them.  “There’s
plenty of room here.”

“I want to come with you,” Shelley whispered back.

“So do I.”  “And me,” came several voices.

I laughed at them, and said, “Look, you can’t all
come.  That would spoil the game.”

“We’ll take it in turns, then,” decided Nikki.  “I bag
first turn!”

“No, I’m first,” argued Shelley, holding me tightly
round the waist as though I were her own private

An argument began, and I had to break in and say,
“Well, we’ll have to find some way to work this out. 
But Lynn and Brenda will be coming soon, so we haven’t
time now.”

They were just beginning to come up with ideas when we
heard dimly Lynn’s voice from the front garden:
“Coming, ready or not!”

“We’ll have to go back and start again while we sort
this out,” I said.  We plunged back through the grass
just in time to see Lynn and Brenda coming round the
corner of the house.  Brenda, still shy, had put on
her bikini bottom again.

I explained the situation to Lynn, and then Shelley
explained to me how they were going to decide who came
with me first.  “We’ve all chosen a number between one
and five,” she said.  “Now you choose one of those
numbers and the person whose number it is goes with

“I’ll take number five, then,” I decided.

“Ooh, that’s me!” smiled Angela quietly, blushing as
usual.  “I’m first!”

“Lucky thing,” said Laura enviously.

“You’ll all get your turn,” I grinned.

“And Angela, you’re It when Lynn and Brenda have found
everybody,” said Shelley.

Again we set off while Lynn and Brenda counted.  This
time all the girls spread out, looking for good hiding
places, while Angela followed close behind me as I
knew where we were going for our first place.  It
would be a tight fit, but we would be well hidden.

(To be continued)


I ploughed through the long grass towards the very
back of the garden, with Angela following me.  I knew
there was quite a large hole under a pile of logs in
the far corner, and I was sure Lynn and Brenda would
not be able to find us there.

It was not very easy scrambling through the jungle
without the protection of clothes.  I scraped my
testicles climbing over a low branch, but gritted my
teeth against the pain rather than let Angela know. 
We had to hurry, not knowing exactly how long it would
be before the search began.  Over to our right I could
hear the low voices of the other girls as they looked
for places to hide, with one or two of them spying on
us to see where we were going.

At last we arrived at the pile of logs in a small
clearing.  I bent down and showed Angela the small
hole by the closest log.  “In here,” I whispered.

Angela looked at it with her gentle blue eyes, and
then at me.  “It’s not very big,” she whispered back.

“It’s bigger inside,” I said, scrambling down through
the gap.  It was about a metre wide and a metre high. 
I sat at one side, knees under my chin and waited for
Angela to scramble down.

There was not too much room for her, and she put first
her right leg and then her left inside.  Then she
squatted, stretching her right leg across as she moved
in.  I held my breath as I feasted my eyes on her
beautiful little vagina, only half a metre in front of
me.  She put her head inside, opposite me, and sat
down with a slight bump, knees up and legs apart.  I
could see that lovely little slit from top to bottom.

It’s strange how girls can go so quickly from modesty
or shyness to complete trust.  I looked lovingly at
Angela sitting opposite me, only a few inches away. 
Two days earlier she would never have shared her
nakedness with me, yet now she seemed quite unaware of

“I feel squashed,” she whispered.

“It’ll be all right,” I whispered back, moving my legs
over hers.  We were sitting now with faces only about
twenty centimetres apart, and my penis almost touching
her vagina.  I smiled at her.  She liked to pretend to
be so composed, but she was really a very emotional
girl - or was it just that she was in love with me?  I
took my elbows off my knees and gently cupped her face
in my hands, kissing her gently.  She blushed
furiously I could see even in the dim light of the
hole, but smiled at me very shyly but very lovingly. 
In the distance I thought I could hear Lynn’s call.

I pulled her a little closer.  She put her arms round
my neck and placed her cheek against mine.  I could
now feel my penis throbbing just under her bottom.  I
held her sweet little body close to mine, skin against
skin, and it was lovely.

“You know something, Angela?” I whispered.  “I love

Angela stirred against me and I wondered what she was
feeling.  This time I could feel her cheek hotly
against mine.  Then she replied in a trembling voice,
“I love you too.”

“You are so pretty,” I went on.  “And such a lovely
person.  You know, whenever you want me, I’ll be there
for you.”  I told her where my house was, and kept on
whispering sweet nothings into her ear.  She cuddled
me tightly and responded to my kisses.  I could feel
her smooth skin pressed against my cheek, my arms, my
chest, my stomach and my bulging penis.  But I would
never abuse this sweet, innocent girl.

Then I heard could hear a rustling in the jungle just
above us and heard the murmur of voices.  Lynn and
Brenda were coming our way.  I whispered to Angela to
stay quiet, and we waited.  They headed for the log
pile and walked round it in case anyone was behind it.
 I could see Brenda standing almost above us, wearing
only a tiny bikini bottom.  If she had looked down I’m
sure she would have seen us, but she was looking round
her instead.  They saw nothing and soon moved off.

We waited, and then we heard a yell of triumph from
perhaps thirty metres away.  It was Sally.  “That’s
ten minutes and nobody found me!  All right,
everybody, you can come out now!”

Smiling, we emerged from our hole, and immediately saw
we were quite dirty from the slightly damp soil.  We
made our way back to the pool, stopping to wash
ourselves on the way.  Angela crouched down by a tap
and I washed her back, bottom and legs as well as I
could, and she did the same to me.  That was why we
were last back at the pool, to see that Lynn and
Brenda had only been able to find Laura.  The girls
were waiting impatiently for me to choose another

“Angela, you’re chasing now,” Shelley told her.

“Roy, will you come with me?” asked Angela, looking
pleadingly into my eyes.

“No, those are the rules,” decided Shelley.  “Roy must
now choose a number for someone else to hide with him.
 Any number except five.”

“All right - number one,” I said.

“Yes!” screamed Laura, waving her arms triumphantly in
the air and grinning goofily.  “That’s me!”

As Angela counted, I led the way to my next hiding
place, with Laura keeping very close behind me.  This
one was a thicket.  There were several bushes all very
close together, growing so thickly that it was
impossible to see into them.  But once somebody
plunged inside, there was an open place about two
metres wide with plenty of room to hide.

I led the way, plunging through the thick leaves and
twigs into the open space.  There was a small pool of
sunlight, and I sat down in it on a thick pile of dead
leaves.  Laura looked delighted as she flopped full
length next to me and then rolled over on her side,
propping herself up on one elbow.  “This is like a
little house,” she whispered.  The bushes around grew
so thickly that it was impossible to see more than a
few spots of light the other side.  Nobody who didn’t
know it existed could think of finding anybody there.

I lay back, and Laura turned and laid her head back on
my chest.  I’m sure she must have heard my heart
pounding as I gazed down the length of her body.  I
could see down her slim neck to those two little
mounds on her chest with clear nipples on top.  Then
down her pale white stomach to her loins, down to her
groin, but from my position not quite far enough to
see any further.  I gave her shoulder a gentle rub
with my hand.

After a moment she sat up and looked at me
challengingly.  “Close your eyes,” she instructed.  I
did so.  She took my hand and moved it, putting it
down on a small soft lump.  “Feel it,” she ordered.

I felt her little breast gently with my fingers.  Firm
on top, but wobbly as I stroked it.  Not knowing how
much it would hurt, I rubbed and felt very carefully. 
Then she moved my hand over to the other one.

“What are these things?” I asked, still with my eyes
shut and pretending not to know.

“Haven’t you ever felt a boob before?” came Laura’s
voice, pretending to scold.  “I’m not surprised,
because Shelley hasn’t got any.  All right, you can
open your eyes.”

Gently I pulled her under the shoulders to move her up
and across my chest, with her fair hair resting under
my chin.  Then I put my arms round her, one hand on
each breast, and stroked gently.  It felt so good, and
I suspected she was watching to see what effect this
had on my penis.

All was quiet around us.  After a while Laura told me
a second time, “Close your eyes.”  Then she took my
right hand and moved it again, pulling it almost to
the full length of my arm.  Then she put it down
again, placing it carefully.  I could feel something
warm and soft and slightly damp that went down in the
middle and ended between two long soft poles.  I ran
my finger very lightly up and down the middle, and
Laura giggled and jerked her body suddenly.  “That
tickles,” she giggled.

“What is it?” I asked her.

Laura put her head back and I could feel her warm
breath in my ear.  “It’s a very special reward,” she
breathed, so quietly I could hardly hear her and very
unlike her usual strident tone.  “Stroke the little

I opened my eyes and stared at her, pretending to be
horrified.  “Laura!” I breathed in a shocked tone.  “I
can’t believe it!”

Laura began to give a squeal of laughter and then
strangled it quickly.  “It’s all yours today,” she
whispered, putting an arm round my neck and pulling
her body further up so that her vagina was more easily
within my reach.  “Tickle me again.”

I did, rubbing those little folds of skin very lightly
with my fingers, each time causing her body to jerk
and her mouth to splutter as she choked back her
giggles.  “When you’ve finished it’s my turn,” she
whispered to me.  I did not really want to let this
precocious girl loose on my penis, so I hoped I could
stretch out `my turn’ as long as possible.

As I moved my fingers slowly lower, caressing gently,
the wriggles and giggles increased.  She lay back with
her legs open and her little breasts about six inches
from my face, kicking and giving little moans as my
fingers explored the bottom-most part between her
legs.  Then I seemed to find a particularly sensitive
part, as she gave a sudden sharp jerk backwards and a
muffled shriek.

At that moment I heard a voice a few metres away from
us, on the other side of the bushes.  “Who’s that?”
called Angela.  “There’s somebody in there.”

Laura clamped her hand over her mouth and stared at me
in horror, eyes filled with guilt.  Then slowly she
seemed to realise that she had only been heard and
Angela could not have known what we were doing.  But
we froze, hoping Angela would not know where the sound
had come from.

We heard a rustling of leaves and saw some twigs move.
 After a few seconds Angela broke through and stared
at us.  “I’ve caught you!” she exclaimed in glee. 
Then she looked around and said, “This is just like a
little cave!”

Caught, we followed her out and then made our way back
towards the pool, with Laura looking very
disappointed.  I had mixed feelings, wondering just
how far Laura would have gone had she not given the
game away.  I felt a rich warmth in my loins from the
memory of what we had done together, but was in a way
relieved that she had not been able to ravish my
private parts.

We found Nikki there already, caught by Angela.  We
had a quick dip in the pool before we heard Sally’s
triumphant cry announcing that ten minutes were up and
she still hadn’t been caught.  All the girls returned,
but were thirsty, so we had another drink.  Then I
chose number four.

“Me, me, me!” squealed Nikki, bouncing up and down
like a two-year-old, then wrapping her arms found my
waist and putting her curly head against my chest.  We
made for the back while Laura counted, Nikki still
holding on to my hand.

This time we made for a tree.  There were several
mulberry trees only about twenty metres from the back
door but the leaves, used to feed Shelley’s silkworms,
were so thick that it was impossible to see up into
the branches.  The ground was thick with fallen
mulberries and our feet were immediately stained
purple.  I put my hand against the trunk of one a
little further in.  “Let’s go up here,” I whispered. 
“Can you climb it?”

“I may need help,” she said, looking at it.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” I whispered, not
wanting to touch a naked body without permission.

“Lift me up,” she said.

I knelt down, put my arms round her thighs and my
shoulder under her bottom, and gently lifted her up so
she could stand in the fork of the tree.  I soon
realised I had chosen the wrong girl to hide with in a
tree.  Nikki is such a little beauty that I think her
parents had brought her up to be very ladylike, and
she seemed to have no idea at all about climbing
trees.  She stood in the fork looking helpless until I
told her where to put her foot next.  She 
was still struggling when we heard Laura call and we
were still not hidden.

“Quickly,” I hissed, putting a hand under her bottom
and hoisting her up to a strong branch.  She struggled
clumsily to find something to hold on to.  “Hold the
trunk,” I hissed, clambering up after her.  I pulled
myself quickly on to the next branch, about a metre
above her head, and squatted.  My left arm was wrapped
around the trunk and my penis dangled between my legs.

I reached a hand down.  “Grab my hand,” I told her. 
When she put a hand up, I reached down full length,
grabbed her firmly around the wrist and then stood up,
hauling her bodily up to the branch with me.

She squealed quietly and looked at me in wonder with
those big beautiful hazel eyes.  “Gee, you’re strong!”
she said in awe, sitting next to me on the branch, her
leg against mine.

We still weren’t quite out of sight so I whispered,
“Next branch.  Stand up.”  I had chosen the wrong tree
as well as the wrong girl.  This one did not have
enough branches close to the ground.  Nikki
immediately put one mulberry-stained foot on the next
branch while I held her, stretching her leg high to
reach it.

At that moment I could see between the branches Laura
making her way quietly through the trees, on a course
that would take her close to us.  “Still,” I
whispered, and Nikki froze while I held her tightly.

I watched as Laura crept stealthily almost underneath
us, looking this way and that but never thinking to
look upwards.  I turned back to Nikki, and suddenly
realised what I could see.  There, a few inches away
from my eyes, was the most perfect little vagina you
could imagine, stretched slightly open to reveal a
darker pink and little folds of flesh and membrane
inside.  I gazed enraptured, a warm smile taking over
my face.  She was indeed a little beauty in every way.
 Only with great difficulty did I stop myself from
kissing her there.

She was looking down at me with a white face, though. 
We were more than three metres above the ground and
she was frightened, unused to it.  “Just one more
branch,” I whispered.  “I’ll hold you.”

“Please help me up,” she whimpered.

“Shall I push you here?” I asked, indicating the place
under her crotch but not wanting to touch without
permission.  I couldn’t in fact see any other way to
hoist her up from below.

“Yes,” she whispered, so I put one hand underneath,
trying to avoid putting pressure on her vagina, and
pushed gently, steadying her with my other hand.  She
scrambled up rather clumsily, sitting on the branch
and holding to the trunk for dear life.  Keeping a
hand on her still, I lifted myself up next to her.

I saw little tears welling over her eyelids and
rolling down her pretty face.  “What’s the matter,
darling?” I whispered, using a pet name without even
thinking about it and putting an arm tightly around

“You hurt me,” she whispered.  With my arm round her,
she let go of the trunk with one hand and clutched her
hurting vagina, doubling up a little.

“I’m sorry, I would never ever want to do that,” I
whispered, full of tenderness, kissing her gently on
the cheek.  She didn’t respond, but I held her
closely, pressing my cheek against hers.  About a
minute later, as the pain wore off, she looked at me
and smiled, her big eyes still damp.  I reached up a
finger and gently dabbed away a teardrop from her eye.

“I like you,” she whispered.  “You’re kind.”

“I love you,” I whispered back.  “You’re sweet.”

“I love you too,” she responded, laying her golden
head on my shoulder.  I laid a hand gently round the
back of her head and kissed her again.  Again my heart
and my loins warmed with the pleasure of this moment.

A few minutes later we heard a wail of frustration
from Sally, caught for the first time, and a yell of
triumph from Laura.  It was not long afterwards that
we heard Sally, from the direction of the pool this
time, call for time up.  I climbed down the tree
first, bit by bit, and helped Nikki down from each
branch.  So often I reached up for her, finding her
legs open before me and her arms round my neck as I
helped her down.  At the bottom she reached up to put
her arms round my neck and we had another good hug,
the warm skin of our chests pressing against each
other.  “There you are,” I whispered, smiling into her
blue eyes.  “Didn’t I tell you that you were always
safe with me?”

(To be continued)


We were the last to arrive back at the pool, due to
the time taken climbing down the tree.  Angela and
Lynn had been caught as well as Sally, and I chose
number three.  Sally gave a squeal and Shelley a
groan, and I took Sally with some misgivings.

My three best hiding places had been used, but the
others didn’t know that - or some of them didn’t,
anyway.  “Take me where you took Laura,” demanded
Sally, holding my hand and looking up at me with her
wide, baby-blue eyes, her untidy hair spread all over
a dirty but attractive face.  I thought to myself that
this girl may be a bit of a terror, but at least
everything about her was straight-forward and honest.

“We can’t go in the same place again; we’ll be found,”
I protested.

“Yes, we can - no, we won’t,” pouted Sally firmly. 
She swung behind me and grabbed me by the shoulders. 
“Piggy-back!  Up!”  She leapt up and threw her arms
round my neck, while I grabbed her round her legs. 
“Gee up, horsey!” she cried, giving me a smacking kiss
by my ear.

I carried her all the way to the little thicket and
crouched to go inside with her on my back.  She
squealed and ducked her head to avoid the low
branches.  I suddenly wished I had been firm about
finding somewhere else.  Alone in here with Sally
could be dangerous.

I slipped her down behind me, and she lay on her back
with her legs curled up under her chin, so I could see
everything from her cute bottom to the mound where her
vagina ended, all the way up like a zip fastener to
the top.  My penis began to respond, so I sat down at
an angle to try to cover it.

Sally sat up, with her knees up and well apart so as
to give me the best possible view of her vagina.  It
was wide open, gaping, with a dark moist pink colour
inside.  She bent her head between her legs to look
herself, and then looked up at me again, with a
challenging look of daring and excitement on her face.
 Was she trying to shock or embarrass me?  I didn’t
know, but decided to play it cool.

“Very nice,” I said casually, with a touch of sarcasm.
 “Do you always show boys what you look like inside?”

Sally giggled.  “Only boys I like,” she said.  “Let me
show you how I did a wee-wee when I was little.”  She
shot a little jet of urine from her vagina towards me
for a moment, and repeated it several times.  It
landed among the leaves.

“Remind me not to sit there,” I said, turning my eyes
away to stare through the leaves of the bushes in case
Nikki was looking for us.

“Look what I can do,” said Sally.  I turned to see her
licking a finger and then pushing it in and out of her
vagina, holding it open wider still with her other

“We could have sex in here, you know,” Sally said in a
very precocious way.  “And nobody would find out.”

“Have you ever had sex before?” I asked her, still
playing it cool.

“Oh, yes, a few times,” she claimed, but her open face
showed quite clearly that this was not true.

“Who with?” I asked.

“Oh, some boys,” she answered vaguely.  “Do you want
me to show you how?”

I thought that was enough.  I was sorely tempted, but
my sense of responsibility, and perhaps fear, took
over.  “Look, I’m not going to have sex with you,” I
told her firmly.  “It’s against the law, because
you’re too young.”  (So was I, but that was beside the
point.)  “It would be an awful thing to have sex with
you when I’m supposed to be looking after you.  Now
behave yourself properly.  That’s a very stupid and
naughty way to behave with a boy, and you could easily
do it with a boy who would hurt you.”

To my astonishment, Sally looked completely shocked. 
She stared at me in horror with wide-open eyes.  Big
tears welled up and rolled down her cheeks.  She
suddenly looked so pitiful and ashamed.  She certainly
wasn’t putting on an act.  Once again my feeling for
helpless females rose to the top.

“Come here, Sally,” I said gently, holding out my arms
to her.

With tears still falling, Sally shuffled obediently
over to me, looking at me all the time with big
mournful eyes.  I sat her on my thigh and put my arms
round her gently.  She buried her face in my shoulder
and I could feel her body heaving as she sobbed.

“Listen, Sally,” I whispered in her ear, and spoke
slowly and gently to her.  “I don’t want you to get
hurt.  I would never ever do anything to harm you, but
other people might.  I love the way you are so full of
fun and friendliness.  Being naked is wonderful and
good fun.  But it’s not good to show off your body and
think about having sex.  It’s too dangerous.  I want
to look after you and protect you.  But I can’t always
do that, so you must look after yourself.”

Her body stopped heaving, but her face remained buried
in my shoulder and I wondered what she was thinking. 
After about a minute she finally raised her head and
looked at me with her dirty, tear-stained face. 
“Sorry,” she whispered.  I gave her a gentle kiss on
the nose, and slowly saw her face light up.  “I love
you,” she said, giving me a smacking wet kiss on the
cheek.  “I don’t mind you seeing my pussy because I
trust you.”

Suddenly she was back to her usual happy self, but
somehow different, without so much silliness.  She
chattered away in my ear, probably about her family or
school or something, but I was hardly listening, just
enjoying the protective love I suddenly felt for her.

She lay back with her head on my shoulder and took my
hand.  She guided it downwards to that secret place
between her legs and placed it on her vagina.  “Please
stroke me,” she whispered, turning her head to look at
me pleadingly.

“All right, as you’re so much more sweet and sensible
now,” I whispered, stroking her gently, feeling with
my fingertips her little mound and the soft warm slit
in between.

She closed her eyes, a look of intense pleasure on her
face.  “Mmmmmmmmmm!” she hummed, and wriggled gently
with ecstasy.  “I love it when you do this to me,” she
whispered.  “Tickle me too.”  I did so gently, and she
wriggled and giggled most delightfully.  I kissed her
cheek gently, and she gave me a wet, dirty, sticky
kiss in return.

Then suddenly she remembered and looked at her watch. 
“We’ve had three minutes extra!” she squealed, leaping
up and dashing out through the bushes.  “Yippee!” I
heard her yelling.  “Time’s up and nobody’s found me!”

I followed her out through the thicket, grinning.  She
grabbed me by the hand and started dragging me towards
the pool.  “We’d better wash your face first or
everyone will know you’ve been crying,” I told her. 
We stopped by a tap and she let me wash all the tears
and grime off her face gently.  I tried to pull her
untidy hair back, but as soon as I let go it just
flopped back again.  “We’ll have to get a stapler for
your hair,” I joked.

“What number?” shouted out Shelley, jumping up and
down, as we got back, to find that this time Brenda
and Angela had been caught.

“Number six,” I called out teasingly.

“There isn’t a six - it’s me, number two,” she
insisted.  “Come on, let’s go.”  As we trotted off
round the back of the house, Shelley whispered, “I’ve
got a good idea.  Let’s just sit on the back doorstep!
 I bet Sally will never think of looking for us

“She’ll see us when she comes round the corner,” I

“No, she won’t - you don’t know Sally,” giggled
Shelley.  “Come on, let’s do it.”

Rather doubtful, I followed her over to the back door,
about fifteen metres along the wall of the house from
the corner.  It was partly hidden by a flowerbed, but
nobody looking in that direction could fail to see us.

We waited a short while, then heard Sally’s yell:
“Coming, ready or not!”  Moments later she came racing
round the corner of the house, across the small back
lawn and plunging into the jungle without so much as a
glance round.

“Told you!” giggled Shelley.  She had been right.

After a moment Shelley stood up and came to sit on my
lap, legs apart and facing me.  She looked serious.  I
put my hands on her hips and rubbed her up and down
gently.  Then I asked, “What’s the matter, Shell?”

“Roy,” she said, slowly and thoughtfully.  She paused.
 “Roy, do you love the other girls more than me?”

I smiled gently at her, shaking my head.  I was sure
she meant her friends rather than Lynn, as she had
never shown much jealousy of Lynn, recognising it was
a different relationship.  “No, no,” I replied, moving
my arms up under her shoulders to rub the back of her
neck.  “Nobody can ever take the place of my little
cousin.  You’re always going to be special to me.  But
I like your friends too, so I’m just spending time
getting to know them.”

Shelley put her face close to mine, smiling into my
eyes.  “Just testing you,” she said, but I knew it was
more than that.  She leaned back with her eyes shut,
head back until she almost touched the ground with her
head while I held her.  She may be my cousin, but it
still warms me to see her vagina open so trustingly
like that.  Then I pulled her up and we sat and
waited, Shelley’s head on my shoulder.

“All my friends are in love with you,” she whispered.

It was probably true, I thought, trying hard to be
humble but probably in vain.  I had never rated myself
as being particularly good-looking, but I realised it
was more than that.  Was it because I was always
gentle with them?  Because I made them feel beautiful?
 Because I made them feel safe?  Because I trusted
them as well, even with my own nudity?

As we sat there, first Brenda and then Nikki walked
past us to the pool, having been caught.  They both
saw us, but we put our fingers to our lips to keep
them quiet.

Then at last we heard Sally calling from the depths of
the jungle, “Ten minutes and I’ve found two people. 
Come out, everybody!”

“Let’s wait till she comes back,” laughed Shelley.

A minute later Sally came into sight, walking out of
the jungle.  She saw us immediately, and stopped and
stared.  “Hey, what are you doing there?” she

“We were here all the time!” laughed Shelley, standing
up and clapping her hands with glee.  “You ran right
past us and you didn’t even see us!”

For once, Sally was almost speechless.  Then she had a
good giggle about it as we returned to the pool.

“Now it’s Lynn’s and Brenda’s turn to go with Roy,”
said Shelley.

“Three is too many, I think,” smiled Lynn.  “I can
stay out this time.  Brenda, will you go with Roy?” 
She smiled at me.  “We can hide together when we get
home,” she said.

Brenda looked at me rather timidly, unable to make up
her mind.  I smiled at her encouragingly.  “Please
come with me, Brenda,” I asked her.  “But you don’t
have to if you don’t want to.”

Brenda turned to Lynn and said, “I’ll go.”  She smiled
up at me rather tremblingly, and then put her cold
little hand into mine.

“Let’s find a tree to climb,” I suggested.  “Shelley
knows this garden so well she knows all the other
hiding places, but it will take her a bit longer to
look in all the trees.”

Brenda nodded confidently.  Then she looked nervously
at me and asked, “Is it – all right for me to take off
my bikini now?”

“Yes, certainly,” I replied, trying not to show
interest but filled with joy that here was another
little girl who now trusted me.

In a moment Brenda had slipped off her bikini bottom,
dropped it on the grass and was standing next to me
quite naked.  She did look up at me anxiously, so I
deliberately restrained myself and averted my eyes as
I took her hand and led her gently into the bushes.

I quickly found Brenda was a very good tree climber. 
I watched her climb nimbly up a tall tree near the
back fence, moving easily from branch to branch and
giving heart-warming glimpses of her narrow little
curved vagina between her legs.  I did not choose a
mulberry tree as I was sure Shelley would look there
first, but not too many of the others had thick enough
leaves.  Often hiders could get away with a rather
bare tree, though, as the seekers often forgot to look

We sat over the leafiest part on the tree we could
find, and I asked Brenda if she often climbed trees. 
In a quiet whisper she told me about her old house in
England where they lived before moving out here, and
how it was next to a wood where she often climbed with
her older brothers and sisters.  She was the youngest
of a large family, and it seemed to me as if she had
been rather ignored.  We straddled the branch facing
each other, and she now seemed quite unconcerned about
my exposed penis or her own vagina, small and tight.

>From where we sat we could see glimpses of Shelley
rummaging through the bushes, knowing the most likely
hiding places and finding the others one by one.  She
also remembered to look into trees, but the ten
minutes were almost up, and we were just wondering if
we might avoid being caught, when she came our way,
scanning the trees, and quickly saw us.  “Roy, Brenda,
got you!” she screamed at the top of her voice. 
“That’s everybody!  I’ve won!”

I started to move down the tree, but Brenda said,
“Wait!”  I stopped and looked at her, smiling.  She
hesitated and then said, “I - I want to kiss you.”

“On one condition,” I told her gently.  “On condition
I kiss you back.”

For answer she put one arm round my neck, holding on
to the tree with the other, and gave me a sweet little
kiss on the cheek.  I gave her a warm one in return,
and she broke into a brilliant smile.

When we returned to the pool, the others told her that
she hadn’t won yet as I had not yet been It.  “All
right, then, last round,” she agreed.  “Roy, let me
seek with you!”

I had a loud clamour of girls all wanting to seek with
me, but I solved it by saying that wouldn’t be fair
and I would seek alone.  I put my face to the tree,
closed my eyes and counted to two hundred before
calling out and going on my search.

It was very quiet, and at first I was puzzled as I
searched here and there, including the mulberry trees.
 Minutes went by, but I could not find any girl
anywhere.  Suddenly I wondered if they were perhaps
all hiding together.  That would not surprise me, and
there was only one place where they could be.

As silently as possible, I moved towards that little
thicket.  I was so quiet that as I stopped next to it
I could hear a very faint murmur of voices from
within.  But quietly as I tried to push my way in, I
could not help rustling branches and all fell
immediately silent.

I pushed my way through the brush and put my head
through into the open space.  I saw seven little
bodies, curled up flat on the ground, still and
silent.  They could all have been asleep the way they
looked.  The nearest one was Nikki.  I reached out my
hand and gently tickled the sole of her foot.

The silence was broken.  Nikki jumped and screamed,
and then laughed hard.  The others all got a fright at
the scream, and jumped up with squeals of their own. 
I leapt into the middle of them, wrestling gently with
any body in my way.  Then they recovered and all dived
on top of me.  I gave up and lay on my back, with
seven delightful naked girls pinning me down and
laughing at me.

“Tickle him!” shouted Nikki.  They all tried, but I am
not very ticklish and they didn’t have the technique,
so it had little effect.

Laura let out a deep breath.  “That’s been a wonderful
morning,” she announced.  “I’m thirsty.”

“Drinks, then,” I suggested.  “Help me up.”  I held
out my arms and, giggling, the girls pulled me to my
feet, with Lynn and Sally pushing from behind as well.

“Then what shall we do?” asked Angela on our way back
to the house.

“Miss Beautiful Skins!” shouted Nikki, who had won on

“Miss Beautiful Boobs and Pussy,” giggled Laura.

“That wouldn’t be easy,” I said, “unless you all wear
different skins from the ones you wore on Saturday.”

“Let’s have Miss Beautiful Bikini,” suggested Shelley.

“We can’t do that because we’ve only one bikini,” said

“We can make bikinis for everybody,” announced
Shelley.  “Purple mulberry bikinis!  I’ll tell you

(To be continued)


We had our drinks while Shelley talked excitedly about
her idea.  “It’s called body painting,” she explained.
 “And we’ll use mulberry juice.  We’ll pick up all the
mulberries lying on the ground and make them into
juice.  Then we can paint bikinis on ourselves and
have a Miss Beautiful Bikini competition!”

The girls all loved the idea.  “And you must do it as
well, Roy,” insisted Shelley, supported by the others.
 “And Lynn.”

After drinks we all began to move outside to the
mulberry trees.  “What shall we put the juice in?”
asked Laura.

“I’ll get some jars from the cupboard,” said Shelley.

“They won’t hold very much juice,” I said.  “Can you
think of anything bigger?”

They couldn’t, so I made my suggestion.  “Perhaps we
can get that wheelbarrow out of your shed and fill it
with mulberries.  Then we can take it in turns to get
in the wheelbarrow and stomp all the juice out of the
mulberries.  We’ll get plenty that way.”

The girls looked at each other, eyes shining.  They
liked that idea.  We opened the shed and I trundled
the barrow to the trees with difficulty, because they
all wanted a ride in it.  Then we set to loading the
barrow with mulberries.

When it was half full, I said, “That should be enough
for everybody.”

“Now over to the pool,” said Shelley.

“I don’t know whether your mum and dad would want a
purple lawn,” I answered.  “I think we had better do
the stomping somewhere over here where it doesn’t
matter if we spray mulberries everywhere.”

They saw the sense of that, so we wheeled the barrow
into a little clearing in the wild part of the garden.
 “Me first!” shouted Shelley.  I held the barrow
steady while she trod on the mulberries, carefully at
first but then gaining in confidence.  Soon she was
leaping up and down, dancing and singing, and sending
mulberry parts and juice flying.  The rest of us,
close by, began to get stains on our skins.

“What a good thing we haven’t our clothes on,” laughed
Nikki.  “My mum would be so cross if I got mulberry
juice all over my dress.”

After a minute or two Shelley gave way to Laura and
each of the girls took a turn.  There was much
laughter and more mulberry juice going everywhere, so
I said, “If you get any more juice on you, nobody will
be able to see your bikinis when you make them.”

“We’ll have to wash off first,” said Brenda, who
managed to climb on the barrow for the next turn.

After about twenty minutes they had all had their
turn, some more than once, and the barrow was awash
with juice, amid of course a great deal of other
squashed mulberry parts.  All of us were stained with
the purple juice and would have to wash before we
could do any painting of bikinis.

While I wheeled the barrow, the girls ran for the
garden tap, while Shelley ran indoors for some
flannels and soap.  She found four of each, so the
flannels had to be shared.  There were choruses of
“Please wash me, Roy!”

I was rather worried about both the washing and the
painting, as I did not want to be in trouble for
touching girls around the vagina - unless invited, of
course.  So I said, “Look, we’re going to need to do
this in pairs.  I’ll go with Lynn, because she’s my
girl-friend and it’s time I gave her some attention.” 
Also it wouldn’t matter where I touched Lynn.  “So
perhaps the rest of you can get into pairs.”

They paired off quickly, with some moans about how
lucky Lynn was.  Shelley went with Brenda, Nikki with
Angela, and of course Laura and Sally got together
with much giggling.  “First of all we wash each
other,” I said.  “And then we can paint each other.”

Each pair took a flannel and got to work.  Lynn and I
were much cleaner than the girls and most of the juice
was on our legs.  Sally needed more cleaning than
anybody, as she had managed to sit down in it while
she was trampling the mulberries.  Laura had her lying
down on her front while she rubbed away at her bottom.
 “You know, Sally, you have a very wobbly bottom,” she
said as she scrubbed.  “I hope your boobs don’t grow
like that.”

The other girls were getting impatient, so I said,
“Don’t worry too much about it now; that’s her problem
really.”  So Sally got off her tummy and we prepared
to paint.

We trundled the barrow over to the area near the pool,
although I warned everybody at the start that they
would not be allowed to swim and mess up the pool
water until they were quite clean again afterwards. 
“What’s the use of a bikini if you’re not allowed to
swim in it?” asked Shelley.

“How often do you ever swim in a bikini?” I asked, and
she laughed.

Shelley had fetched a jug for each pair, and we filled
our jugs at the barrow, emptying out all the solids
still there.  Sally immediately spilt hers down her
leg and had to go and wash again.  Unfortunately there
were no paintbrushes, apart from a toy one of
Shelley’s that was much too small, so we had to paint
with our fingers.

“The best way I think is to make an outline of the
bikini first,” I suggested to them all.  “Then when
you have that right, you can fill it in.  Just like
when you paint a picture.”

“Let’s do you first,” I said to Lynn.  So she stood
there while I put some juice on my fingers and traced
the outline on her body.  I was well prepared to enjoy
myself as I stood behind her and gently drew the
outline of a bikini top around her swelling breasts. 
They were very clearly defined so I just ran my finger
around the outside.

I soon realised that it is not so easy to do a good
job after puberty, as Lynn’s pubic hair prevented me
from giving her a proper bikini bottom.  I had to stop
when my fingers reached her hair, but not before she
shivered, giggled and said, “That tickles!”

I kept an eye on the other girls, and every pair
seemed to be having long discussions, with a lot of
trial and error, over where to draw the lines.  I was
soon painting in Lynn’s bikini top, smearing the
mulberry juice over her breasts.  They were soft but
firm, and I took particular care drawing little
circles round the nipples simply because I enjoyed the
feel of them wobbling gently under my fingers as I

I looked at Lynn, and we laughed into each other’s
eyes.  Forgetting the others for a while, I
impulsively laid Lynn down on her back, sat gently on
her thighs and leaned closely over her face as I
rubbed in the purple juice very gently.  When I had
finished, I painted in the bottoms, although again I
had to stop when I reached the pubic hair.  Lynn
insisted on as small a bikini as possible, so I did
just enough to cover her groin.  Then I turned her
over and gently kneaded it into her firm tanned bottom
and down between her legs, feeling the long hairs
hanging down and her mound ever so carefully and

I stood back and looked at it, but wasn’t really
satisfied.  Mulberry juice is not thick enough for
painting people properly with, and it didn’t look as
close to being a proper bikini as it would had we been
able to use paint.

Lynn wanted to know what she looked like, so I went
indoors and managed to unhook a large mirror and bring
it outdoors.  Lynn looked at herself but didn’t seem
very impressed, and I don’t blame her.  All the other
girls crowded round, in various stages of being
painted, to see how they looked.  Most of them had not
got very far yet.  They seemed rather disappointed
that the juice was not working very well.

Now it was Lynn’s turn to paint me, just the bottom
part, of course.  She put it on as thick as she could,
also stroking it carefully into my penis and testicles
as I stood there trying not to get aroused.  But the
results were pretty pale.

Lynn had finished me before the other girls had even
got halfway.  We went round to have a look.  Sally was
smearing juice all over Laura’s pubic area, and she
was asking, “What happens when I do a wee?”  Brenda
was rubbing vigorously at Shelley, who was helping,
but again the mulberry juice was not most effective. 
Nikki was standing elegantly with her hands on her
head while Angela painted her bottom.

Then Sally said, “You know, mud would be better than
this.  Roy, may we paint with mud?”

“That sounds like a good idea,” I agreed.  Most of the
girls agreed excitedly, although Nikki did not look
happy.  I think she was too ladylike to enjoy the idea
of mud.

We scampered round the back to the shed, where Shelley
found some empty pots.  We dug up some earth from the
jungle and then went to add water.  “Just a bit at a
time,” I told them.  “If you get the mud too thin, it
won’t work properly.”

“Do we have to use mud too?” Lynn asked me, also not
liking the idea.  She was referring to the two of us.

“I don’t think so,” I replied.  “We’ve got our
costumes, even if they’re not very clear.”

Laura and Sally, of course, put in too much water in
spite of what I said, so they had to pour some of it
out and fetch some more soil.  They all mixed and
squeezed in the pots with their fingers and soon had
some good thick smooth mud ready to use.

Laura stood up quickly and started smearing mud all
over her front and down between her legs, while Sally
protested that this was supposed to be her job.  Laura
had been too enthusiastic, and mud started dripping
down her leg.  She had a thick coating of mud over her
skin, but it was still possible to trace the outline
of her vagina through it.

Nikki decided to keep to the mulberries, although it
was not very effective, but Shelley was another
enthusiastic mud-user.  When Brenda proved to be slow
and hesitant in applying it, Shelley called on me to
come and help.  Brenda didn’t mind, so I started off
rubbing mud gently into her smooth round bottom.  This
brought appeals for help from the other pairs, though,
so I stopped so as to avoid getting involved, and Lynn
took over.

“The winner of the Miss Beautiful Bikini competition,”
I said, “will be the painter, not the wearer!  So I
can’t go round doing it for you all.”

Slowly the bikinis took shape and developed.  Many of
the girls used a mixture of mud and mulberry juice,
and even tried to decorate them with leaves, although
most of them quickly fell off when the mud dried.  It
took a long time for them to agree on the shapes and
the materials, and I honestly had to admit the results
were not very good.  We really needed proper paint,
such as is used in proper body painting, and I would
have to ask Aunt Sue about that.

I would have preferred to wash my own costume off, but
the girls protested.  They may have looked at least
partly as if they were wearing costumes themselves,
but mine could never pass for a costume with the
genitals hanging down and nowhere to tuck them,
whereas a girl’s can largely be hidden.  Anyway, at
least I didn’t have to take part in the competition,
and I sat as usual in my deck chair to judge.

It was not very inspiring this time.  Sally insisted
on being first, and she was rather too muddy.  The mud
had run in streaks down her legs and she had not been
able to rub it off very well.  She would certainly
have been a show-off as a model, as she put on a very
artificial act, turning and stretching and dancing
with exaggerated elegance.  As with the other mud
costumes, the shape of her vagina was still clear. 
She had obviously been told what to do when she
finished, as she minced daintily off the stage over to
my deck chair, leaned on my shoulder and then rolled
on to my lap.

“Yuch!” I protested, half in fun, as large areas of
half-dry mud came in contact with my own skin.  She
only smiled and sat quietly on my lap, much more
sensible in her behaviour with me now, but quite
confident of her ability to charm me with her new
method.  And she did succeed.

Next was Laura, in thick mud but with even worse
streaks down her legs.  I was glad some of the others
looked better than these two, but I knew now it wasn’t
easy to produce good costumes with the limited
materials we had.

Nikki and Angela had done a fine job between them. 
Nikki had refused to use mud but Angela, who had
painted her, had painted very carefully a little
purple bikini.  Her little nipples and vagina were
delightfully evident, but there were also darker and
lighter patterns.  Angela, who followed, had also used
mainly mulberries, but Nikki had painted little dots
and patterns in mud, so the effect was good.

Shelley’s costume had been partly painted by Lynn and
myself, so she understood reluctantly that her
costume, which should have been credited to her
partner Brenda anyway, could not win this time.  She
was mainly in mud, and quite neatly done.  She had
been responsible for Brenda’s costume, which really
did look good - as good as can be expected using mud. 
It supposedly had frills at the edges, fingered in
very carefully, and animal heads had been outlined by
way of patterns.  Only one thing had been forgotten,
which became clear when 
Brenda stretched her legs up and revealed an expanse
of white and pink under her crotch, which Shelley had
forgotten about.

Third prize I gave to Angela’s costume, painted by
Nikki, and second to Nikki’s costume, painted by
Angela.  Brenda looked overjoyed to win first prize
for hers, though the real winner was the painter,

“I want to wash off now,” said Nikki, shivering a bit
because some heavy clouds had blown over the sun, and
it looked like we might be in for one of those
occasional midday summer downpours.  The activity had
not actually been a great success, although they had
enjoyed it, and none of them really wanted to walk
round in their painted costumes all day.

“Why wasn’t my bikini good enough?” demanded Sally as
we walked round to the taps.

“Too much mud!” I explained to her.

“I like being muddy,” she said.  “You should be more
muddy too.”  She wrapped her arms round my waist and
tried to rub off all the mud on her on to me.

I reached down and slung an arm round her waist, then
lifted her upside down that way.  She screamed and
laughed, kicking her legs wildly over my shoulders
with her muddy little vagina curving right under my

“If you like being muddy, you can have some more,” I
laughed, carrying her over to the barrow.  I dumped
her in the barrow and rolled her in the mulberry juice
that was still there, while she laughed and screamed
and kicked.  “Quick, girls, bring the rest of that
mud!” I called.  Giggling, they ran off and came back
with the pots still with plenty of mud inside.

We poured the mud over the thrashing body of Sally,
who was by now almost helpless with laughter.  Then I
rubbed it in, all over her chest and her body, her
bottom, her legs, even down between her legs.  There
was plenty of it and we all loved it.

At last we stood back and looked at out handiwork. 
Sally was covered with sticky brown mud from her
shoulders downwards.  As she kicked, the barrow tipped
over.  She landed in a muddy heap on the grass, and
the remaining mud in the barrow slushed out on top of
her.  She was a hilarious sight, and she was laughing
almost until she cried.  Then she got up and chased
us, wrapping her arms round us and giving us as much
of the mud as she could when she caught us.

Finally, when the fun had worn off, it was time to get
clean.  “Right, in pairs again,” I said, as we filled
some buckets with water from the tap and got the
flannels and soap again.  There was much giggling and
squealing as the costumes came off.  I soaped and
flannelled Lynn over gently, rubbing the mulberry
juice carefully off her breasts and loins, and then
she did the same with my now very faded costume.

(To be concluded)


We were all just finishing the job of washing
ourselves when some big drops of rain began to fall. 
They quickly became heavier.

“Shall we go inside?” Nikki asked me, just finishing
the job of wiping off Angela’s cute bottom.

“We’re too wet, I think,” I laughed.

“I want to play in the rain!” shouted Shelley. 
Dropping the flannel and soap, she spread out her arms
and scooted off at top speed, racing through the heavy
rain, screaming with delight.

“Catch her!” shouted Laura, and she and Sally went
racing after her.  The others soon followed, and I ran
with them, enjoying the cold teeming rain pouring down
on to my body.

“Catch Roy!” screamed Shelley, turning and running
towards me.  I ran towards her rather than away, and
she hurtled into my arms, wet and slippery as an eel. 
We both tumbled on the ground, laughing, and the other
girls piled on top of us.  Slippery wet bottoms
tumbled on top of me as I struggled to sit up.  Laura
was sitting on my chest, soaking wet vagina open
inches from my nose.  Sally pulled her backwards, and
her legs shot upwards and then rolled off.

It was a glorious rough-and-tumble, and even Lynn
joined in, although this is not normally her type of
activity.  Her pubic hair was glistening as water ran
down it, making it look almost like a little beard.  I
grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her round, but
my hands slid off her soaking wet breasts.  Nikki,
laughing, sprawled across my chest, and I could feel
her little wet nipples.  I reached out both hands to
grab the nearest body to me, and a slippery wet Brenda
slid into my arms and out again before I caught her
more tightly.  But her soaking little body again
slipped out of the bottom of my grasp.

Scrambling to our feet, we chased each other round
again.  Sally slipped and fell over backwards, making
an exhibition of herself as usual as she swung her
open legs in the air, howling with laughter.  Nikki
looked a beautiful sight as she stood still in the
rain, legs together so that her little vagina looked
no more than an extension of the groove between them,
head back, eyes closed, arms stretched upwards as she
tried to catch the rain.  Then Angela pointed to the
tree near the veranda.  There were our clothes, out in
the rain and soaking wet!

There was nothing we could do about them, so we
continued to enjoy the rain.  Then, as suddenly as it
had begun, it stopped.  Clouds remained over the sun
and a wind sprang up.  Suddenly we felt chilly.  I
glanced downwards and saw my penis, small and tight in
the cold rain, and my testicles, clinging up closer to
my body.

“I think we need a hot shower,” I grinned at the
others.  We could get that easily enough inside the
house, but we were all soaking wet.  Sally made a
great display of her chattering teeth.

“I know,” said Shelley.  “Roy, you dry yourself and go
inside.  Then you can carry us all to the shower!”

My little cousin has some weird ideas, but I liked
this one.  The only problem was what to dry myself on,
as it was all so wet outside.  In the end I ran round
the back, put my arm through the window, pulled a
kitchen towel off the hook and ran back again with it.

I sat down on the front doorstep but was not allowed
to dry myself.  The girls seized the towel between
them and tried in a very disorganised way to dry me. 
I insisted that my feet and legs were the most
important part as they would be in contact with the
polished floor and carpet, and eventually, swamped by
chattering girls who rubbed my legs up and down, I
felt I was reasonably dry.

Still a little damp, I entered the house and walked
down the passage to the bathroom near the end.  I
turned on the heater and the shower, and then came
back for the girls.

“We’re going by numbers again,” Shelley told me. 
“Choose a number between one and seven!”

My first choice turned out to be Brenda.  I lowered my
head while she, smiling, reached up with her arms and
clasped me round my neck.  Then I gently lifted her in
my arms and carried her down to the bathroom.  She
felt as light as a feather, and I loved her thin
little face as she looked up so trustingly at me.

“You don’t seem nervous of me any more!” I smiled at
her as I put her gently down on the side of the bath.

“Now I know you’re kind,” she whispered shyly.  “I
wish you were my big brother.”

“Well, I wish you were my little sister,” I replied,
smiling, as I returned for the next load.  She slipped
into the shower, where the water was now beautiful and

My next choice turned out to be Angela.  She lay
peacefully back in my arms, her own arms folded across
her tummy and her little bare body glistening with
drops of water and goose flesh.  She felt cold as I
hugged her to my chest, but then I probably did to her
as well.  The only trace of colour I could see on her
was in her cheeks, pink as they so often were.

I wondered if she blushed several hundred times every
day, or whether it was just with me.  Shelley later
told me that it was mainly with me.  Angela always
pretended she did not like boys, according to Shelley,
but she was certainly quite hopeless at pretending
with me.  I pressed my cheek against her forehead as I
carried her down the passage and whispered, “You’re a
very special girl.”

Lynn won the next round.  I was quite used to carrying
her, so the younger girls had felt lighter to me.  She
travelled with her arms round my neck, with her left
breast pressing against my chest.

Sally, the next, had to be different.  She wanted to
be carried like a koala, sitting on my hips with her
legs spread out each side of me, head against my
throat and arms round my back.  As I carried her, she
released her arms and flopped backwards, head down and
vagina wide open at my stomach level.  With her head
down and untidy hair hanging almost to floor level, I
had to waddle along carefully until I dumped her on
the toilet seat, much to her amusement.

Back I went for Laura.  “I’m rather heavy,” she warned
me as I picked her up side-saddle, her bottom resting
on my hip.  It was a rather awkward way to carry her
anyway, and I caused much mirth as I staggered along,
pretending to be ready to collapse under such a heavy

An impatient Shelley was next, leaping up and wrapping
her arms round my shoulders, head and cold wet hair
pressed against my neck.  I held her just under her
bottom as I carried her down to the bathroom, which
was now getting rather crowded.  The shower was,
anyway, as all the girls I had carried in were
squashing into it together, amid much squealing and

Finally I went back to Nikki, who was shivering.  Her
little body felt so cold as I picked her up tenderly
and held her in my arms like a baby.  She snuggled up
against me for warmth, and I smiled down at her,
admiring the curves in her body.  Her fair hair was
still curly despite being wet and her little round
face showed beautiful dimples as she smiled up at me
despite her cold.  Her neck curved beautifully down to
her little round chest, and her sides curved in again
and then out at the hips, all the way down between her
legs, where I could just make out the top of her
vagina lips curving delicately inwards.

I kicked the front door shut and carried my little
beauty into the bathroom, to find the shower bursting
with girls.  “Gangway!” I ordered, trying to push my
way in, still carrying Nikki.  I couldn’t, but willing
if not so strong hands reached out to pull her inside.
 I could feel the warm steam flowing out of the shower
and a few splashes of water.  The noise was
indescribable as seven naked girls squealed, sang and
chattered away loudly as they warmed up.  I sat on the
side of the bath and waited for them, shivering.

After about five minutes I heard Lynn’s voice saying,
“Girls, what about poor Roy?  He must be cold!  We
must get out and let him have a shower.”

They wanted to stay in, I could tell, but kindness won
over and they began to emerge from the cubicle,
grabbing for towels.  Still shivering, I went in.  It
was such a relief to feel the warm water pouring down
over my body.

Shelley put her head inside the shower.  “May I come
back in with you?” she asked.

Without thinking I said, “Yes,” and so opened the
floodgates.  Shelley leapt through the door into my
arms.  A moment later Sally’s face pushed its way
inside, quickly followed by the rest of her body, and
a horde of other bodies followed.  Within seconds I
was pressed against the back wall, with my penis
squashed against Shelley’s tummy and scarcely able to
move.  The girls were all reaching out their arms
towards me, wanting a hug and a cuddle.  Lynn I saw at
the back, smiling but unable to get in.

The little bodies felt warm and fresh now, and I
quickly began to warm up.  The spray sprinkled warm
water over us all, and whenever I reached out I seemed
to get a tangle of wet hair, which was tumbling down
over their eyes and faces.  Sally grabbed an arm and
slobbered kisses over it.  Nikki, arm at full length,
was stroking my chest over Sally’s head.  It all felt
so good, so wonderfully good.

In the end we all tired of it.  We squeezed our way
out of the shower, and of course the girls all wanted
me to dry them.  Taking Angela first, I wrapped a
towel gently around her, knelt down next to her and
rubbed.  She never took her blue eyes from me as I
massaged her body, from head to toe and between her
legs, ever so gently.  I would never break the trust
of these delightful little girls by abusing them
sexually, although I do allow myself loving touching
in private areas when I know they want me to. 
Carefully I lifted the towel to dry her hair and our
bare bodies pressed together, her stomach pressed
against my chest with her damp vagina just below as I

When I finished, I decided it was Lynn’s turn, as she
had not been able to join us in the shower.  She
leaned back against me, eyes closed with a smile
playing over her lips, as I dried her hair, then
gently massaged her firm breasts.  Working my way
down, I tenderly dried her pubic hair and between her
legs, and heard Laura whisper, “Just like a husband
and wife.”

One by one I dried them - Shelley, my excitable and
loveable little cousin with her warm nature and warm
body; the beautiful soft curvy Nikki; thin, delicate
little Brenda; the saucy, wriggly and sometimes
delightful Laura; and the partially reformed Sally. 
It was a pleasure that I never wanted to end.

But it had to come to an end, and we had a problem. 
It would soon be time to go home and all our clothes
were wet.  Most of Shelley’s had just gone into the
wash, so she had little to lend and I told her in any
case I would not be seen dead in one of her

“I think we’ll just have to put on our wet underwear,”
I told them all, “and explain that we got caught
outside when the rain began.  We needn’t mention that
we were naked then anyway.”

Outside the clouds had cleared away and the sun was
shining down hotly again, raising steam from the
driveway, the roof and the garden.  I slipped with
regret into my underpants.  The girls sat on the front
doorstep or on the ground next to it, putting on their
panties.  My loins warmed as I watched them lift their
legs, saw the soft white lips of their little hairless
vaginas from top to bottom, and grateful that I was
counted as trustworthy of seeing what I did.

Then we sat around on the grass in the shade waiting
for the cars to arrive.  Lynn was next to me, leaning
on my shoulder with her head back and resting against
my cheek.  The girls were chatting, often several at
once to me, and in front of me Laura and Sally were
talking and giggling together.  Laura idly reached
inside her brief panties to scratch gently, giving me
a glimpse of her lovely pink and white vagina as she
did so.  This was where it all started for me on
Saturday, I remembered, when this pert, saucy girl had
lost the pink panties she had been wearing then.

Laura glanced across at me and grinned, still
scratching and quite careless of the fact that I could
see her budding womanhood.  My loins warmed again with
the pleasure.  “This is the life,” I thought.  I said
aloud, “What a lucky man I am.  Here I am, sitting in
the sun with my lovely wife and all my beautiful
daughters.”  I waited for the giggles to subside. 
“This is the life!”

The End

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