Lust 4 Life's Stories

I enjoy and therefore write straight, adult hetero-sexual themes.

I enjoy impregnation, pregnancy, wife swapping, voyerism and loss of control stories. I enjoy history and like to bring historical themes into erotic stories. I like explicit and strive for an earthy feel to my stories. My favorite stories are probably Salame and Reluctant Whore followed by Roman Orgy.

You will not find pedophilia, BD, S&M, etc. in my stories. The furthest I go is rape which turns to lust (no violence, except "Sex Slave").

If my impregnation/pregnancy theme doesn't do anything for you, you might prefer some risky exhibitionism in Sweet Surrender, In The Park, Taste Treat In The Park, Starbucks, and one of the vignettes in Musical Genitals.

A few of the stories are either true or mostly true stories. These are Impregnating My Wife, Singapore, In The Park, I'm Sure I Had Clothes When I Arrived, Sweet Release, Taste Treat In The Park, Musical Genitals, Stripper, Swapping, and Swing Party. Except for Impregnating My Wife, these do not involve impregnation. One could also classify Historical Sexual Customs as both true and at least not explicitly about impregnation.

If you enjoy my stories, you may also enjoy stories by Eskimo1958 and by AleStone, fellow authors on You may also enjoy checking out the preggoman web site.

I also encourage other authors to feel free to use the story ideas I have written about and re-do them in your own style, or write sequels. Several of these were inspired by reading a similar story and thinking, "Great idea! To bad they botched the actual writing of the story." and so I re-wrote them to my own liking.

Musical Genitals A true story about infidelity among several couples. (MF). 2003.

Coven Initiation Alice is depressed after the loss of her husband but her friend Chloe tries to console her and tells her about a secret society to which she belongs, a coven. Among other things, they practice regular orgies. Alice is intrigued and finally asks to join. New initiates are inducted by being fucked in front of the entire group, before one of the regular orgies. This time, Alice is one of 3 new women being inducted. (MF preg) 2003.

Salame When barbarians capture the town, the women become sex slaves to the conquerors, who decide to remain in the city for a few months, “to give us time to fatten up many bellies”. (M+F+ nc reluc preg). 2003.
This one is my favorites.

The Fatherless Pact Monique has always loved sex and been fascinated by playing sperm roulette. Now as a professional woman who has decided that for the most part men are jerks, her biological clock is going off when she meets her old friend Alex. The two women share a common desire for children but not husbands, and agree to play sperm roulette together. (M+F+ preg). Dec 2003.

No Diaphragm After breaking up with her boy friend, Sara reluctantly agrees to a night out after work with her wild friend Ellen. Things get out of hand and soon Sara is on her back with a young stud pounding away. Just as he is about to cum, she remembers she doesn’t have her diaphragm in. (MF preg). April 2004.

A Night Out A couple goes dancing and works themselves up before rushing to a hotel to make love. (MF). Dec 2003.

Roman Orgy Adrienne is a young woman taken by Roman troops when they captured her village. As a good looking young female slave she ends up in the House of Venus. M+F+ preg. March 2004.
Another favorite. This is the first in a series (See Roman Orgy 2 and Roman Orgy 3)

Beach Party Justine is a tease who reluctantly agrees to go to a party with some wild friends. The party moves to a deserted beach where she is plied with alcohol & drugs until her resistance crumbles. M+F+ preg? March 2004.

Silk Road Perces, a mercenary protecting the caravans traveling the ancient silk road is glad to finally arrive in a good sized town. He and a couple of his men head to a local strip club / brothel for an evening of fun. The next night they head to a cheap bar where Perces ends up with a low cost hooker in the back room. MF. April 2004.

Getting Pregnant I had been living with my boyfriend Darrel for 4 years when we decided to get me pregnant. This is the story. MF, preg. June 2004.

Sacred Prostitution This story is based on a headline I just got a glance at referring to new discoveries regarding the ancient town of Pompeii.
It has been 15 months since her first period, and Rachel, daughter of an upper class family is about to inducted into the cult of the goddess of fertility, to work as a sacred prostitute, until she bears her first child. M+F preg. Jul 2004.

Wife's Revenge Sally and her husband are trying to get pregnant, when she discovers he’s been cheating on her. She decides two can play at that game, and she holds the stronger hand. She goes to a bar, picks up a young stud, and lets him take her bareback. MF preg. July 2004.

Sex Slave This story was written at the request of a lady friend. It is darker than my usual style.
Catherine’s village is captured by invaders. The old and weak are killed. The strong men are castrated (including Catherine’s new husband of only a week) and the women become sex slaves. Before long Catherine bears her first child but she is then sold. M+f, rp, preg. August 2004.

Wrong Room This story was written at the request of a lady friend.
Diane goes to a hotel for a rendezvous with a man she has only met on the net. But she goes to the wrong room. MMMF. Sept 2004.

Infidelity A married man and a married woman, each missing sexual satisfaction in their marriages meet to find the satisfaction they are missing. MF preg. Jan. 2005.

Lost Control Shauna has too much to drink and things get out of control. MF, preg. Jan 2005.

Reluctant Whore Alone and desperate, Elizabeth finds she must turn to prostitution to survive. Set in 1700s England. MF preg. Jan 2005.
Another favorite. This is the first in a series (Navy Whore)

First Breeding Five girls are raised for breeding. At age 18, a week long breeding party is held in which they loose their virginity and hopefully become pregnant. The story is told from 3 perspectives: a narrative, one of the women, and one of the men. This is a re-write of the story “Triplet Auction” by Eskimo1958. M++F+, preg. Feb 2005.

The Club Kayla seeks to join an exclusive club, but even after a rigorous screening process, there are 5 applicants for 3 openings. To select the final three, the women are all put on birth control but some of the women are getting only placebos. The women must have sex with the men of the club until 2 of them become pregnant and are thereby disqualified. M+F+/Preg. Oct 2005.

Chieftain Life as the chieftain of a semi-nomadic, warrior culture tribe. The chieftain gets most of the women as his own private breeding stock, while a handful of “village” women are shared by the rest of the male members of the tribe. M+F+ nc, impreg. April 2006.

Inititation Set in the future, after a major planet wide catastrophe and population implosion, breeding partners are selected by the government Genetic Match Organization to optimize the future gene pool. Usually different pairings are used for each child. Young people are introduced to the breeding program in a special ceremony at age 16. M+F+/Impreg. May 2006.

Captured Mabel joins an exploration mission to Africa where her party is taken prisoner. She is the only woman in the group and soon finds she has gained the interest of the chieftain. MF, nc, Impreg. June 2006.

Impregnating My Wife I have 2 children by my present wife. This is the story of how I impregnated her on each occasion. MF, Impreg. true. Jan 2008.

Roman Orgy 2 This is a sequel to “Roman Orgy” and the adventures of Adrienne, a member of the pleasure staff at “House of Venus”. In this installment, a kinky lady client wants to watch one of the house studs fuck one of the girls at the peak of her fertility so she can watch what may be an actual impregnation. MMFFF, Impreg. Jan 2008.

Singapore A true story about a week of debauchery in Singapore. MFFFF. true. Feb 2008

New Life A description of the act of reproduction. The basic components followed by several scenarios ranging from intentional reproduction through various forms of accidental and unintentional reproduction. Not my favorite, but one I just felt I had to write. MF/Preg. Feb 2009

Risk Taker A young woman finds she gets an extra thrill of riding bareback, of taking the chance that she will get knocked up by taking a man with no birth control. The first time is an accident, but she finds she is so turned on that she decides to try it one more time, and then another and another. Finally, she decides to add even more spice and have a gang bang with no birth control, but she forgets to keep track of her calendar. F/M+/preg

Pregnancy Pact Inspired by the Gloucester, MA pregnancy pact news story (June 2008). This is a fictional account of how it could have transpired. A group of high school girls decide to get pregnant together. F+/M+/preg. April 2009.

Navy Whore Elizabeth (introduced in “Reluctant Whore”) returns from pregnancy and becomes first an upscale whore serving in an officer’s bordello, then a captain’s mistress on board ship. This results in a second pregnancy and being deposited on a Caribbean island where after giving birth she is reduced to a common sailor’s whore. F/M+/preg. April 2009.

Cheerleaders This one is for the guys - graphic and explicit.
Sometime in the (hopefully not too distant) future, the NFL has introduced pornographic after game celebrations with the cheerleaders rewarding their (winning) team sexually on world-wide television. Recently, the NFL has added a new twist, no celebrations after playoff games, but the Super Bowl winners get the cheerleaders of the loosing team without birth control. F+/M+/preg. April 2009.
See Cheerleaders 2 for the sequel.

Sweet Release This is my first story co-authored with a lady. Basically her fantasy, fleshed out by me.
Bob & Lisa meet each other on an adult swingers sex site. Both are looking for a little extra excitement, something different. After getting to know each other a bit on-line, they decide to meet. M/F. November 2009.

In The Park This story is a sequel to “Sweet Release”. Lisa and Bob go for a walk and end up in a small park at dusk, near a busy intersection. Under the cover of darkness but otherwise in plain site, they enjoy a tryst as hundreds of commuters hurry by. This is a true story. M/F, exhib. November 2009.

Brothel Owner Description of operations including hiring and screening as well as routine operations and quality control at a Singapore brothel. M/F. August, 2010.

Jenny Gets Knocked Up Jenny goes to a college frat party and after a few drinks goes to Ralph’s room where she lets him fuck her, twice, without a condom. Live sperm, fertile pussy, mother nature’s plan is fulfilled and Jenny is pregnant. M/F, preg. August, 2010.

I'm Sure I Had Clothes On When I Arrived A true, story about an interesting night at a new girl friend’s house. M/F. true. Sept 2010

Historical Sexual Customs Around The World Historical accounts of different sexual customs through history. Interesting in and of themselves and they provide ideas for detailed stories. I expect to update this over time as I read and learn more. True. Oct 2010

Ode To The Greatest Lover In remembrance of the greatest lover I have ever had. M/F. true. Oct 2010

Roman Orgy 3 This is a second sequel to “Roman Orgy” and the adventures of Adrienne, a member of the pleasure staff at “House of Venus”. In this installment, a father brings his teenage son to the “House Of Venus” as a birthday present, to learn about the pleasures of women. As an experienced member of the House of Venus, Adrienne takes on the role of experienced teacher, showing a group of new girls the techniques of pleasure they will use as whores to excite and satisfy their men. Finally, Adrienne is one of several girls selected for a “circle fuck” party. M+/F+. Oct 2010.

Roman Sex Slave Claudia is taken from her village by the Romans, gang raped, then sold into slavery in Rome where she is bought to serve as a prostitute at a local brothel. Mostly about her experiences as a slave prostitute at the brothel. M+/F, rp, prost. Oct 2010.

Taste Treat In The Park A social walk in the park ends up with an oral taste sensation. M/F, oral. True. Oct 2010.

Starbucks A social meeting at a local Starbucks goes way out of control and I end up fucking my new girlfriend on the floor in the middle of the store, in the middle of the day. (Okay, this one is pure fantasy, but it is what I was thinking when we did have a social meeting at a local coffee shop recently. We sat talking, then holding hands, and the magnetism was so intense coursing through our hands, this story played out in my mind as we sat talking.) M/F, exhib. Oct 2010.

Cheerleaders 2 Marcia & Tom watched the Super Bowl and the Pay Per View after game celebration in which the winning team players got to enjoy the losing team cheerleaders, without contraception. Discovering that they were very turned on, not just by the sex, but by the pregnancy risk with multiple partners, they decide to host their own Super Bowl post game celebration this year with several other couples. M+/F+, orgy, impreg. Nov 2010.

Mysterious Fruit Ellen is a mid-level manager in a large company. Her company sends a number of mid- level managers, including Ellen on a team building trip which includes a one day cruise on a small charter boat. An unexpected storm leaves them shipwrecked on an uncharted island. After their meager food supplies run out they are forced to eat a strange fruit that grows on the island but it has some rather unexpected side effects. M+/F+, orgy, impreg. Nov 2010

Stripper A true story about my exhibitionist girl friend at a strip club. M/F, exhibition, strip, true. July 2011

Swapping My girlfriend Loolee and I meet another couple on-line to have a four-some, swapping partners. We meet at a local casino, then adjourn to their place where we all end up in the same bed, swapped and fucking. MMFF, true. Jan 2012.

Roman Noble Woman A married Roman noblewoman is caught in bed with her lover. According to Roman law she is taken to the adulteress room where she is gang-banged by 24 different men, while the adulteress bell rings to tell the city of her humiliation. Upon completion of this punishment, her husband disowns her and registers her as a prostitute. With her new infamy she has no hope of earning a living in any way except as a prostitute and reluctantly joins a Roman brothel or lupanare. She must first convince the owner that she provides quality service and then rents a small room where she entertains her male guests. One day she and a number of other girls are sent to a party at a noble’s house which she recognizes as one of her former husband’s friends. She is humiliated to be a party girl amongst her former social peers and friends, but the party takes an interesting turn with a completely anonymous game of musical genitals. M+/F, orgy, preg. May 2013.

Swing Party Aspen and her boyfriend go to a mixed race swinger’s party and enjoy a mass orgy. M+/F+, true. September, 2013.

Real Woman Growing up Yolanda always wanted to act grown up, like a “real woman” and tried to imitate the older, “cool” girls. Entering high school, she tried to imitate the “in” girls but most of them laughed at her and rejected her until one of them, Juanita, befriended her and helped her learn how to be a Real Woman, dressing sexy, attracting the boys, and then introducing her to sex. Eventually Juanita helps Yolanda truly become a “real woman”. M+/F+/impreg. April 2015.

A Series of Bad Decisions A young girl (just graduated high school) and her best friend get caught shoplifting. Rather than telling their parents and facing prosecution, they agree to become the sex slaves of the head of the store security department for the summer, not understanding the full implications of their arrangement. M+/FF, group, orgy, preg. Nov 2015.

Spreading The Seed Based on a description from Marco Polo of a Chinese village in which husbands welcomed travelers to spend a few days in their house enjoying all of the charms of the women of the house while the husbands went elsewhere for the duration. M/F/impreg. May 2016.

The Bouncer Story of a bouncer working at a strip club / brothel in some by gone era when prostitution was legal and before birth control. M/F. May 2016.

My Hotel I run a modest motel in a cheap part of town. I get a fair number of couples who are obviously just checking in for sex. I rigged up several rooms with hidden cameras, feeding back to a control station in my back office with video recording and displays so I could watch and listen to what was happening. The following are descriptions of some of the encounters I watched. MF, group. June 2016.

A Real Slut A young woman who likes being pregnant but not having kids keeps getting knocked up. M+/F, preg. June 2016.

The Bull Experiences of a “bull” mating other men’s wives (with their consent). MF+, true. June 2016.

A Sailor's Story First hand account by a sailor on an early 1800s man of war describing a port call. Inspired by scenes in Patrick O’Brian’s “Master and Commander” series and by scenes in Dewey Lambdin’s Alan Lewrie series. MF, impreg? July 2016.

2 Woman Gang Bang This is a semi-true story of a gangbang for my girlfriend Loolee and the wife of another couple with whom we had previously swapped. The story is in two parts, first from my perspective and then from Loolee’s. M+FM+F, true. November 2016.

The Pickup Just a pick-up at a bar. MF. November 2016.

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