Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Musical Genitals By Lust4Life A true story about infidelity among several couples. MF The following are two true stories, just the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Take One There is a place, a state of mind, where pure lust takes over. I'm not talking about the heat of the moment. I'm talking about a longer term thing - definitely not love, but a place where you would walk away from everything just for the physical desire of someone. I've heard it called, "Beyond the Silver Rainbow" in a song. I was in grad school and met a group of older women who had decided, after starting families, to return to school and finish their college degrees. Let's call them Sara, Lisa, Rachel, and Karen. Sara was divorced, Lisa was married to a lawyer, Rachel to another professional, and Karen was married to a professor in another department at the university. After getting to know this group a little bit, I ended up asking Sara out on a date - I ended up spending the night at her place screwing all night. Before too long, Sara moved in with me - we had no long term intentions - once I graduated I planned to leave the area and was not interested in a long term relationship. However, in the short term, living together saved rent and we were both horny, so it turned out to be a good relationship. Now Sara was not the best looker, definitely overweight, but she had a sex drive which would not stop. Her philosophy was that an erection was a wonderful gift and should never go to waste. She absolutely worshipped my cock. Interestingly, she had never performed oral sex on her former husband, although he had apparently often asked her to, but the thought repelled her. Well, after they were divorced, she certainly changed her attitude - she loved to suck cock and many a night I woke up at 2 in the morning to find her sucking my cock! Her favorite position was doggy style. After sucking me till I was hard she would get on her hands and knees and wait for me to enter her. I didn't have to stroke long till she would be writhing in orgasm. The feel of her ass thrusting back against my pelvis, my balls banging on her clit, and the way her pussy massage my dick, especially the tube along the underside, invariably made me blast my load deep inside her. While the sensations were probably better for me doggy style, I still preferred missionary position. When I could hold out, I liked the feel of her breasts against my chest as I thrust into her. If we started this way, again, it seldom took long before her hips started twitching and jerking rapidly up against me as she came. Then she would urge me on till I filled her. Alright, that was just to set the stage. Now things get interesting, and a bit weird. Sara got divorced because her husband started having an affair with a new intern in the office. Since she wanted the freedom, he got their two teenage girls during the week and the house, she got alimony, college tuition, and the girls for the weekends. The intern moved in with her ex and was living in her old house with him. That was the situation when I met Sara. On several occasions, Sara invited us over for dinner at her ex-husband's house (returning the girls at the end of a weekend). I'm sure she wanted to flaunt her hot young stud at him - it was definitely strange, sitting there at dinner with this man's ex-wife, in his house, with his new girl-friend. Sara and Lisa once took off for a trip to Vegas - I had no interest so I stayed home. When they returned, Sara told me that Lisa had found a hot stud in Vegas and had started having an affair with him - she wasn't happy with her sex life at home. Hm-m-m. Later I learned that Lisa's husband, the lawyer was having an affair with Rachel's husband. My, my, everyone was getting into the act. Sara knew I had the hots for Lisa and tried to setup a 3-way with her, but alas, that one didn't quite work out - I probably would not have survived if she had! Karen was an interesting story. She too had several teenage kids and rumor had it that her husband fooled around with some of the women in his department. Karen had an affair with one of the grad students in my department - it was not exactly a well kept secret, but she got bored with him and she and I ended up getting together on the side (I was still living with Sara and we were still going at it like dogs in heat). Karen could have been a centerfold - she had an almost perfect body, shoulder length dark hair, and a pretty face. On top of that, she was in great shape. I thought I was in good shape, I worked out, rode my bike, practiced karate. Well, one day she and I went out for a bike ride. I was going as hard as I could trying to keep up, but she eventually turned around and came back looking for me - she thought I had broken down! For a woman who had been married at least 13 years, and had at least 2 affairs that I knew of before me, she was rather sexually na´ve. I don't think anyone had ever performed cunnilingus on her, and she frankly was not that skilled in bed - she liked to get on top to start with and after having her orgasm we would roll over and I would finish. She had a very tight cunt, but just didn't seem to know how to use it. Despite those short-comings, I was just totally in lust with her. If she had said, "Come on, let's get in a car and run away", I would have hoped in without a moment's hesitation and gone anywhere, just to be with her and keep screwing my brains out with her. I would have screwed her anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances. In fact, I did. Our most outrageous escapade was one day in May (it may even have been National Outdoor Intercourse Day). I had a pick-up truck with a little shell on the back, with curtains on the windows for camping. One afternoon we drove into one of the nearby city parks looking for a place to screw in the great outdoors. Most of the pull-outs already had people in them, washing their cars, cooking out, making out, whatever. Finally we found an unoccupied spot and pulled in, eager to crawl in the woods and tear our clothes off. Wouldn't you know it, we were just getting out of the truck when a high school aged kid pulls in, turns on his radio, and starts waxing his car - shit! This was supposed to be our place - we don't want to share it. Well, we were here first, we're horny, and we're not about to let this deter us from joining our genitals and fucking ourselves silly. Instead of the woods, we crawled into the back of the pick-up, not more than 20 feet from this kid, put up the curtains, and ripped our clothes off. We were soon going at it like mad, the truck was bouncing like crazy and there could have been no doubt what we were doing. After the first round we rested for a few minutes, then worked each other into a frenzy and went at it again. Satisfied, at least for now, we put our clothes back on, took down the curtains, climbed out, waved to the kid still working on his car, piled into the cab and drove off. Karen also wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack. Once while Sara was away, I brought Karen home and we got it on in my bed. Now we had had some parties for this group of friends at my place, but never invited anyone up to the bedroom, so when at a party some time later Karen was talking with Sara and said something, like, "Oh, but you have a nice bedroom too." Sara's eyebrows stuck in the ceiling, "How would you know, you've never been up there." Sara was not pleased, but then our relationship was based on sex, so ... Seems like everyone was getting it on with someone they weren't supposed to. Ah, life was good. Take Two I was married, and having an affair with another married woman. We usually communicated via email because we did not live near each other. This woman (let's call her Becky) was having an affair with me because her husband was not adventurous in sex and was not satisfying her (same with me). Along the way, Becky introduced me to a friend of hers (let's call her Alice). Turns out Alice and Becky had had a brief affair, also unbeknownst to Becky's husband Tom. But also unbeknownst to Becky, Tom and Alice had a brief fling. So Alice got it on with both Becky and Tom, but neither knew about the other. Tom had his own business. One day the home computer crashed and Tom had his business partner Bill fix it. In doing so, Bill stumbled across the email between Becky and myself. Bill installed some spy software for Tom who monitored our little affair and then confronted me (via email) about it. He wanted me to stop fooling around with his wife, but did not want his wife to know that he knew. He threatened to tell my wife if I didn't stop. I responded that I was no threat to him - if I stopped satisfying his wife without a change on his part to take up the slack, she would find someone else. And since I was married, I was not a threat for her affection - she loved him and wanted to stay with him but needed something he wasn't giving but I was. I went on to say that if I quit, she might find someone else, unattached who might be interested in more than sex, and this would be a genuine threat to his relationship. I also told him that if he told my wife, and we ended up splitting up, I would have no reason not to pursue his wife. So, instead of me just suddenly bowing out, I agreed to work with him, coach him to pick up the slack and as he did so, I would bow out. Good idea, but ... Becky and I communicated through friend Alice in order to keep up our affair, while pretending to cool it on the home computer email. Meanwhile, Becky tells me that she has started having an affair with ... Bill! So Bill has ratted Becky and me out to Tom, but then goes and starts getting it on with her himself. Not only that, Bill and his wife get it on with Becky in a 3 way - all without Tom knowing! For reasons beyond the scope of this story, Becky and Tom moved on and are not involved with any of us. I never communicated with Bill or his wife, but am still talking with Alice (she lives to far away to get together). What a tangled web we weave.