Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Impregnating My Wife By Lust 4 Life I have 2 children by my present wife. This is the story of how I impregnated her on each occasion. Intro I have 2 children by my present wife. This is the story of how I impregnated her on each occasion. Ours was a more or less typical courtship: we met, we dated, we began fucking, and eventually decided to get married. My wife did not want to mess with her body chemistry so she did not want to use the pill, but we both wanted the natural skin to skin contact so condoms were out. So, she used a diaphragm for contraception until we were ready to have kids. During our dating and the first couple of years of marriage, she had to plan ahead to put the diaphragm in (or take a break while we were making out and go put it in), and I could feel the diaphragm with the tip of my penis when we were fucking. Since we did not initially want kids, it was reassuring to feel it way up there covering her cervix. Of course getting married we knew we would want kids eventually, we just wanted a little bit of time to ourselves before the responsibilities of parent hood. So after a couple of years we decided it was time, time to have our first kid, time to create a new life in her womb, time to finally let my seed enter her womb to find an egg and inseminate her. Since we were using a diaphragm, going off birth control was as easy as simply not using it anymore. There was no waiting period for her hormones to "return to normal" or anything like that. This was a big step so while we were eager, there was also a bit of apprehension, more so on her part than mine. Child 1 We waited until she finished a period, so we would have the maximum amount of time "trying". She was a bit nervous the first time, I was very eager. I remember positioning my penis and sinking into her, knowing there were no barriers, physical or chemical between us, that we were mating in the true sense of the word. And my penis could feel that there was no diaphragm at the end of her vagina, just her natural cervix, the entrance to her womb. I was in heaven, her soft pussy caressing my penis, her legs wrapped around me, knowing that this time when I came, my sperm was going to coat her cervix and then flow into her womb. Of course this first time was too early for an egg to be ready to be fertilized, but I knew we were going to keep on like this, bare penis in unprotected pussy until she did catch, and her belly would swell with our child, the product of our mating, the joining of my sperm and her egg. Just like any other fucking we had done, I kept thrusting until I could feel the sperm gathering behind my balls, and then I was coming, pumping my sperm into her waiting pussy. She clenched and held me tight as I could, buried as deeply in her as I could get with the head of my penis right up at her cervix, dumping my load into her. I remember I was thrilled, she was a lot more ambivalent about it. But we kept fucking. I know she did not catch the first month. I honestly don't remember whether it took us 2 or 3 months for her catch. I was not really disappointed that she didn't catch the first month. I think she was a bit more disappointed than I, despite her apprehension at the whole affair. However, I do remember the fuck that impregnated her. As I said, I don't recall whether it was during our second, or third month of trying, but we were counting the days so we knew when she should be ovulating and at the peak of her fertility. We fucked several times after her period, but we abstained for 2 days before when we expected her peak fertility would be. I remember it was late summer and light outside, so I don't recall if it was early evening, or a weekend, but I think it was sort of mid-day on a weekend day. We both knew this was likely to be her most fertile time. I remember thinking, "If she misses her period at the end of this month, if she gets pregnant this month, it will probably be this fuck that we are about to do." After the usual foreplay, my cock was hard and ready, her pussy wet and well lubricated, male and female, ready to mate. She laid back on the bed and spread her legs, opening her pussy for my eager cock. I placed the head at the entrance and slid into her until my pubic bone was pressed against hers, my balls rested on her ass, and my cock head was up against her cervix. And this time we both knew, I had a couple of days of mature sperm ready to deposit and she was at the peak of her fertility. Oh, and from a previous experience in which I was a sperm donor for a friend under going in vitro fertilization, I knew that my sperm count is unusually high with good motility, so I knew I was going to deliver a very potent load right when and where it would do the most good. We began the rhythmic thrusting of the mating act, driving my penis in and out of her pussy as she pushed up against me in return. She reached around and ran her fingers over my balls, over the testicles that were about to deliver my genetic imprint into her baby factory. Soon I began to feel the sperm gathering again, that tension before climax building and I just knew I was about to become a father, that I was about to plant a child in her fertile womb. In a few more strokes there would be no turning back, we would be bonded forever by our act of pro-creation. I started moaning, gasping that I was about to cum in her, and then my penis erupted. I felt the sudden zip as the first massive spurt of semen shot through my cock and out the end, into her body, splattering on her cervix. I held my cock in her as far as I could as my penis pulsed, shooting more and more of my cum into her fertile womb. Finally I was done. We lay together for a few moments with my deflated cock in her, until it finally slipped out. I lay next to her and she lay on the bed, on her back for a while to give my sperm time to swim through her cervix and up into her womb and on into her tubes to find her ripe and ready egg. We did not screw the next day but then resumed fucking on a regular (every other day?) basis. At the end of the month her period was late, then later, then we got a home pregnancy test kit. She went into the bathroom to pee on it and came out showing me the positive result that said she was pregnant. A new life was growing in her belly, which would swell out at the baby grew inside her. Nine months later she went through a completely natural child birth, no meds whatsoever, and delivered a wonderful, healthy baby girl. After the birth, my wife went back on the diaphragm for birth control. There is a funny little side note to this story. Shortly after she was born, I started working for a small company. At least one of the primary owners was fairly straight laced, religious/conservative. After I had been working there for a while (I don't remember whether it was a year or 2, but something on that order), his wife commented that our daughter was just so beautiful and wonderful, and asked somewhat rhetorically, "How did you do it?" Well with a setup line like that, I just couldn't help myself and answered, "You don't really want to see the home video do you?" She gasped, spluttered, said "That's not what I meant!" and turned several shades of red! I just chuckled and walked away. Child 2 Several years went by before we decided to go for number 2. This impregnation was a bit different because I knew she was pregnant before she did! At this time we were living apart (on 2 different continents) for a year due to work. She had child 1 living with her and I was commuting back and forth, basically 2 months at my location, 1 month at her location. We had decided we would like to try for another child, and we would start once we were back together full time. My last visit was over the winter holidays and we were scheduled to be back together full time by April, when we would start trying to create child number 2. When I arrived, she was having her period, so we were not able to have sex for the first week. After her period finished, we began having sex but she decided that for the first few days it would be okay to screw without any protection because she would not be fertile immediately after her period. Well, it was always great to sink my eager cock into her tight wet pussy and fuck her until I emptied a load, but knowing that she was unprotected, even if probably not fertile, added extra excitement for me. It was the holidays and things were a bit hectic what with getting ready and then with parties and other merry making. Nevertheless, we managed join our genitals fairly regularly for a good fucking. We kept screwing without any birth control and I loved being in her pussy with my bare cock, knowing I was screwing a woman in the middle of her reproductive years, with no protection whatsoever, knowing that my potent sperm was being launched into her wide open womb ready to impregnate her if she ovulated. Finally as we were approaching 2 weeks since her period, I asked her if she shouldn't start using her diaphragm again. She said no, she thought we still had some time left before she we would fertile. I was a bit surprised at this, but okay, I certainly didn't mind. So I crawled between her legs and once again sank my shaft into her and began rutting, sliding my cock back and forth in her bare, unprotected pussy until I felt my orgasm building. I kept going thinking she had to be close to ovulating and I was about to pump my sperm into her. And then my cock let loose and filled her with my semen. The next day I thought a bit more carefully about the calendar; when I arrived, when her period had finished. Yup, we were just a day or two from what should be her most fertile time. What with the holiday bustle, she must have lost count of the days! Well, that day we did not make love but the next night we started to fool around. I remember thinking both that I had a full load of mature sperm built up over 2 days, and she was probably at her most fertile right now. She seemed to be completely unaware of this, but hey, I had warned her last time we made love that I thought she was pushing things. If she wanted to go bareback, that was her choice. Of course, if I knocked her up, it was not a big deal, just a few months earlier than we had planned anyway. Still, it was fun thinking that I was pretty sure we had a good chance of knocking her up and she was apparently completely unaware that when I ejaculated into her this evening, she was likely to have an egg just waiting for my sperm to find it and knock her up. So we continued fooling around, kissing, me massaging her breasts and clit, slipping a finger into her pussy getting her turned on and good and wet for my entry, while she stroked my cock and caressed my balls, making me hard and ready to fuck. Once again she laid back, spreading her legs, opening her pussy for me as I crawled between her legs, my eager cock sticking out, ready to slide inside her and impregnate her. She reached up, grabbed it, and guided it to the entrance to her pussy and I slid in - bareback! And once again I began thrusting into her, mating, knowing there was a high probability that I was about to once again father a child with this woman. Ah! I was in heaven, feeling her soft, warm, wet pussy caressing me, urging me to cum in her, knowing she was highly fertile and ready to conceive, that we were most likely creating a new life with this act. Soon I could feel the sperm gathering at the base of my cock and knew that I was about to blast it up inside her, again coating her insides with my baby batter. She was vigorously thrusting back at me, enjoying the ride, urging me on. I was grunting and groaning with pleasure as my cock started to swell up for delivery. "Oh yes, this is it, my hot sperm in her fertile cunt, a few more strokes and I may make her pregnant" I thought, and then I felt that immensely pleasurable contraction as my cock pulsed and fired the first burst of my semen through my cock and out the slit at the end right onto her cervix. "Ah, I'm cumming" I groaned as I held myself deep inside her and pulsed over and over as I sprayed squirt and squirt of my seed into her. When I was finally done we lay together for a while talking, then kissing and fondling some more, then more passionately, and soon I was once again hard and ready to deliver a second load to my fertile woman. This time she got on her hands and knees and I got on my knees behind her to mount her from behind, doggy style. This time I held my penis, bringing the head into contact with her wet pussy, rubbing it up and down a bit before pressing forward and sliding in, bringing a groan of pleasure from each of us. I could feel the extra moisture of my previous deposit, the sperm from that load already on their way to find her egg. I started moving in her, at first more or less upright, holding her hips in my hands as I stroked in and out of her. I could look down and see my shaft slipping in and out of her cunt with each stroke and smell the musky smell of an aroused female wafting up to my nostrils. Yes, that delightful smell, the smell of a sexually aroused woman was coming from the pussy wrapped around my penis! Oh this felt good! Soon I bent forward so that I was more on her back, supporting my weight with my hands on the bed on either side of her as I fucked her more vigorously. I was just going all out, eager to add a second load of live sperm in her pussy to ensure her egg was smothered with my seed. I remember thinking, "This is it. She's gonna get pregnant tonight. If the first load didn't do it, this one will!" Once again I could feel the sperm gathering, ready for the mad dash from my body, deep into hers. The pressure kept building, I kept thrusting but holding out, enjoying the sensation as long as I could before I once again erupted, shooting streams of my hot cum into her receptive pussy. Finally my balls were empty and we fell apart, exhausted, our mating complete. We were tied up with other activities for the next few days and did not make love. Then just before I once again departed, we started to fool around and this time when I slipped my cock inside her, I could feel the diaphragm back in place. I thought, "I could be wrong, but I think it is too late for that." Nevertheless, it was another good fuck which ended as usual with me pumping my cum into her, but now there was a barrier, to keep it from swimming further up into her womb. The next day I returned to my job on another continent. I would not see her again for several months until we were together again permanently and ready to start working on child number 2, if I had not already planted it in belly. Back home time passed. We emailed each other fairly regularly and talked on the phone once or twice a week. About a month after I left we were once again on the phone and as always I asked her how things were going. She replied that things were hectic between her job and being a single mother for child 1. And that she had not been feeling well lately, that she had been nauseous the last several mornings. I responded, "Aw gee, that's too bad. That must be hard. So, when was your last period?" "What? Why it was just ..." Pause ... "Oh my God! You don't mean ... ?" And so I explained to her that if she had not had a period since my last visit, it was now almost 2 months since her last period, she was WAY overdue, and that I was pretty sure we had been having unprotected sex in the middle of her most fertile time during my last visit. And it turns out I was right. She was pregnant. A few months later we were able to once again live together as a family and come early September she gave birth to a wonderful little boy. I am almost certain she conceived with the two loads up cum I pumped into her that last night we had unprotected sex. Of course I can't really say whether it was the first load or the second, but that white juice just came shooting out of the slit at the end of my penis filling the end of her vagina and from there those little tadpoles swam up through her cervix, into her womb and on into her tubes to find that waiting egg. And that is how I impregnated my wife, twice. I do not have any other acknowledged children but there are some other possibilities, but those are stories for other times.