Pedophile's Dream Part Six

--Leslie Schmidt

I woke up to the sounds of a cow mooing just outside the 
house. The light bovine odor made it into the house, not 
really unpleasant. There was a breeze lifting the curtains-
another day in paradise.

The girls were curled around each other. Jana had her 
thumb in her mouth, their legs were intertwined. Megan 
had her arms around her little sister.

I gently got out of the bed, not wanting to wake them. After 
a trip to the bathroom, I got my camera and took a few 
shots of the sleeping children. Then to the kitchen for 

I went out onto the deck and watched, for the thousandth 
time, the sun rise behind the mountain. I drank my coffee 
as the herd of cattle moved down the drive toward the 
valley. The toilet flushed, then water ran in the bathroom. 
Megan came out, still naked, and sat down in the chair next 
to me.

"How ya doing this morning, love?"

The nine-year-old stretched and arched her back against the 
chair. "Ummm, I feel great."

"Did you sleep well?"


We were silent for a few minutes, I really didn't feel 
uncomfortable, I know that the night before had been a 
time to treasure.

"I love you, Megan," I said.

She looked down, "I love you too, Uncle Mark."

"Was last night what you wanted it to be?" I asked.

She looked up at me and smiled, "Oh yeah. Mommy had 
told me about it, but it was better!"

Hearing this, and looking at her, made my dick start to 
swell, again.

"Can we do it, now?" she asked.

I leaned across the gap between us and pulled the child out 
of her chair, then picked her up and sat her on my lap, 
facing me, with her legs spread. My cock rubbed between 
her lips. She put her arms around my neck and hugged me, 
then we kissed-a wet tongue lashing of the sexy kind. My 
dick pushed up against her pussy lips and ass crack.

"Here, let's get things better positioned." I lifted her and 
my cock sprang up between us, then I sat her back down. 
As we kissed, the nine-year-old started to hump against me, 
When she started her first heavy, ragged breaths, I felt a 
slipperiness against my cock where her lips were pushed 

We had only been going at it for a minute or two, but I 
could tell the sexy preteen was ready. I lifted her up and, as 
I lowered her, my cock head naturally pushed against the 
entrance to her pussy. Her feet were on the floor on either 
side of the low Adirondack chair, so she had control as she 
slowly lowered herself on my rod and slid my cock inside 
her for only the second time. As she felt me moving into 
her, she was looking up, over my head, eyes unfocused, 
mouth open, a soft "Ahhhhh...." escaping from her throat.

For my part, I watched as my cock first spread her smooth, 
hairless little-girl pussy lips, then, millimeter by millimeter, 
disappeared into her pussy. When about half of my cock 
was inside her, I hit the top, her pussy was just too small 
and too tight to take all of me.

Then she started to lift up, then lower down, fucking me in 
and out of her. She was unbelievably tight (I didn't 
remember her being so tight the night before). As she 
moved up and down my shaft, her breathing started to 

Her flat chest with its nub nipples was even with my face 
and I started following one of them up and down with my 
tongue. Megan had her hands on my shoulders, putting 
much of her weight on them, as she lifted, then sank, 
moving me in and out of her nine-year-old cunny. She 
leaned forward against me, pushing my head against the 
back of the chair, laying her belly against my stomach. The 
twin ridges which ran down the center of her stomach were 
in the gap between my pecs. I helped move the child up and 
down by grasping her ass with both my hands.

As she built to orgasm, she wrapped her arms around my 
head and crushed my face against her boyish chest. With a 
shudder and a groan, she came, pushing hard against me, 
The wooden chair creaked as I humped up into her, putting 
most of our weight against the wide boards of the back. I 
emptied my sperm deep into her tight slot. Her pussy 
contracted around me, milking the semen out and 
swallowing it up into her immature womb.

She leaned against me, we were both breathing hard as 
Megan relaxed, still impaled on me. After a minute she 
lifted up and looked down at me.

"Good morning!" she said.

"Yes it is," I replied.

She stood up, her feet on either side of the chair, straddling 
my hips. A blob of my jiz dripped out from between her 
lips and fell on my thigh. She stepped back and sat down 
on the small table at the foot of my chair. She leaned back 
and displayed her cum filled pussy for me. She wiped her 
hand along her slit and came up with her hand covered with 
a mixture of our love.

"That's gooy!"

All I did was laugh quietly.

We were making breakfast when Jana came out of the 
bedroom, rubbing her eyes. We had omelets and tea (milk 
for Jana). It was while the girls were cleaning up (the site 
of the two naked preteens working in a kitchen is 
marvelous) that I checked my e-mail and learned that my 
sister had booked a flight to arrive the next day. 

That morning, we spent cleaning the house and doing 
laundry. Then, while the girls explored around the place on 
my ATV, I changed the oil in the generator and cleaned up 
an old Buick sedan for the trip into Albuquerque the next 
day. Toward late afternoon, we all stripped down and swam 
in the lake. After just a few minutes, I came out and lay 
down on a blanket while I listened to the girls playing. I 
quickly fell asleep.

I'm sure I had only been asleep for only a few minutes 
when the soft giggling of the girls, quite close by, woke me. 
I barely opened my eyes to find Megan kneeling to my left 
and Jana to my right. Jana was leaning over my face and a 
couple of drops of water hit my chest and neck. I closed my 
eyes and feigned sleep. 

The girls continued whispering and giggling. While I really 
didn't hear or see anything, I had the sense of one of them 
moving closer to me, then I felt a breath against my cock. 
Next I felt just the ends of some fine hair against my hips 
and pubes, then soft lips brushed the head of my cock. 
More movement and giggling. Next came the hair and lips 
again, but this time they sucked my flaccid, but quickly 
swelling, schlong through them into a small wet mouth. I 
opened my eyes to see the back of Jana's head with her 
short blond hair. 

I opened my eyes, no longer trying to pretend that I was 
asleep. "Oh, honey, that's wonderful."

My dick was instantly rock hard, but Jana kept the side of 
her head on my belly. This allowed me to hump into her 
face. I was running my dick head in and out of the five-
year-olds mouth, it felt wonderful.

I looked up at Megan. She seemed fascinated watching her 
kid sister give her uncle a blow job.

"Come here, sit on my face," I said.

Megan looked at me, I could tell she didn't understand.

"Kneel over me, I'll lick your pussy."

She got the idea and I soon had my head nestled between 
the fourth graders thighs, her silky smooth pussy lips 
pressed against my mouth, my tongue working back and 
forth along her slit.

Things built quickly. At some point, Jana straightened up 
and, grasping me, bobbed up and down on my head. 
Meanwhile, Megan's preteen pussy juices were coating my 
lips and tongue. She leaned forward, now on her hands and 
knees as I pushed my tongue into her snatch, then danced 
with her clit.

With a loud groan, Megan came. She pushed hard against 
me just as I pushed my tongue into her vagina, its 
convulsive movements pulling me in. I went over the edge 
and emptied my sack into Jana's mouth. I could feel her 
mouth squeezing down on me as she tried to swallow every 

Megan rolled off of me, laying on her side, panting. I 
looked down at Jana. White goo was smeared around her 
mouth. She looked at me with her mouth open. More semen 
filled the creases between her teeth and lips, a string of jez 
stretched from the roof of her mouth to her tongue.

I reached down and dragged her little thirty-five pound 
body up on top of me. As I leaned back down on my back, I 
pulled her face to me and kissed the five-year-old goddess. 
I pushed my tongue through her lips and licked the 
remainder of jez out of her face. Now I had my slimy cum 
smeared on my lips.

Jana pulled away, giggling. A thin string of cum extended 
between our lips.

"Lay down, honey. I'm going to make you cum now," I 

Jana scrambled off me and sat down in the grass. She had 
her legs bent and her knees apart. She was leaning back on 
her hands. This was the most wonderful view of her fat 
pussy lips between her chubby little girl thighs. Her lips 
were pulled apart, reveling her baby clit and tiny inner lips, 
slightly apart.

The sight of her was such a turn-on, I dove at her, shoving 
my head between her legs. Jana gasped when my tongue 
slid along her slit, starting at her baby vagina and sliding 
over the hood of her clit, up to the meeting of her smooth 
pussy lips.

The pre-schooler's pussy juices were intoxicating. I gave 
her a tongue lashings of the sexy kind which soon had her 
groaning and uncontrollably humping to meet my oral 
thrusts. Jana pressed my head between her thighs when she 
came, squealing and shaking in ecstasy.

I sat up and wiped my chin, a shit eating grin on my face as 
I watched the five-year-old panting on the ground. Megan 
was still laying on the ground next to us, laying on her back 
and gently fingering herself, not jerking off in earnest, just 
prolonging the pleasure.

I stood up and walked out into the water, cooling off as I 
dove under and swam to the far side of the pond. When I 
turned to look at the children, they were still laying where I 
had left them. Megan was no longer rubbing herself, they 
both could have been asleep.

As the light dimmed, we made our way back to the house. I 
cooked chicken on the grill and we sat on the dark porch 
and ate, listening to the night sounds.

None of us put any clothes on during the entire evening and 
we all slept in a pile in my bed, cuddled around each other.