Pedophile's Dream-Prolog

 by  Leslie Schmidt

I was really looking forward to spending some time alone 
with Megan-the cute five-year-old was such a hot little 
number. She had the dark hair and olive skin of her mother. 
By this time, she had lost her baby fat and was becoming a 
long, lanky little sex pot. The evening before, I had almost 
ripped the front out of my Levis when she had come out of 
the bath naked. My sister, Lori, had noticed and, later that 
night as she bounced up and down on my cock, she had 
said, "I bet you wish it was Megan here, huh?"

"You know I would," I responded as the cum was building
behind my balls.

"What about Jana? She too young for you?"

"Oh"...I could leave some of this stuff on...her...too..." I
grunted as I filled my sister's pussy. 

The next day, Megan and Lori went shopping while Jana 
napped. About an hour later I heard the 14 month old 
moving around in her crib.

Before I even went into the room, I stripped off my clothes, 
leaving them laying in the living room as I headed up the 
stairs, my dick already bouncing down the hall ahead of 

When I came into the nursery, Jana was standing in her 
crib, rocking it back and forth. The tortured piece of 
furniture creaked and squeaked, occasionally banging 
against the wall. When she saw me, Jana greeted me with a 
happy squeal and bounced up and down behind the bars. As 
she did this, she made "yoo yoo yoo" noises.

I crossed to her and was rewarded with a happy squeal as I 
picked her up and swung her around. I hugged her, 
clapping my hand on her butt and, sure enough, heavy 

It was with growing excitement, as well as other things, 
that I lay the baby on the changing table. The tapes pulled 
away from the plastic and I drew in my breath at the site of 
her puffy little baby cunt lips.

She was just wet, which was fine with me--I've never been 
in to shit, I know some guys are. I did start by cleaning her 
with a baby wipe. Then I leaned down and playfully licked 
her navel. I was rewarded with a torrent of giggles. Next, I 
moved down and kissed her chubby little belly, just above 
her baby cunt. Again she giggled and laughed, kicking her 
fat little legs. Next I went lower and pushed my tongue 
along the length of her tiny slit, starting deep between her 
thighs and moving up to her belly. Jana squealed and 
giggled. I put my mouth over her mons and sucked gently, 
tonguing her through my pursed lips. She giggled a little 
more but was quieting down. I ran my hands up and down 
her sides and chest, massaging her torso as I massaged her 
tiny pussy with my tongue. Jana was getting really quiet.

Now she was beginning to move with me, her giggles had 
changed to a quiet cooing. She was looking down across 
her stomach at me making little "Wooo wooo, wooo," 
noises. She started to push her hips up to make her slit 
more accessible.

My cock was crying out for release but, unfortunately, 
there was no way I was going to be able to lick the lovely 
little snatch, massage her sides and chest, and stroke my 
cock. I straightened up and put a small squirt of baby oil in 
Jana's slit, then I started sliding my dick along it. Her pussy 
lips were parted and it was a marvel to see her pin-head 
size clit and tiny inner cunt lips with my cock head sliding 
over them.

I guess that this turned Megan on as much as it could turn 
on a fourteen-month-old as she continued to hump against 
my cock. I put her hands on the head and, as I humped 
against her, she started to bounce, sort of if I had been 
bouncing her on my knee.

Her tiny hands on my dick head, her tiny slit sliding along 
the bottom of my cock-it was just too much. My first load 
of jez actually hit the wall above the changing table, 
leaving a trail of white slime across the baby's stomach and 
shoulder. As I pumped more sperm, some sprayed across 
her face and throat, more on her chest and her stomach was 
covered. Her hands and tiny cunt were awash.

I think my grunting and groaning scared her a little, 
because she was looking at me with alarm. I smiled a big 
smile at her, "You're my wonderful baby girl!" I said in a 
high voice. I smeared my jez around on her stomach and 
into her cunt, "What a pretty little girl," I said.

Jana put her hand into a big glob of sperm and, as babies 
do, immediately put her hand in her mouth. She smeared 
the goo around her mouth and moved her lips and mouth, 
feeling the slimy stuff. I took my hand and, with my thumb 
and first finger spread, ran it up her belly, from her slit to 
her chest, collecting more sperm. Then I emptied the load 
into her mouth. She cooed and giggled more, blowing 
bubbles of semen. Obviously, she didn't mind the taste or 
feel of sperm in her mouth and, as I cleaned her up, I was 
planning to see if I could replace a bottle with my dick 
head-giving her a load of jez directly from the source.