Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Love at first sight In a dimly lit hall, at the hour of 10'00, I was about to start my slide show,( I am a member of an amateur astronomer's club), in which we were gonna travel far and wide through the Universe and back. I was carrying a stick in hand to point at the screen. with the other hand holding the button for change of slides. The lights went out, and the crowd shhhed. I had done this several times, but this time around it was different. I didnt knew what, but certainly something was about to happen. (Everybody was seated on floor) In the sea of eyes and ears pinned at me, I started our journey to eternity. In the middle of my introduction to the slide show,as I turned my gaze on an audience, suddenly I was rendered speechless. The blue sparkling diamonds of eyes of a gorgeous girl seated by the corner wall bewitched me into oblivion. It was as if, the ethereal angel, was sent for me. A moment passed by, and I returned to this world, the necromancy not diluted. The expectant crowd, had to be shhh..ed again. I continued my show, and wrapped up it quickly. Riding on the applause I went towards the place where my friends were seated, all the while looking at her. As the luck would have it, she was seated in a row farther ahead of me. Though fully visible. It was sort of mutual telepathy or something..that I felt her. She turned, slightly in my direction, without making it evident. She was wearing sweater and jeans. She moved in such a way, as to show she was trying to sit comfortably. She looked in my direction, and shyly smiled at me. We were hinged on to eachother's eyes. The dim light veiled us from others. Though, occasionaly disturbed by friends. It so happened that, a friend of her's, also was lookin' at me sheepishly. I had to look away, when she looked..a while later she got the clue, and didnt bother anymore. Still she didnt suspect anything of her friend being seated in this unusual way, and her blushed redness, in her face. The second phase of the night was in the field. People had the mats ready. As the luck would have it, She was this time my neighbor on the field. She layed out a mat by my side. With a torch in his hand pointed towards the dark serene sky, a dufus dude was churning out details-of-the-far, for the amateur astronomers, "To the 3 o'clock of Alnilam, U can see the Alnitak. With mintaka these three stars form the Orion's belt". But, held on to the leash of Neeti's stare, my eyes were wedlocked to her's. This beautiful stranger...suddenly became my destiny. Skyward pinned eyes of everybody else, and the serene solitude from lights and sound, allowed us the jittery bold infatuation. She was laid 3feet away from me. Facing towards each other, we were lost in the infinite unvierse of ourselves. In the gentle glow from moon and stars, I was witness to the most beautiful thing in the universe. The silver contours of her form with that sparkle in the eyes bedazzled me. Curves everywhere. That nervous smile of her's, made my heart dissolve into chocolate for her. I advanced my hand towards her, apprehensively she did too. The fingers touched and a shooting star flew over us. I didnt wish for anything, everything had been answered already. We were sliding towards eachother slowly, so as not to arouse suspicion. My fingers walked on her hands. She was wearing a sweater, still her heat was evident. Slowly, across the rim her neck awaited my touch. With the first touch, a shiver ran down her spine, and the beauty made me go bananas. Pure love reflected in her eyes. Her's for me, mine for her. She rested her sweet palms on my cheeks. I coudnt help, but kiss her palms. I kissed all over her hand. I caressed her neck. The blush embellished her to extreme. The touch to her ear inveigled her. Her fragrance was growing stronger, and I was getting intoxicated. The hair felt so smooth and silky,and smelled heavenly. We were close enough now, and lucky to be unhindered. Anyways, I couldnt care less, of anything else. We closed our eyes, and let our tounges take over. It all happened...magically. We kissed, A lightning bolt passed through us, and it felt heavenly. To the tune of our love, the tounges danced the dance of pleasure. We were clasped to eachother inseparably. My one hand went to the small of her back, and the other in the silky hair. Her's were frantically scything at my back. It was a moment that lasted for eternity. So small, yet everlasting. Before our bodies could entangle, we were brought back to reality by the sudden strong wind, that flew over us. We reluctantly separated, just for a while, to appear unspoiled. Definitely, forces were with us, as to help us everytime, not to get caught. I whispered her (the first word ever exchanged) "I love you", She did so too, with more excitement, and vivacity. Everybody would have been staring at us, were it not for the wind who carried those words just until me, and her. It stirred a whirlpool inside of us, that made us want eachother, beyond anything else. I just wanted to be in her arms, and feel her breath, and not miss a single moment of her sight. It was like, a universe, where everything was for her, and we were for eachother. Everything seemed to be so detailed and beautiful. Nothing was this good before. Never was I so blissful. We sneaked out of the observation-ground, to a nearby field, where there was nobody but us and the stars and sylph of her. The glimmer of the misty moonlight lit the way before us. I laid out a mat and we sat there. We just wrapped around eachother in no time, picking up where we had left. My hand caressed her derriere. Even over the jeans, it felt wonderful. Ohh... we were so insatiable. Her luscious lips were in deep embrace with mine. After a while, I moved my hands towards her full round, breasts. They felt wonderful. My palms couldnt take all of it, still,the feel was heavenly. In a frantic hurry we separated just for a second, and took off her sweater and shirt. She worked on my shirt sensuously, and soon my shirt joined the heap of clothes. My hands went in the brassiere, and started feeling it and squeezing it with naughty love, just as when my lips started caressing her neck and ears. The unclasped bra joined the heap, while the heaving of melons made my love tool go on attention. Very sensuously and gracefully, she rose, and stared at me, in akimbo style. I acted innocent. And raised my hands to ask her to cove in. A mischievious smile appeared on her face, as she bent down, her melons hanging near my face. I started groping and kissing them, while she, shhhhed me. and with a dexterity to weave the tapestry of our love, she reached for my pant's buckle, and set my tool free. With one swift motion, I was buttnaked. Then, I grabbed her, and took her into my arms. I unbuckled her pants, and they were gone. She began to remove her panty in hurry, but I stoped her. We stood. The heat of the night, with the chill of wind, had us over the edge. I got on my knee. I was facing her crotch. She was very excited, and shuddered a bit. I took the elastic of her panty by my teeth, and started to lower it. She was on top of the world, and as my nose touched her hotspot, she shuddered to a quake of orgasm. She held on my head for support. I held onto her hips, and kissed her love hole through the jungle of silky, musky black meadow. I savoured some of the ambrosia. Then I turned to her side, and lowered the panty there, and did the same at the back. All the while kissing her body. After her orgasm, her fragrance intoxicated me, and I just took off the panty by hand. We were now totally naked. We embraced eachother tightly, never to let off. And the dance of tongues resumed. We held eachother so tightly that, nothing could have gone though us. She jumped on me, and wrapped her legs around me. While my tool found her valley. Our bodies were consummating the truest of all things in the world..LOVE. Everything was magical and heavenly.Her adjustments made way for my tool, and it slid in. It was tight, and I was worried. Coz' her pain is the last thing I can stand. But my apprehension was pacified, with an understanding smile and a lovely kiss. She told me to go ahead, and gave a mock jerk by herself. That reassured me, and pushed it a bit farther, there was lil' pain,..overtaken by ecstacy. I pulled her up, and propelled her downwards, on my shaft as it was rushing upwards. It tore off the fleshy barrier. A squeal escaped from her, and a sigh followed. As I affirmed the bliss in her eyes, I started the love in full throttle. She was holding me tightly, her fingers digging into my back. The bliss soaked us. And soon she came. Still I was going on, her contractions of muscles around my thing, were fantastic. As the rushes of gushes were about to happen, she too started to heave loudly. And at a blessed moment, we came simultaneously, It was heaven, no..heaven couldnt be this good ...It was beyond heaven. Especially, the glow of love, satisfaction & bliss on her face. She was ecstatic and so was I. We just laid down, as the bliss and realizations were laved. Still we were unseparated, and my thing was in her valley. I said "I love u" and kissed her passionately. She responded by vivaciously kissing me , and "Love u 2,.. U r my life". Tears rolled on her cheeks. Her eyes were like an infinite ocean of love and bliss. These pearls however were too valuable, to get out of it. I kissed her, and gently licked the pearls. She coved in, and embraced me. I said "I am always gonna be with u."then gently kissed on her head, caressed her back & sang the line "How wonderful life is, now U r in the world..." (from Elton john's 'your song')..and then crescendoed with "I will looooove u 'til the end of time". She chuckled and those chuckling lips embraced mine. As time rolled by, and we made lil' talks and petted a while. She told me that, thanks to the fact that, this was the time of her period, when she didnt fear pregnancy. That was a relief, though one day we would have an army of children (as we planned :) ) Then I dressed her, and she dressed me. Quite fun. Quite an exercise in itself, which I would like to do everyday, in reverse. Then stealthyly we entered the ground, hand in hand, where half of the people were asleep, and remaining half, half-asleep. Nobody noticed that we were not here for 2hrs. Given, the fact that a girl who had a eye on me was here 2night. Well, god had summed it up all right for us, I guess. We got introduced, in worldly manner, and talked a lot with vibes, into the dawn. When it was time to go, her friends weren't too cocky when she told that I am gonna drop her home. Probably due to the heavy eyelids. I let my friends know aswell. Not without a few howls, we left for her place. The invigorating air of morning, made way for the sunrise of our love, which wasnt ever gonna set. She was seated at my back, with tight embrace. Her soft globes nudged at my back, and she was chiding my ears, licking and biting at them. It was proving nuisance to drive, when all that I was concentrated on was her. My eyes couldnt let go off the mirror, where it had caught her beaming face. Thanks to the remoteness of the road, I didnt crash onto something. I couldnt take it anymore. At another secluded turn, I stopped the bike, put it on the main stand. I helped her to come over me onto the front tank. With the tight embrace, and roaming hands allover, the insatiable thirst for eachother, never seemed to end. The foliage around us with the large trees on the road side, made it impossible for anyone to notice us, if at all anyone passed by. I rolled her sweater and shirt upwards, and unclasped the bra. My shirt went off quite easily. The heat of passion, sweated us. The glimmer from the bouncing rays of sunlight off her sweaty body substantiated her claim to be an angel. Beads of pearls rolled from our skin, to ski on the rainbow of our love. While we were kissing, I dug my hands into the back of her pants, and forced in towards her bums. So mushy..umm...I felt for them, but the restrictions from her pants made me back off a lil' and straighten her legs towards me. Slowly I peeled off her pants and panty to her ankles. I removed mine aswell. Stepping in the cubicle formed by her legs, I lifted her and glided onto my shaft. A moan escaped from her lip biting, followed by shriek of delight, when my tool touched her sensitive spot. Her vaginal muscles held the shaft so tightly, as to squeeze off the juices just right now, but that wasnt to happen just as yet. So warm, and so smooth,..ohh..We were in heaven. As we gathered speed, and her orgasm neared, our frantic motions put the bike in a weird see-saw. With my legs for support, it didnt matter. While the kissing & fondling of her breasts, the in-out,in-out,in-out..crescendoed to a loud orgasm. Bliss took over. I still had to go a while, but I did it a bit tenderly, 'coz I feared she might feel sore.Coz' my second round lasts very long. With a kiss on my forehead, she told to go on. We continued until we came simultaneously a while later. The bliss of the moment, is something, which one could die for. Drained and still was weird. We rested just a while, and headed home. She led me to her home. She was visibly saddened by the thought of leaving me and not being together for a while. A matter of few hours, still it felt as eternity. When we reached at her place, we just couldn't part. But had too. I assured her that I would meet her at a cafe at 11:00 am. She agreed. She blew me a kiss, while standing at the patio. I felt it on my lips. With retrospect, she entered her home. I took to the road, and went home. Every minute felt like eons, and I was never as restless. I hurriedly was done with the chores, just waiting for the clock to announce the time of rendezvous. I bunked the college, and instead went half an hour earlier to the cafe. I knew I was too early, but then, I was too anxious aswell. Surprisingly, she was there too. For a girl to get into attire, and be present before time is unheard of. Her eyes, the deep blue of ocean, enhanced by the dark of mascara. The beaming fare face of the 18 yr old, made my heart go haywire. The wet-look pouting lips of hers reminded of every moment of bliss that I shared with her last night.Those arched upwards for a big smile, and a dimple appeared. Can anything be anymore beautiful...She was wearing a felt hat tilted at one side. She was wearing a white sort-or-pirate kinda shirt..(I dont know much about girl fashion, am describing the best way possible :( the one, the girls in mintos ad wore), U know the one with laces and long loose sleeves, with embroidered V shaped neckline. It hung over her breasts wonderfully. An designer skirt, with designer indian sandals accentuated her beauty. A purse hanged by her hands. She walked confidently, with her chin up and eyes pinned on mine. I walked towards her. I am an year and 2 inches bigger than her. I was wearing blue denim jeans, with designer white kurta. I never have too long hair, as the thicket above is anarchical. It were pulled backwards neatly(I used to sport spike until recently). Couldnt do away with the pimple though, that abated at the tip of my nose. My kurta couldnt hide the muscles and strong chest. I do work out a lil', u know. It even puffed up with her sight and my increased BP :) I might be handsome and am definitely amiable, coz that is what I have heard from girls, and also due to the fact that, twice I had been proposed by girls. The second time, was a girl after whom the whole of college was in love. She was a bombshell, very sexy, but not my type. And these days a fresher was ogling at me all the time. She had come to yesterday's night-sky-observation night aswell. But, Neeti was destined to be mine. and I her's. I am engineering student whereas she is a literature sophomore student. Our campuses are miles apart. the timetables even more so. I was concerned about it. At the patio of cafe, we hugged and kissed swiftly. Brian Adam's "Everything I do" was on the cafe's Radio. We swayed a lil' while to the tune, but soon had to let go off, coz' there were a lot of guys and gals - friends there. A few already got the hint and doted her as bhabi ,she blushed. To escape the hi's-bye's and the impending party that I would have to throw, we went outside. We headed for the trimbak area on my bike. It is very beautiful. It is serene, lush with greenery and the sky affiances to earth at the mountain peaks of trimbak. I am nature lover, and as it turned out so is she. I am passionate about human spirit, nature and India. So is she...I was worried until now, that as days roll by, it would be harder to find an innocent pure soul, to call as my soulmate. Even with my popularity, I was betrothed to despair at times. The void sucked me into strong yearnings. Then came yesterday and all changed. With our first eye contact, it was as if I knew her from eternity. I right away knew, it was her. She is my soulmate. We were seated on a hill by a pond. I picked up a stone and whirled in onto the lake, " 1, 2, 3,4,5,6..6 tappe..., U know mazha record aahe 18 tappyancha" ("i have a record for bouncing the flat stone 18 times ") I said triumphantly. She said "no way, u r kiddin me", I said " whats the big deal in it anyway, its a piece of cake," She said with mock disbelief "Well, or just a pie in the sky". "u dont believe me ehh...see this, I been doin' this right out of the cradle, girl," I said in a manner in which oldies insist on their tales. And i woke up, and collected a few flat n' rough stones. The wind was right. " now see this"..she roused her eyebrows a lil' as to be amused by the challenge. I whirl the first one, "1,2,3,4...damn only 4". She laughed theatrically. The second one made it to 9. She woke up and scavenged in some more flat ones from near. By the time I had thrown the 6th, the highest bounces still were 9. She came, and announced "girl power", with the first one going straight into the water. I couldnt control my laughter. she said "U r sooo good at it,.. then teach me" . I said with a mischievous grin,"So..u r having ideas..hmm." with that she made puppy face. "come to the master, and thy shall be enlightened", I proclaimed loudly. upon which, she came near me. I made her stand in front of me. I adjusted my head over her shoulder, lowering myself a lil', and breathed in. Wow, she smelt amrosia. With a lick at the nubbin of her ear, came a mock jab of her elbow onto my stomach. I feigned pain. We were still hand in hand, and attached. She then consoled me by, rising a lil' and kissing on my cheek. I leered at her, at which she again poked me. and commanded "teach me". I had to agree. Then we realised a problem, I am left handed, whereas she is a righty. So we took the stone in the right hand. I took our right hands at back, bent down a lil, and whirled it in the pond. It sank insignificantly. "let's try again". We took stones in both the hands, and to observe my left hand throw, she asked me to throw with it. I was all over her, and still she was thinking of these stones?, I was flabbergasted. Still, I went along the act. Well, she knew exactly, what was on my mind, and she wanted it aswell. Just that ,she was in a naughty mood. Again it went, "1,2,3....3..yessss we made it, we made it! yahoo!" she was jumping up and down with joy. She then suggested" Lets do an X, u c we will throw with both hands at the same time, the stones would ...." I said " I got it". "Lets do it, then". With our both arms outstretched at the back, instead of kneeling in front, she raised her head towards the sky,upstraight. Making me do the same. I was surprised. She said "Thank U god", and rested on my body. I let go off the stones. She raised her one hand towards my head, got it by my hair and gently glided me towards her heavenly lips. She tightened her hand over mine, and bent over a lil' to that side, and raised her lips towards mine. We kissed lovingly and gently. I turned her towards me, and we embraced for our lives, and kissed on. She then kissed my face, forehead, cheeks, chin, and showered me with love. Holding me tightly by our hips, she said "I love U". I raised her by her hip, standing upright, we were face to face. I looked into her eyes and she into mine. All the love in the unvierse was reflected of my eyes into hers. She got the message. I gently started kissing all over her. Her lips, the corner of her lips, the dimples, the cheek, below the eye, on the forehead. Sniffing the hair, I nudged towards the ears. Over to the neck. I caressed her neck with my lips and tounges. and bit gently on her collarbone. It was one of her hotspots. How I knew?..I just knew. She was ecstatic. Her nail almost tore the back of my kurta. The kurta had to find a safe heaven on the ground. Tilting her head backwards, she let out a hiss. I then started kissing her neck (front), inching towards her chin. Now, holding firmly by her hands, I slobbered downwards to her cleavage. Then, letting go of it, and helped her push her shirt up. Down with the bra, and on with the slobber over her gorgeous breast. Her hands were pressing my head into her breathtaking boobs. My left hand was busy twitching and rolling her nipples, while the other went went under her skirt and rested on her mounds. Massaging it slowly, over the silk of her panty. Then I got down on my knee, she lowered a bit, and I kissed her navel and tummy. The flat and tight tummy kissing, got her all tickly. I rose, and she turned around, I groped her boobs from back, while kissing her back. Until I went to the small of her back. I then, put my left hand, on her shoulder, and massaged it a lil', while still kissing her back. She was now desperate. And I couldnt keep up with the naughty business anymore. I told her to bend down over the rock. Skirt rode up to her girth.She let me pull down her panties. As I inched it down, slowly, I kissed her exposed skin as it got revealed. and panty's out of the way. She put her left feet, over the rock, and held on to the dear rock, ready for rumble. My member was out in no time. I bent forward near her ear, and mumbled "I love u dear", as my member slided over her slit. She turned her head back and kissed me, as the kiss faded along the corner of mouth, towards the ears, I groped her boobs, which hung and looked fabulous. At the rear end, the view was even more beautiful. Her round hips, showed a inverted heart shaped, formed by the curves of the hip tapering to the small of back. I continued the rubbing of my member at her clit until, in a sense of emergency, she rocked her hips towards my shaft, Her left hand snaked towards my shaft, and guided it in her love hole. Her touch was mesmerizing. Then I enlarged the pussy lips, with my fingers, and let in the tool slowly. She let out a sigh. I moved my left hand at the mounds, where I massaged the silky jungle of chastity. While, I slowly continued the pace. As it reached fully in the depths of her vagina, she almost screamed with pleasure. 7inches in and nearly 2inches wide, that slit seemed so tight and hot. I retreated it out and again forced it in, now with the hands on her hips. Slowly I increased my tempo, until minutes later, when the to n fro was at its max, and bodies sweating in heat, The crescendo mached the max, when we both came simultaneously. Our noses seemingly nudging at each other, we collapsed on to the rock, with dreamy eyes. Being so pure unto ourself, in these pristine landscape, was so very magical. On the way back, we stoped at a dhaba (street side restaurant) for a quick brunch, to satiate our exhausted bodies. Over the plates, we talked a lot, and by that I mean, a LOT. god, I have to be honest about this. U C , All this mushy talk that she and I had, its OK 'til a point, I mean, girls never give it up. I am not very keen on the mushy talk stuff, though if that brings joy to her, and a sense of kindred security, then so be it. I just might enjoy the mushy bit. Also, losing that might mean, losing the innocence of the child that we share. Thats too precious, to give up. We talked a lot about the sexuality, which is a divine expression of our love. Should we abstain, Should we decide on a certain limit, or use protection, or... I had to get a pack of condoms, a jumbo one considering the frequiency with witch we had it in these 2 days. Still at the outskirts of city, we found a medical store. With much apprehension I entered the store. She stayed back at the bike. I whispered to the dude there, what I wanted. He couldn't hear what i said. So I had to talk a little louder. There was elder lady there aswell. So I was feeling a lil' embarrased. I hadnt even seen a condom before, except in some porn movies. When I talked louder, the lady stared at me like I am a ghost. Then, both looked at neeti. In a manner of understanding, he quickly paced over to a counter, and asked how many. Well, I said "20, 30 would be fine". ( I didnt want to visit a drug store again) The lady was staring at me scornfully. He wrapped it in a newspaper, and handed over a big box. That was quite and ordeal. Gosh, I wont forget that ever. At home, mom noticed in me that unmistakable, glow and bliss. I am happy-go-lucky guy anyways, still, she knew sommething was different. I am quite good at acting, but couldnt fetch the oscar, when mom was the judge. She pushed in a lot. I didnt tell her anything. Not that I wouldnt tell her at all. Its simply, that it would seem outrageous, that U are in love with a girl whom U know for 25 hrs only. How could U explain, the fact that an eon transpired in our eyes. Neeti was all over my mind. I couldnt get over with her thoughts. I remember, with friends joking about this dude who was head over heels, in love with a girl. and how we pulled his legs to extreme, that he didnt dare meet us for quite a while. (Or he might be busy with her.:) ) How he would phone her everyother minute, and smuggle the phone to all kind of secret places to avoid his parents. How he waited for her at her balcony, to see her, any part of her, that might appear at the balcony, or window. And how she tried to be in balcony for most of the time. It didnt seem THAT stupid now... to be continued.... Thank You, everyone who read this story. The story,though not entirely true, is still heavily borrowed from reality. Well, Please let me know ur thought about this story. This is my first attemt at erotica, so unless I get positive feedback I cannot continue further..PLEASE let me know ur views... Also, I am still in search of my 'soulmate' girls, let me know..:) Thanks everyone...mail me at