Abduction No. 1. Whatever Happened to Tina?



MMMMM/F violence torture rape anal oral


This story includes many elements inappropriate for some readers, including, but not limited to strong language and graphic depictions of abduction, bondage and rape. It qualifies as pornographic fiction, and as such should not to be read by minors, or by anyone who feels that they might be offended by its content. The author most definitely does not condone the real life perpetration of acts included in this story, unless they are carried out with the full consent of all parties involved.





‘Whatever Happened to Tina?’ is the first in a series of stories I’ve been writing, based around a theme of abduction. One of them, number 2, ‘The Taking of Anna Maria Svenson,’ is a stand-alone short story, while number 3, ‘Sins of the Fathers,’ is another long term project. They all change, evolving steadily as different aspects of the stories unfold in my mind. Tina for instance has been locked in her cellar for two years now, battling for survival. Her story has changed enormously in that time.


Now, in late July 2005, I think I have more of an idea where her story is going. However, I thought exactly the same thing two years ago, and yet it keeps on growing. Even the name has changed. Here, for your reading pleasure, is the latest version, now titled ‘Whatever Happened to Tina?’


The story is getting so large that straight rewrites take an absolute age. So I’ve decided to break it down into chunks of four chapters at a time. Here are the opening four chapters, and numbers 5 – 8 should follow in a couple of days.


If you have any comments or suggestions about any of my stories, please feel free to make contact :-. love_hurts_315@fsmail.net




Abduction - No. 1. Whatever Happened to Tina?



Chapter 1.



Tina Featherstone had the kind of looks that could turn a man’s head without any effort on her part, almost any man. Whether or not she was aware of the fact was never quite certain, but nobody had accused her of being a tease, it was just a fact of life. To be honest it was one that she sometimes found an embarrassment. 

She had an easy, natural grace about her, a quiet dignity that made men take that second glance, even if they were with their wives at the time. At 5’ 4”, and weighing in at around 120 lbs., her trim athletic figure gained her many an appreciative smile. Her dark, shoulder length hair framed a pretty face, the central feature of which was a pair of brown eyes, eyes so deep in colour that they could almost be taken for black. Quiet and modest, she had a great sense of fun and laughter came easily to her, until the night she disappeared. Maybe disappeared isn’t quite the right word to use in the circumstances. Actually, Tina Featherstone was snatched off the street right outside her house.

Her abduction took place early one Autumn evening, as darkness was descending on Walpole Road. The walk from the bus stop to her house was little more than a short stroll and, despite the encroaching darkness, she felt a sense of safety so close to home. The house would be right in front of her when she turned the corner. Her younger sister Susanne would be full of herself as always, and Ma would have their tea on the table in a matter of minutes. Pops should be home by seven, and later in the evening she was meeting some friends for a couple of drinks in town. As far as Tina was concerned, life had much to offer.

            She was smiling when she came round the corner and walked straight into the waiting ambush. Though she’d noticed the large, white Hi-Top van parked a few yards down the street, she thought nothing of it until the shadows loomed up on either side of her. A single punch swung low. It hit her in the pit of her stomach and left her sinking to the ground, gasping for breath. It was the only sound she made, and it was little more than a sigh.

Strong arms swept her off her feet and in through the van’s side door, slamming her down hard on the carpeted floor. As the door slid shut behind her the van was already on the move, pulling away from the kerb and disappearing rapidly into the gathering gloom. The abduction of Tina Featherstone had been four weeks in the planning, yet it had been carried out in five short seconds. Nobody saw her go.

            Inside the van Tina’s struggle for survival had begun. When she opened her mouth to scream, a ball-gag was pushed into it, forcing her jaws painfully wide and reducing her cries to an ineffective whimpering. A bag of loosely woven material was pulled over her head and secured round her neck. Though she was able to breathe, she could see little of what was happening around her. Even so, she knew instinctively that these men meant her harm, and fought them as best she could. Until the powerful hands seized her wrists and her ankles; stretching her out on her back across the floor of the van.

In this manner they sat in silence for several minutes, catching their breath and gazing down at the shadowy figure of their captive. The helpless young female who lay spread-eagled between them.

“Nobody saw a thing,” said the voice from the front of the van. “Looks like we took the little cunt clean. She’s ours guys. Now we can do what the fuck we like to her.”

“Fuck being the operative word,” the quiet voice whispered in her ear. It was a voice that Tina would learn to fear in the coming days. She sensed one of her attackers leaning over her, little more than a shadow through her mask. “Because that’s what we’re going to do with you young lady,” he went on. “We’re going to give you the worst fucking of your life. What do you think of that?”

A light ripple of laughter passed around the van as she struggled in their grasp. She half-expected him to say more, but he didn’t, at least not for several minutes. All of them seemed to be absorbing the truth of his words, the girl was theirs at last, she belonged to them. The weeks of waiting and planning were over. Tonight she would experience a long and sustained sexual assault solely for their pleasure.

In a couple of hours the attack on her could begin and, within days, they would own her spirit as well as her body. Every one of them was thinking about the part he was to play in the coming assault. They knew that each of them would have their turn with her and, not for the first time this evening, that knowledge was enough to stir their cocks into life.

Apart from the hands grasping her wrists and ankles, they didn’t touch her once on the journey back to the big house. It wasn’t a part of their game to start touching the girls at this early stage. To do so was to flout their self-imposed rules. But they were allowed to talk, and in many ways that was worse. For the entire journey, the best part of two hours, Tina Featherstone listened in growing terror as quiet, threatening voices explained to her exactly how the rest of her evening would be spent. It made painful listening.

Enjoying a couple of drinks with her friends in town was a definite non-starter it seemed. Tina was on her way to a party. To be precise, Tina WAS the party. The raw excitement in their voices grew stronger as they explained to her the different ways in which her tight young body would be used for their sadistic pleasure. The descriptions grew more personal and specific the longer the journey went on.

Tina wasn’t a virgin, not technically speaking. But nor was she the sex-hungry whore they were making her out to be. Naturally enough, her fear of these men grew more intense as the minutes passed. It was all a part of the training process. Past experience had shown them that a frightened girl was less likely to risk their anger by doing something stupid.

Her sexual experiences before tonight had been limited. They could have been counted on the fingers of one hand, and to be honest none of them had been all that satisfactory. Clumsy, fumbling fucks in the front seat of a car had been about par for the course, and Tina had been disappointed with every one of them. Yet she was a normal, healthy young woman, and felt sure there had to be more to sex than she’d been offered so far.

Only, please God, not this. Not the mindless, sexual assault they were talking about now. Her body shifted uneasily across the floor and, just for a second, the grip of their hands tightened. Then they relaxed again. Tina was going nowhere, except to the converted cellars below the big house, and the whispered threats began again.

Stretched out on her back, Tina listened to this torrent of filth for what seemed like hours. She was more scared than she’d been in her life before. It was hardly surprising that by the time her journey was over, she was shaking in fear. Tears were flowing freely beneath the hood, and she’d peed herself at least twice. She was terrified, given the circumstances that was hardly a surprise, but she was also angry.

‘How dare they talk to her in this way? They had to be a bunch of inadequate shits to threaten her with things they’d never dare to try on with their wives or girl friends. Fucking queers every one of them.’

            In a strange way the ball-gag in her mouth did her a favour. Tina was a feisty, independent young woman. It was one of the reasons she’d been chosen ahead of the others. Despite the situation she was in, she’d have shouted her thoughts out loud if they’d given her the chance, and probably taken a beating for her trouble. Instead, the only thing she could do was lie on her back in the darkness and listen.

The images conjured up by their words were too terrible to contemplate. Yet however hard she tried she couldn’t ignore them. Rape was the word they were using, over and over again. We’re going to rape you sweetheart, rape you, rape you, rape you…. They whispered the word into her ear a hundred times, slowly but surely turning every woman’s worst fear into Tina Featherstone’s personal nightmare. 

The thing she found most disturbing was the manner in which they’d taken her off the street, with speed and precision. There’d been no sign of panic or uncertainty in their actions, and the disciplined way they were sitting with her now only added to her concern. All of them were highly sexually motivated, yet not one of them had tried to touch her up.

No one had reached a sly hand inside her top for a quick feel of her firm young breasts; no one groped between her open thighs for a handful of free pussy. Not that she could have done anything about it if they had. But hell, these days you couldn’t expect a night’s clubbing without that happening at least three or four times.

Tina had little doubt that these men would carry out their threat. They’d made their intention clear from the start, and they meant to hurt her while they were doing it. That was something else they’d told her. It was all a part of their sick little scene; making sure that their victim understood exactly what she could expect when the van reached the end of its journey.

‘We’re going to strip you, and have a bit of fun with you,’ was the way one of them described it to her. As far as Tina was concerned, it didn’t sound like the kind of fun she wanted anything to do with. As she listened to their quiet, confident voices, she knew that she wasn’t the first girl they’d abducted in this way. These bastards knew exactly what they were doing; they’d done this kind of thing before. Even Tina couldn’t have guessed how many times.

            Back on Walpole Road they didn’t get really worried until her Dad got home. They rang round a few of her friends, even tried her boss at home; but nobody could remember seeing Tina after she’d left work. She’d been missing for more than three hours before they rang the police and, to be honest, they didn’t seem all that interested. Attractive twenty-year-old women were going missing every day they said. It was a fact of life, something to do with their hormones apparently, and their need to be always searching for new experiences. They usually turned up safe and sound after a day or two with a smile on their faces, and a guilty secret in their hearts.

            The apparent disinterest on the part of the West Yorkshire police force had no direct bearing on Tina’s ultimate fate. A full hour before her parents had picked up the telephone to make the call, she was a hundred miles away, locked in the rambling suite of rooms beneath the big house. In a very short time the assault on her would begin, and Tina Featherstone would discover the true meaning of hell.




Chapter 2.


The talking stopped immediately when the van slid to a gravely halt. The sound of the engine died away, and Tina heard the driver’s door slam shut, and heavy footsteps crunch away from the van. For several minutes everything was silent, even her tormentors were quiet now, as though they were waiting for something, or someone. She felt them jump nervously when the side door slid open, shattering the uneasy silence.

            “All clear,” said the voice, and the hands holding her relaxed their grip slightly. The next instructions came from the quiet, imperious voice she’d heard earlier.

“Get the cunt inside,” he said. “I’ll be down in a few minutes. Don’t start stripping her until I get there.” His laugh echoed flatly in the metallic interior of the Hi-Top. He knew they wouldn’t lay a hand on her before he got there.

            Tina stumbled slightly when her feet hit the ground. With the mask covering her face she couldn’t see where she was going and fell almost to her knees. They hauled her upright, before manhandling her into some kind of building, and down a long, curving flight of stairs. Not a word was exchanged between them.

Again Tina had that uneasy feeling; the one that was telling her she wasn’t the first woman who’d been marched down this staircase. If she’d had more time she might have wondered what had become of the others. Then again maybe it was better she didn’t think about such things.

At the bottom of the staircase they pushed her forward into a large, brightly lit room and, for the first time since their arrival, one of them spoke to her.

            “Stand there cunt,” he growled. “Arms down by your side, say nothing and don’t move a muscle.”

Tina did as she was told. Again they waited in silence until she heard footsteps coming down the stairs and the sharp click of a closing door. All she could see through the loosely woven fabric of her mask was a group of shadows standing in front of her.

            “Well that was easy,” said the voice. “I told you we shouldn’t have any problems taking this one.” His comment seemed to break the ice and suddenly they were all agreeing how easy it had been. That they’d known all along there wouldn’t be any problems with this one.

            “Now let’s have a look at her,” he went on. “I hope the little slut is worth all the trouble we’ve been to. I’ve got a boner here that’s in need of a serious workout.”

            “Haven’t we all,” came the reply, and Tina’s terror deepened still further as the room filled with their crude laughter. The shadows closed in around her.

            “We’re waiting whore. You can take off your clothes now,” ordered the voice. “All of them.”

Tina just stood there, uncertain at first whether the instruction was aimed at her, and unwilling to comply even if it was. If it hadn’t been for the gag in her mouth she’d have refused the order outright. Someone moved in front of her and she felt the hard finger jabbing into her chest. When her hands moved up in a protective gesture, they were slapped away angrily.

            “Yes, you bitch. Who else do you think I’m talking to? I told you to take your fucking clothes off, so what are you waiting for? We want you stripped naked you stupid little twat. Get them off now before I start to get angry.”

Again she did nothing, and the unseen hand slashed viciously across her face. Though the bag absorbed much of the blow, there was still enough force behind it to send her sprawling across the floor. Two arms reached out and hauled her back to her feet. She could feel his anger sweeping over her in waves.

“You stupid little fucker. What part of strip is it that you don’t understand? When I tell you to get your clothes off, do it bitch. Even a dumb little cunt like you must realise that you don’t have any choice in the matter. I’m only going to tell you once more. If you disobey me again, I’ll make you sorry you were ever born. So take all your clothes off bitch. Take them off now, and do it as slowly and seductively as you can. Show us what a hot little whore you really are.”

Stubbornly Tina continued to stand there, and he carried out his threat. The first punch hit her in the stomach, much as a similar blow had done some three hours earlier. As she sank to her knees, the second blow, a huge open handed slap, battered her the rest of the way down. The voice sighed.

            “You had your chance cunt. I guess you want us to do it the hard way after all. Well that’s just fine by me.” He turned away. “Get her on the table then. Strip the little bitch, and don’t be too polite about it either. In fact you can tear the fucking clothes off her, she won’t be using them again. Just remember to leave her panties to me, I’m going to remove them personally.”

His threatening presence surrounded her. She could smell the eagerness on him as he leant in close, clinging to him like the bitter-sweet aroma of cheap aftershave.

“You’re nothing but a slave now you little cunt,” he whispered. “And slaves must learn to do as they’re told. If you can’t obey a simple instruction like ‘strip’, you’re going to find the next few days very hard. You’ve been brought down here so we can have sex with you whenever we like. Accept that there’s fuck all you can do about it and make it easy on yourself. We’re going to shag you whether you like it or not. As far as we’re concerned, it’ll be a pleasure, because you think you’re something special. Well you’re not special at all. You’re nothing but a cunt, and cunts only have one purpose. Cunts are for fucking as you’ll soon discover.”

“Over the next couple of weeks you’re going to be trained as a sex slave. That’s a female whose only purpose in life is to provide sexual satisfaction for any man who shows an interest in fucking her. You’re the latest in a whole string of little cunts who’ve been brought down here to entertain us while we train them as fuck toys.”

He waited a moment, allowing his words to sink in, before going on.

“We hurt the ones who misbehave by the way. The ones like you, who think that rules don’t apply to them, who don’t do as they’re told. Personally, that’s the bit I like best, hurting little girls. It’s amazing how many ways you can hurt a cunt, and I mean really hurt. The noises they make while I’m hurting them really turns me on. All that screaming makes me go really hard if you know what I mean. The first thing you have to learn is to do as you’re told. If you can’t do that, you’re likely to get hurt rather badly. I bet you can scream really loud when you want to.”

            As he stepped away Tina felt herself swept off her feet for a second time, swung into the air and slammed down hard on a table she hadn’t realised was there. Eager hands began tearing at her clothes, dragging her this way and that in their frantic efforts to see her naked. The denim jacket was the first to go, followed almost immediately by her blouse. She could feel the buttons popping down her chest as their hands clawed at her, and listened to the sound of rending cotton as they tore her modesty away from her, along with the last shreds of flimsy material.

            Instinctively she tried to cover her breasts with her hands but again they were battered away. They enjoyed watching her struggle, toying with her as they ripped away her clothes one item at a time. A hand seized her bra and jerked it sharply upwards, trying to tear it from her body in one sharp movement. It held firm however, though her breasts spilled down across her chest, bouncing around like a pair of naughty puppies. It took them a full ten seconds to get her bra off, dragging it up over her head and half strangling her on the way. Distracted by their first sight of her topless body writhing seductively on the tabletop in front of them, hungry hands began to maul her, while others switched their attention to her jeans.

‘Strip the bitch,’ they’d been told, and strip her they did. For some reason it was an order that never had to be given twice. After unbuckling her belt they wrenched her jeans apart, popping the studs and dragging down the zip in their first frantic effort. Her slip-on shoes had long ago disappeared, and two of them pinned her torso to the table while the others dragged her jeans down her legs, turning them inside out in the process. Whooping and hollering all the time, they taunted her like a band of Apache Indians on the rampage.

Tina felt as though she’d been skinned alive. Her jeans were tossed carelessly to one side; along with the rest of her clothes, none of which she would ever wear again. In fact for the entire period she was to remain in the big house she wouldn’t be wearing any clothes at all. For a brief moment Tina’s bare legs thrashed wildly across the table as she kicked out at them.

“Hold her down,” someone shouted. “Get hold of her fuckin’ legs.” Within seconds she was helpless again, pinned to the table. Though her body was writhing and twisting obscenely, she couldn’t escape their hands. Inside her head Tina was screaming, but no sound escaped her lips. She was totally naked now, apart from the briefest of pale pink satin thongs that did little more than highlight her pussy mound. Briefly they went quiet as they devoured her nakedness with their eyes, and the initial verdicts began to flow.

“Shit,” said one of them. “Look at the body on that, nice and tight. Jesus this is going to be fun.”

“Not for her it isn’t.”

“Who are you kidding, a slut like her? She’ll love it once we get to work on her; you know she will. Women like her are all the same, cheap as £5 whores the lot of them. The harder you give it to them, the more they love you for it.”

“Yeah, and look at her tits,” said another. “Nice and firm, exactly the way I like them. Can’t wait to get my teeth into those little beauties.”

“Take it carefully big man, we don’t want to damage the merchandise too soon, not until we’ve all had the chance to give her a good working over. Right now all I want to do is get between those legs of hers and fuck the little bitch into a coma.”

His words sent Tina into another bout of wild thrashing. All of it was wasted effort; they weren’t going to release her now. She was here for a very specific purpose and slowly she calmed down.

“Feisty little bitch ain’t she?” said one.

“Yeah, all the more fun for us,” came the reply. They laughed, and Tina sensed a shadow fall across her as he stepped in close.

            “Sounds like you’re going to be a busy girl tonight doesn’t it Tina?” He said. Her body stiffened at the unexpected use of her name, and he leant even closer. “That’s right cunt, we know all about you, and your little family. We’ve been watching you for a long time now, and don’t you forget it. You give us any more problems and we’ll bring little Susanne down here. You can watch while we shag her instead of you. Hold her hand if you like, and tell her that everything will be fine when she finally stops screaming. I’m sure she’d just love it; I’m damn sure we would. How old is she now Tina, thirteen, fourteen? Just the right sort of age for a young girl like her to get her first taste of mature cock don’t you think?”  As he laughed, his hand reached down, and grabbed her between the legs. He let her go just as quickly.

“Fuck,” he said. “The cunt’s pissed herself. The dirty little whore’s pissed in her pants; I’ve got her urine all over my hands. Turn her over, I’ll teach her to piss on my fucking hands.”

Eagerly they rolled her over on the tabletop. Her arse looked firm and shapely, browned by the suns of summer. Nicely rounded, there was hardly a hint of cellulite, and the string of her thong bit deep between her cheeks. Her back arched up off the table as his hand slashed down across her buttocks for the first time. Without the gag in her mouth her scream would have been loud and shrill.

The five of them shared her initial beating; relishing the violence of her reaction. Watching her hooded body twisting beneath their hands as the blows rained down. In minutes the tanned skin of her buttocks was glowing a patchy red as her beating went on.

“Enough,” he said at last. “Now if someone will remove that fucking thong, we can really get stuck in to her.”

Hard though she struggled, she couldn’t stop them stripping her completely. The beating deflated her and, when they rolled her onto her back, she lay still on the table, trembling quietly and making no effort to conceal her sexuality. A low whistle sounded in the silence that followed.

“Look at the pussy on her, that’s a tight little snatch if ever I saw one. Boy I’m looking forward to having that wrapped around my cock?”

“Well it won’t be so tight once we’ve all given it a hammering. It might be painful, but it certainly won’t be as tight as it is now.”

“Get her on the rug,” ordered the voice. “It’s time we gave her the rules.”

His impatience was clear; and put an immediate end to the idle chatter. They dragged her off the table and stood her in the middle of the floor. Her sobbing was getting louder now that the final stage of their assault was imminent. Her buttocks were stinging unbearably, and they watched her trembling as she stood in front of them. Once more she was trying to cover both her breasts and her pussy at the same time, without quite managing either.

“Kneel down,” said the voice, “put your hands behind your back.” It was always the same harsh voice giving the orders she noticed. Though she tried to lower herself to the floor she wasn’t quick enough. This time the slap caught her on the side of her head, and dropped her to the floor on her hands and knees.

“I told you to kneel cunt, I didn’t tell you to crawl.” His hand grasped her hair and hauled her back to her knees.

“Stop there,” he said, “and don’t fucking move.” She realised that they were moving away from her. It seemed like an age before they returned, though it was probably no more than five minutes. Her crying had stopped by this time, even peering through the mask it was clear there was something different about them.

“We’re going to take your hood off now Tina,” said the voice. “If you behave yourself like a good little whore, we’ll think about taking off the gag as well. In the meantime, you can stay on your knees until we tell you to stand up. We’re going to read you the rules next, the ones you have to live by from now on.”

One of the shapes moved behind her. Loosening the cord around her neck, he lifted the bag from her head, before stepping back to join the others. Tina stayed on the floor, blinking frantically as the fluorescent lighting hit her. Slowly, as her eyes adjusted, the figures standing in front of her began to swim into focus.

There were five of them. Not surprisingly they were all men, and they were as naked as she was. Her heart sank as she looked along the line. All five of their cocks were at eye level; and from her position on the floor they looked impossibly huge. Every one of them was rock hard and pointing straight at the ceiling. Tina groaned when she saw that, and several of them began to laugh.

“That’s right, take a good look at them Tina,” said the man standing in the centre of the five. For the first time she was able to put a face to the voice. He was a big, well-built man with a dark beard trimmed short but still fading to grey at the outer edges. The cold smile that came with his words sent a chill of fear racing through her body.

“After all,” he went on, “you’re the reason they’re standing to attention baby. In a few minutes you can get to know all five of them personally.” He grinned again. “You’re nothing but a prostitute now Tina. Only your services will be provided free of charge. Welcome to your worst fucking nightmare.” 




Chapter 3.




“There’s a lot of rules you’ll have to live by while you’re our guest,” he said, the bearded one that is. His was the voice she recognised, the dominant voice so full of anger and the desire to hurt her that he barely bothered to disguise.

“I’ll read some of them to you now, so there’s no misunderstanding about why you’re here. The first thing you need to know is that as far as we’re concerned there are no rules. You’ve been brought here for our entertainment and pleasure and for no other reason. We’re going to rape you Tina; we’re going to rape you long, and hard, and as often as we like. All you’ve got to do is open those legs of yours and take your punishment.”

“You should feel honoured. There are a hundred girls we could have chosen; yet we picked you. That makes you very special. You’re a lucky girl Tina. Until we decide to get rid of you, you’re going to be our very own fuck toy, our sperm bank, our personal little whore.

We can come down here and fuck you senseless any time we choose to do so and there’s nothing you can do to stop us. You’re going to have more cock stuffed into you in the next few days than you’d believe possible, and you probably won’t enjoy it a great deal. Not to begin with anyway, but then it’s not your place to enjoy it, you just have to take it Tina because that’s what fuck toys do. It’s going to be quite an experience for you, and the sooner you realise that you’re here for the duration, the easier it’ll be for you.”

            All the time he was talking to her, he was maintaining his erection with long, slow strokes of his left hand. Despite the harsh brutality of his words, Tina felt a tiny surge of triumph run through her body when she saw that. She’d been right about them. ‘Inadequate shits,’ she thought. In his case at least her assessment had been spot on, much good it would do her. That very inadequacy made him all the more dangerous, he was the sort of man who’d get as big a buzz from hurting her as he would from shagging her.

Just by looking at him she could tell he was trouble. There was more than a hint of madness in those eyes; if he ever totally lost control he could quite easily kill her. Again she wondered about the other girls; how many of them had knelt on this very spot and listened in disbelief as their new purpose in life was spelt out in such brutally simple terms? He went on.

            “You on the other hand have a hundred rules to remember. The first of which is to do exactly what you’re told. Break any of our rules and we’ll hurt you, we’ll hurt you badly. You don’t need to know all of them right away, only the important ones. We’ll leave a full list for you to read through at your leisure. Look down,” he went on,  “take a look at that rug you’re kneeling on?”

            Tina did as she was told. It was a red circular rug about five feet across, nothing special about it. She looked back at him, towering above her and waited for him to go on.

“The first thing you need to remember is that whenever any of us decides to pay you a visit; and now we’ve had a good look at you, that’s likely to happen quite often; you’ll get a full sixty seconds warning. When we step through the door you’ll be kneeling upright on that rug waiting to welcome us. Your arms will be folded behind your back, giving us an unrestricted view of your body; and the only thing you’ll be wearing is a smile. Like I said, your tits and that sweet little pussy of yours will be in full view at all times.”

“No excuses will be accepted. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing when the bell rings, sleeping, having a shit, having a shower. You’ll be kneeling naked on the rug when that door opens. If you’re not there we’ll be forced to hurt you,” he paused, though there was no real need to hammer home his point again. “It goes without saying that we’ll hurt you a lot.” Tina began to whimper softly.

“I’ve already told you that you’ll remain naked at all times,” he went on, “there aren’t any clothes for you down here anyway. Not once we’ve burned the rags you arrived in, so you won’t have any problems with that one. Just don’t go thinking you can cover yourself with a sheet or anything like that. It’s against the rules.”

“Rule number three insists that you keep yourself and your apartment clean and tidy at all times. You might have been a worthless little whore in your own world, but that doesn’t mean you can live like one in ours. You’ll find everything you need in the other rooms, the bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom. Again, if you don’t do as you’re told, we’ll hurt you.”

“Now we come to rule number four. You must never speak unless given permission to do so by one of us. Learn to give the phrase ‘Dumb little cunt,’ true meaning Tina. The only time you’ll open your mouth from now on will be to swallow our cocks, and our cum. I can assure you, both of them are skills you’ll learn to master very quickly.”

            “Finally, when you’re not fully occupied servicing our needs, take a good look around your apartment. You’ll notice that there are cameras in every room. From now on, someone will be watching you every hour of every day. Every time you get raped, we’ll be recording every minute, so don’t go getting any silly ideas about escaping will you? There are lots of other things for you to remember, but you’ll have to read up on them in your own time I’m afraid.

We’ve waited long enough. I’m going to take your gag off now, then we can get on with the evening’s entertainment. That’s you Tina, in case you’ve got any doubts about it.”

            The sniggers from the other four made them sound like more like pathetic schoolboys than serial rapists.

            “Remember Tina, you can scream all you like; but you’re not allowed to speak unless asked a direct question. Nod if you understand.”

Tina looked up at him and hesitated before slowly nodding her head. The bearded one seemed satisfied. He stepped to her side and released the ball gag, working it out of her mouth and letting it fall to the floor in front of her. While he was doing so, he slid his cock head across her back several times before stepping away from her. She couldn’t help the involuntary shudder that ran through her body at his touch. The pain in her jaw was excruciating, she groaned, and found that she couldn’t close her mouth. The bearded one looked at his four companions and grinned.

“Gentlemen,” he said. “I think we’ve waited long enough. It’s time we gave this little cunt a night she’ll remember for the rest of her fuckin’ life? I think it’s time we went to work on her.”

  A low growl of approval sounded in the room. Tina could feel her body trembling, her eyes dropped to the floor and her whimpering grew even louder.

“Listen to the little slut, she can hardly wait for us to get it on,” one of them said.

            “Get it in don’t you mean?” came the reply. Again they laughed.

            “Who gets to fuck the little bitch first?” Came the inevitable question. She didn’t see who asked it, but she knew instinctively what the answer was going to be. Even before the other four turned and looked at the bearded one with questioning eyes.

As she stared up at him, she knew she was right. He would be the first to rape her. She’d seen it in his eyes and heard it in his voice. He would have her first, taking her hard and fast, hurting and humiliating her as he was doing it. As though reading her mind he laughed in her face.

            “Oh, I’ll start the ball rolling with this one. She fancies me, don’t you Tina?” He looked down at her and his voice hardened. “You can get up now cunt, go and stand by the table,” he ordered, slapping her sideways when she hesitated. Slowly Tina climbed to her feet, and equally slowly, she stumbled across to the table and stood there waiting for him, one arm held across her breasts while her other hand covered the neatly trimmed patch of dark hair between her thighs.

He was smiling as he stepped across the room towards her, the other four moving in echelon behind him. All of them were eager for a close-up view of the coming assault.

“Now we can begin,” he growled. “Now you’ll find out what it feels like to be fucked by real men.” His hands reached out, realigning her arms until they hung loosely by her sides, allowing his eyes unrestricted access to her naked body.

“You’ve got a nice figure Tina, I’ll give you that. But looks aren’t everything. It’s what you do with that figure that really counts.” He looked her right in the eyes.

“Are you looking forward to this?” He asked. Tina shook her head.

“That’s too bad. I am, and that’s what’s important. I really don’t give a fuck how you feel about it.”

He reached out to her with one large hand and began to fondle her breasts, squeezing each of them in turn, testing them and her. Savouring the way her body trembled at his touch.

“You’re scared of me aren’t you?” He said. When she didn’t reply, he used his eyes to ask the question again. This time Tina nodded,

“Yes,” she whispered, a tiny frightened voice lost in a very dark dungeon.

“So you should be Tina, you should be very scared. Within five minutes I’ll have you squirming on my cock, and screaming for mercy. Only down here you’ll find that mercy is in short supply.”

As he spoke, his hand moved from her breasts. A stubby finger began tracing a random pattern across the sensitivity of her tight belly, edging lower, always lower. Tina’s trembling grew worse as she came closer to breaking point. When his wandering finger finally reached its target; that dark, tempting patch of hair nestling between her thighs, she finally snapped.

“NOOooo…” she shrieked. She tried to twist away from her attacker, but her arms were held firm, and her shrieking cries were cut short by the open handed slap that hit her hard across the side of her head. A split second later she felt herself being dragged backwards. Her head crashed down against the tabletop, stunning her. As her feet left the floor he was in between her thrashing legs, lunging down at her with his head and clamping his mouth onto her pussy like a limpet. His tongue probed her hungrily as he lifted her legs, placing one on each shoulder and forcing them up and back. Bending her almost double on the table.

For a moment Tina continued to struggle, yelling and shrieking obscenities as her body arched and twisted across the table in a vain attempt to break the unholy connection between his mouth and her pussy. Hard hands began mauling her breasts, squeezing them tighter, hurting them; hurting her. A face, young middle-aged, clean-shaven and dark haired, swam into vision for an instant. His mouth fastened onto hers, cutting off her cries and sucking the air out of her lungs. Even as she approached the oblivion of unconsciousness, Tina noticed that he didn’t try to tongue her, the way that bastard between her legs was doing. A matter of self-preservation probably. In her present state she’d have bitten his tongue clean off.

‘So this is what it’s like to be raped,’ she was thinking when the dark haired one finally pulled away, leaving her gasping for air. Her body jumped as the bearded one sucked her clit into his mouth, and the screaming began again as he bit down on her hard.

Five minutes he’d told her. She hadn’t been counting, but she knew it had taken him much less than that to start her screaming. Pleasure and pain he gave her, alternately sucking on her rosebud until she began to react, then biting down on her again and again. Cutting off the pleasure and replacing it with the pain.

Tina was hauled off the table before it had even registered that he was no longer between her legs. He spun her round and pushed her hard against the end of the table.

“Lean forward and get hold with both your hands,” he ordered. “This is going to be a rough ride.” Realisation dawned in her frightened mind. The sick bastard was going to do her doggy style. It was the last straw.

“No,” she screamed as she turned round and faced him, “I won’t do it. You can’t do this to me. You’re sick, you’re all sick. You have to let me go before you find yourselves in real trouble.”

His laughter rang loud in her ears. In fact they were all laughing, but his was the blow that sent her sprawling across the floor again with her head ringing. This time she stayed down, feigning unconsciousness, but the bearded one was having none of it. Grabbing her hair he hauled her back to her feet and pushed her towards the table.

“Hold onto her this time,” he said. “Make sure she doesn’t try that again.”

The others came at her eagerly, seizing her hands and pinning them to the table. As a result she found herself leaning forward uncomfortably as the bearded one moved in behind her. Realising her vulnerability, she tried to close her legs, but he was too quick for her. His knee forced its way between her thighs and she felt herself squashed forward painfully against the table edge.

“Too slow cunt,” he whispered. “You’ll have to be much quicker than that.” His knee ground into her groin and slowly he lifted her off her feet. Though she fought him, she couldn’t match his strength and, inch-by-inch, her legs were forced apart. Tears of anger and frustration welled up, stinging her eyes. She gritted her teeth, this was every bit the nightmare he’d promised her it would be.

His hand slid down her back, parting her arse cheeks and continuing on, down and forward. Tina’s body writhed in horror at the touch of his hand, but she was held too firmly to do more. Slowly his fingers slid into the dampness of her pussy, first a single finger, followed by a second and a third. Once more he lifted her off her feet. This time he was showing off his prize. Suspending her in mid air, with his thick and probing fingers buried deep in her cunt.

Her fear was intense and again she screamed; one of the many screams she would utter before the night was over. Because this was merely the start of Tina Featherstone’s rape; and it would go on for a very long time.

The unfortunate four; the ones who’d been overruled when the question of first fuck rights had arisen; closed in on her, pinning her to the table and running their hands freely across her body. Despite her situation, maybe even because of it, Tina could feel her nipples hardening under the persistent teasing.

 Behind her she heard him spit into his hand before forcing her arse cheeks apart again. It was only when his fingers began to probe her bottom that she understood his true intention. Her body squirmed across the table as she sought to escape the horror he was about to unleash on her.

            “NOOoooooo…” she screamed. “Please no, don’t do that to me please.”

            “Hold her still for god’s sake,” he growled. “How can I stick her properly when she’s wriggling around like this?” 

Her arms were gripped even tighter. Her body was held still, and inexorably he closed in on her. If he’d fucked her pussy it would have been bad enough, but maybe Tina could have lived with herself. Not this this was a different matter altogether, the bastard wanted her to take it up the arse. Nobody had even tried to do that to her before. It was brutal and humiliating and it would be the most painful thing she’d ever known.

Her screaming grew louder as he forced his cock into her a fraction of an inch at a time. So powerful was her reaction to this invasion, so violent the painful writhing of her body that it became increasingly difficult for the other four to hold her down. Her arching back kept her upper body flopping around on the table as he drove his hardened cock into her. He was hard now all right, hard as steel. Like he said, hurting little girls always had that effect on him. It was listening to them scream that did it, even when nothing else seemed to work. And, my god, Tina was screaming now.

            Finally he broke through. His final, noisy grunt of self-satisfaction joined with her screams of pain to fill the room. He savoured the feeling of her firm buttocks as they pressed into his groin. He knew he was exploring true virgin territory now. With his cock buried deep inside her, he intended to make the most of this opportunity. From her shrieking cries, it was clear that she was badly hurt, physically as well as mentally.

Yet he knew that this was only a taste of what was to come for her. Over the coming ten days or so, they were going to break the will of this arrogant little cunt. Break her to such an extent that she’d end up begging them, or anyone else for that matter, to give her the sexual satisfaction she craved so badly. In ten days, she’d agree to do anything in order to experience the sensation of another cock pulsating deep in her belly.

            But that was still many days in the future. For the moment Tina was fully occupied in gritting her teeth and trying to survive the next few seconds. Pain was pulsing through her in angry waves, her arse felt totally destroyed and she could feel his cock throbbing evilly inside her like a balled fist, alternately tensing and relaxing. It was hardly a surprise that he sounded so pleased with himself when he leant forward and whispered in her ear.

            “You’re quite enjoying this aren’t you bitch. I knew you would. Little whores like you love taking it up the arse, because you don’t have any pride. A real woman would never allow a stranger to take her that way. She’d die rather than let that happen. But you’re not a real woman are you Tina? You’re just a fuck doll, and you’re loving every moment of it.” His words were punctuated by the vicious hammering of his cock as he forced it into her time after time.

            Through the fear and the pain, Tina muttered her reply. It was a stupid and dangerous thing to do, but anything was better than the agony she was experiencing now. She hoped the insult might distract him, make him stop what he was doing and pull his cock out of her; but she was wrong. Her words had the opposite effect. At first he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Indeed, for a moment he hesitated, only for the violence of her rape to move on rapidly to another, higher level.

His fingers dug into her hips like steel claws as he pulled her back, ramming his cock into her time after time, and listening as Tina howled like a whipped dog at the pain that was tearing her apart.

            “What did you say bitch?” He yelled, leaning forward to catch her pain-racked reply. “What did you say?”

            “Mini dick,” she’d called him. It had been a mistake. When she said it a second time, he heard her words quite clearly and they sent him berserk. His cock pounded into her, each stroke lifting her off the floor and tearing a frantic, strangled cry from the depths of her throat. It was a cross between the shrill screams she’d been uttering for the last ten minutes and a pained animal howl. For a while the bearded one seemed to enjoying himself, slamming his cock into her time after time, riding the intensity of Tina’s agony to his own inevitable climax.

            “That’s it, squeal you little fuck pig,” he cried as he approached orgasm. “Come on little pig, squeal for daddy.”

            Tina did more than squeal, she screamed out loud, on and on until, through the blur of her pain, she felt him explode inside her. The powerful pulsing of his cock as it filled her arse with his poisonous seed. It seemed to take him forever, and by the time he was done Tina was lying very still, pinned to the table beneath the crushing weight of his body. Her heart and her arse were full of pain and she realised that she couldn’t even cry any more.

At that moment Tina wanted to die more than anything else in the world. Yet she knew that, for these men, the evening’s entertainment had only just begun. The bearded one had been the first to use her; but now that he was done the other four were lining up. Each of them was driven by a burning desire to fuck her just as savagely. As she looked up, she could see that their cocks were as hard as ever, and understood only too well what that signified. For her, this was still only the first round; Tina Featherstone’s long night of torment had scarcely begun. 


Chapter 4.



The bearded one softened slowly, his cock crawling out of her body reluctantly, like a huge, slow-moving slug. Tina breathed a sigh of relief as his crushing weight lifted away from her body and his penis slid free. Actually she was being a little premature, because he hadn’t quite finished with her yet. Dragging her away from the table he forced her onto her knees in front of him, where she found herself staring straight at his cock. It was hanging in front of her, semi flaccid now and streaked in a foul mixture of shit and blood. A long string of sperm trailed from its bulbous red-blue tip.

            “Open your mouth you disgusting little creature,” he ordered. “It’s your mess, you can clean it up for me. I want you to suck my cock until it’s spotless. Bite me and I’ll break your neck.”

            Terrified, she did as she was told, allowing him to slide the foul object into the depths of her throat. Not surprisingly her initial effort was a half- hearted one. A sharp slap to the head alerted her to the fact that he expected more of her as his angry words confirmed.

            “Do it harder than that,” he shouted. “For fuck’s sake bitch, you’ll have to do it better than that. Suck me clean, and swallow every last drop. If you can’t even give head properly you’re not going to last very long down here. Put some effort into it you lazy little cunt, at least make it look as though you’re enjoying yourself.”

Tina redoubled her efforts. Blanking the disgust from her mind, she sucked him clean, and swallowed the foul residue it left in her mouth. Inside her she was crying, but even at this early stage of events, she understood that any sign of weakness on her part would be seized upon and turned against her.

The bearded one had been the first to use her, but even as he turned away, the other four closed in, and the groping began all over again. The older man dug his fingers into her breast and dragged her to her feet, ignoring her shrill screams of pain.

“Get into the bathroom whore,” he ordered. When she looked confused, his fingers tightened further and she found herself being dragged through the door as he did his best to tear her tit from her chest.

“Shut the fuck up,” he said as she shrieked her disapproval, pushing her into the large shower cubicle and turning on the tap. The water ran icy cold, and it hit her bare skin like a battery of hailstones. Her arms lifted in front of her face for a moment before she realised that it was a chance for her to wash the foul taste out of her mouth. Even then they wouldn’t allow her to spit out the residue.

“Swallow it bitch,” she was told. “Swallow it all.”

The icy cascade beat down on her, causing her nipples to swell and harden embarrassingly. Tina noticed that it was the older man who was taking the lead now. He reached into the cubicle taking hold of the shower head and directing it at her body. Into her eyes, her bottom, her breasts, spraying her with the icy water. Making her dance to his tune for several minutes before switching it off.

“There, that’s cleaned you up a bit,” he said, rubbing her down briskly with a small towel. Paying particular attention to the area between her thighs. “Now it’s my turn to shag you Tina, and I think we’ll do it in the bedroom, unless you’d rather perform for me somewhere else?” When she didn’t reply, he nodded. “That’s fine, the bedroom it is then. You lead the way, I’ll be right behind you.”

When she hesitated, he grabbed her hair and steered her out of the bathroom in front of him. Turning right, he pushed her through the next door along. The bedroom was singularly lacking in furniture. But the huge double bed, sitting in the middle of the floor, made up in quality what the room lacked in quantity. Turning her round to face him, he pushed her gently, toppling her back onto the bed.

“That’s it, on your back Tina,” he said, “right where you belong, legs wide open if you please. Give us a good look at your cunt darling.”

Without a word, the other three fanned out around the bed, seizing her arms and legs and positioning her carefully. He was smiling as he slid between her legs, buried his cock inside her and began humping into her like a wild animal.

It didn’t take him long to reach his climax. And when he was done the remaining three took her one after the other. Each of them buried the full lengths of their throbbing cocks deep into one or another of her available holes. In between each session of rape, the five of them slapped her around the room several times. They missed no opportunity of humiliating her. Thrusting their fingers into her body, kissing her hungrily, always concentrating their attack on her breasts and in between her legs. Whispering their filthy obscenities into her ear, always telling her what a worthless little cunt she was, even for a fuck toy.

Even when the first round was over, they came back for more. Over a period of four or five hours, they used Tina to satisfy the most depraved of their sexual fantasies. Just as they’d told her they would during her ride in the van. All she could do in response was scream; and she was only able to do that when she didn’t have seven inches of pulsing cockmeat buried in her throat.

As the night wore on, the action became ever more frantic. There were times when they seemed out of control, crowding round her and fucking her in twos and threes. Between them they used Tina in ways that no woman should ever be used. Not without her consent, and Tina hadn’t given her consent for any of this.

She was raped repeatedly throughout the first night of her abduction, and long into the following morning. The five men extracted every last shred of pleasure from her agony, for themselves if not for her. That they didn’t actually kill her on that frantic night was more a matter of luck than judgement.

             Even so she was unconscious by the time they left her, stretched out on her back across the floor. Her legs were crudely widespread; she looked like a drunken, satiated whore. A mixture of blood and cum was leaking from every hole in her body and pooling on the floor beneath her. Tina’s petite body, battered and bruised, was criss-crossed by strings of drying cum, but it was her mind that had suffered the worst damage. At some point, late in the assault, it had switched itself off to ensure that the damage wasn’t permanent. Though Tina’s rape had continued for some time after that.

The opportunity to rape an attractive young woman like Tina in such a brutal manner comes rarely in a man’s life. So it was hardly surprising that they took full advantage of her availability. It was one of the reasons she’d been brought here after all, and all five men felt that she’d entertained them royally.

All in all they agreed that it had been a very successful party, and that Tina had been an inspired choice as tonight’s guest of honour. There was plenty of mileage still left in that tight young body of hers, plenty of pleasure to be had now that they could abuse her on a regular basis. After all, the training of Tina Featherstone was still in its early stages.

            It was several hours before she recovered consciousness long enough to crawl away to the bathroom. There she vomited violently into the toilet, coughing up semi-solid gobs of sperm as she did so. They almost choked her on their way up, the same way they’d done while she was being forced to swallow them in the first place. Finally, overcome by exhaustion, she curled up on the floor and fell asleep with her arms wrapped around the toilet bowl.

            Upstairs, in the big house, they turned away from the TV monitor. There were only three of them left now. The bearded one was there, along with the older man and the shorter, skinny guy. The other two had left some time ago, as soon as the future programme had been agreed. It was the latter who started the conversation with a simple question.

            “Well?” He asked.

            “Well what?” came the reply.

            “What did you think of her?”

            “She’ll do,” said the bearded one.

            “Come on,” said the older man. “Give the girl her due, she was better than that. For a first session she took a hell of a hammering before she gave up the ghost on us.”

            The bearded one shrugged. “She’ll have to take a lot more before we’re done with her. For the moment ‘she’ll do’ is the best I can offer. It’s a lot more than I could say for most of the bitches we’ve had down here.”

            “Is that why you’ve brought everything forward a couple of days?” He grinned.

            “Could be. As long as she recovers quickly enough from tonight, I reckon we should really work her over in a couple of days. Take her right to the limit, see just how much punishment she can handle, and what effect the drugs have on her. In the meantime… “ he nodded in the direction of the skinny one, “….you and Henson can have a session with her tomorrow, just so she understands what she’s doing here. You know the drill. Hurt the little cunt and then give her an orgasm. Drill it into that stupid brain of hers that pain leads to pleasure.”

            The skinny one laughed.

            “Pleasure for who?” He asked. The bearded one ignored him.

            “Just keep an eye on Henson. He’s done okay so far, but we need to watch him. I don’t want him getting too close to this little bitch. Find some excuse to punish her, and make sure she knows what’s going to happen to her before you leave. I want to give her plenty of time to think about it.”

            “And the video?” He nodded.

            “Yeah. I want the whole fucking thing on video. This bitch is going to get the works. It should be a big seller, so make sure we’ve got at least three cameras handy. If you’re not working the cunt over yourself, you’re filming someone else doing it.”  

            The three of them were smiling as they stood up. As much in anticipation of what Tina still had to come, as at the memories of what she’d already suffered. The bearded one and the skinny one left together, leaving the older man alone in the big house, just him and the helpless young woman lying unconscious in the cellar.

            Before sleeping, he took a last look at Tina lying motionless, her arms around the toilet. Hunting through his collection of tapes, he slipped his favourite into the video player. Despite the efforts of the evening, he was able to masturbate several times before drifting off to sleep. The young, (very young), lady featured on this particular tape was one Sandy Williams. She’d been his favourite, but she hadn’t survived the assault. It had never been their intention that she would. Even now, he found it hard to believe some of the things they’d done to her.




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