Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. I was about 5 when my dad started playing with me. I'm now 20. We always had this tickle game. Tickle mine and I'll tickle yours. One day I remember he got a little rough. He was tickling my hips when I felt his finger slip in my pee pee. I bet my eyes got a big as silver dollars. One swift move he was fingering me. He noticed my reaction and took his finger out. It was a few days latter we started the tickle game again and he slipped his finger in again. This time he left it in and slid it in and out. "Daddy that hurts" He said, "its ok baby doll just try to relax." "Ok daddy." He told me we are going to start a new game. And he asked me if he could use his tongue on my pee pee? "Yes daddy." I remember my hips bouncing up and down and daddy had the biggest grin on his face and asked me if I liked our new tickle game" "ohhhh yes daddy, please do it some more?" I wonder now if that was my first orgasm. I know it sure felt good. I remember this one time we were watching tv and he asked me to sit on his lap. I could feel something hard between my legs and he would sort of push me away then slowly move me back to his chest. Then he asks if he could take my undies off. I said, "Yes daddy." I liked pleasing my dad; I always do what he asks of me. He told me just to relax and he would do the work. He asked me to hold my legs close to his and his cock started going faster and faster between my legs. Then he says oh yes baby you feel so good on daddy I'm going to cum. He shot white stuff all over my legs and my cunny. It was neat to watch the white stuff cum out. Which as I recall, lead to our next game. Daddy was sitting on the couch and he was watching an adult movie and was jacking off. He saw me walk in and had me come over to him and he took my hand and showed me how to stroke his cock. He seemed so big. I wanted to please daddy so I wanted to do a good job. "Oh yes honey daddy likes what your doing." And he would lean back and rub my pussy too. Then he said, "oh honey please do that and daddy is going to show you how that white stuff comes out." "Ready, are you watching?" And it shot up in the air. It was amazing to watch it come out. I remember I said, "daddy do it again!" He stifled a laugh and told me he would have to rest a bit before he could. For my 6th birthday daddy taught me how to suck his cock. He would have me lay on top of him so he could lick me while I did him, 69 he called it. I liked licking him, just like a lollipop. He told me to put his cock in my mouth and suck it like a pop cycle. I tried getting him in as far as I could. The way he sucked me make me feel good so I wanted to please him too. He always said I did a great job because I made his white stuff shoot out. He let me try some white stuff, or I should say he shot it in my mouth. It caught me unaware and I gagged on it. Daddy said, "good girl, did you like the taste?" "Oh yes daddy I like your white stuff. "Yes honey you did real good. When I was about 7 is when he introduced me to fucking. At the time he called it close touching. I didn't like it at first because it hurt a lot, but daddy said he needed me and I wanted to please him. I was sitting on the couch watching TV in my little nightie when daddy called me over and had me get on his lap. Like before he rubbed his cock between my legs and then he reached for something and rubbed it on my cunny. It was real wet and slick. He said, "Baby this is going to hurt a little but daddy needs you." And before I knew it he lifted me and turned me around to face him. And I could feel his cock at my cunny and he started pushing. "Oh daddy, that hurts." He said, "Its ok it will only hurt for a little while." And he pushed and pushed and used more wet stuff, next thing I know besides screaming at the pain he was all the way inside my cunny. And he sat very still with his eyes closed tight, saying "shhhhhh baby it will ease in a bit." He felt my pussy give and he grabbed me by my hips and was bouncing me up and down. His cock ramming inside me faster and faster and I heard my dad groan out, "oh baby, yes, yes." And he filled me with his cum.