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All Hallows Eve1.txt 588910-Jan-2004 22:26
Encounter with the Babysitter.txt 499615-Mar-2004 20:54
Fun On The Road.txt 761315-Mar-2004 20:56
I had been watching this little girl about age 6.txt 582206-Jan-2004 01:42
I was about 5 when my dad started playing with me.txt 420215-Mar-2004 20:51
Jim is a pedofile that by some miracle had an earlier offense taken off his record.txt 592116-Mar-2004 01:00
Melodie the tease.txt 637619-Mar-2004 12:46
My name is Lynn and this is about how I became involved in in1.txt 18K10-Jan-2004 22:26
My neighbor.txt 514419-Mar-2004 12:38
My wife left me and my son for greener pastures.txt 602815-Mar-2004 20:51
Reba1.txt 13K07-Jan-2004 13:24
The love I have for my daughter1.txt 12K10-Jan-2004 22:26
Visiting the Swimming Pool.txt 441119-Mar-2004 12:39
When I was about 7 my family went to visit my grandparents in1.txt 585210-Jan-2004 22:26
bar1.txt 731906-Jan-2004 01:42
bar2.txt 11K19-Mar-2004 12:33
bar3.txt 17K19-Mar-2004 12:33
bar4.txt 15K19-Mar-2004 12:33
bar5.txt 10K19-Mar-2004 12:33
fun2 691915-Mar-2004 20:51
fun3.txt 671319-Mar-2004 12:30
fun4.txt 669519-Mar-2004 12:30
fun5.txt 13K19-Mar-2004 12:30
fun6.txt 669519-Mar-2004 12:30
list.txt 634015-Mar-2004 20:55
mommylove.txt 27K19-Mar-2004 12:46
my name is lynn part 2 13K19-Mar-2004 12:32
school.txt 23K06-Jan-2004 01:42