Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. <-----Abducting Penny-----> As I looked out the van window, I saw an ally and I knew the moment had arrived. There she was walking down the ally towards me, taking her shortcut home from school. She looked about 5 or 6 years old, very small and very skinny, about 2 feet 11, weighing around 30 kg's, with long brown hair and freckles with sparkling blue eyes. Wearing her blue chequered school dress, it's length up to her knees, I could see her lower legs and ankles just above her white socks, her legs were stick like, about the width of the leg of a chair. She looked up and glanced at the van parked at the end of the ally occasionally but couldn't see through the tinted windows. I walked around the van opening the passenger side door. I had taken out the front passenger side seat, for fast access to the back where I had some handcuffs ready attached to the flooring. As the little girl walked towards me she glanced up and saw me, I was busy looking at a street directory, and she thought nothing of it. Just as she walked past I reached out and grabbed her by the arm, putting my other arm around her mouth before she could scream. Dragging her into the van, and placing tape over her mouth, I could smell her scent and slight perfume of her hair. Once she was gagged I laid her on her back and shackled her down. I whispered to her "don't worry i'm not going to hurt you" I got in the front seat and started the 40 kilometre journey to the property. I arrived and parked the Van and went to the back un shackling her. She looked scared and was crying, as soon as I took her inside I sat her on the couch and said "its ok your not going to be hurt". I took the tape off from her mouth and caressed her beautiful cheeks. She was crying and I kissed her on her tiny lips. She moved away and I grabbed her around the neck "Don't to move away like that, you fucking little bitch. From now on you will be doing what you are told to do." She sulked and said "I wanna go home" My erection was huge I was bulging so hard I thought it was going to rip out of my jeans. All I could think about was how tiny she was and if I would be able to stick my dick up her arse. I couldn't take it any longer, I didn't want to hurt her but I knew she would need to go through some pain to please me. I said to her "ok well I will take you home soon, but not right now ok? right now you have to be trained to please me. She said to me "please mister can you take me home, I wanna go home" crying and sulking as she looked up at me with her teary beautiful eyes, I looked at her small, precious, skinny frame and realised how much I was going to abuse her. "Right well first we're going to start with you being obedient". I grabbed her by the arm and led her to her new bedroom. It had wooden floorboards, a small single bed with a cast iron frame and cream sheets. A small teddy bear on the pillow of the bed. To the left of the bed there was a rack, made for anal sex it would be her primary place of stay when she was not sleeping, eating, showering or exercising. It had soft black leather padding on the top, and 6 places to rope her down. It was shaped like a small rectangle for a small girl to bend over and be bound on her hands and knees. There was two links to rope her wrists down past the front sides. Two links to rope her ankles out and down, and two soft shackles to bind her knees together. To the right of the rack in the corner the was an exercise bike that she would be riding to keep her healthy, and above it a TV with no reception, but a VCR where she would watch kids videos, and occasionally herself and other small girls being abused. I placed her on her knees behind the rack, and leant her forward, placing her wrists either side. I tied her tiny kid wrists first, as she cried some more and said "im scared" "I want to go home". I buckled her knees together and felt her tiny ankles as I placed them closer to the link and tied one to it, then the other. She was still in her school uniform and could only see in front of her, and was completely powerless. I went over to the front of the kid's face and sat down, "What's your name little girl?" "Penny" she said "that's a cute name" I replied, "how old are you" "I am 6" she said, "are you in first grade?" "yea" sulking as she replied. "Ok now what we're going do, is going to hurt a little bit ok, and if you want to cry or scream while I do it to you, you're allowed to." I got up from the small chair and went behind her, lifting her dress up, her little undie covered bum sticking up at me lower than my zipper. I placed my hand over her bum and felt her warm soft undies. I knew this was going to be tight, her skinny little bum no bigger than a cantaloupe. I pulled her undies down over her bum, exposing her pulling them all the way down to her bound, bent knees. Her entire arse, back legs, and back all exposed as I placed my hand on her bum cheek and the other hand on her other bum cheek spreading it apart. I stared in shock at how tiny her little anus was, the pink little dot the size of the end of a pen. My cock was so hard at the thought of being half way up there I knew I was ready to take her innocence. I placed some spit on my left finger and put it at the entrance of her anus, feeling her anus respond a little I pushed further until my finger was in, her bum clenching down on it tightly, I stroked my hard pre cum dripping cock with my right hand. "Please take it out mister.." crying some more she moaned and said "I feel like I need to poo", I said to Penny "its ok, its just going to stimulate your arse a bit, you will be fine". I came in close behind the little girl and spat on my cock rubbing some thin saliva over it, and placed the head of my cock at her tiny anus. Pushing at her anus was difficult, I could see her skinny bum starting to spread very wide. I gave it a shove and pop, the head slide up her bum, I felt her legs trying to move and her arms, she was crying allot, "it hurts" "it hurts" , I told the little girl, you will get used to it. I pushed up her ass some more, anxious to see how far up her tiny bum I could go, and was surprised to find her tiny anal passage able to accommodate most of my full grown 8 inch cock. My full length up her she was screaming and crying as I started ramming the little girl, most of the way out and then all the way in, time after time, seeing Penny's tiny shit passage massaging my cock with each slow thrust in and out. He bum was so skinny, with my erection forcefully stuck up it, her bum cheeks were so far spread it made her tiny figure look almost doll like, her skinny ass forced open with the thick log up there. The crying started to subside and turned into sulks and strong little girlie moans, I started to do her harder, with some force feeling the rack shake with each pump into the skinny little thing. She moved her head back a little then down, her long brown hair covering her tender innocent face, just as I felt her farting, "rip" as I could smell her ripping tiny girlie farts, rising up to my nose. "You disgusting little brat, how dare you fart, didn't your mummy and daddy teach that was naughty for a little girl to fart in the presence of another man?" "I'm sorry mister I didn't mean to, umm I just umm" crying more now she was obviously upset she had been rude. I fucked her harder up her little anus, her anus still as tight as the moment I first penetrated it, I started to feel something hot and sticky on my cock as I thrusted. I slide my cock back as her little passage massaged it, and I looked down and saw it had shit all over it! This little girl who was on her way home from school just 2 hours ago was now shitting on my cock from all the anal sex. Her pretty little girls bedroom was now smelling like anal sex, I knew I was ready to blow in her, I placed my hands on either side of her hips, not that she had hips, and began to ram hard in her bum, screaming as she farted and her warm thick sticky shit covering my cock and balls I fucked the small girls bum so hard I felt my seed building in my balls, filling my shaft and rammed her into the rack the girl wouldn't be able to sit down for a week. hearing the slamming and her ripping fart sounds as I plugged her tiny school girl bum intensely I started squirting pump after pump into the kids ass "fucking - skinny - precious - little - slut" out of control I said some words as I squirted in her. Rocking gentler and more gentler I slowed right down and leant forward collapsed over the tiny girl, placing my hand over her tender warm wet face, I said its all over now sweetie, and kissed her on her cheek. I pulled my cock out of her ass slowly and saw the extent of her depravity, I had completely made this little girl shit herself and it was covering my cock and balls, lots of white cum mixed with the little girls shit, dripping back out of her ass and down the back of her skinny white legs, I grabbed a towel and gave her a shower. Dressing her in a slender white nightie so delicately skinny Penny was, the pain of her abuse was written all over her face. I placed her in her bed with her teddy bear and said goodnight, locking the door behind me.