Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. It all started when my daughter was six years old. I had noticed her skinny little body at night in her bedroom. When my wife went out I would go into her room and see her kneeling on the floor playing with her dolls, and one particular night I caught a glimpse of her underwear because she had bent so far forward, her tiny purple nightie had come up over her little bum. I just sat on the bed and stared at it for what seemed like an hour, and before I knew it my erection was sticking far out of my pants. I leaned forward afraid of what my sweet daughter might see, and covered my erection as best I could. "Daddy do you want to come and play with my dolls?" Jessica asked. "Sure hun I will play with you, which doll do I get?" I looked at her miniature adult dolls and looked at their see through clothing and their scantly clad bodies wondering how long it would be before Jessica was grown up enough to have an adult penetrating her. "I like this one daddy, but you can play with her" Jessica smiled innocently at me and handed me the doll. As Jessica crawled around the floor with dolls in hand, I felt my precum dripping from my fully erect cock, as I glanced at Jessica's arse and could almost smell her tiny anus protruding from her faded white and pink flower cotton knickers. I felt a rush as I placed a hand on her backside and wondered what to say, I just looked at Jessica and said "one day sweetie you will be all grown up just like this girl doll, and will have men my age interested in you." I knew I had to leave the room before I let my feelings get out of control and molest my innocent daughter. I glanced at my princess and said "ok sweetie have fun, daddy is going to bed" "Nite nite daddy" as she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I went straight to the bedroom and locked the door, unzipping my pants and grabbing my throbbing hot erection stroking it back and forth thinking about the sight of Jessica bent over, imagining pushing my cock into her backside. I started to blow the biggest load of cum I had ever seen, squirting all over the floor, I knew it would be intense if I ever got to have her like that. The next morning I sat down with my wife Mary, and my daughter, and asked her how her night at the clinic was. "The usual, busy busy busy, no time to do anything in that place" I looked at my daughter crunching on some toast and she smiled at me, the cutest little smile I had ever seen. The night came and my daughter had been home from school all of about two hours, but I noticed she was still in her chequered blue school dress. She went to a catholic girls school named St Mary's, there were lots of cute little girls I noticed when I went to pick up Jessica, but I still think my daughter was the cutest, I just couldn't understand why I wanted to fuck my little girl in the ass, surely that would hurt her? But I think I wanted to hurt her, I wanted to mess up my smiling precious girls face and inflict pain on her at the same time. I wanted to see her cry and squirm while her tiny body got abused. I went into her room and shut the door "Ok sweetie it's time to get changed into your nightie" as I handed her the skimpy purple nightie. She glanced at me looking a little puzzled "but daddy your in my bedroom still" "that's fine hun, im going to keep you company while you change," I said. Jessica started undoing the buckles on her tiny black shoes, then slipping her white socks off, she threw them on the floor and they landed just near me, I picked them up and smelt her tiny girl feet. She started removing her school dress, button by button, I noticed her flat chest, pointing at me, bony, I could se her ribs as she raised her arms and slipped them out of it. The school dress dropped to the ground around her pencil thin legs. "I want you to go on your knees Jessica, and face your dolls, and not look at me for a few minutes". "Why daddy?" Jessica looked completely puzzled, "because I said so now shut up and do what your told, don't be a little brat about it ok?" "Yes daddy" she replied in a low unsure voice. "Put your knees together and go on all fours arching your back and put your head up and look at the wall, pushing your bottom out now" as I placed my hand on her arse and handled her firmly "Ok daddy, like this?" she whimpered, "yes hun that's a good girl" I went in behind her and unzipped my pants, pulling out my hard rod and placed it against her bottom crack, on top of her bum, I could see how big it was against my little kid daughters arse, I thought to myself if that ever went up there, it would reach all the way to her lower back! God she is more tiny than I ever could imagine, against my cock, I started stroking it back and forth, rubbing it firmly, Imagining the strong grip her anal ring would strangle my cock if it was inside her. I stared at her anal ring, tiny pink, with a little bit of brown just in the center, she must have taken a shit today I thought as my mind wandered off. Pump I felt a massive shot of cum squirt out, spraying onto her skinny back, and already starting to drip down the sides of her ribs, as I pumped more cum, splashing the inner mould of her shapely arse, cum hitting the inner most center of her dirty anus, imagining it actually inside her anus. I finished squirting and quickly grabbed a towel and wiped it off her back and arse. I thought fuck this has gone too far. I'm going to have to say something to her to make sure she doesn't go blabbering to anyone about what she felt. An hour followed and I tucked my daughter into bed, and said to her "well sweetie what ever you felt tonight, never happened ok? Your not to talk about daddy being in your room, ever have you got that?" "But daddy" she complained. I grabbed her around the throat "Don't you fucking dare answer me back, or your going to wish you were never born" I tightened my grip more, and shock her slightly. She started crying, "im sorry daddy, I won't I promise" as I released my grip around her fragile neck and put the doona over her shoulders, and said "ok well goodnight, I will wake you in the morning for breakfast". I switched off the light and shut her door, walking to my bedroom, still hard about what I had seen of her body. I knew I had to get inside her but how? How could I keep her still long enough to push my cock up her arse? The only way I could think of was to tie her up while I did it, so she couldn't move, I knew that would take things to a whole new level, and she would be so abused if something like that was to ever happen. The next day we had breakfast as a family and Jessica didn't say a word, but she did look at me once with her green eyes, small cute white freckled face and smile slightly, I looked at her innocent little face and could only think about the horrors that awaited her as her body and arse are impaled on my cock. I went out that morning to the hardware store and the adult store and got what I needed to abuse my six year old roughly. I had handcuffs and rope, as well as some Vaseline and some cloth and duct tape to muffle her screams. My wife left for work at 4pm just as I returned home from picking up Jessica from the catholic school. I took her straight to her bedroom, and said "Jessica sweetie, we're going to play some games tonight together, but its adult games, so it might make you want to cry, but sweetie It's going to be fun, and daddy's going to be making sure your well looked after". "What's the game daddy?" she looked interested and I could see her little eyes sparkle with excitement. "Well first we are going to play cops and robbers, and then we're gonna play punish the robber". I looked at her and shuddered, I was going to penetrate her arse so fully tonight and then blow a big load up there. "Ok first hun you have to take all your clothes off, and be a naughty girl by sticking your finger up at me like this" as I showed her how to make a rude gesture. She took all her clothes off including her panties, and then stuck her finger up at me, how cute! I thought, that's giving me a boner.. She looked kinda cheeky in that moment, and smiled a bit, her skinny white six-year-old body slightly red in her face from embarrassment. I said "ok that's pretty naughty you know hun? You've been a bad little girl for doing that, I'm going to have to tie you up like bad girls get." I placed her on her hands and knees and hand cuffed her skinny wrists together, and then tied rope around her ankles and some rope around her knees to keep them together. "Ok hun now when you get captured, you have to have something stuck in your poo hole, until you are sorry." I placed some Vaseline against her anus which was painfully tiny, and some on the head of my cock. I pressed my cock against her little button anus and pushed, grabbing onto her fragile body and bringing it towards me slowly, she was so light, maybe 29 kilo's if that. The pressure against her anus was strong, and I could see my erection indented slightly into her bum, but not enough to penetrate yet, would I ever get it inside? It was so closed, I was going to have to force it some more. "owww daddy that's hurting my bum can we stop playing this game now please" I hadn't even got the tip in yet, "No you stuck your finger up and now you have to do your time for being naughty" I pushed my throbbing cock some more and the head started to slip into her anus a little, in that instant I saw her anus stretch open for my cock and her tiny bum cheeks parted to open for my cock. I knew the time was now and pushed further into her poo pipe and got over half my cock deep in her. "ooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww" "aaaahhaaaheeewwww" daddy!!!!! Jessica started crying and trying to squirm, her tiny ankles and wrists bound in rope, she moaned loudly. I got the duct tape and strapped it over her tender sweet mouth to keep her quiet. Strands of her long brown hair getting in the way as she moved her head around. I stuck the rest of my cock all the way in her backside, and looked down at the site that behold me, Jessica's cute little arse was spread beyond belief, her little anus was no longer a virgin, instead it was tightly gripped and wrapped around the base of my cock. The bedroom began to smell like little girl perfum and my daughters farting little ass, as my little girl lost her innocence. I leaned forward over her while buried deep in my little girls arse I looked at her face, tears streamed down her tender white and red freckled cheeks, her hair draped long on each side, and the most distressed worried look at had ever seen in a little girls eyes. She was staring at her dolls, a sparkle in her eyes, a gaze of lost hope and misery. I leant back and started working my long thick cock back and forth slowly, watching the ring of her shit pipe glaze my cock back and forth, all the way in, then all the way out to the head. I just repeated this for what seemed like an eternity, like I was in some kind of kiddie anal trance, until I felt Jessica wriggle some more and start crying more and more, I took some of the tape off which was wet with tears, and said what is it sweetie. " Daddy...... daddy.... ewwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeshit aaaaahhaaaaeeewwww daddy toilettt......." I couldn't make it out, something about the toilet, and then I started feeling it.. Jessica's tiny anus started coating my thick cock in shit as I penetrated her back and forth. I knew this was going to start getting messy, I had given anal sex to a girl once and she totally messed up my bed sheets. "Ok hun, its ok if you need toilet, you just pretend your on the toilet now ok" I felt some air bubbles come out from her anus, as she farted shitting some more, I fucked harder, I knew it was time to finish. I began to intensely bang my kid daughters arse, each bang hitting her fragile butt cheeks, and hearing her fart some more. She cried loudly "aaaaahhhhaaahhaahhaaaaaeeewww" banging her harder, harder I felt my cock discharging like a volcano, It felt like it was getting squeezed out of my rod, her little anus wringing the cum out of my dick, pulsing up my baby's bum. "Ahhh fuck" I leaned over my daughters arse, and placed my hand over her wet mouth and tape, and said "shut up Jessica it's finished, the game is over" I moved back and took a look at her arse, what a fucking mess I had made of my little girl. I slid my erection back out and got a towel and wrapped it around my cock, using the other end to wipe some tears of little Jessica's face and then wiping her anus. As I rubbed the towel across her anus, I saw it leek some cum, and shit, and glanced across my little daughters' body, and knew this kid had been heavily abused.