FIRST TIME  by Lea Adams

	I was blessed, or maybe cursed, to be an only child, one of those
really cute little girls. Long blonde, natural curly hair. Blue eyes,
etc. I have always been small for my age. Even now I am rather small,
5'2", 99 pounds.  Measurements are 32-20-32. So my first is not when
I lost my virginity.

First time to be touched.
	The earliest memories of being fondled are at about five. My uncle,
Ted, was my Father's older brother and lived with us for a while.
He was so cool. He would play dolls with me. Give me horsey rides.
All the stuff uncles do. He also baby-sat for me when my parents went
out, which was about once a week. My uncle would hold be on his lap,
his hands roaming around my little body. When he was sure nobody was
looking his hand would slip under my little short dress and rub my
tiny pee pee. I never thought of it as a pussy at that age. I didn't
know it was wrong so I never objected, in fact, it felt kinda nice.
My mother, being very religious, never said a word about sex or anything
like that. So I would lay there, legs spread, while he rubbed. He
would put me to bed, on the nights he sat for me and run his hands
inside my panties and play with my tiny ass. He was always gentle.
this went on for a couple of years.
	Then one day, I think I was about seven, I had to go pee real bad
but my uncle was taking a shower. I held it as long as I could,  then
ran into the bathroom and yanked my panties down and barely made it
onto the toilet. Here I am, sitting on the toilet, panties down around
my ankles, peeing. My uncle took that moment to step out of the shower.
(Probably by design)  My first real look at a man's penis. WOW! It
was so huge! (probably just normal, but to a seven year old it was
huge) I stared at this monster thing hanging from my uncle mesmerized.
He just stood there in front of me, maybe a foot away.
	"Do you like it Lea?" He ask, while rubbing his body dry with the
	I could only nod my head. I guess the fact that I was staring at
it made him a little excited because it began to stiffen and get bigger
and longer. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I had finished peeing,
but still sat there.
	"Would you like to touch it Lea?" He stepped a little closer. Now
it was only inches from my face. I remember reaching out and touching
the big pink head with my finger. It wasn't all that hard, in fact,
kinda spongy. I ran my finger down the length of it and marveled at
how silky it felt.
	"Do you like it Lea? He ask. 
	I could only look up at his smiling face and nod. To me it was the
most marvelous thing I had ever seen. I ran my fingers up and down
the full length of it again. I was particularly fascinated by the
hole in the end. I could barely stretch my fingers around it. That
was all that happened that day. Uncle Ted didn't say anything about
it and played with me just like normal the rest of the week.

My first sex class

	Wednesday came and my parents were going to church. As it got time
for them to leave I went to take my bath and get ready for bed. My mother came in and gave
me a good night kiss, then they were off to prayer meeting. A few
minutes later uncle Ted came and sat down on the edge of the bed.
	"Uncle Ted," I whispered, not really knowing how to ask. "Can I see
your thing again?"
	"Sure baby. But It has to be our secret. Okay? You can't tell anyone."
	"Oh, I promise.  I won't tell anybody." I blurted.
 	He stood up and dropped his pants, his cock was already hard and
pushing against his shorts. He hooked his fingers in the waste band
and pulled them down. I remember being so excited. And then it was
there, so huge, so beautiful. I guess that was the beginning of my
love affair with men's cocks. I reached up and took it in my hand,
it was so hard and yet so silky smooth. He wasn't circumcised, so
the head was just barely peeking out from it's sheath. Gently I slid
the sheath back, bringing the pink head into view. My mouth was hanging
open in wonder at this wonderful sight. It was sticking straight out
and a tiny drop of white stuff was oozing out of the hole in the end.
My fingers were sliding up and down the full length of this marvelous
thing. I slid the sheath all the way back and the head was all the
way out now. It had a big ridge at the back and was almost as big
as my fist.
	He pulled down the covers and looked at me. "Take your panties off
so I can see you and I'll let you play with me all you want." Wow,
all I want? I couldn't get my panties and nightgown off fast enough.
He lay down beside me and I touched his beautiful cock again. I watched
it grow even harder while I stroked it. I remember him moaning when
I took it into my hand the next time. I thought I had done wrong but
he just assured me that it just felt good and keep doing what I was
doing. He had me lie down and showed me how nice it felt to have a
tongue in my pee pee. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it
didn't feel all that good. It was nice but I much preferred to play
with this wonderful cock. I did like it when his tongue licked at
my little butt hole. He had me kiss the head of his cock and lick
it and when I did he moaned real loud, grabbed his shirt off the floor
and shot white stuff into it. Now, this was new!! I was wide eyed
with wonder. His cock was all sticky.
	That was the beginning of a strange sexual relationship. Every Wednesday
night, the minute my parents walked out the door. He would rush to
my room, throw off his clothes, and we would go at it. He would lick
my pee pee, probing his tongue as deep as my hymen would allow. It
began to feel a lot better when he licked my pee pee and real good
when he licked my ass hole, I would squirm around, trying to get that
wonderful tongue deeper into my little ass hole. Then I would masturbate
him. He taught me how to do it nice and slow, while kissing and licking
the head and then watch as huge streams of cum  spurted out.
	Every Wednesday night I would masturbate my uncle and he would shoot
his cum all over me, I was in heaven. Then he would lick my virgin
slit. Sometimes I would lay on the bed with my legs on the floor and
he would spread my ass cheeks wide apart and lick my ass hole until
I squealed with pleasure. I am still so sensitive there. This went
on for about two years.
	All good things come to an end it seems. My father returned unexpectedly
one Wednesday night. I was in just that position, with my uncles tongue
in my little ass when he walked in. He told me much later that he
watched us for about five minutes. Finally he cleared his throat and
my uncle jumped up and ran out of the room. My father came over and
told me to put my nightgown back on.
 There wasn't a big scene or anything. No screaming, no police, but
uncle Ted left the next morning.  My father never told my mother what
he had walked in on.
First time with my father

	Would my father have done what he did if he hadn't got the idea from
watching me with uncle Ted? Probably not.
	Several months later my mother had to go out of town to the funeral
of her aunt and would be gone for three or four days. The first night
nothing happened but the following night there was a big thunder storm,
complete with tremendous, crashes of thunder and lightning. I was
so scared. I ran into my parents room and slid into my fathers bed.
My father put his arms around me and held me close. I think I had
just turned nine at that time. I was so aware of his cock. It wasn't
hard or anything. I was just aware of it being a few inches away.
I snuggled up against my father and felt safe. His hands were rubbing
my back as he pressed me up against his body. Then I noticed his hand
was rubbing a little further down. As it rubbed across my butt cheeks
I felt a surge of love for him. I reached down between us and felt
his flaccid cock. slipping my hand inside his boxer shorts I took
his cock in my hand. It felt so big in my little hand. I felt it begin
to grow, bigger and bigger. His hands were inside my panties now,
rubbing and fondling my ass. It felt so natural, so right. His finger
rubbed across my little ass hole and I moaned with delight. It had
been so long since anyone had touched it. I was sliding my hand up
and down on his shaft, it was bigger around than uncle Ted's but about
the same length.
My father was tugging at my panties so I let go of his cock and helped
him get my panties off. He slid them down and off. He gazed at my
tiny, bald slit for such a long time that I thought he had changed
his mind but then his mouth was on my mound and his tongue was exploring
my pussy. I brought my legs up and rested them on his shoulders. He
placed one hand under each of my ass cheeks and raised me up. Then
I felt his tongue attack my ass hole. Absolute heaven! His tongue
push at my tiny hole, trying to find a way in. Little electric shocks
were tingling my body. Then he was inside my pussy and it felt so
good, making me warm all over.
	Abruptly he stopped and rolled over onto his back. Reaching over
he lifted me as if I was a feather, turning me, he brought me, upside
down onto his chest. There, in front of my face was this huge, ridged
cock. I did the only natural thing, I opened my mouth and sucked it
in. Well, not exactly in. Just the head. My mouth was so small I could
only get the head in. In the meantime my father was devouring my pussy
and ass hole. My little hands caressed his balls as I sucked with
all my might. I had one hand sliding up and down the length of his
cock and the other was squeezing his balls. I could hear him moaning
as he licked furiously at my ass. It had never felt this good with
uncle Ted.
	Suddenly I felt him tighten his balls and moved my mouth off just
as a huge stream of sticky, white cum erupted from his cock. It must
have flew two feet into the air.
	"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,!" my father moaned. "I have never cum like
that in my life." He moaned as the cum kept spurting out, at least
six mighty spurts. He hugged me to his sweating body, smearing the
cum that had puddled on his stomach all over both of us. I have never
been so happy as I was at that moment. To think that I had gave my
father so much pleasure.
	My father rolled out of bed and picked me up as if I was nothing.
Gently he carried me to the bathroom and placed me in the tub. Running
the tub half full of warm water he stepped in bathed me, gently, sweetly,
lovingly. His hands were everywhere, touching, caressing, teasing.
Pinching my tiny nipples between his finger tips. Touching my tiny
undeveloped clit, probing my little ass hole, finger fucking my pussy.
Being careful to not go in too deep. In the meantime I was exploring
his huge cock and balls, skinning his cock back and washing him. After
playing and loving for a long time he toweled me dry and carried me
to my bed, then went in and changed the sheets on his bed. I drifted
off to sleep thinking that I loved my Daddy more than words could
I have loved him ever since.