Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My name is Dawn McBride, I'm 14 years old and live with my Mother and 2 brothers, Byran, who's 15 and Del, who's 10 years old, and my sister Cathy who's 12 years old. We live out in the country, actually in the woods. We don't have any neighbors for about a mile and a half. We don't have a father as he left Mom a couple of years ago for a woman he met and fell in love with. Mom and Dad got a divorce and he married the woman. We were watching TV this night and there came a knock on the door and Mom went and opened it and was faced with a man with a gun. It turned out that there were 3 guys altogether and 2 girls. All the guys had guns and pushed Mom back into the living room and told her to get undressed. She said that she couldn't do that because the kids was there. He shouts to her, "Get your fuckin' clothes off lady. They won't mind seeing you naked because they'll be naked also. All of you get your fuckin' clothes off and lets see your tits and cunts and the girls can see your cocks." We all began to get undressed and were soon naked. While we were getting undressed the girls and the men were also getting undressed and then the man tells them to keep an eye on us while he gets undressed. Mom asked what they were going to do to us. He says, "Well to start off I'm going to fuck you and let your kids watch me doing it to you. Their getting old enough to know about sex so we'll show them how to fuck. Then we'll give them an actual demonstration by fucking them also." Mom starts shouting and starts toward him and starts pounding on his chest. He hauls off an slugs her with his fist with the gun in it and knocks her unconscious. He then comes over to me and starts feeling my tits and says that I had a nice set of tits for my age and that he was really going to love to fuck me. I slapped his face and he slapped me back. He then motions for Del and Byran to come over to him and asks if they suck each others cocks and Del tells him that they have sucked each other. He then says, "Have you ever had a man to suck your cock before?" They tell him that they haven't and he begins to suck Del's little cock. and then begins sucking Byran's cock also. By this time, Mom is waking up and sees what is happening and starts to come over but one of the other men stops her. The man says, "Oh I see Mom is back with us. You ready to demonstrate to the kids how to fuck now?" She says, "You'll have it kill me before you are able to fuck me, you bastard." He says, "Joe, Al, Hold her down while I fuck her and show these cute little girls how its done for when it's their turn to be fucked. They might be more willing than their Mom is." Joe says, "Hey Mitch, I have to take a piss, could we just wait until I've emptied my bladder." Mitch says, "Shit, Just hold her head and piss in her face. Make sure you don't get your cock too close or she might bite it off for you." Joe hold her head down and begins pissing on her face and spreading her eyelids apart so that the piss goes into her eyes and into her mouth when she crys out. While she is paying attention to her being pissed on she doesn't even notice that Mitch has his cock in her and is fucking her like mad. He shoots his load of cum into her and then says, "Shit that looks like fun. I think I'll do it to her also. Go ahead and fuck her Joe and I'll piss on her head and face." They exchange places and Joe begins fucking her and Mitch begins pissing on her. When they are done Joe takes Al's place and and Al begins fucking her. He says, "Shit, I didn't get a chance to piss on her. I think I'll just fill up her cunt with my piss after I cum in her. Mom was screaming and crying all the time they were abusing her. They let her go and she got up and started to pounding on Mitch's chest again and he slaps her as hard as he can and slaps her again, Then he clinched his fists and and begins beating her with one then the other fist to the face and her stomach. While she is down on the floor he begins to kick her in the ribs and stomach and kicks her in the cunt and in her face. He then sits on Mom's stomach and raises up and comes down full force on her stomach and ribs and then starts beating her in the face again with his fists. Al tells him that he had better stop or he might kill her with the beating that she's taken. He checks to see how she is and says, "Shit, It's too late now, She's already dead. You got too carried away Mitch, Now we're in serious trouble. We'll be wanted for murder and we have all these witness's that saw you do it to her." My brother's and sister and I start to rush over to Mom's body but were held back. Mitch says, "Let the older boy come on over here. What's your name?" "Byran is the answer he gets." Mitch says, "Well Byran, I'll bet that you have dreamt about fucking your mother, haven't you? Almost every boy has wanted to fuck your Mom. I'll bet you have to, haven't you?" Byran says, "Well...ugh...yeah I've thought about doing it to her, but it's to late now since you killed her." Mitch says, "It's never to late to have a nice fuck from your Mom. Get down there and eat her pussy and then fuck her." Byran says, "I can't do that, she's dead. It just wouldn't be right to fuck her now that she's dead." Mitch says, "I might not be right to fuck her now but your going to do it anyway or else you'll get what I gave her a good beating." I told Byran to go ahead and do it to Mom, that if she was still alive that she'd want him to do it so that he doesn't get a beating also. Don't worry, we won't think bad of you for fucking Mom when she's dead." Byran then begins to lick and suck on Mom's pussy and spread her pussy lips apart and begins licking her clit and then begins fucking her and cums inside her pussy. Mitch says, "That was great, Boy. Maybe after we kill your sister's you can fuck them like that also. I'll let you fuck them both while their alive though so that you can tell which is best when their alive or dead. Why don't you girls go see what you can find in the kitchen and fix us all something to eat, before we have our next session of games. About an hour later after we had ate He tells Byran to fuck Myrna. Byran goes over and begins to suck on her tits and then goes down to her cunt and begins to eat her pussy. Then he fucks her. Then Mitch has Del to do the same thing to her. After he is done, Mitch tells Joe to fuck Cathy and Al to fuck me. They both jump at the chance to fuck us. I was sure that Cathy was anxious to be fucked for the first time even if it was by someone like them. I know I was looking forward to being fucked myself. Joe and Al fucked the both of us and took our cherries from us. Mitch says, "Shit, I hadn't thought about that, that they were virgins. Shit here I could have fucked me two virgins and I fucked up and missed out on them. Shit. Oh well I'll just have to settle for seconds from this little beauty here. In fact I think I'm ready to fuck her right now. You ready Honey," I told him that I was ready if he had to do it to me. He said that he did and that I would enjoy being fucked by him. I told him that I doubted it. What him or the others didn't know was that I had opened Mom's drawer where she kept her thread and scissors and pull out the scissors when no one was watchin' me. and hid them under the Dollie on the table. I laid back next to the table and had him come over to me to fuck me. He did and began fucking me and when he was through he collapsed on top of me but I was able to get my hand up onto the table and feel the scissors. I pulled them down and places the scissors in the cutting position on his balls. He felt them and their cold steel on his ball sack and says, "What the fuck do you think your doing bitch." I told him to take it easy or he was going to be ball less if he makes one false move. He says, "Shit Honey, You wouldn't do that to me, now would you." I told him to try me and see if I would. I pressed a little on the handles of the scissors and he let out a yell. He said , Shit, You bitch you just nicked my ball bag. I must be bleeding. I looked down at his nuts and said, "Your just bleeding a little bit, but if you don't tell your friends to be good your balls are going to be gone completely. What's it going to be, You going to tell them to back off." He tells his friends to do whatever they say or he'll lose his balls. I tell Byran and Del to get some strong rope and see that they are all tied up good and tight. A little bit later they come back with clothes line and ties up the two men and two women and then gets to Mitch and ties him up. I kicked Mitch in the balls and said, "So you killed my Mom and pissed on her face huh? If your not dead by the time I'm through with you, you'll sure wish you were. Del says, "Dawn, Shouldn't we call the police and let them take care of this." I say, "No way, Call the police and they'll arrest them and they'll sit in jail for 10-15 years awaiting trial and then when their finally sentenced they'll maybe get a couple of years for murder, No way. I'm taking care of this myself. Are you guys with me or not?" They all decide to go along with me. I said to them, "They wanted to get their rocks off, well their rocks are going to be coming off of them after we pound them around a little bit. Byran, Go get the sledge hammers and bring them in here. A few minutes later he brings them in and I tell him to hold the bigger one on the left side of Mitch's nuts and I'd hit them with the smaller hammer. Mitch says, "Shit, Honey that'll kill me if you squash my nuts that way." I say, "Oh It will, well I don't want to do that to you just yet, I want you awake and alive when I cut your nuts off of you. OK Byran hold the hammer over on that side of his balls and I'll just give him a little love tap with this hammer. She gives his nuts a fairly good slap with the hammer and he yells out at the top of his lungs, and faints from the pain. I checked him and saw that he was still breathing yet. I then went to Joe and said that he pissed on mom's face so he had to pay also. I tell him that he has an awful lot of pubic hair around his cock and balls. I tell Byran to go get the lighter fluid from the other room and when he brings it back, I had another thought and tell him to get a soda straw from the kitchen and bring it to me. He does and when I get the straw, I careful insert it into Joe's piss hole in his cock until there is only about two inches left pass the tip of his cock. I then take the lighter fluid and insert the nozzle into the opening of the straw and begin squirting it into the straw and and into the inside of his body. He begins to screaming bloody murder from the pain that the fluid is causing by burning the inside of him. I then sprinkle it all over his hair and balls and cock and then set fire to it. I figured that he may as well be cooked inside and out. He became unconscious also very quickly. I then went to Al and said to him, You were the only one that tried to stop Mitch from doing those things to my Mom, so I'm not going to be as bad with you, however you did piss inside Mom's cunt and fuck her so you'll have to have some punishment. Byran get me another piece of rope. He give me a rope and I tie it around his balls and then through it over the I-beam of the house,and tell everyone to give me a hand and we began pulling the rope and pulling Al closer and closer by the balls to being under the beam. When he was under the beam we continued to pull the rope, lifting him off the ground until he was hanging by his balls with no part of him touching the ground. I said that we'll let him hang there for about an hour or so and see if he survives, if not he'll be the first to have his nuts cut off of him. Shit I just got an idea, whoever is the first one to get their nuts cut off of them, We'll fry them up and make them eat some of the fried nuts. Myrna says, "Shit Honey, You got to be crazy. You think that we're going to actually eat a guys nuts that's been fried?" I said, "Yeah, You WILL eat them or else. I tell Byran to go get a couple more ropes and bring them to me." He brings the ropes and I tie one around each of Myrna's tits and tie it as tight as I can. I lead her over to the I-Beam and through the rope over the beam and begin pulling it and raising Myrna off the ground by her tits. I said that we'd let her hang there a couple hours and see how she's doing then. I then told Byran to get a couple of large nails that we had and another rope. I tied the rope around the nails and told Del to stick his hand up into Adele's pussy and when he is in there to twist the nails into an X inside her He does and pulls his hand out of her and says, "Boy that's a funny feeling to have my hand up into a girl like that. I think I'd like to do that some more." We then began pulling the rope and turned Adele upside down and soon she was hanging by the nails that were in her pussy. I said that we'd let her hang there for a couple hours also and see how she is by then. By this time Mitch and Joe have both revived and both want some ointment to stop the pain, from their cocks. I told them both that there would be no lotion, that Mom would have probably liked to have had some when he was beating her, but she didn't get anything to help her pain except more hits with his fists or shoes. I said, "I'll bet Al would like something for his pain also, that is if he's alive. I need to check on him. I told your girls that if he dies first that we'd cut off his nuts and fry them up and you can all eat some of his nuts." Mitch says, "Have you gone crazy, Do you really expect us to eat Al's nuts?" I said, "I not only expect you to eat them, you will eat them or else. You were passed out when I gave Joe's cock and balls a forest fire, by burning the hairs around them." He says, "Shit you burnt the hair around his cock and balls?" I said, " I also burned his cock and balls too. Have a look over at him." Mitch looked over to him and saw a mass of nothing but black charred flesh. I said, "His balls have been precooked, maybe we could use them for you all to eat in case Al is still alive." He says, "Shit there's nothing that you can do that will make me eat cooked nuts. Absolutely No Way." I told him that we'd see. I went to see how Myrna and Adele were doing and they were doing fairly well but wanted to know why I was doing this to them that they didn't do anything against my Mom. I told them that they didn't really do anything but they seemed to be enjoying watching Mom getting beat up, and didn't try to stop it, so they are as guilty as the rest. I went to Al to check on him but he was no longer with us. He was dead from the hanging by his balls. I'm not sure if the hanging by the balls killed him or maybe he had a heart attack but it really didn't make that much difference to me, he was dead and now I'd cut his cock and balls off him. I'd been thinking about cooking his balls and eating them and then decided that I think I'll also cook his cock. Slice it into slices and cook them and have them to eat his cock also. In fact I just might try some of the cock and the balls myself to see what they taste like, and see if the cock tastes as good cooked as it does when I sucked a cock. I tell Byran to help me get his body down and take it outside so that we don't get blood all over everything when I cut the cock and balls off him. We got him down and dragged him outside about 50 feet from the house under a big tree that is outside. I tell Byran to go get the big salad mixing bowl from the house and also the big butcher knife. When he brings them out, I tell him to hold the bowl under his cock and I took the knife and with my left hand pulling his cock and balls out away from his body began to cut them off him. Blood began to spew all over the place. All over me and Byran. I couldn't believe all the blood that was coming out of him. I put the bowl down on the ground that had his cock and balls in it and I began to puke my guts out. Byran did the same himself. I couldn't help myself because of the sight of Al's now cock less body and all of the blood. After a few minutes I recovered and told Byran to get the garden hose and squirt us both down to get the excess blood off us that had spattered all over our bodies. After he had squirted us off, I dumped the bowl which was almost full of Al's blood and made sure that his cock and balls didn't fall to the ground. Byran then squirted the bowl and the cock and balls and washed them off from the blood. I picked the cock up and he squirted the bowl more to get it clean. I told him that we'd have to really use some hot water on it to sanitize the bowl. I told him of my idea to slice the cock into little slices and cook them up also and told him that I was thinking of trying a piece myself to see what it tasted like and asked him if he'd try some also. He said, "Shit, I don't know about that, Sis, I don't know if my stomach could handle eating of an actual piece of cock." I said that I'd maybe try it and tell him how it tastes and maybe he would like to try it later. He said that he'd see but doubted that he would change his mind about eating a slice of it. I cut the ball sack open and took the balls out from the sack and cut the cords that were attached to them. They were slimy little things but it didn't make me sick to get them out of their ball sack and cut the cords. Actually it surprised me that I didn't get sick from handling them or the limp cock. I thought to myself that since I was able to handle this as good as I am maybe I could be a doctor when I grow up. I sliced the balls in half and put them in a pan and began cooking them. While they were cooking I sliced the cock into slices about a 1/4 inch thick and started frying them up. When they were finished cooking I tried a piece of the cock slices and it didn't taste that bad. Shit with the way people will eat chocolate cover crickets and ants and grasshoppers and octopus, it's surprising that someone hasn't come up with fried cock or chocolate cover cock for sale. I'm sure that this taste better than crickets or grasshoppers. I took them to Mitch and told him to try a piece. I offered him some and he says, "Shit, I'm not eating any of Al's nuts." I told him that this wasn't his nuts, that they were still cooking on the stove. I say, "You don't think that I'd eat any of his nuts, do you. Here I'll eat one myself to show you that their OK to eat." I ate a slice of Al's cock and then offered another piece to Mitch and he ate it this time. He wanted some more of it and I gave him a couple more pieces. Then he asked what it was and I told him that it was slices of Al's cock. He has a fit and starts spitting and says, "Shit You mean that I ate some of Al's cock." I said, "That's right, You said that it tasted good, I thought it tasted pretty good myself, in fact I ate two pieces of his cock." I then took it over to Myrna and Adele and they didn't want to try it since they now knew what it was. I told them that if they try a piece of the cock that I'd let them down from their hanging position. They finally agreed to try it and both thought that it tasted pretty good. We then lowered Myrna down until she was touching the floor with the balls of her feet. I told her that was as far down as she was going and then we lowered Adele until the top of her head touched the floor. I then got the cooked ball pieces and brought them in to them. I offered Mitch a piece and he refused to eat it. I then grabbed the lose skin on his ball sack and had his balls nice and tight in the bag then I got some pins and I stuck a pin into his ball then a pin into the other ball. He screamed and said that he can't eat the cooked ball.So I stuck more pins into his balls. He passed out from the pain and I stopped until he revived. After he revived I told him that he had done very good to survive the pins in his balls. I told him that I'd have to try something different. I thought and thought about what would make him, then I got the idea and after he revived I got a nice sharp razor blade and right up close to his cock began to gently slit his ball sack open. As I did blood began to spew out but it wasn't really to bad. I soaked up the most of the blood that was in his sack, and he wanted to know what I was planning now. I had Byran bring in the pot that I had prepared from the stove. and the turkey baster. I showed him what I had, a pot of nice juicy wax. I told him that I was going to fill his sack up with the wax and encase his balls in the wax.He begins screaming and saying that I can't do that to him that they'd never get his balls out of the wax. I told him that it wouldn't matter that they weren't going to be coming out of the wax, at least while he was alive. I took the baster and put it in the wax and filled it up and then put the nozzle into the top of his sack and began filling the sack with the hot wax. He began screaming and the hot wax touched his balls inside the sack. I said, "Oh, my, I made too much wax, what will I do with all this wax, Wait I know I'll pour it into Adele's cunt. But first I'll have to cut off her pussy lips and her clit so we can fry then up and have you eat them also. Then you can actually say that you ate pussy and it'll be true, you will have eaten actual pussy. WE reheated the wax to make it juicy again and then I cut Adele's clitoris from her body and then her pussy lips and then began to fill her cunt up with the wax. I thought, I think I'll put some wax into her asshole also just to be sure, in case she survives the hot wax she won't be able to piss or shit and that should kill her anyway. Myrna says, "What are you planning for me, to kill me anyway?" I told her that I hadn't decided yet but I'm sure it will be good. and it wasn't bad. I took the pussy lips and clit and cooked them up and I even tried a taste of the lips and it wasn't bad but I like the taste of Al's cock slices much better. I took them into Mitch and Myrna and offered them to Mitch but he wouldn't eat it. I tried sticking a pin into his wax encased balls but he must have not even had a sensation left in his balls because he didn't even blink an eye when I stuck pin into his nut. I decided to try working on his cock and got another straw and stuck it down his pee hole and poured some lighter fluid down the straw and he began screaming. I told him that if he didn't eat the pussy lips I'd set the straw ablaze and his insides also. he finally agreed and ate some of the pussy lips and the clitoris. I gave some of the lips to Myrna who refused at first but after threatening her with with the wax candle lighter to be struck up her pussy and lighted she agreed to eat some of them. I said that I was getting tired of playing these games with you two, I told them that I was going to to rid of one or both of them so we can start burying the bodies of the ones that are dead. I got a piece of clothesline about 12 feet long and tied small knots into one end for about 2 feet then tied big knots at the other end that I had wrapped around some old tennis balls and had them going up about 3 feet up the rope. Byran and I and the rest took Mitch and Myrna outside and tied them up about 3 feet apart in front of each other. I inserted the end with the small knots into Mitch's cock about 2 feet of the rope. I had to use a ball point pen to push it all the way into him. After I had gotten it about six inches past the last knot I stopped and then began pushing the big knots with the tennis balls into Myrna's cunt pushing the 3 feet of rope up into her and going about a foot past the last knot. I said to them, "OK Now what I'm going to do is saturate the rope with Kerosene all the way up to your cock and balls and your cunt. I'm going to release one of your hands and your going to have to pull the rope out of yourself as fast as you can before the fire gets to you and burns either the cock and balls or your cunt, whoever is the fastest to get the rope out of yourself. I poured the Kerosene all over the rope and made sure I splashed plenty on Mitch's cock and balls and on Myrna's cunt. I told them both that when I release their hand that if they try pulling the rope out of themselves that I would start the fire closer to them if they tried it. I released their hands and then went to the center of the rope and set it afire. They both started to pulling the rope out of themselves except that one of the knots must have gotten caught up inside Myrna and she couldn't get it to come out of her. The flames got closer and closer to her cunt and she was pulling as hard as she could and finally the knot came out and she could pull more out, but it was too late the flames and reached her cunt and started to burning her flesh. Mitch in the meantime was still pulling the knots from out of his cock, but he was too late also before the flames got to his cock and balls and began burning his pubic hairs. I turned to Byran and said, "Shit, I'm not going to have me a souvenir. I was going to cut his cock and balls off him and save them. But at least we have a souvenir from Myrna. We'll cut her tits off her and off Adele and save their tits and maybe you can suck on then when I'm not around for you to suck my tits. That is if you would like to suck my tits and maybe even fuck me also." He said , "Shit Sis, are you kidding, I'd love to have you let me fuck you and I even like to fuck Cathy and I'm sure that Del would love to fuck you also. They all then began to dig graves fro their Mother and the others and when they were through the buried them all. and made a marker for their mother but none for the others. Everything went along for the next two months with no problems and then one day their father , returns and wants to know where their mother is and they tell him that she is dead and what had happened. He then asks if the intruders had raped them also and they finally tell him that they had and that they loved being fucked and Dawn tells him that Bryan and Del now fuck herself and Cathy and love being fucked by them and the only problem is their cocks are too small and that she would like to be fucked by a man with a bigger cock. Her father asks if she would mind if he was to fuck her and she tells him that she would love to have him fuck her. They all then begin to fuck together and after they are finished fucking later, he tells them that we need to go to the police and let them know what happened The next day they all go to the sheriffs department and tell the sheriff what had happened. The sheriff tells them that the band had done the same thing 4 other times also and always got away and it was good to know that they wont be dong it anymore. He said, "I'll just register it and your mother being killed by them and then they had an accident and were all killed. They all went home and he asks them if they would like to come and live with him and his new wife in the city. They then decided to go live with him and his new wife and broke the wife into fucking with kids also.