Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Anderson's were just arriving home from their vacation in Las Vegas. They lived out in the woods and Jim had to piss real bad, Jane pulled in and got out of the car and went to open the house. Jim jumped out of the car and turned around and pulled his cock out and started to piss and then he notices his oldest daughter watching him as he pissed. He says, Susan you shouldn't be here watching me as I pee. Susan who is 12 says, "It's alright Daddy I want to see you pee I've never seen a man pee before and wanted to see you do it . Please let me watch you pee and I'll let you watch me pee when I have to go to the bathroom." He says, Well I guess it wouldn't hurt anything to let you watch as I piss, OK Go ahead and watch. She moves up closer to him and he begins his stream again and all of a sudden she sticks her hands into his piss and then begins to lick her hand. He says, "What the fuck are you doing sticking your hand into my piss and then licking it off your hand." She says, "I just wanted to see if your piss tasted as good as my piss and it does. There's not much difference between the taste of yours and the taste of my piss. He says, "Holy shit, You mean to tell me that you've tasted your piss. She says "Sure Daddy, lots of times I love the taste of it . I take the glass in the bathroom and piss into it and drink it all the time." He says, "Don't you know that it could poison you." She says, "No it won't Daddy They told us about it at school and piss is sterile and can't harm you and that contrary to the thinking of people that it tastes bad it doesn't taste bad at all. Well I tried it and I like it. You should try it sometime Dad, it is good tasting. He then goes into the house. Jane says, What were you and Sue doing out there and talking about. He says, "Your not going to believe it but I was pissing and then I turned around and there she was watching me piss. She then said that she wanted to watch me piss and if I let her watch then I could watch when she pisses later." Jane says, "Are you serious, she offered to let you watch as she pissed?" He tells her that she is serious and that he wouldn't really mind watching her piss if it was OK with her. Jane says, "Well, It doesn't really matter to me, if you want to watch her piss go ahead and watch her, I don't care." He says, "After she said that and I told her to go ahead and watch she came over closer to me and all of a sudden she stuck her hand into my stream of piss and then started licking her hand and licking the piss off of it. She says that she drinks her piss all the time and I told her that it could kill her and she said that it wouldn't that they told them all about it at school and it is perfectly safe to drink and has a pleasant taste to it and isn't bad tasting like people think. Later after getting all the bags in from their trip, Jane begins cleaning the kitchen and fix something to eat. Sue comes to Jim and says, "Dad, I have to go and piss. Come on and you can watch me do it, In fact I'll even piss in the glass and let you watch as I drink it and maybe you'd like to try it also. He goes with her to the bathroom and they go in and close the door and she locks it. She then starts to remove all her clothes. He says, "Susan what the fuck are you doing taking off your clothes in front of me and letting me see you naked. She says, "What's the matter wouldn't you like to see me naked and maybe suck on my titties . I have some nice sized tits on me already. Come on and get your clothes off too and I can see your cock much better than when you were pissing and also if you'll let me I'd lke to suck it for you and maybe suck you off if you'd let me go that far." He says, "Oh my God , You want to suck my cock and suck me off. That wouldn't be right, your my daughter and it isn't right for a daughter to suck her father's cock . She says, "Why not Daddy. If I was to suck Jeff's father's cock from next door it would be the same kind of cock as yours . He says, "Yes but Jeff's father isn't your father." She say, "Well what the fuck is the difference I don't see a fuckin' difference to it a cock is a cock, and you guys all like to have your cock sucked off. Please Dad let me suck your cock for you. He finally relents and take off his clothes and she sticks his cock into her mouth. After about five minutes he cums in her mouth and she swallows it all. Then she sits on the toilet and puts the glass under her cunt and begins pissing into it and has almost a glassful of piss. She stands up and takes the glass out from under her and continues to piss and Jim watches as she does. She then takes the glass and put it up to her lips and begins to drink her own piss, she then stops and gives the glass to Jim and tells him to try it. He finally puts it up to his mouth and takes a sip of it and then takes a swallow and then finishes off the glass. He says, "Shit that don't taste that bad at all. In fact I wouldn't mind drinking some more of it sometime. Sue says, "You can drink my piss whenever you want to Dad and I'll drink yours also. They both get dressed and go out and Jane says, " Where the fuck have you two been? He tells his wife that they were in the bathroom and he was getting educated. She says, "You were huh? You can tell me about it about we eat. She call all the rest of the kids and they come in and sit down. Their oldest son, Ed says, " Hey Dad whats this I hear about you and Sue in the bathroom a little while ago." Jane says, "So the kids all know about it also. why don't you just tell me what happened in the bathroom while we eat. He says, "OK I might as well tell you now instead of later, You know that I'm not trying to hide anything from you. She tells him that she knows that but is anxious to find out what happened in the bathroom. He tells her about what happened in the bathroom, all of it even him drinking the piss. She says, "Holy shit, You mean that you drank Susan's piss. and let her suck you off and swallow your cum. I told her that i did and love having her do it to me. He said. You should try letting the boys fuck you it is great and gives you a big thrill to have your daughter suck your cock. and I'll bet that you'd have the same thrill if you let the boys fuck you. The boys says, "Yeah Mom we'd like that, we'd love it if you would let us fuck you. She says, "It wouldn't be right to let them fuck me, their our sons. They keep after her and finally she agrees to do it and let them both fuck her and while they are fucking her Jim has gotten naked along with Susan and and he is sucking and licking her pussy and then he fucks her. After they are all finished being fucked Jane asks them if they would like to continue doing this together or have this as the only time , They all agree that they want to continue doing it with them. She says, "OK now who would like to piss into a glass and have me to see how it tastes and see if it's as good as Susan and your father says that it is. Ed says, Shit Mom I'm willing to let you drink my piss if you really want to try it. She tells him that she does and to go get a glass. He gets a glass and pisses a glassful and she takes a sip of it. Then she takes a swallow. and says, "Shit this stuff isn't that bad tasting. Ed takes the glass from her and takes a sip and then a swallow and says the same thing. It ends up that they all are drinking each others piss and loving the taste of it. They continue to play for the next two weeks and it is finally time to go back to school. Jane gives Susan a note to give to her teacher, Mrs. Norton. Susan goes to school and when it's time for Mrs. Norton's class she gives the note to her. After the school day is over and Mrs. Ellen Norton has taken care of all that she has to do, she comes to the Anderson house to see what the note is about. She goes in and introduces herself and and asks what Jane wanted. Jane says, "I just wanted to see the teacher that is teaching the grade schools about piss and thank you for doing it. Ellen gasps and says, "You want to thank me, That's unusual. I've had three mothers that complained about me teaching the kids about piss and they all were ready to have me dismissed from teaching. How come that you want to thank me for doing it. Jane tells her about what Susan had done with her father and had stuck her hand into his stream of piss and then licked the piss off her hand. and then got them all to drinking piss and that they all love to taste of it. Ellen says, "How long have you all been having sex with your kids. Jane says, "What the fuck makes you think that we have sex with our kids . Ellen says, "Susan wouldn't have been able to have gotten you all to drink piss if you didn't have sex with her. It's alright you don't have to worry about me I'm not going t turn you into the cops, Me and my husband also have sex with our kids. Jane says "You do, you have sex with your kids too. That's great, maybe we could meet and have some good times together." Ellen says, "I'd like that. The way I got started was about 4 years ago and I was telling the kids about piss and that it didn't hurt them if they drink it and I asked for a volunteer that had to piss and a little boy came up and I had him get behind a screen and piss in a glass and the kids couldn't see him pissing but I could see him pissing and loved seeing him piss into the glass, he then came out from behind the screen and gave me the glass but forgot to put his cock back into his pants and all the kids saw his cock and began to laugh. I bawled them out for laughing at him because they saw his cock and then I took the glass and told them that piss wouldn't hurt you if you drank it and then I drank the glass of piss, and I've been teaching about it ever since. Right now I'm telling the kids about fucking and sucking cock and that it is much safer for them to suck the boy off than to let him fuck her. I hate to say it but I'm beginning to feel horny with this talk. Jane says, "If you'd like to do something about it I'm willing also and would be glad to help you out if you'd like. Ellen then kisses Jane on the mouth and begins feeling her tits. Jane begins feeling her tits also and goes down and goes under her dress and begins playing with her pussy. They both then get undressed and begins making love together and while they are dong it Susan and Ed come in and see them. They don't say a thing and let them go and when they are done Ellen sees them watching them and is scared to death that they have seen her naked and is afraid that they'll let it out about what she has done. Jane tells her that they won't say anything about it, and beside if they all go meeting with her husband and kids they will be fucking her also. Ellen says, "Your right about that." Just then Jim walks in and sees them both naked and says, "Well and what do we have here, it looks like you two have been having some fun together. and have had an audience watching you. Jane tells him that this is Mrs. Norton the teacher that taught Susan about drinking piss. He says, "Well I'm glad to meet you." Jane says, "She and her husband also fuck with their kids and we're going to be joining them and fuck with them and their kids . He says, "Well that's great, I was admiring your body and I thought to myself that I'd like to get into you and fuck you and I guess I'm going to get a chance. She says, "Well if your not doing anything you can fuck me right now if you'd like and if Jane didn't mind. Jane tells her that she wouldn't mind at all . Jim gets his clothes off and begins sucking her tits and then her pussy and finally fucks her and cums in her. She says, I think I'm going to love having some sessions with your family,especially your husband, Jane. Why don't we get together tomorrow night at my house and gave her the address and phone number and then leaves. The next night they all go to Ellen's house and meet her family and have fuck sessions with them all. It turns out that Ed's best friend Tommy is Ellen's son and they have been sucking each other's cocks for a couple of years now. They are going hot and heavy when the doorbell rings and Ellen goes to answer it and looks out the peephole and it is who she was expecting. She lets her and her family in and has them meet with Jane's family . This is Yvette Wilson, our school principal. Ed says, "Holy shit Mrs. Wilson, You mean that you do this stuff also. Good, when I first saw you I thought that I'd like to get some of you and then found out you were the principal. She says, "Well Eddie it looks like now your going to be getting some of me and I'm going to be getting some of you also. Would you like to fuck me right now while I'm still fresh. He says, "Yes Mrs. Wilson, I'd love to fuck you." She tells him to forget the Mrs. Wilson and just call her Vette, like all her friends. and I hope you don't letting what we're doing together get around the school." He says, "Shit no Vette, This is just as important to keep to myself as Mom and Dad and Ellen and her family fucking with us is. I know that if it ever got out that we'd all go to jail for incest and child molestation, and I wouldn't want to mess up a good thing like this with you and Ellen or Mom and Dad. Ellen says to Jane. "Vette is the main reason that I can teach the kids about pissing and this year about fucking and sucking. I told her what I intended to do this year and I have her approval. I'm going to teach them how to fuck and how to suck a cock and I'm also intending to suck each and every one of their little cocks an lick their little pussies and also have the girls eat my pussy and the boy to stick their cocks into me and sort of fuck me. If they'd like they can also do it with each other also course now that I'll have an assistant in Susan she can help me out and let the children fuck her also, I'm sure that some of the boys would love to fuck her. Susan says, "And I'll love being fucked especially by Gary Vinson. I wish he'd fuck me all the time. Ed says, Maybe I could come and help you out also sometime. since their in the same class as Sue they must all be about 12-13 years old and That is a good age to fuck for me." Ellen says, We'll see how it goes I just might take you up on that. and maybe we could give them a demonstration of fucking and you could fuck me in front of the class and see how it's done.. They all leave about 11:00 but all the families continue to meet and have good times together from then on.