Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Craig Nelson was a boy of 8 years old and his Mom and Dad had to go to a convention in Chicago for his fathers work. His Mom , Jane, left him and his sister Chelsea with her mother and father for the 4-5 days that they would be gone. The first couple of days went along just fine and then the third day Craig goes to June and says, "Grandma, do you think that you could maybe talk to Mom about maybe letting Dad stick his thing in her and getting her knocked up so she can have another baby. I'd like to have a little baby brother or even sister would be OK." June says, "Oh! You'd like a little baby brother or sister huh? and how did you find out how your Mom would get a brother or sister, from somebody at school? He says, "Yeah, a couple of kids told us all about it and how it's done. It sounds like fun to do and I'd like to try it sometime." June says, "Did your friends tell you what the thing was that your father would stick into your mother?" He says, "Yeah, but I don't remember what they said it was called, do you know what it's called, Grandma? She says, "Well did he say it was a 'cock'?" He tells her that that's not what he called it. She says, "Well how about a 'dick', was that it? " He says, Yeah, Grandma that was it, he sticks his 'dick' into the girl's something. I don't remember what he called that either." She says, " A girl's 'cunt' or 'pussy'." He says, "Yeah that's it Grandma, now I remember. The guy sticks his dick into the girl's 'pussy' and moves it in and out of her and then she'll have a baby to begin growing inside of her. She says, "Have you ever seen a girl naked before and seen what it is that the guy sticks his 'dick' into that makes the baby?" He says, "No, I'd like to see what it is that he sticks it into. It must be some kind of hole or something if he sticks his thing into it. She says, "It's his 'dick' honey, but better yet why don't we call it his 'cock', I like that word much better than 'dick', alright." He says, "Alright Grandma I'll call it his 'cock', I'll have to remember that word, his cock, his cock, his cock, I think I'll remember it now Grandma He sticks 'his cock' into the girls 'pussy', right?" She tells him that it is perfect that now he knows how it's done and how to make a baby. she says, "The only thing is, that you don't get a baby every time that he stick his cock into her and fucks her." He says, "What was that, that you just said there Grandma, that 'fucks' word, what is that, I mean that word, What it it? She says, "Well, when the man sticks his cock into the girl's pussy he fucks her. That's what it's called fucking." He says, "WOW! Grandma you know everything about doing it, don't you. Since your a girl you probably have one of them holes that a guy sticks his cock into, a pussy. Do you think that I can see your pussy and let me stick my cock into it and 'fuck' you like you said." Just then in walks Jim, June's husband. he says, "Well what are we having a sex education class in here?" June says, "Well sort of and it's going very well. Craig is a fast learner and he wants to stick his cock into my pussy and fuck me. He says, "Well go ahead and let him do it, it won't hurt him to fuck you and it won't hurt you either, in fact you might even like having his little cock stuck inside you and want more of it over the next couple of days. Craig, Let me ask you, Have you ever sucked a man's cock before?" He says, "You mean put my mouth on your cock and suck on it. NO, it sounds like it might be fun though, can I try it Grandpa?" He says, "You sure can and I'll do it to you also and you can see how it feels also. Why don't you pull your pants off and I'll pull mine off and we can give it a try." June says, "Jim, Do you think that this is a wise thing to do with him. Letting him suck your cock and you sucking his cock?" He says, "It's not going to hurt him any and it won't hurt me either, unless he bites me. You'd like to do this wouldn't you Craig, suck my cock?" Craig says, "Yeah, I do Grandpa and I want Grandma to let me see her pussy also and maybe let me fuck her." Jim tells him that he'll be able to do that later but first he's going to suck him off. Craig says, "If I was to suck your cock off you, would that hurt you and what would you have to pee out of if I was to suck it off of you." Jim says, "No, No, You don't quite understand, when I say that your going to suck me off, I don't mean that your going to suck my cock off my body. When your finished sucking me off, it'll still be there. You see, inside me is this liquid that we call cum and it's made by your balls or nuts, these things here. and when you suck on my cock for maybe 4-5 minutes this cum will shoot out of my cock and it'll go into your mouth and you swallow it. When you fuck a girl the cum shoots out of the cock and goes into the girl and sometimes makes a baby inside her but not all the time. When you fuck her and it don't make a baby in her then your just fucking her for the fun of it and the good feeling you get when you cum." Craig says, "I think I understand, so your still going to have your cock there and I'm not going to suck it off of you, just the stuff inside you is what I'm going to be sucking you off of and bring it out of you and then I'm going to swallow it, right.?" Jim tells him Right. Craig says, "But won't that mean that I'll have a baby then if I swallow the cum?" Jim says, " No, You and I are men and only women can have a baby. and if your Grandma sucks your cock and you cum in her mouth and she swallows it, she can not have a baby by swallowing your cum, the only way she can have a baby is when you cum in her pussy." He says, "Oh! She can only have a baby if I cum in her pussy and not her mouth, right. Jim tells him that's right. He says, OK now when you get ready to suck an cock , you got to make sure that you don't go grating your teeth on the guys cock. You can really hurt him if you bite his cock or grate your teeth on it and also be sure to also pay attention to his balls and lick and suck them, that really makes him feel good when you lick his balls. Jim goes down and begins to suck Craig's cock into his mouth and shows him how to move his head in and out on it and then stops and asks him if that felt good and he tells Jim that it feels great that he love the feeling of him doing it to him. Then he goes down to his balls and sucks both of his little nuts into his mouth and runs his tongue all over the twin pack . Craig tells him that that feels even better when he does it. Jim then goes back to sucking his shaft and he keeps sucking until Craig cums in his mouth. Craig says, "WOW! Grandpa, That felt even better than when you sucked my balls can you do that again to me I want to have that feeling again." Jim tells him that he'll have to wait a while before he can cum again that a guy can only cum one time and then must wait an hour or more before he can cum again. He tells him that while he is waiting to be able to cum again that he could suck on his Grandma's titties and her pussy. Craig says, "You mean that I can suck on her pussy also, besides putting my cock into her pussy. Jim says, "That's right, You know how good it felt when you came into my mouth, well a woman has the same feeling when you suck on her clitoris or clit for short. It's like a little button and is on the inside of her pussy lips and when you lick her clit or suck on it it makes her feel about the same way and you did when you shot you wad of cum into my mouth. You'd like to make your Grandma feel good like that also wouldn't you . Craig tells him that he would like to make her feel good and will try to do it to her. Jim tells June to get her clothes off and let Craig see what a naked woman looks like . She says, "I still don't think this is right to let him do this or what you let him do. To let him cum in your mouth like that at his young age." She gets undressed and Craig says, "WOW! Grandma, You look altogether different than me or Grandpa does when your naked. I think I like your looks even better than Grandpa's looks." Just then Chelsea comes in and sees everyone naked. She says, "WOW! Is everyone having some fun and wasn't going to let me have any fun, I'd like to do this also if you'll let me." June says, " Do you know what we're doing here Honey," She says, "Shit Yeah, Your going to let Craig fuck you right. How about letting Grandpa fuck me, if he will." Jim says, I would love to fuck you , honey if your Grandma will let me." June says, "Shit as far as we've gone here already you may as well go ahead and fuck her, but you make sure that when your ready to cum, that you pull out of her and cum in her mouth and Chelsea you be sure to swallow his cum, when he cums in your mouth, understood. It won't hurt you to swallow." She says, "Yeah, Grandma I know, I've swallow a lot of cum already and know how it tastes. " June says, "Shit honey, You mean that you've been fucked before?" She says, "Yeah, Grandma about 10-15 times by my boyfriend, but please don't tell Mom or Dad about me doing it, They'd probably shit in their pants if they knew that I fucked all those times or now with Grandpa fucking me." Junes says, "You don't have to worry about that I won't say a word about you being fucked and you make sure that you don't say anything about Craig fucking me and I'm sure that your brother would love to fuck you also sometime if you'd let him. " She says, "Shit If I knew that he liked to fuck, he could have fucked me a long time ago." June says, Well go ahead and suck your Grandfather's cock and then let him fuck you and I'm going to lay back and let Craig fuck me" She lays down on the couch and Jim tells him to spread her legs apart and to spread her pussy open. Craig does and then Jim tells him that there is the thing that he wants to concentrate on licking and sucking , that there is her clit, the thing that makes her feel good. Craig goes down and begins to lick on her pussy lips and the inside of them and finally onto her clit. He licks it for about a minute or so and the takes her clit into his mouth and begins sucking on it. June begins to moan and then screams and he stops, thinking that he is hurting her and Jim tells him to keep going that she is screaming because he is doing such a good job of sucking her clit. He keeps on sucking her clit and sucks it for about 10 minutes altogether. After he has finished June says to Jim, "Shit he is great , I must have came about 4-5 times from him sucking me. I think I like him to eat me even better than you." While Craig is fucking June, Jim is fucking Chelsea and when he is ready to cum he moves up to her mouth and cums in it." He says, " Man, I love fucking her, her little cunt grasps my cock so nice and tight compared to yours, June. They all decide to rest awhile and let the guys have time to recharge themselves. After they have all rested for a couple of hours, June says, " I think that it's about time now for you to suck your Grandpa's cock and have him to cum in your mouth. Now you have to just keep sucking his cock until he cums in your mouth and when he does you should swallow all his cum for him. There's nothing in the cum that will hurt you and it doesn't taste that bad and it'll make him feel good to know that you love him enough to swallow his cum. Craig says, "Well I guess I'll have to make sure I swallow his cum because I really love Grandpa." He take Jim's cock into his mouth and begins sucking it and sucks it for a good 5-6 minutes and he pops his nuts into Craig's mouth and Craig does swallow all of his cum. After he swallows the cum he tells them that it doesn't taste that bad and would be willing to swallow another load of it sometime. Jim says, "The way your cock has gotten hard again, I'd say that you was ready to go again and now your ready to fuck your Grandma again. He tells them great and that he will love to be able to fuck her. June lays back and tells him to get on top of her and to stick his cock into her pussy. He does stick his cock into her and begins pumping away at her and soon he cums in her again. She says, "That really felt different having him fuck me. His cock didn't fill my cunt but it felt nice having his cock in me and am looking forward to him fucking me again and the way he fucks, I hope I live for the next 4-5 year to see how good he is when he gets to be about 12-13 years old, he should really be a good fucker by then and his cock should also be really developed nice by then. I think we all need to get to bed and get some sleep and then we can fuck around all day tomorrow with you. They go to bed and Craig sleeps with June and Chelsea sleeps with Jim and of course it was awhile before any of them ever got to sleep and the next morning they get up and eat breakfast and it just finishing eating when the doorbell rings and it is Albert, June and Jim's son and Craig's uncle and his family. June says, "Hello son, your going to all love playing around with Craig, He's mighty little but he sure is a nice fucker, Like I told your father last night , I'll bet he will really be something when he gets to be about 12-13 years old. He should love to fuck Angie since they are about the same age, and Mary will probably love it also. I know he satisfied me last night with his little cock. Janet should also enjoy having him put his cock in her. He wants to make a baby so he has somebody to play with.He doesn't even care if it turns out to be a boy or girl. Janet says, "Well for his age he's equipped pretty well in the cock department and as long as he knows how to used it, that's good enough for me. I'm ready to give him a try and see how good he is at fucking. Then the girls can have him later when he's ready to go again. June says, "Craig, would you like to fuck your Aunt Janet?" He says, "Shit, Grandma, I'd love to fuck Aunt Janet and Angie and Mary and even Uncle Albert, and fuck him in the asshole. It wouldn't bother me, of course I know that it would really be a waste of good cum to fuck him in the asshole, but I'd like to try it and see how it felt and how tight his asshole was. June tells them all to get undressed and Craig can start with Janet and then in an hour or so he can fuck Angie and so on. In the meantime I'm going to have Albert to fuck me and Mary can be fucked by her Grandpa and Clay and Angie can fuck together if you'd like. When Janet is naked Craig begins sucking on her tits and then works his way down to her pussy and begins eating her . He then puts his cock in her and begins pumping away at her and cums inside her. When they were finished Janet says, "You were right Mom he is good even as little as he is. While they were fucking Albert was fucking Chelsea and Jim was fucking Mary. Clay was fucking his sister Angie. They all continued the rest of the day and then about 10:00 Albert and his family left and said they'd be back tomorrow for some more. The next day they were back and continued to switch partners and positions. they continued to have fun the rest of the day. About 5:15 the doorbell rings and June quickly gets a dress on and answers the door and it is Jane and Fred,. June sort of shouts "Well Jane, Fred what are you doing here so soon, We weren't expecting you until tomorrow." The rest start scrambling to get dressed as quickly as possible. June hugs her daughter and then hugs Fred. Fred whispers to Jane and says, What the fuck is wrong with her today, She's never hugged me before. Jane says, "Yeah and the way she greeted us in such a loud voice as to warn somebody that we were here. She says, "OK, Mom what's up with the loud shout of our names and the hugging of Fred, You've never hugged Fred before in your life. What's going on. Then Albert come out of the living room and he says, " Hi, Sis, I must say You sure do have a couple of great little kids there. How long have you been doing it with them?" Jane says "What are you talking about anyway How long have we been doing what with the kids?" Albert says, "Fucking with them of course. Their both great little fuckers. Janet says Craig is great fucking her and I loved fucking Chelsea." Jane says, "Are you serious? You fucked Chelsea and Craig fucked Janet ?" He says, "Yeah, Is there anything wrong with that, after all you and Fred fuck with them, don't you?" Jane says, "We certainly do not. We've never touched the kids. I must say that we have talked about it but always figured it wouldn't be right to doing anything like that to the kids." He says, "Well shit I thought that you were into doing it with them . When we came over yesterday Mom and Dad was fucking with the kids and we thought that you did also." Jane says, "Mom and Dad was fucking with them. Alright Mom, How did this all get started with the kids anyway?" June says, "Well actually it started a couple of days ago and Craig came to me and asked me if I'd talk to you about having his Daddy stick his thing into you and make a baby. So I started to giving him a little sex education and things just sort of got carried away from there. It doesn't really hurt him any to fuck me or Janet or the other girls the only ones that can be hurt is the girls if they get knocked up. But I warned everybody that when they were ready to cum that they had to pull out and cum in Chelsea's mouth and she was to swallow the cum. Chelsea isn't new to fucking anyway , she says that she's been fucked about 15 times anyway by her boyfriend and swallowed his cum for him. Jane says, "So you don't have any qualms about being fucked by Craig, or having Dad to fuck Chelsea?" June says "Not in the least. It's great being fucked by them, You should try it also. Craig said that he wished that he could fuck you and Chelsea wants her Dad to fuck her also." Jane says, "They do? You mean that they both would like us to fuck them? I don't know, , What do you think Fred, I don't think I'd mind doing it and being fucked by Craig, what do you think? He says, "Well I wouldn't mind doing it myself. I'd love to fuck Chelsea. Also if we was to do it I would imagine that I'd get to fuck Mom and Janet and their kids also." Albert says, "Absolutely , and I'd get to fuck my sister for the first time." Fred says, "Let me ask you Albert, How do you feel about sucking cock? Albert says, " Fred, Are you asking me if I'd like to suck your cock for you? If You are, I'd love to suck your cock or even fuck you in the asshole if you'd like me too." Fred says, "Great I haven't sucked a cock since I was in college, and I don't know how many times I've thought that I'd love to suck a cock again after all these years." They all begin to fuck each other and enjoy themselves and from then on they made it a routine of going back and forth from each others houses and taking care of each other. Jane and Fred Nelson Craig and Chelsea Nelson 8, 13, June and Jim Albert and Janet Angie , Mary , Clay, 8, 11, 13,