Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Marge Gregory was a 8 year old little girl, who came running into her house and was crying, Boo Hoo,Boo Hoo, Her Mother Lisa asked her what was wrong and she said that Billy from next door came over to play with her and he had his pee pee hanging out of his pants. I told him I wanted to see it and he wouldn't let me see it and put it back in his pants and zipped up the zipper. Her mother, Ethel, says, "Well Honey he did the right thing, He shouldn't let a little girl like you see his cock, ugh, his pee pee only big girls should be able to see what he has in his pants. You'll find out more about that when your older. Marge says, "Yeah but it looked interesting and I wanted to see it." Ethel tells her that she'll be seeing all kind and shapes and sizes of them when she gets older. Marge says, "Mommy Does Daddy have one of them to? Ethel tells her that he does only it's way bigger than the one that Billy has right now, but Billy's will be getting bigger also as he grows up. Marge says, "Do you think that I could maybe see Daddy's. What was that word that you called his pee pee. I forget what you called it, but I liked the sound of it much better that his pee pee. Ethel says, "Well I guess it'd be alright to tell you what it is really called. What I called Billy's thing was his cock. But it's also known as his dick or prick also. It also has a bunch of other names too but their not used that much. Marge says, "Could you tell Daddy that I'd like to see his cock and see how much bigger it is than what I saw of Billy's cock. Ethel says, " Now there is one other thing, Honey. what you saw of Billy's cock was when he had his cock soft. Now if he was to have seen you naked without your clothes on he probably would have gotten a hard on and instead of being soft and just flopping there it would have been standing up in the air. She says, "I'd like to see it standing up in the air. Do you think that Daddy could make his cock stand up Mom. Ethel says, "If he was to see me naked or maybe even see you naked , I'm sure that his cock would be standing up in the air. Marge says, "Can I take my clothes off when Daddy gets home so that he sees me naked and get him to have his cock stand up. She says, You just wait until I have a talk to your father and see what he thinks about letting you see him with a hard on. Marge says, "What 's that Mommy what you said a hard on. Ethel tells her that is what it's called when a man is standing up like that because when he is normal his cock is soft, like Billy's cock and then when he gets excited that his cock starts getting hard and that's when it is in it's best state and you can suck it or be fucked by it. Marge says, "WOW! Mom, You mean that you can suck his cock, why would you want to do that. It's what he pees from. Ethel says, "When he has a hard on and you suck it for him after sucking it for a while he shoots out a white liquid that is known as cum. and if he shoots his cum into your mouth then you swallow it and that shows him that you really love him . Also he can put his cock into you down here where you pee from and he sticks his cock into your pussy or cunt and he moves his cock in and out of your pussy and then after awhile he will shoot his white juice into your pussy. Sometimes when he does that, it makes a baby and that is where babies come from when a man fucks you. That is what it is known as 'fucking'. Marge says, 'But how does he shoot the white stuff out of his cock since that is where he pees from. Se tells her that it comes from a different place that the piss. Marge says, "Piss now what is piss?" Ethel tells her that piss is another word for pee. Just then the doorbell rings and it's Norma from next door. Norma says, "I was looking out the window and I saw Marge crying and running in the house and was wondering if everything was OK, was she hurt badly? What happened. Ethel says,"Oh it was nothing at all, she wasn't hurt at all. She was just mad at Billy, your son. that's all. Norma says, "Billy, what did he do to her, If he did anything that was out of line I'll make sure that he don't sit down for a week. Ethel says, "No it's nothing like that, You don't need to spank him it wasn't really his fault. He must have went to take a pee and forgot to put his pee pee back inside his pants and came out and Marge saw it sticking out of his pants and wanted to see it and he wouldn't let her see it and he stuck it back in his pants and zipped up. That made her mad and that's when she started crying. Norma says, "Shit you mean that was all it was, that she wanted to see his cock and he wouldn't let her see it. Course if I was to see somebodies cock and he wouldn't let me play with it I'd probably get mad also. Ethel says, "Shit, You mean that you like to play around, I do also. Norma says, "Well shit we should get together sometime and have some fun with our husbands. Do you and him play around with the kids. Ethel tells her that they haven't but that she would like to play with them. She says, "Shit I just got finished telling Marge about what Billy's pee pee was actually called and how a baby was made and about sucking cock and she wants to do it with her father now and see his cock standing tall. Norma says, "I wouldn't mind seeing his cock standing tall myself. I hope that don't make you mad at me for saying such a thing. Ethel says, "Shit It don't make me mad, I wouldn't mind seeing Bruce standing Tall myself sometime. Norma says, You wouldn't mind being fucked by Bruce. How about Billy, would it bother you if you was to be fucked by Billy or Bruce?" Ethel says, "Are you telling me that you fuck with your kids, Norma? I know you probably don't like to talk about it but you can trust me, I won't say anything about it to anyone except Greg. Norma says, "Shit your going to tell Greg about us?" Ethel says, :Shit if you want us to fuck with you and the kids I'll have to tell him about it. Besides when he gets home tonight I was going to tell him about telling Marge about the facts of life and that she wants to see his cock and also she wants to suck his cock for him". Norma says, "You mean that you was going to let her actually suck Greg's cock?" Ethel says, "If Greg was willing to have her suck him off it wouldn't bother me at all either. After all she's getting to be close enough to begin having sex. she could just get a earlier start with it. Marge says, "Mom what is it that you and Norma are talking about, it sounds like your telling her about me sucking Daddy's cock tonight and it sounds like Norma said that she'd like to suck Daddy's cock also. Can I suck Billy's cock for him?" Norma says, "If he was here right now I'm sure that he'd let you suck his cock for him. I don't suppose that you have ever eaten any pussy have you Marge. Marge says, "Pussy, That's what you called this down here isn't it Mommy?" Ethel says, "That's right Honey That's your pussy. You haven't eaten any pussy have you?" She tells them that she hasn't and then says, "You mean that you can eat a girl's pussy also just like a man's cock. Can I eat your pussy for you Mom and see what it's like. Ethel says, "Well I don't know." Norma says, 'Go ahead and let her do it to you in fact if she wants to she can eat my pussy also. Tell you what, why don't I call home and have Billy come over and maybe if you'd like he could eat your pussy for you also and have Marge to suck him off. If you didn't mind him seeing you naked. Ethel says, "Well I don't know, but if we was to start fucking together he would see me naked anyway so what the fuck is the difference. Go ahead and tell him to come on over. I'll be able to get a preview of how big his cock is. Norma says, "He's not as tiny as you'd think he would be. He has a pretty good sized piece of meat on him, he satisfies me when he fucks me." She calls over to her house and tells Billy to come over and when he gets over there he says, "Holy shit, Mom What are you doing naked over here. Does this have something to do with me pissing and Marge wanting to see my cock and I wouldn't let her see it?" Norma says, It has everything to do with not letting her see your cock. She wanted to see it very badly and started crying because of it. But now it looks like we will be fucking with Ethel and her family if she can get her husband to go along with doing it with us. Why don't you get your clothes off and let Ethel see the size of your cock. He says, "You mean that I'll be able to fuck Marge and her mother also?" Ethel says, "As far as I'm concerned you can fuck me right now and if I can't get Greg to go along with doing it then we can fuck during the day before he gets home from work, and you can go ahead and fuck Marge also, but she wants to suck your cock first and see how it is to suck a cock. We don't have that much time so let Marge suck your cock and then you can fuck her and if you can get recharged then I'll suck you a little bit and the you can fuck me also. Billy has his clothes off by now and Marge does goes over and asks him if she can suck on his cock and he tells her to go ahead and she does , after sucking him for a couple of minutes he tells her that she had better stop sucking him or he'd be cumming in her mouth and he wouldn't be able to fuck her. She stops and he begins fucking her and cums inside her. She tells Ethel that she loved that and hopes that Daddy would fuck her also when he gets home. Ethel tells her that she'd have to wait and see what he has to say after she talks to him and tells him what has happened today and also if he would be interested in fucking with Norma's family. Norma says, "What happened to Marge that when he fucked her she didn't scream because he broke her hymen?" Ethel tells her that she broke that about a year ago when riding on her bike. She had a collision with a garbage can and fell and the bike landed on her pussy and we were worried and took her to the emergency room at the hospital and they found that her hymen was broken and didn't question about maybe us having fucked her. About an hour later Billy is ready to fuck again and Ethel sucks his cock a little bit and then he fucks her. Norma and Billy leave and go home and Ethel tells her that she will phone her with the results of what Greg has to say abut fucking with them. About an hour later Greg gets home and she tells him that she needs to talk to him and she tells him everything that has happened today including Marge and her being fucked by Billy. He decides that he likes the idea of fucking with them especially since he'll be able to fuck Norma. Ethel calls Norma and tells her that he will go along with them and they go over next door after supper and spend the rest of the night over there and from then on they were always at each others house fucking together.