Keywords: FF, cons, interr, lac
Part: Chapter 101
Author: Miranda Mars
Title: Laura's Story - an Interracial Lesbian Romance

Chapter 101

          The same afternoon, after the quick, heated fuck with Rhonda 
    in her office, Laura ran into Cecilia.  It was her first day back at 
    work, and she looked radiant, as beautiful as ever, and slim again.  
    Laura couldn't believe the hot lust she immediately felt.

          Fucking like a slutty jackrabbit with Rhonda in her office, 
    then wanting to jump on Cecilia and rip her clothes off, she 
    thought.  You're a disgusting tramp and nymphomaniac.

          But she quickly realized that Cecilia felt the same way.  She 
    pulled Laura to the side in the hallway, as Rhonda had, and 
    whispered to her.

          "God, all I did was think about you, Laura," she confessed.  
    "Isn't it awful?  Maybe I shouldn't have had a baby.  I'm probably 
    really a lesbian or something.  I wanted you the whole time.  I want 
    you right now."

          "I want you too," Laura admitted.

          "My husband's out of town.  Business trip.  Why don't you drop 
    by for dinner?"  Cecilia widened her eyes.  She was very pert and 
    saucy, and Laura got her meaning.

          "What's for dinner?" she teased.

          "It's black and wet," Cecilia whispered, leaning close.  
    "Can't tell you any more."

          "Mmmm, sounds like the kind of dinner I like.  Give me the 
    address and I'll be there."

          Another afternoon of burning up in anticipation.  By the time 
    she got to Cecilia's apartment that evening, she was in a lather.  I 
    wonder if it'll hurt her to do this so soon after having her baby, 
    she wondered.  I'll have to control myself.  Because I want to eat 
    her alive.  What if I suck her too hard or something?

          She tried not to think of these things through dinner.  The 
    baby was cute, but Laura could only think of it as something else in 
    the way of her getting Cecilia in bed.  Finally, it went to sleep.

          "Come in here with me, I want to show you something," Cecilia 
    said, flirtatiously, beckoning Laura to the bedroom.

          Immediately, Laura's blood began to jump and sizzle.  In the 
    bedroom, Cecilia matter-of-factly took off her blouse, and then her 
    bra.  Shocked and excited, Laura watched eagerly.


          Cecilia's breasts were larger than before, swollen with milk, 
    like bursting gourds, her large puffy black nipples larger still, 
    two swollen, bulbous plums.  Cecilia held her breasts in her hands, 
    showing them to Laura, examining them herself.

          "See?  They're bigger.  Don't you think they're bigger?"

          "Yes.  I think they're beautiful," Laura swallowed.

          "Come over here.  Don't be shy.  You can touch them."

          Laura did.  But she wanted to do more than touch them.

          "Kiss them," Cecilia said in a hushed voice.  "Go ahead, you 
    can kiss them."

          Mesmerized, Laura bent her face to Cecilia's luscious black 
    breasts.  Cecilia still held them both in her hands.  Suddenly, she 
    giggled and squeezed them both.  Warm milky fluid squirted into 
    Laura's face.

          "Oh!" Laura gasped in shock, then smiled as she realized what 
    had happened.

          Cecilia squeezed her breasts with her thumbs and forefingers 
    right around the huge nipples, and the milk squirted into Laura's 
    face again.  Laura for some reason found it wildly erotic.  She 
    could taste the warm, sweet milk on her lips.

          Both of them, she realized, were throbbing with sexual heat.  
    Without even speaking, each knew how excited and aroused the other 
    was.  Their eyes locked and throbbing in unison, Laura slowly opened 
    her mouth and held it open.  Cecilia brought one glossy, swelling 
    breast closer, aiming with her large bulbous nipple, which was still 
    wet from its last creamy discharge.

          She squeezed the nipple, and a long stream of milk spurted 
    into Laura's mouth.  Laura shut her eyes and swallowed.  Her body 
    quivered, and she nearly came.  I don't believe this, she thought.  
    Why is it having this effect on me?

          "I think I'll come if you let me take it in my mouth," she 
    whispered to Cecilia.



          Cecilia's bulging, wet, dripping nipple was only an inch or so 
    from Laura's lips.  Slowly, she guided it between them, and Laura 
    closed her mouth on it, sucking the enormous soft, silky bulb 
    inside.  Her mouth filled with the warm, milky fluid.  She had never 
    had a nipple this big in her mouth since Rina, and the warm, pulpy 
    bulb flowed with milk, which she swallowed greedily, feeling a heady 
    sexual passion unlike anything she had ever felt, a dreamy, 
    palpitating sexual heat that enveloped her. 

          She didn't come, but Cecilia did.  She relinquished both of 
    her naked breasts to Laura, hanging onto Laura's shoulders with her 
    hands.  Then a tremor shook her body.

          "Ohnn!  Unh!  God, I'm coming!" she moaned softly, her breasts 
    shimmying in Laura's face as a deep shudder shook her entire body.  
    "Oh!  Oh . . . yessss!"

          This started a chain reaction.  Cecilia still had her jeans 
    on, and Laura was still fully clothed, but they sank together onto 
    Cecilia's bed.  Laura could not keep her hands or her mouth off 
    Cecilia's incredible, flowing breasts.  Her lips and cheeks were 
    smeared with the warm, sweet milk, and as she sucked Cecilia's 
    bursting black nipples Cecilia moaned and came again.  And this time 
    Laura, her hips churning instinctively even though she was still 
    dressed, felt an upwelling surge of heat in her own pussy and 
    realized she was coming.

          "Oh . . . god, I'm coming too!"

          "Yes, Laura, yes!" Cecilia panted, smiling, pushing her large, 
    wet, naked breasts into Laura's face as Laura quivered.

          A hot blooming cloud of ecstacy engulfed Laura as she came in 
    great throbbing spasms.  She moaned, and undulated, then started to 
    undress even before the spasms had fled.  Cecilia was out of her own 
    jeans and panties just as quickly.

          "I can't believe I could come like that," Laura panted, 
    luxuriating in the feel of Cecilia's lovely naked black body coiling 
    together with hers.  "You didn't even touch me.  It was your . . . 
    milk, that incredible milk."

          "Do it some more," Cecilia said, also panting.

          "I can't.  I have to leave some for your baby."

          "There's plenty.  Watch."

          Giggling, Cecilia straddled Laura, who was on her back, and 
    dangled the swollen black globes in her face.  Laura was reminded 
    how deeply black Cecilia was, blacker than anybody she had ever 
    shared a bed with, her skin a rich glossy deep ebony, blue black, as 
    she called it, and smooth as the richest satin.  Again she held her 
    swollen breasts in her hands, pinching her huge nipples and 
    squirting warm milk all over Laura's face, so much that it ran down 
    her chin and neck onto to her breasts too.

          Then she bent her face and kissed Laura, a scorching, fuck-me 
    kiss nothing like their first, sweet, dreamy, orgasmic kiss of 
    moments earlier.  And she brought her mouth close to Laura's ear and 
    whispered words to back it up.

          "I want you to fuck me hard, Laura," she whispered.  "My 
    husband is afraid he'll hurt me.  But I want to be hurt.  I want it 
    hard.  We can do the sweet, gentle stuff afterward.  I want you to 
    fuck me hard.  Please.  Fuck me hard."

          Laura was so caught up in the bizarre swirling sex heat of the 
    moment that she couldn't refuse.  Again their throbbing, pulsing 
    eyes locked as Cecilia rolled onto her back this time, with Laura on 
    top, and spread her thighs.

          "Fuck me," she mouthed the words to Laura, not speaking them.

          And Laura did.  She slid down between Cecilia's coal-black 
    thighs and began to lick her beautiful juice-slick pussy until 
    Cecilia was twisting and writhing frantically, mewling and 
    whimpering, out of control, her voluptuous body undulating and so 
    desireable that Laura could hardly believe her good fortune.  But 
    she knew Cecilia wanted to be more than just licked.

          When she had the girl so aroused that Cecilia was begging her 
    softly, please please please, Laura slid up again to her gorgeous, 
    milk-splattered breasts and began sucking her nipples again.  But 
    this time she got three fingers into Cecilia's sopping wet cunt and 
    fucked her with them at the same time.  Cecilia went wild, thrusting 
    back with her pelvis, whimpering hysterically as she approached an 

          And, since she knew the girl was close, Laura quickly turned 
    up the heat.  Even though she knew Cecilia's nipples had to be 
    extra-sensitive, she tore at them with her mouth, sucking hard, lip-
    pinching them.  At the same time, her hand raped Cecilia's pussy 
    roughly, plunging in and out, her hard knuckle scraping across 
    Cecilia's clit, bringing Cecilia quickly to a sharp, convulsive, 
    gagging, whinnying orgasm.

          "Auuoonngggg!  Ohnnnggg shit uungghhh!" she groaned, coming, 
    arching, shuddering, biting her lip and swearing again as a new 
    sweet spasm wrenched her flesh.

          Laura's mouth again filled with the warm milk from Cecilia's 
    nipples, and again she felt a near-orgasm sweep over her too, a 
    sympathetic throbbing.  And Cecilia was hardly finished coming 
    herself before she slid down Laura's body.  Her mouth against 
    Laura's pussy made Laura come almost immediately, a sharp, exultant 
    orgasm that shook her whole body.

          "Ungghhh!  Ohnngg!  Yes . . . yes honey!  Unghhh!  Oh!" she 
    gasped, coming in long undulating waves, her body throbbing, the 
    taste of Cecilia's warm milk still on her tongue.

          "God, nobody can make me come like you," Cecilia murmured to 
    her when both were finally finished.

          Laura was still stunned by her own climax.  "As soon as your 
    milk came into my mouth, I almost came," she confessed.


          Laura nodded.  "I never felt anything like that feeling."

          Now they made love to one another tenderly, gently, as Cecilia 
    had said they would do after the first few hungry explosions.  They 
    caressed each other and took their time, finally locking groins, 
    pussy to pussy, and sharing a long, agonizing orgasm that way.   
    Then Cecilia pushed Laura onto her back and straddled her hips, 
    dangling her swollen black breasts again temptingly in Laura's face.

          "Suck me . . ." she breathed, her eyes glazed and again locked 
    with Laura's.  "Suck me and suck me and drink me until I come 

          "Oh Cecilia . . . baby," Laura sighed, opening her mouth, 
    tasting the large, swelling wet nipples, feeling herself enveloped 
    again with sexual heat as the creamy fluid poured into her mouth.

           Cecilia was right about there being more than enough milk.  
    This ended up being the messiest fuck Laura had ever had.  Cecilia 
    was the first to come, leaning over Laura with her breasts in 
    Laura's face, in Laura's mouth, and Laura's hand in her pussy, 
    coming in a long, quivering wave, head thrown back, moaning 

          Laura's mouth overflowed with warm breast milk, and Cecilia's 
    leaky nipples spattered her face even more.  As Cecilia recovered 
    from her orgasm, she dropped one hand between Laura's thighs, 
    massaging Laura's wet pussy, and with her other hand began squeezing 
    her breasts, squirting warm milk all over Laura, who quickly became 
    drenched in it.

          The warm, sticky fluid streaked her neck and shoulders and ran 
    down all over her naked breasts, then splashed against her lips, 
    which quickly opened to suck in the huge squirting nipple again.  

          "Ahhnn . . . unnhhahhnnnn!" she moaned, squirming and drinking 
    and licking and sucking it everywhere, feeling immersed in Cecilia's 
    warm milk.

          Without realizing when it started, she began to go into a 
    nuclear meltdown orgasm.  It was similar to her earlier orgasm, 
    which she had had while still fully clothed, with Cecilia's milk 
    filling her mouth.  But this one was a hundred times more intense, 
    not a wrenching, jolting shock of ecstacy but a slowly unfolding 
    mushroom cloud of scalding rapture that seemed to bloom, throb, then 
    bloom further, pulsing, shimmering, an agony of pleasure.  In the 
    middle of it she realized that she was begging Cecilia for more.

          "In . . . in my pussy!" she gasped.  "Squirt it in my . . . oh 
    god . . . my pussy, I can come again!  Oh god . . . oh Cecilia oh 

          Cecilia easily took the hint, slipping down between Laura's 
    thighs and squirting milk from both nipples directly onto Laura's 
    puckered, glistening cunt.  The sensations drove Laura into a new 
    phase of coming, a secondary plateau, not so much a second orgasm as 
    a continuation of the first one on a new level.  This time her body 
    seemed to implode on itself, still throbbing deliriously, until 
    every sensation centered in the hot core of her pussy where 
    Cecilia's milk was bathing it. 

          Now Cecilia bent down and began to lick it, licking her own 
    milk from the oozing pink petals of Laura's inflamed pussy, and 
    Laura came again.

          "Auungghhh!" she cried out, her body arching and shuddering 
    now in a wrenching climax, more like the ones she was used to.  
    "Ohnngg!  Ungghh!  Oh . . . yes!  Auunngghh!  Oh god!"

          When she was finally finished, the sheets under her were 
    soaked and redolent of the sweet, milky fluid, and her body was 
    still wet with it.  Cecilia giggled, licking her own milk off 
    Laura's naked body as sensually as possible.

          "You got baby's milk all over you, darlin'" she twinkled.

          Laura pulled her down into the soaking wet sheets and kissed 
    her roughly.  "And you are a delicious little black minx," she 
    purred, again unable to keep her mouth from Cecilia's extraordinary 

          But this time she just kissed and fondled them, feeling that 
    they must be extra-tender after such a hot orgy of fucking as she 
    and Cecilia had just shared.  Cecilia responded by fondling and 
    sucking Laura's, licking her milk from them. 

          "I can pretend it's your milk, like you drank mine," she 
    whispered, grinning in her usual infectiously good-natured way.  
    "Wish I could drink you too."

          "All I know is you sure fucked me," Laura murmured back, 
    almost glad when Cecilia stopped since she already was feeling like 
    she wanted another.

          Cecilia grinned broadly, and shivered sharply.  "I love it 
    when you say that," she confessed.  "I never even use that word.  
    But when you say 'fuck' my whole body shivers.  I guess I have the 
    best of all worlds.  I get to have my little baby, and I get to 
    'fuck' with you too.  At least once in a while."

          Laura smiled and kissed her.  "Girl, after tonight, all you 
    have to do is whistle," she said. 
          She had thought nothing new in bed was possible, and yet she 
    had never had the kind of orgasms she had had this evening, with 
    Cecilia's warm milk flowing into her mouth and her body throbbing 
    into a total meltdown.