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This is a story of unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction.  In 
real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts 
of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or 
"rides the rod" with impunity and without protection.


Tramp In the Camp (MF, con, nc, impreg?)

by Krosis of the Collective (


The following happened several years ago, in the summer.  Some 
friends and I went camping in Tofino, which is on the West coast of 
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  Great surfing for those 
who like that sort of thing, but my friends had gone for another 
reason:  Tofino was the official summer get-together location for 
potheads.  Pot smokers from all over the world came to Tofino to get 
drunk and high in friendly groups.

While I was not a pothead myself, I had gone the previous year and 
tried a pot cookie -- it really fucked me up.  I had stumbled around 
between the beach and campsite several times, experienced "pot 
paranoia" when I was approached by some guy who recognized me from 
my group of friends, and finally I collapsed back in my tent.  While 
I wasn't going to do anything like that again this year, I did enjoy 
the camaraderie, when I wasn't all whacked-out.

This year I had brought my girlfriend-of-six-months Ruth, a short, 
cute blonde with glasses -- she loved marijuana.  When we arrived a 
little later than everyone else we found that all the campsites were 
taken.  Word of Tofino had really spread this year! We had to set up 
our tent in a campsite with a couple other tents.

After setting up camp we joined my friends and some of the people 
they had brought in a campsite with room for a fire.  Some of these 
people I hadn't seen in quite a while, including Kelli, a girl who 
found ways to come to town to hang around with my friends (and smoke 
pot) as often as possible, but I hadn't seen her in a couple of 
years.  She was a short brunette with freckles, and used to be kind 
of dumpy, but with big boobs.  She had since grown more attractive 
and fit, but still had those nice boobies, and her legs had slimmed 
down too, I was noticing thanks to her short shorts...nice.  I 
thought back to a couple years previous, when she had been less 
attractive and I had hit on her, thinking to maybe "throw a dog a 
bone" -- she had turned me down flat and hard.  Bitch.

One of the guys had brought pot cookies again, but I turned them 
down.  I wasn't going to do that again, though Ruth and Kelli had 
some, among others.  Kelli headed back to her tent to get a jacket 
to protect from the cold wind that would come off the ocean and I 
noted that her tent was right next to ours.

The night passed slowly for me.  Nothing like feeling left out in a 
group of people who are on a whole other level of consciousness.  
Ruth seemed okay with the cookie's effects, and Kelli was hitting on 
a surfer guy who came over to our beach bonfire.  She had bragged to 
one of her friends that she would bag a "hottie".  Twit.

The night wore on.  The "hottie" (whose name was Brad, I found out) 
was casting frequent glances over at Ruth's legs, which kinda irked 
me.  Stick to your piece, buddy, I thought.  Ruth hadn't noticed, 
though, and was getting all snuggly with me.  We headed back to 

After saying goodnight to the few who were still hanging around the 
campfire site, Ruth and I adjourned to our tent.  Out of the 
moonlight we couldn't see a thing.  She fell upon me, kissing my 
lips and neck, pulling at my t-shirt.  I raised my arms and it came 
off quickly.  I helped with her shirt and shorts, and kissed my way 
up her stomach to her bra.  She arched her back and the bra quickly 
joined the rest of the unseen clothes on the floor.  I licked around 
her puffy areolae and pointy nipples, and she groaned in 
appreciation.  She didn't have very large breasts, but they were 
nice and sensitive.  I sucked as much of her right breast as I could 
into my mouth.  She gasped and arched her back, her hands holding my 
head and her left leg angling behind my back.  I sucked greedily on 
both breasts for a few minutes, then moved onto my side to remove my 
shoes, pants and underwear.  She took the opportunity to quickly 
pull her panties off.

As we intertwined our bodies, I heard gasps from the third tent in 
the site.  I didn't know who was in there, but there was some nookie 
going on, and audible evidence of it was rising.  Hot damn, I 
thought, as I brought my dick to Ruth's snuggly warm hole.  I put 
the head in a little and swirled it around, driving her nuts.

The gasping from tent three had changed to a steadier grunting -- 
someone was getting it good.  I also heard Kelli's tent zipper open 
and close, and some giggling from there.

I pushed my penis further into Ruth's moist pussy.  She pulled me 
closer for some passionate wet kisses.  I pulled my member back 
slowly until I was poised at her entrance again, then slammed home.  
"Oh God", she gasped.  Then I did it again, sloooowly pulling out, 
then ramming it hard, balls-deep.  "Uh uh uh!" she was almost 

Truth to tell, I was going from slow and steady to quick ramming in 
order to keep my ears out.  Tent three was really carrying on, the 
woman crying loudly for her partner to go faster, harder.  I was 
also hearing some gasping and moaning from Kelli's tent.

All six of us seemed like instruments in some erotic symphony, sex 
sounds rising and falling, feeding off the resonance of the others, 
keeping the melody going.  I was giving it to Ruth faster now, 
though they were still pretty measured strokes, in and out, in and 
out.  I couldn't see her face, but imagined that her eyes were 
closed in enjoyment of the pleasure.

The sounds from tent three rose to a fever pitch as I heard the man 
grunt loudly, the woman responding with a high-pitched squeal.  
After a few seconds it was all over in there.  Kelli was grunting 
oh, oh, oh.  My thrusts were increasing, and I could feel the 
familiar tingle at the base of my shaft.  Ruth was gasping 
continuously now, her fingers playing with her clitoris as she 
neared orgasm.

Suddenly I heard Brad's loud moan, and Kelli's accompanying gasp.  
Picturing her face as she came, I quickly rammed my dick into Ruth 
and started spurting, her orgasm overcoming her in response to mine.  
"AH AH AH AH!!!" she cried, arching her pelvis into me, her body 
sucking the semen from my balls.  Good thing she's on the pill, I 

As we came down from heaven I pulled out of her, rolling to the 
side.  I reached up to caress her face.  "Ruth?"  She was totally 
unconscious.  Yeah, I think I slept like the dead after that pot 
cookie last year too.

I heard Kelli's tent open and someone stumble out.  Curious, I 
opened the tent zipper a little to see Brad standing by the edge of 
the camp.  He tossed something small toward the bushes, then pulled 
out some cigarettes.

Quickly getting back into my clothes, I left the tent and headed 
over to him.  He nodded at me, the universal "hey" sign.  He was 
trying to light his cigarette with no success -- it looked like his 
Bic was empty.  Though not a smoker myself, I was always prepared -- 
you wouldn't believe how many chicks you can get with a ready 
lighter.  I whipped out my Zippo and offered him fire.  He lit up, 

"Thanks", he said.

"No prob.  How's it goin'?"  I queried.

"Awesome.  Heh.  You probably heard", he said, nodding at Kelli's 

"Yeah.  We all had some fun."  I absentmindedly wandered over to 
where I had seen him dump the unknown item.  Sure enough, it was a 
used condom.  Not on the pill, Kelli? I mused.

Looking back, I noticed Brad casting furtive glances toward my tent.  
I came back to stand beside him.  "My girlfriend's totally out."  I 
said.  "Those pot cookies..."

"Yeah, um, what'shername, Kristy, is comatose, too."  Jeez, he 
couldn't even remember Kelli's name?

He was still surreptitiously glancing at my tent.  I had an idea.

"I'm not tired at all", I said.  "I think I'll head back to the 
beach for a while."

"Uh, yeah", he turned back to me.  "I'm tired...probably head back 
to my camp when I'm done this."  He held up the last half of his 
cigarette.  His noticeable hard-on, however, belied his story.

"'kay, seeya!" I called, heading down the dark dirt road to the 
beach.  When he was no longer looking I ducked into the trees.  
Spying from my new vantage point I could see he was looking back at 
my tent again.  I crouched and made my way back through the trees so 
I could better see what he was going to do.  Sure enough, he sucked 
back the rest of his cig, looked around, then clambered into my 
tent, zipping it up behind him.  Son of a bitch! Well, I had a plan 

I quietly went back into the camp and heard snoring from the third 
tent.  I undid Kelli's tent's zipper and slipped inside, the ambient 
light from the moon allowing me to see her slumbering form lying 
there.  Brad hadn't taken off her blouse -- only her shorts and 
jacket had been removed, revealing her thighs and dark, inviting 

Accepting the "invitation", I quietly re-zipped the entrance and 
headed for her in the dark.  I could hear moans coming from my tent 
now -- Brad had already begun the sleeping rape of my girlfriend, no 
doubt helped along by the slickness my semen had left behind.  
Speaking of which, I moved my fingers to Kelli's cunt to "assay the 
territory".  Her juices were the only ones in there, and had dried a 
little in the intervening time.  I would fix that.

I unbuttoned her blouse and felt up her sizable tits, which were 
still clad in her bra.  A little blind groping found the clasp in 
the front (thank God), and I swear I almost heard a "sproing" sound 
as it came loose.  I dived in, grabbing, licking, sucking, kneading.  
A soft moan escaped her lips as she continued to doze.

I was trying to be quiet.  Brad, however, was not.  Over Ruth's 
unconscious gasping his grunts were getting louder.  The guy was 
really getting off on fucking my sleeping girlfriend, and he 
wouldn't last much longer by the sound of it.  Amateur.

I moved my fingers back down to Kelli's cunt.  Inserting two into 
her warm folds, I used my thumb on her clit, round and round, up and 
down.  That, combined with the increasing penetration of my fingers, 
soon sped up her breathing and had her juices flowing.  Within a 
couple of minutes her vagina was quite tropical.  It was time.  I 
removed my fingers from her honeypot and slipped them into her 
mouth.  She started sucking, a natural reflex.  A wicked smile 
crossed my face.

Just then I heard Brad cry out:  "Uhh AHH! AHH!!"  It was over.  A 
few seconds later I heard my tent zipper open and then receding 
footsteps.  Phew.  If Brad had come back into Kelli's tent I would 
have been fucked.  Instead it was going to be Kelli.

Turning her onto her side, I finished removing her blouse and bra 
and slid into the "spoon" position, my pelvis pressing against her 
butt.  Reaching down, I positioned myself at her hot, unprotected 
hole.  "Gotcha!" I whispered forcefully into her ear, then thrust my 

I slid in easily, thanks to my finger foreplay.  My dick buried 
itself in her tight, hot box.  Damn, it felt good.  I snuggled up to 
her, my hand reaching around and up to caress her tits.

"I wonder, have you ever had a condomless prick in you before, 
Kelli?" I whispered.  "Is mine the first?"  I started to move my 
hips back and forth.  It felt so good.  I tweaked and swirled my 
fingers around her nipples as I slowly moved my penis in and out of 
the unsuspecting bitch.  "Can you feel my unprotected babymaker in 
you, Kelli?"  My dirty mutterings were having a stimulating effect 
on me, and I started to move my hips faster.  Her breathing also 
increased in speed.  Minutes passed.

I remembered from sex education class that a woman has increased 
body heat and vaginal secretions during ovulation.  Her insides were 
almost hot against the skin of my cock, and she was definitely wet.  
I sucked on her earlobe, then moved my hand down to her stomach.  
"Are you ovulating right now, Kelli?  Is there an egg in there 
waiting for my seed?"  As if she could hear me, soft moans escaped 
her lips.  My prick continued its back-and-forth motion in her 
sopping depths.  I slowed a little, wanting to prolong my domination 
of the girl (actually, she was 19 by then, but my mental image of 
her was still the girl I had met years ago).  I continued to massage 
her abdomen, as if to stimulate her fallopian tubes into giving up 
their prize if they hadn't already.

My hand moved further down to her clit and I started to lightly 
stimulate it.  Her breathing got heavier and her butt started to 
grind back against my pelvis.  "Oh yeah, baby", I whispered in her 
ear.  "You want it.  You want my potent sperm swimming in your 
unprotected womb.  You want me to fuck my baby into you."  I 
increased the pressure on her clit.  It was really doing a number on 
her, and she started to buck. UH! UH! UHH! she gasped softly.

"Cum for me, baby.  Oh, your hot pussy is sucking out my sperm!"  It 
was true.  Despite my wanting to drag this out, her orgasmic, 
sucking love tunnel pushed me right over the edge.  My penis grew 
another half-inch inside her fertile hole as the feelings 
overwhelmed me.  I started to spurt, grabbing her hips and jamming 
my bare prick as far toward her womb as I could.  My sexy 
whisperings turned to insane ramblings:  "UNHH! Can you feel it, 
Kelli?  Can you feel my swimmers being sucked into your body?  AHH! 
God, they'll go all through you, searching for your...your womb and 
vulnerable egg.  They'll fight for the right to merge with your 
genes, piercing your egg and making new life.  Can you feel it?  

It seemed the streams of semen wouldn't stop, Kelli's continuous 
orgasm coaxing more and more of the genetic material from my 
testicles.  If she was fertile right now, there was a pretty good 
chance she would get pregnant.  I ceased my hip movements, laying my 
head against her pillow, panting heavily.  She had just finished her 
after-orgasm vibrations when she sighed.  Perfectly still, I waited 
to determine if she was still asleep, my prick still embedded in 

A minute passed.  Her breathing returned to sleep-normal.  I pulled 
out of her slowly, causing a disappointed moan to come from her.

"Aw, do you want more, Kelli?  Did I not give your body enough 
attention?"  I rolled her onto her back.  If she didn't wake up from 
that sperm injection, then I had the opportunity to keep going.  
I've read that if a woman orgasms after a man ejaculates within her, 
then the entrance to her womb lowers, sucking up the deposited semen 
in time with her spasms.  I returned my hand to her vagina, again 
playing with her clit.

"Ohh" a bothered sound came from her this time.  Damn, her clit was 
overstimulated -- I would have to do this internally.  Hm.  Well, 
unless I wanted to dip my fingers into that semen, or to taste it by 
going down on her (yuck!), I would have to use my now-deflated 
penis.  Thinking of the fingers I had put in her mouth earlier, I 
had an idea.

Moving up beside her head, I turned her face toward me, opened her 
mouth and inserted my limp member.  She immediately began to suck.  
I was pleased at the irony that she seemed like a baby nursing.  I 
wondered if our child would be lucky enough to be breastfed on these 
beauties.  I rubbed and tweaked her nipples with my fingers as her 
sucking brought life back to my penis.  After a few minutes I 
started to pump into her mouth, then stopped myself.  Mr. Wiggly, 
there's a place for everything and everything in its place, and 
you're needed for a mission deep in the fertile jungle.

I moved down between her legs and put the tip of my dick at her 
hole.  Ah yes, the warmth was nice, and everything was quite slick 
because of my already-deposited semen.  I reached around and grabbed 
her ass with both hands, lifting her pelvis so I could jam my 
phallus straight in, hard.  If she wasn't going to wake up then I 
was going for broke.

I pulled almost all the way out and then thrust back in.  No sounds 
from her yet, but I had just begun.  For minutes I varied my speed 
as I went, using a combination of half-strokes, light swirling and 
balls-deep ramming.  Our breathing had again increased and I no 
longer cared about making sex noises, much like Brad when he had 
fucked Ruth.

I buried my face in her neck, nibbling, kissing, sucking.  I swear 
I'd never had sex as good as this.  I didn't know if it was that she 
was unconscious and this was a kind of rape, or that I was 
unsuspectingly impregnating the bitch, or what.

I rose back so I was only on my knees.  Taking her legs, I threw 
them over my shoulders for maximum penetration.  God, I was deep! 
Holding the back of her thighs against my chest with my hands, my 
thrusts became hard and regular.  After a minute I pushed her legs 
back against her chest, climbing more on top of her, squishing her 
breasts, and she started to gasp each time I buried myself in her -- 
I must have been hitting her womb.

I could feel the familiar feeling begin in my balls.  Three times in 
an hour was a record for me, and I was going to damn well make sure 
she came, to make her womb suck my potent stuff inside.  Picking up 
speed, I rammed her again and again.  Her body tensed, preparing 
itself for orgasm as she started to grunt.  I jammed myself all the 
way in, then tensed my leg, abdomen and hip muscles, producing 
nervous vibrations (you know, like when you try to show off your 
biceps and end up with a shaking arm because you're trying too 
hard).  The vibrations running down my hips and penis through her 
clit, vagina and womb set Kelli off like a firecracker.  She howled, 
her arms flying around my head and pulling my mouth to hers as she 
CAME! I couldn't believe the feeling! I could feel her vagina go 
nuts as her womb pulsated at the end of my cock, sucking, sucking.  
I let go of my load with a loud cry, spurting my seed directly into 
her womb, continuing the muscular vibrations.  She continued to cum 
and cry, her fingers twining into my hair, her tongue delving into 
my mouth, her body needing this fertilization on the most basic of 
levels.  Should've been on the pill, Kelli, I thought.  Stupid sluts 
like you deserve what they get.

Finally, her arms fell to the side and I unhooked her legs from my 
shoulders.  My penis was still in her and I could still feel the 
aftershocks of her cum moving through her.  An evil thought went 
through my head.  I resumed my thrusting, even though my cock was 
losing its rigidity, keeping her orgasmic aftershocks going.  After 
a few seconds I moved my mouth back up to her ear and whispered, 
"Kelli, I love you".

"UUHHH! AAHHHH!!!" she screamed.  The aftershocks she was 
experiencing exploded into full life as her vagina spasmed around my 
cock over and over, hopefully sucking the last of my potent 
babymaking sperm inside her unprotected womb.  I didn't mean what I 
had said, of course, but I had found out with my second-to-last 
girlfriend that saying those three magical words unexpectedly during 
sex can almost always produce a spontaneous orgasm in a woman, 
especially if it was the first time you'd ever told her.  How ironic 
that a casual sex slut like Kelli would subconsciously find the 
concept of real love so stimulating.

As she came down from her final orgasm, I continued to whisper in 
her ear:  "Little slut! You won't remember this fuck, but you'll 
never forget it either!"  Even if she did get pregnant she would 
point the finger at Brad, who by that time would hopefully have 
disappeared back to where he came from.

I pulled out of Kelli with a slurping sound, pulled my pants back up 
and quietly slipped back into my tent.  Ruth was splayed wide open 
on the sleeping bag, cum running out of her.  Brad hadn't used a 
condom either (no wonder he came so fast), but thankfully Ruth was 
on the pill.  Still, I didn't know if he had HIV or what.  We left 
in the morning and I gave her the silent treatment until we got back 
to town.  Once there I broke up with her, claiming that she had been 
unfaithful, that someone had seen a guy go into our tent during my 
absence, which was technically true.  She was dumbfounded, but I was 
full of conviction.  She was getting tiresome anyway -- a pothead 
and a smoker, and I was neither.

I stopped hanging around with my pothead friends after this so I 
didn't hear if Kelli got pregnant after all, or if so, if she 
carried it to term.  Asking questions would probably have attracted 
some suspicion anyway.  Still, I sometimes wonder if I'm unknowingly 
a daddy, and if the bitch got what was coming to her.


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