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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction.  
In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all 
sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" 
or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection.


Suggestible (Mm+f, mc, impreg)

by Krosis of the Collective (


Nicole Dillon sat on the couch and sipped her beer.  She didn't know 
many people at the party personally, and was feeling a little self-
conscious.  The music was loud and booming, and again she wondered to 
herself why she had come.

But she knew the answer to that:  Mike had asked her.  It was his 
house, and he was one of the most popular guys in school -- a 
straight-A senior student, star football player, and handsome.  He 
had come up to her in the hall at school and asked her to his party, 
right out of the blue -- and he knew her name! She gazed at his firm 
jaw line, winning smile and wavy sandy-brown hair and stammered an 

Nicole knew that she was, anyway.  Over the summer 
her braces were removed and her skin had cleared up.  She had been 
away in Hawaii for the holidays and her previously pasty, skinny body 
was toned and tanned from the swimming and sun.  Her previously mousy 
hair had also been lightened from the extended sunbathing and made 
silky via a change in hair care products.  She had been the ugly 
duckling but now she was the swan.  Still, Mike's invitation had come 
as a shock since she was just a sophomore.

She had spent the rest of the week in a somewhat manic state, 
shopping, finding just the right thing to wear to the weekend get-
together.  She had settled on a short, sheer burgundy dress that 
showed off her (now) shapely legs and other curves.  Though her 
breasts were still small, she had obtained one of those water bras 
that made it look as though she had "more to offer".  Once her mother 
saw her in the new outfit she insisted on a trip to the doctor's 
office.  Shortly thereafter Nicole had a diaphragm and a crash 
refresher course in sex education.  Well, at least her Mom hadn't 
forbidden her to wear the dress, or worse, told her she couldn't go 
to the party.  Good old Mom.

Where was Mike, anyway?  She had seen him head upstairs with some of 
his friends when she arrived, but he had made himself scarce ever 
since.  As she rose from the couch and glided to the stairs, she 
swerved to avoid a beefy, drunken jock as he waved his arms about to 
emphasize his almost incomprehensively slurred story to his buddies.

In the mirror on the landing she saw Mike briskly walk by.  She 
quickly headed to the top, then followed in the same direction, 
looking in each of the bedrooms as she passed.  Nothing.  Where...?

She heard a muffled laugh from on high and looked up.  A folding 
ladder built into a ceiling trap door was there, leading to the 
attic.  A swaying string dangled down invitingly.

Swallowing nervously, she moved to the side and pulled on the string.  
The trap door opened and the ladder came down smoothly.  There was 
light from up there, and the voices had quieted.

She called up:  "Mike?" and started to climb the ladder, suddenly 
aware that raising her arms in this fashion caused her dress to ride 
up higher than was decent.  At least there was no one below to see...

She poked her head up into the attic, surprised at how comfortable 
the place looked:  carpeted, with stylish lamps (even a lava lamp!) 
and cushy couches -- it was another living room!

"Welcome to the rumpus room, Nicole!" Mike said as he rose from one 
of the couches.  He offered his hand and helped her up the rest of 
the way, and she quickly used her free hand to pull the hem of her 
dress back down.  Then she noticed the other guys in the room.

They were all looking at where her thighs and the bottom of her 
panties had been showing.  She immediately flushed.  She recognized 
Clevon, another player on the football team, black and well muscled, 
wearing his team jacket.  She also recognized Mr. Best, her English 
teacher, in his late 30's and dressed nicely for the party.  What was 
he doing here?  The last person, however...

"This is Charlie, from my computer class", said Mike, as if reading 
her mind.  She flashed Charlie an embarrassed smile.  He was somewhat 
short and skinny, with greasy brown hair and almost stereotypical 
glasses.  He was a nerd if ever there was one.

Mike had taken advantage of her distraction by surreptitiously 
setting the lock on the trap door with his foot.  "Have a seat, 
Nicole," he said.  She looked down and realized that he was still 
holding her hand, and she felt butterflies in her stomach.  She 
paused and just looked at him in his tight jeans and stylish retro 
bowling-style shirt.  He guided her to the couch and she sat down, 
again adjusting her dress so it wouldn't ride up on the soft 

The other guys were still looking at her hungrily.  She looked back 
to Mike, who sat next to her.

"So, uh...what were you guys doing in here?" she asked, trying to 
break the ice.

"Word games, actually.  Bob's idea", replied Clevon.

Bob?  Oh, Mr. Best.  He was always one of her favorite teachers.  It 
was kind of weird to see him at a student's party, though.

Mr. Best (Bob!) leaned forward.  "Want to play?" he asked.


"Okay, here's what you have to do:  recite a passage from this book 
and don't make any mistakes while Mike tries to distract you by 
whispering in your ear."  He handed her The Canterbury Tales by 
Geoffrey Chaucer.

Whisper in my ear?  That shouldn't be too tough; well, I guess it 
depends on what he whispers, she thought mischievously.

She opened the book to a random page and started reading aloud:
"In th'olde days of the King Arthur, 
 Of which that Britons speaken greet honor, 
 All was this land fulfilled of, uh, fayery. 
 The elf-queen, with her jolly compainie, 
 Daunced full oft in many a, mede."

Her pronunciation was way off.  As she continued Mike leaned close, 
causing her heart to race, and whispered into her ear:  "Nicole, I 
want you to listen to me very carefully..."

She continued reading aloud.  Though Mike's proximity was incredibly 
thrilling, she wasn't going to lose the game by seeming to be a 
lovestruck girl!

"This was the olde opinion, as I, uh, read; 
 I speke of many hundred yeres ago. 
 But now kan no man see none"

She looked up at Bob, who nodded.  Mike continued to whisper.  She 
did her best to ignore him, but her subconscious mind listened while 
her conscious mind was distracted.

Finally after a few minutes she was done the page.  It had been 
difficult to concentrate with the object of her affection trying to 
get her attention with his whisperings.  She felt odd, dreamy.  
Incomprehensible strings of Mike's words echoed in her head.  Mike 
got off the couch and knelt down in front of her.

"Nicole?  Can you hear me?" he asked.

"Yes", she replied slowly.

"Nicole...umm..." Mike looked around at the others, then decided:  
"Cluck like a chicken."

Charlie the nerd guffawed at this.  She was shocked.  What, did he 
think he had hypnotized her or something?  Well, fine.  She took a 
deep breath and let out a big "buck buck BUCKAW!" Charlie fell 
sideways off the couch laughing as the others chuckled.  They had had 
a few beers before she arrived.

Nicole figured they would probably try something like feeling up her 
tits as they worked up their courage in their "hypno games".  Well, 
while her water bra would probably feel real through the dress, she 
didn't want to chance it.  She would yell "BOO!" and scare the hell 
out of them if they tried anything.  Silly boys...

"Are you a virgin, Nicole?" asked Bob, leaning forward.  His eyes 
drilled into hers.

She again answered, her voice a monotone.  She wasn't a virgin.  Last 
year on a band ski trip she had fooled around with a trumpet player.  
Bob asked for details, and she provided:  the boy's powerful, 
talented lips had thrilled her and they made quick love (safe sex 
with a condom, of course) with him cumming within a couple of 
minutes.  The guy hadn't been all that attractive, however -- with 
her ugly duckling looks back then they had been in the same "league".

Now why had she even answered that question?  That was private!

"Have you brought birth control tonight, Nicole?" Mike asked.  His 
hands had moved to her knees.

"I have a diaphragm in, and condoms in my purse."

"Why the overkill, Nicole?  Wouldn't one or the other be fine?" Mike 

"Yes, but I'm right between periods right now.  I'm's 
really dangerous and I don't want to get pregnant."

Mike's eyes drilled into hers.  "You won't have any sex tonight, 
though.  You should take the diaphragm out.  Isn't it uncomfortable?"

She thought about it for a moment.  It WAS uncomfortable.

"Take it out right now, Nicole.  You're among friends."

She rose and bent over to pull her panties down, then put her right 
foot onto the arm of the couch.  She pulled apart her pussy lips and 
inserted her fingers.  The guys had all fallen to their knees, 
bending low to get a good look.  She fished out the offending piece 
of rubber.  Mike took it and gave it a sniff, then tossed it over to 
Bob, who did the same.  It made the rounds before being put on the 
coffee table like some lecherous centerpiece.

The room had become sexually charged.  A small voice in Nicole's head 
tried to make her see reason as Bob asked her to remove her clothes 
because it was so hot in the room.  She followed his commands, 
stripping down to her bra.  She paused.

"All of it, Nicole!" This was Charlie the nerd demanding now.  His 
eyes were wide as saucers through his glasses as he leaned forward.  
A small bit of drool came down his chin and he quickly wiped at it, 
hoping no one had seen.

She reached back and undid the fastener on the bra, then let it drop.  
There was a group intake of breath, then confused murmurs as they 
noticed her lack of endowments.

"How young is she, man?" Clevon asked, concerned.  "She looks 13 with 
those little bitty titties!" Nicole was so embarrassed!

Mike picked up her water bra, testing the weight and shape of it.  
"She's a sophomore, guys -- only a year or two younger than us.  
Well, most of us."  He looked at Bob.

Bob spoke up, his adoring gaze still upon Nicole's chest:  "This is 
just fine.  After all, how often are you going to be able to have a 
real 13-year-old?"

"So we're really gonna do it?" Charlie almost seemed to whine.  "For 

Mike took charge:  "Damn yes! It was your idea, Bob, so you're first.  
Nicole, you've taken theater classes, right?"  At her nod he 
continued:  "You are to play the part of a failing student.  Mr. Best 
here is your teacher, and you are willing to do ANYTHING for a 
passing grade -- you're desperate.  You are visiting Mr. Best in his 
classroom after school and there's no one else around.  And...start 

A change seemed to come over Nicole, and she looked over at Bob.  
"Oh, Mr. Best...I'm glad you're here.  I have to talk to you about my 

"Well, come in, Miss Dillon, and let's talk about it."  Bob sat back 
on the couch, and looked like he had just won the lottery.

Nicole came around the coffee table, moving sinuously.  A blind man 
could pick up on her intentions.  She sat on the table as if it was 
the edge of the teacher's desk, though lower.  Her mind adjusted to 
the make-believe situation.

"I'm afraid, Miss Dillon, that there's nothing that can be done.  
We're too far into the school year and your grades have slipped too 
low.  You'll have to take grade 8 over again."

The others looked at each other.  Grade *8*?  Then they understood:  
he was still fantasizing about a younger girl.  Well, whatever.  
Dirty old man.  They continued watching.

"But Mr. Best...Bob...isn't there some...extracurricular project I 
can perform?"  She put her hand on his leg and slowly licked her 

"Perhaps, Miss Dillon...Nicole.  I think we may be able to work 
something out...or in..."  His eyes roamed her curves.

"Mmm" Nicole moved forward, cupping Bob's crotch in her hand as she 
moved in for an wet kiss.  Their tongues intertwined as his hands 
moved to her breasts.  She gasped at the contact.

"Smaller breasts mean greater sensitivity, boys."  Bob instructed as 
he massaged her pectoral mounds.

"Less talking and more grade-giving, Bob" retorted Clevon.

Nicole unzipped and unbuckled Bob's pants and pulled them down.  He 
leveraged himself up and they came off quickly.  They resumed their 
kissing and his hands moved down to her vagina.  She gasped as he 
found what he was looking for:  she was wet and ready!

"Bend over the desk, dear."  He maneuvered her to the arm of the sofa 
and she complied, showing her shapely ass to the room.

"God DAMN!" Clevon muttered.  He hoped he was next, as his dick was 
about to put a hole in his jeans.

Bob got behind Nicole, his 6-incher in hand.  Nicole looked back.  
"Oh, please use a condom. I don't want to get pregnant."

Mike swore under his breath.  Bob paused, then had an idea.  "But I 
*am* wearing a condom, Nicole."

"Oh...okay."  She turned back away.

Bob, with the biggest smile, slowly inserted his dick into Nicole's 
hot, wet pussy.  "Ohh...oh, Bob..." Nicole moaned, burying her face 
into the plush arm of the couch.

She was incredibly tight, which made sense if her first sexual 
experience was a year ago and she hadn't had anyone inside her since.  
Bob hoped he could hold out long enough to give her a passing grade 
of the big "O".  Then he had another idea.  As he pushed into her all 
the way, eliciting a heavy groan from the young girl, he bent over 
her back and whispered in her ear.  She nodded, her eyes going dreamy 
for a moment as the suggestion buried itself in her subconscious.  He 
then pulled halfway out and jammed himself back in, eliciting another 
gasp from her.

Bob fucked the mesmerized beauty.  As he got a rhythm going he 
reached around and cupped her A-cup mounds with his hands, fondling 
and enjoying himself immensely.  Her gasping became regular, and he 
increased the speed of his penetration.

Charlie finally found his voice.  "Uh, Mike, without that thing," he 
pointed at the diaphragm, "won't she get, uh..."

"Pregnant?" Mike replied.  "Maybe.  Women don't get pregnant every 
time they have sex, man."

Bob chuckled to himself as the familiar feeling started behind his 
prostate.  Women don't get pregnant every time, but when they're 
ovulating there's a good chance, especially...especially...

His thrusting increased dramatically, as did Nicole's gasping.  He 
rammed her pussy repeatedly, then grunted as the floodgates opened 
and the spermy load rushed up his shaft.  Nicole's gasping had 
reached a fever pitch.  He buried himself inside her as he exploded, 
his rich white cum filling her insides.  Nicole screamed out in 
orgasm, her head upraised to proclaim her pleasure to the ceiling:  
"AH UH UH! AAAGGHHHHH!!!" Her vaginal channel spasmed around Bob's 
cock, eliciting more spurts of his dangerous seed as the orgasm took 
her.  Bob was in absolute heaven -- his hasty hypnotic suggestion had 

He pulled out of her heavenly cunt and collapsed on the couch, spent.  

Nicole was confused.  Didn't Bob say he wore a condom?  Then why did 
she feel cum running out of her?  She had turned to her teacher to 
ask when Mike appeared at her side.  She was surprised, then he took 
control of her again with his voice:  "Nicole, new scenario:  you are 
a porn starlet.  Clevon here is your co-star in this production."

"Damn YES!" Clevon bounded from the couch, removing his clothes as 
fast as he could.

Mike contined, moving the coffee table to reveal the animal skin rug 
under it:  "I'm your director.  You follow everything I say, okay?"  
Nicole nodded.  "Okay, Nicole, get down on your hands and knees.  I 
get the feeling Clevon doesn't need any fluffing or foreplay, do you, 

Shaking his head, Clevon got on his knees behind Nicole.  Damn that's 
a fine ass, he thought.  He quickly started stuffing his thick tube 
inside the girl.

"Unhh...wait, doesn't he need a condom?" Nicole questioned back over 
her shoulder, concerned.

"No, babe, you're a porn starlet.  You're on the pill." Mike 

"Oh." She looked back at Clevon, admiring his taut muscular form.  
"Fuck me, stud.  Mmm, yeah, like that," she continued to coax as he 
began to slide his larger-than-average dong into the confines of her 
slippery twat.

Clevon hadn't had a white girl before.  He admired her lily-white 
skin as her ass rippled with each thrust.  He grabbed her hips to 
increase the penetration of his fuckstick.

The result was immediate:  "AH! Oh, you're so deep! Holy fuck!" she 
cried out.  Luckily, she didn't seem to be in too much pain as he 
nudged her cervix.  Clevon continued his thrusting.  After a few 
minutes he reached forward and grabbed under her arms, pulling them 
both back into a squatting position.  He pulled her back down on his 
member and she used her bent legs to help bounce back up.  He moved 
one of his hands to her breasts, causing her to gasp again.  Bob was 
right:  they did seem more sensitive.  He tweaked her nipple, 
eliciting a whimper from her, then moved his hand down to her most 
holy of holeys.  He slippped two fingers inside her, between his cock 
and her clit.

Nicole couldn't believe it.  It was as if she had an even thicker 
penis inside her, and Clevon's was already pretty big.  Her clit had 
already retreated inside her pussy and was getting increased 
stimulation from this technique.  The volume of her groans 
intensified and everyone knew she was going to cum.

Mike spoke up, "Nicole, this production is X-rated, not XXX.  We 
can't show cumshots so you're either going to have to stop soon or 
he'll cum inside you, okay?"

"UH YEAH! OHH YEAH!" Nicole loudly exclaimed.  Her head was laid back 
on Clevon's shoulder as she bounced, eyes closed and mouth open.  She 
looked to be in absolute ecstasy.

Oh, man, I'm gonna preg the bitch up, thought Clevon.  My boys are 
gonna rip into her white egg and make her belly round!  He grabbed 
her hips and switched to the short wasn't going to take 
much more!

Nicole was pushed over the edge:  "AAGHHH! AH! AH! OOUUUUHHHH!! FUCK 
ME! OH FUCK, CUM IN ME!" Her hands flew to her breasts, kneading, and 
her pussy exploded around Clevon's cock and fingers.

"Aw, yeah, take it bitch! Take my cum!" The head of his large shaft 
poked into her cervix repeatedly as he spurted inside her like a fire 
hose.  It seemed as if it would never stop, her orgasm coaxing even 
more of his life-giving cream into her.  Finally they fell forward, 
returning to the doggy-style position.  He pulled out of her slowly, 
then pushed back in, causing another groan to escape her lips.

Clevon figured he could go for another round, but there were 2 more 
to go.  "Who's next?" he asked.

Mike looked torn.  He probably should have gone second and now he was 
regretting his choice.  After Clevon's big dick Nicole's pussy was 
going to be all stretched out.  He looked over at Charlie, who hadn't 
moved from his chair during all of this.  He could see a little tent 
pole poking up from the crotch of his jeans.  "Your turn, Charlie."

Charlie was absolutely freaked.  They had raped Nicole! Sure, he had 
been told beforehand that they were going to try to hypnotize the 
first girl that found them in the attic, and to "have some fun with 
her", but he didn't expect this! He had admired Nicole at school, 
even before her makeover.  He didn't want to take advantage of her!

Mike, sensing Charlie's hesitation, softly told the poor girl, 
"Nicole, you are a hooker we've picked up for Charlie's stag party.  
We've paid you $10,000 to do whatever it takes to make Charlie happy.  
Understand?  WHATEVER it takes."

"I know what to do," Nicole said, shifting into the new character.  
She sauntered over to Charlie, moving her hips sexily back and forth.  
Charlie's eyes got bigger.  Nicole danced before the skinny geek for 
a few minutes, alternately thrusting her ass at him and offering her 
pert boobs for his inspection.  Charlie was frozen like a deer in the 

Mike came up behind her again, whispering in her ear.  "Nicole, 
Charlie doesn't look happy.  I think you know what you have to do.  
Here's a condom.  I think you should put it on with your mouth."  He 
handed her empty air, which she took in character.

Kneeling down in front of Charlie, she reached forward and unzipped 
his fly.  Charlie's breathing, already quick, increased again.  She 
grasped his member inside his shorts and he groaned.  She pulled out 
his thin but hard 5-inch penis and licked her lips, then pantomimed 
like she was opening a foil packet.  Putting something nonexistent in 
her mouth, she went down on Charlie.

His eyes almost bugged out as her hot, wet mouth enveloped his dick.  
He had never been with a woman, much less had a blowjob.  His 
conscience still told him to stop, to rush from the room and call the 
cops, but the voice in his head wasn't as loud as it was before.  Her 
mouth was so warm!

Removing her mouth from his dick, Nicole gave him a wanton look.  
"Charlie, you're never gonna forget tonight," she said, clambering up 
into his lap.  His face came to the same height as her breasts, and 
he couldn't take his eyes off them.

Nicole reached down, positioning herself and sinking down onto his 
member.  Charlie moaned, not only from the pleasure but as if 
lamenting the overwhelming of his morals.  Nicole controlled Charlie, 
and Mike controlled her.

He couldn't believe how moist and wet it was inside her as she 
settled, completing the impalement.  "Mmm," she moaned.  "You feel so 
good inside me, Charlie.  Do I feel good to you, too?"  Charlie could 
only nod, bringing his head closer to her beautiful breasts.  Nicole 
rose up and back down, then continued:  "Ooh, Charlie, your fiancée 
is so lucky.  You're a wonderful lover."

The others snickered at this.  He was just sitting there!

Finally Charlie could take no more, and buried his face into her 
small boobs, licking and sucking.  "Oh, Charlie, yes, that feels sooo 
good."  She increased the speed of her fucking, knowing in the back 
of her mind that she would cum hard when he did.

Charlie felt something deep in his nuts, something incredible, as if 
he was going to pee.  It felt so pleasurable that he didn't care what 
it was, just that it would continue and feel even better.  Nothing 
else mattered.  He started to thrust up into Nicole as best he could.

"Oh, Charlie, are you getting...uh, mm, close?  Are you going to 
cum?"  Nicole increased her bouncing tempo.

Charlie snapped back to reality, looking up at her rapt and beautiful 
face.  "Nicole, have to break their control.  They've 
hypnotized you."

The others sat up.

"Nicole...uhh...please...I'm going to...spurt soon.  I don't want 
to...unhh...get you pregnant!"

"You can't,'re wearing a condom.  I put it on 
you...mmm...myself! You really seemed to enjoy it."

"You didn't! Please! You have to listen to me!"

Nicole looked back at Mike, confused, then nodded, understanding.  
She gave Charlie a half-lidded, wanton look.  "Oh, but maybe I want 
you to impregnate me, Charlie.  You're so handsome.  Give me a baby!"

"WHAT! B-but...but..."

"Fuck a baby into me, Charlie.  Can't you feel my womb, ready for 
your seed?  Cum in me! UH! Fucking cum in me!" Her bouncing 
increased, and Charlie could hold out no more.  He didn't know why 
she had changed her mind about pregnancy, but there was nothing that 
could stop him now.

"AUUAAGGHH!!!" Charlie tensed his entire body as he spurted his semen 
into the beautiful, receptive girl.

Feeling him cum inside her set Nicole off like a firecracker:  "Oh OH 
OH! Unhhh! UNHHHH!!" Her insides spasmed repeatedly around his 
spewing member, sucking more of his geeky seed into her most private 
of places.  Finally they both came down from their sexual high, 

She got off of the stunned nerd and headed over to Mike, who had 
quickly doffed his clothing.  "Hah! See, I told you I could make him 
happy," she said.  "Did you know he had an impregnation fantasy?  
Hey, what the fuck--?!"  She had again noticed the cum running down 
her legs.

"Nicole, listen to me," Mike insisted.  She stopped, slack-jawed.  
"Do you like me?"

"Yes, very much, Mike," she responded adoringly.

"We're married now.  It's our wedding night, and we're in the 
honeymoon suite."  He embraced her, kissing her fervently.  She 
returned his passion.

"Oh, God, Mike, I've waited for this day for so long!" she revealed, 

"Get on the bed, babe."  He pointed at the rug that she and Clevon 
had used.  She clambered on, turned over onto her back and gave him a 
lusty look as she opened her thighs.  He smiled and leapt upon her, 
knocking the breath from her.  He had waited through 3 people to do 
this, and he wasn't going to wait any longer.

Maneuvering her knees over his shoulders he jammed his cock into her 
open slit.  She cried out in pleasure, as she was already well 
lubricated from the other guys' cum.  Though still pretty stretched 
from Clevon, this position allowed maximum penetration and friction.

"Oh, Mike...oh!" He pounded into her, intent only on his pleasure.  
His balls felt like they were going to burst from having to wait 
through those 3 incredibly erotic scenarios.  He had a big potent 
load waiting to assault her womb.

Bob came around the side.  "Oh, Mike, just as well you're just 
pounding away.  I gave her a suggestion while I was fucking her:  she 
will cum the hardest when a penis is spurting within her.  The more 
you cum, the harder she will cum, and I don't know if you recall from 
your sex ed. classes, but if a woman orgasms during or after the 
man's ejaculation it increases the chance of impregnation.  Just 
thought you'd like to know."

Mike didn't care.  All that was on his mind was that hot fucking 
cunt.  She was continuously moaning and groaning now, being roughly 
taken by the man she loved.  She was having mini-orgasms as the 
friction from the sexual position and vibrations from the rough 
fucking stimulated her clitoris.

"Uh uh auh huh," she panted as he reamed her out.  He wasn't using a 
condom, but it was their wedding night.  Had they talked about 
children?  She couldn't remember.  It didn't matter -- they were in 
love, and now married! They would have the most beautiful children...

Mike was getting close.  He felt the tickling in his swollen nuts.  
He held onto her tightly as his strokes got shorter and harder.

She realized how close he was and was by now experiencing one long, 
rolling orgasm.  "Oh, Mike, yes, uhh, yes! Give it to me! YES!"

"UUUUUHHHHHHH!!!" Mike's cock exploded violently inside her.  Her 
hypnotic trigger kicked in, setting off her biggest orgasm of the 
night.  The depth and angle of the penetration caused Mike's potent 
cum to spurt directly into the end of her cervix, and from there into 
her fertile womb.  She couldn't stop cumming, her stomach muscles 
almost cramping from the orgasmic throes.

Finally it was over.  Mike rolled off of her and Bob came over with 
her diaphragm.  "Nicole, you should put your diaphragm in.  You don't 
want to get pregnant."

He was right! She quickly put the rubber dome back inside her, 
trapping the already-deposited sperm.  A few more commands and she 
was back in her clothes, her messed-up hair the only visible sign of 
her violation.  As Bob unlocked the trap door she sat, waiting.

"Now Nicole, when I snap my fingers you will not remember anything 
after reading from the book," commanded Mike.  "You will also think 
of a reason to leave here quickly."  He snapped his fingers and she 
started, looking around.  Why were they staring at her like that?  
Jeez, she had to pee.

"I gotta go, guys," she said as she rose, "thanks for the game."

As she got back down the ladder she bumped into two guys she didn't 
know who quite enjoyed the view of her panties.  Pigs!

"Heh...looks like we're late for the word games," said the first guy 
as they started up the ladder.  She went back down the hall to the 
stairs.  At the bottom she came across Marie, another girl from her 
class, curvy and latino, with dark curly hair.

"Is Clevon upstairs?" asked Marie.

"Yeah, up in the attic.  They're playing word games."

"Word games?  Sounds like fun -- thanks!" Marie hopped up the stairs, 
all her naughty bits bouncing as she went.

Nicole thought there was something else she should tell Marie, 
something important, but couldn't put the thought together.  Oh well, 
if it was important she would remember.


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