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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction.  
In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all 
sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" 
or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection.


Possession:  Green Eyed Monster (FF, MFF, MF, con, mc, 1st, impreg)

by Krosis of the Collective (


I looked into her beautiful green eyes.  She was mine, and I loved 

The spark of life was leaving those gorgeous emerald orbs.  I gripped 
my hands tighter around her throat until I knew she was gone, then 
collapsed on top of her unmoving body, sobbing.

How had it come to this?  I thought she loved me!

Six months ago:  Picture a tall brown-haired woman with tanned skin 
and brown eyes (me), feeling lost at a friend's party because I 
didn't know many people there.  What was I thinking?  I didn't like 
men, and all the women there were most likely straight, my friend 
(more of an acquaintance, really) being somewhat of a prude.  I had 
turned to leave when I bumped into a small, slim blonde in a tight-
fitting blouse and slacks.  Her rye and cola splashed onto her 
blouse, making the dark fabric instantly see-through.  I liked what I 

I bustled her into the kitchen and proceeded to try to dry her off 
with paper towels, getting a little touch and feel in the process, 
and as she tried to convince me it was no big thing I looked into her 
eyes.  Something electric went through me -- through both of us -- as 
I stared into the most beautiful deep green eyes I had ever seen.  
With those eyes, her fair hair and ethereal features, I thought for a 
moment that I had met an elf!

"I'm, uh, Rachel," I managed to stammer out.

"Jolene," she replied, and looked down at my hand, which had stopped 
between her breasts when I saw her eyes.  She looked back up at me 
with a knowing smile.

I took her back to my place that night and showed her how much better 
women are as lovers than men.  What do men know about the female 
body, after all?  I've lived in one for 30 years, and let me tell 
you, I know it quite literally inside and out! She had never been 
with a woman before, and it was exciting to know that I was taking 
her "lesbinity."

We were together for months...I was so happy! She stayed at my place 
more often than her own, and we frequently made love.

She went and visited her folks in Oregon for a week, and when she 
returned she seemed to be a different person.  I don't know what 
happened while she was away -- maybe she told her parents and they 
disapproved -- but she was quiet and distant.  We made love a couple 
times but she seemed restrained, withdrawn.

Finally she sat me down and told me she didn't want to be with me 
anymore.  She was in her 30's and wanted to have children, and 
frankly, she missed sex with men.  I had a few fake penises in my 
collection for my lovers (I hate the stupid-looking things), and I 
told her we could adopt, or perhaps go for in vitro fertilization?  
She said perhaps, and went home.

We didn't talk for a week.  Finally I confronted her one night out 
back of her workplace, in the darkened and empty parking lot.  I told 
her I wanted her back...I would do anything! She told me to leave her 
alone.  I yelled at her...

She told me I disgusted her.  I lost it, running at her and wrapping 
my hands around her neck...

I had killed her! No!!

I looked around quickly, wild-eyed.  Nobody was there.  People shout 
all the time in the city, so we didn't attract any attention, and my 
sudden throttling attack had silenced her.  I ran away, crying, 
leaving the love of my life behind on the cold pavement.

The murder appeared in the news but I was never contacted by the 
police.  It seemed robbery was the obvious motive, as her purse was 
missing.  Someone must have stolen it before the police were called, 
lucky for me! I didn't even know if Jolene had told any of her 
friends about me, so it was possible that there was no perceived 
connection between us.

You must think me a cold, evil person...I'm not! I cried all night 
and most of the day after.  I took a sick day and napped in the 
afternoon.  I had the strangest dream that Jolene was with me, and 
she forgave me, and I took her into my arms.  Then she became like 
mist, and my hands went through her.  The gossamer filaments of her 
soul covered me like a second skin, and then slipped into me.  We 
became one.

I woke to find myself standing in front of the bathroom mirror, with 
no remembrance of how I got there.  There was a small flash of 
brilliant green in the mirror but when I looked again it was no 
longer there.  I shook my head and went back to bed.

It was Friday night and I was going to remain at home, but I felt 
restless and horny.  I usually get like that when I'm ovulating, 
which is stupid because that particular itch will never be scratched.  
Still, I thought, perhaps I could find a nice girl to have some fun 
with tonight?

I dolled myself up and put on a short black dress and some high 
heeled pumps that showed off my trim legs...mmm! If only I could 
clone myself, I'd never leave the apartment!

I went out bar hopping.  There were usually some young ladies on the 
dance floor who wouldn't mind dancing with other women, and sometimes 
you could find some who were interesting in...experimenting.  I found 
a gaggle of girls strutting their stuff and moved in.  (How many make 
a gaggle anyway?  Four I guess, since that's how many were on the 
floor!) They accepted me right away, maybe because there weren't many 
dancers that night.  We did some bumping and grinding, and turning on 
the onlookers...yow!

There was a redhead with big boobs, a slim brunette, and a couple of 
blondes who looked like sisters.  The redhead grabbed my attention, 
and I grabbed her knockers when she was grinding back at me during a 
particularly bootylicious song.  She jumped, but didn't pull 

We got hot and heavy on the floor and her friends eventually 
scattered back to their tables.  When she turned to me I planted a 
tonguey kiss on her and she returned it.  She then looked into my 
eyes and pulled me off the floor to her table.  Her girlfriends and 
their boyfriends were leaving (was it me?) but there was another guy 
there, beefy and somewhat Italian looking, and she draped herself on 
his shoulder.  Uh, what the fuck?

She motioned for me to sit next to her, and the guy was on her other 
side checking me out.  Uh uh, buddy, I broadcasted.  She tried to 
yell something to me but the damn music was too loud.  I leaned 
closer...her name was Gabrielle...

...and then the music was different, just like that.  Stupid DJ 
didn't know how to handle proper transitions! I looked, 
the place had really cleared out in the last couple minutes...

Gabrielle's hand was on my thigh under the table, circling.  When had 
she done that?  Not that I was complaining...mmm...

Then we were in a cab.  I was between the two of them, and Gabrielle 
and I were kissing, turned toward each other, her hand on my 
breast...only I didn't know it was actually the guy's hand.  How much 
had I drunk that night?

Then we were at my place and we were stripping off our dresses while 
still kissing in the middle of my living room.  The guy was on the 
couch watching us, idly rubbing the bulge in his trousers.  That 
should have bothered me, but it didn't...I was totally focused on the 
gorgeous redhead and her incredibly-formed mammaries.

What beauties! They were grapefruit-sized, and the strawberry nipples 
were prominent.  I dived into them, nibbling and sucking.  She gasped 
and pulled my head against them...heaven!

We sidled into the bedroom, Gabrielle almost falling over as my 
fingers explored her puffy pussy.  She was shaved down there, with 
just an "Adolf" patch of hair left, which I loved.  Once she lay back 
on the bed I dived in, teaching her what I said earlier:  women lick 
pussy best!

After bringing her to orgasm several times I rolled over onto my 
back.  My mind registered that her boyfriend was in the doorway, 
still rubbing his crotch, but I put it out of my mind.

Gabrielle dived into my muff and I closed my eyes.  I was already 
keyed up from the action in the bar and in the living room, and came 
quickly, my fingers pinching and twisting at my erect nipples.

Gabrielle quickly switched into a 69 position and all I could see was 
her fine, fine ass.  I pulled her cunny back to my face, piercing her 
folds with my extended tongue.  She gasped and played with my pussy, 
but didn't lick me anymore.  I was all keyed up, and started to 
thrust my pelvis up toward her face.  C'mon, give me some relief 
here! I thought.

Then I felt her pull the folds of my pussy apart and something thick 
touched between them.  I realized she must have pulled one of my 
dildos out of my toy drawer and was going to use it on me.  The fact 
that she didn't know where my toy drawer was didn't even enter my 
mind.  I normally don't like dildos, but I was so "hot to trot" that 
it felt good.  The tip swirled around my entrance a bit, then dipped 
in, my excitement having really lubricated the way in.

Her fingers found my clitoris and I gasped into her cunt as she 
pushed the dildo in.  I found her clit as well, sucking lightly on it 
as my pelvis kept thrusting up, trying to get more of the shaft 
inside me.  It went in further, about 2 inches, and it felt 
incredible! Why did I not like those things?  Too cold and plastic?  
This one wasn't; it felt almost hot, throbbing within me.  I wanted 

As if in answer to my unspoken desire the hard shaft pushed in 
deeper.  I moaned in ecstasy.  Gabrielle was now holding my legs back 
and wide apart with her elbows and continued to play with my clit.  
Then I felt her tongue skip across my clit, then off, then back 
again.  Was she licking the fake cock's shaft?  Weird.

Her face backed off and she pushed the dildo into me harder, knocking 
the breath from me.  Wow, she was strong! It was now almost entirely 
inside me, and she pulled it back and then pushed it in hard again.  
There was a sense that a small dildo should be able to be manipulated 
with greater dexterity...the thrusting seemed almost ponderous in 

Then she had switched positions and was laying on me face to face, 
kissing me again and holding my face in her hands.  She was so 
beautiful! Hands wrapped around my thighs and pulled me downward on 
the bed, impaling me on that thrusting hard cock.  I was so close, 

Then I realized that there were too many hands on me.  How could 
Gabrielle be pushing the dildo into me and holding my legs while she 
was holding my face, and now squeezing my breasts, tweaking my 
nipples?  What...what...?

"You're doing so well," Gabrielle whispered into my ear.  "I can't 
believe you're a virgin.  Denny's cock is so good, isn't it?  I'm so 
happy we can help you with this."

Then I realized:  I had no control.  If I had control I wouldn't have 
invited her boyfriend into my home.  I wouldn't have gotten naked in 
front of him...I wouldn't have let him enter my bedroom while I was 
having sex with his girlfriend.  What did she mean, help me with 
this?  I wanted to shout, to scream, to push them both off me, but I 
couldn't.  Why couldn't I?

I was able to move my head to the side, so look past her face.  Her 
boyfriend was between my legs, thrusting faster now, his eyes glued 
to my face.

"I love your eyes," he said, thrusting even faster.

His thrusts were hitting my extended clitoris now, exciting me 
further.  Through the sexual haze I wondered about his comment.  My 
eyes were actually quite an ordinary crap brown; nobody ever 
complimented them.

Thinking that I wanted to see more of whatshisname as he fucked me, 
Gabrielle slipped to the side and knelt beside me.  Her fingers moved 
down to my clit and massaged it, sending shivers up my spine.  Uh! Oh 

Her boyfriend, seeing all of me spread before him, thrust even harder 
inside me.  Each bump of his pelvis on her fingers reverberated into 
my clit and pussy lips, driving me to new heights of sexual heat. heat...

OH GOD! I was ovulating! I looked down at his cock piercing my virgin 
pussy.  He was stroking back, almost all the way out, then back in 
with increasing ferocity.  On the back strokes I could see quite 
clearly that he had no condom on.

Again, I couldn't say or do anything about it.  I could moan, I could 
drool, I could kiss Gabrielle back as she became increasingly excited 
about what was about to happen, but I couldn't stop it.  WHY?!

"Ouh! UH!" He cried out, jamming as far into me as he could, and 
stopped.  As Gabrielle moved her hands to my nipples and tweaked them 
I could feel his cock pulse inside me, once, twice, warmth spreading 
deep inside.  My orgasm, which was delayed when I realized what was 
happening, suddenly exploded outward from my G-spot, my clitoris, my 
nipples, all at once.  I screamed, but not in frustration or terror; 
in ecstasy!

My back arched and Gabrielle sucked on my nipples, nibbling on them, 
drawing them out with suction and light use of her teeth.  Her 
boyfriend started thrusting again, extending his orgasm and spurting 
more of his dangerous sperm-filled semen deep inside my hot, fertile 
channel.  I cried out again, my orgasm rolling over and through me, 
now centered around his throbbing member as the last spurts resolved.

Then I passed out.

I woke up in the morning, alone.  I was sore down there, 
understandably, not having had sex with a man before.  I should have 
been a lot more upset.  What was wrong with me?

I went to the bathroom.  After peeing I sat on the toilet for another 
15 minutes, hoping gravity would leak the semen out of me.  No such had had hours to soak in.

I should have gone to a clinic for the morning-after pill; I don't 
know why I didn't.  Instead, I went through the day like a zombie.  I 
ate, watched TV, browsed the Internet...I found a particularly hot 
site with lesbians and stayed there for a while, fingering myself, 
but I just couldn't get off!

I needed a woman, one that would help me to forget.  I put on a sheer 
half-top and some tight leather pants and hit the clubs again.

There was this slim girl with short light brown hair, a t-shirt, 
jeans and no makeup dancing with some other girls.  I focused on her 
and she responded, and we danced together most of the night.  I took 
her back to my place.

For some reason I was very passive; I had barely touched her (Alex) 
all night.  I let her take control, pulling my clothes from my body, 
massaging my breasts.  I was naked before her but she still had her 
clothes on.  She asked me to get on my hands and knees facing away 
from her, then proceeded to eat my pussy from behind.

It was ecstasy, but I still couldn't cum; something was missing.  
After about 10 minutes I felt her get behind me and something poked 
at my wet pussy.  Yes! That was what I wanted! Alex must have put on 
my strap-on dildo...what a dear!

She teased me with the tip, rubbing it around my pussy lips, 
gathering lubrication.  I gasped and moved my hips back, trying to 
capture the head between them.  I did it, and she pushed into me a 
few inches.  Then she pulled back out, leaving just the tip inside.  
I swear it was throbbing! I was frantic, pushing back, trying to get 
it deeper into me.

Finally Alex pushed several inches into me, hard.  I groaned in 
pleasure...this was what I wanted! I used to hate the feel of the 
dildos...what had changed?  She pulled out a few inches, then pushed 
hard again.  Aahhh! So good! A few more thrusts and she bottomed 
out...I felt so full! She ground her pelvis into me, causing sparks 
of pleasure to flash from my clit.  She really knew how to use that 

She grabbed my hips and started thrusting hard.  I bit the pillow to 
keep from screaming from pleasure, even though I still hadn't cum 

Alex was gasping now.  Oh, the poor she was bringing me 
to a mind-blowing orgasm and I hadn't given her any pleasure 
whatsoever! I reached between my legs to play with her clit.  My 
fingers touched something dangling and fleshy...what the--?!  I 
pushed myself up and looked down between my legs.  There, hanging 
down from an obviously not-fake penis ramming into me, was a swollen 
ball-sack! I looked over my shoulder at the slim young man who was 
fucking me.  How had I mistaken him for a woman?! Now that his shirt 
was off it was pretty damn obvious!

I should have pulled away...I should have yelled...I should have done 
something other than moving my hand back between my legs, cupping his 
ball-sack and giving it a slight squeeze.

"Uaaah! Aarhh!" Alex yelled, thrusting harder.  His cock expanded 
inside me, hot and throbbing.  I knew he was shooting his seed deep 
within my fertile depths, and God help me, it was what I was waiting 
for.  His frantic thrusting hit my G-spot and I started to cum.  I 
pushed my face into the pillow and screamed in a combination of 
ecstasy and terror, my cunt pulling his sperm deep inside me, toward 
my awaiting egg.  My tight pussy spasmed around his cock, extending 
his orgasm and pulling more spurts from him.  It seemed to never end.

Finally I collapsed.  I was dimly aware of Alex getting his clothes 
on and escaping via the front door.  Typical man.

In the morning I woke and went to work.  Once again I didn't visit a 
clinic.  My horniness went away and I just went through life like an 
automaton.  A couple weeks passed...

I missed my period.  It normally arrived like clockwork, so it was 
fairly obvious what had happened.  I didn't freak out.  I took it all 
in stride.  I don't know what was wrong with me?  It was like I was 
on antidepressants or something; I should have been frantic!

Months passed and my belly filled out.  I went to the doctor to make 
sure the baby was healthy but I couldn't ask about an abortion.  I 
was worried about the baby, not myself.  It just wasn't like me.

More months passed.  My breasts got bigger, which I was kind of happy 
about.  I didn't like the weight gain.  As I got nearer my due date I 
felt like a beached whale.

Finally I was giving birth at the hospital.  I was given an epidural 
(thank God), and after 8 hours of labor she came out:  my baby.

As the doctor handed me my child I knew what I would name her.  I 
suppose I had always known.

I looked into her beautiful green eyes.  She was mine, and I loved 


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