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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of 
fiction.  In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV 
and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips 
his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection.


Possession (mf, Mf, mc, nc, impreg, slow)

by Krosis of the Collective (


Chapter 1

Professor Hughes was looking forward to this experiment.  He had 
hand-picked four of his first-year college Psychology students and 
brought them out to the countryside, to a very special place.

"Is this it?" asked James, a brown-haired theater major, as he 
peered out the window of the professor's SUV at the large, overgrown 
estate as they drove alongside.

"Yes, we're here."  The professor replied as he turned up the 
driveway, which was framed by dilapidated metal gates, barely 
hanging on their hinges.  The gravel crunched under the vehicle's 

"Gosh, it's so...dreary!" said Laura, a sweet-natured, brown-haired 
beauty, as she leaned forward to get a better view out the 
windshield.  The grey manor rose out of the gloom on this chilly 
twilit night, dark and foreboding.  A classic haunted house.

The vehicle braked hard in front of the ornate entryway, jostling 
the passengers in the rear seat.  "Whu--?  Hey, careful, Prof!" 
Beefy, dark-haired jock Lance and blonde cheerleader Mandy 
disentangled from each other.  They hadn't noticed the last half-
hour of the drive.

Professor Hughes got out of the car and headed up the entryway 
stairs, calling back, "Unpack the car, students.  I'll meet you 
inside."  He unlocked the great oak front door with an old key and 
went inside.  The kids grudgingly unloaded the vehicle.

As they walked into the manor, fully laden with luggage, they 
stopped.  Mandy's bags dropped to the floor with a thunk.  "Holy 

The foyer was huge, the carved, vaulted ceiling rising 50 feet into 
the air.  Before them, the marble floor led off to several side 
doors, but the group's attention was taken by the grandiose stairs, 
20 feet across at the bottom, curving up another 20 feet to the 
second floor.  The stairs were also made of marble, but grotesque 
and macabre carved heads dominated the bannisters.

Laura was immediately uncomfortable.  Her Christian upbringing made 
her think these horrible faces were...demonic.

"Magnificent, isn't it?"

The girls screamed out, and the rest of the bags dropped to the 
floor.  The professor had snuck up  behind them, gazing over their 
shoulders at the strange carvings.

James, ever the card, put on his best "Lurch" face and turned to the 
others.  "You...rangggg...?" he monotoned.  They laughed, but 
uneasily.  The professor's expression was unreadable.

Professor Hughes assigned separate rooms to himself and his students 
on the second floor.  The girls were assigned to the West hall and 
the men the East.  The professor's room was closest to the stairs, 
so he would keep an eye out for any shenanigans, especially from 
Lance and Mandy.

He let them settle into their posh bedrooms while he unpacked and 
made sure his equipment was still working.  Unbeknownst to the 
students, they were the subject of a bizarre psychological 
experiment.  The professor had secreted cameras all about the place, 
and had planned a few fake "ghostly" happenings.  The front door was 
locked and he had the only key, plus all the other exits had been 
sealed on his last visit.  The windows were already boarded up for 
storm season.

Chapter 2

The inside of the manor was huge.  Dinner was in the large dining 
room on the first floor, lit by tall candle stands.  Unlike the 
original occupants of the house long ago, they had to settle for 
sandwiches and soup from a thermos.  As they ate, they discussed 
their situation:

"What's up with this place, professor?" asked James, in between 
bites.  "This house is right out of a George Romero movie."

The professor paused, then stood up, looking quite serious.  All 
faces turned to him.  " a haunted house."

Lance spit out some of his cola.  The others arched their eyebrows, 
and James looked amused.  The professor sighed and sat.  Leaning 
forward, he continued:  "In the late 1700s there was a young woman 
named Annabelle Carson.  She lived here with her stepfather, 
Nathaniel.  Nathaniel owned the farm out back of this property, and 
was obsessed with his stepdaughter.  Before she came of age, she 
fell in love with a young man named Winston Jonas.  They courted, 
and married in secret.  The story goes that on their wedding night, 
in this very house, Nathaniel came upon them as they consummated 
their love.  He brutally slayed both before succumbing to a heart 
attack.  It is said that their spirits dwell here still, the two 
lovers, and the vengeful Nathaniel tied to them by his obsessive 

The students were silent.  They looked at each other uneasily, then 
James spoke:  "Um, Professor Hughes, I thought this was a Psychology 
class, not PARApsychology."

"Real or no, the story's love triangle runs the gamut of emotions," 
the older man replied.  "Can you decipher the psychology of those 
who no longer live?"

"Ghostbusters, man, 'cept we don't have the proton packs" Lance 

The room seemed darker.  A couple of the candles had gone out.  
Laura dropped the remains of her sandwich to the table, and stood to 
leave:  "I've lost my appetite."  She rushed from the room as the 
men rose from their chairs.  The two young men looked at each other, 
confused by their spontaneous gentlemanly act, then sat back down.  
Mandy was still slurping her soup, disinterested.

The remainder of dinner passed quietly and uncomfortably, then they 
all returned to their rooms.

Chapter 3

Mandy had changed into her nightgown, and had just put some more 
wood into the fireplace when she heard her door quietly open and 
close.  She turned to find Lance staring at her, seemingly hesitant.

"Managed to sneak by him, huh?"  Mandy beckoned him to her as she 
sat back on the bed seductively.

He came forward, his eyes locked to her chest, barely hidden by her 
sheer nightie.  "I was quiet as a mouse, my love."

Mandy caught her breath, butterflies in her stomach.  He had never 
used the big "L" word with her before! She held out her arms and he 
came to her, kissing her lovingly, leaning her back onto the bed.

"Mmm..." She found he was using a new technique.  He seemed 
apprehensive, but also full of urgency, like a kid opening a present 
on Christmas morning; like he was when they first started fooling 
around, before they had become more familiar with each other's 
bodies.  She liked it, and spread her legs for him.  She had 
neglected her panties tonight.

" long last..."  Lance gasped as he undid his 
jeans and pulled his boxers down, climbing up on the bed.  Mandy 
scooted herself back so her head was on the pillows.

At long last?  she thought.  It had only been a couple days since 
they had last done it.  What a horn dog!

His hips rested between her thighs and he returned his mouth to 
hers.  His penis poked into her crotch, but not at the right angle.  
What was he doing?  Some more rubbing and poking into the wrong 
spots and she was getting very hot and bothered.  Finally she 
reached down and spread her wet hole open, and on his next thrust he 
was inside her.

"Mmm..." she cooed.

"Oooohh..." he moaned, holding himself still for a moment, enjoying 
the sensation.

She thrust her pelvis back at him, looking into his eyes.  In the 
dim light she thought she saw an odd look of wonderment play across 
his face.  Then he pulled out halfway and thrust himself back.  She 
closed her eyes as she savored the feeling of fullness.  Lance had a 
good-sized cock.

Lance sped up his in-and-out movements, and the good feelings 
increased.  Mandy's clit was getting some good vibrations as he 
fucked her.  Within a few minutes she was getting close.  She had 
never reached orgasm this quickly before!

The speed of Lance's thrusting increased, and he started to huff.  
Suddenly she realized why it was feeling so good:  he wasn't wearing 
a condom -- but he always wore a condom! "I never want to ruin my 
life with whining, crying babies," he had always said.

She tried to tell him to pull out, but her voice was gone.  No 
sound! She moved her arms to push him off, but an unseen force 
thrust them to her sides.  What the fuck was going on?  She was in a 
panic, her eyes wide, but she could not move! He was thrusting hard 
now, his eyes closed, concentrating on the inevitable rush from his 
loins.  Even in the face of this unreal situation, her mind raced to 
remember when her last period was.  Shit!

"Uhh...uuuuhhhhh....aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!" Lance bellowed out as he 
thrust home into the restrained cheerleader.  She could feel his 
cock pulse within her, his seed shooting into her unprotected pussy.  
Suddenly, there were unseen fingers on her clit, manipulating it 
like no earthly lover had before.  Her highly-stimulated love button 
pushed her overheated body over the edge, and she arched her back in 

"Nnnn! NNNNNN!!!" Her mind and body were at odds, but the feelings 
were too powerful.  Her orgasming love channel sucked up the potent 
spunk being blasted into it.

Finally Lance collapsed onto her, breathing heavily.  "At 
last...after so long...we've done it, my love!" He raised his face 
to hers, but he could not make out her terror in the dim light from 
the fireplace.  She still could not move.

He raised his head up as an unearthly, radiant light blossomed above 
them, near the ceiling.  A heavenly choral sound filled the air.  
Lance's body collapsed onto Mandy as a glowing form left it, 
drifting toward the cloud-like swirl.  The spirit was of a handsome 
young man with long, braided hair, wearing archaic clothing, the 
details of which were lost in the wispy shape.  As he reached what 
she could now tell was a white tunnel, he turned back with a loving 
smile.  As he drifted into the tunnel, confusion crossed his 
ephemeral features.

"My love...?"  He looked shocked as the tunnel engulfed him, pulling 
him to his final rest.  The glow burst into a blinding light and was 
gone, leaving Mandy blinking, her stunned lover still on top of 
her...inside her...Jesus!

She could move her hands again, and found her voice.  She screamed, 
pushing Lance off of her.  His cum ran out of her vagina and onto 
the sheets.  Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...

"Whu--?  Man...dy?  Whuzz...goin'...on?"  Lance was coming out of 
what felt like a dream -- a wet dream! Had he fucked Mandy without a 
rubber?  Why had he done that?  He sat up, his head spinning.

The door flew open as Professor Hughes burst into the room.  "What 
is happening in here?  Why are you screaming, young lady?"

She quickly covered herself up with the bedspread and started to 
cry.  Lance sat next to her and tried to comfort her, but she pushed 
him away.  The professor, barely able to see in the gloom, went over 
to the fireplace and used the poker there to try to procure a little 
more light from the burnt-out logs.

"Mandy?  What is it, baby?"  Lance was still pretty out of it, but 
wanted to comfort his girlfriend.  He put his hand on her blanket-
covered knee.  She pulled away again, turning her face from his.

Suddenly there was a harsh, wet sound, like a melon being crushed, 
and Lance was on top of her again.  She screamed again.  He wasn't 
trying to have sex with her this time, though.  She grabbed his 
head, but let go as she felt a warm slickness.  What--?  What--?

She looked up at the silhouette of Professor Hughes, framed in the 
light of the dying fire, a blood-dripping poker held menacingly in 
his hand.  Even in the scant light she could make out the insanity 
in his eyes.

"I have done it! He is gone at last, and she is mine! Carnal slut! I 
have no further use for you!" He raised his arm back, the poker held 
high to claim another victim, and Mandy screamed again.

Suddenly, Hughes was knocked sideways, onto and then over the bed.  
The poker clattered to the floor.

James got up from where he had knocked down the professor, then 
turned to the still-screaming girl.  "Mandy! What the hell is going 
on?"  Then he saw Lance's body on top of her, his bloody skull caved 
in.  He was distracted just long enough for the professor to regain 
his feet and charge the younger man, knocking him to the floor.  
Hughes rushed out of the room before James could collect himself.

"What the fuck--?"

James supported Mandy with his shoulder and helped her from the 
bloody room, heading to Laura's.  He hoped that girl wasn't hurt, 
but it seemed unlikely, as she had not come out in response to all 
the screaming.  He knocked, but there was no answer.  Finally, he 
opened the door and they stumbled inside.  In the light of the fire 
he could make out a figure on the bed.

Mandy was now able to stand on her own, and the two of them went 


The pretty brown-haired girl was wrapped in an old cloak, sitting 
and shivering.  As the two classmates came closer, she turned her 
head:  "Do I know you, sir?"

Chapter 4

The girl previously known as Laura had identified herself as 
Annabelle.  Mandy spoke to her for a while, then pulled James into 
the adjoining antechamber.  Mandy was looking better, despite her 
ordeal.  James guessed it was because of the whole unreality of the 

"James, the professor's ghost story is coming true! If that's 
Annabelle, then that must have been Winston who...who..."  She 
looked like she was about to lose it again.  James took her hand.

She closed her eyes, holding back the tears.  "I'm...fine.  I'm 
FINE."  She shook his hand loose and continued, fixing him with a 
steely gaze:  "The Professor must have been possessed by the spirit 
of Nathaniel.  If Laura is Annabelle, then the professor's going to 
try to kill her, or..."  She paused, thinking.  "Now that Winston is 
gone, Annabelle will never be able to deal with her unfinished 
wedding night; Nathaniel will control her forever!"

James opened the door to the hallway, peeking out.  Nothing.  "And 
he could be anywhere in the house.  We're not part of this thing, 
Mandy.  He'll probably just kill us so he can be alone with his 

She urged him through the door.  "We have to get out of here, James.  
I'll guard Laura...Annabelle...if you can cover from here to the 
front door."  Then she closed the door firmly behind him.

Heart pounding, James dashed to the top of the stairs, then stopped, 
listening.  Still nothing, and it was very dark.  He quickly 
descended the stairs, and paused again, straining his eyes and 
listening.  So quiet...

He ran to the front door and pulled hard on the knob.  It came off 
in his hand, throwing him backwards as he lost his balance.  He fell 
into a sitting position, hard, staring at the knob in his hand.  
Suddenly a scream from the balcony brought him back to his senses:


He looked and made out a large shadow above him, arms upraised and 
poised to strike.  He rolled to the side as a kitchen knife 
skittered off the marble he had just been sitting on.  Kicking 
wildly, he connected with something, heard a grunt, then managed to 
get back to his feet and up the stairs.  Mandy was there -- it was 
she who screamed -- and they ran back into the bedroom, slamming the 
door behind them and gasping for breath.

"We're fucked, Mandy," yelled James.  "The other doors and windows 
are all boarded up! We can't get out!"

She turned to him:  "I think I have an idea, James.  You're a 
theater major, right?"

James nodded, then froze as he looked past Mandy to the rest of the 
bedroom.  Annabelle was gone!

Chapter 5

After the boy had gotten away from him, Nathaniel/Professor Hughes 
had returned to his room.  Within a few minutes, the night vision 
cameras had shown someone in the dining room.  He rushed back 
downstairs to find out who, his fingers clutching the knife tightly.  
Creeping forward, he opened the door and could make out a cloaked 
figure shuffling in the darkness.  He heard a girl's voice:

"Winston?  My love?  Is that you?"

He could barely contain his glee.  It was her! Her spirit had 
possessed one of the sluts who had trespassed in his house, as she 
always did.  This time it would be different, however; without that 
fool Winston, they were no longer locked into the cycle of death.  
He would take her, and take her, and she would be his forever!

He rushed into the room and grabbed her arm, throwing her face-first 
onto the table.  She screamed, and he thrust the knife before her 
face.  The candles had burned out, but even in the darkness she 
could make out the blade, and she gasped, frozen with fear.

With his other hand he grasped the back of her cloak and threw it 
over her head.  He then used his knife hand to keep her pinned to 
the table.  She had panties on under the cloak, which he quickly 
ripped away.  At last! He unhooked his pants and pulled out his 
raging hard-on.  At last!

He kicked her legs apart, and shoved the butt of his knife into her 
back once again for good measure.  His fingers found her cunt, and 
he massaged her clit, getting her hole moist and ready for him.  Her 
cries were muffled by the cloak, but he did not care.  It was time.

He took his member and pressed it up to her cunt.  He quickly found 
the opening and thrust home hard, causing her to yelp.  He pulled 
out halfway and thrust it in hard again.  "Fucking slut! You are 
mine! MINE!"  He moved both hands to her hips and grabbed on, still 
holding the knife.  The blade pricked her skin as he thrust into 
her, harder and harder, pulling the globes of her shapely ass back 
into his pelvis, getting deeper and deeper penetration as he went.

She was screaming now.  Nathaniel knew she had been a virgin on her 
wedding night, and he had killed the newlyweds partway through.  
This was her first real fuck, and for her it would be horrible.  He 
loved it.

After minutes of brutal rape, he felt his ball sack tighten up, and 
relished the thought of impregnating the little slut.  If she 
survived long enough, perhaps she would deliver him bairns! He 
thrust harder, the knife now drawing rivulets of blood from her hip.

"Yes...yes!'re....ahhh...MINE! UHHH! AHHHH!" He 
thrust into her rapidly as his cock expanded, then spurt its potent 
ammunition within the overwhelmed girl.  He thought his orgasm would 
never stop, as bolt after bolt of hot cum was forcefully injected 
into her.

Finally he pulled out and turned from her, his legs shaky.  At long 
last! She was his, body and soul! Wait...where was the knife?  It 
had been in his hands... He looked around and saw its shape on the 
floor.  Stupid fool, to drop it in the throes of passion.  He then 
noticed that the girl had gotten up from the table, and had turned 
toward him.

"You dare--?" he began, then fell over in pain from a kick to the 
groin.  Another kick to the ribs kept him in the fetal position.

Mandy pulled back the hood of her cloak.  "Surprise, asshole! Hope 
you had fun wasting time with me.  It should all be over by now."

Realization hit Nathaniel like a horseless carriage.  "NO!" He 
kicked out his leg, knocking Mandy from her feet, and struggled to a 
kneeling position.  He backhanded the girl across the face, hard, 
then picked up the knife again as he limped out.

Chapter 6

Minutes earlier...

Annabelle/Laura had been found in the adjoining antechamber, curled 
up in the corner, terrified from all the screaming.

James and Mandy went over their plan in the bedroom, then Mandy went 
over, took the possessed girl's cloak from her shoulders and pulled 
down her panties.

"What are you doing?!" Annabelle was shocked, trying to cover up.

Mandy held up the articles, then put them on.  "Bait.  You need some 
privacy with your husband."  She pointed back to the bedroom.

Annabelle's face filled with hope.  "You mean--?  Winston?"

"Yes, go to him.  Haven't you waited long enough?"  Mandy put her 
arm around Annabelle's shoulder and guided her through the adjoining 
door.  She closed it as the girl went through, then took a deep 
breath as she opened the door to the hallway.  I can do this.  I 
HAVE to do this, she told herself.

Annabelle stepped into the bedroom.  "Winston?"

James stepped forward, in character.  Mandy had told him as much as 
she could remember about Winston's mannerisms and speech patterns.  
"My love! I was so worried!" He came forward and embraced the brown-
haired beauty.

"Oh, Winston! I've been so frightened! Hold me!"

And he did.  As he felt the warmth of her body against his, he 
noticed that her t-shirt seemed to be her only clothing.  His penis 
started to respond.

She noticed, reaching down to his crotch, caressing the lump as it 
grew within his pants:  "Oh, Winston, yes! At long last, we shall be 
together as God intended."  She kissed him then, passionately.

He pulled her to the bed and unzipped his pants, kicking off his 
shoes as she pulled off his shirt.  He climbed on top of her, 
caressing her hips and waist.  He pulled up her t-shirt, and she 
raised her arms to help with its removal.

In the light of the fire James could make out her body.  Laura had 
always seemed a prudish, fundamentalist Christian, wearing baggy 
clothes that hid her now-obvious charms.  Her breasts, while not 
large, were nicely cone shaped, and had light-colored nipples, now 
quite erect in the cool air.  He ached to suck them into his mouth, 
but would Winston do that?  He was torn.

"My love...take me, on our wedding night."  Annabelle murmured with 
a half-lidded, adoring gaze.  James gulped, then pulled down his 

"Ooh..." Annabelle's eyes widened.  James wasn't thick, but was 
definitely above average in the length department.  He guided his 
prick to her hole, then paused.  There had been no foreplay -- would 
Winston have done that?  He felt that Annabelle and Winston were 
probably God-fearing folk, so anything other than straight sex might 
have been considered a sin.

He massaged her clit a little with the tip of his dick, pretending 
he didn't quite know where to put it.  "Mmmm..." Annabelle closed 
her eyes and crossed her legs behind him.  A quick yank of her legs 
and he was pulled on top of her, his cock sinking inside her.

"Oww! Oh, my love..." she whimpered.

Oh, shit! James thought.  She was a virgin! Sorry, Laura...

He stopped moving, and held her.  She sniffled a little, then took 
his face in her hands and brought his lips to hers.  As she kissed 
him, again and again, she told him how much she loved him, how much 
she had looked forward to this night, and how she was so happy to be 
his wife.

"Now make love to me," she breathed in his ear.  She rotated her 

He pulled out of her a little, then pushed back in carefully.  A 
sharp intake of breath told him she was still a little sensitive, so 
he took it easy.  Just then he thought he heard something -- a thud 
from downstairs.  Had Nathaniel taken the bait?  Was Mandy all 
right?  He turned his head to the door.

Annabelle turned his face back to hers.  "There is only you and 
me," she whispered, and used her legs to pull him inside her again.  
"Uhh..." she closed her eyes again.

He buried his face in her neck, kissing and nuzzling.  He started to 
thrust, and it was clear that her pain was now being overcome by 

"," she gasped in time with his strokes.  Her nipples 
rubbed into his chest.  He couldn't help himself, and pulled back, 
engulfing her right areola with his mouth and sucking, licking the 
nipple.  She gasped loudly and arched her back in response, 
increasing the angle of penetration.  His dick began to feel really 

He opened his eyes and disengaged from her breast as he realized he 
wasn't wearing a condom! Laura, a virgin until a few minutes ago, 
certainly wasn't on the pill, nor would she have a diaphragm or any 
other sort of contraceptive! Mandy had said that Winston hadn't gone 
on to heaven or wherever until they had both cum.  Oh, fuck, what 
was he going to do?

Annabelle/Laura looked up at him.  "I'm so close, my love.  Give me 
your seed.  Make me a woman."

He couldn't help himself.  He grabbed her hips and pounded into her.  
Slap, slap, slap! Annabelle started to cry out:

"Oh yes! Yes! YES! Harder! HARDER!"

Finally he could hold out no longer, and cried out as his testicles 
released their cargo, the sheer pleasure of his orgasm causing stars 
to explode behind his eyes.  He didn't dare pull out, as Winston 
certainly would not have, and Annabelle still hadn't orgasmed, 
though she seemed so close...

"I can feel it inside me! Oh God! OH! OH! OHHHH!" Annabelle thrust 
her hips up at the rutting young man, her orgasm triggered by the 
feeling of him shooting deep inside her, so warm and wonderful.  
More and more of his seed was urged into her.

Finally they collapsed.  A bright light appeared above them, and 
James looked up just as the door burst open.  There was Professor 
Hughes/Nathaniel, knife in hand and murder on his face, as he rushed 
in, screaming:  "No! She's mine! MINE!"  He leapt, and time seemed 
to slow.

Annabelle's spirit left Laura's body, floating up toward the light, 
and James could not help but turn his head back to her.  She was 
incredibly beautiful, he thought, even as death was coming for him.

Mandy had rushed in just behind Nathaniel/Hughes, and grabbed his 
leg.  The professor went down, but Nathaniel's spirit continued the 
lunge as it vacated its host body.  Nathaniel was a gaunt older man 
with long, thinning hair, an ugly sneer on his face as he stretched 
out his spectral arms for Annabelle's spirit.

Suddenly, the floor opened up and a swirling vortex of eldritch 
darkness came into being.  Nathaniel stopped in mid-air, confused, 
and then he saw it:  "NO! NOOOOO!" Dark tendrils snaked around him.

James still couldn't take his eyes off of Annabelle.  She had been a 
curly blonde, on the cusp of womanhood.  She turned back to James, 
gave him a wink, and floated into the white tunnel.  A bright flare 
of light and she was gone.

Nathaniel was still screaming as he was pulled backwards into the 
dark vortex.  As he was engulfed, Mandy thought she saw one of the 
tendrils tear something small from his pelvic region.  Nathaniel 
screamed even louder, and Mandy knew that payback was a bitch, and 
she was from Hell.

Then the darkness faded.  Mandy picked herself up and gave a 
reproving look at James, his penis still embedded in Laura's vagina.  
Laura groaned.

James quickly pulled out of her.  Laura opened her eyes as the 
others looked to find any signs of recognition.  Then the 
previously-possessed girl quickly sat up and hugged James.

"Oh, James, you were so good! I felt everything! That poor girl!" 
She held James, and he her, as she cried, cried for lost innocence.


The police, of course, didn't believe the students' story about 
ghosts.  The physical evidence pointed to a psychotic break for 
Professor Hughes, leading to murder and rape.  The professor was 
catatonic from the experience, so was unable to defend himself 
against the accusations.  He was put into an institution for the 
criminally insane.

Laura and James married, and 9 months after the whole ghostly ordeal 
she gave birth to a little girl they named Annabelle.  Mandy also 
gave birth, and named the boy Winston.


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