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For the past couple of nights she had to strip for him and he fucked her, getting very close to cumming before he pulled out to finish. That was dangerous, as she was in her fertile time of the month! It was more dangerous than she knew, as her brother had actually purposely shot his first spurt of seed inside her before pulling out and pretending to start to cum for real. He had done this both nights and his two small assault forces were actively searching for her baby base, deep inside enemy territory. Jay's first load of the day had been stored in a vial and she had been ordered to stealthily slip it inside a teenaged lesbian's vagina in a quick sexy romp at the mall. As she finished blowing him for the second time that day she was forced to swallow it. Blech! "Okay, I'm going out for a bit," he proclaimed as he zipped back up and then held out his hand. "Hey, gimme a twenty." She gave him a "really?" look and he doubled down on his blackmailing, shoving his palm out again. She sighed and grabbed a $20 bill from her purse. This was actually the first time he had left her alone in the house since he first showed her the blackmail video. What was she going to do? If she didn't do what he said his upload to that porn site would become live. Each day he reset that timer, so if he should somehow "have an accident" her life would be automatically ruined the next day thanks to modern technology. She wondered what would happen in a few days when their Mom got back from her vacation. Would he keep raping his sister, or back off? Certainly he didn't expect her to come home each weekend from college once the school year started again in a week...her college was hours away! She would have to discuss it with him soon, and hope that he didn't escalate his abusive behavior once he realized that he had a time limit. She opened his bedroom door and went straight to his computer. It seemed unlikely that he wouldn't have locked it, given that her current predicament was partially caused by the fact that she hadn't locked hers. Once he had access he had been able to copy her voice samples and a program that she had been working with for an upcoming voice synthesis project at her school. That, combined with a video of her, drugged and taken advantage of, made it look as if she was an abusive and controlling incestuous older sister. Sure enough, his laptop was locked. She tried a few likely words like their old dog's name and his buddy Cal but couldn't get in. She then went to her own computer and tried to figure out his password to the porn site, since his account username was in the direct link he had sent her. Finally, it told her that she had been locked out for too many retries. She fell onto her bed and cried. --- Jay's phone chirped. It was an email from the porn site, indicating that his account had too many unsuccessful login attempts and was locked out for 30 minutes. 'Hmm,' he thought to himself, 'I guess sis would be trying anything at this point, but I'll have to punish her for it anyway.' He smirked maliciously. Duct tape wasn't very expensive, was it? --- "HEY SIS!" Jay yelled as he rounded the doorway into her bedroom. She hadn't heard him come home, so she jumped and the book she had been reading went flying. He sat down on the edge of her bed. "Soooo...I got an email from the porn site..." Her heart sank. --- He made her strip and fix dinner naked. She was afraid that the neighbors might see her nude form through the windows but because it was dark outside by that point she just couldn't tell. Her whole body flushed with embarrassment. --- After dinner she washed the dishes, also naked. Jay came up behind her and played with her pussy as she did. Despite the fucked up situation her body started to respond, and by the time she finished she was quite wet down there. Jay ordered her into her room and onto her bed. Then he proceeded to pull out a roll of duct tape. "Jay..." Leslie warned. "SHUT UP!" Jay yelled, and she did. The first strip went over her mouth and she knew better than to try to remove it. The next long strip rolled around one wrist several times and then he attached it to a bedpost. Leslie struggled to control her breathing. Once her other arm was likewise restrained her brother grabbed her sleep mask and then duct taped that to her head so there was no way she could see anything. He then left the room to text Cal. Within minutes Cal and his older brother Steve, both of which had been instructed to come over but wait outside for the signal, came into the room. Jay motioned that they had to keep quiet and the two newcomers nodded. Steve pulled out his cell phone and was going to start snapping pics but Jay shook his head. He wasn't going to let anyone else have blackmail material on his sister! All three boys stripped down quietly and Jay motioned Cal to Leslie's face and Steve to her cooch. The older boy had the hugest grin on his face. He had been in Leslie's high school class and had a bit of a crush on her, despite the stigma of liking one of "the smart girls." He knelt between her legs, admiring the shape of them, and her cute trimmed muff. Her prominent pussy lips looked like they already had some lubrication going. He brought his face down and gave her vag a sniff. Clean and fresh! Cal had removed the duct tape from Leslie's mouth and was pushing the head of his little 5" cock between her lips. She opened them to start giving him head. Steve dived into Leslie's puss and started to lick. Leslie jumped in surprise, as she had thought it was just her and Jay in the room, but it seemed that Cal had come back. Given the size of the penis in her mouth she figured it was Cal's, so that must be Jay between her legs, but he had never shown any interest in pussy licking! As Steve expertly nibbled on her clit and pussy lips he started to insert one finger between them. Leslie sucked on Cal's cock harder. She had to admit that Jay was doing a fantastic job down there. That stimulation, combined with her recently found secret kink for bondage, was bringing her close to orgasm. The pussy licking abruptly stopped and she moaned in frustration, despite herself. Then Steve sat back up and started to push his cock into her very wet pussy. "Mmf!" Leslie gasped. Jay felt huge! She heard him whisper but couldn't make it out. Jay had moved alongside Steve as he fed his substantial 7" cock into the restrained girl and whispered into his ear, "Don't cum in her, okay? Pull out and she'll suck you off." Steve was disappointed but nodded in agreement. Then he continued to slide his cock deeper into the blindfolded beauty. Once he got a good rhythm going Leslie felt her orgasm approaching again. She couldn't say anything, and he was holding her hips so she couldn't kick him off. She hoped he wasn't on a hair trigger or what she thought was her brother would fill her up with babymaking seed when she came! She was so turned on that even that forbidden thought gave her pussy a little twitch. Steve brought his mouth down on one of her pointy nipples and sucked lovingly. Just like that, her orgasm flowered deep within her, a shock of electricity connecting that nipple with her G-spot, which was being massaged by Steve's cock head. "Mm! Nnh!" she grunted as her back arched in pleasure, her pussy throbbing around Steve's member. Luckily, her classmate had pretty good control over his orgasms so he didn't paint her insides white due to the extra stimulation. As she came down from her cum she heard Cal grunt and his cock throbbed in her mouth. She dutifully drank his jizz, and then when he pulled his cock back another flopped onto her lips from the other side. "WHAT THE FUCK!?" she screamed. One in her pussy, one she had just given a blowjob to, and a THIRD cock trying to force its way into her mouth? Who was this third person?! Leslie thrashed her body as best she could, inadvertently giving Steve the "rodeo" treatment. Her movements made his cock, still deep inside the restrained girl, feel awesome as he held on for dear life. Finally, Jay smacked Leslie on the face and she stopped. He forced her mouth open and shoved his cock inside. Having given Jay two blowjobs just today, Leslie knew by taste, shape and size that this was Jay. So who was fucking her?! She was mortified. Whoever it was, that guy was increasing his speed now that she had stopped trying to buck him off. She knew what that meant...he was going to cum! He had to pull out! "NN! PLL-T!" she screamed around Jay's cock. Jay's dick slid out of her mouth, and then the guy fucking her pulled out of her pussy and they switched places. As Steve pushed his turgid member between her lips, Jay inserted his incestuous dick inside her very wet vagina. Steve was not gentle. He had been close to cumming and needed relief. He grabbed her head and sawed his cock into her mouth as if it was her pussy. Leslie had trouble breathing as each quick thrust shoved his cock head partway down her throat. Watching this, Jay increased his own tempo as he shoved hard in and out of his sister's cunt. He was getting close and Leslie was distracted by Steve's penile assault on her face. Could he get away with blowing his load in her this time? "Gah!" Steve bellowed as he came. Leslie grunted as her mouth filled with a surprising amount of semen, and some spilled out the sides as she gulped it down. 'Damnit!' Jay thought to himself as he got close. She would notice any second... She did. "PLL-T!" she screamed around Steve's cock. Jay pulled out and grunted as he shot his load into his sister's "innie" belly button. She relaxed with the knowledge that that dangerous seed hadn't gone inside her. Sated, all three boys sat there, breathing heavily. Finally, Jay quietly beckoned Steve back between Leslie's legs and whispered, "Hey, can you show me what you were doing with your mouth down there?" "Yeah man," Steve whispered back. He moved his mouth back down to Leslie's pussy, pointing out her clitoris as he flicked it with his tongue. Leslie gasped in pleasure. Whoever that third guy was, he knew what he was doing! Steve made sure that both boys had a good view of what he did to Leslie. He fastened his mouth over her pussy and dipped his tongue inside, making her arch her back in pleasure. With the change of angle a little of Jay's cum dribbled out of her belly button and started making its way down her lower stomach. Steve backed off and easily pushed two fingers between Leslie's pussy lips. He pulled them back and pushed them in again, starting a rhythm that had the restrained girl gasping in pleasure as his thumb bounced off of her clitoris. "I think I got it," Jay whispered, leaning forward as Steve moved to the side. He licked his sister's clit, making her back arch again. There was now a small rivulet of his cum moving slowly down toward her trimmed bush. Steve was hard again, so brought his cock back up to Leslie's mouth. Feeling its size as she sucked it, she realized that it was either Jay or Cal that was now between her legs making her feel good. Jay licked Leslie's clit some more, and then nibbled her pussy lips as he had seen Steve do. When he tasted salty man cum he pulled back and saw the trail of his spend, which had rolled down her belly and was now covering her clit and inundating the folds of her outer labia. 'Well well well,' he thought to himself. He took two of his fingers and pushed them into Leslie's pussy. She gasped in pleasure around Steve's cock. Jay then pulled his fingers out, touched the tips to the thin layer of his cum around her clit, and then rested those fingertips back between her pussy lips. Wanting more penetration, Leslie moved her hips down, opening her pussy around Jay's spermy fingers. When he pulled his fingers back out the sperm was gone. He gathered more seed on his fingers. Again he made her do the work so that her body pulled the dangerous substance into her fertile hole. Steve had been watching the whole perverse display. "Unghh!" he grunted, filling Leslie's mouth with his second load. She gulped it down as Jay again tricked her into moving her body into accepting a third couple of fingerfuls of his cum inside her overheated reproductive system. Cal took Steve's place for his second blowjob. Jay was hard as a rock again, so got back into position to mount his sister. "Try this," Steve whispered as he pushed Leslie on her side so she was now facing Cal, though he had to scoot her up the bed a bit to gain some slack on the duct tape tying her arms to the bedposts. He then raised her upper leg high. Her very wet pussy was now accessible to Jay in what is known as the "scissor" position. Jay wasted no time lining himself up and pushing inside. Unknown to any of them, this was actually Leslie's favorite position so she was surprised, and strangely appreciative despite the horrible situation. Once Jay had his cock back inside her she realized that she was going to cum again, soon. She was torn. On one hand she wanted that sweet release, but on the other she didn't want to accidentally set off Jay's orgasm with her own and get pregnant! She had to trust that Jay would pull out like he said he would. She concentrated on how his cock scraped along different parts of her vaginal walls in this position, the reason she liked it so much. As he thrust into her the base of his shaft impacted her crotch and the vibrations hit her clit. 'Yes, yes, harder...' Cal grunted and her mouth was filled with his second load. This distracted her for a few seconds but once he moved away she could fully concentrate on the fucking. Finally, she called out, "Jay, I'm gonna cum...ohh...please don't cum in me!" He increased his tempo. She repeated her plea: "Jay, PLEASE...uhh...don't do ittt..." He moved faster still. "Unhh...Godd...uhhh...UHHH...Jayyy...!" She came hard as her brother thrust into her fast. He felt her insides spasm around his sensitive shaft as he rapidly approached his second orgasm. He was going to do it...he was finally going to blast her insides with all of his sperm while she was cumming and it was going to be awesome! Except...he remembered what she had said days ago: "If you do this I won't care about the video! My life will be ruined by having to carry my brother's baby!" 'Yes,' he thought, 'You're going to have your brother's baby you prissy princess!' Then he remembered what she had said next: "You won't be able to blackmail me anymore!" "FUCK!" he yelled, pulling out fast and moving his cock up to her mouth. She happily accepted it and sucked hard, using her tongue to bring him off quick. His body shook in one of the most powerful orgasms of his young life as his sister drained the seed from his balls with her talented mouth. They left her tied up there and went into the living room to chat about what had just happened. To be continued... --- Krosis' home on the web: Fans or pans? E-mail Krosis of the Collective (