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I couldn't remember what was on them, so put one into the VCR. I watched as it showed myself, in a nice shirt, stepping back after setting my video camera to record. As I moved further back from the camera I could see our bed and my wife lying on it, still clothed but clearly far from coherent, her eyes closed. Was this one of our sex tapes? Why was it tossed into this box instead of in our locked-up collection? I noted the date and time at the bottom of the screen: almost a year ago. I began to feel nauseous as I figured out which tape this was. My wife Pearl and I had left our two-year-old son in the care of a babysitter, the son of one of my co-workers, and we had gone to a friend's housewarming party. Pearl got piss drunk and I was the designated driver, so when we got home I practically had to pour her into bed. We had been trying to have another baby and before the party she had mentioned jumping my bones when we got home, so I set the video camera up to tape what I figured would be a mind-blowing fuck, provided I could get a response from her. I watched as I moved to the bed, opening her blouse. I massaged her nicely-rounded boobs through her bra, making her sigh. I then zipped off her short skirt and moved her panties aside, rubbing her pussy lips and clitoris. She was very wet. Thinking back, I remembered that I hadn't taken Todd, the babysitter, back home yet, and had to forgo playing with my near-unconscious wife to do that. However, on the tape I saw in the reflection from the vanity mirror the slightly open bedroom door...and Todd, watching us! I couldn't believe it! He was only there for a few seconds and then slipped away when he saw me getting up from the bed. I never knew the little bugger had seen! Well, not many sixteen-year-olds get such an eyeful, and he never mentioned harm done, right? I had forgotten to turn off the camera as I left the bedroom, closing the door behind me. A minute later I heard it: fast footfalls from my mad dash into the bathroom, as I rushed to the toilet bowl just in time to evacuate most of my stomach contents. I had eaten some shellfish at the party, and I found out later that everyone who did got violently sick that night. I could hear on the tape the retching sounds I made from the bathroom across the hall. I felt sympathy pains in my stomach just listening...I had never been so sick in my life. I had then asked Todd to stay and continue babysitting while I went to the hospital, green-faced. What followed was eight hours of gut-wrenching agony in a sick bed. When I got back in the morning Todd was asleep on the couch. I gave him a big bonus and he walked home. I collapsed onto our bed and slept like the dead. I had been thinking about that night and watching my beautiful unconscious wife on the screen, laying there in a stupor, for several minutes. I was just reaching to turn the tape off when the mirror showed the bedroom door opening a little. It was Todd! "Mrs. Harrison?" he called out softly. With no answer he tentatively crept into the room, blocking the camera's view of the bed. From that angle he could clearly see her bra and wet panties. Get the fuck out of there, I was mentally yelling at the kid on the tape as I stared at the screen. How DARE he?! He called out to my wife again, louder this time. With no response, he moved around to her side of the bed and sat down next to her. All I could do was watch. He stared at my wife's substantial bra-covered boobs for about a minute, then moved his head down near her crotch. He paused there and after a moment of confusion I realized he could smell her arousal. After my finger play she had been quite wet. He reached out and put his hand on her shapely leg, a little above the knee. He gave her a shake. She stretched out her other leg, opening herself up to his view, but that was about it. Emboldened by her lack of resistance he moved his hand up to her inner thigh. Still nothing. Seemingly shy about going any further toward her pussy, he instead moved his hands to her breasts. He grabbed and squeezed them, watching her face intently for any sign of awareness. There was none, and he was able to find her bra's front clasp, releasing her milky-white globes. Even at the camera's distance I could see that her nipples were erect. She had been horny all that night, grinding her pelvis into me when she had the chance. Todd grasped a nipple between his fingers. A groan escaped Pearl's lips, and Todd jumped back, ready to run out of the room. However, when she didn't wake after a minute of him holding his breath, he sat back down. He leaned forward for a kiss. He nibbled on her lips and she seemed to make a slight effort to return the kisses. He was kissing her at a bad angle so he clambered onto the bed between her legs. His hands returned to her boobs, manhandling (boyhandling?) them as he slobbered over her mouth. Then he relaxed and lowered his body just enough. His pelvis made contact with hers and she pushed her horny panty-covered cunt back at him. He gasped at the feeling of it through his jeans, then started to dry-hump her. The sixteen-year-old babysitter was dry-humping my wife in our marital bed, and all I could do was watch. After a few minutes he pulled back. Thank God, I thought to myself, he realized what a bad thing he was doing. He's going to go back to the living room, whack off and go to sleep. Deluded. He inexpertly pulled off my wife's panties, then gazed at her distended vaginal lips. He reached out and touched them, causing my wife to push her crotch at his fingers. She was still out of it, and thought Todd was me. He pulled back, stood there for a moment, and looked at my naked unconscious wife. After having our son Robert she still had a little "mummy tummy", but I always thought it looked nice; a badge of honor, I had said. Her breasts were larger than before thanks to the pregnancy and breast feeding. She was still a hot little number. Todd made his decision and took off his pants. NO, I screamed at him in my head. He clambered in between my wife's legs, pushing his hard little pecker at my wife's creaming hole. NO! NO! He poked and prodded, obviously knowing a little of what to do, but not how to actually do it. NO! NO! NO! Finally he hit the right spot, and gasped as he sunk himself partway into her. Pearl groaned. Todd held himself still as he got used to the feel of a woman's insides. Then he pushed himself further into her, eliciting another groan from my horny wife. Todd buried his face into my wife's neck as he pulled out a bit and then pushed in again, this time going all the way in. My wife groaned loudly at this, her legs folding up so that her feet were flat on the bed. Todd reached down to her hips, holding them as he pulled back and jammed himself into her again. Soon he built up a rhythm. The camera's microphone picked up their gasps of pleasure, getting louder as they continued. My wife was pushing her pelvis back at the teenaged boy now, her body in heat while her mind was still in la-la land. Her arms went around the boy's shoulders while her legs crossed behind his butt, pulling him even deeper. They were rutting into each other, and I heard my wife muttering in her stupor: "Oh God yes! Fuck me! I love it!" This was too much for inexperienced Todd. In fact, now that I think about it, it was amazing he held out that long. He groaned loudly and pushed as hard as he could into my wife. "YES! OH YES! DO IT! Oh Jack..." my wife blathered. I imagined Todd's smaller boy penis swelling and exploding his young cum deep inside her. I moaned as my cock did the same in my pants as I watched. Finally it was over. Todd gave Pearl a kiss and pulled out of her. She moaned in disappointment, then rolled over and started to breathe more slowly as she returned to oblivious sleep. By the time sheepish Todd had dressed and left the room, she was in a deep slumber. Once my post-orgasm high was over, I realized I had just watched the conception of our daughter, Maddie. Well, Pearl's daughter, anyway. I had made love to my wife the next day, at the tail end of her fertile cycle, and a month later she told me the wonderful news. Maddie had been born a day early...A DAY EARLY. Hindsight is 20/20, they say, and I was now thinking about my daughter's features. She didn't REALLY look like me; my wife, sure...and Todd! I popped the tape out and write-protected it, then put it in a safe place. I did NOT tell Pearl about it. She loves Maddie, and I don't want to destroy their relationship. Truth to tell, I love Maddie too, even though at that point I knew she wasn't mine. Still, something had to be done. That little raping bastard was not going to get away with it. A few days later I called my co-worker's house. I asked for Todd, his son, and after a few seconds the boy came on the line. "Hey, Mr. Harrison, do you need me to babysit?" he asked. "No. I know what you did to my wife, you little shit." Silence. "I taped that night a year ago. You didn't know that, did you, mother fucker?" Todd started to blubber, but I cut him right off: "Tomorrow, you get your ass over here at 2pm. We're going to have a talk." "O-okay..." "And Todd?" "Y-yeah?" "Bring your sister." ------------------- Ill Conceived Part 2 ------------------- Todd arrived with his sister Sarah at precisely 1:55pm on Saturday afternoon. I told him 2pm because Pearl had taken the kids to see her parents for the day, so we would have hours to ourselves. I also informed him to dress for swimming. Sarah was a pretty girl: 15 years old, long brown hair, a little overbite and a slim body with some of the curves that would only become curvier as she got older. She was a knockout, and her breasts looked yummy puffing out the top of her one-piece swimsuit. "Come in! Come in!" I greeted them warmly, ushering them up to the living room. Sarah hadn't been here before, and complimented me on our house. Teenaged girls were so easy to impress. I explained that we were so happy with Todd's "performance" -- at which point I gave him a wink and a sly smile which made his cheeks go red -- that I was letting him use our pool today, and if Sarah wanted, could she take over as our babysitter after Todd went away to college? Sarah was flattered and said yes, she would love to. I turned them loose on the pool. Todd looked bewildered, wondering when the other shoe would drop. Soon, I mused. After a couple hours of splashing around in the summer sun I called them inside for cucumber sandwiches. When Sarah asked for a drink I brought them each an opened bottle of beer from the fridge. They both stared at the beers. "Go ahead," I urged them. "Enjoy yourself. Just one, though." At this, they took the proffered bottles, sniffed the hoppy brew and sipped a bit. Though they both made a face at the somewhat bitter taste of lager, they did not hand them back. They were teenagers, after all; they wanted to be adults, not kids. KIDS had to go to bed early. KIDS had to do chores. ADULTS could do what they wanted, when they wanted, and that included drinking. Simple psychology. After we were done I put a movie on for them to watch in the living room. They kept their bathing suits on and sat on their towels in order to keep the furniture dry. I noticed that Sarah was looking a bit tired. It was a movie that I had picked just for this occasion. It started out with action but turned sexual partway through. The critics panned it because the plot was all over the place, but it was perfect for my purposes. I kept watching Sarah as the movie switched gears. She seemed to be having trouble focusing on the movie, but once a couple of the actors started grinding their bodies together I noticed her mouth hanging open as she watched, eyes half-lidded. She licked her lips as the actors pantomimed having sex, and as they "came" I noticed she was rubbing her thighs together. About 15 minutes later Sarah was asleep. The date rape drug I had obtained from a pharmacist friend (I told him my wife wanted to try it) and slipped into her beer bottle had finally taken effect and she was out. I stood up, startling Todd. I moved to the couch, where Sarah had laid back. Her legs were apart, feet down on the carpet, and I could make out the outline of her pussy through the swimsuit fabric. "What are you doing?" Todd exclaimed as I put my hand on his sister's leg and gave it a shake, which is exactly what he had done to my wife a year ago. I looked at him. "What do you think I'm doing? Getting revenge for what you did to my family." I then stripped the bathing suit off the young girl's shoulders, revealing her magnificent petite breasts. Todd's eyes bugged out at seeing his sister's naked chest, but seemed unsure. He wanted to protect his sister, but I was bigger than him and had a tape of him raping my sleeping wife. He sat where he was, watching. I reached up and massaged Sarah's boobs. They were about the size of oranges, and fit my hands nicely. I watched as her nipples, damp from her wet swimsuit, extended in the cool air. I tweaked them, then clamped my mouth on one, sucking her tit meat into my mouth. Her breathing quickened from the sensation. I moved to the side so I could kiss the drugged girl, and also slipped my hand down to her crotch. I deftly moved the swimsuit fabric aside and played with her young pussy as her big brother watched, unable to stop me. I moved my mouth back to her wonderful breasts as I finger-fucked her. I monitored her breathing, and as she started to push her hips into my finger I stopped. I moved back down to her legs and pulled the rest of her swimsuit off. "Uh..." Todd seemed to be ready to object, but one look from me stopped him. I could see he was uncomfortable in his chair, his obvious erection constrained by his trunks. I removed my clothes quickly and pulled Sarah into a fully laying position on the couch. I brought my cock up to her pussy lips and looked over at Todd for any signs of resistance. His eyes were on her pussy. His curiosity had finally outweighed his outrage. I pushed in a little bit. Sarah screwed up her face in discomfort. A virgin? I wondered. I moved the head of my penis around a little in the crevice, gathering her vaginal fluids about it, then pushed in a little more. "Mmm..." she sighed. Her nipples were sticking out like bullets, and I pinched them lightly. I pulled out, saw that the head of my cock was slick with her fluids, and pushed a good couple inches into her. Nope, no hymen, but women can lose their hymen through the use of tampons or sex toys, or even vigorous exercise. She was tight enough to be a virgin, though. I pulled back again, then pushed halfway into her. My penis isn't especially long or thick, but at 7 inches I wasn't small either. Soon her cunny had generated enough fluid that I was able to begin the "old in-and-out". I pushed her knees back and to the side in order to be able to achieve deeper penetration. I kept an eye on her face to make sure I didn't go too deep, though...I didn't want to hurt her. She took my full length well enough, so I pushed myself all the way into her and ground the root of my cock into her clit. She was gasping at the stimulation, and her (I assume) first fucking. Her cunt was undulating, milking my cock and I sped up. I looked at Todd, who was still staring at us, unable to tear his eyes away or even make a token resistance, then turned my full attention on the young beauty I was about to fill up with my cum. I fell onto her, folding her legs back as far as they could go and started to kiss and nip at her neck. Harder, faster...soon... "Ohh...OHHH!" She was cumming. In her drug-induced state, with the earlier sexy scenes from the movie, she had been stimulated enough that her body responded all the way. I felt her cunt clamp down on my dick and there was no way I could have held back. I erupted, my hot white cream spurting deep within the unconscious young girl. As I spurt within her I felt her cunt walls rippling, her insides responding to the sensation of the warm semen splashing within her. I was spent. I extracted myself from her incredible pussy and stood up, a long strand of cum still connecting us. I looked at Todd. "Can we go?" He looked mortified and afraid. I looked down at the pretty young girl I had just defiled. "She's still out of it, and won't be ready to leave for a few hours I think." Todd looked crestfallen. "Oh." I put my clothes back on and sat down next to him. "We're even now, Todd. Your sister's not having her period right now, so I figure there's about a one-in-three chance that she's ovulating this week. That's good enough for me, whether she gets pregnant or not." I had purposely left Sarah's clothes off, and I could see my cum starting to slip out of her. Todd was looking at her again, and not like a brother should look at his sister. I looked at her and back to him. "Look, no hard feelings...if you want to have a go at her..." He looked shocked, but returned his gaze to the unconscious naked girl. ", I couldn't..." I continued, "I've probably already made her pregnant, Todd. Go for it." I could see his lower head was winning the fight. It was time to make sure. I got up and started to head downstairs. "I gotta take a crap. Do what you want." Then as I got out of sight I pulled out the remote control for my video camera and started recording. The camera, hidden in my entertainment center among all the other LED lights, went unnoticed as it started up, the two teenagers directly in its sight. I continued downstairs, secure in the knowledge that I was not present on this new tape. I waited a few minutes and then quietly headed back up the stairs. I could hear Todd huffing and puffing, and his sister moaning. Simple psychology: his rape of my wife had most likely been his first sexual experience; the most erotic moment of his young life. When presented with the same circumstance and some privacy, the boy chose to again experience sleeping rape. I poked my head around the corner, careful not to be seen by the camera. Todd was up on his knees deep inside his sister, his hands groping her nipply breasts. Her eyes were still closed, her face rapt with pleasure as she bucked back at him. My dick sprung back to life at this sight. You see, I knew something that Todd didn't, and it made my day: after the birth of what I thought was my second child I had had a vasectomy. I couldn't get little Sarah pregnant...but Todd could! He was ramming his penis into his sister hard...harder than I had. Her body really seemed to enjoy it, though, as she thrashed her head back and forth. Todd leaned forward to get greater penetration and planted his lips on hers. They passionately swapped spit as he thrust into her at a frenzied pace. Finally he could take no more and thrust into her hard, groaning loudly, obviously not caring to keep quiet any more. Sarah cried out as his cock pulsed deep inside her once, twice, three times, four...he started to thrust into her again as she orgasmed as well, her cunt sucking the rest of the potent cream from his balls and deep into her young, hopefully fertile body. I turned off the camera remotely and came back into the room. Todd quickly got off of his sister, but it was obvious what he had been doing. He looked mortified. I started to get Sarah back into her swimsuit. "Relax, Todd, she's a hot piece of ass. No shame in tapping it, even if she's your sister. It's not like she's going to remember it." Todd seemed to relax a little at that, and sat down to wait out his sister's stupor. I covered Sarah with a blanket, and while Todd wasn't looking I put a pillow under her butt, allowing her brother's sperm to pool at the back of her vagina, increasing her chances of getting pregnant. ------- Epilogue ------- I told Todd about the second tape before he left. He knew better than to try to turn me in, especially since he was the only one on the tape raping his sister. Sarah did get pregnant, though she of course had no idea who the father was. I convinced her father not to beat the crap out of one of Todd's friends that had slept over at their house a couple of times, and he thanked me once the boy gave a blood sample and was cleared of paternity. Once the child was born (my friend's family is heavily Christian, so abortion was out of the question), I let Todd know about my vasectomy. I think I blew his little mind: He was 18 and already the father of 2 children. Years later he was arrested for the attempted rape of another woman while she was sleeping. Without her awareness being suppressed by excess alcohol or the date-rape drug his victim had awoken once he started to molest her. I like to think about Todd and what happens to rapists in prison, and imagine that he probably wishes he could sleep through it himself. -- Krosis' home on the web: Fans or pans? E-mail Krosis of the Collective (