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She loves to smoke my pot, so she spared my life, stays with me, and occasionally we have incredible sex. The other night Demie killed a girl while we were having a threesome. It kind of fucked me up. I went on a bender and Demie, shapeshifted to look like Jessica Alba, took out a bunch of bikers that were giving us trouble. She can make herself look (and feel) like any girl I want! But is it worth it? --- Yesterday: Detective Sergeant Dianna Shepherd looked at the board again, as she had done every workday, multiple times a day, since the third missing persons report came in. The tally was now six missing people in six days. Pictures of all those people were on the board. If there had been any real connection between those people there would have been red string going to and from the pushpins holding the pictures on the corkboard, but other than the fact that they all lived in the city, there was no connection...none at all! Early last Monday morning a poodle dragging a leash had been found in the park. Marsha Patterson, age 43, the owner of said poodle, was nowhere to be found. Bob Perkins, age 34, a high rolling banker, had gone to the roof of his office building for a smoke Monday afternoon and had never come back. Abe Sorensen, age 65, had been reported missing from his home, also last Monday afternoon. His neighbors hadn't seen him go out or anyone come in since he came home Friday afternoon. He lived alone so he could have disappeared at any point from Friday to Monday, but he was the third reported missing person. Siobhan (pronounced Shi-vahn) Mullins, age 13, had disappeared while walking to her friend's house Tuesday afternoon. Ida Spratt, 87, had been put to bed in her care home Thursday evening. In the morning she was gone. The elderly woman was bedridden, so could not have wandered off on her own. The only thing left in her bed when they checked in the morning was a smelly mess left by the incontinent old woman. Finally, Jessi Bayfield, age 19, had gone out with other underage friends and then had disappeared after her friends had gotten drunk after using their fake IDs to get into a retro 70's disco just last night. Today, Sunday, Dianna had been called in on her day off to investigate. The police commissioner was getting pressure from the media coverage since Siobhan Mullins' disappearance, and it seemed there was a serial...what...murderer? Kidnapper? There were no ransom notes, so murder seemed likely, though there were no signs of a struggle at any of the crime sites. *Was* there a connection? So many disappearances in so short a time...there had to be! What was she missing? --- Sorry, that was a lot of exposition for a sex story! You'd think I was trying to write a plot or something...I'll try to keep us on track. Demie had just killed my Dad while having sex with him on my new couch. Well, in my nightmare she had. I was still breathing heavily from waking up after the shock of seeing that. After having breakfast I brushed my teeth and then headed out the door. I needed to run around or something to get this pent-up nervous energy out. As I stepped out my apartment door I bumped into a woman in a tight pink t-shirt and black yoga pants, a neighbor from down the hall, a single mom I had had my eye on for a while, as she was quite toned, in good shape for a stay-at-home mom. We had bumped together hard and I caught her before she stumbled. We were quite close now and I could smell her perfume and...sulfur? She looked at me with wide gorgeous green eyes framed by her shoulder length brown hair. Oh, very clever, Demie, I thought to myself. You were able to pluck out of my head that I liked this lady so you're pretending to be her and I now get to have another fantasy fulfilled! Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me! I knew her game. I gave her a dazzling smile, playing along. "Hi, I'm Tom...can I interest you in a cup of coffee?" I was still holding her and she had started to breathe more heavily. I helped her to stand back up. "Oh," she replied, a bit unsteady, "I have to get back to my daughter..." Then she paused, considering. "...but I suppose a quick cup would be nice. I'm Erica." She offered her hand. I shook her hand but continued holding it. I ushered her into my place and closed the door behind us, admiring her nicely shaped tush in those yoga pants that I had noticed many times before. She turned and caught me looking, and then continued turning until she faced me directly. She was nibbling her lower lip as her eyes roamed my body. I could see her nipples, quite prominent now through her tight t-shirt. There would be no coffee. I pulled her to me and started kissing her neck, causing her to moan. "I'm so horny..." she murmured as I lifted her shirt and sports bra. I dived into those fantastic boobs, nibbling and sucking at the large nipples. She fell back onto the couch and I pulled at her yoga pants. Her orange thong panties came down with them. They came off of one leg and dangled from the other leg's ankle. I was impressed at how Demie could make parts of her body look like clothing, but of course those parts had to remain connected to the rest of her. I quickly removed my clothes and lined up my cock. Erica's/Demie's trimmed pussy was visibly wet so I didn't need to go down on her for lubrication. She watched with undisguised lust as I slowly sunk the head of my cock into her hot pussy. She moaned in pleasure. It felt different from Demie's infernal vagina, a little looser but wetter, and certainly not as hot, temperature wise, and I again marveled at how she could make herself an exact copy of who she was pretending to be, right down to the vaginal shape and musculature. I knew this was exactly how it would have felt to have sex with the real Erica, and it just turned me on more! I pulled back and pushed in harder. "Erica" groaned, looking up at my face adoringly. Well done, Demie, I thought. You'd almost think this was actually my neighbor. On my third push I managed to get my cock all the way inside her. I bent forward and started to suck on those magnificent titties again as I started to get a rhythm going. Suddenly she started to cum, thrusting her hips at me as she softly groaned. I could feel her pussy throbbing around my cock. I wasn't ready to cum yet, though. I sat back up, taking a hold of her toned legs and pulling them parallel with my chest so her feet were up by my head. I then grabbed her upper thighs and pulled them toward me as I started to really plow into her. "Oh God..." she groaned. That should have clued me in right there as to what was going on, but a lot of the blood that would have been helping my brain work good was making my cock super hard as I pistoned it into the gorgeous woman. After she came again I pulled out and guided her to turn around. I managed to get my cock back into her easily and we fucked doggie style. I made sure to change the angle of my penetration so as to hit her g-spot often. I could feel her pussy start to grip my cock and my own orgasm was also rapidly approaching. With one hand I shoved her face into the cushions of the couch as I sped up, ramming harder, bending her forward to get the deepest penetration. I could hear her trying to call out something, muffled by the cushions, but by this point I didn't care...she had killed Jessi and I had her at my mercy because she didn't know that I knew it was really her. I was going to enjoy my temporary domination of her. I thrust one final time and started to blow my load deep inside her. I heard "Erica" yelp, and then I could feel her cumming on my cock, the massaging of her pussy muscles urging even more sperm out of my balls to coat her insides. Finally, spent, I pulled out and sat back on the couch. Erica/Demie, shaking, my sperm dripping from her pussy, took a few minutes to recover. She then turned around and snuggled up to me! This was weird, so I looked at her, confused. That was when she kissed me, on the mouth! I almost had a conniption fit, thinking I was going to die, my soul sucked out through the kiss! I pulled back, staring at her. She looked frightened and confused. She stammered, "I'm don't like kissing on the mouth? I've...I've never done this sort of thing before, after just meeting someone...but you smelled so good...I had to have you." Smelled good? I...oh no...I had forgotten to shower after having sex with Demie the night before. When THE REAL ERICA had bumped into me in the hall she had gotten a whiff of Demie's sex secretions, still on my cock and face, and that stuff was more effective than Spanish Fly! I had then taken the single mom neighbor into my apartment and fucked her silly, after just meeting her! I looked at her yoga pants and underwear on the floor, definitely no longer touching her skin. She wasn't Demie. But... "You smelled like sulfur," I said, looking at her accusingly. She was even more confused now. "I had just taken out the garbage. Some of my eggs had gone bad and they were stinking up my place," she answered. I sat there, stunned. I didn't know what to do. She had already pulled her sports bra and shirt back down over her fantastic breasts and had grabbed her thong. As she slipped it back on she said, "Speaking of was actually a bad time to have bareback sex. I tried to tell you but..." She looked at where I had pushed her face into the couch. I felt sick. She looked worried, though whether it was about her possible pregnancy or the unexplainable look on my face (or both), I couldn't tell. "Um...I'll...let you know, okay?" She leaned forward and looked like she was going to give me a peck on the cheek, and then decided against it. She left, giving me one last confused, hurt look as she closed the door behind her. --- Detective Sergeant Dianna Shepherd continued her investigation. Jessi Bayfield seemed to have been simply a normal girl who liked to party with her friends and went to the local college. She had an ex-boyfriend but he had moved out of town weeks ago, and he had an alibi. She looked at the picture of the teenager again. Dianna herself was in her 30's but she would have fucked a hot young redhead like that in a moment if she had had the chance. She shook her head. She hadn't gotten some in a while and got horny sometimes. Detective Sergeant Aaron Bilson poked his head into her room. "Hey, Dykeanna..." She sighed. Once the male cops had figured out she was a lesbian that was their usual nickname for her. She never let them know it bothered her, though. She smiled at him. "Yeah, Aaron?" He stepped in. "Did ya hear the scuttlebutt? A black 'n white got called to some bar last night, and the bartender swore up and down that Jessica Alba came in and wiped out a biker gang!" She gave him a dubious look. He held up his hand, two fingers up. "Scout's honor! The hospital confirmed three burly biker types were treated for injuries last night, but those guys aren't telling who laid them out. Fucked up, huh?" As Bilson left, Dianna shook her head. With the bum that had been burned alive a week ago (Bilson's case), the disappearances, and now this, this town was getting really weird, fast. --- One month ago... Tom looked at the strange old book he had picked up at the flea market. Within the book were esoteric writings that spoke of power to those who dared to break the laws of man, but no specifics beyond one spell to summon an infernal servant to do his bidding. There were many pages torn out but this one spell remained. Over the next couple of weeks he returned to the book to review the details of the spell over and over. What he had first thought to be some crank writer's ramblings made more and more sense every time he read it. A week later he had decided he would do it; he would kill someone to power the spell. His life was okay but not great. A demonic servant to do his bidding would make his life awesome! Now, who was likely to not be missed? To be continued... --- Krosis' home on the web: Fans or pans? E-mail Krosis of the Collective (