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and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips 
his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection.


Bi Cycle (mf, MFF, con, nc, impreg)

by Krosis of the Collective (


I hate men.

Oh, let me explain:  my name is Alexandra (Alex to my friends), and 
I'm a lesbian.  I know that "I hate men" seems somewhat trite, but I 
really have not liked men since before my first heterosexual 
experience, and that left me disappointed, frightened, and a bit 

It was back in senior high school, and I had finally accepted a date 
with Bob, a guy in my gym class.  Bob was not unattractive, and 
certainly physically fit.  Even then I wasn't too keen on men, but I 
hadn't yet figured out my sexual orientation and my parents had been 
insistent that I go out with boys, so I went.

To describe myself:  I'm slim, have a mop of blonde hair and a fair 
amount of muscle tone (I work out).  Think of a young, buff Ellen 
DeGeneres and you pretty much have the image.  Back in school, 
however, I was a little flabby, my hair was shoulder-length and I 
wore "cat's eye" style glasses.  I was no looker, but I wasn't ugly 

After "dinner and a movie" (McDonald's and a 007 flick), we parked 
up on a point above the local lake.  Adjourning to the back seat, 
Bob proceeded to clumsily kiss, grope and drool on me for a while.  
I really wasn't getting anything out of the encounter, so I decided 
to raise the stakes and pulled down his zipper.  I played with his 
5-inch erection for a bit, then he raised my skirt and pulled down 
my panties.  Finally I just said "what the hell" and let him inside 
me, figuring that maybe I'd get some sort of enjoyment from real 
sex.  Nope.  After lunging forward and painfully piercing my hymen, 
he almost immediately started to grunt and spurt.  I couldn't 
believe it! Worse, neither of us had even mentioned a condom.  No 
pleasure at all for me when losing my cherry and I might even have 
gotten pregnant! I freaked!

Luckily my next period came, albeit a little late because of the 
stress, but I was off of men for good.  It wasn't until college that 
I realized I wanted women instead, and I've never regretted it.

I met Denise in my senior year in college.  She was beautiful, a 
small, nice tight package with chin-length "dirty" blonde hair, a 
winning smile and an outgoing personality.  Think Joey Lauren Adams 
from the movie Chasing Amy and you'll have a pretty good idea of why 
I fell in love with her almost from our first meeting.  After 
college we moved in together and have been deliriously happy.

That was five years ago.  If it was legal for us to get married we 
certainly would have.  Denise confided in me a few years ago that 
she was not lesbian so much as bisexual.  It wasn't until I came 
along that she even considered women as sexually exciting.  We even 
purchased a dildo so that I could give her the penetration that she 
was missing.  I wouldn't let the thing near my hole, however.

I'm so happy with her, and we'd recently been discussing the next 
step:  children.  I'd like a little girl, of course.  Boys just grow 
up to be men, and I despise men.  Denise suggested in vitro 
fertilization, but it was really expensive.  Each time the 
discussion would begin it would stop at the money issue.

I began to think about alternatives.  Denise still occasionally 
missed having a real penis in her, and our living together had 
synchronized our ovulation cycles so I knew when she would be 
fertile.  A plan began to form in my mind...

In a few weeks "the day" came around.  I suggested that we go out 
dancing, and she gladly accepted.  We went out to a roadhouse bar, 
her wearing a short black skirt that would rise up as she spun 
around.  Damn, she was hot! I was wearing tight jeans and one of 
those sheer black blouses that played "peek-a-boo" with my likewise 
black bra.

We ordered beers and sat near the dance floor.  Denise was happy to 
be out and looking at the guys, and I was scanning the crowd for 
possibles.  Now, being a lesbian doesn't mean that I can't tell that 
a guy is or is not attractive.  Like in the way that a hetero guy 
can tell if other guys are going to be competition for the hunt for 
women or not, the skill is there.

Denise grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the somewhat crowded dance 
floor.  I didn't recognize the song, but it had a strong beat, and 
we really got into it.  Denise was shaking her booty, holding her 
hands over her head and showing her shapely legs as she swung to the 
beat, her eyes closed.  Even if I didn't find a "sperm donor" 
tonight, I thought, I was going to fuck her silly later.

I looked back out at the rest of the bar and found that we had 
caught the attention of quite a few guys who were looking at us (or, 
more precisely, Denise) the way dogs look at a big hunk of meat.  
Predictable men, I thought, but kept my objectivity as I weighed 
each of the gazes for desirable traits.  Finally I spied a man 
stepping onto the dance floor and heading for us.  Even I had to 
admit that this guy was hot! He was tall and fit, with tanned skin 
and muscular definition easily seen under his tight white shirt and 
along his arms.  His face was strong, with a cleft chin and full 
lips.  He had straight, short dark hair and his eyes were a bright 
blue.  Nice.

Swaying to the beat, he moved alongside us to make the third point 
in a gyrating triangle.  Denise noticed his presence and warmed to 
him almost immediately.  Score, I thought.  After the song was over 
we moved back to our table, our new friend in tow.

His name was Jeremy, and he was a construction worker from out of 
town visiting friends.  Perfect, I thought.  A few beers later and 
Denise and Jeremy were hitting it off very well.  After a bit, she 
had her hand on his thigh.  He gave me some sidelong looks, but I 
think he picked up on my negative vibe and left me alone.

Finally, Denise had to "break the seal" and headed off to the 
washroom.  She was a little put off that I wasn't going to go with 
her (yes, lesbians go to the washroom in groups too), but I had a 
little "business" to discuss with Jeremy.

"So, Jeremy", I began, "do you like Denise?"

"She's awesome", replied Jeremy, casting his eyes back toward the 
ladies' washroom longingly.

"I agree.  Would you like to impregnate her?"

Heh.  I thought spit-takes only happened on TV, but there was now 
beer all over the table.  Quickly grabbing some napkins, he cleaned 
it up, casting glances all around to make sure no one else had seen 
or heard.

"What, are you kidding?" he asked in hushed tones, which is 
difficult to do in a loud bar.

My offer had been delivered in a perfect deadpan, but it made sense 
that he had to ask -- after all, he had just met us.  "Absolutely", 
I said. "We want a baby, and you look to be made of 'good stock'.  
She's healthy.  Just one thing:  Denise doesn't know that we're 
going to do this.  Are you in?"

He was looking at me intently, still a little incredulous, but I 
could see the want in his eyes.  "Yes", he almost whispered.

We had hashed out a plan by the time Denise came back from the 
washroom:  I would get her into the "doggie-style" position so she 
wouldn't be able to see that Jeremy didn't have a condom on.  God, I 
was getting so hot just thinking about it...  I informed him, 
though, in no uncertain terms, that I was not part of the deal, just 

Denise was shocked to find out that Jeremy was going home with us.  
She was looking at me like I had just grown a second head, really, 
but a few more beers and she was snuggling up to Jeremy like a 
little lost puppy.

I drove us back to our place while the two of them necked in the 
back.  Back in our apartment, they practically tore each other's 
clothes off heading to the bedroom.  I sat in a chair in the corner 
to watch.

"Alex?  Are you going to join us?"  Denise asked as she arched her 
back to allow Jeremy better access to remove her bra.  Jeremy paused 
in his gift opening to look at me, eyebrows rising.

"No, this is all for you, baby", I said, pleased at the irony of my 
words.  "Have fun."

Then they were all over each other, their underwear being the only 
thing keeping them from a more complete fit.  He sucked one of her 
nipples into his mouth as he ground his pelvis against hers.  "Ooh", 
she responded, closing her eyes and caressing his head.  "Aahh..."

After a few minutes of this he moved his head down to her panties, 
pulling them down as he went.  His own boxers were pulled tight 
against his buttocks by the extreme tenting in the front.  Denise 
stopped him before he could get his mouth between her thighs.

"Jeremy, I'm living with a lesbian.  Trust me -- no matter how good 
you are at licking cunny, it can't possibly compare."  Looking up at 
her and then back at me, he lifted his head, smiled and removed his 

Wow! He was at least 9 inches long, and thick! Not that I see many 
dicks, mind you, but I know enough to tell when someone's well 
endowed.  Denise's eyes widened as well.  "Mmm", she murmured, 
climbing to a sitting position, turning around on her hands and 
knees and putting her mouth around it.

"Aw yeah", he sighed, obviously in heaven.  I was a little jealous 
-- she really knew how to use her mouth.  She ministered to his 
lollipop for several minutes before he started to pump his hips to 
meet her back-and-forth bobbing.  She backed off with a slurping 

"Condom?" she looked up at him.

"Yeah!" He leapt off the bed to his pants and pulled out a foil-
wrapped prophylactic.  Ripping it open, he slid it down his member 
quickly as Denise laid back on the bed with a "come hither" look.  
By this time I had been rubbing myself through my jeans for a few 
minutes.  Denise's naked body has that effect on me.

Jeremy positioned himself between Denise's thighs and slowly pushed 
his cock into the folds of her cunt.  She gazed into his eyes and 
her mouth opened slightly.  He hadn't gone more than an inch or two 
inside before he pulled back almost all the way out, then slowly 
pushed back in again.  Her chin raised slightly as a soft groan left 
her mouth.  Again he teasingly pulled back after only a couple of 
inches had gone in.

"C'mon, GIVE it to me!" she grunted, wrapping her legs around his 
hips and pulling.  Stubbornly, he held back, again only using a 
couple of inches of his shaft, but this time he swirled his hips 
counter-clockwise, giving her rotational friction where there would 
normally be only in-and-out.  She went nuts at this.  "Huh huh HUH! 
Oh GOD! Please, PLEASE give it to me!"

Finally, he thrust himself in all the way, producing a huge gasp 
from Denise, followed by what sounded to be a mind-blowing orgasm 
for her.  "Oh oh OH!" She arched her back as she bucked up at his 
phallus, her grunts rising to a high pitch.  Damn, he really knew 
how to use that thing!

Finally, she came down from her cum and saw that I had undone my 
jeans in order to allow my fingers easier access to my hot hole.  
"Alex, come over here and sit on my face."  I thought about it for a 
moment, then stood and pulled off my jeans.  Casting a glance at 
Jeremy, who was looking on with interest, I walked over to the side 
of the bed and sat down, facing away from them.  With a sigh, I 
raised my legs and pulled my panties off.  I hadn't shown my 
privates to any man in a decade, and I wasn't about to now.  Keeping 
my back to Jeremy, I climbed onto the bed and straddled Denise's 

Jeremy resumed his thrusting as my vagina made contact with Denise's 
mouth.  Aaah, that's what I'd needed.  Her masterful tongue started 
its wonderful work and I started to loosen up from the tension 
created by being so near a naked man.  I removed my shirt, but kept 
my bra on.

Jeremy's in-and-out movements made Denise's head go up and down the 
bed a bit as well, adding some vibration to her cunnilingus.  It 
felt really good.

A few minutes later I had one of those feelings, like when someone 
stares at you from across a crowded room.  I looked back at Jeremy 
and saw that he was staring at my butt.  Pig, I thought, then 
concentrated on the good feelings that were building inside me.

Jeremy spoke up.  "Denise, I'm gonna need you to hold still when I 
say, OK?  Perfectly still."  I looked down at Denise, and her at me, 
with the same confused look.  What was he talking about?

Looking back again, I saw him screw up his face in concentration.  
"OK, now!" he urged.  Denise stopped all movement and waited 
expectantly.  Jeremy had also stopped, eyes closed, though there was 
a vibration coming from him that we could both feel.  After about 30 
seconds he visibly relaxed and opened his eyes.  "Whew...thanks! I 
can keep going now."

"What the hell was that?" Denise asked.  I had moved myself to the 
side so she could see and talk.

"I orgasmed", Jeremy replied.

"Well, then you should change to a new condom before continuing", 
said Denise.

"Oh, I didn't ejaculate", Jeremy said matter-of-factly.

"Huh?" she and I both said in unison.

"Guys can orgasm without ejaculation," he continued.  "The two 
aren't as tied together as most people think.  Once a guy feels the 
orgasm coming on, as long as he stops all stimulating movement and 
clamps his urethral muscles, he can ride the good feelings while 
keeping the fluids under control."  To substantiate his claim, he 
pulled his penis out -- the condom was empty.

With all that sperm buildup and no release, I was willing to bet 
that Jeremy's next ejaculation would be super-potent.  It was time.

"Hey, Denise, why don't you get on all fours for Jeremy?" I said, 
giving him a knowing smile.  He looked like a dog being called to 
dinner.  I got off of her chest.

She sat up.  "Hmm.  OK, but only if I can get on top of you, Alex.  
I want to fuck you while he fucks me."

I wasn't pleased with being a piece of bread in a guy's fuck 
sandwich, but if that was the only way to get her into position for 
the surreptitious baby-making, then that's what I had to do.

I lay down on my back next to Denise and she got on top of me, her 
legs outside mine.  Then she undid the front clasp of my bra, 
letting the cups fall to the side.  "I want to feel your breasts 
rubbing on mine", she said breathily, and gave me a tonguey kiss.  I 
felt Jeremy clamber up the bed and saw him dangle the now-removed 
condom over Denise's shoulder so I could see.  Plans were proceeding 

When he had gotten back into position I said to Jeremy, "You even 
*touch* me with that thing and I'll cut it off -- I mean it!"

Denise rubbed her pelvis into mine as she moaned -- Jeremy had 
started pushing his uncovered dick back into her.  "Oh GOD.  I don't 
remember doggie-style feeling this good before" she gasped.  I bit 
my lip to keep from giggling.  There's nothing like keeping a secret 
from someone you love, especially when it's being flaunted right in 
her face (or cunt, in this case).

Jeremy started to move in and out of her, and she pushed her pelvis 
down along my pussy as he pulled out.  Denise's breasts rubbed on 
mine as we kissed.  The rhythm worked, and I was really getting into 
it, especially with the thought that she would soon get spermed.  
Hee hee!

"Mmm...I'm glad...we did this", Denise said in between gasps.

"Me too, hon", I replied.  "I think we'll remember this night for a 
very long time."

"I know we will", she said, then kissed me deeply.

Jeremy started picking up speed.  It wouldn't be long now.  I was 
getting close too, the combination of Denise's previous tonguework, 
her pelvis and the vibrations of Jeremy's thrusts, and Denise's 
breathing indicated ditto for her.  She chewed her lip and closed 
her eyes, her face above mine, her breasts quivering with his 
thrusts -- she was so beautiful!

Jeremy was really giving it to her now, and her gasping was even 
louder.  She tucked her chin into her chest and started making "nn 
nn nn" sounds as she pushed back at him.  She was almost there...

"Uuuhh AAHH!" Jeremy gasped, increasing the power of his ramming.

"OooOOOOOHHHH!!!" Denise cried, her eyes flying open.  He was doing 
it! He was cumming inside her and she could feel herself being 
fertilized, her unprotected womb being assaulted by hundreds of 
thousands of little Jeremys.  Then she was cumming too, her eyes 
locked to mine, her body surrendering to its natural duty.  I was 
soooo incredibly close to cumming myself...just a few more 

Suddenly Denise lunged forward, dislodging Jeremy's spurting cock.  
Oh, crap, I thought, she didn't want this after all.  She was trying 
to get away from the dangerous seed.  Then all of a sudden Jeremy 
jammed his penis balls-deep into my cunt, now vulnerable from 
Denise's movement and made incredibly wet from my being so close to 
orgasm.  AAAAAGGGHHHH!!! I had been so close to cumming that 
anything would have put me over the brink, even a 9-inch penis being 
shoved into me! I came HARD as Denise shoved her tongue back down my 

"Mmmmfff!  MMMMFFF!!!" came our muffled cries.  I couldn't stop 
coming, and neither could Denise or Jeremy, as I felt spurt after 
spurt fill my barely-used love channel.  I flashed back to my first 
sexual experience with Bob, but this time I was coming like a 
freight train! My body fought with my mind as more and more potent 
sperm splashed into my unprotected vagina.

Oh God -- I was fertile, too! My plan went both ways for our fertile 
time of the month.  I had to get him off of me! I started to thrash.

"'d better get out of here quick!" Denise called back to 
him.  "She's gonna kill you!"

Jeremy quickly pulled out and bounced off the bed.  Picking up his 
pants, he started to put them on.  I struggled harder to get Denise 
off of me.

"NOW, Jeremy! She wasn't kidding when she said she'd cut it off! 
Grab your clothes and get out!"  He scooped up his stuff and took 
off out of the room, his pants around his ankles.  The front door 
slammed and he was gone.

Denise rolled to the side and I sat bolt-upright.  I couldn't 
fucking believe it! I was probably pregnant! From a man! Jesus!

"Calm down", Denise said firmly.  "This was my idea."


"Yeah.  I knew it was your fertile time of the month because it was 
mine, too.  When you were driving us back here from the bar I 
convinced Jeremy to pull off his condom and cum in you once I could 
get you into a vulnerable position.  I know you were against in 
vitro fertilization, so I figured we could save some money, and it 
seemed so ironic to make it so you were the one to carry the 

I was dumbfounded.

"I didn't think he'd come in me, too", she said, looking down at the 
runnel of semen coming out of her hole.  "What a jerk!"

I started to laugh at the absurdity of the situation.  Denise looked 
at me incredulously.  I explained.  Lucky guy, he decided to follow 
up on both deals, making two mommies at once.

And he did.  We're now 6 months pregnant, and we never saw Jeremy 
again.  Denise and I still have a wonderful sex life with each 
other, and I even let her use the dildo on me every once in a while.  
It's actually not so bad once you get used to it.

We've decided not to find out the sexes of the babies until they're 
born.  Some surprises are worth it.  Come to think of it, maybe 
having a boy wouldn't be such a bad thing after all...


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