Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. *******This is a work of fiction and contains adult subject matter and graphic sexual content. Please do not read if you are underage or find such subject matter offensive.***** When the bell rang I sat in my chair, terrified. I had to complete three dares today. First, I was required to stay nude until Wednesday's class. Second, I was required to perform 5 blow jobs to the first 5 willing guys I found out in the hall. Third, I was required to masturbate with a cucumber in a grocery store until I climaxed. My God. There was no way I could do this! I looked around the room. A lot of people seemed unusually slow in getting up. Jonathon had to stay nude for the entire semester. He looked a little green around the edges. Janet's project was to wear extremely revealing clothes. She had stood up and was busy trying to pull her t shirt down far enough to cover her tits (Ms Thompson had cut it off for her). I was terrified. Not only did I have to walk out of this classroom totally nude, I had to give five strangers blow jobs! Until this class I had only seen one bare cock and I hadn't even kissed it, much less performed a real blow job. The closest I had ever come was when Steve blew his load in my face during the last class. What was I going to do?! A couple of girls rallied around me to encourage me. It was evident that we were all going to be doing some pretty embarrassing and humiliating things. We were going to have to help each other if we expected to survive the class. I fought back the tears and asked them to help me find some willing participants (like that would be very hard - how many college age men would turn down a free blow job by a nude 18 year old girl?!). They agreed and ran out to round up some willing victims. I took the time to go to the back of the room and gather my things. I stuffed my clothes into my backpack and walked down to the door. Jonathon was standing there trying to work up the courage to step out. We shot each other sympathetic looks, each took a deep breath, and stepped together into the hallway. The hallway erupted into cheers and whistles. Jonathon sort of ducked his head and pushed his way through the crowd, disappearing down the hall. Susan and Ashley had found five guys and gathered them near the door. They looked almost as nervous as I was. I smiled uncertainly, took a deep breath and muttered, "Well, here goes." I kneeled in front of the first guy. He was tall and thin, with blond hair. Pulling his shorts down he revealed his hardening cock. I took it in my hands and tentatively licked the tip of it. A bead of pre-cum slid out of the hole. I wasn't really sure what to do. Everyone was silent. I continued holding it as it grew, my lips just millimeters from the tip. Finally I opened my mouth and slid it over the head. I swirled my tongue around it. Slipped it out again. Then back in. It tasted salty. Yet almost sweet. I was starting to get into this. I could hear the crowd beginning to chant and cheer. I slid it out and licked up and down. Slid it in again. He was as hard as a rock. I began sliding smoothly up and down his shaft, feeling his head hit the back of my throat. I felt his hands grab the back of my head as he became more and more excited. Before long he was holding my still while he fucked my mouth. He kept pushing it deeper and deeper until I felt like I was going to choke. I felts his balls hit may chin and knew that he was entirely in my mouth and throat. My hands were gripping his bare ass. I pulled him even further in, pressing my nose and lips against his base. My tongue slid up and down his shaft. He tensed - and an explosion of cum erupted into my throat. People talk about spitting or swallowing. I didn't even taste him. He was so far back in my mouth that he shot straight into my throat. All I could do was swallow. We hung like that for a few seconds before he pulled out. I licked off the tip and he pulled away, pulling his shorts up. I looked into his face. He had an embarrassed grin as he backed away and the next guy stepped up. The next guy was much shorter and bulkier. He made me think of a wrestler. His jeans were already open and he was already hard. The crowd was still cheering. His cock wasn't as long as the first guy's, but it was bigger around. I could barely get my mouth around the head. I licked it up and down and sucked the tip, tickling his balls with my fingers. As my mouth got used to being opened that wide I started sliding further and further down his shaft. He stood stock still while I mouth fucked him, sliding my head up and down, twirling my tongue along his shaft. As he tensed and shot his load I pulled back so that his cum landed right on my tongue. The crowd was cheering and I was becoming more and more excited. My fears and inhibitions were being replaced by an insatiable lust for more. I sucked the last drops of his sweet cum off his cock and turned to number three. This guy had to be football player. He was huge. And so was his cock. He stood there waving it around for the world to see. It had to be 10 inches long and as big around as my arm. I held it in both hands and tried to get it inside my mouth. There was no way. I could barely cover the head with my lips. I licked up and down his shaft and sucked the tip like I was a nursing baby. My hands gripped him and slid up and down as I masturbated him. I pushed my fist all the way down his shaft against his balls as he tensed and shot his load. He pulled back and sprayed me right in the face. I swear I thought he would never stop. A long stream of white semen kept shooting straight out. On my nose. On my eyes. My chin. My cheeks. My tongue. My throat. My tits. By the time he stopped I was covered in white globs of dripping cum. I was laughing out loud while the audience erupted in cheers. Number four stepped up. He was a thin black man with glasses and a row of pens in his shirt pocket. He looked like an accountant. Though his cock was a good 6 or 7 inches long, it looked small after the last guy. I hungrily engulfed it in my mouth. I deep throated him immediately, pushing him to the back of my mouth and down my throat. My tongue moved wildly. I think he lasted a minute before tensing up to shoot his load. I backed off and opened my mouth while he sprayed my face and tongue. Number five stepped up and dropped his shorts around his ankles. I grabbed his ass and pulled his cock into my mouth, sucking for all I'm worth. My hands reached around and found his crack and asshole. I'm not even sure what I was doing or where it came from, but my fingers pressed against his asshole and slowly slid inside. He pushed his cock all the way into my mouth. There was no where for him to move while I pushed my finger deeper up his ass. I slid it out and back in while doing the same with my mouth. It must have been a sight. I was totally nude, on my knees, covered in cum, in the middle of the hallway with a crowd of spectators, fucking a complete stranger with my mouth while finger fucking his ass. With a load moan he shot into my mouth. His cum fired out in a series of hard, hot streams, coating my throat, mouth and tongue. As my finger wiggled in his ass he just kept firing shot after shot, filling my mouth faster than I could swallow. Cum overflowed and dribbled down my chin. Finally he stopped. I kept him in my mouth while his cock slowly shrank down to its normal size. Slowly I slid my finger out of his ass. He looked down at me and smiled. Pulling up his shorts, he turned to go. With the show over, the crowd began to disperse. I sank to the floor and leaned against the wall. Cum dripped off my chin onto my tits. Susan and Ashley knelt beside me to make sure I was OK. God, I was so horny. Normally I'm quite shy, but somehow, when I get really excited all my inhibitions go away. I was discovering that being seen by others was a tremendous turn on for me. My pussy was dripping with frustrated anticipation. I heard the bell ring. That had taken less than 10 minutes. And I had a class to get to! One of the rules that Ms Thompson had stated required that we continue our day as we normally would. If we missed a class or an appointment simply because of our project it would count against us. I grabbed my shirt from my backpack and wiped the cum off my face and tits (I wouldn't be wearing it again today anyway). Stuffing it back in my bag, I thanked Susan and Ashley for their help and ran upstairs to my psychology class. As I stepped into my psychology class I became intensely aware of my nudity. Class was already in session. This particular room entered from the front. I stood in the doorway looking up at a hundred students in stadium seating looking down at me. "Nice of you to join us Miss Armstrong," boomed Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson was a large kind man with short dark hair and a powerful voice. I'd only had a couple of classes with him but he had become my favorite teacher. He struck me as being strict, yet he had a great sense of humor. "Obviously straight from Ms Thompson's human sexuality class, eh Miss Armstrong? From the remains dripping off your chin I'd say your homework took a little longer than expected." I quickly rubbed my chin and came away with a large wad of thick cum. I wiped it embarrassingly on my hip (my very nude hip) and went to take my seat. This was the only class I had with assigned seating. Mine was about 5 rows up, right in the middle. I had to squeeze past several people to get to my seat. The room was set up like a theater. The rows went up from the "stage" at the front. Long desks spanned from one aisle to another, with chairs attached to the tables. The teacher at the front of the class could see each student easily, but had to look up to do so. Most classes like this had vanity boards in front of each desk. This room did not. Girls in skirts had to be particularly careful not to flash the professor. Evidently nude girls were not expected at all when they designed the room. My shaved and dripping pussy was less than 25 feet from Dr Johnson and right at eye level. Dr Johnson had already returned to his lecture as I found my seat. The first time he looked up and saw me he almost choked. My tits were still hard from my unfulfilled arousal, my pussy was sparkling with moisture, my legs were open slightly - it must have been quite a view. He recovered nicely, yet his eyes kept wondering over to where I sat. Knowing the effect I was having on him just increased my arousal. I slipped my hand down and slid it along my pussy. Dr Johnson started coughing. The girl beside me looked at me and frowned - sort of gave me the evil eye. I realized I was far to aroused to continue this. If I touched myself much more I was going to cum right there. I gritted my teeth and started taking notes. Class seemed to last forever. I started coming down off my sexual high and began feeling the eyes of the class staring at my body. I wanted to hide, but knew that I couldn't. I had to stay nude until Wednesday morning! I started thinking about what I had to do between now and then. Suddenly I felt a rock in the pit of my stomach. Gymnastics practice was this afternoon! I'd been in gymnastics all my life and, though never Olympic quality, I was quite good. I had received a full gymnastics scholarship to come to this school. There was no way I could miss it. This was just the second practice. After class I gathered my things together and went immediately to my room. This was my last class for the day and practice didn't start until 3:00. I hurried across campus, ignoring the stares and whistles. I was afraid that if I masturbated and released all the pent up sexual energy within me that I would never be able to finish the rest of the day. Instead, I laid down and fell asleep. My alarm went off at 2:30. It took me a moment to remember what was happening. I lay nude on my bed and in half an hour I had to be across campus for my gymnastics practice. The sexual energy that had been building was stronger than ever. I was so horny. More than anything I wanted to reach down and rub myself until I came. At the same time, the thought of going across campus nude was incredibly stimulating. The only thing giving me strength was my pent up sexual energy. I got up and fixed a small sandwich since I hadn't eaten lunch. The gym was clear across campus. Normally I rode my bike. I reached for my gym bag and then realized I wouldn't need it. I headed down to the lobby and my bike. Girls stopped and whispered to themselves as I walked down the hall. It's not like it was terribly unusual to see a nude girl in the hall. But it was evident that everyone knew what had happened earlier and word was out that I had to stay nude until Wednesday. No one believed I could do it. I got outside and pulled my bike off the rack. September is still summer here. It was pretty and hot. I thought a moment about sunburn and made a note to buy myself to by some sun block. No time now though. I straddled the bike and set off. God this felt good!. The breeze was waking up my nipples, causing them to stand at attention. My seat quickly worked its way between my pussy lips and was rubbing right into my clitoris. Every bump and dip sent shivers up my body. People seemed to be everywhere. And everyone was looking right at me. I knew I should have felt ashamed. Should have felt embarrassed. Instead it was exhilarating. I loved it. I had never felt this way before. Traffic literally was stopping for me. How could I get this turned on by being exposed to strangers? I pulled up to the gym, locked my bike, and went inside. My pussy felt engorged. A stream of pussy juice was rolling down my thigh. Gymnastics practice was just beginning. It's coed, so both guys and girls turned to stare as I joined them. Coach Perrin grinned. "Welcome, Lisa. I see you're in Human Sexuality as well. Saw Jonathon working out earlier. Quite a home work assignment." I laughed. It was much easier knowing that I didn't have to explain myself to him. Coach Perrin was about 35 and built just like a male gymnast should be. He was slim and muscular with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Dark brown hair and green eyes. A perfect 10. I thought he was sexy in normal times. Today I almost came just looking at him! He led us through various stretching exercises. Gymnastics doesn't leave a lot of room for modesty. You're always spreading your legs and lifting yourself up into unusual positions. Others are always grabbing you in delicate places as your learn new techniques and maneuvers. But with a leotard on I always felt covered and secure. Today everything was on display. Coach Perrin had us do a bridge. This is where you raise yourself up backwards on your hands and feet, arching your back as high as possible. My tits were stretched up and my shaved pussy was raised and wide open. With my head upside down I looked up and noticed that the whole gym had stopped to watch me. After our stretching he moved me to the balance beam. This meant that for an entire hour I was on display four feet off the ground. I spun and twisted, flipped and turned. All the while Coach Perrin gave me special attention. We spent a lot of time practicing a maneuver where I come down from a hand stand, grip the beam with my arms, arch my back and lower my feet over my head. My tits are pressed into the beam and my pussy is wide open for viewing. My God I was turned on! Practice lasted two hours. By the time we were done I had practically forgotten that I was nude. I felt great. I was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and, more than anything, wanted to rip Coach Perrin's shorts off and impale myself on what I was sure must be a huge cock. Somehow I restrained myself and headed out the door. In the entrance to the gym I met Susan, Ashley and Steve. They asked me how I was doing and I sort of unloaded on them, telling them how incredible I felt. "When are you going to the supermarket," Steve asked. "I was going to go late tonight," I replied. "But I'm not sure I can wait that long. I feel like I'm about to explode." "Why not go now?" Ashley asked. "We'll take you." "But it's 5:30. That's the busiest time of day!" I protested. "Yeah," said Susan enthusiastically. "You said you loved people watching you. What more could you ask for?" "No. No! I couldn't." "Sure you can!" said Steve. "Come on." He grabbed my hand and led me off to his car, flanked my Susan and Ashley. I protested. But not much. As I climbed into the back seat I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was about to stick a cucumber in my pussy in a grocery store during the evening rush! Since Steve's car had tinted windows I leaned back and relaxed. Ashley, who'd gotten in the back seat with me began rubbing my pussy gently. "Can't have you getting to relaxed now, can we?" she purred. By the time we got to the supermarket I was on the verge of cumming. We had to park at the far end of the parking lot. Up until now I had always been on campus. Nude girls roaming around was unusual to say the least, but kids did weird things on campus. Now I was in town. And no one knew what we were doing. "Mom! That lady's naked!" A young boy screamed. Everyone turned and stared. It all came rushing to me. I was naked! In a parking lot of a supermarket! With boys and girls and teenagers and moms and dads and grandparents and teachers and businessmen and men and women and and and everyone staring at me! Staring at my bare tits and my shaved pussy. My God! What am I doing?! I froze. "You can do this," whispered Steve. "You have to do this!" With the three of them around me I walked through the parking lot and into the supermarket. The cold air of the air conditioning swam around my nude body. This was so different from campus. These were real people. Real people staring at me. I felt like a robot, just walking blindly ahead to the produce section. No one really tried to stop me. A couple of people grabbed their children and herded them away. Some completely ignored me, as though they saw a nude coed in the supermarket every day. Most stared and followed, some looking for the camera that must be hidden somewhere. I picked up a cucumber that was about 8 inches long and looked smooth and clean. It felt cold even though it hadn't been refrigerated. I turned around and faced the crowd. Spreading my legs I rubbed the cucumber through my pussy lips. "Ma Gad! She's gonna fuck a cucumber!" someone bellowed from the back of the crowd. In front of me stood a group of 4 young teenage boys. their cocks already tenting their shorts. As I slid the cucumber inside me all my fears and inhibitions evaporated again. I had held myself on the edge all day. Now my pussy was full. I pushed the cucumber all the way in, twisted it, then pulled it out again. I sank to the floor, spreading my legs wider, pushing and pulling. Then, to get a better view and because I was still warm from gymnastics, I wrapped my legs behind my shoulders, spreading myself even wider. I pushed it all the way inside and then rubbed my clit with two fingers. The boys in front of me couldn't keep their hands off their shorts. Just as a saw a wet spot blossom on one boys crotch, I climaxed. It was like fireworks went off between my legs. The cucumber was filling my pussy completely. My fingers were flying over my clit and lips. I screamed loudly, arched backwards, brought my legs down and held myself tightly. I felt like it would never end as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. My body shivered and shook as I rolled on the cold floor. I will never forget the look that greeted me when I calmed down enough to look around. There must have been thirty people of all ages standing around me, their mouths hanging open, a look of utter disbelief in their eyes. "I want one of those!" piped up a young woman in the middle of the crowd. Everyone laughed - but no one moved. I slid the cucumber out of my dripping pussy. Ashley and Susan helped me stand up. Without saying a word, I handed the cucumber to the 4 teenagers and walked through the crowd and out the door. That night I lay in bed, still nude, marveling at what I had done today. I'd been exposed to literally hundreds of people. I'd had oral sex with five strangers. I'd practiced gymnastics in the nude. I'd masturbated in public with a fucking cucumber! I felt embarrassed. How could I do that? I felt empowered! How did I do that?! I was ashamed. I was proud. I was afraid of what I might be required to do tomorrow. Yet I couldn't wait to find out.