This story is fictional and written for the enjoyment of others.

The Streaker

As a 13 year old kid, I loved to be naked. I would take showers
just to be naked and look at myself in the mirror.  I loved the
way my body looked.  I was lean, with long tight muscles and my
cock, when hard was a good 4 ½ inches long with balls that hung down
further than any of the other guys I saw in the gym showers at
school.  I only had a small amount of pubic hair, which was just
above the base of my cock, other than that I had no other pubic
hair.  I had found that being naked was a turn on, and I would
get very hard every time I got naked.  I dreaded gym class, not
because of the sports but before I went in I always got a hard on
and was afraid it wouldn’t go down by the time I had to change
into my gym clothes.  I found that if I dressed quickly I didn’t
get hard and after gym class I was so tired my cock would stay

Being the youngest one in the family had its advantages.  I was
old enough to be left alone and my older siblings were busy
with high school functions and mom and dad would often go out
with their friends.  This would leave me home alone for long
periods of time.  If I knew I had a long time to be alone, I
would strip down and run around the house.  A few times I would
stand by a window when car drove by or some girl walked by and it always
gave me a thrill to know I could be seen.  I don’t think I was ever
seen, as there was never a response.

I was on the track team at school and the coach wanted me to run
the mile and the 440 relay.  I had track practice three days a
week and the other times the coach expected us to run to build up
our endurance.  My house was close to a public park and when I
didn’t run in the streets, I would run there.  One day I didn’t
run in the afternoon as I usually did, but knew I needed to get quicker.  I
went after the sun went down and jogged to the park.  The park
was dark and empty when I got there.  I took a lap around the
park.  My eyes got use to the darkness so there was no problem of
tripping over anything.  After my second lap I stopped and
listened.  I could hear nothing and I couldn’t see anything
either.  I took off my shorts and my jock and started running. 
About halfway around the park I took off my tank top.  I loved
the feeling of being naked at a place I shouldn’t have been.  My
cock got hard, swinging in front of me as I ran.  I tried a few
things that I thought would be fun that I hadn’t done in years. 
I ran over to the playground and got on the swings.  Swinging
naked was fun.  I tried the slide too, but had to sit on my
clothes to make it slippery enough to go down.

I finished my run in the nude then went to a corner of the park
and put my shorts and tank top back on.  On my way out I saw a
car pull into the parking lot.  I didn’t pay very much attention
to it.  I heard the car doors open and the voices of a guy and a
girl as they walked away from the car.  I stopped and watched as
they sat on a bench and started kissing.  Every so often I could
her the girl laugh.  I thought to myself “what a lucky guy” and
headed home.  On the way home I thought that it would have been
funny if they saw me running naked at the park.  The more I
thought about it the more it turned me on.

I ran at the park more often after that, always at night.  I
found out that no one used the park at night except on weekends
when couples would go there to make out.  On Friday night after
my parents left to go to a party, I decided to go running.  I
would run with no jock and no tank top and a dark pair of shorts
that I could get on and off easily.  That night I got to the park
and circled it making sure no one was there.  On my second lap I
got nude and continued.  It had to be past ten when I was
finishing up my run.  Still naked, I was cooling down when a car
pulled into the parking lot.  Keeping to the trees I moved closer
to the parking lot as not to be seen.  There was a streetlight at
the entrance to the park and two other lights that lit up the
parking area.  The lights from the parking lot spilled over into
the park a few yards then was lost in the shadows of the trees as
the grassy area sloped downward.  As I got closer to the car I
could hear the people talking and music coming from the radio.  I
looked and listened for a while and decide they were just there
to talk and retreated away in the shadows.  That’s when I heard
the car doors open and some laughing.  I put my shorts back on
and decide to go for a closer look.  I got behind a tree and
watched as the couple walked over to a bench and sat down.  I
could hear them talking for a while then they started kissing.  I
could see their silhouettes back lit by the lights in the parking
lot.  I watched as they made out.  The girl moved and sat on the
guys lap facing him. They would kiss and she would rock back and
forth on his lap. I am sure he was as hard as I was.  I watched
and slowly stroked my cock.  One time she leaned back and I saw
his hands move to her boobs.  They were both fully clothed and I was sure
they were as horny as I was.  I wanted them to see
me. I wanted them to see my cock and naked body up close.  I
moved in the shadows watching them as I went.  I got to a place
where I could run by them that would be light enough for them to
see me then I would head off into the shadows, put on my shorts
and run home.

I got up some courage and started walking toward the couple.  My
body was lit by the lights in the parking lot with my face and
part of my chest in shadow.  I could see the light on my hard
cock and legs as I walked.  I was about 20 feet away from them
when I heard the guy say “look at this.”  I saw the girl turn her
head then the rest of her body as she looked at me.  I stopped
about 10 ft away from them and stood there.  The girl giggled a
little.  I stayed there for maybe 15 seconds.  The guy said
“dude.”  I made a 180 degree turn and ran into the shadows.  My
body was full of adrenalin my cock still hard swaying as I ran. 
I heard the girl yell to me “nice ass,” as I headed to the end of
the park.  I stopped and put my shorts on then ran home faster
than I had ever run.  That night I jerked off thinking of the
couple seeing me.

I didn’t go running at the park after that. I wasn’t sure if they
saw my face but I knew they saw my body and I didn’t want to
chance it.  I did like running around naked and when no one was
home I would go outside nude as often as I could.  I liked the
feeling of being naked but liked it better if someone could see

One warm Saturday night, my parents had gone out and my
siblings were on dates.  I knew from experience that they
wouldn’t be home until it was past midnight.  Once they left I
stripped down.  I got on the computer and tried to find a chat
room where someone would talk to me, but being 13, not too many
people would.  At times there would be some nice lady that would
ask me about things but mostly it was guys wanting to know what I
was doing.  I would usually type something stupid and they
wouldn’t respond.  This night however some guy contacted me and
asked me how I was etc.  He asked what I was doing and I decided
I would tell him I was naked.  I thought this would send him
away.  He asked how old I was.  I told him 13.  He asked why I
was naked.  I told him I liked it.  He wrote me an “lol,” then
asked me what I looked like.  I gave him the best description I
could.  He then asked if I had a boner.  I didn’t respond to
that.  He then typed he wished he could see me.  I wrote back
that if he was a guy why would he want to see another guy naked.
He said he liked to see anyone naked.  I asked if he had seen
nude kids before.  He told he had, not a 13 year old, but had
seen a 15 year old.  He then typed he wanted to see a 13 yr old
naked, with a boner.  I asked him why.  He told me because older
guys like to see younger guys naked.  Then he added that his wife
liked to see them too.  I asked him "so you’re not gay or
anything?"  He said no but he did like to see a nice body.  We
chatted for a while longer.  My cock was hard the whole time.  He
had to go and logged off.  I waited to see if anyone else would
chat but no one did.

The guy talking to me got me hornier than I already was.  I went
outside in the dark and listened to the quiet of the
neighborhood.  Our house was on a quiet street.  At the bottom of
our street was a through street that went from one of the busy main
streets to another busy main street.  The street wasn’t all that busy
but, every few minutes a car would go by.  The street that I
lived on a car came by maybe once an hour if that.  The house
next to ours was home to an old widow that went to sleep at nine
every night. Her house was always dark when I was nude outside. 
The house across from her had an old couple that lived there and
they went to bed early too.  The house across from mine belonged
to a guy that was always away and his house was dark most of the
time. The other house next to ours belonged to a younger couple
that always seemed to go out on the weekends too.  The house on
the corner was vacant and across the street, to the west, was a field.
Across the street on the north side was a vacant lot
with trees and bushes.  I decided to be brave and headed down to
the vacant corner house.  I knew if I needed a place to escape I could
jump the walls and be in my yard in a few seconds.

I got to the house on the corner and stayed in the shadows as a
few cars went by.  I am sure no one saw me but I could feel the
rush of being seen.  After a few cars went by I took it up a
notch.  I wanted to be seen but wasn’t sure what I should do.  I
got brave and after a car went by I ran across the road into the
field.  It was a feeling of fear and thrill.  A few
minutes later I saw a car coming and when it was about 100 yards
away I ran across the street.  The car honked and I ran into the
shadows.  I stayed hidden in the shadows of the vacant house for a while and watched a few cars go by.  I wanted to do it again. I walked out into the
middle of the street and stood there.  No cars came by so I
walked to the field and waited.  A few minutes later I saw
headlights up the street.  This time I decide I would walk along
the road the opposite way the car was headed.  I was nervous and
my cock was half hard as I walked out into the road.  I walked
along, my head turned toward the field, as the car neared.  I was
nervous as the headlights lit my body up.  I didn’t dare turn my
head to look.  The car slowed as it passed me then sped up.  I
looked over as the Mercedes Benz passed me and drove by. I noticed
that one of the license plate blubs were out as I watched it
speed off.  I ran across the street into the shadows.  I knew I
had been seen.  I was hoping it was a lady and she got a thrill
out of seeing me.

I hid in the shadows for a few minutes planning my next move.  I
saw headlights again only this time they were going much slower
than the cars usually went.  I thought it must be some old person
that can’t see at night.  As it got closer I could see it was a
Mercedes.  I wondered if it was the same one.  It slowly drove
past where I was hiding in the shadows. The light to the license plate
was out; it was the same car.  The car slowly drove down the
street.  I wondered if it was a cop at first, but then I thought,
cops don’t drive Mercedes.  I headed out into the street and did
some jumping jacks but the car was too far away by then.

A few minutes later a few more cars came by then there was
nothing for a while.  I went over into the field and waited. 
Soon I saw headlights again.  They were going slow and as the car
got closer I could see it was the Mercedes.  I got brave and
stood at the side of the road as the car slowly went by. I was
nervous so my cock wasn’t very hard.  The car almost came to a
complete stop, but another car was coming up behind it so the car
sped up.  I ran and hid in the field again.  I squatted down in
the tall grass and could feel my balls touch the back of my shoes. 

My cock started getting hard again.  I was hoping the Mercedes would come
by again.  It wasn’t very long before I got my wish.  I had no
idea who was inside and that made it all the more exciting.  This
time as the car slowly came along, I was hard.  I started walking
toward the slow moving car and when it got about 10 ft from me it
stopped.  I walked in front of the car’s lights, my hard cock
leading the way.  I stopped in front of the car and turned so
that whoever was in the car could get a good look at me in the
headlights.  I stayed like that for a few seconds then ran off. 
The Mercedes proceeded down the street and made a “U” turn.  This
time it came back and turned up our street.  I watched from the
shadows as it went by.  I went out to the street and
watched as the car went to the top of the street, turned around
and came back down. I hid in the shadows once more as the car pulled over next to the vacant lot and stopped.

I waited and watched for a few minutes.  I heard the car window
go down.  I could see a shadow in the drivers seat.  I could see
the orange glow from a cigarette move around where the driver
was.  I slowly moved out of the shadows and walked toward the
car.  My cock was hard and I was sweating a little.  I could see the faint glow of the dashboard lights on the person inside as I walked to the street. 
I moved to the front of the car and the lights went on.  I stood there, my
naked body washed in light.  
“You look nice.”  I heard a voice from the car.  It was the voice of a man. 

“Turn around for me and let me see that ass.”   

I did as he asked.  I even spread my ass cheeks so he could see my hole.  I turned back around facing the lights.  I heard a car coming along the road and ran back across the street to the vacant house.  The man in the car turned
off the headlights and started the car.  A few more cars passed by then all was quiet again, and he turned of the car. I headed over again.  He turned on the lights and I let him look at me again.  After letting him look for a minute or so, I walked over to the passenger side of the car.  He rolled down the passenger window.

“You look great kid.”  He said.  “How old are you?”   My voice
was dry.  “13” is all I was able to get out.

“You do this often?”   he asked.   I didn’t know what to say. 
“You’ve got one hell of a body.”

“Thanks.”  Is all I could say.

“Love your cock too.”  He said.  “Come around to my side of the

I was a little wary but was also very horny.  I walked around
in front of the car to be seen again and stood by his window.

“Shit , you look hot.”  He said as I leaned on his car.

He turned on the interior lights.  His pants were off and he was
stroking his cock.  He was a pleasant looking man in his forties,
with dark wavy hair and a nice complexion.

“You wanna get in the car?”  he asked.

“I better not”  I said.  He gave a chuckle.

He opened his door as I stepped back.  He swung his legs out of
the car and pulled his shirt off.  He was completely nude, I at
least had shoes on.  I had never really seen a live nude man with
a hard on.  I had seen naked men in locker rooms and had noticed
their cocks but none of them were ever hard.  This guy was as
hard as I was.  I slowly stroked my cock watching him stroke his.

“You can get closer if you want.” He told me.
I was already about three feet away from him but stepped forward.

“You ever do this before?”  he asked.

“Run around naked you mean?”  I asked and he chuckled.

“Well that, and let a man see you naked up close with a hard on?”

I didn’t say anything.  I just stood there watching him stroke
his cock.

“Move your hand away.”  He said.  I let go of my cock.  I stood
there proud with my hard cock moving up and down with my
heartbeat.  His left hand reached up and caressed my hip.  I
tensed up a little then relaxed.  His left hand moved up and down
my hip as his right hand stroked his cock.  I was nervous but my
cock wasn’t going to let me run anyplace.  His left hand left my
hip and went to his cock while his right hand moved up and
caressed my other hip.  He slid his hand toward the back of my
hip and gave my ass cheek a squeeze.

“Nice ass.”  He said as he did that.  His hand moved back to my
hip then up my torso to my nipple.  It felt electric as he passed
his fingers over it then went down my abs.  As he did so his
forearm brushed the head of my cock. He rubbed my abs and then
reached over to my other nipple to play with it.  As he did so
his forearm slid across the side and head of my cock.

“You like this?”  he asked.  I didn’t reply.  His hand moved down
my to my abs then lowered as he gently took my cock in his hand
and explored it.  The felling was sensational.  No one had ever
touched my cock before except me, and the doctor when I was
little.  His hand slid down from my cock as he felt my hairless

“Shit kid this is nice.”  He softly said.   I nodded in agreement
but he was just watching my cock.

“Ever feel a mans cock?”  He said.  I shook my head no.  He stood
up, his cock sticking straight out.  His cock looked to be about
7 inches.  I reached out and felt it.  It was weird but also nice
as I moved my hand up and down his shaft.  He had a lot more
pubic hair than I did but his ball sack didn’t have any hair on
it at all.  I squeezed his balls and played with his cock as he
played with my nipples.

“Shit” I heard him say.  “Hang on a sec.”  I let go of his cock
and he sat back down on his car seat.  I could see a line of  pre cum
hanging from his piss hole.  He reached out and took my cock in
his hand.  With his other hand he reached around and squeezed my
ass pulling me closer to him.  His fingers sunk in my ass crack
as he held my cock.  He pulled me closer, pulling my cock down
and leaning forward.  His mouth took my cock.  I could feel his
tongue move around my shaft and the head. I could feel the
suction on my cock as he sucked.  His right hand was toying with
my balls and his left hand was probing my ass hole. I had never
felt anything like it before.  It didn’t take long before my body
tensed and I shot my cum into his mouth.  I came like I never
had.  I could feel each spurt shoot from what felt like someplace deep
in my ass to the tip of my cock.  He swallowed it all and kept my
cock in his mouth until I had finished.  He took his lips off my
cock, which was still hard but very sensitive.  He stood up again
and took my hand and put it on his cock.  It only took a few
strokes before he came.  Globs of cum shot out of his piss hole
and landed on my arm.  Another hit my leg and cock.  The rest
dribbled to the ground.

He sat back down in his car.  And looked up at me.  My cock was
still hard.  He reached out and pulled me to his mouth again. 
One more time he sucked my cock and played with my balls.

“Turn around and bend over.”  He whispered.  I did as he said.  I
spread my legs apart so he could get to my balls.  I bent over
and he pulled me close.  I felt his hands spread my ass as he
leaned forward and started licking my ass hole.  Cars were still
passing at the bottom of the street and we would pause from what
we were doing as they passed.  The feeling of having his tongue 
licking my ass hole was awesome.  I had never felt anything like
it.  He moved his hand around and started to play with my cock. 
He turned me around, his lips and tongue now playing with my
cock.  His finger sunk into my ass hole and he started to wiggle
it.  It hurt a little at first, but after a few seconds the feeling
was out of this world.  He kept sucking on my cock and fingering
my ass.  I started humping his mouth. I shot my cum into his
mouth one more time.  He swallowed it all.  There wasn’t as much
as the first time I came but the feeling was the same as before.
I had to lean on the car to support myself as he pulled his mouth
off my cock.

“Fuck kid, that was great.”  He said smiling, his cock once again
partially hard. “Are there anymore kids like you around here?”

“I’m not sure”  I told him.

“I want to get off again.   Can you sit in the passenger seat for
me?”  He asked.  I walked around the car and got in.  I leaned
back against the door and spread my legs for him.  My cock was
red and swollen a little but still half hard.  I leaned back so
he could see my ass as well as my cock.  He stroked his cock and
would reach over and rub my nipples, cock and balls and run a
finger along my ass hole.  I watched as he came.  His cum
dribbled out over his cock head and down to his hand.  He leaned
back and closed his eyes.

“Damn kid that was hot.”  He muttered.   “Maybe we can do it
again sometime.  Would you like to ride around naked with me
sometime?”  He asked.  I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not.  I
didn’t answer.  I just got out of the car and ran into the shadows.
He was gone by the time I was hidden.  I had no more desire to be
seen that night so I ran home and got in the shower and went to

When mom and dad got home mom came in and asked if I did anything
fun tonight.  I told her I just did the same old thing. She
smiled and left my room.  I smiled and went to sleep.

To be continued...