Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Flash mg, exhib, inc. In all started when I was in 7th grade. One of the classes we had to take was gym. That meant we had to get gym clothes and that included a jock strap. Not only did we have to dress for gym but, afterward we all had to take a shower. I had many friends from my elementary school and a few were in my gym class. I had never thought that undressing would make me feel weird in front of guys my age. I was a little nervous at first but, everyone else was having the same feelings. I looked to see if anyone was looking around but it seemed everyone was changing as fast as they could. After we had been outside playing football and running around, we had to go back and shower and change, all in less then ten minutes to get to our next class. That's when things got a little different. We were each given a little towel and told to shower in the stalls and change back into our normal clothes. Since we didn't have much time to do so, everyone was in a hurry. I hurried and got nude and went to shower. I was under the water when a kid looked at me and said "whoa dude." I just smiled at the kid and went about my business of showering and dressing. The next day that same kid was there with a few more of his friends. We were all in the shower but I felt like I was being stared at. Some of the other kids were snickering and I had no idea what about. "See." Said the kid from the day before to another guy. They both looked my way and gave a little laugh. "What's your problem?" I asked. The guys just laughed as I walked by. You have to understand the mentality of the 7th grader. We were all 12 and soon to be 13. It was the first time most of us had been nude with a group of peers. We were all different shapes and sizes. Some of us we going into puberty and others were well on their way through it. The next few days, the same thing would occur. I ignored the others and was glad when gym class was over. It was after the first week of this that I got a the nickname of "horse." I was a fast runner and very good at soccer. I thought the moniker was because I was one of the fastest kids in my grade. Later I was to learn the real reason. I was walking home with one of my friends who no would call me "horse" instead of "Nate," which is what everyone called me except my mother who called me Nathan. "You don't care that people call you horse do you?" My friend asked me. "Na." I told him. "It's fine with me." "You know why everybody started calling you `horse?" He asked, "'cause I'm a fast runner." I told him. My friend started to laugh at that. "No, its not." He said. "It's because of your dick." "What about my dick?" I asked. "You haven't noticed?" My friend asked. "Noticed what?" I asked back. "That yours is bigger than the rest of ours." He told me as he laughed. To be honest, I hadn't noticed. Maybe it was because I was always in a hurry and didn't pay much attention to the other guys in the locker room. The next day in the shower I looked around. Like I said before, we were all different shapes and sizes and in differing parts of puberty. I did notice that most of the other guy's dicks weren't as long as mine. Mind you, my cock in 7th grade wasn't that big. It was maybe just a inch or so longer and hung down more than the other guy's cocks did. One of my friends later told me it looked like someone had tapped a man's cock onto my boy body. We laughed at that for almost 10 minutes. In 7th grade, I was a very thin and lanky guy. That, I am sure, made my cock look bigger on my thin frame. My cock wasn't huge by any means. When I wasn't hard, it was maybe 3 " long. When it was hard, it was 5 1/4 inches long. I also had a ball sack that hung down while the rest of my friends had little to no ball sack to speak of. The novelty wore off as we went through the year. It was the summer after 7th grade that I went camping with one of my friend's family. We camped at a lake on a houseboat. There was my friend and his older sister and mom and dad. I was changing into my swimsuit when my friend's mom came into the room I was changing in by accident. She opened the door just as I had kicked off all my clothes and was standing there totally naked with a partial hardon. My friend's mom and I froze. I was too shocked to even move. I was sure my friend's mom was too. She just stood there for what seemed like hours but was actually maybe 7 seconds tops. "Sorry." She said as she backed out of the room and closed the door. I hurried and changed and thought I was in some sort of trouble. I took a while inside the room but knew I had to face my friend's mom again. When I finally did go out, my friend's mom was cool about it. She didn't say a thing, just smiled at me and gave me a wink and offered me some food. As the trip went on, my friend's mom walked in on me changing 2 more times. The second time she did that I covered up a little and she looked disappointed. I thought about how her face looked the first time she saw me as opposed to the second time she saw me. I did feel embarrassed but was also turned on. The next time I got changed, I was so excited about being seen that I had a full blown hardon. But, she didn't accidentally come in that day or the following day. The last day we were on the lake she did finally open the door by accident. This time I was totally nude for what seemed like an eternity while I waited and was sporting a full hardon when she came in. When she saw me her eyebrows raised and a smile crossed her face. The feeling inside of me was hard to explain. I felt excited, horny and on top of the world. She stared at my nude body as long as she dared before leaving. Which had to be at least a full minute or almost two. From that time on, she was very friendly to me and I loved it when I was over at her home. She never saw me nude again but, to be honest, I wanted her to see me in the nude many times. I would even dream at night about her looking at me. She seemed to enjoy it and for some strange reason it gave me a thrill and made me feel like I was accepted. This started a "passion" of mine. When I was home alone, which wasn't too often, I would get nude and run around. I would stand by the large picture window in front of our house and would hope someone would see me. I was always horny and loved to jack off. If I was alone, I would get nude as fast as I could and maybe flash somebody, then jack off. Like I said, it wasn't too often I got to do that because my little sister, mom or dad would be around most of the time. However, as my little sister got older she would go over to more of her friend's during the day giving me a chance to be nude and show off. During my eight-grade year, I got bold. I would even run outside nude and let the kids that lived next door to me see me in all my glory. They were quite a bit younger and seemed to like looking at the naked kid that lived next to them. It was during that same summer that I was on a bike ride and saw two girls playing hopscotch on their driveway. As usual, I was horny and my cock was hard. I stopped at the end of the driveway and looked around to see if anyone else was in eyeshot of me. When I saw no one, I opened my pants and pulled out my cock and balls. It took a few seconds before the two girls were looking at it and giggling. I asked if they wanted to touch it but one of them ran away and the other just looked at it. After a few minutes of that, I zipped up and rode home. From that time whenever I was alone and got naked, I would look out the window to see if anyone was walking down the street or riding by on a bike. If they were I would open the front door and usually the movement of the door opening would catch their attention and I would be seen. I would usually get a smile or a nod. Some would look then quickly look back down the road and ignore me. I even came up with a point system to make it a game. Guy's were 0 points. If one did see me it counted as a minus 3. A teenage girl was 10 points and a middle aged woman was 7 points. Old ladies and little girls were 5 points. Anyone I thought could get me into trouble was a-10. One time I saw someone jogging down the street and opened the door. I had seen the person far away but didn't get a good look. When I opened the door, the person turned out to be a guy. He smiled and waved at me and jogged on. I shut the door pretty quick but, I knew he got an eye full. I was waiting for someone else to come by when the man wcame by again, this time looking at my house like he was expecting something. That time a little fear struck me as I watched the guy pass by. A little while later, the same guy passed my house again. It got me to wonder if maybe he wanted to see again, so I opened the door just as he passed. He heard the door open and stopped, then turned around as I walked out on the front porch. He smiled at me and gave me a "thumbs up" and put his hand his over his crotch. I let him look for a few seconds before I went back inside and locked the door. He walked by a few more times but I was too afraid to show. Fast forward to the summer after 9th grade. I was continually horny as most 15 yr olds are. I weighed in at 145lbs and was 5' 9" tall. My cock had grown more and was about 6 3/4" when totally hard. I still loved to be seen but the opportunities started to come less and less. My mom and dad were gone more but my sister, who was four years younger than me, was always hanging around the house. To me, it seemed that there were always some of her friends over. Most of the time they would keep to themselves, but at other times they would tease me or bug me. I tried to ignore them. Toward mid summer, my parents had taken off someplace and my sister announced she was going to her friends to play. As soon as she had left, I stripped down. I was totally nude and horny. My cock was up and I looking at myself in a mirror, looking at what others would get to see of me. I was looking out the windows to see if anyone was coming down the street. After a long time no one came and I grew bored of my little game. I had been told I needed to go weed the flower patch in the front yard, so I put on some shorts and went out. As I was weeding, I saw two girls walking down the street. I quickly dropped the tools and ran inside and got nude. I looked out the side-window as they got closer to my house. My cock was hard from the anticipation of being seen. As soon as the two girls got close, I opened the front door and stood there. Both of them stopped with a look of surprise. I quickly studied their faces and they both looked younger than I was, but both were "hotties." One of the girls started to giggle and the other one smiled and said something to the other one. They slowly walked along the sidewalk in front of the house, staring at me as they walked. "How come your naked?" One of the girl's asked. I didn't answer. They just kept looking as they walked by. Once passed, I closed the door and looked out the window as they continued to walk. They stopped and then turned back. I went to the front door and opened it again, stepping outside for them to get a better look. "How come you have a boner?" The same girl asked. The other girl seemed to be a little more shy, but was watching me as intently as she could. "Why do you have a boner?" the girl asked again. "I like `em." I said back to her causing both of them to giggle. "Are you fucking someone in there?" She asked. "No" I told her back. "Is Alyson naked too?" She asked. "Are you fucking Alyson? She asked again. Alyson is my little sister. I had no idea how she would know that, but then I was too horny to do any thinking. "No." I said. "I'm alone." Just then I heard a car and backed up inside and closed the door half way. Once the car was passed, I opened it again to the smile of the two girls. "Are you gonna be like that for a while?" The girl asked. "Maybe." I said. "Why?" "We want ta go get someone k?" She asked. "Ok" I said. "Don't go away ok?" The girl said to me. I watched as the two girls ran down the street and turned the corner. I thought that was the best flash yet. I chuckled to myself. I looked around to see if I could see any others that might want to have a look at a nude 15 year old. I knew the two girls weren't going to come back, so I was hoping someone else would come by. That's when the phone rang. It was one of my friend's asking me if I wanted to go play football with the guys at the park. I told him I would. We talked for a few minutes and then I hung up. I went back to the window and looked out. I was almost in total disbelief. The two girls had come back with a friend. The mouthy one was in front of the other two and crossed the street over to the sidewalk in front of my house. I looked out as she looked at the closed front door. The new girl was shaking her head as the other two talked to her, probably telling her that they had seen a nude guy and to wait. The new girl looked at the house and shook her head. My cock was harder than I could remember as I moved away from the window. I could see all three girls as I opened the door a little to see if I could hear anything. I couldn't. I could tell by the body language of the mouthy one that she was trying the best she could to make the new girl believe her. I decided they had been waiting long enough. I opened the door and stepped out a little. All three girls looked. The mouthy one was looking at me but busily talking to the new girl. "Do you do this with Alyson?" She called out to me? She once again brought up my little sister. I didn't answer. All three girls walked up the street until they were even with the front door. I stood there as they looked at my nude body. My balls hung down due to the heat of the day, but my cock was sticking up at a 45 degree angle. I could see the new girl's eyes light up and smile. Then it hit me. I recognized her. I had delivered newspapers to her family while I was in 7th and 8th grade. I felt a tinge of embarrassment as she stood looking at me. I knew she knew who I was. "Are you naked all the time?" The mouthy girl asked. "No." I said. "I'm naked just for you." All three girls giggled at that. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and shut the door as a bicyclist went by. I left the door shut a few minutes as I looked out the window and watched the three girls talk. Once more I opened the door as the three girls looked at me. "She wants to touch your boner." The mouthy girl said giggling, as she pointed to the new girl that blushed and turned her face away for a moment. "Go around back." I said and shut the door. I wasn't sure if they would do that or not, so I watched from the window. The mouthy girl started to walk slowly toward the side of the house with the other two following. She had to wave them to her a few times before I saw them go to the side of the house. I went to the back door, opened it up and looked around. I saw the mouthy girl's head peek around the corner of the house. I stepped out into my backyard. The other two girls appeared at her side. "You can touch it." I said. All three girls slowly walked closer to me. "You can if you want. It's okay with me." I followed. The three girls stopped about ten feet from me. I took a step toward them. Their faces changed from wonderment to excitement. I got to within three feet of them. "Touch it." The mouthy one quietly said to the new girl. The new girl blushed and timidly stepped forward extending her hand. Electric shocks went through my body as her hand touched my cock. She quickly withdrew it and stepped back. The other two girls giggled and the new girl blushed and smiled at me. "You do it." The new girl said to the mouthy one. "Ok." She said as she stepped forward and put her hand on my cock. She started to move her hand around my cock and with the other hand, she started to feel my ball sack. "It's so big." She said quietly to me. The quiet girl came up beside the mouthy one and put her hand on my cock too. The mouthy girl let go and watched as the quiet girl explored my cock and balls. The new girl who knew who I was, came up and got a better feel of my cock and balls. "This is so cool" She said to the other girls. "It feels way different than I thought it would." The mouthy girl said. "Do I get to feel anything?" I asked. The three girls all giggled. "Like what?" The mouthy girl asked me. "Your tits." I said as the three girls giggled. "We don't have any yet." The new girl said. "I don't care." I told them. I just wanted to feel anything on them. "K." The mouthy girl said and stuck out her chest. I put my hand on her right tit mound. It was small and soft from what I could feel as I put my hand over her shirt. I began to rub it as the other two girls looked on as they felt my cock together. That's when I heard the garage door go up and a car pull into the driveway. I quickly ran inside and got dressed in record time. I opened the door and went out to the front garden when I heard the mouthy girl ask if Alyson was home. My mother said she wasn't and the three girls left. My heart was pounding and my cock totally deflated as mom got something out of the car and went inside. The three girls giggled as they past me and went down the street. I quickly pulled the weeds in the front garden then went to the park to play football with my friends. My friend and I walked back to my house for some water before he went home. While we were drinking out of the garden hose, my sister and her friend came up to us. "Where have you been?" Alyson asked. "Playin' football at the park." My friend told her. "How long?" Alyson asked. "All day." My friend said back to her in a snooty way. "Oh." Alyson said and walked off. My friend and I talked for a while then he left and told me we'd play again tomorrow. I waved good by to him and went to take a shower. I came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me and was confronted by my sister and her friend again. "Were you playing football?" She asked with a pale look on her face. "Couldn't you smell me?" I asked. "We were at the park." Alyson's friend, Hannah, was staring at me and smiling as I held up the towel. "Why do you ask?" I asked her. "My friends said they saw you naked." She said to me. I had no idea those three girls were my sisters friends. I had never seen them at our house before but they did seem to have the same build and size as Alyson. "They saw me naked playing football?" I asked with a chuckle. Hannah giggled a little but Alyson was dead serious. "They said you were naked at the front door and went outside." Alyson said. "Really." I said acting calm as I could be but could feel my heart race and my whole body blush. "They said that you let them touch your...thingy. And it was all hard and everything." She said as her voice trailed off. "It wasn't him." Hannah chimed in. "They made it up." "But they all said they saw you." Alyson said quietly looking at the ground. "I won't tell if you did." She said quietly to me. "It wasn't him. We saw him come back from his game." Hannah said. I was nervous but remembering the feeling of the three girls touching me caused my cock to jump a little causing the towel I was wearing to expand a little in the front. "What else did they say?" I asked, "And who told you they saw me? "Jus' some girls." Alyson said. "They said I got naked with you and we did stuff." "I don't remember that happening." I said. "Do you?" I asked. Alyson shook her head and looked at Hannah. It almost looked as if Alyson was going to cry. "Please tell me." Alyson said. " I promise not to tell anyone." "I need to get something on ok?" I asked them. Both girls nodded. "See I told you." Hannah said with a hint of disappointment in her voice as I walked away. When I got in my room I played the events of the afternoon with the three girls over and over again. I jacked off thinking about them and the way I got to feel my first tit. I came hard and long, and then got dressed. A few days later, I was reading in my room when I heard a knock at the door. "What?" I asked. "Can I come in?" Alyson asked. "Ok." I said. The door opened and Alyson came in followed by Hannah. "What's up?" I asked "Did you really let my friends see you naked?" She whispered. Hannah and Alyson both had big smiles on their faces as they sat on my bed facing the chair I was in. "I thought we already hammered this out." I said. "Zoe, said that it was you and you let her touch your..." Alyson said. "Who is Zoe?" I asked, but knew. "She's a year behind us in school but we play sometimes." Hannah said. "Oh." I said. "You were her paperboy." Alyson said. "You know the Wilson's." "Alyson...Nathan." My mom called down the hall. "We're going now. Be nice to each other and keep the house clean." "Okay mom." I yelled back. We heard the hustle of mom and dad leaving and the door to the garage slam shut. We listened as the car start and the garage door close as mom and dad drove off. "Why do you keep asking me this stuff?" I asked. Both Hannah and Alyson giggled. Hannah was blushing and Alyson was looking at the floor. "I promise I won't tell if you did." Alyson quietly said. "And what if I did?" I asked. There was a long pause. "We kinda..." Alyson's voice trailed off as she brought her head up and looked at me. "What else did your friends say?" I asked. "They said you looked hot." Hannah said with a giggle. "They described your body." Alyson said. "Oh." I said to them. "And?" "Did you do it?" Alyson asked. "I won't tell anyone; promise." Her eyes looked in mine. I couldn't help notice how pretty her eyes were. They hadn't told anyone and I knew as I wasn't in trouble, at least not yet. I wanted to tell the truth but didn't want my sister to feel hurt or be embarrassed in anyway by something I did. At that moment I wanted to tell her the truth for some strange reason, but if I did, she might blackmail me into doing the dishes for her or cleaning her room or something the rest of my life. I thought for a minute then decided I would tell her the truth. "Okay." I said, "I did it." Both girls put there hands over their mouths and started to laugh. I could see their eyes go wide as they looked at me. They giggled for a while then stopped. "All of it?" Alyson ask quietly as she stared at me. I nodded, blushing, not sure what I was feeling inside. Both girls giggled again and looked at each other then started laughing again. I was about to say something when they both got up off my bed and went out my door. I could hear them laughing and whispering. I thought maybe I was going to be in trouble. I was glad mom and dad were gone at the moment. "You promised not to tell." I loudly said. I heard more giggling then silence. I went back to my book but lost interest. I was putting the book away when I heard a noise. "Now what?" I asked as Alyson stood in my doorway with Hannah looking over her shoulder. "Can we..." Alyson's voice was quiet and it trailed off. She started to giggle again and Hannah did too. "What is it?" I asked. Alyson was blushing and Hannah was pushing her from the back as they came into my room again. "Umm...we...kinda...wa...." Alyson said but her voice kept getting quieter and quieter as she fumbled around with her words. "We wanna see too." Hannah blurted out and the both laughed and ran out of my room. "You wanna see what your friends saw?" I asked in a teasing sort of way to my sister and her friend hiding in the hall. My cock started to grow as I thought about being nude in front of Hannah, but thought it might be weird to let my sister see me. "Yes!" Both girls said simultaneously followed by laughter in the hallway. "We'll tell mom if you don't" Hannah said. I could hear both girls trying to contain their laughter. "Are you serious?" I asked with some incredulity. "K." Alyson said. I didn't understand her answer but I thought it meant yes. I thought for a moment. I was willing to let Hannah see me because I thought she was pretty. My sister is cute and on the pretty side too, but I was a little timid to let her see me nude. My cock however had grown to a full erection as I thought about this and listened the giggles of the two girls in the hallway. "Can I take a shower first?" I asked. Both girls giggled from some place in the hall way "OK!" They both said in unison. I got up and went into the hall. Both girls looked up at me as I came out and they ran to Alyson's room closing the door. I wasn't sure where this was going but I thought what the heck. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I made sure I smelled clean and even put on deodorant. I didn't have any body hair except a small patch above the base of my cock and a little under my arms but none on my chest or face. My cock was hard as I thought about what I was about to do if the two girls were serious. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out of the bathroom. "Alyson?" I called out. "Are you sure you want to do this?" "Uh huh." I heard both girls say and giggle from behind Alyson's door. I started walking to my room when I heard Alyson's door open a little. "A towel..." I heard Hannah say. The door shut then opened all the way. I walked to Alyson's room and went inside. Alyson and Hannah were sitting on her bed as came in. I could feel my face and chest turn red as I blushed. My cock was sticking out, making a lump in the front of my towel. "Now what?" I asked, my voice cracking as I spoke. "You know." Alyson said as she smiled and looked up at me. I let go of my towel and it dropped to the floor. Both girls gasped a little as they saw me totally nude. I could see the same look in their eyes that my friend's mom had when she saw me nude the first time. My cock went to a full erection as Hannah whispered something to Alyson that I couldn't hear. I stepped forward, kicking the towel off the to side as I did so. Both girl's eyes were riveted on my cock. I stepped up next to where they were sitting. "You can touch it if you want." I quietly said. I was having problems breathing. The room was deathly quiet. "Do it." I heard Hannah whisper to my sister. Alyson leaned over a little and then cupped my balls in her hand. She then moved it to my cock and just held it for a while and let it go. She took her eyes off my cock and looked up at me. That was the first time I looked at my sister in a different light. Sure she was always cute, even if she was a pain, but now something in her eyes looked different. I looked over at Hannah. "You want to touch it?" I asked. Hannah nodded and smiled, then reached out and took the head of my cock in her hand then moved it down the shaft and back. "It's so warm." Hannah said to my sister. They both giggled as Hannah ran her hand around my cock and balls, then moved her hand to my abs and put her finger in my belly button. "Is this what Zoe, Ashley, and Lisa did to you?" Alyson asked softly as she put her hand back on my hard cock. "Not quite the same." I told them. "You are doing it way better." My sister and Alyson gave a little laugh at that as they both continued to feel around my privates. "What if mom finds out?" Alyson asked me. I didn't say anything and hoped that she wouldn't "We won't tell." Hannah said as she continued to play with my cock. The feeling of having my cock played with was the best feeling I could have imagined. Their hands were so soft and gentle. It felt much better having them do it as opposed to me playing with it, and it was an exciting bonus to have my sister playing with it too. At least now I knew she wouldn't tell anyone because she would get in trouble too. "Will it shoot stuff?" Alyson asked. "Yeah, it will." I told her. "When?" She asked. "You wanna see it do that?" I asked back. Both girls nodded their heads. "Okay, move over a little." I told them and sat down on the bed between them. I laid back as their hands went back to my cock. "Have you ever done thins before?" I asked them. Alyson shook her head. It was the first time I had ever had my cock touched for this long of time either. I told them how to move their hands to make my cock feel better. Alyson liked to run her hand around my ball sack and feel the small amount of pubic hair I had. Hannah liked feeling the upper part of my shaft and play with the darker skin of my circumcised cock. I told Hannah to move her hand faster and told Alyson to pull on my ball sack a little. That was too much for me. The first blast of cum shot out of my cock. It shocked Hannah and she let go of my cock as the cum shot up my abdomen. I replaced her hand with mine and finished jerking my cock as my cum subsided. "That was neat." Hannah said to Alyson. I let go of my cock and it hit my skin with a smack. I had some cum on my hand and the cum that had puddled on my stomach and chest were now starting to roll down my side. Alyson saw this and got up. "What'cha doin?" I asked. She didn't say anything but left her room. I could hear the bathroom door open and a few seconds later she came back with a towel. Alyson gave me the towel and watched me as I wiped the cum off my body. Hannah seemed interested in watching me move the towel around as I cleaned too. My cock was in a semi hard state and in that all tingly feeling stage. I knew if I or anyone would have touched it, it would have sent me over the edge. I handed the towel back to Alyson. She held it away from her body and slowly walked out of her room. Suddenly, I felt awkward. The horniness I was feeling just moments ago had diminished greatly, but I was still excited to be naked in my sister's room with her friend. I looked at Hannah and she was smiling at me. The look she had in her eyes made me feel uncomfortable. "Umm." Hannah said breaking the silence. "Have you ever kissed before?" "Yeah." I lied. "Ummm." Hannah paused, then said with a soft voice, "Will you kiss me?" I gave her a smile and nodded. She moved closer to me and closed her eyes. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. I gave her what I thought would be a gentle kiss then backed my head away. Her eyes were still closed as I looked at her. She opened her eye and smiled at me. "Wow" She softly said. She leaned into me and our lips met again. We went from a sitting position to lying on Alyson's bed. Hannah was pushing her face into mine when I felt her fingers clasp around my cock. I put my arm around her and pulled her to me. The top half of Hannah's body was on my chest as we kissed. Her hand was rubbing my now hard cock. "What are you doing?" I heard Alyson say with a surprise in her voice. Hannah broke off the kiss and sat up blushing. "Ummm" is all that came out of Hannah's mouth. I had liked what Hannah was doing to me. It was my first kiss and I wanted to keep making out with her. It did feel weird to me to have my sister see me do that though, but then my sister had seen me nude and played with my cock until I had cum. I sat up om my sister's bed as she came and sat down next to me. She put her hand over the head of my cock and studied it. Hannah just watched. "What now?" I asked. Alyson didn't say anything. She just kept feeling my cock. Her hands would grasp my cock then she would let go and run her fingers very lightly around my cock. My cock would jerk when she did that. Her touch almost tickled. There was no sound in the room as Hannah and I watched my sister feel my cock. The ringing of the phone made us all jump. Alyson let go of my cock and ran to get the phone. Hannah looked at me and we started kissing again. "Nate." I heard Alyson call from the other side of the house. "It's for you!" She called. I broke off the kiss with Hannah as she held onto my cock as I tried to walk away. I smiled at her and she let go of it. I walked to where Alyson was holding the phone. She seemed to enjoy seeing me walk toward her with my hard cock swinging in front of me. She smiled at me as I took the phone. "Hello?" I said. Alyson looked at me standing there in the nude for a while then walked away. It was one of my friends asking me what I was doing? I wasn't going to tell him the truth, so I told him I was babysitting. He wanted me to do something with him but I was trying to get off the phone as quickly as possible so that I could get back to my sister and her friend. Have you ever had one of those conversations that you wanted to end, but the other person just kept on talking and talking? I was dying here. My cock went from a total hardon to a semi erect state as I tried to get off the phone. I finally ended the conversation. As I was walking back to my sister's room I could hear Alyson and Hannah talking. I didn't pick up on all of the conversation but caught some of it. "...was it good?" I heard Alyson ask Hannah. "So good." Hannah said. "Was it your first one?" Alyson asked as they both giggled. "Yes." Hannah said. "Was it worse or better than you thought it would be?" I heard Alyson ask. "Better." Hannah said as they laughed. "You should do it." Hannah said to Alyson. "Kiss Nate?" Alyson asked with some amazement in her voice. "Ewe...he's my brother." "You saw him naked and played with his thingy." Hannah said as they both laughed. I thought I wasn't supposed to be hearing this, as I am sure they thought I was still on the phone. I quietly backed down the hall and called to Alyson. "Now what do we do?" I called to them. Both girls came running out of Alyson's room and looked at me. Both were smiling and Alyson was blushing. My cock was still in a semi hard state, but with both girls staring at me, it rose to its full hardness. "You want me to get dressed?" I asked. "No" came out of both of their mouths almost before I finished the question. "Ally wants to kiss you." Hannah said out of the blue. Alyson's face turned a bright red and if looks could kill, then Hannah would have been dead. "No I don't" Alyson said as she gave Hannah a shove. "Do too." Hannah said in a mocking tone. "Nooo I don't" Alyson said firmly. This could get out of hand so I decided to try and stop it. "I was hopin' you'd kiss me too Ally" I said. The hall went quiet in a flash. Alyson looked stunned and Hannah did too. The tension was so thick you could cut it. "Really?" Alyson said softly. "Why not?" I said. "It's not like I'm hiding anything. Alyson smiled at me. I noticed for the first time that I could see her nipples poking the fabric of her shirt out. I was turned on. I wasn't sure why but I was. I walked over to where Alyson and Hannah were standing and put my hand on Alyson's shoulder. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. I looked over at Hannah. Here eyes were opened as wide as they could get. I leaned in and gently kissed my little sister on the lips. When our lips met, my cock gave an involuntary jerk. I kissed her for about 30 seconds before I broke off the kiss. Alyson's eyes were still closed and her head tiled back as I moved away. She opened her eyes and looked at me then giggled. Alyson's lips felt a little softer than Hannah's had and I wanted to kiss her again. "Was it ok?" I asked. Alyson giggled and nodded her head. "Want to try it again?" I asked. She again nodded her head. I leaned in again and kissed my sister on the lips. This time I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. She took hold of my cock as we kissed. This time we kissed for a long time. I could hear Hannah move around us as we kissed. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying it. "Guys?" Hannah's voice broke the moment. Alyson and I stopped kissing. "I want a turn." She said with a giggle. I turned to Hannah and put my arms around her and started kissing her. Alyson ran her hand up and down my back, ass and side as we made out. Hannah was a little taller than Alyson so I didn't have to bend down so far. I put my hand on Hannah's back, pulling her close to me. My cock was pressed between us and I involuntarily gave her a few humps. Alyson's hand ran over my ass and I parted my legs a little. She reached through them to feel my balls. I pressed my lips harder against Hannah's as Alyson played with my balls. Hannah opened her mouth as she adjusted her head and our tongues touched. I could feel her pause for a moment then press her tongue into mine. We explored each other's mouths with our tongues. Hannah broke off our kiss and looked up at me. She was panting a little and gave me a smile. "That was nice." She said to me. Alyson had moved around to my side and looked at me. She looked over at Hannah then back to me. I turned to her and bent down to kiss her. I pulled her body next to mine as we kissed a little more and Hannah ran her hands around my body and started to knead my ass cheeks. I forced my tongue into Alyson's mouth, which caught her a little off guard, but she returned the gesture and even started to suck on my tongue. We kissed as Alyson forced her hand between us and took hold of my cock again. The feel of her hand sent shivers up my spine. "You two done yet?" Hannah asked. We broke our kiss and Alyson giggled. I pulled Alyson to my side. She was almost a foot shorter than my 5' 9 " frame. I looked at Hannah as she looked at Alyson and me. "I wish I had a brother." Hannah said. The phone rang again. Once more Alyson ran to get it. Hannah and I followed. I was feeling very comfortable being nude in front of my sister and her friend and, I was very horny again. I reached down and felt my cock. Hannah nudged my hand away and replaced it with hers. Alyson picked up the phone. It was mom checking up on us. I saw Alyson smile and get a mischievous look in her eye as she talked to mom. "Know what Nate's doin'?" Alyson said on the phone then paused. I felt panicked when I heard that. "He's bein' fun." Alyson said as she smiled at me. She talked to mom for a few more minutes as mom gave instructions for her to take the clothes out of the washing machine and put them in the drier. She nodded as she watched Hannah play with my cock while talking to mom. She then said "good bye" and hung up the phone. She looked at me a winked. "Told you I wouldn't tell." She said to me. "So why did you do it?" Alyson asked me. "Why were you naked in front of my friends?" I thought for a second and told her. "I like to show off." "Why?" Alyson asked. "I don't know." I paused. " I think it's fun." "You do it a lot?" Hannah asked. "I mean others have seen you?" She asked. "A few have." I said honestly "But not too many." "Did you really touch Lisa's boob when you were naked that time?" Hannah asked with a giggle. "Well...yea." I told them. That brought giggles from both of them. "So you don't care of some one sees you naked?" Alyson asked. "I just don't let anyone see me naked." I said. "Who's seen you so far?" Hannah asked. I told her most of those I remembered but there weren't too many that had. I watched both girls listen to me as I told them who had seen me. I walked to the kitchen with the two girls following to get some ice water. "So what do you think?" I asked. "You're hot." Hannah said giggling and blushing. "No." I said. "I mean about letting other people see me naked. Ya think it's kinda weird or somethin'?" I asked. "It's kinda nasty." Alyson said as she felt my hard cock again. "You do it jus' to be seen then?" She asked. "I guess so." I told her. "It's just fun to be naughty sometimes." That brought giggles from them both. "So do you jus' show to girl's or do guys see you?" Hannah asked with a taunt. "Guys at school see me in the locker room all the time." I said. "Not there." Alyson said. "Like when you do it here; like now." I blushed for a second and then told them about the guy I flashed on accident and that he came back to look a few times. Both girls started laughing as I told the story. "Was he old?" Alyson asked. "Kinda older." I said. That brought more laughing. "Would you let a guy touch it?" Hannah asked. "No! I said laughing now like they were. We laughed for a while about my story of the guy. My cock was bouncing up and down as I did so causing them to laugh more. Once more the phone rang. This time I was closest to the phone and picked it up. It was one of my friends again. "Nice butt." Hannah said loud enough so that my friend heard it over the phone. I put my finger in front of my lips as I once again tried to end a conversation with one of my friends. Hannah took Alyson's arm and pulled her across the room. Alyson looked at me and giggled as Hannah whispered to her. I watched as Alyson's eyes got bigger and then nodded. Hannah looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back. Both girl's left the kitchen with me standing there talking nude on the phone. "I gotta got change the laundry for mom." Alyson called as she left. The next five minutes seemed like and eternity. I moved from the kitchen but the phone started to go fuzzy so I had to go back. My friend was talking as I listened, not saying anything waiting for the girls to come back again. A few minutes later Alyson came back to the edge of the kitchen and told me to go my room when I got off the phone and then went back down the hall giggling. I ended the conversation after being on the phone ten minutes. "Alyson?" I called. "Go to your room k?" She replied. "Ok." I said as I walked back to my room my cock now about hard. "You want me to stay naked?" I asked as I passed Alyson's room. The door was shut. "Yes!" I heard her say followed by the loud giggles of two preteen girls. "What do you want me to do there?" I asked pausing in front of her closed door. "Sit on your bed." Alyson called through the door. I passed the bathroom door and went into my room and did as I was asked. My cock started to grow again thinking of my sister and her friend playing with my cock again. I picked up my clothes and sat down on the bed again. I heard Alyson's door open and the two girls giggle as I waited on my bed. I could hear whispering and some stifled giggles as I waited. I was about to get up and go see what was going on when Hannah appeared naked in my doorway for a millisecond. I heard her and Alyson laughing then Alyson's door slammed shut. Now my face had the look that my friend's mom had had when she first walked in on me in the nude. I didn't get a very good look at Hannah's body. For some reason my eyes went to her eyes, but I did notice she was nude. I didn't get a very good look. Still, my cock hardened immediately. "Are you in your room still?" I heard Alyson call down the hall to me. "Yes." I said back. "Stay there k?" She asked. "I will." I said back to her. A few seconds later, I heard the whispering and giggling in the hall. Once again I waited slowly stroking my cock as I stared at my open doorway. A few seconds later, Hannah stood there totally nude again. She put both her hands on the door jamb and looked at me. This time I didn't look at her eyes. She looked incredible in the nude. Hannah's hair was dark brown and long hanging down her back. She was maybe 4' 11" tall with a body of a ballerina. Her limbs were long and lean. Her neck looked long with a pretty face mounted on top. She had two small breasts with dark pinkish nipples that were extended. Her stomach was flat with the hint of a six pack underneath. She had an inny belly button and narrow hips. She had some dark brown downy hair between her legs at the top of her pussy slit. I drank in the sight for the few moments she stood there, then she was gone. Once more giggles and laughter followed by the door slamming to my sister's room. This was the hottest thing I had ever seen. My cock was so hard it was aching. I stroked it a few times as I looked at Hannah but stopped so I wouldn't cum again. I heard the door to my sister's room open again. I was hoping this time Hannah would stay longer this time or maybe come in my room so I could feel her nude body. I had to refrain from pulling on my cock as I heard the whispering and giggles in the hallway. I could hear the blood pulsing in my ears as I listened as carefully as I could to hear Hannah's foot steps as she got closer. My eyes were riveted to the doorway. My mouth feel open as the nude preteen stood in my doorway, only this time it was Alyson. I couldn't help but squeeze my cock as I stared at my beautiful nude sister. I could see Alyson blush from head to toe as she stood there for me to inspect. Alyson had dirty blonde hair that she liked to keep short so she wouldn't get so hot when she played soccer. Alyson was shorter than Hannah but not by much. She was maybe just over 4' 9. She had a longer face than Hannah, but a better smile. Alyson always thought her ears stuck out too much and at times I would tease her about them. I would tease her no more. Alyson's body was lean too but I could see more muscle development in her long thighs, calves and arms. Her boobs were just beginning to grow. She had light pink puffy areola and nipple combined together. I could see the little nipple part extend out from the puffy part but not by very much. I could see the bottom of her rib cage and the line of muscle that continued down her torso to her hips. Her belly button was an inny but not as deep as Hannah's was. Her hips were narrow and she had yet to grow pubic hair. Her bald pussy slit looked better than I could have ever imagined. She stood there for maybe a minute then ran back down the hall to her room. Once again laughter, and one loud "you did it!" was followed by the slamming of her bedroom door. My cock had precum gathering at the tip. I sat there hoping something would happen again. I waited for the show to continue and when it didn't, I got up and walked down the hallway. I stopped at Alyson's door and knocked softly. "Come in." I heard Alyson say followed by the two girls giggling. I opened the door to see both Hannah and my sister stark naked standing next to each other with there arms crossed behind their backs. "Did you like it?" Alyson asked with an uncertainty to her voice. "I loved it." I told them as I walked closer to them. "You can touch if you want." Hannah said blushing. My left hand went to Hannah's right tit and my other hand went to Alyson's left one. Hannah's tit was soft as I pressed my palm against her extended nipple. Alyson's tit felt different. It felt more firm as I could feel more of her muscle underneath the skin and not boob fat. Her puffy nipple felt soft and warm as I played with it. Alyson purred a little as I did so. My hands trailed lower, feeling the mid drifts of the two nude girls. My hands dropped lower to feel both girl's pussy's. Hannah's had soft fine hair above the cleft while Alyson's was totally hairless. Both girls let out a little gasp as my hands felt down between their legs. I had read about sex in some Penthouse Letter's and how girls liked to be touched. I had never done this before so I was trying to recall what, and how to feel. I ran my hands back and forth across both girls pussy lips, extending my middle finger to press into the opening of their cunt. Hannah gestured to Alyson as they backed up and laid back on Alyson's bed with there legs hanging over. They both opened their legs and closed their eyes as I continued to feel between their legs. Hannah was pulling on her nipples as I explored the wetness inside of her. Alyson laid still as I inserted a finger and rubbed her extended clitoris. Hannah started to make sounds like she was humming. She let go of her tits and pulled my hand closer to her opening. "Kiss me please." Hannah softly pleaded. I stood up as the girls moved so I could get between them. Hannah grabbed my head started kissing me. My right hand dropped down between her open legs as she sucked my tongue. I felt Alyson grab my left hand and pull it to her moist pussy. I could feel her hard little clit as my palm rested on it. I could feel the firmness of her pubic bone as my finger went back inside her open cunt. Hannah started kissing me hard, grabbing my cock as I ran my hand back and forth across the opening of her pussy, pressing firmly on her pubic bone trapping her clit and rubbing it. She started kissing me harder and harder. She wrapped her legs around my hand and fell back on the bed pulling me with her, kissing me like there was no tomorrow. Her legs were squeezing my hand and with the awkward angle, I had to stop fingering Alyson. I shifted my body the best I could, putting my now free left hand on Hannah's tit and kneaded it softly. She shuttered and broke off the kiss, breathing hard as she did so. I wasn't sure what was happening to her but I was hoping she was having an orgasm. I could feel Alyson take hold of my cock and start stroking it. My balls erupted. Cum flew on Hannah's shaking body as well as mine. Alyson just kept stroking my cock. Cum covered her hand and my cock slipped through it as I almost passed out from the sensation. Hannah's eyes were closed for a while after her body stopped shaking. Alyson and I watched her not sure what to do. Hannah smiled then opened her eyes. She sat up and kissed me. "That was soooooooo..." She said as she flopped back on the bed. "You had one?" Alyson asked her. "What did it feel like?" "It felt like my body exploded with tingles." She said then giggled. Alyson was stroking my cock as she continued to lean over my shoulder. I turned my head and gave her a kiss as she sank closer to me. Hannah sat up and kissed me then whispered, "I wanna do it with you." She kissed me again as I put my hand on her body and felt the my cum on her. Alyson picked up the towel that was covering me earlier in the evening and gave it to me to wipe us off. Hannah started to go wild again, kissing me hard and passionately. Alyson was leaning into my left arm and spreading her legs open so that I could feel the insides of her bald pussy better. We kissed for maybe 15 minutes as my cock inflated again. Hannah and Alyson played with my cock for a few minutes before Hannah got off the bed and got on all fours on the floor. Her ass stuck up in the air as she was on her knees and elbows. From where I was sitting I could see the dark skin surrounding her brown ass hole and the slit of her wet pussy. "Come on." She said to me. Alyson pushed me to go to Hannah. I stood up then got down on my knees. Alyson came next to my side and took hold of my cock aiming it at Hannah's open gash. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew this position was called doggy from my reading. I pressed forward and my cock entered Hannah's warm pussy. Alyson held my cock shaft as Hannah slowly backed onto my cock. "Ouuhh." Hannah said in a moan as my cock went in deeper. I was worried I was going to run into her cherry and that would hurt her from what I understood from my reading. I was ready to back off when I felt it, but, my cock went deeper and deeper. I could feel her cunt walls spread as I went in all the way. I couldn't believe my cock went inside her so far. "Uunnnnnnnnn." Hannah moaned. I looked over at my nude little sister sitting on the floor with her legs open slowly rubbing her clit. Hannah had her head down between her shoulders as I started slowly pumping my cock in and out of her. This was my first fuck. I couldn't believe it, here I was pumping my little sister's best friend. I leaned over and felt for Hannah's tits. I loved the feel of them, the soft smooth tit flesh that contrasted with firm rubbery nipples. I could feel Hannah thrust her ass up to meet my thrusts. I started to hump her faster. "Go Bandit." Hannah hissed. Alyson came over and reached between her friend's legs. I could feel Alyson's hand brush against my ball sack as she rubbed Hannah's clit. "Ooooooohhhhh." Hannah moaned as her body shook again while I held her hips and kept thrusting into her. Hannah rolled over to her side, pulling her leg back. My hips twisted with my cock inside. I was sweating, thrusting my body up and down. It was almost like doing push ups but my hips were moving while my arms were locked straight. My balls tightened as I thrust my cock as deep into Hannah as it would go. I held my hips still as my cock shot my cum deep inside Hannah's pussy. Hannah kept trying to move her hips around as my cock emptied into her. I finished cuming and rolled to the floor. My cock was still in Hannah when we heard the garage door open. Alyson looked at me. "Mom and dad are home!" She said. I pulled my cock out of Hannah and ran to my room. I got dressed as fast as I could. I was up I the kitchen before mom and dad opened the door from the garage into the house. "Hey Nate." Dad said. "Everything ok?" he asked. "Yea." I said. "Where's Ally?" Mom asked. "She's in her room with Hannah." I told them. "Hannahs' still here this late?" mom asked. I looked at the clock. It was past 10 p.m. I nodded. "Ally." Mom called. "What mom?" Alyson called back. "Its late honey. Time for Hannah to go home." Mom called back. I heard Alyson's door open and the two girls came out all dressed. The even had sprayed a little perfume on themselves. "You two smell nice." Dad said. Then he looked at me. "You don't." Then he gave a chuckle. "Thanks." I sarcastically said. "love you too." "It's late Hannah, do you need a ride home?" Mom asked. "I rode my bike." Hannah said. "Nathan" Mom said looking at me. "You need to escort Hannah home?" "I'll be ok." Hannah said to my mom with an unsure tone. "Don't be silly." Mom said. "Come on." I said to Hannah and walked out the door. I looked at Alyson and she smiled at me. "I did the laundry mom." I heard Alyson say as I closed the door behind me. I got my bike and went over to where Hannah had parked hers. She came over and threw her arms around me, kissing me on the lips. "Thanks for being so fun." She said with a giggle and got on her bike. I rode beside her as we slowly went from block to block. "Who's Bandit?" I asked. "My dog." Hannah replied. "Why?" She asked. "Nothing." I said and continued riding. We got to her house and I was expecting another kiss but Hannah seemed nervous. "Here." She said pushing something small into my hand. "It's for you." She said looking around as we walked up her driveway. "That you Han?" He dad called out from the garage. "Yea dad." She said back. "Little late isn't it?" He asked. "Sorry." Hannah said in an apologetic tone. I looked at what she had given me. "My panties." She whispered to me. "You don't have any on?" I asked. Hannah looked around then pulled her shorts down, exposing her downy pussy hair. I reached my hand out and felt once more between her legs. "I wish you could fuck me right now." She whispered to me. "Hannah!" Her father called again from the house as she quickly pulled her pants up and answered back. Hannah went inside and I rode home smelling Hannah's panties as I rode. I got home as fast as I could and grabbed a bowl of cereal. Mom and dad came out and said "good night" to me and went to their room. A few minutes later Alyson came out and looked at me as I ate. She smiled at me then said "night." and went to her room. I took a shower for the third time that day and thought of the being nude with my sister and her friend as well as getting to fuck Hannah. I would never tell my friends about any of this. I couldn't believe my cock was getting hard again, but then, I was 15. I got out of the shower and dried off. I opened the bathroom door and walked nude to my room. I had never done that with mom and dad home. I was feeling brave with some nasty over tones. I jumped into bed and turned off my lights thinking of the last few hours. I had just started to doze off when I heard my door open. "Nate?" I heard Alyson whisper. "You awake?" "Yea" I said to her. Alyson came into my room and closed my door. "Turn on your light." She whispered. I turned on the light next to my bed. Alyson was standing next to my door with her nightgown on. She smiled at me then reached down and pulled it over her head and off. She stood there totally nude looking at me. "What about mom and dad?" I asked. "I checked on `em. Both were snoring." She said to me. I pulled my blanket back , showing her I was as nude as she was. She came over and sat on my bed. "We had fun huh?" She asked. I nodded my head. "Did you like doing it with Hannah?" She whispered to me. I nodded again. Alyson reached out and felt my cock. Her hands felt so soft and nice. "Will you do me?" She asked in a very quiet voice. I pulled my little sister up to me and kissed her gently on the lips. I moved over so she could get next to me. She wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me. My hands moved to her ass pulling her closer to me. She reached between us and put her hand around my cock as we kissed. The time flew by as we made out. Every once in a while we would stop and just look at each other then kiss again. At one of the pauses I asked Alyson who Bandit was. She started giggling again. "Hannah's dog." She said. "Why?" She asked. "When we were fucking she called out `Bandit'." I told her. Alyson started to giggle. "Promise not to tell anyone?" She whispered. "Promise." I replied. "Hannah and Bandit do it." She said. "She lets her dog fuck her?" I whispered back. "Uh huh." She quietly told me. "She started about a year ago doing it." "How do you know?" I asked. "I saw her do it." Alyson said. "What kind of dog is it?" I asked. "Cocker Spaniel mixed with some other dog." She said. "His thingy is big." She followed with a giggle. "Is that why she didn't have a cherry?" I asked. Alyson nodded. "How does it happen?" I asked. "Hannah gets naked and gets down on the floor and the dog gets on her back and humps her." She told me. "But sometimes the dog isn't like horny n stuff so he licks her or just goes away. But if he's way horny then he will hump anything. He humps legs and pillows and that's the best time Hannah says. His thingy gets all red and long and sticks out. Hannah takes off her clothes and gets down and the dog starts humping her. Sometimes I help him find the place to go in." "You help her?" I asked. She nodded and continued "The dog humps like at a hundred miles per hour then he gets up so his feet don't touch the floor and shoots in her." She said. "The dogs thingy is all long and stuff when it comes out of Hannah." Alyson told me. My cock was about ready to burst hearing that "Did you ever do it?" I asked. Alyson blushed and nodded her head. "You want to see?" She asked me. I nodded my head. Alyson laid back and spread her legs then reached down and opened her hairless pussy lips. I looked inside as far as I could see. I put my finger in her pussy hole as far as it would go. All I felt was warm slimy stuff. My sister moaned a little as I did that. I looked at my little sister's pussy up close. I pulled open the slit and looked in. I could see her clit as it extended from her being turned on. I moved close and stuck my tongue out, tasting my first pussy. I ran my tongue over her clit causing her to shutter. "Do that again." She told me. I moved my tongue along the whole slit. Her bald pussy was smooth and soft. My tongue found her little clit and I licked at it then sucked it. Alyson had pulled a pillow over her head to mute the sounds she was making. Not that they would have been loud but in a quiet house with our parent's close by, I am sure she was being cautious. I rolled her hip up and trailed my tongue down along her slit and licked her ass hole. I thought it would be gross and taste like poop or something but there was no taste. It made Ally jump a little when I did it. I moved back up and pressed my mouth onto her pussy and started licking and sucking again. I reached up with my hand and started to play with my sister's puffy nipples. I held on as she rocked from side to side, then her thighs clamped around my head forcing my face between her legs. I could feel her body heave and twist as she came. Alyson laid still for a few moment's after she took the pillow off her head. "That was so awesome." She whispered and giggled. I moved up her body, licking her. I stopped at her right nipple and started to lick it. Her hands pressed my head down firmly as I sucked her tit. She moved my head from her right nipple mound to her left one. "Suck harder." She whispered to me. I increased the speed of my tongue and sucked her puffy nipple mound into my mouth as far as I could. Alyson was purring like as cat. She pulled my head up toward her and kissed me again. We kissed with all the passion of new lovers. She had her arms wrapped around my back and I had mine wrapped around hers. We kissed that way rolling back and forth with me on top of her then her on top of me. I could feel Alyson start to dry hump my cock when she was on top of me. She slid her bald pussy back and forth across my shaft as we kissed. She backed away from our kiss and twisted her body a little, grabbing my cock and putting it at the entrance of her pussy. I put my hands on her ass as she pulled my cock up so it was perpendicular to my body and slid the tip of it inside her. "Yours is bigger around than Bandits is." She said to me. Alyson put her hands on my shoulders and pushed back as my cock sank into her cunt. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was opened slightly as she concentrated. My cock went further and further into her pussy. Her body was so light on mine. The only feeling of pressure was her tight pussy around my hard cock. It took a while before I felt the wetness dripping from her cunt run down the base of my cock and onto my balls. "You got it all the way in." I told her. She opened her eyes and looked down between us. My cock was stuffed all the way inside my little sister. "That feel's so good." She told me as she started to rock her hips. "I feel so full there." I watched the face of my little sister as she rocked her hips back and forth causing my cock to exit and enter her tight pussy. She closed her eyes again as I played with her nipples. They were a dark shade of pink now and very puffy. Her fat little nipples stuck out from the puffy areola as my horny little sister and I fucked each other. The sensations of her tight pussy moving along my hard cock shaft felt incredible. At this moment my little sister was the hottest girl in the world. She was beautiful. She leaned over and kissed me. I moved my hand around to her ass and ran my finger around her ass hole. She thrust her pelvic bone hard into mine, causing pressure on her now extended clit. I started meeting her thrusts, causing the amount my cock was exiting and entering my sister's cunt to double. Her hands tightened on my shoulders as Alyson's body started to shake. My bed was squeaking to the rhythm of our thrusts. Alyson's body went stiff as she came. She collapsed on my body as I drove my cock in and out of her cunt. I could feel her pussy juice as it coated my cock a trickled down my balls. She laid on top of me as my hips gave a thrust spewing cum deep inside my sister. 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