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A Cheating Husband's Revenge 1.txt 46K26-Dec-2007 23:09
A Cheating Husband's Revenge 2.txt 18K26-Dec-2007 23:10
A Husband's Proposal 6.txt 102K26-Dec-2007 23:58
A Husband's Proposal 7.txt 55K26-Dec-2007 23:35
A Husbands Proposal Chapter 1.txt 39K28-Jun-2008 23:50
A Husbands Proposal Chapter 2.txt 41K28-Jun-2008 23:51
A Husbands Proposal Chapter 3.txt 25K28-Jun-2008 23:56
A Husbands Proposal Chapter 4.txt 79K28-Jun-2008 23:57
A Husbands Proposal Chapter 5.txt 53K28-Jun-2008 23:58
A Husbands Proposal Chapter 6.txt 102K28-Jun-2008 23:59
A Husbands Proposal Chapter 7.txt 55K29-Jun-2008 00:00
A Matter of Love Chapter 03.txt 18K26-Dec-2007 23:56
A Matter of Love Chapter 1.txt 40K26-Dec-2007 23:59
A Mattor Of Love Chapter 02.txt 18K27-Dec-2007 00:00
A Shy Wife.txt 77K26-Dec-2007 23:37
A Wife Taken In Adultry 1.txt 26K27-Dec-2007 00:25
A Wife Taken In Adultry 2.txt 17K27-Dec-2007 00:41
A Wife Taken In Adultry 3.txt 11K27-Dec-2007 01:16
A Wife Taken In Adultry 4.txt 15K27-Dec-2007 01:01
A date for my Wife Chapter 2.txt 19K26-Dec-2007 23:18
A date for my Wife chapter 3.txt 20K26-Dec-2007 23:21
A date for my wife Chapter 4.txt 925924-Apr-2008 14:50
A date for my wife chapter 1.txt 28K26-Dec-2007 23:14
A promotion for Cathy.txt 548708-May-2009 14:33
A wife's plan.txt 30K26-Dec-2007 23:44
Ace of Spades Club Chapter 1.txt 10K26-Sep-2008 16:02
Aeduction of Jennifer.txt 21K01-Jul-2010 22:10
Anniversary in Vegas.txt 941626-Oct-2014 13:56
Auctioned Wives Chapter 04.txt 24K26-Jun-2008 22:38
Auctioned Wives Chapter 05.txt 16K26-Jun-2008 22:38
Auctioned Wives Chapter 2.txt 21K26-Jun-2008 22:37
Auctioned Wives Chapter 3.txt 20K26-Jun-2008 22:36
Auctioned Wives.txt 66K26-Jun-2008 22:36
Auctioned into White Slavery Chapter 1.txt 12K17-Apr-2013 20:37
Auctioned into white slavery Chapter 2.txt 395218-Sep-2013 12:21
Aylesbury Wives Club 2.txt 23K27-Dec-2007 01:20
Aylesbury Wives Club 3.txt 44K27-Dec-2007 01:38
Aylesbury wives club 1.txt 28K27-Dec-2007 01:22
Banging Danielle 1.txt 82K27-Dec-2007 01:17
Black Bred Chapter 1.txt 10K18-Jan-2013 15:05
Black Breeding Fantasy.txt 10K12-May-2010 17:08
Black Breeding Jocelyn Chapter 1.txt 13K07-Apr-2010 21:01
Black Stable Club Chapter 1.txt 11K28-Sep-2012 00:04
Black owned couple.txt 994119-Feb-2009 20:00
Blackmailed To Breed.txt 12K13-Apr-2008 12:56
Bonding chapter 1.txt 34K27-Dec-2007 01:39
Breakfast On Sunday Chapter 2.txt 23K26-Jun-2008 20:20
Breakfast on Sunday Chapter 3.txt 17K26-Jun-2008 20:20
Breakfast on Sunday Chapter 4.txt 11K26-Jun-2008 20:19
Breakfast on Sunday Chapter 5.txt 849626-Jun-2008 20:19
Breaskfast On Sunday Chapter 1.txt 20K26-Jun-2008 20:18
Breeding Darlene.txt 341821-Apr-2009 13:14
Candy Chapter 1.txt 773124-Aug-2013 02:49
Candy Chapter 2.txt 576925-Aug-2013 12:00
Candy Chapter 3.txt 886218-Sep-2013 12:25
Changes in our marriage Chapter 1.txt 11K10-Apr-2015 14:56
Cheating.txt 18K26-Dec-2007 23:38
Club Cuckold 2.txt 12K27-Dec-2007 01:40
Club Cuckold 3.txt 928425-Mar-2008 21:31
Club Cuckold Chapter 1.txt 17K27-Dec-2007 01:43
Club Fantasy.txt 790127-Dec-2007 01:43
Coaxing Christine Chapter 1.txt 14K21-Sep-2014 02:09
Coaxing Christine Chapter 2.txt 337430-Sep-2014 20:03
Conditioning Chapter 1.txt 27K12-Sep-2014 19:39
Corrupting Kelly 1.txt 27K27-Dec-2007 01:46
Corrupting Kelly 2.txt 18K27-Dec-2007 01:46
Corrupting Kelly 3.txt 16K27-Dec-2007 01:47
Corrupting Kelly Chapter 4.txt 20K26-Dec-2007 23:31
Corrupting Kelly Chapter 5.txt 10K06-Jul-2012 12:17
Country Wife Chapter 1.txt 14K25-Oct-2012 20:21
Country Wife Chapter 2.txt 593525-Oct-2012 20:24
Cuckolding The Lifestyle Chapter 1.txt 14K25-Nov-2013 15:50
Darlene.txt 702125-Jul-2009 16:37
Date Night.txt 11K13-Jan-2011 19:25
Dating Our Neighbor Chapter 19.txt 611624-Aug-2013 02:50
Dating our Neighbor Chapter 13.txt 556826-Jun-2008 18:20
Dating our neighbor Chapter 1.txt 20K26-Jun-2008 18:02
Dating our neighbor Chapter 10.txt 19K26-Jun-2008 18:11
Dating our neighbor Chapter 11.txt 12K26-Jun-2008 18:19
Dating our neighbor Chapter 12.txt 675926-Jun-2008 18:20
Dating our neighbor Chapter 14.txt 542626-Jun-2008 18:21
Dating our neighbor Chapter 15.txt 11K26-Jun-2008 18:21
Dating our neighbor Chapter 16.txt 13K26-Jun-2008 18:22
Dating our neighbor Chapter 17.txt 10K26-Jun-2008 18:22
Dating our neighbor Chapter 18.txt 661407-Jul-2008 21:40
Dating our neighbor Chapter 8.txt 11K26-Jun-2008 18:18
Dating our neighbor Chapter 9.txt 14K26-Jun-2008 18:18
Debbie gets blacked.txt 16K10-Jan-2010 17:08
Desperate White Wives Chapter .3.txt 753605-Apr-2008 17:46
Desperate White Wives Chapter 01.txt 25K26-Dec-2007 23:53
Desperate White Wives Chapter 02.txt 21K27-Dec-2007 00:59
Developing A Cuckold Marriage.txt 13K31-Dec-2014 14:06
Enough Chapter 1.txt 21K27-Dec-2007 00:41
Fantasy Date Night.txt 17K12-Apr-2013 17:08
Fulfilling A Fantasy Chapter 1.txt 20K04-Nov-2012 14:04
Fulfilling A Fantasy Chapter 2.txt 12K22-Mar-2013 13:50
Harem Wives Chapter 1.txt 26K09-Mar-2014 14:52
Home Coming Chapter 1.txt 13K07-May-2012 12:04
Hot wives of Maple Street Chapter 1.txt 10K14-Nov-2014 17:17
Housewife Porn Star Chapter 02.txt 29K27-Dec-2007 01:48
Housewife Porn Star Chapter 1.txt 31K27-Dec-2007 01:49
Housewife Porn Star Chapter 3.txt 17K27-Dec-2007 01:50
Housewife Training Chapter 1.txt 766721-May-2013 13:43
Housewife Transformation .txt 21K19-May-2011 12:42
Hypnotized into Adultery Chapter 1-3.txt 21K27-Dec-2007 04:04
Initiation Night Chapter 1.txt 825318-Nov-2011 23:35
Introducing A New Couple.txt 694427-Dec-2007 04:06
Island of Love Chapter 1.txt 21K06-Oct-2013 17:59
Karen Meets Master Jay 1.txt 21K27-Dec-2007 13:47
Karen Meets Master Jay 2.txt 17K27-Dec-2007 13:46
Karen Meets Master Jay 3.txt 21K27-Dec-2007 13:37
Kathy and her cleanup man.txt 10K27-Dec-2007 04:07
Kelly.txt 19K01-Dec-2009 00:28
Knocking Up Tiffany.txt 10K03-Oct-2009 15:23
Kosi Island Chapter 1.txt 741624-Oct-2014 14:33
Kosi Island Chapter 2.txt 650906-Nov-2014 13:47
Kosi Island The Prologue.txt 851218-Oct-2014 14:48
Making Her His Chapter 1.txt 19K19-Jan-2014 20:23
Making Her His Chapter 2.txt 957021-Jan-2014 15:24
Making Her His Chapter 3.txt 699809-Feb-2014 14:40
Making of a cuckold Chapter 2.txt 353118-Dec-2008 14:30
Making of a cuckold.txt 955010-Dec-2008 02:42
Mandy 1.txt 41K27-Dec-2007 13:36
Mandy 2.txt 45K27-Dec-2007 13:45
Mandy 3.txt 28K27-Dec-2007 13:48
Mandy 4.txt 22K27-Dec-2007 13:49
Mechanics Wife Chapter 2.txt 22K15-Jan-2013 14:48
Mechanics Wife.txt 19K20-Dec-2012 14:58
Mutual Agreement 1.txt 29K27-Dec-2007 04:47
Mutual Agreement 2.txt 17K27-Dec-2007 14:43
Mutual Agreement 3.txt 20K27-Dec-2007 14:44
Mutual Agreement 4.txt 26K27-Dec-2007 14:46
Mutual Agreement 5.txt 20K27-Dec-2007 13:52
My New Cuckold.txt 11K20-Aug-2008 16:36
My Wife Honey 1.txt 11K27-Dec-2007 04:49
My Wife Honey 2.txt 28K27-Dec-2007 14:47
My Wife Honey 3.txt 18K27-Dec-2007 14:59
My Wife Honey 4.txt 36K27-Dec-2007 15:00
My Wife Honey 5.txt 29K27-Dec-2007 15:02
My Wife Honey 6.txt 25K27-Dec-2007 14:51
My Wife Honey 7.txt 19K27-Dec-2007 13:51
My Wife Hope Ch. 1.txt 10K15-Jul-2015 09:36
My Wife My Partner Chapter 07.txt 28K27-Dec-2007 13:50
My Wife My Partner Chapter 8.txt 18K27-Dec-2007 14:52
My Wife My Partner Chapters 1-4.txt 86K27-Dec-2007 15:07
My Wife My Partner Chapters 5-6.txt 34K27-Dec-2007 15:03
My Wife Sherry.txt 24K13-Sep-2013 12:00
Never Get Caught.txt 31K27-Dec-2007 13:44
New Directions.txt 74K14-Jun-2008 16:17
One Hot Night.txt 17K13-Mar-2011 14:07
Only for my Husband.txt 21K27-Dec-2007 14:49
Only one night.txt 666528-Jan-2010 19:40
Open Marriage Chapter 1.txt 37K26-Jun-2008 20:03
Open Marriage Chapter 10.txt 17K26-Jun-2008 20:05
Open Marriage Chapter 11.txt 20K26-Jun-2008 20:06
Open Marriage Chapter 12.txt 17K26-Jun-2008 20:06
Open Marriage Chapter 13.txt 18K26-Jun-2008 20:07
Open Marriage Chapter 14.txt 17K26-Jun-2008 20:07
Open Marriage Chapter 15.txt 20K26-Jun-2008 20:08
Open Marriage Chapter 16.txt 12K26-Jun-2008 20:09
Open Marriage Chapter 17.txt 12K26-Jun-2008 20:09
Open Marriage Chapter 18.txt 16K26-Jun-2008 20:10
Open Marriage Chapter 19.txt 973826-Jun-2008 20:10
Open Marriage Chapter 2.txt 49K26-Jun-2008 20:11
Open Marriage Chapter 20.txt 11K26-Jun-2008 20:11
Open Marriage Chapter 21.txt 555626-Jun-2008 20:12
Open Marriage Chapter 3.txt 42K26-Jun-2008 20:05
Open Marriage Chapter 4.txt 23K26-Jun-2008 20:14
Open Marriage Chapter 5.txt 53K26-Jun-2008 20:14
Open Marriage Chapter 6.txt 18K26-Jun-2008 20:16
Open Marriage Chapter 7.txt 13K26-Jun-2008 20:16
Open Marriage Chapter 8.txt 18K26-Jun-2008 20:17
Open Marriage Chapter 9.txt 961026-Jun-2008 20:18
Our Black Baby.txt 15K15-Apr-2009 00:47
Our First Experience.txt 12K14-Mar-2012 17:09
Owning Beth.txt 18K25-Feb-2010 20:38
Passionately dominated.txt 11K15-Sep-2011 18:25
Pimped Housewife Chapter 1.txt 12K26-Dec-2007 23:36
Planning a cuckold Chapter 1.txt 10K17-Jun-2009 01:14
Pleasing Her Boss Chapter 2.txt 13K17-Apr-2014 13:28
Pleasing her boss Chapter 1.txt 28K28-Mar-2014 15:15
Relocation Chapter 01.txt 43K27-Dec-2007 00:39
Relocation Chapter 02.txt 33K27-Dec-2007 04:05
Relocation Chapter 04.txt 47K27-Dec-2007 04:10
Relocation Chapter 05.txt 33K27-Dec-2007 04:44
Relocation Chapter 06.txt 26K27-Dec-2007 15:08
Relocation chapter 03.txt 43K27-Dec-2007 04:08
Reluctant Cuckold Chapter 1.txt 16K05-Aug-2012 02:15
Reluctant Cuckold Chapter 2.txt 792011-Dec-2012 21:41
Reluctant White Wife Chapter 1.txt 16K01-Jul-2013 13:20
Return To Eban Chapter 2.txt 27K24-Aug-2010 21:49
Return to Eban Chapter 1.txt 22K30-Jul-2010 12:54
Sacrificial White Wives Club Chapter 1.txt 658924-May-2013 12:44
Second Thoughts Chapter 1.txt 46K27-Dec-2007 04:42
Seduced At The Bar.txt 930413-Jun-2008 14:28
Seduction of Jennifer Chapter 1.txt 21K01-Mar-2013 19:13
Seduction of Jennifer Chapter 2.txt 14K18-Jul-2013 12:11
Seduction of Jennifer Chapter 3.txt 14K27-Sep-2013 02:33
Slow Seduction Chapter 1.txt 32K24-Aug-2009 13:57
Sold Wives Chapter 1.txt 823212-Dec-2008 17:34
Spousal Persuasion Chapter 1.txt 895824-Jun-2012 14:30
Sweet smell of adultery.txt 993620-Jul-2011 14:10
Swinging with Karen.txt 587104-Oct-2009 16:38
Taking Control Chapter 1.txt 28K12-Nov-2013 00:30
The Debt Chapter 1.txt 923411-Apr-2011 17:17
The Fashion Model Wife.txt 867605-Sep-2011 14:21
The Fitness Instructor Chapter 1.txt 16K26-Apr-2013 13:26
The Gentlemans Club Chapter 1.txt 22K22-May-2014 00:40
The Hypnosis Experiment chapters 1-5.txt 34K27-Jun-2014 12:27
The Janitors Wife.txt 38K27-Dec-2007 15:12
The Light.txt 11K27-Dec-2007 15:10
The Marriage Counselor .txt 17K01-May-2013 12:34
The Perfect Housewife Chapter 1.txt 10K22-May-2012 23:26
The Transformation of a husband Chapter 1.txt 764202-Jun-2011 14:05
The Transformation of a husband Chapter 2.txt 12K02-Jun-2011 14:09
The Transformation of a husband Chapter 3.txt 15K02-Jun-2011 14:12
Too Late To Turn Back.txt 953607-Nov-2010 13:52
Trained To Serve Chapter 1.txt 887812-Jul-2012 18:16
Unfaithfully Yours Chapter 2.txt 10K25-Jul-2010 12:51
Unfaithfully Yours Chapter 3.txt 458428-Sep-2010 20:32
Unfaithfully Yours.txt 27K03-Jul-2010 14:16
Watching Cheryl Chapter 1.txt 13K17-Aug-2011 14:35
Watching Cheryl Chapter 2.txt 26K09-Sep-2011 17:26
Watching My Wife Chapter 2.txt 13K27-Dec-2007 15:17
Watching My Wife.txt 30K27-Dec-2007 04:23
Wearing the tube.txt 14K27-Dec-2007 04:22
Weekend Cuckold Chapter 2.txt 25K27-Dec-2007 04:19
White Slavery Chapter 1.txt 25K13-Nov-2008 17:36
White Slaves Of Eban Chapter 2.txt 15K26-Jun-2008 18:01
White Slaves Of Eban Chapter 1.txt 23K26-Jun-2008 18:00
White Slaves Of Eban Chapter 10.txt 735926-Jun-2008 18:00
White Slaves Of Eban Chapter 11.txt 587627-Jun-2008 23:12
White Slaves Of Eban Chapter 3.txt 759226-Jun-2008 17:58
White Slaves Of Eban Chapter 5.txt 792126-Jun-2008 17:57
White Slaves Of Eban Chapter 6.txt 595626-Jun-2008 17:56
White Slaves Of Eban Chapter 7.txt 10K26-Jun-2008 17:56
White Slaves of Eban Chapter 12.txt 919714-Jul-2008 16:38
White Slaves of Eban Chapter 13.txt 11K04-Aug-2008 14:55
White Slaves of Eban Chapter 14.txt 487907-Sep-2008 02:32
White Slaves of Eban Chapter 4.txt 877826-Jun-2008 17:57
White Slaves of Eban Chapter 8.txt 12K26-Jun-2008 17:55
White Slaves of Eban Chapter 9.txt 11K26-Jun-2008 17:55
White Wife Black Baby.txt 17K29-Jan-2013 14:30
Wives Night Out Chapter 1.txt 12K10-May-2013 23:27
Wives Night Out Chapter 2.txt 520618-May-2013 00:34
Wives on the prowl Chapter 1.txt 17K03-Sep-2011 16:06
bonding chapter 2.txt 16K27-Dec-2007 01:41
bonding chapter 3.txt 30K27-Dec-2007 01:15
weekend cuckold chapter 1.txt 26K27-Dec-2007 04:18
weekend cuckold chapter 3.txt 41K27-Dec-2007 04:20
weekend cuckold chapter 4.txt 16K27-Dec-2007 04:21
weekend cuckold chapter 5.txt 26K27-Dec-2007 01:28
weekend cuckold chapter 6.txt 19K27-Dec-2007 01:29