This is a true story, this happened when I was 13 yrs old and Rani my
sister was 15. She was the beauty queen of our building, there were
many boys who used to speak sexy things about her, even my friends,
sometimes I too used to get hot for her body. She had boobs the size
of a mango firm, even the girl at the age of 18 used to envy seening
her body. And the dresses she used to wear were very sexy and
inviting a person to fuck. I so happen one day our parents had gone
out and we were all alone, so I was just with my friends down our
building when my sister rani passed by us and one friend of mine made
a comment, saying tony you are a lucky guy to see such beautiful
fruits daily, that too at a close angle. She heard our talk and went
away. When I went home she asked me what my friends were saying and
what fruits they were mentioning about. I told here Rani nothing, she
said come on bro I am not so stupid, I know they were mentioning
regarding my boobs and then she asked me have you ever seen them. I
was a bit taken aback hearing such crude words from my sister mouth.
But I said no I have not seen your boobs Rani, because you have not
shown me. So she asked me do you want to see them. I said if you want
to. She said if you want you see them and saying that she ran to her
bedroom, I followed her and she went to her bed and pretended she was
sleeping. Her boobs were rising and falling as she was breathing very
hard purposly making me more and more hot. So I slowly went to her
bed and caught hold of her boob, they were nice and soft. She let a
low moan and told me to squeeze them. I was squeezing them very
slowly, when she told me to remove her blouse and bra and see and
suck her nipples. So I removed her blouse and bra and also started
removing her skirt and panties, because I wanted to see here
completely nude she did not stop me so started sucking her nipple and
inserting my finger into her pussy upon her request. She was enjoying
in very much. Later on she told me to remove my clothes as she too
wanted to see me nude I told her if you want you remove it. So she
started removing my shirt and pant and underwear when she saw my
erect cock she was surprised and said my bro, what big cock you have
and you have been hiding it from me all this time. For this you will
get punished. You have to now fuck me with your cock saying that she
guided my cock near her pussy which was already leaking with juices.
It was very tight as it was her first time and with great difficulty
I managed to enter her pussy. It hurt her a little and she started
bleeding but she would not let me go and told me to fuck her hard as
she was getting some good feeling inside her pussy after some time I
felt like I was going to urniate so I told her I need to come out and
go to the toilet as I need to urinate, she told me no my bro that is
not urine it is your orgasim you are going to cum don't worry just
relax and keep on fucking me and suck my nipples very hard. So I
continued fucking my sister and after some time I came in her pussy
and she too squeezed her pussy and came when I came out she told me
to wash my cock as it was all covered with her blood and she too
cleaned up her pussy, later on she started sucking my cock till it
became erect again and again she inserted in her pussy and told me to
fuck her. That day she taught me even to lick her pussy and drink her
cum, we had sex for more than 10 years till she married. Even though
she is married and has two kids when ever I go to her house she let
me fuck her. She even allowed me to fuck her sister-in-law, but that
is another story.