Parveen Bibi quietly walked along the paved street, dressed in a
purple veil which covered her entire body. After walking through the
of streets of Shahjahanabad she turned into a narrow alley. Finally
at the
end of the cul-de-sac, she stopped in front of a large palatial
typical of Shah Jahan's New City of Delhi. Slowly looking around
her, she
re-assured herself that she was alone. It had been more than a month
her last visit, and she felt anxious desire rise up in her chest.
She took
a deep breath, and after a moment's hesitation went inside.

A stout middle-aged woman arose from a low diwan and greeted her

"Salam, meri begum. Greetings, my lady," she said softly. "May I
take care
of your veil?" whereupon Parveen Bibi stripped off her veil, handing
it to
the woman.

"Salaam, Parveen Bibi. Greetings Mrs. Parveen. It has been quite
some time
since your last visit!"

"More than a month," the lady replied.

"What would you like this time ?" the woman asked.

"Well," Parveen replied softly. "I want a man blacker than the last
Aur kala hona chhaye. He should be blacker. Zub bhi aur bara hona
He should also have a bigger lund."

"Of course, my lady. Remember that, ever since this house was
by Zeb-un-nissa Begum, this is the premier establishment providing
studs for white women for more than a century! Follow me," the woman
guiding Parveen Bibi to another room.

The woman clapped twice and the twelve men present inside
stood up. They were naked black men, and assembled into one line.
Bibi walked along the line of men, occasionally stopping in front of
a man
and carefully measuring the length of his penis. After some time,
she made
her selection.

"A wise choice. He is a Dravidian tribesman, and very vigourous. His
is ten inches long when erect. As you can see, he has a ring bored
his penis. His name is Thangu."

"Would you like me to set up a room ?"

"Please," Parveen answered softly.

The woman accompanied her to a room. Opening the teak door, Parveen
gasped as she saw the black stud she had selected, lying naked on the
large bed. The room was indeed palatial, with blue marble pillars
along the walls, a marble bathroom studded with emeralds and a large
luxurious bed.

"Enjoy yourself," the woman said smilingly as she closed the door,
leaving Parveen alone with the Dravida tribesman. She stared for a
at the immense flaccid black penis in front of her, and then eagerly
stripped off the upper part of her shalwar kameez. Climbing onto the
between his legs, she moaned loudly as she grasped the flaccid
member into
her hands.

"Tum sacch kala lora chhati ho? You really like black cock, don't
he asked with a soft laugh.

She knew she was addicted. For the last few years she had been
in to her desires and was regularly engaging in intercourse with
men. Her husband was an Islamic priest, a mulla at the local mosque,
had little time for her.

With Thangu's huge black organ pulsating in her hands, she slowly
over and gently kissed the satiny head before letting it slip into
warm mouth. The Sudra man's legs buckled slightly as he experienced
Parveen's expert lund-choos. She tenderly caressed his manhood with
coral-read lips, ran her tongue over its lenghth, sucked around the
ring hanging through a hole bored in the middle of the shaft.
loving his black cannon. Thereafter she held the mammoth with both
hands one on top of the other, leaving the massive black head
above. Squeezing his lund very hard in this position, she sucked on
head like a mango, trying to extract the sperm from the shaft. The
Dravidian tribal could not resist, and soon filled her mouth with a
of gunk.

"Ha," Thangu sighed while his penis deflated in Parveen's mouth.
"Tum gori kuttiya sacch lund-choos hoti hai. You white bitches
are real cock-suckers."

Parveen stood up and kissed the black Sudra man full on his thick
slobbering mouth before breaking away, whispering urgently, "I need
lund inside of my fuddi."

Thangu chuckled softly. "Ya need some black cannon, do ya?" he
asked as
she stripped off her shalwar trousers. He kissed her again, grasping
immense breasts while she panted, "Please hurry!" while still
holding his
rapdily expanding member. "I need your kalloo-lund in my gori Mughal
fuddi! I need your blackie-cock in my white Mughal vagina!"

Parveen shuddered as the young black played with her boobs. The
and feel of her huge mamas dangling around her round belly made his
slowly grow in size. In one quick motion he spun the Mughal woman
and leaned her over the back of the chair. Caressing her fat ass, he
ran a
finger up and down her hairy slit, inducing a loud moan from the

"Acchi gori fuddi hai. Ya got a nice gori fuddi, a nice white
vagina," he
said whle flicking his fingers across the labia of her vagina. Then,
taking his apple-sized head he ran it up and down her drooling lips,
teasing her as he poked and prodded her vaginal opening, causing
to gasp loudly in pleasure.

Turning hear head to the side towards the black, she hissed
"Chalo, kala haramzada! Come on you black bastard! Undar ghusao!
Shove it

"Ha! Can't wait? Intizaar nahi kar sakti hai?" he laughed while
his cannon around the exterior of her vagina.

Her impatience grew by the second, until finally she reached
between her
legs and grabbed his cock out of his hands. Carefully she guided the
between the lips of her swollen vagina.

"Itni garan hai, gori kutti! You are so hot, white bitch!" Thangu
exclaimed as he felt his penis enter her furnace-like fuddi.

"Yeh lo, gori fuddi! Take this, you white cunt!" Thangu exclaimed
as he
shoved his slim hips forward, burying all ten inches of his black
into Parveen's vagina.

"Aaaee!" Parveen shrieked out loudly as she felt the iron ring rub
the walls of her vagina. "Kalu maderchod! You black motherfucker!
fuddi ko phadre ho! You are tearing my pussy apart!" This was the
that she had been waiting for. She loved the feeling of having her
pussy split in two by the massive dick of a black man! Ever since
one of
her friends had introduced her to the incredible satisfaction of
futtered by a truly enormous black penis, she was regularly having
with black men. Indeed, her fuddi had now stretched out, so that she
barely feel her Mughal husband's short pink penis when he chod her.
the oversized member of a black Sudra or Habshi man could satisfy her
lusts now.

Thangu now started to ram his fat penis in and out of her with
force. With each stroke the massive penis rammed into Parveen's fuddi
while her enormous breasts flopped around wildly as she held on to
chair. Thangu held her fat white buttocks in each of his large
using them as leverage.

"Wo lo, Sudra-chod tawaif! Take that, you Sudra-fucking whore!"he
through clenched teeth. Looking down at her fat ass, his ball bag
tightened in anticipation of another hard ejaculation.

"Kalu-chod kutti! Black-fucking bitch!" he exclaimed. "Sudra-lund
Sudra-dick lover!" He shouted, ramming her at a frentic pace.

With her clitoris about to explode, Parveen groaned loudly.
"Zhor chod, Kalloo Maderchod! Fuck me hard, black motherfucker!

At this both of them lurched into huge convulsions as they orgasmed
together. Thangu's penis shuddered hard several times before spewing
after load of sticky sperm deep inside the vagina of the fat-assed
matron. Parveen's fuddi convulsed wildly around the massive black

Thangu stood still for a slight while, still holding her thick
"Wo bohot accha tha! That was very good! Incredible." Parveen said
as his
penis slowly slipped from her well-chod fuddi. Thangu caressed her
buttocks as she continued, "Baad me phir aungi. I will come back
again for