My name is Sunny and i am 21. I am a BSc graduate and i am currently
studying E-com in the hope that i may get a job. This story is about
my first sexual encounter with my sister Manju. This was the first
sexual encounter for either of us. Manju is 18 and she is a 12th
standard student. First of all i'd like to give you readers a little
bit of knowledge on our past.

Manju and me started doing things together at a very young age. But
nothing serious ever happened until now. When we were younger our
parents used to let us sleep together. I dont remember how it started
but everynight we would touch each other's privates. She would touch
my lund and stroke it for me and i would rub her bottom and her inner
thighs. I had started masturbating by that age and i would spurt cum
each time we played with each other. But she never noticed my cum coz
it was night and the lights were turned off. Once our parents were
away for a whole day. We decided to play during the day. We were
doing our usual stuff and this time she noticed that i spurted cum.
Since then everytime we slept together we would wait till out parents
went to sleep and then shut the door. We would turn on the light and
play our usual games. She loved to watch me spurt my cum. This went
on everyday until our parents gave us seperate bedroom to sleep in.
Gradually our encounters reduced and then completely stopped.

It's been several years since that, but i never forgot the fun i used
to have with her. Well..About a month ago i was alone at home with
her and i was as horny as hell. She had just come back from school
and she went into her room to take a shower. She locked her bedroom
door also. I was watching TV at that time and i was touching my lund
the whole time. After about 5 minutes i went to check on her. I
looked through the keyhole of her bedroom door. I saw that the lights
in the bathroom were on and that she was inside. But i couldnt see
her since the bathroom door was a bit shut. I was very turned on and
decided to wait and watch. After a few moments she came out of the
bathroom with a towel covering her body. I had my lund out of my
shorts and i was stroking it like crazy. Then one of the most amazing
things in my life happened. She let her towel down. She was
completely naked and i mean butt naked, not even a single piece of
clothing on her. She had grown much from what i had seen last of her.
Her breasts had started growing and they were big enough to fit
perfectly into my hands. She developed nice shapely hips and a nice
rounded bottom. She had hair on her chut and her legs were slender
and cleanly shaved. She also had a nice set of perky brown nipples
that had become all pointy after the bath. As I watched her moving
around her room i could see her breasts shaking up and down and her
nice round ass moving in the most seductive manner. I came right then
and there. I moved away quickly from her door and went to my bathroom
to clean up my mess. When i came out after cleaning myself, she had
already come out of her room and was watching TV. I couldnt even look
straight at her. The images of her naked body were still fresh in my
mind. That night i masturbated several times thinking about her. I
knew i wanted her badly. I started making unsuspecting moves on her.
But she never seemed to respond.

Many days went on like that. I was paying more attention to her than
usual. One day our parents announced that they were leaving for a
wedding in another town and would be away for 4-5 days. Our parents
left me in charge of the house and my sister. One day after my
parents left i got home and i saw my sister watching TV. She was
watching "Friends" and was totally engrossed in it that she didnt
even notice me entering the room and sitting behind her. I sat behind
her and started rubbing her shoulders. She was so engrossed in the
show she was watching that she didnt even notice that i slid her
dress off her shoulder. Or maybe she knew it and she didnt resist at
all. Anyway it was to my advantage. I started rubbing her naked
shoulders and rubbed her hands. I played with the strap of her black
bra. I noticed that she had started to breathe a bit heavily. I
pulled her dress furhter down so that her left breast, which was
covered by the bra, was in sight. Seeing that she still wasnt
resisting i touched the fleshy side of her breast with my finger.
Finally she looked me in the eyes and smiled. I knew that she was
cool with what i was doing, so i placed my entire palm on her left
breasts over her bra. She continued to stare at the TV. I pressed her
left breast gently and i felt her nipple getting hard. I moved right
behind her and kissed her neck. She only bent her head to one side
but never said anything. Without taking my hand off her left breast i
slipped the dress off her right shoulder too. Then to my amazement
she herself removed the sleeve of her dress, smiled at me and
continued to stare at the TV. She was wearing a one-peice dress and
by now her dress was down to her waist. She had only her black bra
covering her breasts. I was already horny. I rubbed her shoulders and
kissed her earlobes. She developed goosepimples all over her body and
shyed away from me. She let out a sexy laughter that almost made me
cum in my pants. I then moved my fingers under the straps of her bra
and made them slip right off her shoulder. Then I moved the part of
her bra covering her left breast to expose her brown nipples. For the
first time in several years i placed my hand on her naked breast. I
squeezed it lightly and started playing with her nipples, which were
already hard like buttons. She then turned around and kissed my lips.
Wow i almost melted in her mouth. Her kisses were so hot and
passionate. I have never experience a kiss like that. I looked her in
the eyes and told her to come into the room with me. She turned off
the TV, straightened her bra and dress and came with me. We went to
my room. She sat on the bed and me right in front of her. I
unbuttoned her dress in the front and slid the dress down to her
waist. The vision of her sitting in front of me with her bra on made
me crazy like hell. I bend down and kissed her left nipple over her
bra, flicking the tip of the nipples with my tongue. She then reached
back and unhooked her bra. I removed it from her body and put it
aside. Both her magnificient young breasts were free now. I kissed
her lips fully and sucked her upper lip into my mouth. She sucked my
tongue into her mouth and god it felt so nice. We were hugging each
other and my one hand was roaming about her back while the other hand
was fondling her soft tits. Her hands were busy unbuttoning my shirt.
Within no time my shirt was off and she was kissing my chest while my
fingers played with her nipples. Then i cupped both her breasts and
took her entire breast in my mouth and sucked on it. She had her head
arched to the back and her eyes were closed as i moved my mouth to
her other nipple. She had her hand on my head and i could hear her
moan silently. I again kissed her lips and we both lay on the bed. I
took off my own pants and was down to my jockeys. I pulled her dress
further down and she moved her ass up so that the dress would come
off her waist. Now both of us were in our undies and we were kissing
each other very passionately. My hands were all over her back and on
her ass. Her hands were feeling my lund over my jockeys. My lund was
as hard as ever by then. I removed my under wear and i let her have
my lund in her hands. She was also so excited by then. She started
stroking my lund up and dowm. I felt like i was in heaven when she
touched my lund with her soft palms. She closed her palm around my
lund and started moving her hand up and down. I got rid of her
panties and touched her between her legs. It was very warm and moist.
I started kissing her again, this time slowly moving down her body,
showering every part with kisses and licks. I reached her pubic hair
whih was rubbing against my cheeks. I spread her legs and she placed
them on my shoulders. I licked and sucked on her pussy. My face was
buried between her legs and she tightened her legs around my face in
estacy. She was already moaning loudly and was moving her head to
either side while her eyes were closed due to the pleasure she was
getting from my licking. She pressed my face deep into her chut and
she came in a few moments. I took my tongue off her chut and kissed
her again. I whispered into her ear to suck my lund. But she was
reluctant to suck my lund, so i didnt bother to force her into
sucking my lund. I didnt want to blow the moment coz i needed her so
much. So i asked her to stroke me for some more time and when my lund
was hard again i got in between her legs and gently eased my lund
between her legs. I slipped my lund ka supara between her chut lips
and god was she tight. She told me that she was virgin and that i had
to be gentle on her. She almost cried when i entered her. She dug her
nails deep into my shoulders as my lund went up her chut. She closed
her eyes and her teeth were gritted when my lund was completely in. I
then slowly pulled it out and then started moving it up and down. She
started moaning loadly as i started fucking her. I was a great
feeling. Her young breasts were shaking all about her chest as i
rammed into her. No sooner had i given her a few more thrust she came
again on my lund. She held herself tight against my body as she had
her orgasm. I could feel her chut tighten around my erect lund. Since
even i hadnt masturbated in a few days, i came soon too. I was afraid
she might get pregnant and i pulled out at the last moment. I spurted
my cum on her abdomen. I wanted to do it all over again. But i could
make out from her face that she was tired. She lay naked on my bed
with her legs spread apart and my cum on her pubic hair. She fell
asleep in that very state itself. So my first sexual encounter with
my sis came to an end. I can't wait to do it with her again.

I hope all you readers enjoyed my real life story. Although parts of
this story are fictional, the fact that I had sex with my sister
remains true. If any of you readers have any comments on my story
please send them to hhhotboy2000@y.... I hope to improve my next
stories based on your comments. Best Wishes to all readers