My sister
"Radha" is 21 years old and studying in B.Com (P). She has a very
good and sexy
figure 36-27-38. I never had a bad intention about her but one day
when my Mom
and Dad had gone to hometown for a week and we both were alone at
home. I was
coming back from my friend's house and Radha was alone at home. I
knock the
door but there was no response from inside then I again knock the
door. After a
long gap Radha opened the door. I was just shocked to see that she
has not wear
anything, she just had covered herself by a towel as she must be in
bathroom and
on my knocking she directly come here to open the door. Well, she
went back to
bathroom to take some more baths. And I am till thinking about her.
First time
in life I have seen her in such a position, her light brown well-
shaped thighs
and her well-firmed 36D sized boobs. How sexy she was. My Lund is
standing and going harder and harder.

But at that day I have not done anything except whole day I was
dreaming about
having sex with her. We usually drink milk in the night at the time of
slipping. Then next day I decided to put some sleeping pills in her
milk. In
the night I done the same and we both have gone to our rooms for
sleeping. After
one hour I come back in her room, she was in highly deep sleeping as
I put 5
pills in her milk glass. I went near to her bad and checked her that
is she
really in deep sleep or not. I am absolutely correct. At that time
you cannot
imagine my happiness as I am going to touch a gal's body first time
in my life.
I slowly pulled up her shirt upwards; she has not wearing anything
inside. I
look her boobs 36D were really very magnificent and well firmed like
a big
apples. First I take my hand on her left boob and start pressing it
(I was in
heaven) then I took my second hand to other one boob and start
pressing them
very slowly as I was very nervous. At this time my Lund is rock hard
and ready to tear anything. Then I slowly open the knot of her
salwar's rope
and then pull it to down, she has wore a light pink color panty. I
slowly took off her panty too. Wooooooooooowwww what a look, she has
very long
and busy hairs on her choot. The hairs were really very long I
haven't ever
seen in my life. I put aside her cunt lips and put my middle finger
inside her
choot. There was really very hot. While my other hand is working on
her boobs
and my mouth is with her mouth. Now I couldn't hold myself anymore
then I open
my pajama and hold my Lund in my hand. First I touched it with her
boobs and
then on her cunt lips. I took her legs asides and then I put my
saliva on my
Lund and placed it on her choot's chhed. I slowly pushed myself
inside her.
But what is this; she starts moving and unfortunately she woke up and
when she
saw me to do all this shit. She screamed and slapping me starts
trying to keep
herself away from me. But I have decide to fuck her then I push
myself into her
with full of my strength at this time she cry very loudly as her
virginity was
broke. She is begging me to leave her. But I'd not. I was still
moving in her
cunt. After some time I cummed inside her and it time she too cummed.
I think
she was also enjoying this but don't want to show me. I threaten her
to not
tell anybody about this incident. And then I put my Lund in her mouth
and told
her to suck it first she refuses for this but when I pressed her
boobs very
hardly then she agreed and started to suck my cock, after 5 or 7
minutes I again
cummed inside her mouth. I was wondering that she had drunk all my
cum. After
all of these I felt very tired and fell down on her body. In the
morning she
told me with very shyness that she also enjoy this very much then I
again fucked
her many times in her choot and also fucked her from behind in her
ass. I
fucked Radha whole week at every location of house and in every type.
Now she
got married but we still have sex sometimes when we got chance.