raja is my darling son,he is 21 years old , very hardworking and
handsome.i was invited to by principle to attend award cermony as my
son secured 95% of marks in his college exams.

so i dressed in just like a bridal,and went along with my son to
college,all the males are staring at my sexy body .due to excerises i
devloped my body in slim and beautyful.now iam crossing 40 but i
look like iam around 30.

all mates of my son,taught me i am sister of raja,but my son took a
lot of pain explaining that " zeenat (my name) is my mother".all
his friends are congratulated him having sexy and beautiful mum.

i blushed a lot at their comments about me,some seducetively dressed
girls are around my son,they are trying kissing my son.while some
boys came near me

see "aunty girls are kissing ur son"

what do u mean ???

some one told we want to see to kiss ur young son

i was blushed and bend my head as shying before all his friends .

my son raja came near me and told his friends "dont tease my

fot that event my son booked a guest house in a near by farm house,he
took me to the guest house,i felt very happy his friends did not
follow us.it was air condtioned room,i never entered that type of
room before with any male particularly with my husband akram who is
50 years old,works in a private firm.

my son raja,sat beside me and told "ammi can u share this occassion
with me"

yes why not my son, "u have stutydied overnight and worked hard and
iam pround of my son"

my son wanted to sleep on my thighs,he put his head on my lap.my big
boobs are slashing his nose and face and he put his left hand on my
bare waist.i closed my eyes.i was embrassing and excited as a young
and hard built son is lying very closely with my body.

"ammi where is my GIFT........... "

"beta iam a house wife,i could not give a worthy gift with out
consluting ur father"

now he put his right hand over my head,and pressed dowanwards,my lips
are contacted with his lips.i cant resist his attempts i felt iam out
of control and my un finshed sexual urges started dominating me. .

my saree was moved up to my thighs and his head touching my slim and
bare thighs,my pallu has fallen my melon type boobs caming out from
my blouse.

"mere darling beta,iam old and iam ur mother, morever somany cute
girls are kissing u,why u are ran after me"

"ammi ur most sexy and beautyful and morever iam proud of my sexy
mother than that poor and ugly girls"

i felt embrassed at my son's remarks as sexy,i became restless to
hear about my body from my own son's mouth.i eagerly asked "beta what
u have seen in me ,tell me"

my son winked at me "ammi first kiss me ,other wise i will not praise
ur body",

i became hungry for hearing sexy compliments about me,i kissed
motherly on his fore head and saw eagerly at him to listen about
me.not satisfying with that kiss,he dragged my face put kisses all
over my face and started sucking my lips.

"ammi ur lips are very tasty and u have funtastic body and i cant

i felt very happy and i never except that that type of sexy remarks
from my son,

both we mother and son are compromising position,i told my self that
zeenat u are

not alone there is someone who will care u.tears started rolling over
my face

my sex starved son,asked "ammi whether ur are hurt with my behaviour
and asked to excuse him"

not beta" ur praising me in very good manner,every woman except this
from their husbands only (here is exception)"

"ammi dont bother about ur husband he is just caring money and not u"

my son stood and took me before a life size mirror,i was covering my
head with my pallu like a new bride,my son hugged me from backside,i
felt his warm and hard rod,it is touhing my chutad.he removed my
pallu over my head and it fall from my chest.my big boobs are clearly
shighting in the mirror ,my son raja put his palms and on my boobs.i
moaned hhhhaaaaaaaasssshe. whisphered in my ear "my darling and sexy
mother can i disrobe ur blouse"

"my darling son dont spoil my chasity and character,iam ur mother ,i
will arrange a beautyful girl"

"ammi ur my PARI and i dont like any girl"

"no beta,it is sin to touch mother's body and iam old and married to
ur father"

"dont bother about father,he is not caring u,and not even satisfying
ur sexual urges"

"my loving and caring son,think of society and relatvies and what
about ur father"

my passive protests and advises did not prevent him from unbuttoning
of my blouse soon my blouse fell on the floor. my tight bra stood
before him for his next hurdle.my son closed his eyes and smelling my
hairs.i was enjoying his hug and waiting for his next step.my sons
palms started moving all over my satin belly and around my deep
naval.he put his finger in my naval and motioned in it.i again moaned
rrrraaajjjjaaa beta hhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu pleas leave me alone.

"my sexy and beautyful mother darling let me show u r beautyful body"

"beta it this the way ?????????"

"yes ammi"

he put his fingers in my saree and pulled all of saree tangles,all of
sudden my saree fell on the floor.now i was standing before the
mirror in pink coloured petty coat and designed bra only.my son
relived me from his hug.i tried to cover my body with my hands.my son
is staring me.he is inexprence he is taking a lot of time to disrobe
me fully.

"my harami son,leave me alone ur doing very bad to ur ammi"

my for my passive scloding my son remarked "ammi jan harami means
darling to u and bad means good for u"

i was very happy for my son's quick understanding "questioned him
ammi means"

"my lover" quickly my son gave answer

with this conversions boh we mother and son became some what free,my
son's eyes are watching nada of my petty coat.i prented to be shy and
closed my face with my both hands,he was trying to remove my petty
coat.i was standing before him,he was trying to untie my petty
coat.lastly i removed my hands over my face and put my hand on his
head.my fingers are moving in his hairs.at last he did untie my petty
coat, i was standing shamelessly before my son,whose pryers finally

my son was half naked now, it is my turn to disrovbe him completly.i
put my hand in his lungi i caught hold of his harden and warm
lund .he has big lund.he set his eyes on my shaved choot.silence is
danceing the room.i told my self "zeenat u r son is innocent he dont
know how to start".

i took his big lund in my mouth it is very bigger than my
hubby 's .my tongue was moving on his tip of the lund.my son raja put
his hands on my waist and chutad.

i was sucking very vigoriusly,soon my son discharged his semen on
over my face, i drank all his semen gracefully.i took my son to
master bed room,i slept on the bed and widen the thighs. " common
raja beta fuck ur mother hard and put ur rod in ur mother's wet

raja my son came between my thighs and put his hard prick on my cunt
lips.i felt his lund touching my choot " i began moaning
hhhhhhhhuuuuuusssss hhhhhhhaaaaa rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaajjjjjjjjaaaaaaaa
dont waste time insert ur big lund in my weeping choot" raja jerked
his lund in my choot it is very big,and my cunt whole is became
smaller,because my hubby akram did not fuck me for last 3 years.

both mother and son's eyes are mingled,my son's eyes are beaming
because,his dream to fuck his sexy ammi being fullfilled.raja poured
some oil over my choot for lubrication and inserted his lund in my
tight choot.all of sudden it went deep in my choot. i cried "O
mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa Oooooooosssssssshhhhhhhhhh".it was paining .i felt
very happy that i was VIRGIN.

raja was fukcing now with great speed,his big lund comming in and
comming out of my choot.he was top of me and like riding on
horse.fucking sound echoing the all of the room

to be continued