Hey! This is Mohini telling you what happened in our family that
changed our lives. Before that I thought incest was sin and dirty but
I was wrong and I realised it on that day. I am 42, 5' 4" with little
fatty body and not a maintained figure of 40-32-42. The statistics
will tell you about my body. I was leading a very sacred life. No
sex. No thought of sex! I wanted to bring up my children well so I
had to sacrifice this. This was because my husband was not interested
in sex now a days. As you know women get their youth, the second
bloom after they cross 40 years of age and I was no exception! But I
had to adjust with the fucking my husband gave me or else I could
have fucked anybody and lost our family name. Our sex was getting
stale and routine matter.
I have a son and a daughter aged 17 and 19 respectively. They are
good children and I never saw them flirting out like others. I knew
why that day!
I was home early than expected, about four hours early. I had some
headache and was running home for little rest. I entered our bungalow
and I glanced and saw my children's scooters parked in. So the two
were home! I entered the house with my key and removed my sandals and
walked in barefooted.
Being barefoot I made no noise walking to the back door. The door,
being slightly ajar, opened silently and I left my purse on the
automatic washer as I made my way toward the kitchen. Once in the
kitchen, I sighed softly and did the thing I generally do first when
once in the house. I unfastened my blouse, released the front
fastening clasp on my bra and breathed heavily. Next, I removed my
sari but left the gaping blouse and bra as well as my petticoat in
order to preserve modesty. I walked to my room beyond the kitchen and
I became aware of sounds that revealed the presence of Manali and
Kaushik in the Hall.

Most of the sounds were indistinguishable until I heard
Manali say, "Wow Kaushik that has to be the biggest lund I have ever
seen." Kaushik laughed and said, "Well Didi, thanks for that. I think
your choot is pretty nice too. Now show me your tits and my day will
be complete."

I stopped as though I had run into an invisible wall and listened for
whatever was to come next. I thought that I was walking in on a you-
show-me-yours-and-I'll-show-you-mine session between the brother and
didi. I guess I was surprised the event I walked in on had not taken
place years earlier. Seventeen and nineteen is a bit late for that
sort of thing.
I did not have to wait long as I heard Manali, "Kaushik, show
me how you jerk off," and my son said, "Well ok, but you'll have to
show me your tits and play with your choot while I do rub my lund."

Manali giggled and said, "bahenchoot! OK you win. This what you want
to see?" A Moment later, Kaushik said, "Ohhhhh God, Manali your tits
are lovely. Why in hell have you been hiding them from me all this
time?" Manali laughed and said, "Well, at first I was afraid that you
would want to touch them or put your mouth on them or something. Then
I was afraid that you might not want to play with them, me being your
didi and all." Her explanation was answered, " if I wasn't busy
pulling my lund I would be over there licking those mammaries right
now. And what does your being my didi have to do with anything. You
are a very lovely girl and I think anyone, brother or no will fall
for those things!"

A Moment later, Manali said, "Ohhhhh God Kaushik, that thing is
enormous. Ever put it in a girl's choot?" Kaushik said, "Nope, never
got that lucky. How about you, did you have your choot filled with
any lund yet? Manali giggled and said, "Nope, not any one."

My kids continued masturbating in silence for a brief time, and then
Kaushik said, "Ohhhh Woohoo, I didn't know a girl could put more than
two or three fingers in her choot. Shit you have four, how do you do
that?" My horny daughter giggled and said, "Practice Sweetie,

Unable to contain my curiosity longer, I eased over to the open
doorway and looked into the hall. I pulled my petticoat up and
removing my panties let my right hand roam freely over my bush and
choot. My left hand had gone up to fondle my exposed breasts.

Once I had moved into the open doorway, I was greeted with the sight
of my naked son sitting in a chair facing his equally naked didi.
Both were concentrating on satisfying their own carnal lusts urges
and each other and were totally ignorant of everything else in the
house. As Kaushik had indicated, Manali was well into fisting her
choot, plunging her bunched fingers up inside her glistening and
unfucked choot. There were wet, squishy sounds emanating from around
her wet, plunging fingers and choot. Kaushik had leaned back with his
erect lund in his right fist and was pumping as though there would be
no tomorrow.

Finally, I could hold back no longer and said, "Hi kids. Can three
play this game?" My question was greeted with shocked silence. Manali
stopped pumping her fist but did not remove it, and, finally
gasped, "Ammi, how long have you been here?"
Kaushik, on the other hand, dropped his lund and exclaimed, "Ohhhh
Ammi, you startled me!" I smiled and said, "So it would appear and I
have been here just long enough to get turned on and want to join you
two. So would you mind very much if your old Ammi joins the party?"
Kaushik's hand returned to his lund and Manali began, once again,
plunging her fingers, only now, there were only two, in and out of
her choot and I walked on into the room and took a position on the
end of the couch that was closest to my masturbating kids.

I looked at Kaushik and said, "I hope you have thought of
catching your sperm somewhere when you cum. I don't want to have it
all over the carpet. Kaushik grinned and held up a tee shirt I had
not seen earlier and the three of us got with the pleasant effort of
trying to bring ourselves off. Manali was the first to achieve the
big orgasm. We heard squishing sounds rising from her choot, and she
lifted her chin and shouted, "Yes. Ohhh yes Ahhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh"

Kaushik's orgasm followed his didi's. I could see the cum spurt from
his lund onto his t-shirt laid some two feet away!
I was the newcomer to the party and did not come for several minuets.
I leaned back in my seat, closed my eyes in order to better visualize
the scenes I had just witnessed and began to fondle my choot and
breasts with renewed vigor. I didn't hear a sound but soon became
aware of hot breaths being expelled against my thighs. I opened my
eyes and saw each of my children watching with attention from a
distance of no more than ten inches!
Manali looked up into my eyes and said, "God Ammi, I love the
smell of your choot in heat. May I lick it?" I returned her look and
said, "I guess there would be no harm,please go ahead and eat your
mama's choot!" I removed my hand giving her free access and began to
enjoy having my daughter lick and suck my choot.

after watching his did for some time Kaushik said, "OK didi. it is my
turn now to lick mothers choot." Manali pulled away, and said, "OK
Bro, do her good. Eat that choot nicely. Moce your tongue over the
clit and tounge fuck her!" Kaushik quickly replaced his didi and took
over kissing and licking the length of my slit. He made his tongue
into a stiff probe and inserted it into my vagina and then fucked me
with it several times. About then my daughter leaned in and began to
kiss and suckle my breasts and Kaushik began licking his way to my
clit where he bared his teeth and nipped lightly bringing on one of
the most fantastic orgasms I had ever experienced.

Neither one of my kids paused in their assault on my body although
Kaushik did make an effort, mostly successful, to lap up the
additional juices generated by my orgasm. Having my two teenagers
making oral love to me brought on indescribable feelings I had never
before experienced, and I simply leaned back and let my mind and body
goLater, after my second crashing orgasm, it occurred to me that
fucking myself back at my son must have conveyed some sort of message
that I wanted his big, hard lund in me. In all honesty, I guess I
really did want to be fucked by my own son now.

We sat back and just smiled at one another for several
minuets. At last, I said, "God I am glad that I had a headache today
or else I would have missed this.Now then, please tell me what
happened today to get you two started?" The kids looked toward one
another guiltily and I quickly went on, "Hey, I am not being
judgmental or planning to punish you or anything. I'm just curious" I
added, "I'm especially glad that it was today, when I could be here
to enjoy having the both of you help get me off."

Manali, always the more adventurous of the two said, "Simple enough
Ammi. I walked past Kaushik's bedroom last night, the door was
slightly open and I saw him jerking off, so when he got home a while
ago, I gathered my nerve and told him that I thought it was pretty
damn selfish for him to hide in his room where no one else could see
and play with himself. He asked me if I ever do it behind my closed
door and, well here we are."

I laughed and said, "Well here we are indeed. I can't say that I
haven't enjoyed listening and watching because I did enjoy every
Moment of it. I heard each of you confess that you never have had sex
and, in a way, that is good news. At the same time it is a bit sad. I
think there can be nothing greater than enjoying intercourse with
someone you love. Guess I am surprised that you, Kaushik, haven't
bean dipping your lund in some willing young friend.

Kaushik looked at me and said, " I have always heard you and daddy
telling me to keep it in my pants. I guess if it had not been for
fantasies of fucking Manali while jerking off, I would have gone
crazy. That is why it was so easy for her to entice me down here to
masturbate with her."

Suddenly, Manali said, "Ohhhhhh Kaushik, you mean you fantasize about
fucking me, your own didi?" Kaushik looked sad and said, "I'm sorry
didi, it's just that you are so hot and because I love you so much, I
just couldn't help myself." Manali broke into a bright smile and
said, "Good, because I thought of your lund fucking me while I play
with my choot. So that makes us even!"

Kaushik smiled and said, " well being naked in the same room has not
done a thing to make me want you any less." Manali laughed and looked
pointedly at Kaushik's raging erection and said, "I can see that Ammi
and I have made you so hard and ready for some fucking."

My mind had been racing as I listened to the two obviously horny kids
talk and, finally, I reached a decision. As calmly as I could, I
asked, "Kaushik, do you have a rubber around here someplace?" Kaushik
looked back at me with a curious expression and said, "No I don't
Ammi. Why do you ask?" I returned his look and said, "Well Kaushik, I
think it is time for you and Manali to finally get lucky and fuck..
But I think we can do without any rubber and you can fuck me , my
choot and didi's too but you must pull out of your didi's choot when
you cum Ok?"
As soon as I finished this Kaushik got into position and leaning
close began kissing and then probing his didi's mouth with his
tongue. She allowed him to kiss her for only a brief Moment then
said, "Hell with all that stuff and foreplay this time Kaushik. I'm
ready as I will ever be and I just want to fuck that big lund of
yours." She added, "Now give me that thing," grasped her brother's
lund and tugged him to her vagina. My son just started to push into
his didi when she gave a terrific heave up and impaled herself on her
loving brother's lund.

With that, almost twenty years of repressed sexual energy was
released and those kids fucked as though this might be the only time
in their lives they ever get to do it. Kaushik drove into his didi's
choot with such enthusiasm that her butt made and audible thump each
time he bucked into her. Manali had been right on when she said that
she was ready. Kaushik's very first thrust produced a wet squishy
sound that was repeated time after time until he erupted and began to
spurt large quantities of come deep up inside Manali's choot. Kaushik
paused for a Moment while the first couple of jets of cum were
expended then quickly resumed until Manali's orgasm shook her young
body. Ohh god he did not pull out his lund!

When it was over my kids were lying side by side on the carpet, I
said, "Manali, did you enjoy the first naked fuck? Eruption of the
lund and splashing of hot cum on the choot walls? Ohh god you might
get pregnant! I think I can arrange for some contraceptive pills for
you and you can enjoy this all the time." I laughed and said.

Still naked, the three of us sat in silence. I have no idea what may
have been on the minds of my kids but I leaned back and with eyes
closed relived the events that had taken place since I arrived home.
As I relived the sensations generated when Kaushik was eating me, I
again recalled, with some embarrassment, the shameless way I had
bucked my hips at his loving mouth. Finally, I looked my son in the
eye and tried to apologize for the way I had let myself go. Kaushik
grinned and said, "Hey Ammi, there is no need for that. Didn't you
see the way I was bucking my hips? All I could think of was how good
it would feel to replace my tongue in your choot with my lund."
Manali giggled and said, "Hey, I know you two are just dieing to get
it on. Why don't you just go ahead and do it? I will even go away
somewhere if my presence is stopping you." I laughed and said, "god
Manali, don't think for a minuet that I wouldn't want you here. It's
just that mothers are supposed to have enough self-restraint to not
be fucking their own kids."

The interchange between Manali and me gave Kaushik all the time
necessary to approach me where I was on the couch. Gently he pushed
me onto my back and began to fondle my breasts and give me deep
tongue kisses. My not fuck my own son quickly disappeared and my hips
began an involuntary thrusting. That motion was the only signal
Kaushik needed and he quickly got into position. Both of Kaushik's
arms were supporting his upper body and were blocking me from
grasping his lund to assist getting him into me. In frustration I was
shifting my butt trying to position myself so that he could penetrate
me. Then I felt a hand brush against my choot and knew, somehow, that
Manali had jumped in to assist. A Moment later I knew the thrill of
having my choot filled with my son's lund. We both were so aroused
that we began to buck and thrust immediately. I had a thought about
having unprotected sex and I said to hell with it!

Kaushik's assault on my choot was enthusiastic and fulfilled my
desire to fuck and to be fucked. I glanced briefly toward Manali and
saw that she was observing every movement we made while using the
fingers on her right hand to masturbate. A few Moments later I felt
the familiar tingling that precedes an orgasm. I gave Momentary
thought to holding back but then knew that holding back would not be
necessary. If Kaushik had not grunted, "Oh God Ammi, I'm going to
come," I would have known his orgasm was imminent anyhow. A certain
tensing of his muscles gave me brief notice that I was about to be
filled with my own son's sperm. The warm sensation of jetting come
triggered my own release and we ceased thrusting and relaxed with his
twitching, pumping lund buried deep inside me. The three of us were
bathed in silence until, suddenly, Manali said, "Here Ammi, lift your
butt so that I can shove this old shirt under you. Unless you really
would like to have to clean the couch cushions, that is."

We relaxed with Kaushik still 'in-the-saddle' for several minuets,
then I opened and eye in order to see my watch and noted that it was
only just after three-thirty, a scant two and a half hours since I
had happened upon the kids as they were getting started with their
sex games. Then a thought that had been nagging at the back of my
mind popped up. 'God,' I thought, 'My husband will be missing all

Suddenly, I sat up and said, "Hey you kids, why don't you go up and
try to rest for a while. I'll bet your father will be mighty upset to
learn that you two fucked and that I was here and didn't try to stop
you." Manali gasped and said, "Ohhhhhh Ammi does he have to know. As
many times as he has lectured us about abstinence, I know he will be
more than upset if he finds out what we did." I laughed to ease her
distress and said, "You just leave your father to me. Time I get
through with him he will think that you two fucking one another is
the best thing that could possibly happen in this family." Then I
added, "Guess I would just as soon have him find out about Kaushik
and me fucking sometime when his lund is the one filling my choot

Kaushik grinned and asked, "So what are you going to do Ammi, fuck
him the minuet he walks in the door?" I grinned and said, "You got
it , that is exactly what I plan to do, and after you guys 'catch' us
doing it, he will be too confused to be very upset. Now get along and
get some rest. Just be wearing some clothes when you come back down
after your dad gets home. If things work out the way I plan, your dad
is going to fuck me right on top of the kitchen table. You two can
discover us at a time when his lund is so far up inside me there will
be no way on God's green earth that his brain will work properly."

The kids took off up the stairs and I gathered my discarded clothing
and followed them up the stairs. I put everything neatly in its place
and got into the shower. Afterward, I shaved my legs and armpits.
Finally, I shaved the stubble that had grown out on my pubis and
trimmed back the remaining narrow band of pubic hair I leave in the
center just above my clit. I took great pains doing my hair then
applied some of my most seductive cologne in all the places I know he
loves to poke his nose. Finally when I was certain there was nothing
more I could do to insure that my husband would fuck me right after
coming through the back door, I went down and started to get dinner

Later on, I heard the pickup pull up in front of the house and
hastily removed the apron I had donned and listened for his footsteps
as he came along the side of the house. I was just inside the door
when it opened to admit my surprised husband. He saw me, stepped back
and whistled before saying, "Hi Honey, I'm home." We both laughed
then he said, "My God, you look good enough to eat. What is the
occasion?" I giggled and said, "Well Honey it has been a while and I
kind of thought you might like to fuck me before dinner." He
said, "Before, during and after if it is all the same to you."

I relieved him of his briefcase, unbuttoned his shirt and was working
on his belt by then. The excitement of seducing my own husband in our
kitchen had made my tits swell. While he played with my tits and
choot, I finished undressing him then got him to follow me to the
table. I hoisted myself up and lay back with my legs spread wide and
my choot just at the edge of the tabletop. Binod followed up on the
unspoken invitation and moved into position to fuck me while still on
his feet.

He did not waste another Moment before sliding his massive lund deep
into my eager choot. My position afforded me the opportunity to
thrust my pelvis at his driving lund and I was well on the way to one
of the best fucks of my life when I heard Kaushik say, "My God, can't
you two even wait to get into bed for that sort of a thing." Manali
was with him and said, "Shut up. If they do it in the bedroom we
won't be in a position to watch Ammi get the hell fucked out of her."
Binod was so far gone and was so close to filling me with cum that
he was unable to even pause thrusting into me. He did glance toward
the kids and that is when he finally stopped fucking me and
said, "Ohhh God, will you look at that." I looked and could not
believe my eyes. I had told the kids specifically to come down
wearing some clothing. Instead, they both were standing in the
kitchen doorway completely naked. Manali was just in front of
Kaushik. He was pressed tight against her back and was fondling her
choot with one hand while the other was holding her tight against his
chest and groin. Manali had both of her hands up and was fondling her
own breasts.

I looked back into Binod's eyes and said, "Oh yeah Binod, I meant to
tell you. I think that the kids may have discovered the joys of sex."
Binod resumed fucking me, a bit little less vigorously than before,
looked at his daughter and said, "Well Manali, in that case, perhaps
you should get your butt up here on the table beside your mother and
let your brother at that choot he is playing with." 'Shit,' I
thought, 'those kids have their father better than I do. Here I
thought he would be upset to find out that they have been fucking."

Manali wasted no time getting herself into position beside me on the
table and Kaushik was quick to plug in to her before his father could
change his mind. Binod and I had a time of it dividing our attention
between fucking one another and watching the kids going at it, so
much so that they beat us to orgasms by several minuets. I think that
Manali was extremely turned on with the knowledge that her father was
watching as Kaushik's lund pumped in and out of her dripping choot.
Her first orgasm was a big one and came long before Kaushik was
anywhere close to coming. Then she came again just as her brother
tensed and pumped another big load of cum into her, by now, pretty
well fucked choot.

After watching as large quantities of cum leaked from around my son's
thrusting lund, I turned back and saw to it that Binod had one of the
best pieces of ass of his life.

Finally, I sat up on the edge of the table and watched amused as cum
leaked from my gaping choot and formed a puddle on the edge of the
table. I giggled when some of it dripped off onto the floor. I looked
toward Manali and saw that she, too, was watching cum leak from her
choot. I looked up and said, "Seems to me that a man worth a damn
would get his tongue down here and see to it that this mess doesn't
get any worse than it already is." Binod took the frivolous
suggestion literally and knelt down and began to lick cum that had
not already trickled away from my willing choot. Kaushik took a
Moment to observe then followed his father's lead and licked what was
left of his cum from his didi's choot and thighs.

Finally Binod straightened and said, "God, and to think that I was
having so much fun at work that I nearly stayed for another shift."
We all laughed uproariously glad to have the tension broken. I doubt
that many families ever have an opportunity to express their love for
one another in the way we had discovered that day. More is the pity,
I think! Oh yes, my infidelity with Binod never did become an issue.
That same evening, Manali, with a mischievous glint in her eye,
managed to seduce her father, not a difficult task, what with the
four of us sitting naked in the hall and her sitting in his lap with
his lund pressed tightly between her thighs. Binod glanced helplessly
toward me and I merely grinned and nodded acquiescence. Then my
daughter got fucked yet again that eventful day. Naturally, Kaushik
and I did not let my husband and daughter get away with fornicating
right before us. We joined 'them on the carpet and I had the pleasure
of being fucked by my son while his father looked on with approval
stamped all over his smiling face.