Salma KhanI am a very horny boy of aged 22 .I am from Kathmandu Nepal. I
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(Mr. Khan) was a businessman They had a daughter also due to business work
Irshad had to visit different places in order to monitor and promote the sales
of their products. She cannot have sex as much as she likes and at the time, she
wants because her husband was always towards his business and do not take care
of her and her feelings. However, she can go to trip with her husband but she
never liked to go so she used to stay at home. Her daughter was in a hostel she
mailed me with her feeling and told me that she want to have sex with me. She
send me her pics through mail so seeing her pics I
could say that she is a very horny woman with stat 37-27-38 and she told me her
stat too who was hungry for sex. She was from Lahore and I from Kathmandu cant
met but we waited for luck and one-day luck was on our side she mailed me saying
that her husband had a 2 weeks trip to Kathmandu and she was also coming here
with him. However, I have fucked many gals and woman before too but seeing her
pics I had a dream to fuck her. I was very excited and waited for her arrival.
She on approaching at Kathmandu mailed me and gave me her hotel address, room no
and her telephone # where she was staying and asked me to call her on Tuesday as
her husband would be on business meeting that day and they might be leaving on
Wednesday.I got her mail on Sunday and there was two days left but I felt that
two day as a 2 decade and at Tuesday, I phoned her and asked her to come at the
gate of the hotel where she was staying. It was a cool Tuesday willing for rain
I then took my motorcycle and went to
receive her. There was no difficulty recognizing her as I had already sent me
her pics she was waiting for me. She was in her black sari and a matching black
choli She was a woman in black ready to eat me. She was looking very sexy in
those clothesNow I will tell you about Salma. She was in her mid 20s. Salma was
stunningly beautiful woman. She was very fair. She had very proportionate figure
that made her look was very inviting. She looked very sexy in the sense; her
boobs were well developed, amply swollen, luxuriant, quite shapely, bulging,
protruding, opulent, curvaceous, firm looking and what not. She always made it a
point that her breasts should be projected well and should look firm to attract
any young man, as I felt to look at her boobs. So In all, Salma’s boobs were
very muck captivating, inviting, tempting, and luring. Her figure was 37-27-38
as she told. So her bums were a bit bigger and wider than the normal look but of
course very sexy looking. She had a pair of
pouting lips too, looked very fresh and juicy. Thus, altogether Salma looked
gorgeous, sexy, exciting, inviting young woman. I stare at her from tip to toe,
particularly her boobs.She too recognized smile and me was shared. Salma sat
behind on the pillion seat close to me so that the tips of her boobs were just
touching my back I was already excited. On the way, we just talk about our
family and out interests. When we came to the main road, she came a bit closer
to me holding me by my waist giving more pressure of her fleshy and spongy boobs
on my back. It was a positive indication to me on her part. After some it
started raining heavily all of a sudden and both of us were drenched completely.
Salma had clung to me from behind. Her boobs were fully pressing on to my back.
I was feeling the softness of her full sized spongy boobs that were being
crushed between her and me. I and was getting excited. We went to a lodge and
got into a room. Only she and I were in the room now and both
were hot .She bolted the door immediately as all her clothes were completely
stuck to her body making her look more sexy and inviting. Every curve, ups and
downs of her sexy body were clearly in my sight. Her boobs were looking more
inviting than ever. Her dress were all wet and I could see she was wearing a
netted bra . The curves of her boobs were in my sight clearly. I was tempted to
see the circumference of her boobs. The roundness of her fleshy heavy hips was
also being revealed to ignite me further. I was looking at her lustfully from
tip to toe. She was in a state of half blush-half smile. I went forward and took
her in my strong arms. She just whispered in a very low voice "…..ouch…" and
smiled looking in to my eyes. I started kissing her. I kissed her lips, cheeks,
neck, etc. Her lips were very juicy. I rubbed my lips on hers.She looked in to
my eyes sexily. I took her juicy lips in my mouth. I sucked them. Ohh, her lips
were very soft, red and like piece of orange. I went
on sucking her lips. She came closer to me holding tightly in excitement. Her
eyes had become pink in excitement as if she had drunken wine. I placed my hands
on her boobs. Wow, they were marvelous. I pressed her boobs from over her sari,
blouse, and bra. It was really a great touch on my palms. Her breasts were fully
swollen. I pressed them for quite some time and kissed her lips, cheeks, and
neck. Then I started removed her sari. I could see that she had put on a white
panty through her trasluscent black petticoat (saya, it is worn under sari). Her
boobs were clearly visible through her blouse and bra that had become almost see
through, . The blouse she wore was very low cut. So much of her boobs were left
uncovered. Her cleavage was looking simply killing. I kissed her boobs all over.
She was making all sexy sounds. Then I took her to the bed nearby I again
started kissing her. I kissed her for quite some time. She kept sighing in
excitement. Then I unhooked her blouse and
removed from her sexy body. I kissed her boobs again. I rubbed my mouth on her
fleshy boobsover her bra. She was just moaning. I slowly pulled down her
petticoat (saya). She was then left in her bra and panty. I removed my Tee shirt
and pant also, and was in my underwear. She was looking at my front. My cock had
become hard and stiff by that time. Its length was also increased in excitement.
She was looking at the bulge on my underwear, which was due to the increase in
size and stiffness of my penis. She smiled sexily. I took her in my arms and
again kissed her all over. I again pressed her boobs.Then I quickly unhooked her
bra and removed it. I also pulled down her scanty panty. She was then stark
naked from top to toe. She told me "…so you have made me completely nude… akhir
tumne mujhe puri tarah nangi karhi diya….main janti thi…" It was exciting to
hear such words from her. I told her "…Salma you are very bold, free and frank
…." Then I pulled down my underwear also. She looked
at my fully erect stiff cock stood in front of her. She smiled and twisted her
lips looking into my eyes showing that she liked my erection, length, thickness,
etc. I looked at her nude sexy body from tip to toe. She asked me in a special
sexy style "….oohhh, yun kya dekh rahe ho…." I told her "… Salma you are looking
very beautiful… Salma, in your full nudity you are looking very very beautiful,
sexy, and inviting….you have a very proportionate figure….you have not bore any
extra flesh on your sexy body…your boobs and hips are simply marvellous…
have maintained you boobs very well…your boobs are quite shapely….in spite of
the fact that your boobs are fully swollen and very fleshy they have stood firm
even without the support of any bra….the roundness of your boobs are still there
without bra…they are still bulging and opulent….I have rarely seen such heavy
boobs in such a good shape even without bra….I like such breasts very much,
Salma…." And I continued by saying "…. Salma
your hips are also killing…they are quite heavy…they are projected backwardly
so much that it is enough to ignite a young man….yes Salma your hips are very
inviting….they are simply arousing…." She told me "….thanks for the compliments,
dear….you flattered me too much…" I told her that I was not at all flattering
her, she was really looking very sexy, voluptuous, gorgeous and inviting. Then I
took her in my arms. Oohh, her body was really hot, soft and silky. My cock got
further erected and stiffened. As I moved my mouth towards her lips, Salma
herself moved her pouting lips towards my mouth and offered them to me closing
her eyes in ecstasy. I took Salma’s pouting and juicy lips in my mouth and
sucked her lips. I kissed her lips for quite some time there. She also kissed me
in great excitement. At the same time, I was caressing her boobs. Wow, her boobs
were marvelous. I pressed them with my hands. They were very firm and tight. I
went on playing with her boobs. I moved towards her
succulent boobs. I kissed her boobs. I liked them. I rubbed my mouth on them.
Then I took her nipples in my mouth. Her nipples were very pointed too. Her
nipples were hardened by that time. I sucked her nipples. I went on sucking them
for few minutes. Salma was getting excited more and more. I kissed Salma here
and there frantically. Then I moved down towards her crotch, thighs, hips, etc.
and kissed her there.I again kissed and sucked her juicy lips encircling my arms
around her narrow waistline. Salma co-operated me very well encircling her arms
around my neck keeping her very closely hugged while I sucked her pouting lips.
Her breasts were being crushed badly against my chest. My hard cock was being
rubbed against her sexy smooth crotch. After kissing and sucking her lips in
that posture for some times I held her from behind in the same posture, I mean
in standing position itself and placed my hands on her bulging breasts from
under her armpits. I started caressing Salma’s
breasts. She was again in her excitement as earlier. I moved my hands gently on
her fleshy plump breasts. Then I pressed them slowly. Salma was moaning in a
very low suppressed voice "….hhhuuhhhh….. ….uuuuffffff…. .ooooohhhhhhh….
..aaaahhhhh…. I further increased the pressure of my palms upon Salma’s pair of
firm breasts. I was feeling great in pressing her luxuriant breasts as they were
very much tight. (I have already mentioned about the tightness of her breasts
above.) Salma was holding me putting her arms back around my neck and that way
giving me full opportunity to press and squeeze her breasts with ease. She was
caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement. I started
squeezing her breasts with pressure. She was sibilating, hissing and moaning.
After some times Salma told me to increase the pressure of my hands on her
breasts. I did so. She further encouraged me to squeeze her breasts harder and
harder. I started squeezing her superb pulpy breasts as hard
as I could. Salma was in great excitement.She was encouraging me with words
like "….oooohhhhh… …aur jore se… ..haan dear aur jore se dabaao meri choochiyon
ko…..badaa maja aaraha hai mujhe… …your hands are quite expert…. …you know how
to squeeze breasts….dear press my breasts more hard….aaahhhh….yes….i like it….
And I went on exerting as much as pressure onto her firm and tight breasts. The
more I pressed her breasts, the more pressure she demanded on her breasts from
me, the harder I squeezed her fleshy and spongy breasts, even herder she
requested squeeze her breasts. She started uttering only broken unclear words
like "…aaahhhhh… yyoouuuu… …uuuuuhhhhh…oooffff.." etc. and was caressing me all
through. My erect hard cock was being pressed and rubbed against Salma’s soft,
silky, fleshy, and round hips. As her heavy haunting hips were projected back
sexily, my erect cock was digging between her fleshy hips as if trying to enter
into her right then. Feeling my erect hard cock making
its vain effort to enter into her, Salma told me sexily "…….ooohhhhh dear your
dick is getting restless … is trying to drill me from behind…" I told Salma
"….don’t worry darling I will drill you in the place where you would wish….."
She just told me "……ooohhh dear you are very smart…." And smiled looking into my
eyes. I was pressing and squeezing Salma’s firm and tight breasts very hard with
my both hands and she was moaning and moaning and moaning sexily closing her
eyes "… ..aaaaahhhh…. oooofffffffff… ..uuiiiiimmmmmaaaa… …oooohhhh…
…uuuuuuhhhhhhhh….. sssshhhhhhhh…… uuuummmmmmmmmmmaaaahhhhhhh…….." I asked her
while pressing and squeezing her breasts "….Salma how are you feeling" Salma
whispered sexily in husky voice "….ooohhh maat poochho.. ..mujhe bahut hi majaa
aa rahaa hai dearbaass yoon hin meri choochiyon ko dabate jaao my dear" And I
went on squeezing her breasts in that same way. She was writhing her body
sexily. She gave jerks to her haunching hips. She wriggled in
pleasure. She waggled her hips side ways and back and forth making my hard cock
rub against her smooth fleshy and round hips. I found that Salma was getting
hotter and hotter. She was in strong urge for sex. Her each action revealed her
strong urge to take me in immediately.I again took her in my arms. We both
started rubbing our body against each other. Then Salma herself took the
initiative. She started kissing me. All over increasing my sexual urge to have
her. I also kissed Salma all over her nude sexy body. I sucked her pouting lips.
Then I moved towards her breasts again. I licked her nipples one by one. Salma
caressed my head in excitement. Then I kissed her breasts all over for a long
time. Salma was simply moaning "….aaaaahhhhh ……uuuuuhhhhhhh…. ……..uuuuuuffffff……
and I started sucking Salma’s erect hard nipples one by one. Salma kept on
moaning and sibilating biting her lips with her teeth and making sounds like
"….aaaahhhh …..uuuuuuhhhhhh….. oooooohhhhhhh….. etc. Then I
kissed Salma’s thighs and crotch.She again moaned and sibilated in the same
way. After some time Salma told me "…….oooohhh dear it is too much…. Aab
bardasht nahin ho raha hai…. aao naa… ooooohhh please dear, come on, come on and
fuck me dear…. aab der maat kaaro…. aab mujhe chodo na…. aab aur kitni der
karoge my dear… I can’t wait any more…..come on fuck me…." Seeing her fully
aroused I mounted upon Salma. She separated her thighs to make way for me. I
adjusted my dick right in front of her pussy and pushed it. My erect and hard
cock slid easily into her as her vagina was fully wet. As my dick went in right
inside her, Salma sighed heavily in sexy voice "…… aaaaaahhhh dear…" Then I
started to and fro movements of my torso in order to make my cock go and come
into and from her vagina. Her vagina was very hot. My cock gradually became more
and more thick and hard. Initially I was fucking Salma gently. She was moaning
sexily "……aaaahhhhh…. ….ooohhhhhhh…." She was gyrating her hips. I
gradually increased the speed. Salma arched her thighs upwards. She was
throwing her hips up in order to receive my cock inside her every time I made
stroke. She was doing so in order to accommodate me more and more inside her. I
pushed my cock into her hot vagina with force. She started making sounds a bit
louder in her excitement "….aaaaaaahhhh…uuuuuhhhhhhh…..
uuuuffffffffffffoooooffffffffffooooooooohhhhhhhhh……" I went on fucking young
sexy Salma like that for some time. My cock had become thicker by that time. It
was making a swift to and fro motion. She then asked me to increase my speed
"….aaaahhhhh…dddeeaarrrr… ffaaassstt…. Yess ddearr faaaassstt…..come on fuck me
fast…you are great….I like it ….oohh dear….fuck me fast… …ooooohhhh aur jur se
chodo mujhe…..aaaahhhh…dear aur jor se chodai karo meri She went on encouraging
to fuck her fast with her words in sexy voice with moans. She was urging me to
increase my speed.She requested me to push more and more with full thrust into
her hot and wet vagina. I further increased my speed. I made hard strokes. She
received each of my hard strokes skillfully throwing her hips up and up every
time. I was romping fast. Salma sometimes entwined her legs with some and mine
times threw upward. That gave me all sorts of pleasures. Salma was then in full
excitement and was uttering words like "…ooooohhhh…ddeeaarrr… …ooooohhhhhh….
….uuuuuuffffff…. …aaaaahhhhh…aaaahhhhhh…. uuuiiiiii… ..aaahhhhh..
uuuummmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……oooooooohhhhhhh….." I asked her "Salma how is it..
how do you feel…kaisa laag rahaa hai tumhein…bolo naa Salma darling…" Salma
sighed and whispered " badaaa majaa aa rahaa hai mujhe tumse chodwane mein dear…
….ooohhhhh dear tum bahut achchha chodte ho uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh…..oooooffffffff….
ddeeaarrr you are an expert….you know how to fuck ….you know how to fuck a young
woman….Ilike it…I like it dear….go on fucking me like that…...yyoonn hii… haan
ddeeaarr yoonn hii chodo mujhe…bass chodte jaao mujhe…aabb kuchh
nahin puchho….aaaj jii bhaar ke chodo mujhe…dear …haan dear jamm kaar chodai
karo meri…tum baahut achchhe ho…baass yyoon hi chodai karo meri…oooohhhhhhh…..
khoob chodo mujhe…" And I was fucking Salma with full vigor and speed. She was
encouraging me with her words and I was fucking her fast. I stood on my knees
and started giving vigorous thrusts of my cock into her lovely vagina caressing
her hips. Salma was trying to take all sorts of pleasure of fucking and at the
same time she was giving me the maximum pleasure. I was pushing my cock harder
and harder, faster and faster. We enjoyed fucking for quite some time. I took
care of not ejaculating early so that I could continue fucking Salma. Finally,
my hot sperm was started ejaculating and we both were exhausted. We both were
spent. We took rest in each other’s arms. She got up after about half an hour
and after a few moments, we were energized again. We were aroused again. I again
kissed her. I kissed and sucked her lips, breasts,
nipples, etc. Salma told me to fuck her once again right then. I told her to
change the posture. I suggested her to be in standing position and lean with the
help of the large table placed in the corner of the room. She immediately agreed
and smiled in style. She did so as I suggested her. I pushed my cock into her
from behind. I started stroking her in standing position then.Salma was sexy
enough to throw her hips back to have my fully erect hard cock inside her as
much as possible. She was trying to accommodate me in more and more with her to
and fro movements. So I found that she was not only hot and sexy but was a smart
one also. I gradually increased my speed. I fucked her with full speed making
very fast to and fro movement of my torso. Salma was again moaning and was
praising me for fucking and was encouraging me all through. I went on fucking
like that. I fucked Salma in that posture for a comparatively longer period that
time. After we were exhausted, we again took rest. I
again fucked her. Salma was never behind. She always co-operated me very well
during fucking. We took a rest and after sometime we kissed, each other
departed, as it was late.That night I got mail from her that they were leaving
Kathmandu next day because the work was over .I was very say to hear that. But I
still remember her and the great fuck that provided me in my life. We still
share mail and she told me that she will come here again if there is a business
deal here and I am waiting for that day. I would like to thanks desipapa for
helping me finding her.I hope all girls and young women’s enjoyed this true
story of me. I would love to go in for a short term or a long-term affair with
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