Fun with Sis, Later Years

Labor Day weekend didn't go as I had hoped it might, but it was a
start. my
brother-in-law Reggie, my sister Karen, wife Donna and I shared their
one mild evening at twilight. I insured that Reggie and I were on
either side
of Donna. Her modest one piece suit made the onerous task slightly
moreso. I
initiated horseplay that resulted in Donna's top becoming less secure
slowly sliding down. She naturally responded by hiking it up each

Finally I "accidentally" caused her top to slide down well below her
breast, exposing it and her nipple to Reggie's startled but
appreciative gaze.

I had really fixed Donna as she had difficulty recovering her
composure and
top. She was understandably upset and I apologized profusely. But
the stage
was set. Karen and Reggie were gracious about Donna's unplanned tit-
flash and
passed it off stating it was no big deal. In fact they went so far
as to
reveal that they often skinny-dipped in their hot-tub alone and
with close friends. They indicated it would be OK if we would like
to take
off our swim suits, it was no big deal either way to them. I wasn't
too keen
at first, but on reconsidering, decided I would go first. My
rationale was
that it was no big deal to my brother-in-law; my sister was just that
and had
seen me in the buff whenever we had sex together before and certainly
what I had, and dear Donna saw it all of the time!

My sister Karen joined me by initially popping her bikini top and
then her
bottom, after all I had previously seen all she had, so had Reggie,
and poor
Donna was a woman just like Karen! Reggie was initially hesitant
Donna hadn't responded but finally slid off his suit anyway. I said
since we were all so close it wouldn't matter one way or the other
because we
were all in the water, it was now dark and we could only see by
anyway. The three of us has placed our swimsuits on the adjacent
deck surface
as evidence we'd really removed them. As a final resort I "dared"
Donna to
remove her suit, remembering that she was stubborn about backing away
from a
dare. True to her stubborn streak, she coyly slipped off her swimsuit
halfway, attempting to cover her tits with her left forearm and
struggling to
remove the rest of it with her right hand.

Finally she passed the point of no return and couldn't cover her tits
and her
pussy simultaneously and just relaxed and let her arms drop as she
joined us
in the altogether. In the moonlight we could basically only see
anyway. I got a couple of good looks at Karen's tits and one of her
again, she saw to that. Reggie got at least several good look at
Donna's tits
and a brief glimpse of her pussy before we all grabbed towels, dried
off and
changed to dry clothes. Karen and I let up on our sexual relations
after she
married Reggie, which was understandably fair enough. It has been a
15-16 years since we've screwed. I'm fairly sure Reggie has been
kept unaware
of the fact. Anyway, during their Thanksgiving trip to the Bay Area I
broached the subject with Karen about the possibility of our fucking
"sometime," possibly in their hot tub. I mentioned that things were
down with Donna and me.

She said the same was happening with Reggie. She didn't mind our
again. "It would be nice to feel you deep inside me again" was her
reply. "I'm not really sure how Reggie would feel about it," she
added. I
told her Reggie needn't necessarily know. "Let me think about it,"
was her
immediate reply. Several weeks passed and I got a phone call one
afternoon just before Christmas. It was Karen telling me that she
would be
agreeable to it. We flew to Denver for the Christmas - New Year

The holiday rush, preparations and parties had kept us out of the hot-
until the night before New Years Eve. To recuperate from the
Christmas whirl
and get ready for the New Years Eve party I conned Donna into the hot-
again. She cautioned me "no funny stuff!" I promised. We sipped on
a nice
German Gluhwein and relaxed for half an hour before Karen was able to
join us.

Donna was starting to feel mellow. Karen had apparently not bothered
to put
on a swimsuit top and was there in essentially a monokini or topless

She stated that it was her one real topless swimsuit she bought in
Hawaii and
saved for special occasions. She said she couldn't very well get
after sundown. "Do you mind if I bathe topless?" Karen asked
Donna. Donna
replied, "not really, if Bill doesn't." I kiddingly replied that I
look, besides the only thing less worse than kissing your sister was
her half-naked. Reggie was tied up with some unexpected holiday
business and
wouldn't be able to join us for at least another two hours. In the
meantime I
plied both women with more Gluhwein and we talked and cavorted in the

Unbeknownst to us, Karen had playfully and partially unsnapped one
side of her
topless suit bottom underwater giving me clear access to her
marvelous pussy.

She had only intended this action as a prick-teasing ploy as she came
over to
me and sat on my lap face-to-face, but my cock didn't know any better
acted on natural instinct and homed in on her hot, wet pussy. Karen
literally and figuratively "taken" by surprise when I quickly worked
my stone
hard cock out of the leg opening of my suit, swiftly, silently,
forcefully and
fully slipped it up Karen's wide open ready-cunt, right in front of my
unsuspecting wife. Brother and sister were just having a personal
talk, only
my cock was doing all of the talking and Karen's vagina was doing all
of the
listening. While she hadn't bargained for quite so much action,
Karen turned
good sport, let out a surprised gasp and resigned herself into
letting me get
into her fully and finish fucking her in short order. It was sort of
a flash
fuck. It was over before it started. Karen let out an Ahhhh! when
she felt
my warm come paint her cervix.

Donna asked what we were up to. We replied, "just communicating." I
out of Karen and made it clear I still had my swimsuit on. Karen then
ceremoniously unsnapped the rest of her monokini and slapped it on
the deck
stating she wanted to get more comfortable. I followed with mine.

Thanks several more batches of the warm mulled wine Donna felt
about removing her swimsuit in front of Karen and me. We all fooled
and mutually engaged in some rather heavy petting for another half-

Unexpectedly, in retribution for her stolen fuck, Karen was openly
and came over to me, turned around and straddled my lap with her back
to me.

She coyly announced "well, well what have we here?" as she grabbed
my now
revived diamondcutter cock and rubbed against her pussy lips before
she sat on
it hard and made it disappear once again. She whispered
loudly "paybacks are
hell big bro! "Donna gasped at what she just saw. "Why Karen, you
slipped Bill's cock into you, well, I never...!" Karen replied "It's
OK, Bill is my dear brother and it's OK for brothers and sisters to
screw if
they want to, it's OK with me, is it OK with you Bill?" I stammered
out a
"Uh, well, under the circumstances, since my cock is already in you
and you
are my only and dearest sister, and because you don't mind, I guess
it's OK
with me."

Karen told Donna to relax. As previously, Karen's cunt felt tight and
marvelous, but she didn't stay coupled very long, what she did was
for shock
effect and to set Donna up. Donna stared on, numb in shock and
She repeated herself, "But you just let your own brother stick his
penis in
you, you're not supposed to be able to do that!" Karen taunted Donna
"You'd better use Bill's cock or lose it." Donna got real, saw the
light, and
obliged by sitting on my dick the same way and really letting me fuck
her from

After I came in Donna, Karen wanted more and offered her ass and cunt
in the
air from the edge of the hot tub. I obliged by ramming her. Not to
outdone Donna came alongside Karen and stuck her ass and pussy in the
likewise. I changed from Donna to Karen and back every 100 strokes
or so,
after a steady 15-20 minutes of hard, deep stroking a beautiful,
feeling was building up in my cock. It was now impossible to hold
off my
orgasm one second longer and I started squirting my load in Karen and
in Donna. Some double header. For the rest of our visit Karen
dressed in
much more casual, sensual attire like jeans and a vest with little
else, and
just plain jeans, shorts or pedal pushers indoors. I was especially
fascinated with the short cut-off jeans and wide suspenders she
decided to
wear early one morning to tease my prick. Although she intended them
to, the
wide suspenders weren't enough to hide her nipples.

As she moved, her nipples and aureole kept poking to one side of the
strap or the other. I got hornier by the peek, which were many!
Karen and I
started a progressive game of indoor "fucking golf" in the house one
She was virtually topless in the jeans and suspenders outfit.

Wherever and whenever we met in the house I would slip my cock in her
twenty to forty strokes. Our grab-ass game started spontaneously in
basement when I initially caught Karen near her station wagon and
nailed her
from behind bending her over the warm hood. She had an impression of
the Ford
logo on one of her titties. A few minutes later I trapped her near
her washer
as she bent to sort a pile of dirty clothes to wash. She propped
against the washer and commented "that's nice, but you only get
twenty strokes
(more or less, always more!) per hole at one time today or I'll never
anything done." Luckily, Donna is a very late sleeper and it was
only 7:30 am
when we started.

I next caught Karen doggie-style as she was going back upstairs to the
kitchen, then over the master bedroom toilet as she tried to clean
it, a few
minutes later we coupled standing up face-to-face in front of a towel
on the kitchen counter when she tried to cook breakfast, then on one
end of
the kitchen table after breakfast. We then progressed to Karen's
unmade bed
before she made it, then she held on to her upright vacuum cleaner as
I jacked
into her doggie-style again while she was vacuuming the rug. She then
startled me by saying "OK Bill, we're only going to play nine holes
morning and we've already played eight, the hardest and longest hole
in coming
up. She stepped into the sauna-shower portion of the master bedroom
filled the tub with warm water as we slipped out of our shorts and
groping at each other with our hands and tongues.

We finished in a wet wild bubble bath with Karen holding on to the
edge of the
tub for dear life as I lifted her out of the water with each stroke.
I caught
Karen by surprise when I pulled out of her cunt and went for her
asshole. I
only stuck my cock in her an inch or so with an "oops, sand trap" as
I pulled
out, washed it off and re-entered her for my final strokes.

"Damn, Bill, that's wild, why did you stop it?" I pumped on and told
her that
we'd try that some other time, right now I just wanted to come in her
and fill
her innards with sperm. Seconds later I convulsed deep inside her and
surprisingly very little ran out. Karen remarked that I must have
stuck it in there for so little to come out. We finished up the
romp by taking a nice warm touchy-feely shower. I cheated and took a
stroke penalty when I porked Karen in the shower up against the tile
wall too.
Later Donna wondered why Karen and I took a long noontime nap.
Several nights
later we shared the sauna tub together after Donna retired for the
evening. I
had a tube of KY jelly handy and butt-fucked Karen nearly into
Afterwards she decided that it was better to have me stick my cock in
mouth and cunt, as her ass was more than a little sore.

She said she felt like there was still a telephone pole up her ass
hours later. Cunt-fucking provided her much more sensory pleasure.
I told
her I'd be only to happy to oblige.